Dish Best Served Cold 886-888


Chapter 886

Faced with Ye Fan's words, Chi Chi Jing lowered her head.

    She didn't know what to say, nor did she know what words to use to express her state of mind at this moment.

    An unknown and insignificant person, one day suddenly standing on top of power and ruling endless wealth, that kind of powerful contrast, even a weather-beaten old man might find it difficult to remain calm, let alone this weak woman in her early twenties in front of her.

    The experience of the first half of her life made Chi Chi Jing have too much insecurity about herself.

    This, coupled with the timidity of her character and the trepidation within her, made her not dare to accept Ye Fan's gift at all.

    However, Ye Fan smiled and reassured.

    "Be confident, why be presumptuous?"

    "No one is born strong.They all go through a process."

    "I can do it, and I'm sure you can do it, too."

    "Don't worry, until you grow up, I'll have someone assist you."

    Ye Fan stood with a negative hand and said in a deep voice.

    And then, he looked at the wretched Iwai Zen at the side and said coldly, "Before I take your life, the task of assisting her will be given to you."

    "Can you do it?"

    Ye Fan's cold voice quietly sounded.

    Facing Ye Fan's order, Rockwell Zen naturally didn't dare to disobey.

    He was originally a person who was wearing a sin, if he angered Ye Fan again, I'm afraid that his life would really be lost today.

    "Don't worry, Dragon Lord, I, Iwai Zen, will do my best to assist Miss Chi Chi Jing and take charge of the situation."

    "If there are any second thoughts, the heavens will punish the earth!"

    Iwai Zen returned respectfully.

    Only then did Ye Fan nod, "Mm."

    However, at this moment, Miyamoto Intermediary, who had been terrified and silent at the side, suddenly ran forward, knelt down to Ye Fan and respectfully said, "I, Miyamoto Intermediary, am also willing to hand over the position of the head of the Miyamoto Family to Chiike Jing."

    "From now on, the Miyamoto family, only the two of you, sir, will obey!"


    "Grandpa, are you confused?"

    "What nonsense are you talking about?"

    "With that virtue of Chike Shizune, how can she be worthy of being the head of the Miyamoto family?"

    Ye Fan hadn't spoken yet, but Chi Chi Yan was already sitting down.

    With jealousy rising in her heart, she said at Miyamoto Agency.,.

    All along, among the two of them sisters, she, Qianchi Yan, had been the most favored one.

    On important occasions, her grandfather lets her accompany him, but doesn't allow Chi-Chi Jing to follow.

    Even when she went to college, the family paid to send only one of her to study abroad, leaving Chi-Chi-Jing to stay in Japan to attend a normal school.

    Chiike Jing has always been the one often overlooked within the family.

    It could be said that since childhood, Chi Chi Yan had enjoyed more privileged treatment and received more attention and glory than her own sister.

    But now, her younger sister, who was once despised by her, has transformed herself into the most powerful person in the world.

    Even her own grandfather had to give up his position as head of the family to her, standing in a position that she had to look up to.

    How could this balance Chiike Yanji's heart?

    Immediately with red eyes, he protested at Miyamoto's intermediary.

    "You stupid bitch!"

    "Shut the fuck up?"

    "What time is it, and you're fucking jealous of your sister?"

    "You're trying to get me killed and the Miyamoto family killed~"

    At that time, Miyamoto intermediary was nearly mad, and slapped past, directly pasting Chi Chi Yan on the ground, nose bleeding all over his face.

    From Ye Fan's words and actions just now, a fool could tell that the relationship between Ye Fan and Chi Chi Jing was by no means ordinary.

    It was even most likely that this granddaughter of his was Ye Fan's woman.

    Otherwise, how could Ye Fan so easily, hand over the Triad Consortium to Chi Chi Jing to be in charge.

    In the eyes of the crowd, Ye Fan was acting like this to push his woman out as his agent, to take the reins of the Trihealth Consortium on Ye Fan's behalf!

    In that case, Ye Fan undoubtedly had a stronger control over the Triumvirate Consortium.

    Therefore, after seeing the intimate relationship between Chi Chi Jing and Ye Fan, Miyamoto Intermediary was like a man in the water, grasping the last straw to save his life.

    He knew very well that the key to his survival today depended on this granddaughter of his.

    Therefore, Miyamoto intermediary made a quick decision and handed over the position of the Miyamoto family's head as a way to show his loyalty to Ye Fan and also to atone for his previous offense to Ye Fan.

    After all, Chi-Chi Jing is half of the Miyamoto family, not an outsider, so if she can rise to the top, the Miyamoto family will naturally be able to take advantage of her.

    But what Miyamoto's intermediary didn't expect was that Qianchi Yan, a fool, would still fight for jealousy and offend Qianchi Jing with her words at such a time.

    Doesn't she know that the survival of their Miyamoto family depends on Chiike Jing?

    Miyamoto's intermediary now only hoped that Ye Fan could spare their lives for the sake of Chichi Jing.

    Naturally, Ye Fan was as insightful to this point of Miyamoto's intermediary's mind.

