Dish Best Served Cold 951-955


Chapter 951


    Kong Hui's words left Nan Chen speechless.

    In fact, Nan Chen originally wanted to say that her Little Brother Fan was also very powerful, berating Jiangdong, and countless big shots listened to his orders.

    However, the words that came to her lips, Chen Nan didn't say it after all.

    Kong Hui and the others were right, this was the Winter Capital, the capital city of the Japanese State, and its prosperity could be ranked among the top in the world.

    Places like Jiangdong were not even looked down upon by Kong Hui and the others, let alone Winter Capital.

    I guess the people of this Winter Capital city had never even heard of it.

    As the saying goes, there is a sky outside the sky, and there are people outside the people.

    The esteem of Jiangdong might be able to dominate Jiangdong, but in a place like Winter Capital, where top dignitaries gathered, it was still not enough after all.

    Therefore, Nan Chen didn't say anything else in the end.

    Instead, he looked at Ye Fan and whispered, "Brother Fan, why don't we take it easy, I'll go live in that staff room."

    But Ye Fan smiled lightly, "It's fine."

    "Where to sleep is not sleeping."

    "Professor An is right, the Hilton is a big hotel, and the staff room is much more luxurious than the hotels outside."

    "I'm not at a disadvantage."

    Ye Fan smiled faintly, no one knew whether Ye Fan's words were sincere or sarcastic.

    However, among those present, except for Nan Chen, the rest of them didn't care about Ye Fan's opinion.

    An insignificant person was just an insignificant person, and if it wasn't for Nan Chen's face, someone dressed like this probably wouldn't have been able to enter this hotel.

    After getting his room card, Ye Fan also followed Nan Chen and the others towards the reception.

    The luxurious hall was glorious.

    The crystal chandeliers flickered with colorful light.

    In the ears, there was a melodious tune reverberating.

    The surrounding wine tables were filled with delicious delicacies.

    In the middle of the dance floor, there were handsome men and women dancing together.

    The whole atmosphere was very relaxed and happy.

    It was obvious that the main host of the cocktail party hadn't arrived yet, and there were some guests chatting around.

    Nan Chen and the others also quickly found a table and took their seats.


    "That old man with the eight beard, he seems to be the vice president of the Yasuda Foundation Manager's Club, right?"

    "When I visited Warsaw back then, Yanjing's side was received as a state guest."


    "My God, isn't that the Foreign Minister of Japan?"

    "That's probably all senior ministry officials in Warsaw, right?"

    "This is all here?"


    "Sensei, it seems that this Abe family is very powerful in Japan, huh?"


    At the wine table, Ye Fan was just quietly sipping tea.

    He almost never drank, and Mu Orange didn't like it.Therefore, every time at the wine table, Ye Fan would have a pot of tea brought to him.

    Today was no exception.

    The soaring heat, mixed with the dense aroma of tea, was refreshing.

    And Kong Hui was not idle, after taking her seat, she looked around, observing the surrounding guests.

    Kong Hui planned to come to Japan to study at the doctoral stage, so she was very concerned about some of the things in the Japanese country.

    Some of the household names in Japan, Kong Hui also recognized them at a glance.

    Professor An nodded, "That's natural."

    "The Abe family is one of the five top giants that rule the Japanese Kingdom."

    "Generations of officials!"

    "The current Lord of Japan is from the Abe family."

    "These centuries-old families, their heritage has been powerful to your imagination."

    "Today is a cocktail party held by the head of the Abe family, so naturally there will be many top dignitaries gathered to attend."

    Professor An said in a deep voice.

    The more Kong Hui listened, the more shocked she became, she didn't expect that the Abe family they were going to work with this time would be so powerful.

    Yes, now that Professor An was carrying out a scientific research project, the main cooperation was conveniently Abe's family business.

    "Speaking of which, it's thanks to Honan."

    "If it wasn't for Haonan pulling the strings for me, it would be impossible for us to cooperate with the Abe family for our project."

    "Haonan, here's a toast to you, Teacher."

    In between the words, Professor An, however, raised his cup to Liang Haonan.


    "Teacher, you're welcome."

    "This is what a student should do."Liang Haonan laughed, being toasted by his mentor himself, Liang Haonan was undoubtedly proud of himself.

    "Xiaohui ah, you have found a good home."

    "When you marry Haonan in the future, you'll be waiting to be a broad wife."

