Dish Best Served Cold 966-970

Chapter 966


    Outside the hotel, with the sound of a car roaring.

    The number of off-road vehicles, then has gone out of the dust.

    However, even long after those people left, in the hotel room, Nakai Hiroshi was slow to come to his senses.

    The old face was pale.

    On his forehead, there was cold sweat coming out.

    A look like a robbery.

    Instead, Abe Nakanami, who was on the side, was calm.

    He even came over to Nakai Hiroshi, full of confusion.

    "Hiroichi-san, what's wrong with you?"

    "Are you okay?"

    "They've gone far away."


    Abe Nakanami shouted three times in a row before the party called out to Hiroki Nakai from his disoriented state.


    "Good to go, good to go~"

    Hiroshi Nakai was still somewhat distraught.

    After all these years, was this the first time Abe Nakanami had seen the man in front of him so disoriented?

    Even last night, when facing Evan, Nakai Hiroshi hadn't been so distraught as he was now, right?

    "Hiroshi-san, talk to me."

    "You don't scare me."

    "What the hell is wrong with you?"

    "And that man in the suit just now, what was his story."

    "Why, the moment you saw him, you were so terrified, and you asked me to tell you everything with him?"

    "Mr. Chu told us before he left, but he told us not to reveal his whereabouts."

    "Now that we've told, if Mr. Chu finds out, I'm afraid he'll retaliate against us, right?"

    Abe Nakanami was worried.

    "Revenge for what?"

    However, Nakai Hiroshi didn't hold back, his black face but he just cursed out.

    "Do you know what kind of people we are facing today?"


    Abe Nakanami was stunned and asked rhetorically, "Is it, even more so than Mr. Chu?"


    "Let me just tell you this, in front of Chu Men, the so-called Chu Tian Fan is just a scum."

    "If you say that Chu Tianfan alone can enemy a country."

    "The power behind that man in the suit can rival the entire world!"


    Nakai Hiroshi's words were as if thunder had exploded, and his entire body was muddled there.

    In his brain, it was even more blank.

    "One...One power, can...Can fight the whole world?"

    Holy shit!

    Fuck me, right?

    Abe Nakanami was close to peeing.

    He had thought that a one-man comparable to a country like Chu Tianfan was already the pinnacle of manpower.

    However, now, an even more awesome one had come out.

    What the hell was going on these days?

    These "immortals", who had been hard to see for several lifetimes, appeared in the usual way.

    It was only at this point that Abe Nakanami understood why Nakai Hiroshi was so frightened after recognizing the other party's identity.

    "It's been a hundred years, and the Truman has reappeared in the world."

    "This, by no means, is a good omen~"

    After a long moment of trepidation, Hiroshi Nakai finally calmed down.

    He turned his head, hands behind his back, and peered through the huge floor-to-ceiling windows at the world outside.

    I saw that deep in the sky river, dark currents were stirring.

    There, the wind was rising.

    There was a great, mountain rain and wind.

    Nakai Hiroshi had a feeling that within a few days, this martial world was afraid that something big would happen.

    Just what exactly would it be?



    The seashore of the country of Japan is filled with smoke.

    The fierce winds swept across the sea.

    The huge waves, as if they were flood beasts, danced between the seas.

    "The weather department has issued a red typhoon warning~"

    "This year's 24th typhoon, Goku, will make landfall today and tomorrow in the direction of Hokkaido with Japan."


    "The maximum wind strength near the center is 16 (52 m/s), with a minimum pressure of 935 hectopascals and a radius of 270-550 kilometers for a Category 7 wind circle, 100-200 kilometers for a Category 10 wind circle and 40-70 kilometers for a Category 12 wind circle...."


    On the deck, Ye Fan stood quietly, looking out over the vast ocean.

    In his ears, there was a weather warning on the cruise ship's radio.

    Yes, at this time, Ye Fan had already boarded the Emperor, and together with Nan Chen, returned to Warsaw.

    Ahead, the bitter cold wind was whistling, blowing Ye Fan's robe and hunting.

    It had been two hours offshore, and the coastline of Japan was already remaining white.

    The voyage would take about two days, and it was only just beginning now.

    "Brother Fanny, the weather at sea is really transient."

