Lost Young Master 106-110


Chapter 106

"I'll be Ye Shao's person from now on, I don't want to go to the Zhou family, you're the only one who's been good to me since I was a child, I want to follow you as a personal maid without a name or a score, can you take me in?"

After the expressionless Li Qiuyu said this, she directly shed silent tears.

Ye Fan looked at it with a heart of gold and said, "Fine, then follow me.But still, go see Zhou An and Zhou Haipeng, they still owe you an apology!"

Now that Ye Fan was a woman more, instead, he was less panicked than before.

After all, it's cut and dry, it's simply messy, and Ye Fan doesn't dare to think about it that much, it makes his head spin to think about it.It was enough that he was comfortable in front of him anyway.

Half an hour later, Ye Fan arrived at the Prosperous Star Hotel, and early on, he saw Zhou Fu and Zhou Haipeng standing at the entrance of the hotel, and the tall and thin middle-aged man standing next to Zhou Fu who looked seven points similar to Zhou Fu should be Zhou An.

Seeing Ye Fan get off, Zhou Haipeng subconsciously took a step back, obviously afraid of Ye Fan.

Zhou An, however, took a step forward and said, "A hero really is a young man, Ye is really different."

Although he was Zhou Fu's big brother, he didn't dare to speak as an elder at all, after all, Ye Fan was the dragon head of Kaiyuan.

"Okay, okay, let's go inside and talk."Ye Fan didn't eat this kind of speech, especially because of Li Qiuyu's matter, Ye Fan's first impression of Zhou An was that of a hypocrite. One second to remember to read the book

Zhou An's face, however, didn't have any anger on it and just followed Ye Fan in.

The crowd arrived at Box 1001, the best box in the entire Prosperity.

"I'll keep it short, you father and son give an apology to Qiu Yu and it's over, Qiu Yu said she wants to follow me, and I agreed."Ye Fan got straight to the point, not wanting to talk nonsense.

Zhou An wanted to say something to Li Qiuyu, but in the end, nothing came out, he just said, "I'm sorry, you've suffered for so many years."

Zhou Haipeng also bowed repeatedly, "Sister, it's all my brother's fault, I didn't know you were my sister, I blame that bastard Li Dafei, I'll bring someone to teach him a lesson later!"

"Forget it, it's all in the past."After Li Qiu Yu said that, he stopped talking.

When Zhou Fu saw that the situation was not right, he spoke up, "Little Fan, is it okay to listen to me for a moment."

"If father-in-law has something to say, just say it straight, what's the point of being polite with me."Although he had a bad attitude towards Zhou An and Zhou Haipeng, but to Zhou Fu, Ye Fan didn't dare to have any disrespect, but this was his father-in-law.

Zhou Fu nodded his head in satisfaction before speaking, "Actually, I also inquired, it is indeed my big brother's fault, but I was forced to do so.In the beginning, our Zhou family was still just an ordinary second-rate, and Zhou An's wife, my sister-in-law, was a first-rate daughter-in-law who took a fancy to big brother.At that time Big Brother broke up with Li Qiuyu's mother for the sake of the family, but he didn't know that she was pregnant at that time.After Li Qiuyu's mother got married, my elder brother thought the past was over and didn't look for her, but he didn't know that Li Qiuyu was his child.It wasn't until recently that he stumbled upon it."


Hearing this explanation, Ye Fan also knew that it was the family's frustration.And it's not an affair if you don't know about the pregnancy when you break up.

Ye Fan couldn't help but change his mind about Zhou An, it seemed that he was wrong about Zhou An.

"Second brother, no need to say more, it's all my fault, I'm willing to bear it.Qiu Yu, feel free to ask for whatever you want, I will satisfy you with whatever I can."Zhou An said, and even bowed to Li Qiuyu.

Li Qiuyu rushed over, bearing his parents' gift, that's a discounted life ah.

And after hearing the explanation, Li Qiuyu also knew that everything was a yin-yang misunderstanding, so he was not angry.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at this.Qiu Yu, I see that uncle is also good, so why don't you go back."

When Ye Fan was happy, he directly changed his name to call Zhou An uncle.

Li Qiu Yu, however, shook her head and said, "Forget it, I still want to be at Ye Shao's side."

"That's fine, you have a home anyway, you can go back anytime you want."Ye Fan didn't advise much.

