Super Son-in-law 411-420


Chapter 411

With the help of Shen's blood, Leng Qiu Ya's blood volume began to rise again, and slowly the stitching doctor, finally stitched up Leng Qiu Ya's collapsing blood wound, but the next moment the nurse on the other side who was looking at the ECG, turned pale.

"Dr. Sun, the patient's heart rate has stopped..." the nurse said to the main surgeon in fear.

"What?Prepare for CPR now!Get ready for the shock!Quick, quick, quick!"Dr. Sun shouted in a hurry.Leng Qiu Ya was then placed flat on the bed.

The next moment several doctors took the instruments and began to perform CPR on Leng Qiu Ya's chest, but Leng Qiu Ya still didn't have any reaction, not even the slightest one.

Shen Jiyan stared blankly at the ECG not far beside her, listening to the dripping sound of the ECG instrument, looking at the line that fluctuated less and less, looking at the line that completely became a straight line in the next second, a hot teardrop slipped from the corner of her eye....

In her hazy vision, she saw that the doctor in the emergency room was still struggling to resuscitate Leng Qiu Ya.Only Leng Qiu Ya was still unresponsive.Her face was getting paler and paler....

Those doctors continued to resuscitate, constantly changing all sorts of methods, but none of them could awaken Leng Qiu Ya's life consciousness.After five minutes, that straight line went for five minutes, the emergency room in the best hospital in Tianhai City, the best doctors rescued it for a full five minutes.They gave up....

The attending doctor in the rescue room at this moment he didn't even dare to look into Shen Xiyan's eyes.Because they had failed.It wasn't that they were not good doctors, it was that Leng Qiu Ya was too badly wounded, the bullet was directly embedded in the depths of Leng Qiu Ya's organs, they couldn't save her....

"Miss Shen, I'm sorry, please save your breath... hey..." the chief doctor bowed his head, sweating profusely as he apologized deeply to Shen Shi Yan, who was also in immense pain at this moment.After all, a serious and responsible doctor like him was very, very sad to see a patient not rescued at his hands.

"Miss Shen, I'm sorry, it's our lack of ability..." said another doctor who bowed his head in apology to Shen Xi Yan.Only Shen Xiyan remained indifferent, she threw a stare at her crying red and swollen eyes, quietly looking at Leng Qiu Ya who was no longer breathing and had no heartbeat....

"Miss Shen, I'm sorry, please save your breath, more blood transfusion, I'll remove it for you, the needle mouth you have to press for a while..." the nurse who called Shen Sik Yan in, incomparably painful to Shen Sik Yansaid, after saying that he was going to remove the syringe from Shen Xiyan's arm, while the other doctors in the emergency room had already started to pack up their instruments and were ready to go out. Remember the website

Shen, however, knocked away the nurse's hand, preventing her from pulling out her own vas deferens.

"Miss Shen?You... hey... please grieve... "The nurse understood Shen Sik Yan's feelings at this moment, after all, the one lying on the bed was her mother.

Shen Siyan walked to Leng Qiu Ya, looked at the pale face of Leng Qiu Ya, opened her mouth and said with an incomparably hoarse voice, "Twenty-six years, I've waited for you for twenty-six years, we've just recognized each other, and you're leaving?"

"Twenty-six years, do you know how much df1768acdo I've missed you in those twenty-six years?"

"When I was a kid, my dad told me you'd be back, when I was a kid my dad told me you were the one who loved me the most in the world, that you'd never been there before, and I didn't believe it.But today you took a bullet for me without hesitation, and I believed it.I believed that you were my real mother, but I was just about to recognize you when you were about to leave?"


"My father left last year, and I thought I didn't have another family member in this world, but you showed up and let me know that I still have you, and my own mother in this world..."

"But when I just found out the news, before I could be happy, before I could share my life with you all these years, you were going to leave?"


Shen Xiyan said slowly in front of Leng Qiu Ya, and those doctors who heard more and more of her words, all of them were deeply shocked at this moment, and the attending doctor who had not been able to save Leng Qiu Ya from death had even more red eyes.Those few little nurses in the emergency room, tears were even popping down....

It turns out, this pair of mother and daughter, there is such a story, those attending doctors, at this moment they are not in a hurry to leave, even they can't take a step after hearing Shen Xiyan's words.......

Shen Xi Yan didn't care about the other people in the emergency room, but continued to speak to herself, "The Heavenly Sea Leng Family, I didn't know about them before, but now I know, they're too powerful and overbearing, even Lin Hao is far from being able to compete with them..."

"What happened to you twenty years ago, Wang Ma has already told me.You did something wrong, the Leng family won't forgive you.And as your own daughter, they won't forgive me either, just now outside, I saw a middle-aged man talking to Leng Feng, that man should be Leng Feng's father, your eldest brother, my own uncle, I heard them say that no matter what, I'm going to marry into the Gong family next month..."

"Even if I die, I'll marry into the Gong family to quell their anger against the Leng family.Mom, the Leng family is too powerful, this time Lin Hao can't help me, my father is also dead, the Shen family in Nanjiang City, they also treat me very, very badly, since my father died last year, they kicked me out of the house and didn't let me work in the Shen family's company, so I have to go out and start my own business..."

Shen Xiyan sniffled, but tears were still flowing down her face as she continued, "So ah, mom, in this world, now that I'm so desperate, no one can help me ah, Lin Hao even if he could help me and agree to give the company to the Leng family.But I don't want to do that anymore, I know that if I beg him, he will definitely agree, but you know what?He's bitter too..."