    "When I left, it was still clear."

    "It's only been deep into the sea for a short time and it's already windy."

    At some point, Nan Chen also came out of the cabin and thoughtfully took out her jacket and put it on for Ye Fan.

    Although it was the first ocean voyage to encounter typhoon weather, Nan Chen did not show the slightest bit of worry or trepidation.

    Of course, the main reason was that their route was just enough to bypass the area affected by the typhoon and would not be affected.

    In addition to that, another reason was that she had Ye Fan accompanying her.

    With him there, no matter what situation she was in, Nan Chen would feel extraordinarily peaceful.

    However, it was different from Nan Chen's calmness.From the time he set off on his journey, Ye Fan had an unsettled feeling and his right eyelid jumped non-stop.

    "Brother Xiaofan, what's wrong with you?"

    "You don't miss sister Autumn too much, do you?"

    Nan Chen sensed Ye Fan's difference and burst out laughing and joking.

    Ye Fan shook his head back and said, "It's fine, just feeling depressed and feeling like something is happening in general."

    "Yeah?"Nan Chen blinked her animated eyes, "Maybe it's because of the weather."

    "The book says that when it's cloudy and rainy, the body's magnetic field is negatively affected back, plus the excessive humidity in the air will put pressure on our respiratory system.And the darkening of the light can also create a feeling of boredom in the mind."

    Nan Chen was giving Ye Fan an analysis of his situation through a scientific perspective.

    "The weather?"

    "Let's hope so."

    Ye Fan said in a low, slow voice, like a prayer.

    "By the way, Nan Nan, this cruise ship seems to have a satellite phone, right?"

    "Try to get in touch with your classmates."

    "Their cruise ship, it's time to leave, right?"

    Professor An and the others were on another cruise ship, the two ships left port at about the same time, and at this time, Ye Fan felt that the cruise ship, that cruise ship, should also set sail.

    Nan Chen didn't know why Ye Fan suddenly thought of asking this.

    But still, according to Ye Fan's intention, he contacted Kong Hui and the others.

    At the same time, a passenger plane landed slowly at the Zhonghai International Airport in Huaxia, which was far away, ten thousand miles away.

    Soon, a middle-aged man in a tang suit, accompanied by an old man, disembarked from the plane.


"My lord, it's been cleared up."

    "The young master is taking the Emperor cruise ship and returning to Huaxia."

    "It is expected that it will arrive at the Zhonghai port tomorrow evening."

    "It's still early, so why don't we find a place nearby to rest first."The old man said in a deep voice.

    However, the man waved his hand.

    "It's not early, we'll arrive tomorrow."

    "We'll go to the port now and wait."

    "By the way, do I need to buy another dress, do you think it's appropriate for me to wear this to acknowledge my son?"

    Did straighten his collar, somewhat nervous and expectant, and asked the old man beside him.

    "My lord, it's already fine."

    "Don't even talk about going to recognize your son, you're wearing this outfit, even if you go to find a flowery girl, it's more than enough."


    Amidst the cheerful laughter, they soon left the airport.



    Sun Country, Winter Capital.

    A military base command center, there were two people quietly waiting.

    If Hiroichi Nakai and Abe Nakanami were here, they would certainly recognize at a glance that the two people in front of them were the same two people who had gone to the hotel to inquire about Ye Fan's whereabouts.

    At this time, no one spoke in the large room, only the sounds of various complicated and precise instruments echoed here.

    At the table, there was tea curling.

    Finally, a voice came from the radio pager.

    "Commander, the Imperial cruise ship is in radar range, please instruct."

    "Very well, everything, follow the plan."

    After hearing the message, this general in front of him, ordered in a deep voice.

    After saying that, this general sat back in his chair, looked at the man in the suit in front of him, and laughed.


    "Mr. Chu, all is well."

    "The missile unit of my first division has arrived at the designated location."

    "The strike target has also appeared within fire control radar range."

    "In a few minutes, you will receive the news that the Chinese teenager, lost his life and died."

    "Well, thank you, Commander Sato.I'll toast you with tea!"The man raised his glass and clinked his drink.


    "Mr. Truman, you're welcome."

    "It's my honor to serve Truman."

