Dish Best Served Cold 971-975


Chapter 971



    "Are you that confident?"

    However, just as Ye Fan dragged his heavily injured body and leaned against a rock just to slow down, who would have thought that a faint laughter would actually come out from the front, quietly.

    The moment he heard it, a face of Ye Fan, who had just escaped from death, sank.

    He abruptly raised his head towards the place where the sound came from, and then looked out.

    He saw above the vast sea, a middle-aged man, wearing a stiff suit, just like this, stepping on the surface of the sea, towards this place, slowly walking towards it.

    Only when he was close did Ye Fan Fang see the other party's face clearly.

    State-shaped face, wide forehead, and above the knife-sharpened face, it was filled with majesty.

    If there were any bystanders here, they would definitely find that there was a slight resemblance between this person's face and Ye Fan's.

    The moment he saw this person, even Ye Fan, who had always been calm and relaxed, could no longer remain calm.

    A pair of pupils, suddenly locked up.

    He stared at the man in front of him with a deadly stare, but there were monstrous waves of horror in his heart, sweeping wildly.

    "Chu Zhengliang, it's...It's you?"

    "The one who went to such great lengths to put me to death is you?!!!"

    Ye Fan shouted in a deep voice, a low sob coming out of his mouth.

    No one could understand Ye Fan's state of mind at this time.

    He had never dreamed that the person who killed him today was his own uncle, Chu Zhengliang.

    Yes, the man in front of him was the one who had just come from the Winter Capital of the Sun Country, trekking to the sea, Chu Zhengliang.

    Born in the world of martial arts, Chu Zhengliang knew the terrors of a title clan master.

    It was easy to defeat a clan master, hard to kill a clan master, and even harder to kill a title clan master!

    That's why Chu Zhengliang insisted Sato to carry out two rounds of bombing in order to completely kill Ye Fan.

    Eventually, Chu Zhengliang was still worried and went to the place of the incident to confirm whether Ye Fan was really buried in flames or not.

    Now it seemed that Chu Zhengliang's caution was right.

    This Ye Fan, after two rounds of bombardment, he actually survived.

    Ye Fan's terrifying vitality, even Chu Zhengliang couldn't help but be deeply shocked in his heart.

    He was suddenly fortunate that he had come over specifically to check, otherwise, he was afraid that he would have really let this Ye Fan escape.

    The current Ye Fan, after a brief tremor, soon calmed down.

    He leaned against the boulder and suddenly tilted his head up and laughed.


    "It's really hitting the little one and coming to the old one."

    "The son couldn't kill me, but now the father, did he do it himself?"

    "However, I never thought that the second head of the Chu Family, the senior leader of the Chu Gate, would personally deal with me?"

    "But Uncle Sam, don't you feel ashamed of yourself for bullying a junior?"

    "To the detriment of the Chu Family, who even claimed to be the world's number one giants, it now seems that you can only say that the Chu Family's ancestors have lost all their face."

    Ye Fan laughed indiscriminately, and his cold laughter was filled with mockery and ridicule.

    However, facing Ye Fan's ridicule, Chu Zhengliang was unmoved.

    He stood with his hands in the air, looking condescendingly at the young man in front of him.

    After detailing for a long time, Chu Zhengliang sighed, "Great nephew, the last time you and I met should have been more than ten years ago."

    "To think that at that time, you were still a tender child."

    "I didn't expect that by the time you and I met again, you would have grown up."

    "You look, so much like your father."

    "But alas, you are far more foolish than he was."

    "Don't you understand that if the wood is beautiful, the wind will destroy it?"

    "If you grovel in the wilderness and settle down to be your ordinary self, our father and son don't mind leaving you alive to live on."

    "After all, you are, after all, my brother's own son."

    "But unfortunately, you've chosen the wrong path.Also, you don't know how to keep a low profile and are arrogant and flamboyant."

    "Today, even if you don't die at my hands, you will fall under someone else's sword sooner or later."

    Chu Zhengliang said indifferently, and his words seemed to contain no emotion.

    It was as if standing in front of him at this time was not even a clan member with whom he was related by blood, but just an irrelevant pig dog.

    "But, great nephew, seriously, your talent really surprised me."

    "At such a young age, you are able to fight against a country with your own strength."

    "Starting from the slightest of beginnings, but now you can actually be ranked in the sky."

    "If the old man had known that you were able to achieve what you have today, I guess back then, he wouldn't have banished you from the family, right?"