"When he went back from Tian Hai half a month ago, he was very, very badly wounded, and I knew in my heart that he must have enemies out there, and very powerful ones at that.So ah I can't be so selfish, let him hand over the company again too ah, you said that when he handed over the company, those enemies of his are going to come and kill him, at that time he won't even have the power to defend himself, then what is he going to do ah?So yeah, he can't help me..."

"No one can help me anymore, not Lin Hao, not those people in the Shen family, and my father is dead.No one can help me anymore, Mom, do you hear me?There's no one else in the world who can help your daughter, is there?Mom, oh... maybe... maybe I'll go down there soon to be with you... that's good... then we'll be buried with my dad... if we can't be a family together in life, then we'll be together in death......." one second to remember to read the book

After Shen Si Yan finished speaking, she turned around in tears and lost her mind and wanted to walk out, but as soon as she took a step, her body roared!!!!

Shen Shi Yan turned her head sharply, and then she saw that  Leng Qiu Ya was holding her hand in a death grip, Leng Qiu Ya did not open her eyes, but at this moment there were two lines of tears, slipping from the corners of her eyes....


The world seemed to be frozen at this moment, on the operating table, Leng Qiu Ya, who still couldn't open her eyes, but died holding Shen Xi Yan's hand, she didn't have the strength to open her eyes, but tears kept falling from the corners of her eyes.......

"What?This?This?How is that possible?"At this moment, seeing this shocking scene on the operating table.The attending Dr. Sun's mouth was wide open, full of shock.

At this moment, all the doctors and nurses in the emergency room were in tears.The little nurse who was looking at the heart wave instrument was even more excited and shouted, "There's a heartbeat, there's a heartbeat, there's a heartbeat......."

"Quick, quick, check the injured person's various vital signs, quick..." the attending Doctor Sun, after a brief shock, he quickly ordered the crowd to check on Leng Qiu Ya again.

"The heartbeat is normal..."

"Brainwaves are normal..."

"Vital signs are stabilizing..." an item of examination data soon came out.The doctors in the emergency room all whispered and cheered at this moment.

"Miracle, miracle, what is this?That's what a mother's love is all about!The most sincere feelings in the world!"Dr. Sun was incomparably excited and said.

"Mm... "Shen Xiyan looked at Leng Qiu Ya who was crying on the operating table, she couldn't help but have a smile on her face.It was just that Leng Qiu Ya's tears simply couldn't be stopped, although she was still in a coma, she seemed to have a consciousness that existed, she was able to hear Shen Xi Yan's words and feel Shen Xi Yan's despair.

Leng Qiu Ya's newly remaining shred of consciousness told her that she couldn't die yet, she couldn't die yet, her daughter was about to face great, great difficulties, and she, as her mother, must wake up to help her.Must help her!!!!

And it was this last stream of will, and even this will was already deeply engraved in Leng Qiu Ya's heart!So she used all the strength in her soul to wake up and wake up to help Shen Xi Yan.Only that she still couldn't open her eyes right now.She could just hear Shen Xiyan's words, but she couldn't open her eyes... First URL

"Shocking, truly the ultimate in shock!"Dr. Sun took a deep breath, then he walked over to Leng Qiu Ya, leaned down and whispered to Leng Qiu Ya: "Ms. Leng I know your consciousness is awake, but your body isn't, so you are still in a coma and can't wake up, don't worry, you won't die again, you will sleep quietly, rest, rest for a few days, wait for your body to be adjustedAfter that, you'll be able to open your eyes..."

Dr. Sun's words were heartfelt, and they were true to the point.But Leng Qiu Ya, who was lying on the operating table, just wouldn't let go, and tears were still flowing down....

Dr. Sun turned his head to look at Shen Shi Yan, "Miss Shen, say something to your mother, she was already dead, but the underlying will, or obsession, in her life pulled her back.So she's alive again, but she's still in a very dangerous state, she's overdrawing that spirit of hers, and if she doesn't go to sleep, she might still be in great danger..."

Shen Xi Yan also took a deep breath, she held Leng Qiuya's hand back and slowly said, "Mom, you rest, sleep well for a few days, don't worry, when you wake up, I promise you can see me, Mom, you rest, when you're better, you have to cook me my favorite food, when you're better, you have to accompany me to buy my favorite clothes, when you're better, you have to accompany me to a fun place to visit...."

When Shen Caiyan said that, Leng Qiu Ya's tears actually stopped, and the left hand that gripped Shen Caiyan's hand lost its strength.Shen Caiyan gently put Leng Qiu Ya's hand back.

Dr. Sun looked at Leng Qiu Ya, who was clearly breathing normally, and couldn't help but lament, "I've been taught, this is the most profound lesson I've ever experienced since I've been a doctor!There are things in this world that are more important than life!"

Dr. Sun then said to Shen Xiyan, "Miss Shen, don't worry, your mother may still be unconscious for a few days.But her stated signs are slowly returning to normal, and with a few days of good recuperation, she will be able to wake up completely.So please, also make sure to take care of your own body, or else when your mother wakes up, it won't be good if you yourself can't hold on any longer.And you've just lost so much blood, you must recuperate well for the next few days..."


Shen Siyan nodded, "Mm, thank you Doctor Sun, I know."

Shen Xiyan then walked out of the emergency room, she couldn't stay in there any longer, Leng Qiu Ya was already basically fine, what Leng Qiu Ya needed the most now was rest.

