The Unknown Heir 942-943


Chapter 942

"You can't just go out there, because there are already people waiting for you, and I'm afraid you'll be surrounded by these people if you return from the same way!"

    Just listening to the Ghost Seeing Sorrow, he narrated a reminder towards the two of Chen Hao.

    Chen Hao and the two of them were puzzled as they listened, not understanding the meaning of Ghost Seeing Sorrow's words.

    "The difference in senior's words?"

    Chen Hao foxed a question.

    At that moment, with just a glow from the ghost, a screen of light appeared in front of Chen Hao and the two of them.

    The screen was precisely the stone formation where Chen Hao and the two of them had entered the Land of Extreme Yin.

    It was seen that the stone formation was already surrounded by several tents, and there were many hunters wandering around the stone formation.

    Seeing this scene, Chen Hao and the two of them came to a sudden realization.

    No wonder Ghost Seeing Sorrow would say those words to the two of them, as it turned out that the hunters had already been ambushed around the stone formation long ago, waiting for Chen Hao and the two of them to return from the same path and come out from inside the stone formation.

    "Brother Chen.That Zhang Lao and Sister Xia and the others."

    Lei Lie was also fiercely surprised at this point and quickly reminded Chen Hao.

    "Don't worry, the fact that you Sister Xia and the three of them aren't seen here means that they haven't been captured by the hunters!"

    Chen Hao also calmly narrated, as he did not find Zhen Ji and her two in the picture at all, which meant that Zhen Ji and her two were still safe.

    Indeed, Zhen Ji and the two were indeed safe for now.

    "Senior Ghost Seeing Sorrow, is there another way out?"

    Chen Hao then immediately asked towards Ghost Seeing Sorrow.

    Ghost Seeing Sorrow gave a slight nod, then with a glow of his large hand, he appeared once again in a passage that was the same as the one Chen Hao had just entered.

    "This passageway is another exit, it is also the hidden exit of our Ghost Cave Clan, you can just go out from here!"

    Ghost Seeing Sorrow said towards Chen Hao and the two of them.

    "Thank you, Senior Ghost Seeing Sorrow!"

    Chen Hao even thanked the ghost.

    After saying that, Chen Hao took Lei Lie and walked directly into the tunnel.

    After walking into the tunnel, the passage was directly closed, and Chen Hao and the two of them were quickly teleported out of the Ghost Cave Clan territory.

    By the time they reacted again, Chen Hao and the two of them had appeared in a forest.

    And in front of this forest was a house.

    "Brother Chen, why does this house look so familiar?"

    Lei Li was shocked to see this room and felt very familiar.

    "Yes, it's very familiar, no.This is the house where Zhang Lao lived!"

    Chen Hao also nodded his head in agreement before reacting sharply in alarm.

    That's right, this was indeed Zhang Lao's dwelling.

    Chen Hao and the two did not expect that the hidden exit from the Ghost Hole Clan's territory was located in this forest behind Zhang Lao's dwelling.

    "It seems that this Zhang Lao's identity is not ordinary, he definitely has connections to the Ghost Hole Clan!"

    Lei Lie also immediately reacted and said.

    From the fact that Zhang Lao used his own blood to open the passage, and then his residence was near the hidden exit of the Ghost Cave Clan, this showed that Zhang Lao had an extraordinary relationship with the Ghost Cave Clan.

    "Let's go and check it out!"

    Chen Hao also said towards Lei Lie, and then they quickly walked towards the house.

    However, when they arrived at the house, Chen Hao did not see Zhang Lao and Zhen Ji, but only saw that the entire house was in a mess inside and out, as if it had been tossed.

    Looking all here, Chen Hao's two looks instantly became heavy, they knew that it seemed like the hunters must have already come to Zhang Lao's place, otherwise the place wouldn't be so chaotic.

    "Swish, swish, swish!"

    However, at that moment, several hunters in purple clothes instantly flashed out from the surrounding area.

    "Waiting for the two of you for a long time!"

    One of the lead hunters then shouted harshly.

    This lead hunter was wearing grey clothes, indicating that he was more powerful than the other purple-clothed hunters.

    Chen Hao's brows furrowed as he knew that it seemed that the Hunters had already set up an ambush here and had been waiting for the two of them to appear.

    "Heh, you Hunters' organization really has a ghastly spirit!"

    Chen Hao said with a sneer.

    "Cut the crap, either hand over the ghost hole rune behind you or take your life!"

    The grey-clothed hunter warned coldly, his target being the ghost hole rune that Chen Hao was carrying behind him.

    This was what they Hunters had originally come for.

    Seeing that Chen Hao had obtained the Ghost Cave Rune, then of course they were going to fight for it with all their might.

    "Even you guys want to get the Ghost Hole Rune, dream on!"

    Chen Hao did not have any fear at all and grunted towards the grey-clothed hunters with great momentum.

    "Then don't blame us for being rude, go!"

    The grey-clothed Hunters directly shouted in anger, and then they ordered the purple-clothed Hunters behind them.

    After saying that, the hunters rushed towards Chen Hao and the two of them.