    "But the Haonan family is in Yanjing City, it has considerable power?"

    "By the way, when are you guys going to get married, remember to invite me for the wedding banquet ah."

    Professor An's few people laughed.

    In the end, Professor An looked at Nan Chen at the side again.

    "Nan Nan ah, these students of the teacher are most relieved to see you."

    "Kong Hui and the others are all locals from Yanjing, you're the only one from a small place."

    "The outward appearance is very superior, but unfortunately, you are not deep in the world, inexperienced, and easily coaxed."

    "Teacher has been worried about you meeting someone else, so I've been thinking of introducing my nephew to you."

    "My nephew he's spirited, his family is also very good, several houses in Yanjing, teacher always thought you two are a good match."

    "Before, you kept refusing, I thought you were too discerning to see my nephew."

    "Now it seems that I was wrong."

    "It's not that you have high vision, it's that you have a unique vision,"

    Professor An said jokingly, but the words clearly showed that he looked down on Ye Fan.

    After all, this guy in front of him couldn't compare to his nephew in any way.

    As far as appearance is concerned, his nephew was 1.85 meters tall and handsome, and he studied film and television, which was a profession that relied on his face for food, and his appearance was absolutely nothing to say.

    It is not necessary to say that the background, Yanjing and other inch of land and gold, a set of houses are nearly ten million.

    The nephew's family has several sets, people go to college are driving more than half a million Mercedes Benz.

    Professor An is extremely fond of Chen Nan's son.

    If it wasn't for the fact that his son had already started a family, he would have had to take Chen Nan as his daughter-in-law.

    But fortunately, he has a nephew who is similar in age, so Professor An has always wanted to take Chen Nan as his nephew-in-law and also count him as a member of his An family.

    But who would have thought that Professor An would naturally be a little unhappy with such a product coming in halfway.

    "Teacher, you can't judge people by their looks."

    "Perhaps, my brother Ye Fan's family is also a giant?"

    "Isn't that right, Brother Evan?"

    Liang Haonan smiled and asked.

    Actually, looking at Ye Fan's dress, he didn't look like a noble son of a powerful family at all.

    But to win Nan Chen's heart, there has to be something outstanding about him.

    Therefore, Liang Haonan and the others thought that Ye Fan's family background should be extraordinary.

    It was just that he was a low-key person, so he was dressed very ordinary.

    But to the surprise of Liang Haonan and the others, Ye Fan shook his head back and said, "I'm disappointed for you guys."

    "I come from an ordinary background, my ancestors mostly farmed in the countryside, not a family of dignitaries."



    "You're a farmer's son?"

    "Is there a mistake?"

    "Nanny, are you crazy?"

    Kong Hui screamed right out in shock.


"Dude, you're kidding, right?"

    Liang Haonan, who was on the side, was also shocked.

    He couldn't believe that the beauty in front of him, who had caused countless noble sons in Yanjing to fold their arms, ended up looking at someone who was a shabby family.

    Previously, Liang Haonan had actually pursued Chen Nan in a subtle manner, but seeing that Chen Nan had no response, he thought that people didn't see him as good enough.

    After all, at that time, there were many noble sons in the school who pursued Chen Nan with better conditions than him.

    But Liang Haonan had never thought to death that a good cabbage would be arched by a pig?

    If what Ye Fan said was true, then wouldn't that mean that in Chen Nan's eyes, he, Liang Haonan, couldn't even compare to a poor boy from the countryside?

    This was undoubtedly difficult for the always proud Liang Haonan to accept.

    However, in the face of Liang Haonan's question, Ye Fan only smiled, "Believe it or not, it's up to you."

    After saying that, Ye Fan bowed his head and drank his tea.

    Professor An, who was next to him, however, unbelievably asked Nan Chen, "Nan Nan, what he just said, is it all true?"

    "Is he really just a farmer's son, a country boy?"

    Faced with the teacher's question, Nan Chen naturally did not conceal it.

    However, the tone of Professor An and the others, however, made Nan Chen very unhappy.

    It was as if, in their mouths, her Little Brother Fan was as bad as if he was.

    So, Chen Nan, who was unhappy in her heart, immediately said back, "Yes, teacher, my brother Xiaofan is from an ordinary background.But, what does that mean?"

    "It's not like I, Nan Chen, like a person's background and family background."

    "It's that Brother Fan is an orphan, as long as he is good enough in himself, I just like him."

