Dish Best Served Cold 956-960


Chapter 956


    "It's not over, is it?"

    "Will you shut up?"

    "You want to die, and we don't want to die?"

    "Nan Chen, look at this asshole boyfriend you've got."

    "I'm afraid we're all going to be screwed by him today!"

    Seeing that Ye Fan is not finished pretending, Kong Hui teachers and students have undoubtedly peed.

    Even Professor An, who had seen a lot of the world, was standing there at this time, trembling all over.It only felt that they were afraid that they were really going to be planted here today.

    These three were cursing furiously at Ye Fan.

    Chen Nan was also looking at Ye Fan at this time, her pretty face pale, her beautiful eyes near tears, shaking her head at Ye Fan incessantly, asking Ye Fan to leave him alone and not to anger Anbe Zhongnan.

    Although, she knew that Ye Fan was the master of Jiangdong.

    However, this wasn't in Jiangdong after all.

    Rather, it was the capital of the Japanese nation, Winter Capital.

    The power standing in front of them was no longer a family that dominated a city like the Li family or the Lei family, but an ancient family that reigned over the country of Japan.

    In Nan Chen's opinion, these kinds of forces were naturally not something that Ye Fan could provoke.

    However, facing Nan Chen's concern, Ye Fan shook his head and smiled.

    "Silly girl, if I don't care about you, who else will care about you?"

    "Hardly, are you going to let your little brother, Fanny, sit back and watch you get bullied?"

    Ye Fan smiled as he walked towards Nan Chen, helping him gently wipe away the glitter from the corners of his eyes.

    For some reason, hearing these words from Ye Fan, Nan Chen only felt extraordinarily peaceful in her heart.

    It was as if a wandering duckweed had found a place to lean on, a harbor where she could rest her life.

    Especially at this helpless moment, Ye Fan's stepping forward made Chen Nan instantly burst into tears.

    And while Ye Fan and Chen Nan were talking, the old face of Abe Zhongnan, who was sitting high above, had undoubtedly sunk completely.

    He had never thought that there was someone in his field who was openly provoking him.


    "Good, very good."

    "After all these years, ever since I became the head of the Abe family, you are the first one, who dares to speak to me in such a tone."

    "Young man, this courage of yours alone really makes me appreciate it."

    "But unfortunately, courage is only considered an advantage for the strong who are capable of doing so."

    "And for the weak, courage is just stupidity that knows no life."

    "Young man, what do you think, do you belong to the former, or the latter?"

    Abe Nakanami looked condescendingly at Ye Fan on the stage, his old eyes full of banter.

    The surrounding people were also all cold-eyed onlookers, watching the scene in front of them as if watching a play.

    At this time, these high class people were looking at Ye Fan with pity and mockery in their eyes.

    It was as if they were looking at an idiot.

    A milquetoast punk kid who was too old to move earth, that was undoubtedly looking for death.

    "This idiot~"

    "Damn, I'm afraid this is really going to be the end~"

    Hearing Abe Nakanami's slightly indignant voice, the hearts of Professor An and the others went cold.

    They knew that, by the looks of it, Abe Nakanami was already angry.

    Nan Chen's heart also grew more and more worried about Ye Fan's safety.

    She suddenly regretted a bit, perhaps she really should have agreed to Abe Nakanami's request to stay and accompany the wine.

    That way, he wouldn't drag his brother Fan into the water as well.

    However, while everyone was paying attention to the progress of this matter, in one part of the hall, Koichi Nakai was always calm.

    Not hearing, not asking, not looking, not speaking.

    It was as if he was a monk who had already transcended the world.

    Yes, from the beginning until now, Hiroichi Nakai was sitting there with his eyes closed, not even looking at the chaos here.

    Everything, it seemed, had nothing to do with him.

    However, in the face of Abe Nakanami's question, Ye Fan did not rush to answer, but raised his head, looked forward, and asked rhetorically, "Mr. Nakanami, do you think that I belong to the former, or the latter?"

    Abe Nakanami smiled lightly back, "I think that you belong to the latter."

    "Oh, yeah?"

    Ye Fan teased with a smile.

    And then, only a bang sound was heard.

    Electricity and lightning, Ye Fan kicked out with a fierce kick.

    Immediately after that, a big man in a suit who was blocking in front of Nan Chen was directly kicked out by Ye Fan like a football.


    The giant force wrapped around the man's body and directly smashed over a wine table in front of him.

    Amidst the uproar, plates mixed with tea bowls shattered all over the floor.

    The guests on all sides were also scared and screaming far away to avoid.

    The big man, on the other hand, landed on the ground and made no more noise.

    Ye Fan's taking the lead undoubtedly terrified everyone.