"Come, come, the food is here, let's eat first."Zhou Fu clapped his hands, and the waiter walked in with an exquisite delicacy.

Ye Fan saw that Li Qiuyu didn't seem to have any appetite, so he took out his room card: "Qiuyu, go to the presidential suite on the top floor, Lilia is also there, now you guys are sisters, hurry up and get acquainted with each other."

"Good."Taking the room card, Li Qiuyu left.

She didn't dare to expect the same treatment as Zhou Leya, but she also hoped that Zhou Leya wouldn't exclude her, after all, she would have to follow Ye Fan in the future.

But Ye Fan didn't look at Li Qiuyu who went out, he just stared at the table full of delicacies and couldn't help but eat his fingers.So many things had happened in the morning, Ye Fan didn't even have time to eat and was now starving for food.

Zhou An and Zhou Fu were very happy because they solved things, while Zhou Haipeng kept toasting to Ye Fan, they were all family, Ye Fan to Zhou Haipeng is not so much of a barrier, but also the food, the drink, not at all out of the ordinary.

After several hours of chatting, Ye Fan returned to his room in a dizzy state.

As soon as the door of the room opened, Ye Fan saw two extremely beautiful women, not drunk, "Yo, where are these two rabbits running around."

Although the two girls did not cry, but their eyes were red, looking at the situation, just now Li Qiuyu and Zhou Leya also talked about the heart, some of the tears are still new.

"A smell, hurry up and take a bath."Zhou Leya frowned.

"Then I want you guys to wash with me."Ye Fan was really drunk and verbose.

Zhou Lelian Ya was speechless, but Li Qiuyu showed her shyness: "Ye Shao, sister Lelian Ya is inconvenient, I'll accompany you to wash."

"Inconvenient?Is it your period?Hahaha."When Ye Fan laughed, he was hammered several times by Zhou Leya with her little fist, and then Ye Fan was helped into the bathing room by Li Qiuyu.

After that, Ye Fan had no memory of it because, he was drunk.

By the time Ye Fan woke up, it was already to the next morning.Ye Fan rolled over to get his phone, but suddenly saw a head of long hair and sat up with a fright, only then did he see that it was originally Li Qiuyu.

"Qiu Yu, why are you here?"When Ye Fan looked at Li Qiuyu, who was only wearing little suspenders, he started to carefully recall what he did yesterday, but he couldn't remember.

"Ye Shao, you're up so early, keep your voice down so you don't disturb sister Rian Ya to sleep."Li Qiuyu rubbed his eyes and yawned.

"And Liliya?"Ye Fan turned his head to look at the other side, but he didn't find Zhou Leya, but there was a big bag bulging in the blanket, Ye Fan directly lifted the blanket and saw Zhou Leya who was also wearing a small suspender belt.

"It's cold, give the blanket back to me."Zhou Lovesya didn't even open her eyes, dragging the cup and getting back into it.

Seeing the situation, Ye Fan was even more confused.

What exactly did he do last night?


Did you have a good time last night?But I don't remember anything about it. It's a shame I drank too much wine.

Ye Fan muttered in his heart, can't help but heartache, pounding chest sigh, two superb beauty around, he did not even know what happened.

But soon Ye Fan sobered up, gradually recalled yesterday Zhou Lian Ya also said to the aunt, that certainly can not have sex ah.

Thinking of this, Ye Fan can't help but ask Li Qiuyu: "Last night, what happened in the end, why are you all sleeping beside me?"

Li Qiu Yu showed a shy expression, not saying a word.

Ye Fan is even more confused, busy interrupting Li Qiuyu's thoughts: "Do not be shy, I know that the loveya to the aunt can not do anything, do not fool me.".

The shyness on the face of Li Qiu Yu continued to retreat, followed by the spitting out of a cute little tongue: "lie to you, la, last night, nothing happened.It's just that you drank too much, we took turns serving you, you play up the wine madness is really scary, next time if you can't drink, don't drink so much."

Li Qiu Yu looked at Ye Fan with dissatisfaction and continued: "Because we don't worry about yourself at night, we are afraid that you will play drunk again and have an accident, so we accompanied you to sleep.This presidential suite is different from all the others, everything else is a suite, just this one, there's only one big bed, I heard that Zhang Zimo lived here before, it should have been transformed by Zhang Zimo, so we slept here as well."

Ye Fan nodded in a daze, so that's how it was, but there was also some loss in his heart, it's too bad that nothing happened.