"Xi Yan, how is Qiu Ya doing, how is it?"As soon as Shen Xiyan came out, Wang Shufen asked very urgently.

Shen Xiyan nodded down to Wang Shufen, "Mom, it's fine, but she is still in a coma, she will only wake up in a few days..."

Shen Xiyan said so, suddenly the few people who were anxiously waiting at the door of the emergency room were heavily relieved, it was good that they could be rescued, things had finally not developed to that point.It's just that these people on the outside, now they didn't know that just now in the emergency room, Leng Qiu Ya had actually died.She had been awakened by Shen Xiyan with endless thoughts of her!

Leng Feng who was standing 7e4ca326 far away was also relieved when he heard Shen Siyan's words.Only in the next moment Shen Siyan looked at him and was walking over towards him.And Night One, whose eyes had been on Shen Xiyan, followed Shen Xiyan.Leng Feng's heartbeat couldn't help but speed up a bit when he saw Night One's chilling eyes.

Seriously, Night One was definitely the most terrifying person he had ever seen in history.Previously, in that scuffle in the villa of the Southern River Purple Bamboo Villa.He clearly saw Night One kill several of his people right under his nose, and the ruthlessness, the bone-chilling coldness, made him feel deeply afraid.

When Shen Seiyan walked up to Leng Feng and found Night One following behind her, she turned to him and said, "Don't worry, I just want to speak to him alone, he won't make a move on me..."

When Leng Feng heard Shen Shi Yan say that, he also quickly and awkwardly smiled down at the night, "Yes, yes, please don't worry, I don't have anyone with me right now, I'm the only one, we're just saying a few words..."

Night One gave Leng Feng a deep look, his eyes full of warning, then after he nodded to Shen Xiyan, he turned around and walked back, sitting down on a chair in the corridor.

"Go to the corridor and say... "Shen Xiyan pushed open the door of the corridor beside Leng Feng, where Leng Feng had just been smoking. Remember the URL

When she reached the hallway, Shen Jiyan asked Leng Feng with an expressionless face, "Is there no other possibility?"

"Well?What?"Leng Feng looked at Shen Siyan in confusion.

Shen Siyan said, "I heard the conversation you just had with your father.You guys said that I have to return to the Leng Family.Either I come back with Lin Hao's Kyushu Group or I marry into the Gong family as the Leng family's eldest daughter?Are those really the only two options?After all, my mother is your family!Me too!"

After Shen Xiyan finished asking, Leng Feng was silent, and only after a while did Leng Feng look at Shen Xiyan incomparably complicated, "Sorry Xiyan, I'm afraid you only have one choice... not two..."

Shen Shiyan's body trembled, almost desperately, and asked, "Is it possible that my mother and I are just a marriage tool in the eyes of your Leng family?Is it just a tool for bundling interests?Not human?"

"Leng Family Leng Family... Our surname is Leng, and our blood is cold..." said Leng Feng's voice slowly.

Shen Caiyan took a deep breath, the tears that had just dried up, for some reason, fell a drop down again, her voice was hoarse, "Okay, I... understand... "Shen Caiyan turned around after saying that and left.

"Wait a minute... "Shen Siyan was about to leave, but Leng Feng was the one who called out to her.Shen Siyan looked back at him.

Leng Feng slowly said, "Actually, the first path is fine, I am the young master of the Leng family after all, and after a few years, the Leng family will all be mine.So if you want to choose the first one, then I can help, but the Kyushu Group compensating the Leng Family is the bottom line!"

"Impossible..." shen refused Leng Feng without even thinking about it.


Shen Siyan said and turned around and walked away, she could now just subconsciously feel from Wang Shufen's attitude with Leng Qiu Ya that the Leng family was probably very powerful and overbearing.But exactly how powerful it was, she wasn't quite sure yet.

Half an hour later, Shen Siyan and Yue Gu arrived at a hotel in front of the hospital.Inside the room, Shen Siyan's face was serious as she asked to Yue Gu, "Yue Yue you tell me the truth, how strong is the Leng family in Tianhai City?They were able to force my own mother to be afraid to see me for over twenty years!Please tell me truthfully..."

Yue Gu opened her mouth but didn't say anything, only her eyes were incomparably complicated as she looked at Shen Xi Yan, eventually she sighed deeply and lowered her head, not daring to look into Shen Xi Yan's eyes.

"Yue Yue do you know?Just now in the emergency room, my own mother had lost her heartbeat and had passed away.I was in complete despair at the time, and then I spoke to her and she miraculously became conscious.I've been through life and death, nothing can hit me anymore, you tell me..." said Shen Xiyan as she looked at Yue Gu with somewhat empty eyes.

"Xi Yan, you're too bitter, you're really too bitter, don't worry, no matter what, you're the best BFF, the best sister in my Gu Yue's life!I'll tell you the truth, my true identity is the eldest daughter of the Gu family, a second-rate family in Tianhai City!I also have two untalented brothers that I didn't want to fight with before, but now I'm going to fight.What about the Tianhai Leng family?In the worst case, I'll do everything I can to help you!!!"Yue Gu clenched her fist tightly and said to Shen Xi Yan with a determined look in her eyes.

Shen Siyan was shocked, she had been with Yue Gu for so many years, she had never seen such seriousness, such determination in Yue Gu's eyes!Yue Gu used to be all grinning and careless because her family was very powerful, but now, so a lawless lady, there was a desperate determination in the depths of her eyes.And it could be heard in her words that even if she inherited the Gu family, she would only be able to help Shen Xiyan.