    Suddenly, the crowd was terrified and the whole place was silent.

    Only Ye Fan, standing with a negative hand, smiled coldly, "Now what?"


    The cold wind, wrapped around Ye Fan's cold and clear words, swept past.

    After a long silence, those men of Abe Zhongnan finally reacted.

    "Kid, how dare you?"

    "Looking for death!!!"

    In a split second, several big men became furious and were about to rush over to fuck Ye Fan as they shouted harshly.

    But Abe Nakanami reached out his hand to stop them, but continued to look at Ye Fan.

    Only, at this time, Abe Nakanami's face was even more gloomy.

    There was already more than a little chill in the words.

    Faced with Ye Fan's words, Abe Nakanami once again returned, "In my eyes, you still belong to the latter."


    As soon as Abe Chunan's words ended, Ye Fan kicked out again.

    The other person next to Chen Nan was then kicked by Ye Fan.

    Hundreds of pounds of body, like a dead dog, smashed the glass of the door and window, and flew straight down from the fifth floor, already unable to live.

    "Now what?"Ye Fan stood with a negative hand and asked with a smile again.

    "Kid, you're paralyzed~"

    At that time, Abe Nakanami's men's eyes were red.

    With blood red eyes roaring, they rushed out again and acted like they wanted to tear Ye Fan alive.

    But in the end, he was still stopped by Abe Nakanami.

    At this time, Abe Nakanami's face was undoubtedly gloomy to the extreme.

    The entire man was at the edge of a violent rage.

    He clenched his teeth and in his coldest tone, he said again in a deep voice, "You, still belong to the latter!"


    Ye Fan smiled lightly and didn't say anything more.

    Instead, he crossed over to Nan Chen and took one step to the heavens!

    In the blink of an eye, he was in front of Abe Nakanami and kicked his foot up.


    "Stop it!"

    "Junior, how dare you?!!!"

    Looking at the kick that had arrived in front of him, Abe Nakanami could no longer remain calm.

    His pupils crinkled, his old face veins bulged, and Jairus' eyes, which were nearly the size of bronze bells, cursed angrily at Ye Fan.


    Ye Fan's kick still landed.

    With a muffled sound, the powerful big man at the top of the Extreme Sun Country in front of him was just like this, like a dog, he was directly kicked down by Ye Fan, along with his chair.

    It hit the ground with a bang.

    Rolling along the ground several times, he finally hit a ceiling pillar and knocked out two of his front teeth, blood paste all over his face.

    "Now what?"

    "Is it the former, or the latter?"

    Under the hall, Ye Fan stood with a negative hand and smiled proudly.

    The faint words were only like a gale sweeping by.

    In an instant, there was silence!

    Everyone stared with dead eyes, incredulous at the scene before them.

    In their hearts, there were waves of shock and madness sweeping through.

    Liang Haonan, Kong Hui, and the others were even more horrified.


    "Now, that's a big deal?!!!"



    Liang Haonan, Kong Hui and their group had peed.

    The entire group was so scared that they were numb and clawed.

    They had never thought to death that this country boy in front of them would have so much dog courage.

    It was just as well that he had contradicted Abe Nakanami before, but now, he had kicked Abe Nakanami in the face.


    "I'm going to Nima, right?"

    "What does he want?"

    "Trying to go against the grain?"



    "How did I go blind in the first place to bring in such an idiot?"

    "It's over, it's completely over."

    Liang Haonan wailed with his head in his hands, and Kong Hui was terrified to death.

    Professor An was so frightened that he was having a heart attack.

    The other surrounding guests were also looking at the young man in front of them like ghosts.

    Obviously, Ye Fan's fierceness had caused a huge tremor to them as well.

    The crowd had been confused.

    One by one, they stared at their eyes with dead eyes, and even their breathing was nearly forgotten.


    "He actually, put...Beat up Abe Nakanami?"

    "I'm afraid I'm going to see blood today, by the looks of it."

    Many people lost their voices.

    In their opinion, Ye Fan's such an action was like stabbing the sky.

    Abe Nakanami berates the Japanese, not to mention the entire Winter Capital, is a great Japanese country, few people dare to provoke.

    What's more, today is still a field set up by others.

    No one doubted that the young man in front of him was afraid of dying.

    As expected, after being kicked over, Abe Nakanami lay on the ground covering his mouth and couldn't stop howling.


    "My teeth, my mouth~"

    "Son of a bitch, how dare you hit me?"

    "After all these years, you're still the first person to dare to attack me?"

    "Bastard, I'm telling you, you're finished."

    "Today, even the Emperor of Heaven, old man, can't save you."

    "I declare, you're dead~"

    "You're dead!"