    Sato laughed.

    The room was filled with the echoes of Sato's laughter.

    Near the same time, on the Pacific coast, on a high ground adjacent to Tokyo Bay, a number of heavy trucks were stationed there.

    If a military fan who was well versed in the military, he would definitely recognize at a glance that this mysterious group of troops in front of him was one of the Japanese missile forces.

    After receiving the order from their superiors to begin the plan, the soldiers here all began to maneuver.

    "Missile number one is in position~"


    "Missile two in position..."


    "Missile four in position..."


    "Fire control radar is locking on target."


    "Target is locked and ready to launch."

    "Launch code, 3-C-24."






    Boom, boom, boom.

    With a deafening boom, it was as if thunder had exploded on this high ground.

    Immediately afterwards, several eventful lines of fire flew into the sky like candle dragons.

    Tearing through the firmament, they cut through the heavens and earth, carrying thunder and lightning towards the vast ocean.

    Looking at it from afar, it only seemed like a thunder dragon, running through the heavens and earth.

    Between the rivers of heaven and earth, there were wind and clouds swirling wildly.

    Above the vastness of the sea, see a hundred boats competing!

    However, at this time, the Imperial Cruise Ship was still moving at full speed on the vast distant sea, as usual.

    Although the Empire was expensive, there was never a shortage of rich people in the world.

    So, even so, there are still hundreds of tourists on the cruise ship, wantonly enjoying their vacation.

    In the private room, there are couples rolling passionately on the bed with the waves.

    In the dance floor, countless pairs of men and women to drink and sing wildly, a cruise ship dance party.

    In the luxurious swimming pool, there are hot women in bikinis scratching their heads.

    All of them are immersed in the holiday revelry, drunk and dreaming of death.

    However, who among them knows that the footsteps of death, but closer and closer to them.

    At this time, Ye Fan had returned to his room to rest and close his eyes.

    Nan Chen was beside him, quietly reading a book.

    Outside the glare window, huge waves crashed against the sturdy hull of the ship, breaking into waves.

    However, all the noise outside was isolated from the glare window.In the private room, it was quiet and peaceful.

    Especially above the boundless sea, the size of the place in front of him was undoubtedly like a small nest on which to dwell in the midst of doom, giving people a sense of warmth and peace.

    However, this tranquility didn't last too long.

    Suddenly, an extreme sense of danger, like a large hand, strangled Ye Fan's chest fiercely.

    Nearly instantly, Ye Fan, who had been resting with his eyes closed, his dark eyes, opened wide.

    "Brother Xiaofan, how..."

    Nan Chen was suddenly confused and asked up.

    "Not good!"

    "Nan Nan, let's go~"

    Ye Fan was no longer able to explain to Nan Chen, and almost instantly, Ye Fan grabbed Nan Chen into his arms, and then his entire body was like a cannonball that crashed through the several tens of centimeters thick steel plate and rushed out directly from the cabin.

    But, it was already too late!

    In the instant Ye Fan and the two of them rushed to the deck, deep in the firmament, the first missile had already fallen.


    Immediately afterwards, explosions followed.

    The terrifying shockwave instantly destroyed everything, and at the center of the explosion, the steel was melted into molten iron, and the tempered glass was even turned into annihilation powder and scattered in the air.

    Many people, who didn't even have the time to scream, or even know what was happening at all, were already buried in the sea of fire and ashes.

    "Dragon God Protection!"

    However, at the critical moment, Ye Fan drank in a low voice.

    In the sea of fire, a dragon's roar resounded through the clouds.

    Golden cold light, rising up into the sky!

    Just like that, relying on the Dragon God Body, Ye Fan survived the first attack.

    However, Ye Fan was ultimately deep in the very center of the explosion, and even with his Dragon God Body protecting him, Ye Fan still suffered serious injuries, especially his back, which was scorched black and red blood stained his entire body.

    "Brother Xiaofan, you...You're injured?"

    Nan Chen's voice trembled.

    Everything had happened too suddenly, and the explosion was just a flash of lightning.

    When Ye Fan sensed the danger coming and rushed out of the deck at the same time, the first missile had already arrived.

    However, although Ye Fan was injured, Chen Nan, who was in his arms, was unharmed.