    "It is that the son of the richest man in the world is not as good as my Little Brother Fan in my eyes."


    Nan Chen's words were dumbfounded as he disowned Professor An and the others.


    "You're a real devil's advocate, you ninny."

    "We also know that heroes don't ask where they came from, but in this world nowadays, the starting point is often what determines one's end point."

    "It's easy to say that, my humble son.Our Huaxia is bustling with billions of people, how many humble sons can we produce?"

    "Forget it, a lover's eye is a lover's eye, it's your personal life, and we're outsiders and really in no position to say anything."

    "Suit yourself."

    Professor An also knew that if he continued, this Nan Chen wouldn't be in earshot.

    He sort of saw that this Ye Fan in front of him had already brainwashed Nan Chen.

    It was useless to say more.

    Liang Haonan and Kong Hui both saw the situation and naturally didn't mention it anymore.

    Perhaps Liang Haonan had some grievances and jealousy in his heart, but Kong Hui was in a good mood.

    Among women, there is always a bit of comparison.

    Previously, all the noble sons in the school pursued Chen Nan with all their lives, and naturally Kong Hui was envious and jealous of this.

    She had always thought that Chen Nan's future home would be better than her boyfriend's, and that she would be inferior to Chen Nan for the rest of her life.

    But now it seemed that she had thought too much.

    That silly ninny, Nan Chen, had actually been picked up by a hick.

    Kong Hui was undoubtedly much more psychologically balanced.

    No matter how good-looking and popular she was, so what could she do?

    The boyfriends you find are not as good as yourself.

    "Out of the way, all of you, make way."

    Just before the hall before Nan Chen spoke, there was a sudden uproar.

    Immediately after, a line of more than a dozen people, in suits and suits, poured in directly as if they were the tide.

    Soon, a pathway was separated between the crowd.

    These people stood on both sides, hands clasped in front of their abdomens, waiting there with respectful eyes.

    Suddenly, the entire atmosphere of the hall was tense as well.

    "It looks like the head of the Abe family, has arrived."

    In the hall, someone guessed in a low voice.

    Sure enough, as soon as the words fell out, a rich and powerful middle-aged man then walked in under the crowd of people.

    "Haonan, is he the head of the Abe family?"Kong Hui asked curiously as she sized up the man.

    Liang Haonan nodded, "Well, he is the head of this huge family, with an extremely high seniority, and he is also quite powerful in the Japanese Kingdom."

    "Really?But, I don't think he's kindly-eyed, like a big man with a lot of power, do you?"Kong Hui shook her head.

    However, Liang Haonan hadn't spoken yet, but Professor An shook his head and laughed, "This is called real people not showing their faces."

    "The more people who are in high positions, the more ordinary they will feel at a glance."

    "As the Taoists say, returning to the basics is the truth,"

    Professor An said in a long-winded manner, and Kong Hui on the side nodded her head in a seemingly comprehensible manner.

    In between their conversations, however, that Abe family master had already walked through the corridor and entered the hall.

    Professor An and the others saw the situation and quickly got up to greet him.

    "Hello, Mr. Nakanami, I've heard a lot about your name, today..."

    The man's full name was Abe Nakanami, so Professor An honored him with Mr. Nakanami.

    However, before both Professor An and Liang Haonan could finish this sentence, they were stopped by the security guard next to Abe Nakanami, who pushed them directly to the side.

    "Get out of the way, didn't you hear?"

    "The noble guest invited by the master of the house is approaching, if you guys rushed the noble guest, can you afford it?"

    The bodyguard snapped sternly.

    Scared Prof. An and the others' faces went white and they retreated several steps in a row, not daring to say anything else.

    As for Anbe Zhongnan, he even didn't even look at the three of them.

    After all, Professor An and the others were just minor characters who had come to beg for investment, there were special people responsible for such trivial matters in normal times, so Abe Zhongnan naturally didn't care about them.

    At this time, Abe Nakanami also stood in front of the person, his formerly dignified face slightly salutary, as if he was preparing to greet someone.


    "Is this Mr. Nakanami waiting for someone?"

    "My God, what must that man be to have the head of the Abe family himself standing before the gatehouse to greet him?"

    "I'm afraid it's a big deal, too!"

    The surrounding guests trembled at the sight of it and discussed it.

    Finally, as a silhouette of a man approached outside, the many men in front, who were separated to the left and right, bowed and worshiped the hall.

