Lost Young Master 136-140


Chapter 136

"And a luxury store, you can't even see a selling figure, and this is the service attitude?"

Everything was going smoothly when a sarcastic taunt interrupted the harmony in the shop.

Ye Fan had driven in the morning and experienced the campus incident, and was now trying to squint for a while while the female staff went through the formalities, and the discord made him not only look up, but his eyes showed impatience.

Only a woman with heavy makeup was holding the arm of a balding middle-aged man, the woman's expression all but showing her displeasure with the store.

"Excuse me, ma'am, may I help you?"The female clerk smiled a professional fake smile, despite her impatience.

"That's more like it."The woman nodded her head in satisfaction, her vanity greatly satisfied.

But when she looked at the clothes and saw Xiao Coco, she was surprised, "Coco, why are you here?"

When Xiao Coco saw the woman, her eyes were also filled with incredulity, and her small mouth opened slightly, "Li Tong?"

Looking at each other, the two girls just looked at each other without speaking.

"Tong Tong, your friend?"When the bald man saw Xiao Coco's divine face, his eyes showed some greed. One Second Remember to Read the Book

Li Tong sensed the bald man's lustful heart, the smile on his face disappeared as much as possible, revealing a sneer: "It's not my friend, it's just a high school classmate, but don't look at her innocent-looking, it's a Bi Chi, there was no shortage of gossip in high school, and now I guess they all have a lot of STDs in them."

"Fuck, so scary."The balding man was shocked and hurriedly pulled away, afraid of contracting a disease.

"Whoever you say has the disease, whoever you say made the scandal, aren't those all you!"Xiao Coco retorted, her face flushed red with anger.

The balding man looked at Li Tong with some suspicion.

Li Tong grabbed the bald man's arm and said petulantly, "Brother Wang, don't listen to her nonsense, how is my body you are not clear yet, I was still a virgin when I was with you."

A change of subject, Li Tong is again: "Brother Wang, do you know why Xiao Coco is playing around so much.It is because she is poor ah, you can look up, she is a fatherless orphan, only a grandmother to pull, the family can not uncover the pot, will look around for men, in order to earn some money it.I told you before about the fatherless and motherless, do you still remember, talking about Xiao Coco it."

"I remember, I can't imagine that's the case, then let's go, it's not good to be infected with a disease."The bald man looked at Xiao Coco with a slight dislike and hugged Li Tong as he prepared to leave.

"That's why you want to leave?Did I let you go?"

Just at this moment, Ye Fan's voice suddenly came to mind, and a superior authority instantly intimidated the audience, and Li Tong also trembled and fixed in place.

But right after that, Li Tong sneered, "Just now, I saw you and Xiao Coco together, I guessed who you are.I didn't expect that Xiao Coco would even let go of a hangman like you for money now, it's really pathetic."

After sizing up and down Ye Fan, Li Tong spoke again, "Look at you, tired to look like this, did you go to sell your kidneys for money before bringing Xiao Coco to this kind of place to spend, I'm telling you, Xiao Coco is a Bi Chi, you're not worth it.No, a Bi Chi with a licking dog is still just right, hahaha!"

"Don't you dare talk about Evan like that!"Xiao Coco was so angry that she was about to charge up.

It was the first time that Ye Fan saw Xiao Coco so angry and for him, and he was touched, but he still held Xiao Coco back the first time.

It would be bad if she let Xiao Coco go up and get her face scratched by Li Tong.

But Ye Fan didn't intend to let Li Tong go, he raised his hand and smacked Li Tong's face with a slap, and suddenly Li Tong screamed and fell to the ground with five red marks appearing on his face.

"You, how dare you hit me!"Li Tong could not have imagined that Ye Fan dared to take direct action with a disagreement, followed by grabbing the thigh of the bald man, grieving and saying: "Honey, he this hangman beat me, you have to take revenge for me ah."

The bald man nodded his head, but did not move.Because he was too fat, it was hard to walk, and if he did it he really might not be able to beat Ye Fan, but he had other ways.

Only the bald man grunted, "Ye Fan is it, hurry up and kneel in front of my Tong Tong and apologize to Tong Tong."

"And Xiao Coco, don't let her go either!"Li Tong added.