On second thought, Ye Fan wondered, "You guys sleep just sleep, why are you still undressing ah." The first website m.kanshu8.net

"Well?"Li Qiu Yu was dumbfounded, then looked down and was startled for a long time before stammering, "No, we shouldn't, we didn't even wear these little suspenders when we came here, we all slept in the same clothes, Ye Shao, it can't be that you did something to me at night, right?"

"No, I didn't do anything!"

The heavens and the earth can be judged, Ye Fan really drink broken tablets anything.

Just at this moment, Zhou Leya poked out her little head, seeming to have a wake-up call, and wrinkled her cute little nose: "Don't talk, and let people sleep.I changed my clothes, I was uncomfortable sleeping in them, so I had someone take two sets."

"So that's how it is."Ye Fan suddenly said.

"Okay, know on the line, then hurry up and go to sleep, I still have classes to go to at nine this morning, let me sleep for a while more, last night to serve you, the young master, the latter half of the night at two thirty before going to bed, sleepy as hell."Zhou Leya complained with dissatisfaction, and got into the blanket.

Li Qiu Yu opened his phone and saw that it was already 6:30 in the morning, so he started to get up and go out to wash up.

"What are you doing so early?"Ye Fan was confused.

Li Qiuyu brushed her teeth and responded, "It's our turn to be on duty today, we have to be in charge of preparing breakfast, I'm going to supervise it."

"Do you still need to be so tired now, didn't I tell you, I'll feed you ah!"Ye Fan was somewhat puzzled by Li Qiuyu's behavior.

Li Qiuyu gargled a few times before replying, "If you can fend for yourself now, you'll have to fend for yourself first, or bring what for."

Ye Fan also knew that Li Qiuyu's busy life had formed a mindset that couldn't be changed in a short period of time, so he didn't discourage it.

After packing up for a while, Li Qiuyu changed her clothes and went out to work, watching the door close, Ye Fan head planted, and lay down on the bed again.

Turned over, Ye Fan went into the nest, a hand hugged Zhou Leya, sleep back to sleep.

Until the sun shines, Ye Fan only woke up, but at the moment there is nothing around him, I do not know when, Zhou Leya also left.Look at the time, it is already 9:30, think Zhou Lelian Ya should be to class.

The last time you go to Zhou Lian Ya's school did not go into, but this time to have a good visit.

Driving the Ferrari, whistling, Ye Fan came to Zhou Leya's university.

"Wow, what a cool sports car!"

"Handsome, no, I'm going to faint!"


Ye Fan smiled faintly, listening to the compliments issued by the little fan girls who had entered the campus in the past.

However, Ye Fan was also self-aware and knew that he was actually not that good or that handsome, and the reason why these people were crazy was because of his car, a million dollar Ferrari.

"It's good to be rich!"

Ye Fan sighed, ever since he had money, it seemed that there were no more unpleasant things in his life.

When he looked at the time, it was already ten-thirty.

Ye Fan knew that university classes were an hour and a half long, and now that Zhou Leya just happened to be off, he used WeChat to send a message to Zhou Leya, saying that he would wait for her in front of the school.

The reason why Ye Fan didn't go in was that he was worried about going to the wrong place, so he might as well wait at the entrance of the school, with this sports car, it was very eye-catching.

After waiting for a little while, Ye Fan saw Zhou Leya appeared from the school entrance, there are a lot of boys secretly looking at Zhou Leya, which made Ye Fan can't help but be a little proud, such a superb beauty is also his woman.

But Ye Fan did not wait to get off, saw a black BMW sports car parked in front of Zhou Leya, followed by a handsome young man in a suit, walked down from the car, striding to Zhou Leya's front.

Ye Fan could not help but wrinkle his eyebrows, and quickly got off the car, also walking towards Zhou Leya.

"Classmate, my name is Bai Mufeng, give me your contact information and make a friend."

As he approached, Ye Fan heard Bai Mufeng's accent words.

Ye Fan couldn't help but feel relieved, so it wasn't someone Zhou Leya knew.

"Sorry, my husband is here."After Zhou Leya declined, she directly came to Ye Fan's side and took Ye Fan's arm.

The corners of Ye Fan's mouth rose slightly, "What's the matter with you kid?If you're okay, get out of the way."

"Just him?"The corner of Bai Mufeng's mouth held a hint of disdain and frowned, "Is he the only one worthy?A small rich second generation, what else is there besides money, beautiful girl, why don't I take you for a ride."