    "Welcome, Mr. Nakai Hiroshi!"


    "Welcome, Koichi-san Nakai!"


    The sounds of reverence and respect were like a torrent sweeping past .

    Just like this, amidst the worship of the crowd, a hale and hearty old man with tiger eyes stepped up the steps.

    In between the dragon and tiger steps, but it actually brought up a dao of cold wind to roll past.


    "Hiroshi Nakai?"

    "Abe Nakanami's befriended brother?"

    Hearing the name of Hiroshi Nakai, someone in the crowd cried out in direct surprise.


    "Befriending a big brother?"

    "What the hell?"Many people looked at each other, clearly baffled.


"Don't you know?"

    "I heard that this Abe Nakanami had previously gone out to be attacked before he had even inherited the family's head."

    "In the end, if it wasn't for being saved by Hiroshi Nakai, who just happened to be passing by, I guess the Abe family's headship would have to be replaced today."

    "See that scar on Nakanami-san's nose?"

    "It was the one left by the bullet that grazed the tip of his nose during the attack."

    "It is for this reason that, in gratitude to Hiroichi Nakai, Abe Nakanami directly befriended him as a brother of the opposite sex. "

    "Later, Hiroichi Nakai stayed with Mr. Nakanami for ten years and eventually escorted him to the position of head of the family."

    "After that, I heard that Hiroichi Nakai left the Japanese Kingdom to travel to South Asia."

    "Looks like he's finally back today."

    "I had been curious as to why Mr. Nakanami was suddenly holding a reception, so it was to give Nakai Hiroshi a reception."

    The people in the crowd, who had some knowledge of the matter, said with trepidation.

    The more the rest of them listened, the more interesting they found it.

    "I didn't expect that Mr. Nakanami, who is now a handy man in the Japanese Kingdom, once had this legendary story?"

    "That Hiroichi Nakai, who was able to save Nakanami-san from the gunman, must be pretty good, right?"

    "That's natural."

    "It's said that back then, Hiroichi Nakai was able to carry bullets in his flesh, do you think it's awesome?"

    "If it wasn't for the close protection of Hiroshi Nakai, Mr. Nakanami would probably have perished in the middle of a brutal family fight."

    In the hall, everyone was saying one thing to each other.

    Suddenly, the name Hiroichi Nakai became mysterious and tall in the hearts of the crowd.

    By now, they finally understood why Abe Nakanami was so courteous to Nakai Koichi.

    It wasn't just a life-saver, it was a near-rebirth of grace.

    According to what they said, Abe Nakanami's current position was all pushed up by him.

    Abe Nakanami naturally respected him a hundred times.

    As expected, after Hiroichi Nakai appeared, Abe Nakanami also welcomed him at once.

    Grasping Hiroichi Nakai's hand, his eyes were filled with excitement and laughter, almost old tears ah.

    "Brother Hiroshi, after so many years, you're finally back."

    "My brother missed you, it's so bitter."


    "Quick, take a seat."

    "Let's sit down and talk."

    "I have so much to say to you?"

    Excited hearts, trembling hands.

    Reunited for many years, Abe Nakanami was close to tears.

    At this time, where is the slightest hint of the dignified appearance of a dignitary big brother, in front of Nakai Hongichi, really is like a brother who misses his brother.

    In this way, under the crowded crowd, Abe Chunan and Nakai Hiroshi stepped into the hall, to achieve the honorable position in the hall.

    By now, it would undoubtedly be time to get down to business.

    All the guests on all sides came forward and toasted Abe Chunan and Hiroichi Nakai.

    Nakai seemed to be a man of few words, and apart from a few words with Abe Chunan, he paid no attention to anyone else.

    He just sat on the seat of honor, quietly sipping tea.

    Abe Nakanami was the only one who smiled and accepted the toast from everyone.

    "Hello, Mr. Nakanami."

    "On behalf of Huaqing University, I would like to toast you with this cup of wine."

    "Thank you for your financial support for our research project."

    At this time, Professor An also led his students, who were carrying red wine, to respectfully step forward and toast Abe Nakanami.


    "Huaqing University?"

    "You are?"

    Abe Nakanami clearly didn't know them and frowned for a moment.

    It wasn't until the assistant beside him, who reminded him of a few words, that Abe Chunan was able to figure out the identity of Professor An and his group.