Shen Siyan shook her head, her heart couldn't help but rise with a hint of emotion as she tightly pulled Gu Yue's hand and said, "Yue Yue, thank you.I'm very happy to have a friend like you in this life.But you are your Gu family being your Gu family, I'm sorry that I don't understand what's going on with your big families, just be straight with me and say something that I can understand..."

Yue Gu saw that Shen Xi Yan insisted on listening, so after she took a deep breath, she nodded her head and said in a somewhat desperate tone, "Then let me take the example of the Kyushu Group, Lin Hao's Kyushu Group is now worth tens of billions right?"

"Well, I've seen the financial report of the Jiuzhou Group, and according to the current share price, it's really worth tens of billions of dollars... You continue on" Shen Xi Yan nodded her head.

Yue Gu also nodded and continued, "Well, but you should know that the market value of the company is just the market value of the stock market, and the actual assets or cash flow that Lin Hao has are far from that.At least a dozen times smaller.And our Gu family, as a second-rate family in Tianhai City, with all of the family's industries counted, it can at least be equivalent to two Kyushu groups, and that's not counting the value of our various networks in Tianhai..."

Yue Gu didn't wait for a reaction from Shen Xiyan this time before continuing, "And the Leng Family in Tianhai City, they apparently claim to be a second-rate family, but they've all been claiming themselves for more than twenty years.The current Leng family, their power is probably equivalent to five or six Gu families, not counting the Leng family's relationships in all walks of life and even power departments, there are a total of four old first-class families in Tianhai City on the surface.But in reality, the Leng family also counts, the Leng family is the fifth, although not as terrifying as the previous four, but the Leng family's industry has long been spread across all walks of life, and the goods are available all over the world..." One second to remember to read the book

Shen Suyan frowned and asked, "Yue Yue, didn't you tell me before that your Gu family would be equivalent to a Kyushu Group after all?And the Kyushu Group even had a rapid expansion in Nanjiang some time ago ah..."

Yue Gu said with a bitter smile, "Well, if you count the obvious comparison of assets, that's true.But Lin Hao is still too young after all, how long has it been since he made the Kyushu Group what it is today?He's too short of time ah, and in a big international city like Tianhai, not to mention the Leng family with a heritage of more than a hundred years, even the Gu family has been operating for eighty to ninety years, the time reserves have accumulated too deeply ah, and if the current Lin Hao were to collide with the Leng family with the Kyushu Group, it would be completely impossible..."

Shen Xi Yan's face was white, a despair rose in her heart and she didn't speak again.

Yue Gu looked at Shen Xi Yan in this state, she knew about Shen Xi Yan's affair with Lin Hao from the beginning.A few days ago in Nanjiang, she even took the initiative to cooperate with Lin Hao and gave Shen Siyan a big surprise.

She thought she was a bitter best friend who had survived until now and was finally happy.She had found a man like Lin Hao who loved and protected her and was willing to give everything for her.But she had never thought that Shen Xiyan would have such a complicated background and be the eldest daughter of a top family in Tianhai City, a status even more terrifying than hers.In other words she wasn't a princess in front of Shen Siyan's face, Shen Siyan was!

It's just that Shen Siyan's identity as a top family lady would have been absolutely star-studded in the past, but now it's precisely the thing that makes Shen Siyan fall into the abyss of despair.Who would have thought that things would develop into this?


Yue Gu simply had to finish once and for all, although the truth would be very painful, she still had to make it clear to Shen Xi Yan: "Xi Yan, and do you know what class of family the Leng family, the Gong family that your grandfather wants you to marry, is again?"

A hint of despair rose on Yue Gu's face, incomparably complicated, "The Gong Family, heh... the Gong Family is one of the four big families in Tianhai City, so Xi Yan, do you know what I mean?You've had a really, really hard life..."

If it was but possible, Yue Gu didn't want to tell Shen Xiyan this fact, because often the truth was even more cruel.Shen Suyan, her best friend, had been very, very bitter since she was a child, growing up with a stepmother and without her own mother by her side.

But Shen Xiyan has been very strong since she was a child, and even though Wang Shufen was very bad to her when she was young, her academic performance was always very good.And after growing up it was hard for her to graduate from college and join the workforce.But her father was found out terminal cancer, basically exhausted the family's money, after her father's death, but the Shen family's company has seized her father's shares, Shen Xiyan still was not defeated by reality, she went to start her own business.

It was not easy to meet Lin Hao, but because of Wang Shufen and the insults of the Shen family, forced Lin Hao had no choice but to divorce her, and when she knew the truth, she went to find Lin Hao to get back together, which came and went for another six months.Finally Lin Hao came back, she remarried Lin Hao, and Lin Hao also gave her a big surprise.Life should have continued so beautifully.But Shen Shi Yan's origins were traced back to the Leng family....

In this world, a lot of times despair isn't really scary.What's really scary is the kind of despair that keeps giving you hope over and over again, and then makes you experience it again and again.That's how Shen Xiyan's life was....

Yue Gu said she was shedding tears, she felt sad for Shen Xi Yan.Because this time Shen Siyan had no choice, in front of the two top families in Tianhai City, and with her own mother's ties, I'm afraid she would have to cut off her love with Lin Hao with her own hands....