    After Abe Nakanami endured the pain and got up from the ground, he cursed madly at Ye Fan with gritted teeth.

    At the same time, in the midst of the roar, Abe Nakanami ordered his men to slaughter Ye Fan.

    Just like this, after getting the order, the surrounding seven or eight bodyguards immediately rushed up.

    Punching or kicking, they all attacked Ye Fan.

    When Professor An and the others saw this, they closed their eyes and didn't dare to look anymore.

    They almost expected to take over Ye Fan's miserable end.

    However, how could this little attack possibly hurt Ye Fan?

    Only before these people got close to Ye Fan, they heard a dull roar, and seven or eight men then flew out like cannonballs.

    Countless tables and chairs were knocked over along the way, and wine mixed with the bowls scattered all over the floor.

    The guests on all sides also screamed in fear and retreated.

    All that was left was, a mess all over the floor.

    Those few big men were just lying on the ground like useless dogs, moaning incessantly.

    In the large hall, only Ye Fan stood proudly.

    Throughout, he was as calm as ever.


    "This...This guy, is he still a trainer?"

    The scene in front of them shook the crowd once again.

    Professor An flinched in place.

    Liang Haonan stared at it.

    Kong Hui also only felt unimaginable.

    "Nan Nan, this countryside boyfriend of yours, could it be that he has studied martial arts?"

    The scene just now, although it only happened in a lightning bolt, but one person was able to defeat several people, and this discerning person could see that the young man in front of him was afraid that he had some skills.

    "I've underestimated you, though."

    "But brat, allowing you to have a brute strength, so what?"

    "You can stop the attack of my men, can you stop the bullets of a gun?"

    Abe Nakanami's appearance had completely sunk, and his old eyes were filled with gruffness and coldness.

    Between his words, even more killing intent surged.

    As expected, in the split second after his words fell, everyone saw, next to Abe Zhongnan, two bodyguards suddenly pulled out their pistols from their bosoms.

    They raised their arms and pointed them at Ye Fan.

    It seemed that as soon as Abe Nakanami gave the order, they would pull the trigger and shoot Ye Fan into a sieve.


    "Brother Fanny, hurry up and leave~"

    Chen Nan saw the other party actually took out a pistol, a pretty face, suddenly scared pale, when the flowers lost color.

    She ran in front of Ye Fan, and kept pushing Ye Fan out.

    She told Ye Fan to leave quickly.

    After all, in Nan Chen's eyes, no matter how powerful Ye Fan was, it was only a flesh mortal.

    How could he be able to block a bullet shot?

    "It's no use."

    "This bastard is dead."

    "Now we can only pray that Nakanami-san won't implicate us after he shoots this idiot~"

    Things had gone completely out of control.

    Abe Nakanami had even used his gun, and in this situation, Ye Fan was bound to die.

    However, the crowd did not sympathize with him, nor did they have the slightest pity for Ye Fan.

    After all, he was to blame for all of this.

    He was looking for his own death, so there was no way to blame the others.

    "Just pity that girl, I'm afraid that he's going to be implicated by this arrogant brat~"

    Many people shook their heads in lament.

    Abe Nakanami, however, laughed sarcastically, his bloodstained mouth looking down on Ye Fan like this.

    "Kid, don't you want to prove that you're strong?"

    "As long as you can survive under the gun, I'll admit that you're strong."


    "Next, let's, let's wait and see."

    In the midst of the cold laughter, Abe Nakanami immediately gave an order.

    Bang bang bang~.

    Several muffled sounds in quick succession, quietly rang out.

    Triggers rang out and fire snakes spewed.

    A few searing bullets then sped towards Ye Fan's chest at a speed that exceeded the sound barrier.


    "Brother Fanny, dodge it~"

    In that instant, Nan Chen burst into tears.

    He wailed miserably and cried out in grief.

    He recklessly threw himself at Ye Fan.

    At this moment, Nan Chen didn't care about her own life or death in the slightest.

    What she was afraid of was that Ye Fan would die because of him.


    "Nanny, are you crazy?"

    "That jerk is looking for death, are you going to die with him too?"

    "Come back, come back!"

    Seeing Nan Chen, who was like a moth to a flame, Professor An and the others were all anxious and shouted out.

    However, it was already too late.

    Nan Chen had already pounced on Ye Fan.

    "It's over~"

    "It's completely over!"

    "What's the matter with this silly girl?"

    Professor An howled, and his heart was also inexplicably a bit sad.

    Nan Chen was his favorite student, and now that she was in her flowery years, she was going to lose her fragrance, so Professor An naturally felt sorry for her.



    "Not just a poor country boy."

    "To die for him?"

    "Why bother?"