    But her pale and frightened pretty face was still stained with Ye Fan's red blood.

    Chen Nan had been terrified, there was fear and worry in her beautiful eyes, tears couldn't stop flowing.

    She didn't know what had just happened, but listening to the miserable screams around her, as well as the sea of fire that rushed into the sky, and the giant wheel that began to sink, Nan Chen knew that they were, perhaps, going to die.


    At this time, there was a cracking sound in the ears again.

    "Here it comes, again!"

    "It's a missile~"

    "It's over, we're screwed~"


    The survivors, who seemed to see the terrifying shadow soaring from the depths of the firmament, cried out in despair and misery.


In the eastern Pacific Ocean, within less than three hundred miles of the coast of Japan, almost all the cruise ships and freighters here and there saw, from a distance, a line of fire rising up and across the sky.

    "My God!"

    "What's that?"

    "Is it a bird?"

    "What a big bird!"


    "A peat bird, huh?"

    "Who's got a bird tail with flames on it?"

    "I'm afraid this is the wrath of God, isn't it?"

    "It must be you, God damn you, who's out there playing with women and attracting the wrath of God!"


    On the cruise ship in the nearby sea, many tourists looked up.

    On top of every face, there was trepidation, confusion, and even trembling and horror.

    "No, it's a missile!"

    "Japanese Self-Defense Force shore-based missiles!"

    At this time, among the crowd, an old man with binoculars suddenly shouted.

    In a split second, the entire cruise ship, was in panic.




    "I'm going to Nima, right?"

    "Could it be that someone is attacking the Japanese?"

    "Or have we strayed into the waters of a military exercise?"

    The crowd around them had exploded.

    Although the missile was falling towards the front, the target wasn't them.

    But such a close proximity always made people's hearts terrified.

    After all, if it fell over, they were afraid that they would have to account for this sea for the rest of their lives.

    "Teacher An, what's going on?"

    "Is it a military exercise?"

    On the deck, Kong Hui's pretty face was pale and terrified as she asked for her teacher.

    At this time, the Princess and Ye Fan's Emperor, the ship they were riding on, were not far apart.

    It was precisely because of this that they could more truly feel the burning sensation of the missile slicing through the sky.

    Even the sound of the explosions beyond the Heavenly River could be heard so vividly.

    "Don't worry, it should just be a military exercise."

    "However, it's reasonable to say that before a military drill, the relevant sea areas are purged and a drill warning is issued, but I just checked and there is no similar warning issued for this sea area."

    "Could it be, a misfire?"

    Professor An, however, was slightly calmer, just feeling a little confused.

    Japan was an island nation, and although it could not develop its military power on a large scale due to historical reasons, its long coastline undoubtedly deployed numerous shore-based anti-ship missiles.

    This coastal defense weapon would only be activated when the enemy was about to land on the mainland.

    It could be said to be the last defensive force of the Japanese state.

    If it was really an enemy invasion, the country could basically be declared occupied when it hit this point.

    However, all was peaceful in the world right now, and there was no war going on.

    Therefore, Professor An's first feeling was that it should be a drill.

    While the surrounding cruise ships were all trembling with doubt, the Emperor, deep in the center of the storm, was already riddled with holes.

    Above the vast sea, black smoke mixed with flames swept endlessly.

    At this time, the second attack had arrived in front of them, and countless people howled in despair.

    In the middle of the sea of fire, Ye Fan was just standing firm.

    In his bosom, Nan Chen's pretty face was in tears, and her stunning face was filled with fear.

    Perhaps because of fear, Nan Chen could barely speak, only sobbing unceasingly, sobbing and heartbreaking!

    Before such a desperate situation, even Ye Fan couldn't remain calm, let alone a weak woman like Chen Nan who was not deeply involved in the world.

    But now, it was definitely not the time to cry and panic.

    After stabilizing his body, Ye Fan immediately took out three bloody boxes from his bosom and placed them into Nan Chen's hands.

    "Nan Nan, take it."

    "Remember, when you get back to Huaxia, go to the Cloud Peak Mountain Villa in Yunzhou and give two of the red boxes to Mu Orange."