Heh... what a painful choice, the key is to have Shen Xiyan to do it herself... There was a time when Yue Gu was wondering if Lin Hao also had family support behind him, but she mobilized the Gu family's intelligence network to check on Lin Hao, and the information was that Lin Hao started from scratch...That's why Yue Gu was so desperate at this moment.Despairing for Shen Xiyan....

"Xi Yan, if... if you choose to divorce Lin Hao, then with Lin Hao's character, he definitely won't agree, he'll make a scene to the Leng family, to the Gong family, at that time, everything he has now, I'm afraid it will all vanish into thin air.So Xi Yan, although Leng Feng is very sinister, but he is right, you go and talk to Lin Hao, let him give the Jiuzhou Group to Leng Feng, so that Leng Feng will mobilize all the relations to help you... "Gu Yue analyzed to the end, but had to admit that the path that Leng Feng said is the only path for Shen Xi Yan.Just what would Lin Hao think of this path?

Shen Caiyan's tears silently flowed down as she shook her head, "He'll die that way..."

"What?Who do you think is going to die?Lin Hao?"Yue Gu was shocked and asked to Shen Xi Yan. The first website

Shen Jiyan nodded, "Half a month ago he came to Tianhai and stayed for a day and a night, but he almost died when he went back, he didn't say anything, but I saw his injuries, and his injuries were very, very serious, so at that time I knew that he must have offended a lot of people when he made the Kyushu Group up over the past few years.But he never told me about the difficulties he was having out there, he just saved his best side for me every time..."

"And he's already been a door-to-door son-in-law in the Shen family for more than a year, ah, for me, he used to be humiliated, and at that time, he could still endure in his heart, because he still had a big company behind him.But this time, do you still want him to be the Leng family's door-to-door son-in-law?He lost the Kyushu Group, I'm afraid he suffered more humiliation in the Leng Family at that time, right?How do you think I'm going to get him to give that to me again?Yue Yue, what do you I worthy of him doing that for me?He's doing well enough, good enough..."

Shen Xiyan said that there was another hint of tears sliding down in her eyes....


At the same time, three thousand miles away, in the Lin Clan's ancestral home in Yanjing, Lin Hao, who was sleeping on his bed, suddenly sat up, with cold sweat running down his face, he was breathing heavily, he had just had a dream, a very frightening dream, in which he seemed to have lost, the one thing that was most important to him....

Lin Hao tried to think, but he couldn't remember, the dream was very vague....

Lin Hao picked up his cell phone, looked up Shen Siyan's phone number, wanted to dial over, but was afraid of disturbing Shen Siyan's rest, it was only 4:30 in the morning, and it wasn't even dawn outside.

Lin Hao suddenly felt uncomfortable and agitated, as if something bad was about to happen.He tightly frowned.

Looking at Shen Xiyan's phone number, he muttered, "Xiyan, you don't want anything to happen to you, wait for me for two more days, after this side of things is done, I'll go home at the first time, and then take you to the Heavenly Sea, we'll live happily in the Heavenly Sea... Be sure to wait for me at home ah..."


Shen Xi Yan fell asleep on her bed after she finished talking to Yue Gu, she was really too tired, both physically and mentally, very tired.Yue Gu gently covered Shen Xi Yan with the blanket, took off her shoes, and then went to the bathroom to get a hot towel to wipe Shen Xi Yan's face, but as Yue Gu wiped, tears fell from her eyes.

People can make very good friends in this world, and even in this life there are only one or two real friends.And Shen Xiyan was her Gu Yue's best friend.There had never been any moment when Yue Gu's heart was so eager to grasp the power of the Gu family and inherit it herself.Because the feeling of not having the strength to hedge your bets when a crisis comes, but you don't have the ability to solve it, is really, really hard to bear.

Yue Gu finished wiping Shen Shi Yan's face, and after she had completely passed out, Yue Gu bit her lips and gently walked out of the room.Just as soon as she left the house, she ran into Night One who was standing quietly in the hallway.

Yue Gu's eye holes also contracted hard when she saw Night One.She was now aware that Shen Xiyan had always had such a powerful person like Night One by her side to secretly protect her.Even for so many days, Night One had been staying at the Purple Bamboo Villa.But she, Yue Gu, being the controller of the Purple Bamboo Buffer Courtyard, had never seen Yei Yi in the Purple Bamboo Buffer Courtyard.

Yue Gu's impression of Night One was that this person didn't seem to be from this world, but from the darkness.It was one of the top cold-blooded killers in the darkness.

Yue Gu was incomparably shocked as he glanced at Night One's abdomen and found that there was blood oozing out there.It turned out that in that scuffle last night, this powerful man had also been injured long ago.But Night One didn't tell anyone about it.Even though he was injured this time, he was still standing at Shen Xiyan's door to protect her.Yue Gu was incomparably shocked, such a man would actually go to work for Lin Hao, which also proved that Lin Hao was a very good man!

"Your injury?The hospital is just across the street, you go deal with it, I'll stay here and watch over Xie Yan... "Yue Gu didn't even know Yei Yi's name, so she could only speak to Yei Yi like this.

Yei Yi didn't reply to Yue Gu's words, but looked at Yue Gu incomparably seriously and said, "Miss Gu, please believe my big brother, my big brother is currently in Yanjing dealing with a very important matter and won't be back for a short time.But yesterday, I got the news that more than half of the matters there have been dealt with, and I believe that my big brother will be back in the next two days.When he was leaving, he anticipated that the Tianhai Leng Family might go to Nanjiang, and he was already prepared to confront the Leng Family!"