    Cold killing intent flashed in Chen Hao's eyes.

    In the next second, Chen Hao pulled out the Ghost Hole Rune directly from behind his back.

    The Ghost Hole Rune emitted a dark purple light, and instantly, a violet light swept out, and the violet light carried the ghost spirits of countless Ghost Hole Clan warriors.


    As soon as the purple light appeared, instantly the grey-clothed Hunters and the others all turned into a puddle of blood.

    "I'm going!"

    Seeing this scene, Lei Lie was fiercely alarmed.

    Lei Lie hurriedly rubbed his eyes, completely unable to believe the scene in front of him, and looked shocked.

    "Brother Chen, this.This Ghost Hole Rune is too powerful, it's just too terrifying!"

    Lei Lie looked at Chen Hao in incredible astonishment.

    Chen Hao calmly put away the Ghost Hole Rune and put it back behind his back.

    "This is what makes the Ghost Hole Rune so powerful!"

    Chen Hao smiled at Lei Lie and said.

    The Ghost Cave Rune could not only control all the ghosts and spirits in the world, but it could also exert great energy.

    "Alright, let's hurry up and leave here to find your sister Xia and the others!"

    Chen Hao then warned towards Lei Lie.

    Chen Hao then left Zhang Lao's place with Lei Lie and headed deeper into the woods.

    After walking for a while, only a faint shout caught the attention of the two of Chen Hao.

    That's right, this shout was precisely Zhen Ji's.

    When Chen Hao and the two of them heard it, they immediately looked towards the direction of the sound.

    They saw that Zhen Ji and Zhou Nuo were hiding behind a rock, with only a small head poking out.

    Chen Hao and Lei Lie also immediately headed in the direction of the two of them.

    "Wei Lan!"

    Chen Hao shouted at Zhen Ji.

    When she reached the two of them, Zhen Ji cried headlong into Chen Hao's embrace without saying a word.

    "Chen Hao, I'm sorry.Zhang lao he.Old Zhang he's dead!"

    Zhen Ji cried very sadly as she cried towards Chen Hao.

    When they heard this, Chen Hao and Lei Lie were also abruptly shocked.

    Chen Hao quickly reached out his hand and tenderly patted Zhen Ji's back to comfort her.

    "Don't worry, we're back, I'm here, it will be fine."

    Zhen Ji then proceeded to tell Chen Hao everything that had happened.

    This caused Chen Hao to thunder with rage, the anger in his heart could no longer endure, and he decided that he would make Zhao Ling and the others pay a painful price and take revenge on Zhang Lao.


If Zhang Lao hadn't helped them, Chen Hao wouldn't have been able to enter the Land of Extreme Yin, much less obtain the Ghost Cave Rune.

    Now that Zhang Lao had died for them, this was a revenge Chen Hao had to take, and it would be too bad if he didn't.

    "Brother Chen, we have to avenge Zhang Lao!"

    Lei Lie was also indignant and angry.

    "Well, Lei Lie is right, Brother Zhou, Zhang Lao was killed to protect me and Sister Xia, you must not let these evil people go!"

    Zhou Nuo was also angry and said.

    "Don't worry, I'll make them pay for it!"

    Chen Hao also spoke coldly.

    After he finished speaking, Chen Hao stood up.

    "Wei Lan, Lei Lie, Zhou Nuo, the three of you wait for me here, I'll handle the rest!"

    Chen Hao instructed the three of them towards Zhen Ji.

    "Well, be careful yourself!"

    Zhen Ji didn't oppose or stop it, but merely gave a concerned reminder towards Chen Hao.

    After saying that, Chen Hao immediately turned around and left, heading towards the Hunters Organization's camp around the Stone Formation not far away.

    Today, Chen Hao was going to wipe the Hunters' organization from the world, and make every single one of them suffer the punishment they deserved, especially the leader of the Hunters' organization, Zhao Ling.

    Zhao Ling had done such a brutal and inhumane thing, Chen Hao would never show any mercy, and would make him suffer even greater fear and punishment than the others, or at least definitely not let him reincarnate.

    Chen Hao came alone and directly stood at the entrance of the hunter camp.

    Upon arriving at the entrance, the two Hunters standing at the entrance locked their eyes on Chen Hao.


    Before the two hunters could open their mouths, there was an additional bloodstain at both of their throats.

    The two hunters directly pinched their necks and fell into a pool of blood.

    Then, Chen Hao walked step by step towards the camp.

    At this point, Chen Hao was like the God of Death descending, and everywhere he went, there was a rhythm of blood flowing everywhere he went.

    Today, Chen Hao wouldn't be holding back, he would make a killing.

    Chen Hao drew out his Star Profound Sword.

    Soon, Chen Hao was hunting in the camp.

    At this moment, Chen Hao was no longer the identity of a Soul Cultivator, he was fully the hunter.

    In the blink of an eye, more than a dozen hunters died under Chen Hao's command.

    Zhao Ling had also rushed out from his tent.

    When he saw that Chen Hao had killed over a dozen of his men, it suddenly made him surprised and his heart burn with rage.