    At this point, the corner of the man's mouth, suddenly revealed a cold curve.

    He looked at the young man in front of him and continued to speak.

    "However, there are no ifs in this world."

    "Since things have come to this point today, you have to die."

    "Great nephew, accept your fate."

    "Back then, I lost the Chu Family's headship to your father."

    "This time, my son, Tian Qi, must not lose."

    "As his father, I shall remove all obstacles for him."

    "Which, naturally, includes you!!!"

    Icy cold words quietly rang out.

    At some point, a short sword had appeared in Chu Zhengliang's hand.

    He held the dagger, and step by step, he walked towards Ye Fan's direction.

    Footsteps stepped on the gravel-strewn beach, and the rustling sound that was brought up was like the chanting of death, a little bit, approaching.

    Ye Fan, on the other hand, did not struggle, just sat there as calmly as that.

    As if a prisoner waiting to die, quietly, waiting to die!

    Chu Zhengliang's vigilance was undoubtedly slackened a bit at the sight of this.

    He knew that Ye Fan was already resigned to his fate.

    Nowadays, he didn't even have the strength to stand up, he was simply powerless to resist.

    He simply had no choice but to meet death with a straight face.

    "Great Nephew, it's over."

    "Your birth was originally a mistake."

    "Back then, if it wasn't for your father's soft heart and bitterness towards the old man, your life would have ended ten years ago."

    "Now, after letting you live for so long longer, you should be content."

    Amidst the faint laughter, Chu Zhengliang swung his short blade towards Ye Fan's chest and stabbed down in an instant.


    The sharp blade reflected the cold light of the blazing sun.

    The speed of that fall was so fast that it actually brought forth a low sonic boom.

    However, just as Chu Zhengliang's short blade was about to fall, Ye Fan, who was originally desperate to die, suddenly brought a strange curve to his mouth.

    In the next moment, only to see the original dying Ye Fan, as if a handful of light had returned, gale shrieking, Ye Fan furiously slapped out a palm towards Chu Zhengliang's chest.


    Chu Zhengliang was so shocked that he couldn't care to kill Ye Fan, he was too busy exploding back.

    However, because of his previous slackness, the Ye Fan in Chu Zhengliang was too close, if he dodged now, how could he dodge?

    Hearing a bang, Ye Fan's palm steadily landed on Chu Zhengliang's chest.

    The rigid force instantly entered his body, Chu Zhengliang spat out a mouthful of blood under the trauma, and his feet were even knocked back a hundred meters raw.

    "This...This is?"

    "Yun Dao Tian Jie?!"



    "How did you Yundao Tianjue?"

    "Even among the entire Chu family, those who have mastered the Cloud Dao Heaven's End are definitely no more than three."

    "You're an abandoned son of the Chu family, a bastard born of a country woman, how do you know the Cloud Road?"

    As the energy entered his body, Chu Zhengliang only felt a fiery stabbing pain at the place of his chest.

    However, what was even more intense than the physical pain was undoubtedly the shock in his heart.

    What was the reason why the Chu family had stood in the world martial world for so many years?

    It was undoubtedly the Chu Clan's Cloud Dao Heavenly Book.

    But the Cloud Dao Heavenly Book was the Chu Clan's top secret, and even Chu Zhengliang was not qualified to have access to it.

    The only thing he could access was the Cloud Dao Heavenly Resolve and Cloud Dao Heavenly Extinction recorded in the Cloud Dao Heavenly Book.

    These two secret arts seemed to be just a word apart, but their uses and effects were completely different.

    The Cloud Dao Heavenly Resolve was the most basic technique in martial arts cultivation.

    On the other hand, Yun Dao Heavenly Jie was a martial arts move used to attack.

    To explain it more vividly, Yun Dao Heavenly Resolve was similar to the internal power heart methods in martial arts novels, which were used to gather internal strength, while Yun Dao Heavenly Jedi was a martial arts technique used against enemies.

    The two complemented each other.

    However, Chu Zhengliang was not the head of the Chu Family after all, and even if he had access to these two secret arts, he could only practice a few skins.

    The true essence could only be fully touched by the successive Chu Clan Masters.

    This was why, Chu Zhengliang was so paranoid, wanting to push his son to the position of Chu Family Master, even going so far as to brutally kill his own nephew.

    Now, seeing that their Chu Family's supreme handed-down mastery was being displayed in the hands of an abandoned son, Chu Zhengliang was undoubtedly furious to the point of questioning him harshly.