Yue Gu was incomparably shocked as she opened her mouth and looked at Night One in shock, she never would have thought that Lin Hao already knew about this.Xi Yan ah Xi Yan, do you really have to choose that way?Are you really going to hurt Lin Hao?

"'re saying that Lin Hao already knew about the origins of Xi Yan?Already knew that Leng Qiu Ya was Xi Yan's real mother?"Although Yue Gu was already convinced in her heart, she still couldn't help but ask the question.

Night One nodded seriously, "Yes, actually, big brother recognized it at the banquet of the Kyushu Group the day before yesterday.And big brother was in such a hurry to go to Yanjing the day before yesterday in order to secure something to prepare for his next confrontation with the Leng family in Tianhai!Big Brother doesn't let me tell Miss Shen about these things, but Miss Gu also asks you to persuade Miss Shen to trust Big Brother, so that she must wait until Big Brother returns... "Night One looked deeply at Yue Gu. Remember the website

Yue Gu's eyes moistened as she listened to Night One's words.She and Shen Shi Yan had only thought that Lin Hao had left Nanjiang to deal with his own business, but a big reason for Lin Hao leaving this time was actually to find help against the Leng family!These two people, Lin Hao and Shen Shi Yan, they've given so much for each other, to such an extent!!!Yue Gu's heart was incomparably shocked.

"Understood... I'll go and talk to Xi Yan.But please hurry up and deal with your own injuries, this is Tian Hai, if the Leng family comes again, you still have to protect Xi Yan... "Yue Gu took a deep breath, biting her teeth and trying not to let her tears fall.

"Okay... "Night One frowned and nodded his head.His injuries weren't serious, but if he didn't take care of them quickly, they would be a big problem for what was to come.And in his consciousness, he didn't want to tell Lin Hao about Shen Xiyan so quickly, after all, Lin Hao was now in Yanjing, and it was also troublesome, so if he didn't handle things there well, he would rush back in a hurry.The aftermath would be even more troublesome, and once Yanjing's matter was dealt with, the Heavenly Sea Leng Family?Heh, he was completely like a turkey and dog in front of Lin Hao....


Night One went to treat her wounds, while Yue Gu went downstairs to buy some food, then returned to her room to accompany Shen Shi Yan.

The first time I saw it, I was in the middle of the night, and it was the first time that I saw it.

Shen Siyan woke up, took out her cell phone, and saw that there were several missed calls from Lin Hao, Shen Siyan was stunned, and as she was about to give Lin Hao back, she saw that Lin Hao had called again, and she hurriedly picked up.

"Honey?What's wrong? Did you miss me?So many phone calls, huh?"Shen Siyan, who picked up the phone, smiled and said to Lin Hao.

At this moment, Lin Hao is sitting in an ancient pavilion in the Yanjing Lin Clan's ancestral home, smiled and said to Shen Xiyan, "Mm-hmm, daughter-in-law, I miss you, what are you doing?You didn't pick up the phone even though I called several times?If you don't pick up I'm going to call Mom ah..."

Shen Siyan quickly said, "I'm shopping with Mom and Aunt Qiu, we're buying clothes, Mom and Aunt Qiu have picked out a lot of nice clothes for me, they're beautiful... hehehe..."

Lin Hao will smile and say: "Well well, I also bought you several nice clothes in Yanjing, when I go back to bring you ah, this side of things is almost finished, at most two more days, it will be done, when I go back to call you ah, Xiyan, I miss you so much ah..." Lin Hao said the last sentence, he paused, said very serious, just one sentence to say the heart of the deep thoughts of Shen Xiyan.

Shen Siyan, who was in the hotel room in front of Tianhai First Hospital, fiercely covered her mouth as she heard Lin Hao's words, and tears flowed straight down her face.But she still nodded her head and said to Lin Hao as if she was smiling happily: "Mhm, husband, don't worry, I'm fine at home, Mom and Aunt Qiu cook me delicious food every day, you just do your business outside, don't worry about me ah... I'll wait for you at home!......."

Shen Xiyan also paused after saying that, and the next moment she said to Lin Hao very seriously, "Honey, I miss you too..." after Shen Xiyan said a few more words, Lin Hao hung up the phone, and then Shen Xiyan quietly went into the bathroom....

When Shen Caiyan entered the bathroom, Yue Gu who was lying on the bed with her back to Shen Caiyan, her tears had already soaked through half of the pillow under her head, and she had just heard every word of what Shen Caiyan said to Lin Hao in her ears.

Yue Gu listened to Shen Xiyan's words to Lin Hao, she couldn't imagine how much Shen Xiyan loved Lin Hao, how deep it was... A second to remember to read the book.

After Shen Siyan finished cleaning up, thinking that Yue Gu was still sleeping, she walked out lightly.When she reached the door, Shen Suyan saw Night One at the door.

When Shen Shyan saw Night One, she bowed to him and said, "Thank you for protecting us last night..."

Night One: "Sister-in-law I'm Big Brother's brother, just call me Night One.Since you're fine, I'll go and give big brother a call..."

"Don't... "Shen Xiyan even called out to Night One, who turned to look at her in confusion.

Shen Siyan had a smile on her face, "I just spoke to Lin Hao on the phone, he said that his side of things is almost done, there are still two days at most, she will be back.And the matter on Tianhai's side, it's obvious that there won't be any results in a day or two, so let's wait until he comes back and tell him, so Night One, can you promise me?Don't go tell Lin Hao now, I don't want to distract him from my side of things..."