Without waiting for Ye Fan to speak, Zhou Leya smiled and said, "Are you worthy?"

Ye Fan also sneered, "Loveya, there's nothing but fury right now, let's get out of here, it's not good to get our breath tainted by this narcissist, it's too bad."

"What did you kid say!"Bai Mu Feng's face sank as he said, "Shame on you, be sensible and hand over your woman quickly, otherwise you little rich kid, I'll wave my hand and make you completely disappear from Kaiyuan!"

"Completely disappear from the kaiju?"Ye Fan couldn't help but laugh, now he was the Dragon Head of Kaiyuan, and no one could threaten him yet!

Bai Mufeng, however, thought that Ye Fan was afraid and said even more proudly, "Kid, I'll give you one more chance, hurry up and let me have the beauty."

Ye Fan waved his hand somewhat impatiently and said, "Get out before I get angry!"


"Kid, give me face and shame, you wait!"

When Bai Mufeng's face sank, he took out his phone to make a call.

Ye Fan, however, looked indifferent and took Zhou Leya with him and just entered the campus in big strides.

"Ye Shao, aren't you afraid that brat will cheat?"Zhou Leya was slightly worried.

Although Ye Fan was noble as the Dragon Head, if Bai Mu Feng played dirty and found someone to block them, there was nothing he could do about it.

"You're right, then I'll call someone to come, be prepared."Ye Fan took out his phone and sent a red packet to the two groups, followed by issuing a mission for the thugs and bodyguards to all rush to Zhou Leya's university and lurk in secret.

It was only after everything was done that Zhou Lelian Ya was completely relieved that with the protection of over thirty people, even if Bai Mu Feng was looking for someone to play dirty, there was no need to be afraid.

"Let's go, take me on a tour of your school, I didn't even get a good look last time I was here."

Ye Fan said, but his stomach was grumbling.

"Pfft-" Remember the website .kanshu8.net.

Zhou Lian Ya laughed out loud directly and patted Ye Fan's shoulder, "Let's go, I'll take you to visit our school's cafeteria first."

"Good idea, let's go."Ye Fan smiled heedlessly.

Not long after, the two of them arrived at the cafeteria.

This university's cafeteria had three floors, with the first floor being the cheapest and the third floor being the most expensive.

"Let's go, let's eat first."Smelling the aroma of rice, Ye Fan didn't want to leave on the first floor without his food fingers moving.

The university's canteens were all rich in variety, from noodles to rice as well as local snacks.Ye Fan ordered an egg persimmon covered rice, in addition to two grilled sausages, is a very simple way to eat.

Zhou Leya's eyes couldn't help but see a lot of little stars, in her opinion, like Ye Fan, a rich family like this, no matter what he ate, he would at least go to the third floor, to be able to eat on the first floor, or to order the most ordinary rice, even more so that she felt that Ye Fan was approachable.

"Wow, delicious!"

Evan ordered this because the egg persimmon covered rice was the fastest, and that house originally sold boxed meals, but it was actually just egg persimmon on rice.It was just for convenience, but the taste was extraordinarily good.

After Ye Fan praised it, he began to eat furiously.

"Loveya, let's go eat on the third floor, a turtle like this who can only afford to eat on the first floor is not worthy of you."

At this moment, a harsh mockery reached Ye Fan's ears, followed by a young man in a suit sitting right next to Zhou Leya.

"Roll the calf, don't delay me from eating."

The most taboo thing about Ye Fan's meal was that it was disturbed by someone eating, let alone still coming to put a cuckold on him.

"Love Ya, just such an unqualified person, let's stay away."Saying that, the youth reached out to hug Zhou Leya.

Ye Fan looked at the few bites of rice left on the plate, and after a reluctant sigh, he directly copied the rice bowl and came at the youth's head with a snap.


How could the youth have thought that Ye Fan would do it when he was eating, unprepared, and fell to the ground in response to a scream.

Ye Fan gulped down the rice he had just eaten before snorting, "I told you to roll you can't hear me, delaying my meal, what a damned bad luck!"

Saying that, Ye Fan kicked several more times in frustration.

"Ye Shao, don't be angry, we brothers will teach him a lesson."Green Hair ran over, not knowing where he appeared from.

Ye Fan nodded slightly, then Green Hair dragged the youth away with the three thugs.