    "Chen Nan, Chen Nan, you're making a fool of yourself~"

    Kong Hui and Liang Haonan both shook their heads as well, only to feel unworthy for Chen Nan.

    But Abe Nakanan and the others looked on coldly, feeling no sense of guilt and even a few moments of the thrill of having their great revenge.


    "Bastard, it's over!"

    "If you've messed with me, then return it with your life."

    Yet and, just as Abe Nakanami was laughing fiercely.

    Suddenly, in front of where Ye Fan was standing, a golden light emerged.

    Immediately after, a dragon roar resounded through the four directions.

    Mighty and majestic, only like a gale, it swept the four directions!

    And then, in the midst of everyone's shocked and violent gazes, they vaguely saw that around Ye Fan's body, there was a golden dragon's virtual shadow lingering and hovering.

    It was as if, the Dragon God was protecting his body!

    "It's...This is..."


"It's...This is..."

    The bizarre scene in front of them almost shocked everyone's eyes.

    At one point, some people even felt that they, themselves, were hallucinating.

    After all, how could there be a golden light floating on a good, normal person?

    "Guess, it's a mistake, isn't it?"

    Professor An rubbed his eyes and said in a low voice.

    However, the tremors in the hearts of the crowd hadn't completely dissipated, and then, another bizarre scene appeared once again.

    Seeing those bullets, when they reached a ten foot radius around Ye Fan, it was as if they were stuck in a swamp, unable to move an inch.

    Finally, they fell helplessly.


    The crunching sound of the bullet falling to the ground, however, echoed throughout the hall.

    At this moment, everyone was dumbfounded.

    Even Nakai Hiroshi, who had been resting with his eyes closed, at this moment, a pair of old eyes opened wide.



    Nakai Hiroshi's old eyes crinkled, and his heart immediately rippled.


    "What's this about?"

    "What happened?"

    "Why did the bullet drop itself?"

    While Nakai Hiroshi was full of concentration, Liang Haonan and the others were staring at each other with dead eyes, so much so that they just screamed out in shock.

    Originally, they thought that Ye Fan would be beaten into a sieve under the bullets.

    However, who would have thought that those bullets would fall down by themselves before they got close enough.

    The bizarre scene undoubtedly shook everyone.


    "It didn't fall off by itself."

    "It must have something to do with that golden light~"

    "Damn, who the hell is this guy?"

    "Could it be that this young man in front of you is a martial artist just like Brother Hong Yi?"

    After all, Abe Nakanami was a man who had seen the world.

    After the initial shock and trepidation, he soon calmed down as well.

    He saw that scene just now very clearly.

    First, on Ye Fan's body, there was a flash of golden light.

    However, those bullets, then as if they were obstructed, they all fell down.

    Obviously, this was definitely the teenager's doing.

    However, this bizarre scene was beyond normal people's perception.

    Nearly instantly, then, Abe Nakanami connected Ye Fan with the martial artist.

    After all, back then, when Abe's master had fought for power, that time, Hiroichi Nakai, like Ye Fan, had fought hard against bullets.

    And Hiroshi Nakai, Hoku was a martial artist.

    "No wonder, a yellow-mouthed kid, daring to openly call the shots with me?"

    "No wonder, a nameless teenager dares to provoke my majesty?"

    "So that's what you're leaning on, young man."

    "Well, very well."

    "You really surprised me."

    Looking at the bullet fragments that fell to the ground, Abe Nakanami was full of gloom and smiled sensibly.

    There was no doubt that there was no more contempt and disdain in his gaze towards Ye Fan.

    For the first time, he began to formalize the young man in front of him.

    "However, that's all."

    "Young man, even if you have monstrous creations and refined means."

    "But, in front of me, Abe Nakanami, you're even a dragon!"

    "If you are a martial artist, I'll kill you today as well!"

    The sound of morbid coldness quietly rang out.

    And then, Abe Nakanami turned around openly, cupped his hands, and paid respectful homage to the old man behind him, "Brother Hiroshi, it looks like I'll have to trouble you again."

    "Next, it's up to you!"


    Abe Nakanami's muffled voice was like thunder, quietly exploding throughout the hall.

    In a split second, everyone looked stunned, a pair of pupils, suddenly tightened.

    "Is it possible that Mr. Nakanami is going to ask Hiroichi Nakai to do something?"

    "Oh my God!"

    "It looks like Mr. Zhongnan is really angry."


    "Even Nakai Hiroshi is going to step in?"

    "He's finished!"

    "The little Chinese boy is dead."


    Hearing Abe Nakanami's words, the surrounding guests exploded.

    All of them were horrified and were discussing as much as they could.

    One had to know that Koichi Nakai had sheltered Abe Nakanami for ten years and had personally pushed him to the top of the power hierarchy.