The bald man took one look at the packed Chanel and sneered, "Ye Fan, you've sold your kidneys to kneel and lick Xiao Coco, so you've probably already gone to bed.Now you also know that Xiao Coco has a venereal disease, I am a generous person, to help you pay for the Chanel, you take the money from the sale of the kidney to treat the disease.But well, I also have a condition, it's simple, you slap Xiao Coco ten times with the same intensity you just did, and then slap yourself ten more!"

Paying me to slap myself in the face?

Ye Fan laughed at the news, he had used this practice on others before, and the only prerequisite for this practice was that Ye Fan was poor, but unfortunately, Ye Fan was rich, and very rich!

Just at this moment, the female clerk came back with a gold card to pay the bill and smiled, "Ye Shao, a total of 350,000 consumption, all swiped."

"What?Three hundred and fifty thousand?And a credit card?"The balding man was suddenly alarmed, in the Golden Sands, there are a few million is a landowner, and his worth is only three million, or counting real estate car, in addition to real estate, he has only 400,000 cash, unexpectedly Ye Fan actually shot so generous.

If it were usual, Ye Fan would have taken the initiative to admit it and pretend to be generous, but in order to help Xiao Coco get back her face, Ye Fan took the golden card and just handed it to Xiao Coco: "Thank you wife for the clothes you bought for me, let's give the card back to you."

Fortunately, Chanel's packaging was good, and outsiders couldn't see what was inside.

Xiao Coco knew what Ye Fan meant, bit her lips and took the card, smiling, "Xiao Fan you like what you can say to me, only 300,000, are you helping me save money?"

"What?Three hundred thousand is still not enough?"The balding man was shocked and lowered his head to question Li Tong at his feet, "What's going on?I thought you said she was poor, and sick, did you lie to me about it all?"

"I...."Li Tong also panicked, busy explaining: "I'm just hearsay, but back then it's possible that the poor guy didn't make any big money after he was on the list, so maybe he just made money."


The balding man slapped Li Tong's face with a slap, furious: "You damn well take a look, the gold card in her hands but the ICBC VIP card, at least to have hundreds of millions of deposits, you tell me the list of big money?There are only a handful of them in the entire Sands that have a billion dollar worth!"

"What?"The words were like bombshells, causing Li Tong's shocked face to not even feel pain.


"A hundred million?Are you underestimating my wife, but there are 800 million in this card."

Ye Fan lightly added a sentence, but even more so, the balding man cold sweat dripped, his legs went soft and he kneeled in front of Xiao Coco.

He is only not worth a million, encounter worth hundreds of millions of dollars, that is the younger brother in the younger brother, before also dare to speak out to insult, think of the consequences, the bald man was scared to slap himself.

"I was wrong, I was wrong, how could such an excellent woman as Miss Xiao Coco be the kind of person Li Tong said, I think Li Tong is the one who is Bi Chi, all sick."The bald man fanned his mouth as he pleaded bitterly.

"That's right, I am sick, you have been with me for so long, now you should be sick too, hahaha!"Li Tong was like losing her mind: "Wang Jianren, I've wanted to leave for a long time, you're already worthless!"

Saying that, Li Tong was about to leave.

But it was held by the bald man by his hair: "What did you say?What's wrong with you?Are you really sick?"

He felt abnormal recently and thought it was a small cold, but unexpectedly it was a sickness, and he was furiously beating Li Tong: "You damn well tell me what kind of sickness it is, you bitch!"

"Wang Jianren, you still dare to hit me, you're not even a match for me with your wasted body!"Li Tong got up is a slap, directly knocked over Wang Jianren, and said again: "You do not want to find a good girl, I had surgery to repair the body complete, in order to cheat you out of money, how about, now know regret it, let you hit me, you dead fat!"

"You're paralyzed, so it was all a lie!" First web site m.kanshu8.net

Wang Jianren was not willing to backstab Li Tong, so they wrestled.

"Let's go!"

Ye Fan saw Wang Jianren and Li Tong dog bite dog, the corner of his mouth could not help but reveal a smile, and was about to pull up Xiao Coco to leave.

Xiao Coco, however, avoided Ye Fan's hand and lightly said, "You just now this hand but fanned Li Tong, probably also covered in germs, quickly go wash your hands."