Night One took a deep look at Shen Xiyan and said: "Yes, but Miss Shen I also ask you to trust my big brother, all your certain decisions must wait for my big brother to come back, before my big brother comes back, you... never do anything stupid!"

Shen Siyan nodded seriously to Night One, "Well, don't worry, I won't do anything stupid, I'll wait for him to come back and make a decision about the Leng family..."

Shen Siyan went to the hospital to see Leng Qiu Ya after talking to Night One, she now desperately wanted to know Leng Qiu Ya's condition.Night One looked at Shen Siyan's back and frowned deeply.But now he wasn't sure how things were going with Lin Hao in Yanjing.After all, half a month ago, Lin Hao had killed seventeen people of the branch in a row in Tianhai!This kind of big event is not that easy to handle, even if the Council of Elders is over .

"Miss Shen, please make sure you believe in my big brother, if my big brother succeeds in Yanjing, then the Tianhai Leng Family is nothing in front of him, wait for two more days, you must wait for two more days..." murmured Yei Yi as he looked at the back of Shen Shi Yan's distant figure.


Inside the Lin Clan's ancestral home in Yanjing, as soon as Lin Hao hung up the phone, a mentally alert old lady came over to Lin Hao with an equally gray-haired old man.The old man was also in high spirits, with deep eyes, and although he was old, his entire body also had a strong aura.At a glance, it was the kind of person who had been in a high position for a long time, and the first time Lin Hao saw this old 05c732ce person, all the information about this old man, Lin Bancheng, one of the nine elders of the Lin Clan Elders Association, appeared in his mind!

And today's weather in Yanjing was very good, obviously yesterday was still very gloomy and gloomy, with the feeling that the city was about to be destroyed by the black clouds, but today was a sunny day, the sun was shining brightly, even though Yanjing was in the cold winter of the north at the moment, but today was still particularly warm.

Old Mrs. Lin smiled and said to Lin Hao, "Hao'er, did you just call that girl Xi Yan again?You look happy. Why do you want to go back after only two days?That's no good, you have to stay with Grandma for a few more days, she misses you too.You can't have a wife and then forget about Grandma.That way grandmother would be unhappy..." said Old Lady Lin, deliberately leaving her mouth open.One could tell she was joking at first glance, but her words were a joke, and they were true.It had been ten years since she had seen Lin Hao, but Lin Hao was her favorite grandson, and in her heart, she really wanted Lin Hao to stay in Yanjing for a few more days....

I'm sure I'll be in Yanjing for a few more days with you, I miss you too..................See if it works."

"Spend New Year's with me?Hahaha, that's a good sentiment, hmmm that's settled then ah.Don't worry, Hao'er, when that girl Xiyan comes over, Grandma will never treat her badly!Grandmother gave her a set of the best villa in Yanjing, grandmother bought the most high-end shopping mall in Yanjing and gave it to her, whatever she likes, grandmother will never be willing to give up money, give it to her..." as soon as she heard that Lin Hao was going to take Shen Xiyan back to Yanjing to accompany her for the New Year, she burst out laughing, was really happy!........

In the past, when she was an elderly woman, almost all of Lin's descendants would come to the ancestral home to pay her respects during New Year's Eve.But she was very unhappy, and this year it was different when Lin Hao came, Lin Hao brought Shen Xiyan to accompany her for the New Year, then she was definitely the happiest she had ever been this year....

Lin Hao nodded seriously, "Mmhmm, grandmother, don't worry, Sun can't lie to you, I said I'd bring Xi Yan to spend the New Year's Eve with you, so I'll bring her over, don't worry..."

Old Lady Lin nodded with a smile, took Lin Hao's hand and said to Lin Ban Cheng and Lin Hao, "Hao'er, this is your Grandpa Ban Cheng, when you were a child, your Grandpa Ban Cheng was especially fond of you, yesterday at the Council of Elders, your Grandpa Ban Cheng also made a great effort."

Lin Hao hurriedly bowed respectfully to Lin Half-Cheng, "Hello Grandpa Half-Cheng, thank you for your help yesterday, don't worry, I'll keep your help for me in mind..."

Lin Bancheng laughed and helped Lin Hao up: "Hahaha, Hao'er you don't have to be so polite, you're being too polite, aren't you?Don't worry, I, Lin Bancheng, am the one who has berated the world with your grandfather.The Lin family will definitely be yours in the future, although you are now relegated to the second heir, but that empty first heir, with me, Lin Ban Cheng, I will leave him empty for three years.When it's still yours after three years..."

Old Mrs. Lin also smiled and patted Lin Hao's hand and said heavily, "Hao'er, three years from now, it will be time for the Lin Clan to re-elect its head, we'll do our best to prepare for these three years, and after three years, we'll try to push you into the Lin Clan's head position!Hao'er these three years you have to do well in Tianhai, after three years we few old guys will open the way for you!"Old Lady Lin was incredibly serious and lofty! First web site

Lin Hao also restrained his smile, and his face became incomparably solemn.He looked deeply at the two amiable old men in front of him, the elder who had helped him yesterday, and the Elder Mo Yuntian Mo, who had gone to Europe for him without even eating after the meeting yesterday... Everything that these four old men had done for him made him deeply moved.

