The Unknown Heir 939


Chapter 939

"You all go down first!"

    Only then did Iris give another command to the ghost soldiers.

    After the ghost soldiers heard that, they retreated and left the palace.

    Only after the ghost soldiers left did the Iris Bird quickly greet Chen Hao and the two of them and sit down.

    "I wonder how Your Excellency is called?"

    At that moment, Iris looked to Chen Hao and asked.

    "Chen Hao!"

    Chen Hao also spoke his name immediately.

    Iris was again looking at Lei Lie behind Chen Hao.

    "My name is Lei Lie!"

    Lei Lie also hurriedly replied.

    "Brother Zhou, Brother Yang, there are many offenses ahead, so please don't take them to heart!"

    The Iris looked at Chen Hao and Lei Lie with a smile of respect as she apologized.

    Chen Hao and Lei Lie were also dumbfounded, completely confused as to why Iris Bird would make such a drastic change in attitude towards them.

    "King Iris, we were just trying to pass by from the Ghost City side, please let us leave, we have more important things to do!"

    Chen Hao didn't want to waste time with Iris, so he just got straight to the point and said.

    One more minute of delay here was one more minute wasted, then the chance to get the Ghost Hole Rune would be another minute late.

    "Of course, of course, I know this, but I have a favor to ask!"

    Iris said quickly as well.

    "What is it?"

    Chen Hao asked.

    "I hope that when Brother Zhou and the two of you return from the Ghost Cave Clan, you will bring back a piece of the Ghost Cave Jade Stone!"

    The Iris Bird looked at the two of them as Chen Hao suggested, and as she said that, she pulled out a piece of paper from her armor and handed it to Chen Hao.

    Chen Hao took a look at the paper, and what was drawn on it was the ghost cave jade stone that Iris Bird was talking about.

    "What do you need this ghost hole jade stone for?"

    Chen Hao asked suspiciously.

    "This.Brother Zhou, I can't tell you this for now, I'll tell you after you bring it back!"

    Iris didn't just tell Chen Hao the reason why, but pleaded towards Chen Hao.

    Hearing Iris Bird say so, Chen Hao did not ask any more questions.

    "Fine, I can grant you this request."

    Chen Hao didn't refuse either, he just wanted to leave this place quickly now.

    "Well, then, thank you both, Brother Zhou, I'll have someone escort you out!"

    Iris then immediately smiled and said towards Chen Hao and the two of them.

    After saying that, Iris called for a few ghost soldiers to escort Chen Hao and Lei Lie away.

    With the ghost soldiers escorting them, Chen Hao and the two of them successfully left the Ghost City and managed to enter the Qiang Wu Sea.

    The Qiang Wu Sea was a necessary place to travel to the Ghost Cave Clan's territory.

    It was a vast and far-reaching sea.

    At the end of the Qiang Wu Sea was the Ghost Cave Clan's territory.

    However.This Qiang Wu Sea was not so easy to cross.

    "Is there no boat to cross?"

    Chen Hao immediately looked to the ghost soldiers behind him and asked.

    "No, we've never been over there before, so we don't know how to get over there, we can only send you guys here, the rest is up to you."

    The Ghost Soldiers immediately said towards Chen Hao and the two of them.

    After saying that, the ghost soldiers rode their ghost horses directly and quickly moved away.

    Looking at the back of the ghost soldiers as they disappeared far away, Chen Hao and the two of them were so lonely.

    "Brother Chen, what do we do now?"

    Lei Lie then looked at Chen Hao and asked.

    Chen Hao was also at a loss, seeing as he was about to reach the Ghost Hole Clan territory, but he was now stopped by an ocean.

    There wasn't a single boat, were they allowed to swim across?

    It was impossible, there was no way Chen Hao and Lei Lie could swim across.

    "Impossible, there must be a way to get across, it's just that we haven't found it yet!"

    Chen Hao did not believe this fact and immediately denied it.

    After saying that, Chen Hao immediately began to search the entire surroundings for clues about crossing this sea.

    However, they searched for half a day without finding anything, so they could only sit on the shore and watch, quietly waiting for a miracle to happen.

    "Brother Chen, do you think we can wait for the boat to come?"

    Lei Lie lay on the ground, looking up at the sky towards Chen Hao and asked.

    "I believe in miracles!"

    Chen Hao merely responded with a simple sentence towards Lei Lie.


    As soon as the words fell, only a sound rang out from the sea.

    Upon hearing the sound, Chen Hao and Lei Lie immediately got up to check.

    They saw that the seawater on the surface of the sea began to continuously swell up, as if it was the feeling of boiling water boiling.

    In an instant, they looked at each other.

    "What did I say, a miracle has come!"

    Chen Hao excitedly looked at Lei Lie in awe.

    It really was Chen Hao who was right, a miracle would always come.

    After saying that, the two of them immediately got up and rushed to the beach to stand.

    A passage had already appeared on the sea.

    Chen Hao did not hesitate and immediately walked up and directly towards the passageway.

    The entire passage was formed entirely of seawater, and walking up was soft, like the feeling of walking on an air mattress.

    "Brother Chen, it's really amazing!"

    Lei Lie said with a surprised face towards Chen Hao, he really thought it was too amazing, he had never seen such a magical image before.

    You know, in the past, Lei Lie had only seen it in soap operas, where would he have thought that he could one day see it all with his own eyes in reality, it wouldn't even be believable to say it.

    The two of them were heading forward.

    After walking on and on for about several minutes, the two of them saw the end.

    At the end of the Qiang Wu Sea was a piece of land.

    This land was the territory of the Ghost Cave Clan, and so far, apart from the two of them finding it now, Chen Hao had only ever been able to find it, except for the Spirit Seeking Seven.

    Chen Hao and Lei Lie walked out of the passageway and stood on the land.

    Only the passageway directly behind them disappeared.

    To their left was a stone tablet with three large characters engraved on it: the Ghost Cave Clan.

    And there was also a huge stone statue standing in front of the two of them, Chen Hao.

    This gigantic stone statue was the former commander of the Ghost Cave Clan, a symbol of supreme existence.

    "Brother Chen, we've really found it!"

    Lei Lie was a little surprised and said towards Chen Hao, somewhat unable to believe what was happening in front of him.

    They had finally found the territory of the Ghost Hole Clan at long last.

    Chen Hao then headed inside with Lei Lie.

    The two of them came to stand at the entrance of a large stone gate.

    Chen Hao then took out from his clothes the key that he had received from Taban to open the gate of the Ghost Cave Clan's territory.

    Inserting the key into the gate.


    In a moment, the gate began to tremble.

    A few seconds later, the gates of the Ghost Cave Clan's territory were opened.

    The image that appeared before Chen Hao and the two of them was of a statue of a Ghost Cave Clan member standing in place, these statues seemed to have been deliberately made to be placed here.

    "Swoosh swoosh!"

    Just at this moment, I saw countless crossbow bolts flying out from inside.

    "Watch out!"

    Chen Hao shouted loudly, and then he just pushed Lei Lie to the side.

    The two of them hid on either side of the door, only to see crossbow bolts continuously shooting out from inside the door.

    If it wasn't for Chen Hao's quick reflexes, he and Lei Lie would have been transformed into a corpse pierced by crossbow bolts right now.


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