"Right right right."Ye Fan was shocked and quickly went to the washroom to wash his hands, rubbing them several times before stopping.

It was only after walking out of the Hualong Mall that Xiao Coco handed the gold card to Ye Fan and whispered, "Thank you."

"Thank you for what, aren't you my girlfriend, my money is your money, and you didn't say anything wrong just now."Ye Fan casually skipped over the topic, otherwise Xiao Coco's heart would definitely increase the burden.


Xiao Coco kissed directly on Ye Fan's face and ran away shyly.

Ye Fan was stunned as he touched his cheek, because Xiao Coco whispered in his ear after kissing him just now, "I can't pay back the money, this bite will be a compensation."

After a long time, when Ye Fan came back to his senses, he drove to catch up with Xiao Coco and said, "Get in the car."

"Good."Xiao Coco knew it was far to go back, so she had to get in the car.

When he got into the car, Ye Fan pounced on Xiao Coco and played with the taste: "Just one bite as compensation, then a few more kisses, am I going to be broke?"

"No talking to you."With a shy face, Xiao Coco don't squeak, her face red and ears red.

The next day, Ye Fan drove away from Golden Sands with Xiao Coco.

Last night's annual meeting Ye Fan didn't attend because they were all from the company, they all knew Ye Fan, and there was nothing to see.

Especially Xiao Qiang promised to have a good-looking lady also introduced to him, but now there is Xiao Coco around, how can Ye Fan have the leisure to see others.It's good not to go, out of sight, out of mind, or if you see a good-looking one, it would be bad if you can't control it.

Ye Fan drove the car, whistling, about two hours, Ye Fan finally returned to Kaiyuan.

Like the previous days, no one was there even at the Presidential Suite of Prosperity.

"Where are the sisters?"Xiao Coco inquired out.

"They should be busy, Li Qiuyu for the company's finances, while Zhou Leya and Han Dong'er are off training."Ye Fan responded naturally, he had already confessed to Xiao Coco last night and told all the women who were sturdy in Kaiyuan and Fengdu.

What Ye Fan didn't expect was that Xiao Coco didn't even refute anything and accepted it naturally.

And Xiao Coco was a little older than Li Qiuyu, so Xiao Coco was the older sister.


Right at this moment, two cannons went off, followed by a sky of golden crushed flowers.

Ye Fan was shocked, and the next thing he saw was Han Dong'er and Zhou Leya walking out with a hand-held salute.

Zhou Lian Ya smiled hip-hop, "Surprised or not, surprise or not!"

"It almost scared me to death!"Evan patted his chest and didn't slow down for a long while.

"Aren't I giving my sister a surprise."Zhou Leya walked forward and hugged Xiao Coco's arm, like a very familiar sister who had known each other for a long time.

In fact, compared to Xiao Coco, Zhou Leya and Han Dong'er were already aware of Xiao Coco's existence, knowing that Ye Fan brought Xiao Coco back, Zhou Leya and Han Dong'er made this surprise planning, wanting to give Xiao Coco a surprise.

Xiao Coco thought that Zhou Lannia is difficult to contact, after all, Zhou Lannia is the real Miss Fortune, but the first impression made Xiao Coco feel that Zhou Lannia is very good to get along with, Han Dong'er is not good at talking, more shy.

Very quickly, the three girls hit it off, but Ye Fan became a lonely man and could only watch the show from the side.

"Bell bell bell!"

Zhou Leya's phone, however, did not ring at the right time, and after answering the phone, she said with a regretful face, "Sister Coco, Winter and I are going to rehearse, I was thinking of accompanying you for a while longer, hey."

"It's fine, you guys go to work on your business first."Xiao Coco, however, didn't matter, the day would come anyway.

Ye Fan's eyes turned and suggested, "Coco, you're fine in Kaiyuan anyway, why don't you follow along and train, even if you're not a star, doing a live broadcast is more talent ah."

"Fine."Xiao Ke Ke didn't refuse, so she left with Zhou Leya and Han Dong'er.

Another few days passed before Ye Fan felt dull, originally returned to the Golden Sands to find Xiao Coco, just to have someone by his side to accompany him, but now the four girls were each going about their business, instead, Ye Fan became a lonely man, a day of idleness and idleness.