    "Oh, so they are people from Warsaw who have come to exchange and cooperate."

    "I accept the gesture, so there's no need to drink the wine."

    Abe Nakanami waved his hand, obviously not wanting to waste time on them all.

    "Mr. Nakanami, the wine is still needed."

    "Our gratitude, but it's in the wine?"

    Kong Hui came out at that moment and advised with a smile.

    Abe Nakanami raised an eyebrow, he was most annoyed with people interrupting when he was talking.

    However, just as Abe Nakanami had just looked up, ready to angrily rebuke Kong Hui, he suddenly noticed the manly woman beside Kong Hui.

    Only Nan Chen's petite body was like jade, and her slim-fit dress outlined her figure in a rugged way.

    In particular, Nan Chen's slender jade legs were intoxicating.

    Even Abe Zhongnan, who had seen a lot of beautiful women, was only amazed the moment he saw Nan Chen.

    "Who is this?"Abe Chunan asked curiously.

    Professor An saw the situation and quickly answered, "This is one of my students, called Chen Nan."

    "Well, the figure is very good."

    "It's rare to find a woman with such a graceful figure in Japan."Abe Zhongnan did not mince words of praise and smiled in appreciation.

    Nan Chen was embarrassed and thanked, "Thank you.I've been practicing dance since I was a child, so I'm a little more concerned about my physical stature."

    "Oh, do you still know how to dance?"

    "Can more than just Miss Chen do us the honor of dancing one right here, to help us all out?"Abe Nakanami smiled.

    "This~" Nan Chen was in a bit of a dilemma.

    She had come here to meet the world with her teacher, and was considered a guest.

    Now that Abe Nakanami had asked her to dance to help with the fun, what did he take her for, a kabuki for people to watch?

    Naturally, Nan Chen didn't want to agree, however, he didn't dare to refuse directly.

    "Fine, it's Nan Nan's honor to have Mr. Zhong Nan speak up personally."

    "Nan Nan, what are you waiting for, why don't you give Mr. Zhongnan a dance."

    Professor An then urged towards Chu Nan.

    If this time, they were able to cheer up Abe Chunan, maybe someone would invest heavily in all of his projects in the future.

    "But teacher, I don't want to jump."

    Nan Chen bowed his head and whispered to Professor An.


    "Nan Nan, don't be silly?"

    "Mr. Zhongnan is our golden master, offend her and our project will be scrapped."

    "Just help the teacher for once, okay?"

    Professor An couldn't help but advise.

    Eventually, Nan Chen bit the bullet and agreed.


    Abe Zhongnan was suddenly delighted, while announcing to the crowd, "Everyone, quiet down for a moment, next, let's enjoy the Chinese dance that Miss Chen, brought to us."

    Soon, amidst the melodious music, Nan Chen danced on the dance floor as if she were a butterfly.

    She used her delicate steps, the heavy ringing of the bell, the slow movement of light clouds, and the swift turn of the whirlwind to dance like the sadness of a poem's separation and joy.

    The stunningly beautiful face and graceful dance posture drew applause.

    "Brother Hong Yi, how is this girl?"

    "How about I take you on as an assistant?"

    "After all these years, you're all alone, it's about time you found a woman to take care of your food and clothing."

    Abe Nakanami was obviously extremely impressed with Nan Chen, so he thought of gifting her to Hiroki Nakai.

    Nakai Hiroshi only looked up, then bowed his head again and drank tea without speaking.

    When Abe Nakanami saw this, he smiled

    He felt that it was Koichi Nakai who had acquiesced.

    "This old wood has finally blossomed."

    Abe Nakanami chuckled lightly, while he then called out to Nan Chen who had finished dancing.


"Miss Nan Chen is it?"

    "It's a beautiful name."

    "As beautiful as your dancing."

    "Here's a toast to you."

    Looking at the beautiful woman in front of him, Abe Zhongnan smiled faintly.

    At the same time, he ordered the waiter to bring a glass of wine to Chen Nan.

    "I'm sorry, Mr. Zhongnan."

    "I don't know how to drink."

    Nan Chen shook his head repeatedly, saying that he wouldn't drink.

    But when Professor An and Liang Haonan and the others on the side heard this, they instantly stared at each other.

    After glancing at them ruthlessly, they quickly helped Chen Nan round out the situation.

    "Yes, I will drink~"

    "How can you not drink the wine that Mr. Nakanami toasts?"