    "The third one, go to the Xu family in Yanjing and give it to Xu Lei, the head of the Xu family."

    "Tell them that I, Ye Fan, am incompetent and can't give them stability for the rest of their lives."

    "For the rest of their future lives, they may have to let them go on their own~"

    A low and calm voice quietly sounded in Nan Chen's ears.

    At that instant, Nan Chen instantly panicked.

    Her pretty face was pale, and her tears were like the water of a drowned river or lake, rushing out.

    "Brother Xiaofan, what are you doing?"


    "Brother Fanny, you won't die, we'll be saved~"


    "Brother Fanny, I don't want to leave you~"

    Nan Chen cried out loudly, as if her throat was stuck in her throat, and her beautiful eyes were already swollen and red above her eyes.

    She held the man in her arms tightly, shedding tears as she shook her head incessantly.

    It was as if she was about to head off to the battlefield to say goodbye to her loved ones before the general.

    This time, this farewell will probably be a separation of life and death!


    "Brother Fanny, don't, don't~"

    Nan Chen was still weeping, her grief-stricken cries, but they were shattered by the noise of the waves.

    Just like that, her body had been lifted up by Ye Fan.

    And then, she clearly felt that there was a majestic and gentle power that wrapped her body, tightly.

    And on Ye Fan's body, endless power gathered.

    The feeling was only as if it was a gradually full-stringed strong bow, and Nan Chen was the sword on that bow.

    "Nan Nan, go!"

    With Ye Fan's last low roar, in the next moment, there was only a sonic explosion, and Nan Chen was just like that, sent straight out of the sea of fire by Ye Fan.

    Nan Chen's soft and delicate body was only like a long arrow that shot out, leaping across the sky at a speed of nearly a hundred meters per second.

    Wrapped by Ye Fan's soft energy, it sped towards the depths of the sea.

    There, there was a huge cruise ship that was chopping the waves and moving slowly.


    "Brother Fanny, I don't want to leave you..."


    Nan Chen, in the air, couldn't stop struggling, her voice hoarse from crying out.

    She stretched her hand out in front of her, trying to grab the teenager.

    However, it was in vain after all.

    Chen Nan could only look at the boy helplessly, in the sight of the boy, further and further away.

    It was like a patch of light and shadow, becoming more and more blurry.

    Until finally, the rushing fire light engulfed the skinny figure of the teenager.


    The missiles fell one after another, followed by deafening explosions that rang out incessantly.

    The shockwaves from the explosions lifted a hundred meters of horrific waves.

    The sea of fire rolled and the turbid waves were soaring.

    Where Ye Fan was, there was already a sea of fire and smoke.

    "Little Brother Fan~"

    In the distance, Chen Nan's hoarse cries could be heard.

    How could Nan Chen have never thought that a voyage would become a separation of life and death.

    The youth's clear and beautiful figure, like this, was forever frozen in the monstrous sea of fire in front of him.

    No one knew the sadness in Nan Chen's heart at the moment.

    She would rather lose her life in the sea of fire along with Ye Fan than to live on in this way.

    Perhaps, without her dragging him down, Ye Fan could have escaped.

    Self-blame, guilt, grief~

    All sorts of emotions, like the devil's palm, strangled Nan Chen's chest.

    The rushing sea of fire, the tumbling waves, and the deafening sound of the explosion.

    Everything in front of him was only like a demonic feast.

    How Nan Chen hoped that this was just a dream.

    After waking up, the sea was still vast, the sky was still blue, and she and the young man were still on the cruise ship, reading, drinking tea, and talking about laughter.



    The attacks from the coast have ceased, but the explosions continue.

    The continuous attacks had detonated the cruise ship's fuel tanks.

    With an even more tremendous bang, the originally huge cruise ship had been completely split apart.

    Amidst the sea of smoke and fire, survivors could still be seen, fleeing into the sea in a vain attempt to escape.

    However, even if some people could really survive the explosion, what are the chances of being saved in this vast sea?

    At this time, the waves were sweeping.

    The cascading waves were like the devil's claws, incessantly slapping the cruise ship's shattered keel.

    There, the fire waves were still raging.

    The rushing fire mixed with the thick black smoke, swaying in the wind.