In the past, when he had no money, he used to work part-time to earn money, but now that he has money and no worries, he feels a bit bored.

Ye Fan didn't dare to go too far away, because to complete the family mission, Ye Fan was also worried that something would happen to the company, so he had to stay in Kaiyuan, at most, he could walk in the wind.


Thinking of Fengdu, Ye Fan couldn't help but think of Wu Qiushui.Remembering that Zhang Bao of the Zhang family had said that he wanted to join hands with Wu Qiushui, he didn't know how far he had implemented it now.

After all, if Wu Qiushui and Zhang Bao defeated Wang Yuntian and made the Wu family back into a first-class family, they could actually take the opportunity to complete the task of mixing into the big brother circle.

Thinking about it, Ye Fan made a phone call to Wu Qiushui.


"Hello Ye Shao."

Wu Qiushui answered the phone at the speed of light, making Ye Fan all a bit surprised.

Ye Fan was startled for a moment before saying, "Could it be that you kid is specifically waiting for a call every day?Picked up so quickly."

"And no, I was just about to call you, but I didn't expect you to call."Wu Qiushui explained.

Ye Fan couldn't help but ask, "Calling me, is something wrong?"

"Is it convenient for you now, Ye?Let's meet and talk if it's convenient."Wu Qiushui purposely said in a low voice.

Ye Fan could clearly sense that Wu Qiushui was a bit nervous, as if something big was happening, so he responded, "Okay, then I'll arrive in two hours, so find a place to wait for me, I just happen to have not eaten either, so let's talk while we eat."

"Okay."Wu Qiushui responded and hung up the phone.

Two hours later, Ye Fan arrived at a restaurant in Fengdu called the Ultimate Underwater Salvage.

"Let's chat while we eat."Wu Qiushui said and snapped his fingers. Remember the URL .kanshu8.net

A dish of seafood was served right afterwards, and it looked like it should have been arranged by Wu Qiushui long ago.

Ye Fan nodded in satisfaction and ate a few bites before asking, "What happened again, can't even talk about it on the phone?"

"It's like this, Zhang Bao spoke to their family and decided to join forces with our Wu family to bring down the Wang family together."Wu Qiushui whispered.

"Isn't that a good thing?Why are you looking so sad."

Ye Fan saw Wu Qiushui's sad face and was somewhat puzzled.

Wu Qiushui sighed, "Hey, actually, after my understanding, Zhang Bao and his family are sincerely cooperating with us, rather than being perfunctory and trying to mess with us on purpose.But our Wu family has experienced what happened before, and the people who hold real power in the family now belong to the conservative faction and are not in favor of this joint effort."

"So that's how it is."Ye Fan nodded his head and ate another prawn before saying slowly, "Isn't it a simple matter, you coming to the top to hold the real power of the Wu family."

"If only it was as simple as you make it sound, don't look at the scenery outside, I don't have any status at home, it's impossible for me to rise up."Wu Qiushui sighed again.

Ye Fan glanced at Wu Qiushui and raised his eyebrows, "I remember that you are the grandson of the old Wu family patriarch, and your father is the patriarch, if your parents hadn't died tragically because of the previous family decline, you would be the patriarch now, where would it be your uncle and uncle's turn.So, you are justified in name, but you just don't have the strength, if you had the strength, it would still be easy to take the position of the Wu Clan Head."

Wu Qiushui nodded and didn't argue, just sighed, "I know that too, but don't I just don't have the strength right now."

"Eat first, I'll go with you after dinner."After taking out his phone and sending a WeChat, Ye Fan got bored and ate.

It had to be said that the submarine saloon of this place was really good.Not only did it sell well, it also tasted very fresh, but Ye Fan didn't drink beer, firstly because there would be business later, and secondly because beer and seafood, Ye Fan was afraid that he would ventilate.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the newest products that you can find in the marketplace.

Ye Fan is very happy to eat, Wu Qiushui is a heavy heart a little can not eat.

Two hours later, Ye Fan is finally full, seafood this thing looks big volume, but the meat is very little, and freshly cooked only fragrant, most of the time, Ye Fan is waiting to eat.

Just finished eating, Ye Fan's phone rang, looked at the phone, Ye Fan looked up and said, "Let's go, look at you, you're a no-good look, such a small thing to worry about you can't eat, wimp."