    However, where did Ye Fan pay attention to him.

    The moment he had just repelled Chu Zhengliang, Ye Fan summoned the last bit of strength in his body and leapt into the sea, wanting to use the water to escape.

    "Evil beast, still want to leave?"

    "Can you walk away?"

    How could the furious Chu Zhengliang allow Ye Fan to escape.

    After he stabilized his body, his stamina was immediately drummed out.

    And then, several palms in a row, smashed madly towards the place where Ye Fan entered the water.

    "Overturning Seal!"

    "The Flip Seal~"


    "Overturning Seal~"


    "The Flip Seal!!!"

    As if Chu Zhengliang had gone mad, he slapped down dozens of palms in succession.

    The palm prints, all of them covering the sky, were almost world-ending.

    Each palm landed, creating huge waves in the sea in front of him.

    The stormy attack nearly caused the heavens and earth to tremble.

    Tens of tons of seawater were swept up alive, and the tumbling waves seemed to be like flood beasts, sweeping the four directions.

    It was only after Chu Zhengliang had exhausted his strength that the attack stopped.

    Everything, once again, fell silent.

    The noisy sea surface soon calmed down.

    The sea breeze swept over the azure sea surface, undulating unceasingly.

    Cascading waves, as if they were coming from the end of the sky, were pounding the reefs on the shore day after day.

    But where Ye Fan had entered the sea earlier, it was already empty.

    Only red blood, from under the sea surface, gushed out unceasingly.

    That area of the sea was already bright red.

    Chu Zhengliang walked over and saw Ye Fan's shredded sleeves and rotten body among the blood red seawater.

    When Chu Zhengliang saw this, there was a smiling face at the corner of his mouth, slowly surfacing.

    And then, he picked up the satellite phone and called out.

    "Tian Qi, it's all over now."

    "He has been beaten by me to the point of flying ashes, his corpse is gone."

    "Chu Tianfan is dead, from now on, you, Chu Tianqi, are the only descendant of my Chu Family's Heavenly Generation."

    "In today's world, there is no one else who can stand in your way as a king!"


    Under the Heavenly River, on top of the vast ocean.

    The man in front of him stood proudly.

    That wanton and arrogant laughter was only like rolling thunder that swept across the heavens and earth from here on out.

    Chu Qitian on the other end of the phone was undoubtedly overjoyed after receiving the news of Ye Fan's fall.

    Ten years!

    He's been fighting him for ten years!

    "O Chu Tianfan, O Chu Tianfan, let you be amazingly talented, let you be able to cover the world, so what?"

    "Isn't it me who has the last laugh, Chu Tianqi?"

    "And you, on the other hand, ended up in a miserable situation with no corpse left."

    "Fight me?"

    "Can you fight?"

    Since childhood, Chu Qi Tian had never been as relaxed and happy as he was today.

    It was as if, the stone that had been hanging over his heart for many years had finally landed on the ground.

    A heart matter that had been pervading his heart for a long time had finally come to an end.

    Ten years of enmity, a thousand days of strife, and at this point, it was completely over!



    In the vast Pacific Ocean, the cold, gloomy wind, wrapped in the unique moisture of the sea, was blowing wildly in this world.

    After exterminating Ye Fan, Chu Zhengliang also turned around and left.

    This place of heaven and earth, once again, fell silent.

    Only, the ocean waves were noisy.

    Everything, once again, returned to its usual appearance.

    It seemed that the killing and strife had never happened.

    And a hundred miles away from here, a cruise ship, was slowly moving.

    "Nan Nan, wake up~"


    "Nan Nan, wake up~"

    In a suite in the cabin, a beautiful woman is quietly lying on the bed.

    The red eyes closed tightly, but the stunningly beautiful face is showing pain and panic.

    Even though she is in a deep coma, her hands are still holding something tightly.

    Beside her, there were several men and women, calling her name incessantly.

    Finally, the girl, who had been unconscious for a long time, slowly opened her eyes.

    "Teacher, Nan Nan is awake."

    "Haonan, quickly, bring Nan Nan a glass of water."

    Seeing that Nan Nan woke up, Kong Hui was suddenly delighted and quickly greeted her boyfriend, bringing a cup of water over to Nan Nan.

    "Sister, teacher~"

    "Where the hell am I?"

    Nan Chen had just awakened, and her brain was obviously somewhat fragmented, and she didn't even remember the events before she fell unconscious for a moment.

    She rubbed her head, and her eyes were puzzled as she looked around.