    "The boy can't talk, you mustn't take it personally Mr. Nakanami."

    Professor An smiled and said to Abe Zhongnan.

    At the same time, he turned his head to look at Nan Chen and lowered his voice, "Nan Nan, this dance is all done, it's not bad enough for a glass of wine."

    "That's right Nan Nan, one glass of wine won't kill anyone."

    "Mr. Zhongnan is such a big shot, it would be an honor to personally toast you, why are you still refusing?"

    "You're really confused."

    Kong Hui and couple Liang Haonan also advised to Chen Nan.

    In this world, the hardest thing to refuse was the advice of an acquaintance.

    In the end, under the encouragement of Professor An and the others, Chen Nan backed off.

    "Alright, I'll drink."

    Chen Nan served the wine and bit his teeth, but the cloudy wine in the cup was drained by it.


    "Miss Chen Nan is so heroic."

    Abe Nakanami applauded and laughed.

    Now that the dance was done and the wine was drunk, so Professor An and the others were ready to go down, "Mr. Zhongnan, you continue to socialize, we'll leave you alone, we'll be going down."

    Abe Nakanami nodded, "Well, you three can go down first, just let Miss Chen Nan stay."



    Nan Chen was stunned, she didn't know why Abe Nakanami preferred to leave her alone.

    Professor An was also a little curious and asked, "Mr. Zhongnan, what else are you looking for Nan Nan for?"

    "If the cooperation is something she doesn't know about, you can talk to me."

    Abe Nakanami waved his hand, "Today's cocktail party is just for recreation, not work."

    "I just admire Miss Chen and want to get to know her and make friends."

    "It's just as well, I'm missing an escort lady on my side."

    "Miss Chen Nan is quite suitable, so simply stay by my side and drink with me and my brother tonight."


    Professor Anne's face came down a little at the sound of it.


    "What, you have a problem with that?"

    "Or are you worried about your student and think we'll hurt her?"

    Abe Nakanami frowned at that, his tone all a few minutes colder.

    "No...Don't dare."

    "It's just that Nan Nan she's young and doesn't know any better, and I'm afraid she won't do well if I let her accompany the wine."

    Professor An was no fool, he naturally heard the meaning of Abe Zhongnan's words.

    It was clear that he was fancying Nan Chen.

    If he really let Nan Chen stay, no one knew what would happen tonight.

    Therefore, even though Professor An scrupled Abe Zhongnan's authority, he still whispered and tried his best to keep Nan Chen alive.

    Abe Zhongnan took a sip of the red wine in front of him and continued to smile, "It's fine, accompanying the wine is not a technical activity, you'll learn it once you learn it."

    "By the way, that project of yours, is the budget capital around 100 million?"

    "Is that enough for you, or how about I ask my assistant to invest an additional 100 million for you?"

    Professor Anne was pleasantly surprised.



    "Then thank you for Mr. Zhongnan's trust."

    "I promise, I will do my best to make the project beautiful and live up to Mr. Zhongnan's expectations."

    Professor An was undoubtedly overjoyed at that time.

    His main purpose for coming to Japan this time was to hope that the Abe family would contribute more money and eventually come up with another ten million.

    But he didn't expect that he hadn't even said that yet, as soon as they came up, they were ready to invest an additional 100 million.

    One hundred million ah?

    This was undoubtedly a huge sum of money for a university professor.

    With this amount of money, it was undoubtedly more than enough for his project to be made.

    "Kong Hui, Ho Nan, why don't you join me in thanking Mr. Zhongnan."

    In excitement, Professor An then toasted Abe Nakanami once again.

    After the toast, Professor An then looked to the side at Nan Chen, "Nan Nan, Mr. Zhongnan admires you so much that he wants to keep you by his side?"

    "In a little while, don't go back with us, just stay with Mr. Nakanami.Pour some wine for Mr. Nakanami and talk."

    "Mr. Nakanami is the premier powerhouse of the Japanese nation, and it's a chance for many people to be appreciated by him."

    Sure enough As soon as he got the benefit of Abe Nakanami again, Professor An's attitude changed and he began to persuade Chen Nan to stay.

    Perhaps, this Abe Nakanami had ulterior motives for staying Chen Nan.

    But this was normal, men, who doesn't like beautiful women?

    Besides, a woman was married to anyone, and if Chen Nan could really be favored by Abe Zhongnan, it would be a great opportunity for Chen Nan that could never be found.