Saying that, Ye Fan shook his head, and walked out of the box.

Wu Qiushui didn't say anything and followed closely behind Ye Fan, just after he left the hotel, he was shocked by the scene in front of him.

He saw a group of brawny men in suits with sunglasses, as well as a group of thugs with colorful hair dyed, standing right in front of the hotel chatting away, and looking like they were enjoying themselves.

Wu Qiushui arrived in front of Ye Fan with a flash and said worriedly, "Ye Shao, it might be the Wang family, you go first, I'll break the back!"

Ye Fan was slightly startled, never thought that at such a time, Wu Qiushui would still be able to sacrifice himself, not have very touched.Hastily explaining, "It's fine fine, one of our own."

"Your own people?"Wu Qiushui's eyebrows raised and hesitated.

Then he heard these people bow and say in unison, "Greetings, Ye Shao!"

"Fine, fine, let's get in the car and talk."Ye Fan waved his hand, the group of people in front of him were the bodyguards he hired in Kaiyuan as well as the gangster squad.

Ye Fan didn't go to drive his own Porsche, but directly got on the bus.These people had come together, so Ye Fan suggested that these people just hire a bus to go anywhere more conveniently.

"Ye Shao, what's the situation?"When she got into the car, Wu Qiushui was blinded, because she had no idea what the significance of Ye Fan's search for so many people was.

Ye Fan didn't explain, just smiled mysteriously and said, "Secret, you'll know when it's used, anyway, it's best if you can't use it.Qiushui, you tell the driver where your Wu family is, and we'll set off directly to the Wu family."


Wu Qiushui was stunned, then exclaimed in shock, "Ye Shao, you wouldn't bring people to fight directly on the Wu family.What era is it now, there are still groups of people fighting?"

Wu Qiushui guessed that Ye Fan definitely wanted to use hard, but let's not say that since there were fewer fights, the Wu family really didn't have any fighters except for a few janitors.If they used hard ones, they might actually be able to win with a surprise move.

"What fights, these are just helpers, don't talk nonsense, still don't want the Wu family's right to speak, if you want, then hurry up and say the address, I ate too much and took a long ride to vomit easily."Ye Fan was a little impatient.

Wu Qiushui didn't dare to ask any more questions, and directly told the driver the address, and then sat honestly in the first row, responsible for helping the driver to point out the shortcut, which only he locals would know.

Not long after, the car gradually drove away from the downtown and arrived at the outskirts.

Ye Fan was somewhat curious: "What's going on?Is the Wu family so poor now that they can't even afford to live in the city?At any rate, it's a second rate."

"You'll know when you get there."Like Ye Fan, Wu Qiushui also smiled mysteriously and didn't say directly.

But Ye Fan didn't care, he would be able to see it soon anyway.

The vehicle got farther and farther away, and actually drove out of the suburbs to the foot of a mountain.

To Ye Fan's surprise, the foot of the mountain was actually very well green and close to the highway, the route Ye Fan had taken to come to Fengdu was here.

"You wouldn't say that the Wu family is here, would you?"Ye Fan was surprised.

But Wu Qiushui nodded, authenticating this fact.


"Fuck, it's really here!"Ye Fan was shocked, anyone would have thought that a second-rate family would be in a place close to the highway.

But soon Ye Fan knew it wasn't here.

Because the car hadn't stopped yet, but drove along the green road all the way in, and only stopped after four kilometers.

The next thing Ye Fan saw was two big willow trees, two stone lions standing next to the trees, looking powerful and domineering, and this is the gate of the Wu family.

This is the gate of the Wu family. The two words "Wu family" are written on the plaque.

Ye Fan nodded approvingly, this place looked very good, because although the Wu family had fallen, the family's place remained the same, and it still had the majestic atmosphere that only a first-class family had.

"What people?"

By the main gate, under each tree, there is a man in a warm suit who sees the bus coming and asks for the exit.

Because there were many who had never been to Fengdu before, it was extremely easy to get off the highway and follow the path to get here.

Wu Qiushui opened the window of the bus and came out, "It's me, open the door and let go." One second to remember to read the book

"It's Eldest Young Master."Seeing Wu Qiushui, the big man nodded with a smile, but then his face paled, "Eldest Young Master, don't you know the family rules?Outsiders are not allowed to bring anyone in without the Master's permission, not even you!"

