Dish Best Served Cold 961-965


Chapter 961

Before meeting Ye Fan, Chen Nan thought that after graduation, she would return to Jiangdong to help her father manage the family business and live the rest of her life in peace and prosperity.

    Even though, Jianghai was not big, Jiangdong was not considered a prosperous and rich place in China.

    However, with Chen Nan's family background, staying in Jianghai, life could undoubtedly be very good.

    However, after meeting Ye Fan, Nan Chen suddenly realized that she couldn't rest on her laurels.

    She also had to be like Ye Fan and pursue the wider world.

    Otherwise, she was afraid that she would really be left farther and farther behind by this man in front of her, right?

    After the wine and food were satisfied, Abe Nakanami also announced the end of the reception.

    The guests from all parties, too, began to leave, returning to their hotel rooms and going back to rest.

    Ye Fan also felt a bit tired, and had to return to Warsaw tomorrow, so he also got up and prepared to go back to rest.

    "Mr. Chu, is it true that you won't think about it anymore?"

    Hiroichi Nakai didn't seem to give up, still chasing after Ye Fan and asking.

    Yet how could Ye Fan agree?

    "Help me to thank King Tai for his kindness."

    "However, I'm a person who's used to traveling alone, and I'm not interested in joining any organization yet."

    Ye Fan said as he, along with Nan Chen and the others, went downstairs and returned to his residence.

    "Brother Ye Fan, brother Ye Fan, wait for us ah~"

    While Nan Chen and Ye Fan were preparing to go down the stairs, the three of them, Professor An who had been waiting not too far away, hurriedly came after them.


    "Dude, bull!"

    "Deep cover, huh?"

    "Make us worry so much?"

    "Just now, we were really sweating for you."

    "Especially when those people took out their guns, if Hui hadn't stopped them, I would have been ready to rush out and block the gun for you."

    Liang Haonan laughed and even got close to Ye Fan.

    "That's right."

    "You caused us to worry to death?"

    "But Nan Nan, your boyfriend is so bad, he's obviously so good, but he lied to us that he's a country bumpkin."

    "Come to think of it, how could the man that a proud girl like you, Nan Nan, sees be a despicable country bumpkin?"

    "Actually, I knew from the first glance that this brother-in-law of mine is not ordinary."

    Kong Hui also changed her previous loving attitude towards Ye Fan and smiled hehehe.

    In the end, she even shouted at her brother-in-law.


    "So, it's still Nan's unique vision."

    "We've all missed the point."

    Professor An also laughed.

    At this time, these three people were enthusiastic, where there was still the slightest hint of coldness and disdain towards Ye Fan before.

    However, facing this trio that came after him, Ye Fan didn't even look at them.

    Taking Nan Chen with him, he turned his head and walked towards the stairwell.



    With a hot face stuck to a cold butt, Kong Hui and the other three apprentices were left out there like that, as awkward as it was going to get.


    "What the fuck?"

    "Still ignoring Miss Ben?"

    "Well, what's the bull about?"

    "Wasn't it just Mr. Nakanami who had dinner with us?"

    "See Noh's him?"

    "The tail is up in the air."

    "But as good as you are, aren't you living in the workroom where the talent lives at night?"

    Still being ignored for the first time, Kong Hui gritted her teeth in anger and stomped her jade feet straight, grumbling in a low voice there.

    Liang Haonan hugged her waist and comforted her, "Alright, Nan Nan, don't be angry."

    "He's just a villain."

    "What do you see with him?"

    "It's just as well he's ignoring us, I was going to ask for a room for him before?"

    "For now, it's better to let him continue to live in his workroom."

    Liang Haonan smiled proudly as well.

    However, in the middle of their conversation, Abe Nakanami noticed the elevator that was going down for Cheng Ye Fan and the others.


    "Mr. Chu, aren't you going upstairs?"

    "Why is this still going down?"

    Abe Nakanami found the same and asked for a moment.

    In this hotel, the higher the floor, the higher the room specifications would be.

    The parlor right now was on the fifth floor, and below the fifth floor, it was mostly standard rooms.

    Above the fifth floor, it was the luxury suites.

    Ye Fan returned, "My room is on the first floor, so naturally I have to go down."


    "The first floor?"

    "Isn't that a workroom where only the staff live?"

    Abe Nakanami was in shock.

    And then turned his head, glaring at the assistant beside him.

    "What's going on here?"

    "How did I ask you to arrange the room?"

    "Mr. Chu is such a noble guest, and you have arranged to stay in the workroom?"