    "Zhao Ling!You murdered Zhang Lao in a brutal and inhumane manner, and I'm going to make you pay a painful price today!"

    When he saw Zhao Ling's appearance, Chen Hao roared.

    "All of them!"

    After Zhao Ling heard this, he directly gave orders towards his own men around him.

    The surrounding hunters also rushed towards Chen Hao.

    But this was their act of giving away their heads, so how could they alone be Chen Hao's opponents?

    With a single slash, Chen Hao directly beheaded a piece of them.

    Seeing all of Chen Hao's terrifying strength, Zhao Ling's face had changed dramatically.

    However, Zhao Ling didn't choose to retreat, he also directly showed his greatsword and came straight at Chen Hao.

    Zhao Ling's strength was still much stronger than those hunters.


    Zhao Ling leapt up and shouted furiously, struggling to slash down at Chen Hao's head.

    If this slash were to be struck, it would truly be a rhythm of his head moving.

    It was a pity that Chen Hao wouldn't be able to give him that opportunity.

    Chen Hao reacted extremely quickly and directly took a step backwards.

    "Zhao Ling, you're no match for me, I'll kill you into a killing chicken!"

    Chen Hao stared coldly at Zhao Ling in anger.

    With that, Chen Hao put away his Star Profound Sword before drawing out the Ghost Hole Rune at his back.

    "Do you see what this is?"

    Chen Hao lit up the Ghost Hole Rune and then he asked towards Zhao Ling.

    Zhao Ling was suddenly shocked at the sight of it.

    "Ghost Cave Rune!Sure enough you got it!"

    Zhao Ling was shocked, he didn't expect Chen Hao to actually get the Ghost Hole Rune, this made Zhao Ling even more itchy, he must kill Chen Hao to get the Ghost Hole Rune.

    But unfortunately, Zhao Ling simply didn't have that chance.

    "Finish you off, and this Ghost Hole Rune is mine!"

    Zhao Ling sinisterly lowered his face to stare at Chen Hao and said, before swinging the long blade in his hand again to slash at Chen Hao.

    How could Chen Hao give Zhao Ling a chance, he just waved the ghost hole symbol in his hand and a purple light blasted out.

    The purple light instantly shocked Zhao Ling and blasted the long knife in Zhao Ling's hand into pieces.

    Chen Hao quickly flashed out again and directly stepped on Zhao Ling's body.

    "Today, you will pay the price, and I will avenge Zhang Lao, so that you will never live forever!"

    Chen Hao's gloomy eyes stared at Zhao Ling at his feet and said.

    After saying that, Chen Hao aimed the Ghost Hole Rune in his hand at Zhao Ling.


    Zhao Ling shouted.


    In the next second, Zhao Ling screamed, and then dark purple flames appeared throughout his entire body.

    Chen Hao was busy retreating, only to see Zhao Ling's entire body engulfed in the dark purple flames.

    In just a few seconds, Zhao Ling was instantly ashes and smoke.

    Seeing all of this, the other hunters around them were all terrified, and all of them were busy dropping their equipment and weapons to flee.

    As Chen Hao took a look, he didn't chase after them, but let the fleeing hunters go.

    The culprit, Zhao Ling, was dead, so this should all be over.

    Once Zhao Ling died, the Hunters' organization was completely disbanded.

    And Chen Hao had finally avenged Zhang Lao's death.

    It was only afterwards that Chen Hao called down the three of Lei Lie.

    Chen Hao found Zhang Lao's corpse, and when he saw Zhang Lao's corpse after being cut into pieces, Chen Hao was furious again, he felt that it was really too cheap to kill Zhao Ling like that just now.

    And then Chen Hao suddenly thought of something and hurriedly took out the Ghost Cave Warrant again.

    The Ghost Cave Warrant had a powerful ability, it might be able to restore Zhang Lao's corpse, and although it couldn't save Zhang Lao, it would at least allow him to recover and walk away with peace of mind.

    After thinking about it, Chen Hao picked up the Ghost Cave Talisman and pointed it at Zhang Lao's corpse.

    After missing it in his heart, the Ghost Hole Rune just emitted light, and only Zhang Lao's corpse began to gather.

    Seeing this, Chen Hao was delighted, indeed, the Ghost Hole Rune could have this effect.

    After recovering Zhang Lao's corpse, Chen Hao and the four of them found a good place to bury Zhang Lao.

    "Zhang Lao, thank you for everything you did for us!"

    "I have avenged your death!"

    "You may go in peace!"

    Chen Hao stood in front of Zhang Lao's tombstone and said a solemn thankful farewell.

    "Old Man Zhang, just go all the way!"

    Zhen Ji also looked at Zhang Lao's tombstone with tears streaming down her face and said.

    If it wasn't for Zhang Lao's efforts to protect the two of them, Zhang Lao actually wouldn't have needed to die at all.

    But people had to die eventually, and perhaps their fate had already been decided.

    After saying goodbye, the four of them, Chen Hao, set off to return.

    Now that they had obtained the Ghost Cave Rune, then Chen Hao was sure to return, there were still many things that needed to be done by Chen Hao and the others next, everything was just the beginning, not the end.


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