    By now, the explosions had stopped, and all the hubbub, had ceased.

    Those who survived, holding the pieces of deck floating on the surface of the sea, still had fear and despair on their faces, and some, were still sadly calling out the names of their loved ones.

    "Don't shout."

    "It's no use."

    "With an explosion of this magnitude, there won't be anyone left alive on that side of the sea of fire."

    Next to him, someone shook his head and sighed.

    The rest of the surviving people also lowered their heads in grief, tears dripping down their cheeks.

    In their hearts, there was sorrow, celebration, fear, and even despair.

    All sorts of emotions, gathered together, frantically tearing at their hearts.

    "My God!"

    "Look, there's someone else~"

    "There are still people alive~"

    At this moment, I don't know who shouted.

    The few people who were still alive immediately looked up.

    There was only a thin figure in the midst of the rushing sea of fire, quietly appearing.

    His mouth was bloodied, and his clothes were somewhat torn.

    His breath was disordered and his face was pale.

    He staggered towards the outside, hobbling.

    However, what was doubly bizarre was that under his feet, there was clearly no object that he could borrow strength from, it was empty.

    But he just walked out of the sea of fire with his feet in the void, as if he was walking on level ground.


    Looking at the strange scene in front of them, the surviving few, however, were all confused.

    They stared with dead eyes, their eyeballs almost popping out.

    One by one, they all looked at the young man who walked out of the sea of fire in front of them like they were looking at a devil.

    It was inconceivable to them that under this level of explosion, there was still someone who could survive?

    What was even more horrifying to them was that this person in front of them could still walk on air?


    "This is...Could this be...Is it a run-in with the Sea Dragon King?"

    Someone roared in fear and lost their voice.

    Yes, the young man in front of him who stepped out of the sea of fire was Ye Fan.

    He survived.

    Under the several rounds of missile bombardment, he didn't die, he survived.

    After stepping out of the sea of fire, Ye Fan looked up, looked at the sky, and looked at the sea.

    There had never been a moment that made Ye Fan feel as kind and lovely as he did now, the mountains and the land.

    Perhaps, only after experiencing life and death, he would realize that living was a great happiness.


    However, not long after Ye Fan walked out of the sea of fire, his body trembled and a mouthful of blood, then spat out.

    The entire person's breath was once again much more dispirited.

    It was clear that even though Ye Fan had survived from the missile attack, he was heavily injured.

    Even though Ye Fan was carrying the Dragon God's protection, but with the dozens of rounds of missile bombardment in succession, I'm afraid that even a title grandmaster would have already been buried in the sea of fire and destroyed in ashes.

    No matter how strong a grandmaster was, he was still human.

    It's hard for a fleshly mortal to compete head-on with highly sophisticated modern weapons.

    The main reason why Ye Fan could survive this level of attack, apart from his own strength, was naturally because of the Dragon God Physique that Ye Fan was cultivating.

    If it wasn't for the Dragon God Body, which helped Ye Fan block most of the shockwaves, it was estimated that the current Ye Fan would be crippled even if he didn't die.

    Of course, the reason why he was so badly injured was also entirely because the other party had attacked by surprise and caught Ye Fan by surprise.

    Otherwise, if Ye Fan had been prepared, even if it was a missile attack, with Ye Fan's strength, he actually wouldn't have been able to hit him at all.

    Even if it was a precision-guided roving missile, its flexibility was simply not comparable to that of a sealed clan.

    That's why, for a country, a title clan master had such a strong deterrent effect.

    Yes, perhaps the defense of a Sealed Master couldn't stop the killing power of highly sophisticated weapons.

    But, the title clan masters are not idiots, people don't fight you hard at all, but rely on their body skills and speed to break through the fire blockade until they finally get close.

    At that time, even if you have high walls and cannons, even if you have thousands of troops and horses, it will only be a one-sided massacre when you face the title clan master.

    Therefore, no country would be willing to use their military might against a feudal strongman unless they were forced into a desperate situation.

    Because then, even if they succeeded in decapitating the title clan master, the price paid by that country would be far higher than the reward.

    It was for this reason that Ye Fan Fang had blundered.

    Ever since he embarked on his homeward journey, Ye Fan always had a sense of crisis that followed him like a shadow.