    "I take it you don't want to live?"

    Abe Nakanami bellowed harshly, scaring the assistant white with fear and apologizing.

    "Right...I'm sorry, it's...I was negligent in my work."

    "I'll move Mr. Chu to a luxury private room on the sixth floor."

    "Sixth floor?"Abe Nakanami glared, "How is the sixth floor enough?Mr. Chu has an honorable status, move me to the supreme suite on the ninth floor."

    "Yes, your subordinates will do so."

    Soon, the subordinates went to make the arrangements.

    And then Ye Fan followed Abe Zhongnan to the ninth floor.

    But Chen Nan didn't follow, after all, that room was reserved for Ye Fan, so she naturally didn't dare to follow.


    "Nan Nan, what are you standing there for?"

    "Follow me up."

    There was nothing to be polite about, since Abe Nakanami had prepared a better room for him, Ye Fan naturally wouldn't excuse himself.


    "Can I...Can I go too?"

    Chen Nan was in a panic and asked in awe.

    Even a noble gentleman like Liang Haonan lived in a room that was only on the third floor.

    Nan Chen felt that she, too, would be qualified to live on the second floor.

    "Miss Chen is really good at joking."

    "You are Mr. Chu's woman, where Mr. Chu can go, you can naturally go as well."

    Hearing Nan Chen's words, both Hiroki Nakai and Abe Nakanami laughed.

    At that time, Nan Chen's pretty face, swished and turned red.

    She shook her head and was about to explain.

    "Alright Nan Nan, don't make excuses, just go."

    Ye Fan directly pulled over Nan Chen and took her upstairs.

    Looking at the back of Nan Chen and the others leaving, Kong Hui and the others, their jealous eyes were red.

    The place they were staying was only a third floor room.

    Ye Fan and the others, however, were one step ahead and directly stayed in the supreme suite on the ninth floor.

    It wasn't just a matter of whether the room was luxurious or not, but the difference in status and position.

    The third floor and the ninth floor seemed to be separated by only six floors.

    But perhaps, this gap, Kong Hui and the rest of their lives, would be difficult to overcome.

    Thinking of this, Kong Hui's heart undoubtedly felt even harder.

    She clutched her palms, her heart burning with jealousy.


    "This Nan Chen, what kind of luck has he had?"

    "At school, a rich young man like Han Shaojie liked him, and Mr. An also favored her."

    "Now, I thought she had a boyfriend who was a hillbilly, but she shakes her body and becomes a big man who makes Abe Nakanami even fawn over as a sitting guest?"

    "Same woman, why is her life so good?"

    "This Nan Chen, could it be that she's the heroine of the novel?"

    Kong Hui gritted her teeth, jealousy in her eyes.


At this time, Ye Fan and Nan Chen and the others, had already entered the elevator.Naturally, they didn't hear the words of Kong Hui and the others.

    However, even if they heard them, Ye Fan and the others would not care.

    To Ye Fan, Liang Haonan and the others, they were just passing through life.

    Perhaps, after today, Ye Fan would have no more encounters with them.

    Why should Ye Fan care about the feelings of people he met in the past?

    However, Chen Nan was not as calm as Ye Fan.

    After all, Liang Haonan and the others were Chen Nan's fellow disciples, and Professor An was still her mentor, and Chen Nan would still have to get along with them for a long time to come.

    "Brother Xiaofan, I'm sorry ."

    "My senior sister and the others treated you like that before~"

    After arriving at the residence, Nan Chen bowed her head and apologized to Ye Fan with a heart full of regret.

    But Ye Fan smiled faintly.

    "The fault is also their fault, so why do you need to apologize?"

    "But Nan Nan, seriously, I don't think those guys, they don't deserve to be your teachers or your classmates."

    "If you're willing, I can help you and change your teacher."

    After sitting down, Ye Fan poured a cup of tea for Nan Chen and himself as he lightly sipped the tea.

    Although with Professor An and the others, they only had a short night together.

    But a glimpse of one spot shows the whole picture, and from what they did tonight, Ye Fan felt that these people, their character was not right and they were only interested in profit.

    Especially that so-called professor, who was a teacher, but did not have the conduct of a teacher.

    For the sake of profit, he even pushed his students into the pit of fire.

    Today, if he hadn't happened to be present, Ye Fan didn't dare to imagine what the consequences would be.

    However, in the face of Ye Fan's good intentions, Nan Chen shook his head.

    "Brother Xiaofan, it's better not to use it, right?"