    He looked down at the old man who was kneeling and serving at his feet and smiled coldly.

    "Do you seriously think that by showing me favor in this way, you will be spared from death?"

    "All of them are over half a hundred years old, but I didn't think you were so naive?"

    Ye Fan shook his head and smiled, his words were eerie and bone-chilling.

    After hearing these words, Miyamoto's intermediary was nearly scared silly.

    His heart was halfway cold.

    Ye Fan's meaning was that he wasn't going to let him go.

    "Don't ah, I really know I was wrong~"

    "It is we who have eyes to see and have offended you."

    "Please, sir, for Jing'er's sake, forgive me this time."

    "I promise that in the future, my Miyamoto family will honor Mr. Jing like a father and respect him like a god!"

    "From now on, you are the king of my Miyamoto family, and Jingle is the queen of the Miyamoto family."

    "All I ask, sir, is that you spare us from death~"

    In full view of everyone, Miyamoto's intermediary kneeled down and cried out.

    That miserable appearance, where was half the dignity that the head of the family should have?

    The current him couldn't care less about his face.

    Besides, even the general manager of the Sanhe Consortium was kneeling to Ye Fan, so there was no shame in him being a vice president crying for mercy.

    "Jing Jing, please, put in a good word for grandfather~"

    "In the past, Grandfather didn't pay enough attention to you, I admit it."

    "It's all Grandfather's fault that he was blind and was blinded by your sister and saw the wrong person."

    "Grandfather knows that he was wrong, and will definitely make up for it a hundredfold in the future."

    "Only this time, you save Grandpa~"

    Miyamoto intermediary saw that begging Ye Fan failed, and then turned to crawl towards Chiike Jing, to his granddaughter unable to stop apologizing and admitting his fault.

    A handful of snot and tears, unable to stop saying.

    The old teary look, let people look at all heartbreak can not bear.

    In the end, Chi Chi Jing's begging eyes were still looking at Ye Fan.

    "Mister, can...Can't, bypass Grandfather this time ah?"

    Thousand Chi Jing's voice was small, clearly with a few guilty conscience.

    She knew that she was actually not qualified to plead for Ye Fan.

    Ye Fan didn't owe her anything, on the contrary, she owed Ye Fan too much.

    But, after all, he was his grandfather, and how could Qian Chi Jing, who had always been pure and kind, really ignore him?


"Master, I think, let's spare his life."

    "In the future, when Miss Chihike takes charge of the Sanhei Foundation, she will need a close family member by her side to assist her."

    "Intermediary Miyamoto has seen many storms over time.You should be able to feel much more at ease, master, if you have him to assist Miss Chihike."

    At this time, Ryougu Yuiyue, who had been quiet and silent, also spoke out to advise.

    Perhaps, it was because of sympathy for them.

    Hearing this, the killing intent on Ye Fan's face only dissipated.

    "Intermediary Miyamoto, you should be glad that you have a good granddaughter."

    "Otherwise, the history of your Miyamoto family would have ended here."

    Ye Fan said in a deep voice, faint words that rang out quietly.

    In the end, Ye Fan chose to keep Miyamoto's intermediary alive.

    Just now, Ryougu Ying Yue's words had reminded Ye Fan instead.

    Beside Thousand Chi Jing, there was indeed a need for a close family member to assist him.

    Miyamoto Mediator was undoubtedly the best candidate.

    As for Iwai Zen, he was after all not related to Chiike Jing, and it was undoubtedly impossible for him to ask her to do her best to assist Chiike Jing.

    Ye Fan was now keeping Miyamoto's intermediary alive, which would just allow him to check and balance Iwai Zen in the future.

    Otherwise, once he left, I'm afraid that Chiike Jing, the so-called General Manager of the Sanhei Foundation, would really exist in name only.

    After disposing of the matter here, Ye Fan and Rangong Ying Yue, the two of them were ready to leave.

    However, before leaving, Ye Fan knocked the two of them again, Iwai Zen and Miyamoto Intermediary.

    "From today onwards, you two, put yourselves in the right position."

    "When I'm not here, the Trio Consortium, when Chichibi Jing is the main one!"

    "If I were to know that there is any trespassing among the two of you, then don't blame me, Ye Fan, for being merciless!"


    As these words fell, there was a cold wind in this heaven and earth.

    Immediately afterwards, the two Iwai Zen only saw that Ye Fan turned his finger into a sword and sliced at the sky.

    A streak of energy was immediately cut out of the sky.

    A few meters away, the sturdy sycamore tree suddenly exploded and split apart.

    Seeing the scene in front of them, both Iwai Zen's hearts and minds trembled, filled with fear, where they dared to have the slightest disagreement, immediately kneeled down and said respectfully, "Mr. Chu rest assured, we will do our best to assist Miss Qianchi Jing to take charge of the power, and we will never dare to overstep our bounds!".

    "Better so."Ye Fan sneered, while flicking his sleeve and turning to leave.