    He had been able to defy bullets and save Abe Nakanami from many assassins years ago.

    How terrifying the current Hiroichi Nakai was, I'm afraid no one knew anymore.

    "To be able to get Hiroichi to personally take action, young man, you're proud enough even if you fold here today."

    Abe Nakanami smiled proudly, looking as if he was winning.

    Others didn't know, but Abe Nakanami was aware of how strong Hiroichi Nakai was.

    Back then, the Lord of the Sword God Palace had all personally invited Nakai Hiroshi, to join the Sword God Palace.

    In the end, it was still rejected by him.

    All these years, Hiroichi Nakai disappeared in the martial arts, perhaps his reputation wasn't loud and not many people knew about him, but his strength, even in the entire Sun Country, was rarely matched.

    Wouldn't it be more than enough to kill a brat?

    As expected, under Abe Nakanami's entreaties, Nakai Hiroshi, who had been sitting steadily in the middle account, got up openly.

    In fact, from the moment there was a golden light surfacing on Ye Fan's body just now, Hiroichi Nakai's gaze had already fallen over and never moved away again.

    At this time, he stepped down from his high seat under the attention of the crowd, until he stopped a few meters in front of Ye Fan.

    His face was expressionless, and his gloomy eyes were just like this as he sized up the young man in front of him.

    He didn't do anything immediately, but with a heavy face, he asked the young man in front of him in a deep voice, "Are you a Huaxia?"

    "Or what?"

    Ye Fan laughed back, no politeness in his tone.


    "You brat, how dare you be so rude to Mr. Nakai?"

    "I think you're looking for death!"There were people yelling angrily at each other.

    However, Hiroichi Nakai waved his hand, signaling for these men to shut up.

    He still looked at Ye Fan and continued to ask, "Looking at your means just now, I'm sure that you are by no means a nobody in the martial arts world, right?"

    "I wonder if Your Excellency can tell me the name."

    "The Chinese martial art is famous throughout the ages, perhaps I, Hiroichi Nakai, have heard of your name in Thailand?"

    Hiroichi Nakai asked in a deep voice.

    As the saying goes, a connoisseur will know when there is one.

    Just now, Ye Fan relied on his protective body abstruse energy to block the bullet.

    This tactic, even Nakai Hiroichi wasn't confident that he could do better than him.

    Therefore, at that time, Nakai Hiroichi judged that the young man in front of him was probably not a nobody in the martial arts world.

    Out of curiosity, Hiroichi Nakai also asked a few more questions.

    However, it was unlikely that Hiroichi Nakai had ever dreamed that it was these few more questions he asked that would ultimately save his life, right?

    Faced with Nakai Hong Yi's question, Ye Fan did not conceal anything, the corners of his mouth curled up and smiled teasingly, faintly saying back, "Chu Tian Fan."

    A sparse and ordinary tone, three words so ordinary that when he first heard it, Hiroichi Nakai didn't react at all, just nodded his head and didn't say anything.

    However, right after that, Hiroichi Nakai realized a few things were wrong, and his entire body stalled slightly.


    "No, the name~"

    "Chu Tian Fan..."


    "Still a teenager in his early twenties..."

    "Difficult...Is he...Is he...?!!!"


    It was as if thunder struck down.

    The moment he thought of this, Nakai Hiroshi trembled, his entire body immediately muddled in place, and his pair of old eyes, staring huge.


Outside, the sky river stood across.

    The cold wind, wrapped in the sea's unique moisture, swept across the city.

    Two days had passed since the peak battle between Ye Fan and Xuezhao.

    During these two days, the entire martial world was treacherous.

    Chu Tian Fan's name was still fermenting in the world's martial dao world.

    The martial arts masters of various countries even searched for the young Chinese boy who had become famous in one battle at various ports and airports.

    However, how could they know that this legendary teenager who was in the limelight was in a hotel in the winter capital of Japan, attending a reception hosted by Abe Chunan.

    The hall was a mess.

    The reception was originally peaceful, but because of Ye Fan's presence, it was no longer peaceful.

    Filled with hatred, Abe Nakanami and the others looked coldly at the young man in front of them, waiting for Nakai Hiroshi to make a move to kill him.

    However, surprisingly, after Ye Fan said his name, Hiroichi Nakai was as if he was dumbfounded and flinched in place, not moving for a long time.


    "Hiroshi, what are you still floundering for?"

    "Why don't you do it now and help me slaughter this Chinese junior?!"

    "Not only did this son disrupt our reception, but he also injured someone, and he dared to attack me?"

    "He danged ten thousand deaths!"

    Abe Nakanami could be said to hate Ye Fan to the bone.