    "There are school rules, and they are by no means so easily changed."

    "Since I chose this tutor in the first place, I should be responsible for my own choice."

    Even Ye Fan could see how Nan Chen couldn't see Professor An's misconduct.

    In fact, Nan Chen had already asked her own father, before this, to find a way to give her a new mentor.

    However, after all, Jiangdong is only Jiangdong, Huaqing University is located in Yanjing, and is one of the top universities in Huaxia, with Chen Ao's reputation and prestige, he undoubtedly has no ability to influence Chen Nan's mentor selection.

    Therefore, Chen Ao used almost all her relations and contacts, but couldn't help Chen Nan.

    She is not related to Ye Fan, and she is already grateful to Chen Nan for helping her so much today, so how can she have the nerve to trouble Ye Fan again?

    Moreover, it wasn't something simple.

    "Silly girl, why are you being polite to me?"

    "Leave the matter of changing instructors to me."

    "In the next few days, think about which professor you want to study under, tell me before you go back home, and I'll get this done for you."

    Ye Fan said in a light-hearted manner.

    "But brother Fan, my father he used a lot of connections at first, and the school side rejected it all on the grounds of school rules."

    "I think..."

    "Don't worry, what your dad can't do, I can do."

    "You just have to pick the mentor."Ye Fan directly interrupted her words.

    Although, Ye Fan didn't have any connection with Huaqing University over there, but it didn't matter, he didn't have one, how could Xu Lei still not have one?

    The Xu family had a hundred years of heritage in Yanjing, no matter what.

    This kind of big family was bound to be entrenched in all walks of life in Yanjing.

    To an ordinary person, the school rules might be ironclad rules that couldn't be violated, but in Ye Fan's eyes, what was it?

    The so-called rules were never meant to bind the weak!

    When you have enough power, you can naturally defy, all rules!

    The other side.

    After seeing Evan off, Abe Nakanami returned to the room with Hiroichi Nakai.

    Abe Nakanami closed the door, then looked at Hiroichi Nakai.

    "Brother Hiroshi, this Chu Tianfan, who is he?"

    "Why are you so afraid of him?"

    "Is it possible that he's still better than you, than our Abe family?"

    "You are a strong cleric, not afraid of bullets, destroying gold and jade."

    "And I am more than capable of summoning a thousand men at a single command."

    "With our power, what other people in this world can you fear so much?"

    Thinking about tonight's events, Abe Nakanami held a pent-up anger in his heart.

    He was the head of the family, a powerful man of the Japanese nation.

    He was being called around and bossed around by a bratty brat.

    This humiliation, he had never suffered in his life.

    If he didn't believe in Koichi Nakai, Abe Nakanami would probably have lifted the table and summoned all the hands of the Abe family to work on Ye Fan, right?

    However, listening to Abe Nakanami's words, Hiroki Nakai shook his head.

    "Nakanami, you underestimate the martial arts, and even more so the name Chu Tianfan."

    "Not to mention a hundred or a thousand people, even if you take out ten thousand people, you won't be able to hurt this man in the slightest?"

    "You have no idea what's been going on in the Japanese state all this time."

    "Not to mention, how scary was the man who stood before you earlier?"

    Hiroshi Nakai said in a deep, low tone, but it made Abe Nakanami's old face, grow paler and paler.

    "Ten days ago, you saw the news about the collapse of Mount Fuji, right?"Hiroshi Nakai continued to ask.

    Abe Nakanami nodded, "See, wasn't that a normal occurrence caused by a small earthquake?"

    "Two days ago, the Twin Towers near the Clear Sky Tower were razed to the ground overnight, you know that, right?"

    Abe Nakanami nodded again, "Well, wasn't that a dangerous building remodel that was blasted and collapsed by the army?"

    Hiroshi Nakai chuckled lightly.

    "Nakanami, you're thinking of things too simply."

    "Ten days ago, Mount Fuji collapsed, and it was Chu Tianfan's doing!"

    "Two days ago, under the Clear Sky Tower, there were ruins, and it was also Chu Tianfan's work!"

    "This Huaxia teenager, who entered Winter Capital single-handedly, killed ten strong clansmen in a row in one night."

    "Even the number one strongman of my country of Japan, Xuezhao, was defeated by his hand."

    "He's a Heavenly Ranking Strongman!"

    "He's the strongest in Asia!"

    "He's a demon of the world!"

    "He alone can regret the Sun Kingdom!"