As for Purple Hair, Ye Fan didn't see it, thinking that there were still some of the thugs protecting him in secret.

"Ye Shao, have you had enough?If you're not full, would you like to order another one?"Zhou Leya opened her mouth to ask, as for the youth who had just accosted her, Zhou Leya just looked familiar, but was not even clear about the name, naturally she would not help plead.

Ye Fan waved his hand and said: "Forget it, just ate in a hurry, let's not eat, go out for a walk, and then look at other places."

Zhou Leya nodded and took Ye Fan out, she didn't eat because she only ate before class in the morning, it was only three hours later, so she wasn't hungry yet.

But just after leaving the cafeteria, Ye Fan saw Green Hair and the other three thugs being beaten up.

Seeing Bai Mufeng's hands in his pants pockets, he looked at the six strong black-clothed men who were beating up Green Hair and the four, and disdainfully said, "In broad daylight, the punks still dare to go inside the school and do violence, they really don't know how to live, do they really think there is no law of the land?"

"Why is this idiot again!"

Ye Fan's eyes inevitably showed a haze, the other thugs did not appear, should not have noticed this side, Ye Fan took out his phone and sent a WeChat.

In less than a minute, Purple Hair and the others ran over, seeing the black-clothed men rounding up Green Hair and the others, they suddenly joined the battlefield with red eyes, and with the advantage of numbers, they solved six black-clothed men with three strikes, and naturally, they also arrested Bai Mufeng.

"Bai Mufeng, are you sick?!"

Ye Fan didn't even know what to say, so he just waved his big hand and said, "Green Hair, how they beat you just now, how you return it!"

The green hairs nodded gratefully, and then the forty-three yards of big feet kicked directly at Bai Mu Feng's face, followed by a flurry of punches and kicks.

"Do you fucking know who I am, ah...You guys are wasted, how dare you hit me, ah..."

Bai Mufeng didn't beg for mercy in the slightest, still screaming, but screaming from time to time due to the excruciating pain from the beating.

Ye Fan was admiring this superb, it would be fine if Bai Mu Feng stepped on him alone.But just now the green hairs were not even at Ye Fan's side, Bai Mu Feng also had to teach him a lesson, in Bai Mu Feng's point of view was to do justice.

Ye Fan sort of saw that Bai Mu Feng was a narcissist, the kind of person who thought he was the center point.

And there was only one way to treat such a person, Ye Fan, and that was to fight, to fight until Bai Mu Feng was completely honest and recognized reality!

But what Ye Fan didn't expect was that even if Bai Mufeng was knocked unconscious, he didn't utter a single plea for mercy and was still screaming in the end.This made Ye Fan somewhat speechless, really a stubborn bone.

"Ye Shao, do you think he could be from another city, or else in Kaiyuan, those real big shots all know you.Looking at the way Bai Mufeng is hooting, he doesn't look like a local."Zhou Leya was a little worried, if he was really an outsider, there might be some unexpectedly dangerous situation.

But Ye Fan smiled and waved his hand, "Have you heard the saying, strong dragons don't crush snakes in the ground.Even if this kid is from out of town, so what!"

While saying so, Ye Fan took out his phone to take a picture of Bai Mu Feng, and then passed it on to Charles.

Ye Fan wasn't worried about Bai Mufeng being a foreign young master, because his background was a terrifying reclusive family.The only worry was that it would be difficult for Bai Mufeng to also be from a reclusive family.

Although the odds of this were small, Ye Fan was inadvertent, and it was still safer to have Charles identify him.

Not long after, Charles returned the message, and seeing the news, Ye Fan couldn't help but narrow his eyes!


Charles returned the message quickly, with only three words on the message: "Don't know."

"So it's just a nobody."

Ye Fan was a little sweaty, it seemed that he was infected by Zhou Leya, and he became nervous himself.

Shaking his head helplessly, Liquid Ammonia was about to put away his phone, but at that moment, Charles was sending another message.

Evan opened it, and this time his body actually shuddered and settled down.

"Young Master, after my discussion with the Master, I feel like giving you a new mission."

"A new mission, what would it be?"

Ye Fan was inevitably nervous, originally Charles asked Ye Fan to stay in Kai Yuan City for a month and mix with the upper class circle and then it would be over, why would he come to the mission so soon?

Charles simply sent a message, and it dawned on Ye Fan.