"Qiushui, are you so disgraced in the Wu family that you can't even bring someone with you?"Ye Fan was a little surprised.

Some of the rules were for the servants, but Wu Qiushui was the eldest young master, but not even.

Wu Qiushui clenched his fist and helplessly put it down again: "Before, not to mention bringing people, even causing them all to be free, but now it's different from before, since my parents are gone, these people don't even care about me anymore!"

"So that's how it is."Ye Fan thought it was the Iron Order, so looking at it, wasn't it just watching Wu Qiushui tiger down that he was bullied.

"Green Hair, Purple Hair, you guys go see if we can enter this door or not."Ye Fan faintly spoke.

Green Hair and Purple Hair had been following Ye Fan's side for days and days, so they naturally knew what Ye Fan meant, and one of them grabbed a baseball bat and got out of the car.

"What do you guys want, I can warn you, this is the Wu family, not a place for you punks to indulge!"The janitor snapped harshly.

"I was going to ask, but it seems there's no point in asking, purple hair."Green Hair chuckled.

But Violet Hair didn't make a sound, and the response to Green Hair was a baseball bat from Violet Hair that knocked a janitor right out of the sky.

"Green Hair, if you're stunned again, I'll take it all, and I'll take the prize money."Said Purple Hair, and ran to the other big man, striking again.

Green Hair suddenly understood why Purple Hair was so high and cold, it was all about the prize money.

The rule that Ye Fan had set for them before was that whoever did the most work would get the most money.Thinking of this, where did Green Hair dare to wait, looking a little distance from the janitor, while Purple Hair had already run out.

As soon as his eyes turned, Green Hair swung his arm round and threw his baseball bat straight out, knocking down the last janitor with a single "pop".

"Purple Hair, you're still young, if it were me I wouldn't even bullshit with you, finish the fight.Let's make you pretend to be a pussy, you'll make half the money less, haha!"Green Hair smiled smugly.

"Cut!"Purple Hair laughed disdainfully, then took the initiative to push the door, opening it before saying, "Ye Shao, the door is open, please come in."

"Well, Zi Mao did a good job."Ye Fan nodded his head in approval.

Only then did Green Hair smacked his head, thinking of the focus of the mission that had just come down to open the door.

"........"But next to Ye Fan, Wu Qiushui was a little speechless, Ye Fan looks like a young master, how every day and gangsters mix together, look at Purple Hair and Green Hair, hip-hopping over people, no mercy at all, seems to always do these things.

Purple hair and green hair on the car, Ye Fan issued two red envelopes.

It seems that Ye Fan didn't let the thugs do this kind of thing.Thinking like this, Wu Qiushui became more and more unable to see through Ye Fan and felt that Ye Fan was terrifying.

The bus drove into the Wu family just like this.

Unlike the majestic atmosphere outside, the inside of the Wu house was somewhat quaint and elegant looking, and there were a few aunts playing mahjong in the chess room, the reason why Ye Fan could see it was that the chess room was a large floor-to-ceiling window with a clear view of what was going on inside.And the chess room was close to the gate of the Wu family, so only then could it be noticed first.

And the aunts also noticed the buses, the ones that used to go in and out of Wu's house were all luxury cars, but never a bus.

"Hey, hey, who's on the bus, who let you in, drive out!"An older woman in a purple fur coat walked out of the chess room.

Just now she was just watching the fun, and she didn't play mahjong.

Wu Qiushui opened the window again and said, "Aunt Bai Ping, it's me."

"So it's Young Master Qiushui, what, now you don't care about the house rules and bring a bunch of fox and dog friends home to fool around?"Bai Ping sneered, "Look at what kind of friends you're looking for, dyeing your hair colorful dirty tricks, hurry up and drive the car out, let the old man know, won't pick your skin!"

"I..."Wu Qiushui was just about to speak, when he was pressed by Ye Fan.

Wu Qiushui turned her head to look at Ye Fan with some dissatisfaction, I wonder what kind of drug was in Ye Fan's gourd, he was scolded and still didn't look for Bai Ping theory?

But soon, Wu Qiushui understood.