    It was as if thunder rolled over and exploded in Abe Nakanami's heart as Nakai Hiroshi spoke a few words in a row.

    With each sentence he said, Abe Chunan's face paled one point.

    In the end, Abe Nakanami, was he even horrified?

    Dead silence!

    A long, dead silence.

    The room the two of them were in was silent.

    Only the sound of Abe Nakanami drawing cold air backwards could not stop ringing out.

    It was only at this moment that Zhongnan Abe realized what kind of person he had provoked before.


    Outside the window, a cold wind rolled through.

    I don't know how long it took, but Abe Nakanami actually got up openly, while shouting anxiously to the outside of the room.

    "Someone, someone, come quick!"

    "Quickly go to the ninth floor Supreme Court, please Mr. Chu, enter the tenth floor and stay in the Imperial Court!!!"

    Motherfucker, Mr. Chu was so awesome that the Supreme Court on the ninth floor was no longer worthy of his status.

    Only the top floor of the hotel, the Imperial Court on the tenth floor, is worthy of Mr. Chu's residence.


This hotel, had ten floors.

    The Supreme Pavilion where Ye Fan was staying at this time was not the most luxurious.

    The Imperial Court on the tenth floor was where the topmost luxury of this hotel was.

    Even as luxurious as Abe Nakanami, this reception, he had only bagged the first nine floors of the hotel, and he didn't bag the tenth floor.

    Because, it was too damn expensive.

    One room, one night's room fee was enough to compare to the cost of hiring the entire hotel.

    Of course, expensive was one aspect.

    The other reason was that even if this Imperial Court was chartered, Abe Nakanami felt that no one was qualified to stay there.

    Hiroshi Nakai?

    Although he had saved Abe Nakanami's life, he was, in the end, just a bodyguard who had protected him to the throne of the family.

    He honored him himself out of sheer sentimentality.

    Therefore, letting Hiroichi Nakai live in the 9th floor of the Supreme Court was already enough to rival his status.

    But now, after learning what Ye Fan could do, Abe Nakanami knew that the "emperor" had appeared!

    One person could defeat a country.

    Paralyzed, this kind of person, the Supreme Court is no longer worthy of his status.

    Just like this, amidst the respectful gazes of Abe Nakanami and the others, they finally welcomed Ye Fan and Chen Nan into the Imperial Court.

    Standing at the highest point of the Japanese country, living in the most luxurious suite in Asia, Chen Nan looked down from here and could only see everything at his feet.

    This night, Chen Nan couldn't sleep for a long time.

    In the past, although Ye Fan was the noble of Jiangdong, Nan Chen didn't feel that she was very different from Ye Fan.

    After all, she, Chen Nan, wasn't bad, being the daughter of King Chen Ao of Jiangdong and the daughter of Chen Ao of Jianghai.

    In terms of her background, she was even far superior to Ye Fan.

    So, from this point of view, Nan Chen felt that she, who had always been close to Ye Fan, was on the same level.

    However, until tonight, she finally realized the huge difference between herself and the man in front of her.

    Really, it was like the difference between a firefly and a white moon.

    Nan Chen knew very well that if it wasn't for Ye Fan, she probably wouldn't have been able to set foot here in her entire life, much less stand at the top of the Sun Country and look down on the multitudes of people.

    In the past, Nan Chen used to joke with his own father.

    Saying that if Ye Fan didn't get married, she, Nan Chen, would definitely become brother Xiaofan's wife.

    Because they had equal strength in the family.

    At that time, Chen Ao laughed and shook her head, saying that she was whimsical and that if it wasn't for the grandma's birthday of Qiu Mu Orange, Ye Fan would probably never see her in his life.

    Because between them, they were simply not of the same world, it was impossible for them to cross paths.

    At first, Nan Chen didn't care about these, she only felt that her father had spoken too highly of Ye Fan and made herself too small.

    But now, she believed it.

    "Dad's right, brother Fan, is that yew sun in the sky, misty and majestic, people look up to him."

    At this moment, Nan Chen's heart was full of thoughts, and the more she worshipped Ye Fan, the more she worshipped in her heart.

    However, while Nan Chen was lamenting, at this moment, Ye Fan was on the bed in the next bedroom, videoing with his wife, telling anachronistic pornographic stories.

    Angry at the beautiful woman on the other end of the phone, shy and angry at Ye Fan make up shameless.

    The fact proves that no matter how powerful a person is, he will always reveal his most real and ordinary side in front of the people he is close to.