    The room is slightly luxurious, the furnishings are exquisite and refined, and the waves outside the window are rushing.

    Everything was so familiar and yet strange.

    "Nan Nan, you're on the Princess now."

    "Yesterday, and I don't know how, you suddenly appeared on the deck of the Princess."

    "At that time, you were covered in blood and passed out."

    "It scared me to death of you then."

    "I thought, you were going to die?"

    "But okay, the blood doesn't seem to be yours."

    "The ship's doctor said you were just in shock, nothing serious."

    "But Nan Nan, you've got a pretty big life."

    "A ship full of people died, I guess you're the only passenger who survived."

    At this point, Kong Hui and the others shook their heads, filled with sighs of regret and pity.

    And hearing this, Nan Chen seemed to have finally remembered something.

    Her delicate body trembled, and then she then ran down from the bed, desperate to go outside.

    "Nan Nan, where are you going?"Kong Hui hurriedly stopped her.

    "Brother Fanny~"

    "I'm going to find Brother Fanny!"

    "Let go of me, let go of me~"

    Nan Chen wailed and wept like rain.

    In front of her eyes, it seemed to resurface, that resolute thin figure in the rushing sea of fire.

    It was Ye Fan, who used his last strength to send her out of the desperate situation.

    She remembered, she remembered everything.


"Nanny, calm down."

    "What's the point of you going now?"

    "Your brother Fanny is dead, and if you go, will he be able to come back to life?"

    "What you should do now is to get well and live."

    In the room, Kong Hui rushed at Nan Chen and shouted loudly.

    As early as last night, the news of the Emperor's silence had made it onto the Japanese news.

    The Princess ship happened to be in the nearby sea and naturally got the news as well.

    It had even sent a special lifeboat to assist in the rescue.

    However, it was too late.

    By the time the rescuers arrived, it would be difficult to find anything other than the debris scattered everywhere.

    Yes, there wasn't even a whole body left behind.

    Hundreds of tourists, along with the giant cruise ship, sank into the sea.

    Of course, even so, on the Japanese side, the relevant rescue operations were still going on.

    Even though, they knew that it was impossible for anyone to survive under an attack of that magnitude, even if it was just for show, the rescue work was still going on.

    "Yeah, Nanami."

    "It won't help if you go now."

    "Now that the Japanese professional rescue team has already rushed to the sea where the incident happened, if your boyfriend is still alive, they will definitely save him."

    "What you should do is return to Huaxia and wait for the subsequent news."

    Professor An also comforted Nan Chen from the side.

    But Professor An knew very well that the chances of that Ye Fan's survival were already very slim.

    The entire Empyrean had sunk, and what were the chances of anyone in it surviving?

    Those words he had just said were only meant to comfort Nan Chen.

    Finally, after a long time of discouragement, Nan Chen calmed down.

    She didn't make any more noise to look for Ye Fan, but just sat there alone, startled and silent as she looked at the relic Ye Fan had given her before he died in her arms.


    "Poor kid."

    Professor An and the others beside him saw the situation.

    There were unpredictable weather clouds and people's misfortunes.

    Who would have thought that the young man who was a majestic and respectful young man yesterday would have already lost his life overnight.

    Thinking of this, even Kong Hui, who had some history with Ye Fan, was filled with emotion and regret.

    "Who knows, between tomorrow and the accident, who will come first?"


    Outside the cruise ship, the sea breeze was still blowing.

    And Nan Chen and the others, riding on the cruise ship, continued their journey to Huaxia.

    At this time, the news of the Emperor's shipwreck hadn't completely spread and was only confined to a small circle.

    Huaxia, the land of Zhonghai.

    An old man, still in the seaside land, waiting excitedly and with great anticipation for the return of his son.

    Jiangdong Yunzhou, Qiu Mu Orange also took early leave for the company and began preparing for tomorrow's birthday banquet.

    The sun was still rising as usual and the birds were still chirping non-stop.

    Only, where did they know that at this time, the young man called Ye Fan might have already left them.



    One day passed quickly.

    The next day, before dawn, Chu Zhenghong left the hotel early.

    According to the itinerary, this morning, the emperor ship that Ye Fan and the others were on would arrive at the port on the shore of the Central Sea.


    "My lord, don't be in a hurry."

    "It's only five o'clock in the morning, and the young lord's boat, his boat, won't arrive until nine in the morning?"

    "Even if you're eager to see your son again, you'll have to eat breakfast before you leave, right?"