    He was also always on the alert for the raids of Ancestor powerhouses.

    But Ye Fan's countless calculations didn't allow him to calculate that the other party had chosen to use such a method to kill him.

    However, fortunately, he survived.

    Thinking of this, Ye Fan suddenly smiled.

    At the corner of his mouth, he quietly brought up a wisp of, a morose curve.

    The clear face was filled with killing intent.

    If Han Lao were here, he would have to know that Ye Fan would only reveal such emotions when he was in extreme anger.

    "I advise you to pray that I don't find out who launched today's attack."

    "I promise that I will make you regret it!"

    Ye Fan's palms clenched, and his low words were shattered by the cold wind, smashing them.

    Then, without lingering again, Ye Fan turned around and stepped towards a nearby island.

    The attack just now had caused Ye Fan a considerable amount of injuries.

    The most urgent thing to do was undoubtedly to heal first.

    When he was back at his peak, he would kill his way back to the Sun Country.

    He would like to see what was going to kill him?


    However, just as Ye Fan was about to leave, the heavens and earth here, suddenly trembled.

    Immediately afterwards, deafening buzzing sounds came rushing from the end of the celestial river, as if it was a tidal wave.

    "This...This is..."

    The survivors followed the source of the sound and looked up.

    They saw countless black dots in the depths of the firmament, suddenly attacking.

    At first, the black dots were as small as a spark, but soon, as the vision drew closer, the black dots, too, became clearer and clearer.

    Until finally, someone stared out and cried out in despair.

    "It's a warplane!"

    "God, it's a fighter~~"

    "Nearly a hundred racks~"


    The wind roared, and the waves were terrifying.

    The warplanes, as if the sickle of death had fallen, all raced towards the heavens and earth here.

    The blade was pointed at the one that had just emerged from the sea of fire, Ye Fan!



    The heavenly river trembled and the sea of clouds tossed.

    That supersonic warplane was only like a gull sweeping across the sea, soaring into the blue sky.

    The tourists on board the several cruise ships in the nearby sea looked up at the blue sky with shock and trembling, watching the warplane, as if it were a lightning bolt across the firmament.

    In the sky, the two petals of clouds that were distinctly different from each other told of the trembling and the incredible speed of the moment.

    However, while many people wondered about the purpose of these warplanes flying in, Ye Fan, who had just stepped out of the sea of fire, was immediately alert.

    This was, coming at him?

    Under suspicion, Ye Fan immediately pushed the few Yuan Power in his body, while fleeing madly towards a certain island ahead.

    Of course, Ye Fan could actually choose to dive into the ocean floor and flee.

    However, with his current injuries, after entering the water, his speed would be greatly reduced and his chances of survival would be even weaker.

    It would be better to, apply all his strength on his legs and strive to escape from these fighters with extreme speed.

    However, before Ye Fan could escape much farther, under the huge consumption, it pulled at Ye Fan's injuries once again.

    With a tremor in his body, a mouthful of blood was spat out once again.

    The injury caused to Ye Fan by the attack just now was too heavy.

    In this situation, Ye Fan's speed naturally decreased.


    At the same time, the warplanes behind them were already whistling past.

    Not far away, those who had survived the cruise ship could only see that the dense attacks had fallen wherever the warplanes flew by.

    Hundreds and thousands of shells spread across that sea.

    Immediately afterwards, the deafening roar of explosions resounded again.

    The burning gunpowder actually brought flames up to the sky, all over the sea.

    The heat wave from the explosion evaporated tens of tons of sea water into nothingness.

    Suddenly, the water vapor mixed with the smoke and swept the entire world.

    At the same time, the shock wave of the explosion instantly created huge waves in the sea here.

    Thousands of tons of waves were swept up alive.

    The cascading waves were only like a tsunami, wildly spreading in all directions.


    "I don't want to die~~"




    The survivors of those cruise ships earlier, looking at the monstrous waves sweeping in, but all of them let out desperate cries.

    They shouted at the top of their voices, and they cried in despair.

    But that monstrous wave was still sweeping by mercilessly.

    It engulfed all life.

    The bombardment here lasted for a full half an hour.

    Only after the guns and ammunition carried by the fighter planes had been poured out did they turn around and return.