After all, there was a time when he, Lin Hao, didn't trust anyone to help him.So he went all out to develop, frantically saving his own power, in the past, in his heart, he only thought about how he was going to overthrow the Lin Clan branch, how he was going to bring down Lin Yan, so all these years, he desperately developed, frantically making arrangements in the dark.

But now he suddenly realized that he wasn't alone on this path, and there were still so many old people who were going forward and supporting him silently.

When he thought of this Lin Hao took a deep breath, and once again bowed deeply to the old lady and Lin Bancheng, "Lin Hao thanked his grandparents for everything they had done for Lin Hao, Lin Hao will not let you down.Three years from now, I will definitely be in that position!Destroy Lin's rampant filth!Give me back a sunny day for Lin!!!"


The first thing you need to do is to take over all of Lin's forces in the sky and the sea at the fastest possible speed.

Lin Hao nodded.Then the three of them sat down on the chairs in the gazebo.Lin Ban Cheng took out a document from his bosom and handed it over to Lin Hao, it was all the forces deployed by the Lin Clan in the Heavenly Sea for so many years.

Lin Ban Cheng solemnly said to Lin Hao, "Lin Hao, this is our Lin Clan's accumulation over the dozens of generations in the Heavenly Sea.You are the young lord of the Lin Clan, and in ancient times you were like a prince.So Tian Hai these things, I, your grandmother and I and Mo Yuntian originally left them to you, next you listen well..."

Lin Bancheng paused and continued to speak curtly, "Lin's in Tianhai is simply the Tianhai Group which is ranked in the top five hundred in the world, and the Tian Yao Group is, to be frank, the leek that Mo Lao deliberately cultivated for you, and that's why he allowed those people in the branch vein to make the Tian Yao Group up.In addition to Tian Hai and Tian Yao Group, in Tian Hai we also have a thousand Lin Sequences deployed.Every power department in Tianhai also has our people on the list.As long as you need them, you can call on them whenever you need them!"

Lin Hao looked at the list given to him by Lin Ban Cheng, he couldn't help but be deeply moved, as strong as he was, this moment also set off waves of shock.In the past, he didn't know much, he had only seen some of Lin's surface layout.So this led to the fact that once upon a time, he thought that he would be able to fight against Lin Yan with the Kyushu Group and the combat sequences he had cultivated in the dark....

But right now, after seeing this list of Heavenly Sea's underpinnings, he realized just how naive he had been before!

"This... this much?"Lin Hao looked at Lin Bancheng in shock.Because just one Heavenly Sea, Lin's had such a deep foundation, even Lin's foundation in the Heavenly Sea alone could be comparable to the sum of seven or eight first-class families.Then the entire Lin Clan?But the Lin Clan has a global layout ah.

Lin Bancheng nodded with a smile, but quickly shook his head, "Hao'er you shouldn't be too shocked, Tianhai City is the largest trade city in China, our Lin Clan is naturally the city with the most layout, that's why our Lin Clan has a lot of footprint on the Tianhai side.But that's Tianhai, and our Lin Clan's layout in the rest of the country is much less.But Tianhai is the city that the Lin Clan has always used as its foundation to layout, so just the Lin Clan's foundation in Tianhai is equivalent to a tenth of the entire Lin Clan!"

Lin Ban Cheng paused and laughed, his body suddenly rose with a domineering spirit: "Hao'er you should have heard that in Tian Hai City, those hundred year old families, at most, develop to the size of first class families, then do you know why?Oh, that's because we Lin's don't allow top families in Tianhai City!From a hundred years ago, the Heavenly Sea was the place where our Lin Clan trained our young lord, and Lin Yan also experienced some time in the Heavenly Sea more than a decade ago..."

Lin Hao frowned deeply, "Lin Yan has also spent time in the Heavenly Sea?That with his city, he's in Heavenly Sea..."

Before Lin Hao could finish his sentence, he was interrupted by Lin Bancheng, who said, "Yes, Lin Yan naturally has a deep layout in the Heavenly Sea, and not only Lin Yan, but also Lin Zai Tian and Lin Jiuyin, the two contemporary leaders of the two branches of the lineage, also have a deep layout in the Heavenly Sea.And for the next two days, this is what we're going to focus on.Mo Yuntian has returned to Tianhai this morning and started to carry out targeted killings of Lin Yan, Lin's branch in Tianhai, while you need to cooperate with us in Yanjing..." remember the URL

Lin Hao nodded heavily, "Mm, I see.The help that the elders have given to Lin Hao, Lin Hao will remember that to his heart!"Lin Hao once again got up and bowed deeply to the two old men....

"Hahaha... the future head of my Lin Clan will even be the most powerful head of our Lin Clan ever, and on your path to growth, we old guys will definitely slay everything for you!Lin Hao you remember, Lin's legacy is several hundred years old, even though there is some chaos within Lin's now, the dark clouds will eventually pass and Lin's sky will eventually clear!"Lin Ban Cheng said in a domineering manner....


After Lin Hao finished talking to Lin Bancheng and Old Lady Lin, he started working with the three old men that day.Every hour, there was an undercurrent classified under Lin Hao's name....

And as Lin Hao and the three Lin Clan old men unfolded, the entire Heavenly Sea whipped up waves of fear on this day.Those second-rate families and first-rate families in Tianhai City instantly sweated their hairs out in fear and panic, and with their keen sense of smell, they instantly sensed that the sky had changed....

It was just that they were not clear what was going on in the Heavenly Sea, and only vaguely knew that there was an extremely terrifying power that had reached into the Heavenly Sea....


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