    Just like the Ye Fan in front of him, even though his prestige was world class, he still had to go home at night and kneel to rub his clothes.

    "Ye Fan, you bastard, you promised to return home in two or three days, it's been more than half a month and you're still not back?"

    "Are you honest with yourself, are you keeping a woman outside?"Autumn Mu Orange growled low.

    "I can't help it, all men have needs.No matter how beautiful the flowers at home are, but I can't touch them just by looking at them, so I'll have to mess with the wildflowers outside."Ye Fan crossed his legs.

    "Bastard, how dare you?When did I say I wouldn't let you touch it?"On the other end of the phone, Autumn Mu Orange, whose nose was on the verge of crooked, roared angrily.


    "So, you agreed to let me touch it?"

    "Okay, be good and stay home, I'll kill it back tomorrow night.Let's work harder and try to build our son in one night."In the hotel, Ye Fan licked his face shamelessly flirting with Qiu Mu Orange.

    Qiu Mu Orange's pretty face flushed with shame, and near instantly, she realized that Ye Fan was setting her up?

    "Making peat, huh?"

    "Shut up you, you've been out of shape all day."

    "You must come back within three days, the day after tomorrow is our mother's birthday, come home at night to wish her a happy birthday."

    Qiu Mu Orange said in a bad mood.

    But Ye Fan was slightly confused: "Eh?Birthday?"

    "Isn't our mom's birthday in October, am I misremembering?"

    "No way, hasn't it been October for the last three years?"

    Ye Fan had been a member of the Qiu family for three years, besides his wife's birthday, his mother-in-law's birthday was definitely something he had to remember.

    For the past three years, Han Li's birthday had been celebrated in the autumn and winter, and now that Qiu Mu Orange suddenly said it was tomorrow, Ye Fan was naturally confused.

    However, upon hearing Ye Fan's words, Qiu Mu Orange on the other end of the phone rolled her eyes, "Are you an idiot?"

    "I'm talking about your mother, my mother-in-law."

    "You didn't even forget your own mother's birthday, did you?"

    Hearing this, Ye Fan just remembered that his mother's birthday was indeed in May.

    Ever since he left the Chu family, Ye Fan didn't remember his mother's birthday.

    So, if it wasn't for Qiu Mu Orange's reminder, Ye Fan really wouldn't have remembered it.

    "Mu Orange, thank you very much."

    "If my mother knew that you were going to celebrate her birthday, she would be very happy, right?"

    At this moment, Ye Fan's heart was somewhat touched and even a little ashamed.

    This son of mine was actually not as kind as his daughter-in-law.

    After so many years, Ye Fan realized that he, himself, had never celebrated his mother's birthday.

    "I go, you didn't really forget our mother's birthday, did you?"

    "How can you be a son?"

    "If I were your mother, I'd be mad as hell."

    "Well, you've got a drive tomorrow, so get some rest early tonight."

    "Remember, you have to be back by the day after tomorrow!"

    "Our mom and I will make dinner and wait for you at home."

    "Did you hear?"

    Qiu Mu Orange solemnly said to Ye Fan.

    Ye Fan nodded, "Okay, wife."

    "Don't worry, I'll be sure to arrive on time then."

    The time was also about the same, the cruise was about a two-day trip from the country of Japan to Warsaw.

    If everything went well, Ye Fan would be home the day after tomorrow.

    His own mother's birthday, that was sure to make it.

    This was the first time that Qiu Mu Orange was celebrating his own mother's birthday, and Ye Fan, who was a husband and a son, would naturally have to rush back for it!


Just like that, the night passed quickly.

    On the next day, Ye Fan got up and headed to the port.

    Yes, this time, he planned to take a cruise ship back to China.

    According to what Hiroichi Nakai said, there were many people blocking him at all major airports nowadays, so Ye Fan didn't bother to waste time with them and chose to return home by ship.

    "Mr. Chu, these are two tickets for the Empyrean."

    "This ship is a private liner, so feel free to take it."

    "The martial arts people of other countries will definitely not know that you are on this cruise."

    Outside the hotel, Abe Nakanami led the crowd in farewell and handed two tickets to Ye Fan at the same time.

    Now that the reception had ended and Professor An and the others had received the investment from the Abe family as they wished, and this was over, Chen Nan naturally chose to return home with Ye Fan.

    "Well, thanks a lot."

    Ye Fan received the ship's ticket and expressed his gratitude indifferently.

    Abe Chunan was in a panic and quickly returned, "It's my honor to serve Mr. Chu."