    When his father was still alive, he hadn't even beaten him like this.

    Now that he had been in a high position for a long time, he had become the head of the family and was at the top of the Japanese power.

    However, this damned bastard dared to kick him in public.

    Today, if he didn't slaughter this Chu Tianfan, in the future, would he not become the joke of the entire high society in Abe Zhongnan?

    However, in the face of Abe Nakanami's words, it was as if Nakai Hiroshi hadn't heard them.

    The entire person was still standing there, and whether it was because of the wind blowing up his sleeves or not, Abe Nakanami noticed that Hiroshi Nakai's entire body, seemed to be trembling slightly.


    "Hiroshi?"Abe Nakanami tried another shout.



    The others also looked over curiously.

    However, just as everyone was puzzled, in the next moment, Hiroichi Nakai, who had been silent for a long time, finally moved.

    Only to see him step forward, cupping his hands, bowing and bending over, in the most respectful tone and the most humble posture, he worshipped Ye Fan in fear.

    "I didn't know that Mr. Chu had made a great visit, but junior Hiroichi Nakai has missed the opportunity to welcome you, please forgive me, sir!"

    Nakai Hiroshi bowed and worshiped, and in his words, there was awe, trepidation, and even a strong apology.

    However, after the words fell, there was dead silence.

    Everyone, all trembled!

    "What the..."

    "What the fuck is going on here?"

    Professor An and the others were muddled in place, dumbfounded.

    "Brother Hong Yi, you...You?"

    Abe Nakanami was even more struck by lightning, his pupils crumpled and his old eyes, even closer to staring into the size of bronze bells.

    "Mr. Chu...Mr. Chu?Late...Late?"

    Nan Chen's entire body was also startled.

    A pair of jade hands, lightly covering her red lips.In her beautiful eyes, there was trembling.

    She couldn't figure out why the old man in front of her, who had commanded the respect of even Abe Zhongnan, had suddenly become so respectful in front of her Little Brother Fan.

    Could it be that he knew about her Little Brother Fan, who was the esteem of Jiangdong?

    But, that wasn't right either.

    Even if he knew the identity of Ye Fan's Jiangdong Respect, what could he do?

    A small Jiang Dong was not so scrupulous and fearful as to make such a big man who reigned over a country.

    "Isn't this guy called Ye Fan, what Mr. Chu?"

    "Engage in what?"

    "Mistaken identity, right?"

    Kong Hui also felt unimaginable and stared in shock.

    The others looked at this scene and trembled even more, waves of shock sweeping through their hearts.

    After all, an old man who was so respected by even Abe Nakanami was calling himself a junior in front of a teenager.

    This was undoubtedly a horrifying matter.

    "Chu...Mr. Chu?"

    "What Mr. Chu?"

    "Hiroshi...Hiroshi, this...What's going on here?"

    "Do, do you know him?"

    After a brief tremor, it was obvious that Abe Nakanami also realized that there was something fishy going on, and then with trepidation, he asked in a low voice.

    However, in the face of Abe Nakanami's question, Hiroichi Nakai gloomed his old face and said coldly.

    "We'll talk about the unnecessary words later."

    "If you still want to live a few more years, hurry over and apologize to Mr. Chu."

    "Otherwise, even I, even I can't keep you today."


    Nakai Hiroshi's words were like a sword that plunged into Abe Nakanami's heart.

    At that time, Abe Nakanami's old face swished white.

    The entire man was nearly scared to death.

    Even Hiroichi Nakai, couldn't even save him?

    Jesus, who the hell is he messing with?

    In a split second, Abe Nakanami was muddled in place, not daring to move, so all that was left in his heart was fear and trepidation.


    "Still fucking standing?"

    "Why don't you come over here and apologize to Mr. Chu?"

    "You really don't want to live?"

    Nakai Hiroshi's words were urgent, and in his tone, it was obvious that he had run out of patience.

    If it wasn't for the sake of the many years of friendship, in fact, Nakai Hiroshi would probably have to slaughter him, not to mention help him.

    After all, Abe Nakanami, the son of a bitch, had almost gotten him killed ah!

    Who is this man in front of me, Chu Tian Fan?

    Eleventh on the list, the best in Asia!

    Single-handedly, he stepped on the entire Japanese nation.

    Even Xuezhao, was defeated under his feet.

    Today's Chu Tian Fan, in the martial world, that's a fucking immortal.

    Don't even mention going to kill him, even if he lent Nakai Hiroshi ten guts, he wouldn't dare to provoke Ye Fan in the slightest ah.

    This is fucking too long for life, looking for death!

    Having said that, Abe Nakanami undoubtedly realized that today, I'm afraid that I've really messed with the iron plate.