I saw the thugs directly rushed off the car, green hair took the brunt of the attack, a slap slapped down Bai Ping, cursing: "You fucking only the dirty tramp, you paralyzed to see who grandfather is, Kaiyuan you green hair brother, but also fucking shout that I am dirty tramp, you look for death."

Green Hair was about to kick again, but was pulled aside by Purple Hair, and before Green Hair could react, Purple Hair was a kick out, kicking out at Bai Ping's stomach.

"The wife of this kind of mansion, spoiled, can't bear so many times, one kick per person is a bit reluctant."Zi Mao took the initiative to step back after the kick, giving way to the people behind him.

The thugs lined up to kick in an orderly fashion, and just as Purple Hair had predicted, Bai Ping fainted after only receiving her sixth kick, foaming at the mouth.

"Will it be too much?"Seeing the thugs beating people up like this, Wu Qiushui not only locked his eyebrows tightly.

Of course, it wasn't that he was distressed about Bai Ping, but he was worried that this kind of violence to violence wasn't a good solution.

Ye Fan shook his head with a smile and patted Wu Qiushui's shoulder, "Don't worry, you are the young master and future patriarch of the Wu family.You're just bringing a friend home, but you're being told what to do by some aunts, so giving a proper lesson is also a way to demonstrate your mighty and domineering power."

Ye Fan's explanation like this made Wu Qiushui somewhat dumbfounded, indeed, Wu Qiushui was all about to become the clan head, wasn't it normal to teach a lesson to those who were disobedient.


Seeing Bai Ping being beaten up, the other noble wives were so frightened that they quickly locked the door of the chess room to prevent Ye Fan and the others from rushing in.

But these people were thinking too much, if these people didn't take the initiative to cause trouble, how could Ye Fan make a move.

Because the noble wives didn't come out, the situation was instantly at a standstill.Wu Qiushui couldn't help but ask out, "Ye Shao, what are we going to do now?"

"Where's the old man's room, I'll go see."Ye Fan spoke faintly.

Wu Qiushui's face turned pale and waved his hand in succession, "Ye Shao, I can't promise you this."

"What, do you think I would do it to an old man?"Ye Fan frowned, and there was some dissatisfaction in his eyes.

Wu Qiushui shuddered slightly and waved her hand in succession, "No, no, but, what do I want you to see my grandfather for?What my grandfather hates most is seeing outsiders."

Ye Fan glanced at Wu Qiushui and said, "If I'm not going to see them, do I want you to see them?If you had the guts to do it, would you still be making trouble to this point, in fact, the reason why your grandfather still has you in the position of the eldest young master is to give you the opportunity, what a silly boy."

Ye Fan had already seen that, if he were Wu Qiushui's grandfather, for such a useless grandson like Wu Qiushui, he would have already removed the position of the eldest young master.

Wu Qiushui brightened in front of his eyes and had a feeling of clarity and surprise, "So that's how it is, then don't bother Ye Shao, I'll go find the old master myself." The first website m.kanshu8.net

"En, then go quickly and return, don't be a wimp, just do it and it's over."Ye Fan encouragedly patted Wu Qiushui's shoulder.

Wu Qiushui nodded heavily and walked into a relatively remote room.

Ye Fan was a little surprised that the patriarch of the Wu family would choose a house with poor lighting and a bad location.Ye Fan initially thought that this kind of remote house was occupied by the servants.Ye Fan couldn't help but look up to the Wu family head. Details determine success or failure, and to be able to lower oneself so low, it must be different.

Not long after, Wu Qiushui ran out of the room, somewhat panicked and almost bumped into Ye Fan.

Ye Fan couldn't help but frown, "What's going on, fidgeting, at least he's a young master, what's wrong with this appearance."

Wu Qiushui scratched his head and said, "I directly told my grandfather that I wanted to be the clan leader, and then he threw a teacup and smashed it out for me."

"Er..."Ye Fan was somewhat speechless, "Can't you be more tactful?What's the difference between outright saying yes and robbing?You're looking at me."

Anyway, now that Ye Fan knew the location of the room, after speaking to Wu Qiushui, he walked right up to the Wu family head's room and tapped on the door, "Hello, Master Wu, I'm Wu Qiushui's friend, my name is Ye Fan."