    In the future, when she shakes her body and becomes the wife of the head of the family, wouldn't it be a thousand times better than marrying that hillbilly Ye Fan.

    Thinking like this, there was no burden in Professor An's heart.

    "Teacher, brother Xiaofan is still waiting for me, I can't..."Nan Chen, however, shook her head and said.


    "Nan Nan, are you really stupid or not?"

    "One is a powerful magnate at the top of his position of power, and the other is a poor queen from the countryside."

    "Can't you tell the difference between the lesser and the greater?"

    "Nan Nan, you mustn't be confused."

    "Tonight, it might be a great opportunity for you to change your fate ah."

    Once Kong Hui heard that it was already this time, but Nan Nan was still thinking about that hick in her head, they all got anxious and said at her.

    "Yeah, Nan Nan."

    "It's just accompanying drinks, what's the harm?"

    "Rather, the opportunity to get to know the Lord Abe through this opportunity is something that many people seek."

    "If it weren't for the fact that Nakanami-san doesn't like me, I'd want to accompany you to drink for you."

    Liang Haonan was also persuading.

    But what he said, he probably didn't even believe himself.

    If you want to leave Nan Chen alone when you meet him in a ping, it would be damn strange if you don't have any wrong intentions.

    However, even if Liang Haonan and the others knew it in their hearts, so what could they do?

    Abe Nakanami is handy, and this is someone's home turf, they don't dare to resist, and they can't resist.

    It would be better to go along with Abe Central South's wishes and sell him a favor.

    However, this time, in the face of the crowd's persuasion, Chen Nan no longer compromised.

    "You guys want to accompany, then you can stay."

    "I, Nan Chen, will only drink with my brother Xiaofan, no one else, never!"


Nan Chen wasn't an idiot, there were many things she didn't say, but she knew them clearly in her heart.

    She had endured repeatedly before because she didn't want to embarrass the teachers and the others.

    But on principle, how could Nan Chen give in?

    "Nan Nan, you~"


    Professor An and the others were angry and anxious at the sight of this.

    The angry one was that this ninny Chen Nan was simply one-tracked.

    The anxious one was that Chen Nan was afraid that she would have to suffer next.

    After all, this cocktail party was someone's home turf.

    You disobeyed your master's face in front of so many people, how would this master take it lightly?

    Sure enough, in the split second that Chen Nan turned around, but a few bodyguards beside Abe Zhongnan had already stepped out and blocked Chen Nan's way.

    "Miss Chen, the master of the house has an invitation, please also take your seat."

    The stiff tone was as if an order, as if Chen Nan could not be allowed to say half a word.

    "Miss Chen Nan, take a seat, right?"

    Behind Nan Chen, Abe Nakanami pointed to the seat next to him and smiled faintly.

    However, how could Chen Nan give in?

    "I told you, I don't drink, and I don't want company."

    "Get out of my way, all of you!"

    "I'm going to find my Little Brother Fan."

    Nan Chen's pretty face was pale, but she still said stubbornly.

    At the same time, hardened to go outside.

    But after all, Nan Chen was a weak woman, and with those two bodyguards blocking her, how could she get away?

    "Miss Chen Nan, if you don't cooperate, then don't blame us for offending you."

    From the ear, came a bodyguard's low voice.

    It looked like they were preparing to forcibly bring Nan Chen over.


    "Why bother?"

    "Do you think it's bad to cooperate properly?"

    "Isn't it just company for drinks?"

    "Lord Abe himself invited you, but you disobeyed him to save face."

    "How could he let it go so easily?"

    Professor An and the others at the side shook their heads and sighed when they saw that it had come to this.

    There was compassion in the eyes that looked at Nan Chen.

    Life is like that. Sometimes, you simply have no power to resist.

    Therefore, instead of struggling in vain, it's better to submit and enjoy.

    From the moment Miyamoto Zhongnan opened his mouth, Professor An, Liang Haonan and the others knew that Chen Nan's outcome was actually already predetermined.

    In the large hall, many people had noticed the commotion here.

    But no one stepped forward, let alone pleaded for Chen Nan's mercy.

    After all, the people who came here were not rushing to flatter Abe Zhongnan.

    They would only pitch in, and how could they possibly go to Abe Zhongnan's brow for a woman they had never met before.

    Some of them even felt that Chen Nan was ungrateful.