    Even his own befriended brother, in front of him, called himself senior and was so respectful.

    It could be imagined that this Chu Tianfan's true identity was fearfully remarkable, right?

    Abe Nakanami was by no means someone who couldn't see the situation clearly, and after a brief shudder, he hurried forward to apologize as Nakai Hiroshi had said.


    "That, Chu...Mr. Chu, misunderstanding, it's all a misunderstanding."

    "It is I, Abe Nakanami, who have no eyes and have offended you."

    "It's all my fault."

    "It's my lack of eyesight~"

    Abe Nakanami was obviously terrified and terrified as well.

    Bending down, bowing his head, smiling with his face full of company, he couldn't stop apologizing to Ye Fan.

    At this time, where was the Abe Nakanami who still had half of his previous majesty.

    In front of Ye Fan, that humble appearance was as if Ye Fan was a dog.

    This scene undoubtedly looked stunned to Kong Hui and the others.

    Who would have thought that such a monstrous reversal of the original situation where Ye Fan was bound to die would occur?

    The head of the family, the leader of the Japanese nation, turns to a country boy and grovels so low?


    "This is a fucking mistake, isn't it?"

    "This Ye Fan, isn't he just a poor kid from the countryside, when did he become a big shot?"

    "How dare you let, such a big man as Abe Nakanami, worship like this?"

    Kong Hui and Liang Haonan's group were filled with incredulity, staring at each other with dead eyes and losing their voices.

    Finally, in confusion, they turned their heads to look at Nan Chen.

    "Nan Nan, what's going on?"

    "Your boyfriend, isn't he a redneck?"

    "How is this..."

    In response to the questions from Kong Hui and the others, Nan Chen paralyzed his hands, indicating that he was also confused.


After knowing Ye Fan for so long, Chen Nan was able to witness the man in front of her, from being an unappreciated teenager in the Sheng Tian Restaurant, step by step, he had risen to the top of power in Jiangdong.

    In Jianghai City, Ye Fan casually punched and excelled the crowd!

    At the foot of Mt. Tai, Ye Fan saved the world and made a sensation in Jiangdong!

    On the Cloud Mist Lake, Ye Fan invited the group to a banquet, and the scenery was limitless.

    Nan Chen felt that she already knew the man in front of her well enough.

    But at this moment, she just realized that she was wrong.

    And it was a big mistake!

    She thought that she had seen all of Lushan's true face, but little did she know that what Ye Fan had revealed was only the tip of the iceberg.

    To be able to make a figure like Abe Chunan pay such homage to him.Chen Nan was very clear that Ye Fan was afraid that Ye Fan was never as simple as just being the esteem of Jiangdong.

    "Mr. Chu, I'm truly sorry."

    "It's all a misunderstanding."

    "This brother of mine hasn't seen the world and doesn't know your identity, so he made a joke."

    "I hope that Mr. Chu will be generous enough to spare him this time."

    "I promise, there won't be a next time."

    As Abe Nakanami apologized, Hiroki Nakai was also on the sidelines to round things up.

    Ye Fan smiled faintly, and his calm gaze looked at Abe Nakanami in front of him just like this.

    It was the biting coldness of it, but it made Abe Nakanami walk on thin ice as if he was in an abyss.

    "Mr. Zhongnan, now, do you think that I, Chu, belong to the former or the latter?"

    Ye Fan's low and slow words quietly rang out.

    The clear face was full of teasing.

    Yes, in fact, to the very beginning, Ye Fan had never cared about Abe Chunan.

    What world family head, what Japanese country bigwig.

    In Ye Fan's eyes, they were nothing more than tiny insects and dust.

    The entire martial dao of the country of Japan has been stepped down by Ye Fan, even the god of faith of the country of Japan, Moon Reader, also worships Ye Fan.

    To Ye Fan, the country of Japan is now a no man's land.

    How would Ye Fan care about the head of a small secular family?

    However, hearing Ye Fan's words, Abe Chunan was about to cry.

    "Mr. Chu, do you want to stop playing with me?"

    "Is it kill or cut you say something?"

    "I really know I was wrong."

    "It really was just a misunderstanding~"

    Although it was still unclear who the man in front of him was, but out of trust in Nakai Koichi, Abe Nakanami already knew that this man was definitely someone that his Abe family could not afford to mess with.

    Otherwise, why would Nakai Koichi be posturing so low in front of him?

    "A misunderstanding?"


    "Your repeated bullying of Nan Nan is an ulterior motive, or a misunderstanding, you know it very well!"

    Ye Fan snapped harshly, frightening Abe Chunan's old face which then paled several points.

    "Originally, you dang must die."