"Ye Fan?You say your name is Evan?"Master Wu's voice came out of the door, with a few points of surprise and a few points of surprise and a few points of impatience.

But Ye Fan was a bit confused: "Yes, I am called Ye Fan, what's wrong?Does Master Wu know me?"

"Are you from Kaiju?"

"Do you know Mr. Charles?"

"Are you the dragon head of the kaiju?"

Old Master Wu asked three questions directly with a face, making Ye Fan even more shocked.

Originally thought that Master Wu was either high cold or fiery, but now this way of asking questions, how like a chatterbox.

But in order to help Wu Qiushui, Ye Fan answered each of them, "I'm from Kaiyuan, Charles is my butler, and I'm the Dragon Head of Kaiyuan."


As soon as Ye Fan finished answering the question, he heard a thumping sound coming from the door of the room.

Ye Fan suddenly thought of Wu Qiushui being beaten just now and couldn't help but flash back, but the one who opened the door was an old man in a tang suit, looking refined and easy-going, even a bit fairy-like, which was the opposite of the sound rush.

On closer inspection, Ye Fan could still see that Wu Qiushui had fifty percent of the old man's appearance.

"Despicable Wu Zhengfeng, there is a mistake in welcoming you from afar, please forgive me, Young Master Ye, please go inside."Wu Zhengfeng bowed slightly and made a gesture of invitation, and Ye Fan was blinded on the spot.

What the hell was this situation?

Ye Fan muttered in his heart, but his feet were not slowed down in any way, and he hurriedly entered the room.

At this moment, Wu Qiushui was already looking stupid, although he didn't hear what Ye Fan and Wu Zhengfeng said, but Wu Zhengfeng made a posture of invitation, he still saw it, was this really his grandfather?

Wu Qiushui wasn't clear, and naturally, Ye Fan couldn't be even clearer.

After following Wu Zhengfeng into the room, Ye Fan found out more and more that Wu Zhengfeng was not as fiery as Wu Qiushui described, but rather gentle and elegant, even extraordinarily humble.

Ye Fan was sitting on the futon, enjoying the tea that Wu Zhengfeng had made.

"How is it, is it good?"Seeing that Ye Fan finished drinking the cup of tea, Wu Zhengfeng asked with a smile.

Ye Fan didn't feel any odor, only fragrance and sweetness, and nodded his head in approval, "Not bad, the lips and teeth are still fragrant, Old Man Wu is so skilled."

"Don't call me Old Master Wu, you can call me Old Man Wu or Zhengfeng."Wu Zhengfeng chuckled.


When Ye Fan heard this request, he suddenly thought of Bai Qin.

Because Bai Qin had said the same thing before, Ye Fan couldn't help but ask, "But you know Bai Qin?"

"Naturally, I recognize it, but Brother Bai has been hanging around better than me, he's made a name for himself in Kaiyuan, but he's a hundred times better than the old man."Wu Zhengfeng sighed slightly.

As the conversation changed, Wu Zhengfeng was again carrying a cup of freshly steeped tea and handed it to Ye Fan, saying, "But now that Young Master Ye is here, everything has changed, and I'm going to start changing my luck."

Ye Fan drank the tea without speaking, but was pondering, and only after a long time did he ask the question in his heart, "Master Wu, is it true that Charles also helped Charles in the early years of the Wu family's fortune?"

"That's natural, without Mr. Charles, how could I be able to have such a huge family."Wu Zhengfeng's eyes were filled with admiration and gratitude as he mentioned Charles.

It was only then that it dawned on Ye Fan that, just as he had expected, the reason why Wu Qiushui knew about Kaiyuan was perhaps not because the family was clear about it, otherwise, Zhang Bao should have known his identity long before.

That's why Ye Fan had always suspected that it was because Wu Zhengfeng and Wu Qiushui had mentioned this matter, and Wu Qiushui had paid attention to it, and even believed it without reservation after meeting Ye Fan.

"This is a routine ah, from the beginning you let Wu Qiushui consciously touch me?"Ye Fan didn't like this feeling of being counted.

Wu Zhengfeng waved his hand repeatedly, "It's not like that, I just casually mentioned about you becoming the Dragon Head when I held the family meeting, and I didn't mention Mr. Charles, Wu Qiushui was able to get along so well with you, it's all because of that kid's luck."


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