    However, just as Ye Fan and Chen Nan were about to leave, Liang Haonan and the others behind them ran over.


    "Nan Nan, wait for us."

    Kong Hui shouted loudly, and soon, she was beside Ye Fan and the others.

    "Nan Nan, I heard you guys are going back on a cruise ship?"

    "Or the Empyrean?"

    "What about a luxury cruise ship that's ranked in the top ten in the world?"

    "Nan Nan, the two of you are sitting anyway, so take us with you."

    Kong Hui's three were full of expectation, looking towards Nan Nan.


    Chen Nan was in a dilemma.

    According to reason, Chen Nan should take them with him.

    After all, having been classmates for such a short time, Chen Nan had not failed to suffer from their care.

    "It's just that this, I can't make the decision, you guys should ask my brother Xiaofan, right?"Nan Chen whispered back.

    "Nan Nan, she's your boyfriend, you're a good listener, so just beg your boyfriend for a few tickets for us."

    "We're classmates, we're not going to help out at all,"

    Kong Hui said to Nan Chen in a pleading tone.

    Liang Haonan and Professor An were also full of expectation, waiting for Nan Chen's reply.

    In the end, Nan Chen couldn't argue with his face and looked at Ye Fan, "Brother Fan, I..."

    However, before Nan Chen could finish his sentence, Ye Fan directly refused.

    "I like quiet and don't want to be disturbed."

    It was obvious that Ye Fan did not want to travel with these people.

    He had been unimpressed with Nan Chen and these students from the start, so how could he possibly travel with them.

    In the end, Kong Hui and the others still didn't join Ye Fan as they wished and took the Imperial Cruise Ship.

    However, for Nan Chen's sake, Ye Fan asked Abe Zhongnan to prepare another Princess Cruise ship ticket for Kong Hui and the others.

    Although the specifications were not as good as the Emperor, it was still considered a luxury cruise ship.

    This cruise ship, too, traveled to Huaxia at about the same time as the Emperor, just arriving at a different city.


    "Nan Nan, thank you so much."

    "When we get back to school, we'll definitely host a banquet to thank you personally."

    For this arrangement, Kong Hui and the others were quite satisfied.

    After all, a free luxury cruise line, it was strange that they were not satisfied.

    Just like this, Ye Fan and the others, then took the vehicle and sent off together after the ferry port and departed back to Huaxia.

    "Mr. Chu, slow down, huh?"

    "Come back to Nikoku sometime~"

    Outside the hotel, Abe Nakanami and the others waved their hands in the direction of Evan, and just like that, full of respect, they watched Evan leave.


    "This killing god, at last, has left!"

    Not far away, on the rooftop of a skyscraper, a few people let out a long sigh of relief.

    These people were not bystanders either.

    It was the ones led by Moonwatching River, the people of the Martial Dao of the Sun Country.

    Yes, ever since Ye Fan left the Sky Tree, the people of the Martial Dao of the Sun Country had been secretly following and monitoring Ye Fan.

    After all, this guy was a killjoy.

    It had only been a few days since he came to the Sun Country, and he had nearly taken the high end of the Sun Country's Martial Dao to the battlefield.

    As long as this killing embryo didn't leave, there would be no peace in the martial dao of the Sun Country.

    Therefore, Moonwatching River had been sending people to follow Ye Fan.

    Only [PEN] with his own eyes to see him leave, he could feel at ease!

    Of course, with Ye Fan's strength, he was already aware of Moonwatching River and the others' tracking.

    However, Ye Fan didn't bother.

    They could just follow if they liked, and as long as they didn't provoke him, Ye Fan would just let them move.

    "Yeah, we finally sent him away."

    "That faggot Abe Nakanami, and he's welcome to come back to Japan?"

    "Come again, fucker?"

    "I'll whip him later!"

    Toyotomi Kawayoshi, who was next to him, also let out a long sigh of relief.

    These past few days, the entire Japanese martial arts were undoubtedly in a state of fear of being dominated by Ye Fan.

    Now that Ye Fan was gone, they were finally able to catch their breath.

    "Alright, let's all disperse, it's time to go back and have a good rest after so many tiring days.",

    Toyotomi Kawayoshi and the others were ready to go home.

    However, Kenshin stopped them.

    "It's too early to relax."

    "Everything, wait until he's actually on board!"Moonwatching River said in a deep voice.

    Toyotomi Kawayoshi and the others heard it, but the corners of their eyes drew hard.


    "I'll have to keep staring again."