    Behind him, Han had just climbed out of bed and was wearing the wrong shoes in order to chase after Chu Zhenghong.

    "I'm not hungry."

    "You can eat by yourself, I'll go over and wait."

    "In case the cruise ship arrives early, won't that be a pounce?"

    Chu Zhenghong waved his hand and said evenly.

    And then, without looking back, he rushed to the port where the Imperial Cruise ship was docked.

    When Han Lao saw this, he smiled helplessly and bitterly, and just lamented, pitying the world's parents, who would have thought that Chu Zhenghong would come back halfway.

    "Master, you're, again, hungry?"

    Han Lao was shocked by this comeback and asked in shock.

    Chu Zhenghong, however, straightened his hair, straightened his suit, and asked Han Lao with a solemn and serious face.

    "Old Han, do you think I'm okay with this image?"

    "Is the hair messed up?"

    "Is that a decent suit?"

    At this time, Chu Zhenghong was as nervous as a greenhorn meeting his daughter-in-law for the first time, and kept asking after Old Man Han.

    When Old Han heard this, he couldn't help it and laughed out loud.

    "Laughing at your sister?"

    "Speak up, you old thing!"

    "You're fucking serious!"

    Chu Zhenghong glared.

    Han quickly smiled back and said, "Haha~"

    "My lord, decent, very decent."

    "I've been following you for decades, and I swear, today is definitely your most handsome time."

    Only then did Chu Zhenghong nodded at ease, "That's good, then I'll leave first, you take your time."

    This time, Chu Zhenghong didn't look back again, and then rushed to the place of the port to wait for the reunion with his son.

    Behind him, only Han Lao was left, smiling stupidly there, full of emotion.

    From the time Chu Zhenghong was young, Han Lao had followed him around.

    At that time, Chu Zhenghong was a famous gentleman of the Chu family, the absolute face of the Chu Gate.

    Chu Gate had three families with tens of thousands of forces under them, but in terms of face value alone, none of them could fight with Chu Zhenghong.

    Back then, Chu Zhenghong was simply a humanoid beauty reaper.

    No matter whether it was the martial world or the secular world, there were an unknown number of strange women who all succumbed to Chu Zhenghong's charm.

    There was no jade in the world, and there was no match for a gentleman in the world.

    This phrase was tailor-made for Chu Zhenghong.

    If the current Chu Gate Master, Tang Yun, was the goddess in the hearts of all the strong martial artists in the world.

    Then the Chu Zhenghong of that year was a male goddess level figure that countless women would never forget in their hearts.

    Before he met Ye Fan's mother, Chu Zhenghong was a true prodigal son, and he didn't know how many peach blossom debts he had caused outside.

    It was not until the appearance of Ye Ximei that Chu Zhenghong's wandering heart, found sustenance.

    The actual reason for this is because of the fact that it's not a good idea to have a lot of people that are going to be able to get a lot of money.

    Later, the arrival of Ye Fan made Chu Zhenghong feel even more responsible and burdened.

    It was from the year that Ye Fan was born that Chu Zhenghong officially began to dabble in martial arts and cultivate with all his heart.

    He knew that in a family like the Chu family that valued birth and background, he could only rely on his own strength if he wanted to shelter Ye Ximei and his mother and son.

    However, when that day actually came, Chu Zhenghong was still unable to protect their mother and son after all.

    Ten years of glory and shame, a thousand days of desolation.

    No one knows, these ten years, Chu Zhenghong is how to come.

    The world only knows that he was high on top, he positioned on top of the power, he ruled the Chu family to dominate the world martial arts scenery.

    However, how many people know that underneath his glossy appearance, that endless desolate and lonely.

    So many years, Chu Zhenghong all the time, no longer thinking about his wife, son, take back.

    Let them be upright and enter the door of the Chu family!Go into the family tree and inherit the mantle of the Chu family!


Before, the timing was not ripe.

    The Chu family's gateway was very large, and Ye Fan's origin was destined to make his return suffer great resistance.

    Even though Chu Zhenghong was already the head of the Chu family, before he didn't have a certain amount of confidence, Chu Zhenghong would never dare to let Ye Fan recognize his ancestry.

    Because, it would, most likely, harm him.

    A big family like the Chu family, the power struggle had always been cruel.

    Ye Fan was also the son of the Chu patriarch, even if he had no intention of ascending to the Chu family's throne, he would inevitably be involved in a family strife.

    So, for so many years, Chu Zhenghong had been waiting.