This time, there was actually Charles' help in getting into the upper class circle, and it didn't count that Ye Fan had broken into the upper class circle by himself, so the mission was for Ye Fan to find another city to get into the big brother circle again. One second to remember to read the book

Big Brother Circle?

Ye Fan knew that the upper class circle was easy to get into, just find some rich people, but the big brothers were not normally seen, so it was not easy to blend in, especially since this city was still bigger than Kaiyuan City.Invariably, it was tantamount to increasing the difficulty.

Ye Fan was somewhat helpless and didn't know what to do.

"Mission content: travel to the Wind Capital, enter the Big Brother Circle, the rating is judged according to the status tier."

Seeing the content, Ye Fan had a headache, according to what the mission said, if one wanted to get a full rating, then it would definitely be that one needed to obtain the status of Dragon Head, like in Kaiyuan City now, in order to get a full rating.

"This mission is open-ended and the family will not provide any help."

Charles sent another text message, for which Evan knew it was because Charles had stepped in before to get the Dragon Head.This time it was set up this way just in case there was a bug.

And Ye Fan wasn't worried about any help or anything like that, because he still had a billion assets on his card.

"I'm going back first, you have a good afternoon class."

Ye Fan simply said a few words to Zhou Leya, and then he directly returned to the hotel alone.

In order to fully prepare he still had to look up Wind Capital on the internet, before Ye Fan had only heard of Wind Capital, but he didn't know how big it was.

The Wind Capital was a municipality directly under the administration of a municipality, not under the administration of any province, a completely independent individual.

With a population of 40 million, the Wind Capital was also double the size of Kaiyuan City, and had reached the standard of a first-tier city, but it was not classified as a first-tier city, but a quasi-first-tier.But presumably, it would soon be a first-tier city, just one rating short.

"What a headache!"

Seeing the information about Wind Capital, Ye Fan couldn't help but rub his temples.In such a large city, if one wanted to get into the big brother circle, money alone was not enough.

Not to mention Fengdu, even in Kaiyuan, one billion assets was not much, the only advantage was that all these one billion could be spent at any time.

The only advantage is that all of the one billion can be spent at any time. Since money is not enough, we need to find another way.

How about opening a company?

After thinking about it, Ye Fan thought that it was still reasonable to open a company.This mission was not limited to time, it should also be because Charles knew that Ye Fan's money was not enough to spend, so he allowed Ye Fan to extend the time.

This way, it wouldn't just be a test for Ye Fan to spend money, but also how to do more with the money available, simply put, operations!

Suddenly reacting to the family's original intent, Ye Fan couldn't help but clench his fists, the long lost feeling of hot blood coming back, this time he must do it beautifully, and not for too long.If it was too long, it would probably affect the scoring as well.

Thinking of this, Ye Fan looked through the online information, wanting to see what kind of industry was the most profitable.Ye Fan was studying finance, and although it was just the paper stage now, he had some investment vision, and after looking at it for half a day, Ye Fan finally chose the entertainment industry.

If you want to say the most profitable industry out of real estate, is the entertainment industry, and now the fastest industry to get money is to cultivate stars and create a live broadcast platform.

If one billion was enough to create a live-streaming platform, but it was still somewhat inadequate, but if one billion was thrown at cultivating a star, then it would still be very simple.

"Who should I choose?"

Ye Fan knows to create a star, the first thing to choose is people, as for connections and so on, taking money can be easily solved.As for the candidates, in fact, there are quite a few around Ye Fan, Zhou Leya, Li Qiuyu, Wang Kexin, Xiao Coco.These four without exception are all stunning beauty, but now only four can choose one.

Ye Fan thought hard, the first to rule out is Wang Kexin, because for Wang Kexin, star is the worst way out, think Wang Kexin will not choose.

And the rest is to choose one out of three.

This can be considered difficult for Ye Fan, for Ye Fan, which of these three to be a star is capital, whether it is appearance temperament or character is over the line.

"Knock knock!"

Just when Evan couldn't think of anyone, there was a knock on the door.

"Who is it?"

Ye Fan said impatiently.

"Sorry for disturbing you, Ye Shao, I saw you come back, so I prepared some dessert."The voice that came from outside the door was none other than Li Qiuyu.

Ye Fan's face couldn't help but improve, he even went to open the door and said with an apology: "Sorry, Qiu Yu, I was thinking about something, I was the one who got excited just now."