    Actually, Moonwatching River was also completely terrified of Ye Fan.

    Only by seeing Ye Fan leave the land of the Sun Country with his own eyes, I guess Moonwatching River would be truly at ease.

    Soon, Moonwatching River and the others also followed quietly.

    And outside the hotel, the two of them, Abe Nakanami and Hiroichi Nakai, after sending Ye Fan away, the taut strings in their hearts were finally completely relaxed.

    However, just before the two of them had relaxed for long.

    Suddenly, a number of army green off-road vehicles drove up and parked in front of the hotel.

    The doors opened, and a line of people in military uniforms then walked towards the middle of the hotel.

    "Stop, what people?"

    The security guard on duty outside quickly stopped these people of unknown origin.

    However, when the security guard saw the epaulets of the man walking in the middle of the room, he was stunned, his old eyes, huge.

    "Two cherry stars?"


    "Is this person, could it be the Lieutenant General?"

    Lieutenant General, that was a division commander level existence in the army, commanding hundreds of thousands of troops under his command, an absolute hand-to-hand commander of the side.

    Therefore, the moment he saw the rank in front of him, the security guard was completely shocked.

    Just like that, this line of people, beside no one else, entered the hotel.

    Finally, they saw Abe Nakanami.

    "You are the head of the Abe family, Mr. Nakanami, right?"

    "Please also move, our commander, has an appointment to see Your Excellency."

    A man in uniform, after seeing Abezhonan, said in a deep voice.

    Abe Nakanami was instantly stunned, "Eh?"

    "Commander, the military?"

    Abe Nakanami was surprised.

    He asked himself, rarely dealing with the military.

    Why was this today, suddenly the military was looking for.

    Moreover, it seemed to be a general?

    Why did they come all of a sudden?



    Abe Nakanami was led into a room, accompanied by Koichi Nakai.

    In the room, only two people were seated.

    One of them, suit-plus, quiet and unobtrusive, sat there with a smooth, unobtrusive breath.

    The other, however, was dressed in military uniform and carried two cherry stars on his shoulders.

    The moment Abe Nakanami walked in, this uniformed man's eyes, then looked over.

    The moment he looked over, Abe Nakanami felt that an oppression, quietly surfaced.

    This kind of momentum and oppression, only this kind of general who commanded 100,000 troops had it.

    Otherwise, how else would he be able to suppress those hundreds of thousands of generals.

    "Mr. Zhongnan, please forgive me for taking the liberty of interrupting."

    "Sit down first."

    The uniformed man extended his hand, gesturing for Abe Nakanami to take his seat.

    "Excuse me, and you are?"

    Abe Nakanami, however, was curious about the other party's identity and came up to inquire about the name of the man in front of him.

    However, the man in military uniform smiled lightly, "It doesn't matter who I am."

    "Your Excellency only needs to know that I am a soldier serving the Japanese nation."

    "Well, time is running out, so I won't beat around the bush with Your Excellency."

    "According to the information, did we learn that a man named Chu Tianfan was staying here last night?"

    Hearing this, Abe Nakanami was shocked, "Well, how did you know?"

    The man in uniform laughed lightly, and without answering, continued, "I don't just know this, I also know that you just sent him away."

    Abe Nakanami's look grew heavy, and he wondered what the general in front of him, saying all this, meant.

    "I'm right about all of this, aren't I?"The man in uniform asked again.

    Abe Nakanami returned in a quiet voice, "So what?"

    "Last night was my private cocktail party, so who was invited should have nothing to do with Your Excellency."

    "Rather, Your Excellency is so concerned about Mr. Chu, I don't know what you want."Abe Nakanami asked rhetorically.

    "You don't need to worry about that."

    "Today, we're looking for you because we need a favor."

    "Tell us that Chu Tianfan's route back to China, what transportation he took, and the exact time and place."

    "In short, tell us everything you know, all of it."

    The uniformed man said slowly, the low tone, as if an order, caused Abezhonan to frown.

    But soon, Abezhonan laughed.

    "Your Excellency is afraid that you are joking, right?"

    "Why am I telling you this when you and I have never met?"

    "What's more, Mr. Chu is my friend, and I've promised him that I won't reveal his whereabouts."

    "So, if this is what your Excellency's visit is all about, then please return."

    After saying that, Abe Nakanami then got up and headed out.

    Although, the man in front of him was for the General.

    However, so what?

    The army was all external, even if this man was heavily armed, Abe Nakanami still didn't believe it, could he dare to use the army against his Abe family?