    Waiting for himself to grasp enough power to shelter Ye Fan and his son.

    Also waiting for Ye Fan to grow up and be able to stand alone!

    Now, the time was ripe.

    Ye Fan's strength of eleven in the Heavenly Ranking was already enough to save himself in the Chu family.

    That's why Chu Zhenghong was eagerly waiting for Ye Fan's return.

    It was time to explain to Ye Fan what happened back then.

    The time, finally came to 9 am.

    As the time for Ye Fan's return was getting closer, Chu Zhenghong's heart became excited and nervous.

    However, just as Chu Zhenghong was filled with anticipation, waiting for the reunion with his own son again.However, who would have thought that among the broadcasts in the waiting room, there was sad news.

    "On the 18th of May in the year of the Gengzi, at 10:23 a.m., the Imperial Cruise Ship sank in a sudden accident off the coast of Japan."

    "Rescue workers at the scene are conducting an emergency rescue, but no one has been found alive yet."

    "The relevant departments are negotiating with Japan for specific details~"


    "On the morning of the 18th of May in the year of the Gengan, the cruise ship Emperors sank off the coast of Japan~"


    "No survivors have been found yet~"


    In the waiting room, the low radio voice echoed over and over again.

    Chu Zhenghong's face, suddenly went white.

    In the end, his body staggered a step and spread out on the seat directly behind him.

    "The Empyrean, sinking?"

    "No...No personnel, survived?"

    This news was only like a bolt from the blue.

    For a moment, the man in front of him only seemed as if he had aged ten years.

    The radiance in his old eyes then dimmed.

    "Family Master, Family Master~"

    "Don't you worry."

    "The little lord will definitely be fine."

    "The Little Lord is exceedingly strong and can fight the title clan."

    "With such strength, even if that cruise ship were to hit the reef and sink, Little Lord would definitely be able to get away with it~"

    Seeing this, Old Man Han hurried forward to support Chu Zhenghong, comforting him even more.

    However, Chu Zhenghong's face did not soothe in the slightest.

    If it was an ordinary accident, Ye Fan would definitely be able to retreat with his entire body by relying on his cultivation.

    However, was this really an ordinary accident?

    Ye Fan had just made a name for himself in Japan, and the cruise ship he was on on the way home was strangely wrecked.

    If we connect the before and after, the answer is undoubtedly clear.

    It was obvious that someone, in this accident, was acting against Ye Fan!

    After a brief loss of composure, Chu Zhenghong's appearance went cold as he picked up the phone and dialed out.

    "Pass on my orders, summon all the strongest members of the Chu Family, assemble tonight at the shores of the East China Sea!"

    A low, deep voice that contained no emotion.

    It was icy cold, as if it was the eternal stone of ice on an iceberg.

    Old Man Han, who was on the side, was startled.

    The Chu Clan, was the world's number one noble family.

    What's more, it controlled nearly half of the Chu Clan's power.

    Now, Chu Zhenghong had suddenly summoned all the strongest members of the Chu Family.

    Han Lao no longer dared to imagine what kind of terrifying power those people would have when gathered together.

    He looked at the man and asked in fear, "Master, you...What are you doing?"

    "What for?"

    "I want to overthrow the Japanese!"

    Chu Zhenghong clenched his palm, but killing intent raged amidst the Mori words.

    Han Lao was dumbfounded then.

    "Family...Family Master, don't be impulsive."

    "Little Lord's life and death are still unknown, and everything has yet to be ascertained."

    "It is imperative that we get to the bottom of things."

    "Moreover, with the Little Lord's strength, it's impossible for him to fall so easily."

    Elder Han advised evenly.

    The Chu Clan had gathered strong men to forcefully attack the Sun Country.

    This was damned not a trivial matter.

    If it wasn't possible, a single incident would affect the whole body.

    When the time came, the entire world martial world might even get involved in the strife.

    "They better pray that my son is still alive."

    "Otherwise, I'll make the entire Japanese Kingdom, to be buried for my son!"

    Chu Zhenghong clenched his palms, his eyes a crimson red.

    I thought that today would be the day their father and son would be reunited, but who would have thought that what was waiting was the sad news of the cruise ship's silence.

    However, what Han Lao said was not unreasonable.

    Until Ye Fan's corpse was found, life and death weren't enough to cover the coffin!

    "Fanny, you must live~"

    In the hall, Chu Zhenghong's old eyes were red and his heart prayed.



    That night, a large number of powerful people gathered urgently on the shores of the East China Sea.