Li Qiuyu shook her head, indicating that she wasn't angry.

Ye Fan nodded and said: "It's good that you're not angry, actually what I was thinking about has something to do with you as well."

"It has something to do with me too?Then, Ye Shao, tell me about it, okay."Li Qiuyu knew that Ye Fan had worried - a lot for her, so she remained grateful to Ye Fan.

"It's like this, I want to start an entertainment company, but I have to have a pillar, a first-tier star, so I want to train someone to be a star, I think you're a good candidate, do you want to try?"Ye Fan directly showdown.

For Li Qiuyu, he still didn't have any point to hide, anyway, sooner or later he had to say it clearly, otherwise he chose someone else and didn't tell Li Qiuyu the reason, no need to think much, Ye Fan also knew that Li Qiuyu would be sad.

Li Qiuyu was very surprised at the news: "Me?A star?No way, I'm like this all over the street, what qualifications do I have.I see that sister Leya is only good, not only is she a thousand gold, but she also looks sweet and has a body like a model, as long as she smashes resources, she is definitely a big hit."

Seeing Li Qiuyu pushing back, Ye Fan was inevitably moved, indeed, Li Qiuyu's suggestion was good, Zhou Leya was indeed suitable to be a star.

Angelic appearance paired with a devilish figure, to say that Zhou Leya couldn't be on fire, that was simply a joke.

"You don't have to deny yourself so much, I think you're quite good, but I prefer to give you the feeling of serving you, if you become a star, then there's no one to take care of me, don't you think?"

Ye Fan smiled and ruffled Li Qiuyu's hair, he couldn't help but praise Li Qiuyu, and even more so, he took the opportunity to comfort Li Qiuyu from the bottom of his heart.


"Then I'll be in charge of taking care of you."Li Qiuyu nodded happily and leaned on Ye Fan's shoulder as a little bird.

Ye Fan smiled and didn't say anything more, with such a nice girl like Li Qiuyu accompanying him, what else could he be dissatisfied with asking for.

Li Qiuyu didn't know what was in Ye Fan's mind, but she also just hugged Ye Fan without saying much.

Only after an unknown amount of time did Ye Fan speak again, "Qiu Yu, I actually have other women."

Ye Fan felt that this matter must be told to Li Qiuyu, otherwise, Li Qiuyu one was kept in the dark, and it wasn't the result that Ye Fan wanted.

Li Qiuyu's body trembled at the words, but quickly smiled: "Ye Shao is really a big lecherous - devil, but isn't it normal for a man as good as you to have a few women, what are you talking about, do you have reference to other candidates when choosing a star?"

Li Qiuyu spoke directly to the point, Ye Fan nodded his head: "That's right, out of Zhou Leya and you, I actually have two other women, one is the fiancée that my family arranged for me, but she has an aversion to stars, so there's no need to count, the other one is one I met from drinking, she's called Xiao Coco, she's an anchor, and she's also little famous."

Ye Fan didn't say much, just wanted to give Li Qiuyu time to think for herself.

After pondering for a while, Li Qiu Yu replied, "I think that's better to choose sister Lovesya then.It's not that I'm partial to Sister Lovesya, but being a first-tier star, the first and foremost thing is to make a name for yourself.Big Brother Circle?And Sister Loveya has been without scandal and hasn't appeared on the internet yet, so she is able to create an image of a perfect goddess with this."

Listening to Li Qiuyu's words, Ye Fan nodded his head in deep agreement, indeed, if he cultivated Xiao Coco, although it would be successful, Xiao Coco would have to endure more pressure for this.However, Zhou Leya herself had no black spots, not only was it easy to create the image of a perfect goddess, but Zhou Leya herself didn't have to bear too much scandal. The first web site m.kanshu8.net

Because too many first-tier stars are rumored to have subterfuge - rules, but Zhou L'Onya herself is a thousand gold, can also avoid these troubles.Being a star also won't affect Zhou Leya's body and mind.

Thinking of this, Ye Fan gave Zhou Fu a phone call, about the 1001 box dinner appointment.

Half an hour later, Zhou Fu arrived at 1001 .

"Little Fan, are you something good?I see you're happy."Zhou Fu chuckled.

Ye Fan nodded and said, "I don't know if it counts as a good thing or not, but it's actually like this, I'm going to open an entertainment company and train Love Ya to become a top-tier star, what do you think?"