    Besides, the Abe family is very smart in Japan, so why should they be afraid of him?

    However, as soon as Abe Nakanami reached the door, he was stopped by two sentries outside the door.

    Abe Nakanami frowned for a moment, twisted him around, and said coldly to the man, "What is the meaning of this, Your Excellency?"

    "Murphy, want to get tough?"

    The uniformed man smiled faintly, "Mr. Zhongnan, I don't want this either."

    "But the matter is important, and I ask for your cooperation."

    "What if I don't cooperate?"Abe Nakanami sternly.

    "Don't blame us, then, for using some tactics to get the gentleman to cooperate."The man in uniform said slowly.

    The moment his words fell, a few special soldiers rushed in outside the door, and it looked like they were trying to forcibly take Abe Nakanami away.


    However, as soon as these people walked a zhang away from Abe Zhongnan, they only heard the qi explode, and after the boom, all of these people were actually shaken out.

    The doors and windows in front of them were all directly smashed by these people's bodies.


    Outside the window, there was a gale that rolled through and blew up Nakai Hiroshi's sleeves.


    "By the looks of it, your Excellency's methods are not very good either?"

    Abe Nakanami laughed loudly, while turning his head, he continued to walk out.

    The reason why he was so calm in the face of a heavily-armed general was no doubt because Hiroichi Nakai was beside him.

    With Hiroichi Nakai protecting him, unless he was surrounded by a heavy army, he wouldn't be able to stop him with just a few soldiers with guns.



    However, just as Abe Nakanami and Nakai Hiroshi were walking to the door, a faint laughter, from behind them, quietly rang out.

    In the next moment, Hiroichi Nakai resolutely felt that his legs, in fact, could not move, as if they were filled with lead water.

    The tremendous pressure made it difficult for Hiroichi Nakai to move an inch.

    Even he did, let alone Abe Nakanami.

    Nearly instantly, Abe Nakanami was crushed to his knees, shouting in pain, "Save me~"

    But how could Hiroichi Nakai care for him when he couldn't care for himself?

    Under great pressure in, Nakai Hiroshi suddenly turned around and looked at the source of the sound.

    Only to see that the man in the suit who had been silent just now had somehow gotten up and walked over.

    With an inexplicable smile on his lips, he quickly arrived in front of Nakai Hiroshi.

    He lifted his hand and patted it on Nakai Hiroshi's shoulder.

    And it was the moment he raised his arm, that Nakai Hiroshi resolutely discovered that on the back of the left hand of the person in front of him was tattooed with the figure of a floating cloud blazing sun.

    The moment he saw this tattoo, Hiroichi Nakai's body stagnated, and a pair of pupils, suddenly tightened.

    "This is, the Cloud Blazing Sun Tattoo?!!!"

    "Or the golden streak?"

    "You...Are you, like, a Truman?"


    It was as if thunder had exploded in his head.

    Nakai Hiroshi had been completely shocked.

    The Floating Cloud Blazing Sun Tattoo was the symbol of a member of the Chu Gate.

    The golden stripe, on the other hand, further represented that the person in front of him was a core member of the Chu Gate, someone with an absolutely esteemed status.

    It had been many years, and ever since the aborted plan to dominate the world back then, the Chu Gate's top brass had rarely made an appearance.

    After so many years, this was the first time that Hiroichi Nakai had come into contact with a senior member of the Chu Gate.


    What's going on with Japan these days?

    First there was such a killing embryo as Chu Tianfan, and now, even the top brass of the Chu Gate descends on the Sun Country?

    No, Chu Tian Fan?Chu...

    Is there a connection between Chu Tian Fan and the Chu Clan?

    Thinking of this, Hiroichi Nakai became even more terrified.

    He was afraid that he would get involved in the fight with the Chu Clan.

    Truman was the number one martial power in the world, and there were a bunch of "immortals" sitting in the Truman.

    If you get involved in this kind of giants' dispute, even if Hirokazu Nakai has ten lives, it won't be enough.

    "Mr. Nakanami, now, do you say, or not?"

    The deep laughter of the man in uniform, sounded again.

    "You're dreaming!"

    "Hiroshi-san, save me~" Abe Nakanami had some pride of place, and still didn't obey up to this point.

    "Nakanami, tell them."


    But Hiroshi Nakai was clearly wimpy, ironically urging Abe Nakanami.

    And save you?

    What's the point of saving you?

    If we don't, we're both dead!

    In fear, Hiroichi Nakai cursed in his mind.


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