    Ancestors were like dragons, and when countless Ancestors gathered together, the exuberant essence and momentum, even more so, rose to the sky!

    Even if they were separated by a hundred miles, they could still feel the majestic and overpowering momentum above the Eastern Sea coast.

    This place was the gates of Huaxia, and the sudden appearance of so many powerful people had undoubtedly shaken the Huaxia Martial Dao.

    That same night, someone reported urgently to the Martial God Hall.

    "What did you say?"

    "On the shores of the Eastern Sea, a large number of exotic powerhouses have appeared in surprise?"

    "There are more than ten strong clerics alone?"

    "The title clan, and even more number of people?"

    "Oh my God!"

    "What exactly is the other side's power?"

    "What do they want?"

    "Could it be that you're going to raid my Chinese Martial Dao?"

    After learning the news, the Sword Saint and the others were confused.

    More than a dozen strong clansmen?

    Even the entire country of China can't put together such a line-up in a short time.

    And they're meeting off the coast of China?

    This kind of news was like the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier formation of the United States of America, suddenly appearing in the inland sea of China.

    One could imagine how terrified the Martial Shrine was after learning the news.


    "Boxer, inform the War God that there's a change in the country's gates."

    "Let's go over there first, so that the War God can receive the news and quickly head to the East Coast for support!"

    In a panic, Sword Saint Xiao Chen, Boxer Mo Kucheng, and Hao Tian Clan Master Tang Hao went to the shores of the East China Sea in the night to monitor the movements of these mysterious strongmen.

    It was a matter of the country's martial dao security, and they could not tolerate any negligence.

    However, it turned out that Sword Saint and the others were overly worried.

    These people's target did not seem to be Huaxia.

    After they had assembled, they were all heading towards the waters of the Sun Country.


"Strange, what are they doing in the direction of the Japanese?"

    "Murphy wants to take advantage of a weakness?"

    "Unify the Japanese martial arts in one fell swoop?"

    The Sword Saint and the others looked at those far away backs and said in confusion.

    Nowadays, after Ye Fan's slaughter, it could be said that the Japanese Martial Dao had been greatly wounded, and this was the time when the strength of the Japanese Martial Dao was at its weakest.

    Therefore, Sword Saint had to suspect that these people wanted to take advantage of the weakness and unify the Japanese Martial Dao in one fell swoop.

    "But aren't they afraid of the Moon Reading?"

    "When it comes to today's country's martial path, although nearly all of the high-end combat power is lost."

    "But Moon Reading's strength is definitely not to be underestimated."

    "After all, this is the only one in the world that has the potential to touch the divine realm?"

    On the shore of the Eastern Sea, the Sword Saint was full of solemn, deep eyes, looking at the vast distance like this.

    For some unknown reason, the Sword Saint always felt as if there was something big, about to happen.

    "Boxer, has there been any major movement on the Japanese side recently?"

    The work of gathering intelligence on various countries was mainly managed by the Boxer.

    Thus, the Sword Saint turned his head and asked in confusion.

    The Fist Emperor shook his head, "Chu Tian Fan and Snow Shine, after the battle at the summit of the Sun Country, there were no noteworthy events that happened in the Sun Country."

    "At most, it was just minor things like the sinking of cruise ships and the frequent occurrence of earthquakes."

    "Eh?It is strange then, what exactly do these people want when they go to the Sun Country?"As the Sword Saint listened, he became more and more confused.

    At this time, the news of the sinking of the cruise ship in Japan had undoubtedly broken out.

    But it didn't attract much attention.

    After all, but few people knew that Ye Fan was on this cruise ship before this.

    "Let's send someone to keep an eye on it."

    "Or at least figure out what these people are up to."

    With a simple command, the Sword Saint and the others returned to the Martial God Hall.

    However, they did not relax their vigilance, but sent out intelligence officers to monitor these people's movements.

    It was only later that they discovered that after these people went to the Sun Country, they had stopped near the sea.

    After that, these people dispersed and seemed to be searching for something in the sea.

    Just like this, the night passed quickly.

    The next day, just after dawn, a piece of news, but suddenly came out from the land of the Sun Country.

    Chu Tianfan, who had just swept the Sun Country and ascended to the eleventh place in the Heavenly Ranking, had fallen!

    At first, the news only spread in a small area.

    Moreover, when they first heard it, the people of the Japanese Martial Dao thought it was a rumor.

    "Chu Tianfan is dead?"