    "Report sir, mission completed, returning to sea!"

    "Behind me, it's already a sea of fire."

    "Under the carpet of fire, any life, there is no chance of survival."

    Among the leading fighters, the pilot was reporting the battle report via radio, like a remote commanding officer.

    "Very good!"

    "Now, return to the ship immediately!"

    On the Pacific coast, in the middle of the military base, Sato smiled openly.

    After receiving the report, Sato then told the man in front of him the news of the successful mission.

    "Mr. Chu, the mission is over."

    "Under two rounds of attack, that Chinese teenager, even if he's an immortal, would have to be blown to smithereens by me."

    Sato said arrogantly, and his words were full of confidence.

    Among other things, according to Sato's plan, only plotting the first round of missile attacks would be enough.

    A dozen or so shore-based missiles would be enough to blast even a single battleship to smithereens.

    What's more, they were only facing an unprotected cruise ship?

    Sato felt that after that first round of attack, the chances of Evan being alive would have been minimal.

    "Commander Sato, please make sure again, when there are really no fish that escaped?"

    However, the man wasn't as happy and joyful as Sato, he was expressionless and asked in a deep voice.

    Defeating a clan master was easy, killing a clan master was hard.

    What's more, the other party was a ranked Heavenly Ranking Sealed Grandmaster!

    Unable to do anything about it, Sato confirmed once more at his request.

    "Mr. Chu, you can rest assured."

    "I've already confirmed that the second round of airstrikes lasted for a full half hour, carpet bombing a thousand-meter radius of the accident."

    "Even a fly couldn't get out alive."

    "That Chu Tianfan is dead, Mr. Chu can rest easy!"

    "Come, Mr. Chu, let's drink!"

    Amidst laughter, Sato picked up his glass of wine and clinked it with the man in front of him.

    And then, tilting his head back and drinking it all!

    The man, after finishing this cup of wine, resigned himself to Sato, "Thank you, Commander Sato."

    "On another day, I, Chu Zhengliang, will personally host a banquet to thank you for your help today."

    "I still have work to do, so I'll take my leave!"

    After saying that, the man also turned around and left.



    At the same time, the smoke had already dispersed in the sea of the incident.

    Even the red blood water had already been washed away by the waves.

    Only the deck fragments and broken limbs still floating on the surface of the sea indicate what kind of doomsday this place has just experienced.

    The cruise ship had sunk to the bottom of the sea, and those who had survived earlier no longer existed.

    Those two stormy rounds of attacks were enough to destroy all living things.

    Almost no one could survive.

    Even if they had escaped the first round of missile mat, they would surely fall to the second round of indiscriminate bombardment.

    But what I said here was only "almost".

    In this world, there is never a shortage of miracles.

    For example, on a reef thousands of miles away from here, a bloodied corpse was pushed ashore by the waves.

    The corpse was almost blurred and bruised.

    At a glance, one could see the white bones beneath his flesh and blood.

    In this situation, it was unlikely that anyone would think that he was still alive.

    However, who would have thought that such a scarred body was the one that was hobbling, struggling, and standing up in the next moment.

    He gritted his teeth and endured the excruciating pain in his body, and just like that, little by little, he walked ashore.

    Finally, leaning against a rock on the beach, he sat down.

    It was obviously only a few steps away, but to him, it was as if he had used up all his strength.

    He was breathing heavily and coughing violently.

    Without a single cough, blood would gush out from his mouth.

    It was really hard to imagine what kind of stubborn vitality could still allow him to survive until now without dying.

    He sat there, not moaning from the excruciating pain, nor crying from the miserable encounter.

    Instead, he laughed, laughing freely.

    He wasn't dead, he was alive!

    As long as you live, then everything is still possible.


    "I, Chu Tianfan, am still alive!"

    "Whoever wants me dead, it's not that easy?"

    Ye Fan smiled eventfully, his heart filled with endless killing intent and anger.

    He really wanted to know who it was that had set up such a monstrous killing game against him.

    The missile attack wasn't enough to kill him, but he even sent warplanes for a second bombardment.

    The thoughtfulness, the ruthlessness, and the viciousness of the heart were simply outrageous!


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