Ye Fan asked Zhou Fu, just to worry that even such wealthy families despised stars.

In the eyes of the rich, stars were no different from the ancient singing and selling Geisha.

After a slight pause, Zhou Fu spoke up, "If someone else were to say it, I would definitely disagree.But I don't have to worry about Xiaofan's work, and it's nice to have a big star daughter.Then Little Fan, do you need me to do anything?"

Ye Fan shook his head, "I haven't thought of anything I need your help with at the moment, I can take care of everything myself, it's just that the venue hasn't been picked yet, I don't know where it can be better."

Ye Fan wasn't prepared to go to the Wind Capital from the beginning, although the Wind Capital was a municipality directly under the central government, it was close to Kaiyuan, so I'm sure this was the place that Charles picked after careful arrangements.

Although the family couldn't provide help, it was still fine to use the power of Kaiyuan City, after all, Ye Fan was the dragon head here, so it was natural to have resources to use.

Zhou Fu naturally promised, "The venue is very good to choose, just leave this matter to me, and I'll give you a beautiful job."

"I'm still relieved that father-in-law is doing things.Since that's the case, it's settled, I'll talk to Lilia again at night."

Saying that, Ye Fan got up to make a toast, and he and Zhou Fu drank for several hours again.

The sky was getting dark.

Only then did Ye Fan answer the room, and without taking off his shoes, he lay down on the bed and got drunk again.

I don't know whether or not Ye Fan's drinking really can't, when Ye Fan sobered up it was the next morning, and again a familiar scene, with two girls around.It seems to be drinking broken tablets again, the two girls only so serve him.

Touching Li Qiuyu's hair, Li Qiuyu even woke up.

"Ye Shao, good morning, let me go get you a bowl of sobering soup."Saying that, Li Qiuyu directly got up and prepared to get out of bed.

Ye Fan, however, hugged Li Qiuyu, and when he saw Li Qiuyu's slightly haggard face from staying up all night waiting on him, he couldn't help but kiss Li Qiuyu's cherry - peach small mouth.

"Where do you need any wake up soup, having fragrant lips is enough."The corner of Ye Fan's mouth turned up, and he kissed several more times.

For a long time, the lips parted.Only then did Li Qiuyu shyly get off the bed and whispered, "Ye Shao, I've helped you to prepare the sobering soup."

Without listening to Ye Fan, she left the room at a trot.

Ye Fan helplessly shook his head, turned his head, but the remaining light saw Zhou Leya is covering her mouth staring eyes.

Ye Fan's eyebrows raised: "You even peeked, a small age does not learn well, quickly go to sleep."

"I'm not small, I'm an adult, just a few months younger than you."Zhou Leya pouted her small mouth.

When Ye Fan saw Zhou Leya's lips, he leaned down and kissed them.

"Since you're an adult, then don't just look at it."

Zhou Leya at first still resisted, but gradually took the initiative, just when Ye Fan couldn't help it, the door of the room but opened.

Only to see Li Qiu Yu walking in with the sobering soup.

"Sorry for disturbing you, I'll put the soup here and go out."A redness appeared on Li Qiuyu's face, but it wasn't anger, but shyness.

Ever since following Ye Fan, Li Qiuyu actually didn't put herself in the position of a girlfriend, but rather as Ye Fan's personal servant girl, and as long as Ye Fan liked it, she could do whatever she was told to do.What's more, Zhou Leya is her sister, so she doesn't mind even more.

But the corners of Ye Fan's mouth turned up, pulling Li Qiuyu directly onto the bed.

"And ran away from you."

Ye Fan laughed and was directly covered by the blanket.

By midday, Ye Fan only got up late, opened his eyes, and the two girls were no longer around, Ye Fan could not help but be wise, these two girls were really energetic.

Obviously took care of him all night, didn't sleep much, but still got up so early.

Ye Fan got up to wash up, just after washing the door of the room opened, only to see Li Qiuyu carrying a cup of hot milk as well as three sandwiches walked in.

"Ye Shao, you're up, have some breakfast."

Li Qiuyu still had some redness on her face, she didn't know what she was thinking about.

Eating the sandwiches, Ye Fan inquired: "Where is Loveya?I had to talk to her yesterday about being a star, but I haven't gotten around to it yet."

Li Qiu Yu replied, "She has classes in the morning and went to class, she'll probably be back later."

As she was saying that, Zhou Leya entered the room.


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