    "It's an honor for this girl to be taken in by the Lord of the Abe family."

    "This Chinese woman, it's just as well that she doesn't know how to be grateful, but she's still so ungrateful?"

    "Only the Abe Family Master has a good temper, if it were me, I would have been hung up and beaten long ago."

    In the hall, this group of elites from all walks of life who considered themselves to be upper class laughed cold-bloodedly.

    "Let me go, you guys let me go~"

    From the front, came Nan Chen's terrified and frightened voice.

    Facing the two men's restraints, Nan Chen struggled unceasingly.

    Like a weak lamb, he cried out in despair.

    Finally, while everyone was looking on with indifference, a cold laughter, however, quietly came out.

    "Mr. Zhongnan, right?"

    "The head of the family, the powerhouse of the Sun Country, bullying a weak girl in public like this, don't you think, is a bit too much?"

    The faint laughter was like a carving knife slicing through a whetstone.

    The coldness contained within it, however, caused many people to shudder.

    However, in the split second that the words rang out, the originally lively hotel hall, suddenly quieted down.

    The feeling was only like a hot summer day, instantly turning into winter.

    All the sounds from before disappeared.

    Only the faint laughter reverberated.

    In the next moment, everyone present, turned around.

    Countless pairs of eyes, brushing together, looked towards the source of the sound.

    There, there was a clear-headed young man, sitting quietly.

    His back was to the crowd, and he was holding a cup of freshly brewed fragrant tea in his hand.

    The hot waves of air mixed with the dense fragrance of tea lingered in his nose.

    Yes, while saying these words, his gaze didn't even fall over.

    Not even a glance at Abe Nakanami.

    That arrogant intent, how distinct?


    "Who's this?"

    "Dressing like a pauper, could it be that you're out mixing in?"

    Such a formal occasion, the man is not a suit, the woman is not a long dress dress, but the person in front of him, a casual dress, sneakers, poor wrist can not even buy a watch, but with this environment, out of place.


    "Dude, are you crazy?"

    "Do you know who you're talking to?"

    "Didn't I tell you to keep your mouth shut and stay out of trouble?"

    "What occasion is this?"

    "Is this the place for you to talk?"

    While everyone was wondering about the other party's identity, Liang Haonan and the others saw it, but they trembled and rebuked in anger.

    Yes, this young man in front of them was not Ye Fan, so who was he?

    After training Ye Fan, Liang Haonan quickly turned his head to apologize to Abe Nakanami.

    "Mr. Nakanami, I'm sorry sorry."

    "This brother of mine is sick in the head, he's been a stunner since he was a kid."

    "He didn't mean to offend in any way with what he just said."

    "You mustn't be so mean to him."

    "I'll have him come over and apologize to Mr. Zhongnan."

    Liang Haonan and the others were full of fear as they smiled along with him.They were afraid of angering Abe Nakanami.

    After speaking, Liang Haonan looked at Ye Fan again, full of indignation.

    "I said man, why the hell are you still sitting there?"

    "Hurry over and apologize to Mr. Zhongnan."

    "Mr. Nakanami is a generous man and won't take it easy on you."

    "Apologize?"Ye Fan heard this, but he shook his head and laughed, "I'm afraid my apology is too much for him to bear."


    As the saying goes, a single word shakes the world!

    Ye Fan's words were tantamount to a boulder entering the sea, causing everyone present, to tremble.

    It only felt that this young man, was a bit too arrogant.

    Liang Haonan and the others were even more directly scared to pee.


    "What the fuck are you talking about?"

    "Are you crazy?"

    "Still can't afford it?"

    "I'll fuck off!"

    "How much of a country bumpkin are you, you, to say that to Lord Abe?"


    "Are you trying to get us killed?"

    Liang Haonan had a black face, and in shock and anger, he cursed directly at Ye Fan.

    "This idiot!"

    "Shouldn't have let him in in the first place~"


    "He's going to get screwed this time!"

    Kong Hui was also pale with fear and anger.

    This Ye Fan, after all, was what they had led in.

    Now looking for death like this, in case Miyamoto Zhongnan was angry, he might implicate them as well.

    However, Ye Fan didn't pay any attention to the rebuke from the crowd, ignoring it.

    He took a sip from his teacup and continued to speak.

    "Moreover, this Mr. Zhongnan, who bullied a weak girl like this, shouldn't he be the one who should apologize?"


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