    "Bullshit, right?"

    "That's a Heaven's Ranking Master, Snow Shine has lost to him, he'll die so easily?"

    "That's right, stop it."

    "This Chu Tianfan has become famous in one battle and is in the limelight."

    "Nowadays, the world's major martial arts organizations are all digging for him, wanting to invite him to join."

    "It's too late for powerful people from various countries to suck up to him?"

    "Who would kill him, who could kill him, and who would dare to kill him?"

    Within the country of Japan, many martial artists scoffed at this news.

    Similar posts appeared on the online martial artist forums as well.

    But without exception, no one believed it.

    After all, Chu Tianfan was a Heavenly Ranking Strongman, and in the eyes of many people, this kind of ranking strongman was near invincible.

    Who would believe a few messages without a head nowadays?

    "I'll go, why don't you guys believe it?"

    "The Japanese First Division is pouring into the nest, using the forces of land, sea and air."

    "Missiles baptized and warplanes bombed."

    "A luxury liner with a displacement of 100,000 tons was all sunk."

    "My nephew personally carried out this mission."

    "How else could it be fake?"


    "What, you need to see the body to believe it?"

    "Don't tease me, even a body of steel would have to be blown to pieces by this level of bombardment."

    "That Chu Tianfan, even if he's powerful, he's still a flesh mortal."

    "It's bound to be a corpse~"


    As more and more time passed, the related events began to gradually ferment on the Internet.

    In the end, more and more evidence was pointing to, this news, being true .

    Plus, after the first battle of the Japanese Kingdom, Chu Tianfan was never heard from again, as if he had disappeared into thin air, and no one had ever seen him again.

    This undoubtedly, confirmed, from the side, the authenticity of the news.

    Finally, one day, the Japanese military went so far as to openly admit that they had killed Chu Tianfan in the Pacific Ocean on May 18, the year of the Gengzi.

    "This son was cold-blooded and murderous, and during his entry into our Japanese country, he was violent and cruel, causing immeasurable losses to the lives and property of our people."

    "His sins are too numerous to mention!"

    "He's disgustingly disgusting!"

    "Today, I, the military of the State of Japan, will exterminate them on behalf of Heaven to deter the evil-doers of all nations, and the majesty of my State of Japan shall not be trampled upon!"


    And then, it was as if a hydrogen bomb had exploded.

    This news, in just a few hours, actually set off a monstrous wave in the entire world martial dao .

    Chu Tian Fan, was dead!

    A rising star, a legendary young man who had shaken the world to its core, had fallen after only a few days of fame.

    The feeling was like a passionate symphony of fate that came to an abrupt halt when it was at its peak.

    The world martial dao was in an uproar.

    "A generation of legendary youths, just...Just die like that?"

    Many people's hearts fluttered as they learned of this news, finding it difficult to calm down for a long time.

    A few days ago, when Chu Tianfan's name had shaken the world.

    Almost everyone believed that an era belonging to this teenager was about to begin.

    After all, at only twenty years of age, he was ranked on the Heavenly Ranking and blew up the entire country of Japan.

    It could be imagined how dazzling his future would be.

    Originally, it was thought that the Battle of Japan would be the beginning of this legendary young man's journey.But who would have thought that that battle would become his final battle.


    "The sky is jealous~"

    At this moment, countless people shook their heads in regret, feeling only regret in their hearts.

    Huaxia, the Martial God Hall.

    The atmosphere in the palace was filled with heaviness.

    The Sword Saint couldn't stop sighing, and the Boxer, who had always talked a lot, fell silent.

    The air here was exceptionally depressing.

    Chu Tianfan's fall, if it was said that the greatest loss was undoubtedly the Huaxia Martial Dao.

    Although, Chu Tianfan had yet to join the Martial God Hall.

    But he was, after all, a Huaxia person.

    Even if he hadn't joined the Martial God Hall, it was still subordinate to the strongest among the Huaxia Martial Dao.

    But now, they hadn't even seen what Chu Tianfan looked like, and the other party, however, had already fallen.

    "This damned Sun Country, bullying people too much!"

    The Boxer roared with rage and smashed the long table in front of him with a punch.

    Although, they were furious.

    However, there was nothing they could do about it.

    After all, it was only reasonable that Ye Fan did kill too many people in the Sun Country and ended up incurring retaliation from the Sun Country.

    There was no one to blame!

    Therefore, even if the Martial God Temple wanted to stand up for it, it simply couldn't find a reason.


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