    "But seeing that your brother is also quite reasonable and argues right and wrong, for his sake, I can give you the chance to live."

    "Now, go and apologize to Nan Nan."

    "If she accepts it, you may live."

    "Or else, this is the table!"

    Ye Fan's words trailed off while a palm slapped down, and the table and chairs in front of him instantly shattered into annihilating powder and scattered in the world.


    This scene horrified Abe Nakanami to the core.

    He didn't say anything, but looked to his brother, Hiroichi Nakai, for help.

    Hiroichi Nakai shook his head and sighed, "Hey~"

    "You always have to forgive the sins you make yourself."

    "Zhongnan, you go ahead and do what Mr. Chu says."

    "It's up to you whether you live or die, it's up to your own destiny."

    Hiroichi Nakai's words chilled Abe Nakanami's heart halfway when he heard them.

    It looked like that, his own life and death was really going to be tied up in the hands of a woman.

    Helplessly, Abe Nakanami could only go to beg Chen Nan.

    "Little...Little Brother Fan, it's still your decision~"

    How could a weak woman like Nan Chen dare to decide the life or death of a Japanese bigwig.

    At this time, Nan Chen was pale and terrified as she returned.

    Ye Fan, however, faintly returned, "It's fine, just decide.With me here, no need to be afraid."

    "If you let him live, he will live, if you let him die, he will die."

    "Just follow your true heart."

    Ye Fan said in a light-hearted manner.

    To Ye Fan, the life and death of Abe Nakanami was simply insignificant.

    After all, to someone like Ye Fan who stood at the peak of power, how could he care about a mundane life or death?

    All he cared about was the happiness and sorrow of those around him.

    In the end, Chen Nan still kept Abe Chunan alive.

    After all, she was just a student, so how could she be ruthless enough to let Ye Fan kill for her?

    After hearing Chen Nan's words, Abe Nakanami was as if he had been pardoned.

    He smiled widely and thanked her repeatedly.

    "Thank you, Miss Chen, thank you, Mr. Chu."

    "Quickly, the two of you quickly take your seats."

    "Today, I, Abe Nakanami, will be the host and personally apologize for the two of you."

    Having escaped from death, Abe Nakanami was naturally overjoyed, and whirled around to set up a banquet to apologize to both Ye Fan and Chen Nan.

    At the wine table, however, Hiroichi Nakai asked Ye Fan about some things.

    "Mr. Chu, I heard that now, you haven't joined any organization yet?"

    "The Warrior God Temple, it didn't give you a title either?"

    Nakai Hiroshi asked in a deep voice.

    Evan nodded.

    "It's true, huh?"


    "I can only say that the Huaxia Martial Shrine really has eyes but no insight."

    "How about it, Mr. Chu, are you interested, in joining our Thai Martial Doctrine?"

    "Our King of Thailand has said that if you are willing to join, the terms are open to you."

    "Even if the position of Thailand's martial arts leader is given to you, it's still possible?"

    Hiroichi Nakai was full of expectations.

    Yes, his return to the Japanese Kingdom this time was to take orders from the King of Thailand to go to the Japanese Kingdom to find Ye Fan and try to get him to join the Thai martial arts.

    Back then, Hiroichi Nakai joined the Thai martial arts in order to study the ancient Thai boxing.

    Therefore, although Hiroichi Nakai was from the Japanese Kingdom, he was no longer part of the Japanese martial art now.

    Ye Fan slaughtered so many strong people of the Japanese Kingdom, naturally, Hiroichi Nakai didn't even care.

    "Oh, to let me, a Warsaw man, rule your Thai Martial Dao?"

    "You Tai King, you're really lifting me up."

    Ye Fan smiled with interest as he lightly sipped his turbid tea.

    He didn't expect that he had become meat and potatoes now.In order to invite him, the Thai Martial Tao had even put forward such a condition.

    While Ye Fan was talking with Hiroichi Nakai, Chen Nan, who was next to Ye Fan, couldn't understand what they were saying as if he was listening to a book from heaven.Just keeping his head down, drinking tea there in silence.

    And this also made Nan Chen feel more and more that his little brother Fan was becoming more and more mysterious.

    That feeling was as if he and he were from two worlds.

    Obviously they were so close at the moment, but Nan Chen felt that they were far apart.

    For the first time in his life, it made Nan Chen feel that he, himself, was so small.

    "But, brother Fan, I won't give up."

    "I, Nan Chen, will definitely work harder."

    "Even if, not the industry you're in, to catch up with you.But I must also be like you, in another industry, and stand at the pinnacle."

    Nan Chen whispered in her heart, and there was determination in her eyebrows.

    Not because of anything, but just because, she wanted to be closer to Ye Fan's world, a little closer.


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