    However, just as Iwai Zen and the others were about to send Ye Fan away respectfully, Chi Chi Jing, who had been terrified and silent, finally plucked up her courage and shouted at Ye Fan, "It's just a ducking match, you...Why are you so good to me?"

    As she said this, Chi Chi Jing's eyebrows reddened.

    In a pair of beautiful eyes, there was emotion and expectation.There was admiration, and even more secret love.

    She tilted her pretty face up, full of expectation, waiting for Ye Fan's answer.

    The small heart under her breasts, pounding without stopping.

    After so many years, apart from her mother who had passed away, Ye Fan was the first person who had treated her so well.

    Obviously, they were just duckweed, but Ye Fan, however, had given her endless power and favors.

    Thousand Chi Jing knew very well that the chance that Ye Fan had given her today would completely change her life.

    However, faced with Qian Chi Jing's question, Ye Fan did not answer directly.

    He turned his back to her and waved his hand.

    "It's just a chance meeting, so why are you pleading for me?"

    The sound of light laughter was only like a fresh breeze sweeping past.

    After hearing Ye Fan's words, Thousand Chi Jing's pretty face flushed with shame and she lowered her head, a thousand deer in her heart.

    Yeah, and why would she plead with Ye Fan?

    At this time, the breeze was gentle and the sun was just right.

    Looking at the back that was growing farther and farther away, Chi Chi Jing gathered her courage, stood on her tiptoes, and shouted again into the distance, "Can you tell me your name?"

    Thousand Chi Jing shouted loudly.

    Ye Fan, however, was already far away, leaving the crowd with only that thin and majestic back.

    Only after a long time had passed, did the sound of a soft laugh, like a stream, like a clear stream, drifted by from there.

    "My name is, Chu Tianfan~"

    Beyond the nine heavens, there was the setting sun.

    The fiery giant wheel, like a burning ball of fire, reflected half of the sky.

    Under the setting sun, Iwai Zen and the others knelt down to bid farewell.

    "A respectful farewell to the Dragon Lord!"


    "Respectfully, Mr. Chu~"


    "Respectfully, Mr. Chu~"

    The voices of respect and words of reverence gathered into a stream.

    It was as if waves were sweeping over this heaven and earth.

    Amidst all the kneeling and worshiping, Chi Chi Jing was the only one who stood for a long time, startled and lost in thought.

    From this moment on, Chu Tianfan's name was deeply engraved into the depths of Qianchi Jing's heart.

    His majesty, his boldness, his words and actions, his outline and his face were all engraved in her life.

    Just like breathing, it was never interrupted for a moment!

    It was then that Chi Chi Jing knew that she was afraid that she would never be attached to anyone else in her life.

    Having seen the greatness of the sea, who would miss the Juanne of the streams again?

    "Mr. Chu, don't worry, Jing'er will definitely work hard to help you guard, your "world" in the Japanese Kingdom!"

    "One day, when you return to the Japanese Kingdom and visit the Winter Capital again, Jing will definitely give you a prosperous and huge "kingdom"!"

    Thousand Chi Jing clutched her palms and watched the fading figure, but swore in her heart.


    After Ye Fan left, the crowd dispersed.

    After consulting Chiike Shizu, Miyamoto's intermediary had people start disposing of those corpses for the aftermath.

    "My lord, please take your seat."

    Upon returning to the manor, Intermediary Miyamoto respectfully asked Chiike Shizune to take the family seat.

    "Grandfather, there's no need for that."

    "It's fine if we just want it the way it was before."

    "How can I sit in your place when you are the closest blood relative of Shizune?"Chiike Shizu excused himself.

    However, Miyamoto's intermediary still bent over and bowed, and said respectfully to Chiike Jing, "Master, if you don't want to harm me, please take the seat of honor."

    "From now on, you are not only the head of the Miyamoto family, but also the general manager of the Triad Foundation."

    "I, Miyamoto Intermediary, will definitely do my best to assist and wish the family master, to take the seat of honor!"

    Miyamoto's intermediary's words were from the bottom of his heart.

    Perhaps, it was because he was truly frightened by Ye Fan's tactics, and he really didn't have the slightest desire to overstep the bounds of Chi Chi Jing.

    However, this was fine.

    Now that Chi Chi Jing had taken advantage of Mr. Chu's power to become the general manager of the Triad Foundation.

    In that future, their Miyamoto family's status and power would surely rise a hundred feet higher as well.

    Miyamoto's intermediary had never imagined that the dream he had never achieved in his entire life, but now his own granddaughter had helped him achieve it.

    "Grandfather, you really want to honor her as your master?To honor her?"

    "It's not like you don't know that she, Chi Chi Jing, has been a loser since she was a child."

    "She's not as good at learning as I am, not as charismatic as I am, and even worse at being a person!"

    "She's just an unpopular, underachieving loser."

    "How is she qualified, to be the head of the Miyamoto family?"

    "And what qualifies you, as an auxiliary, to be the global head of the Triad Consortium?"

    At this time, outside the hall, but Qianchi Yan ran in.


She yelled loudly and resignedly.

    Her eyes were red and her heart was burning with jealousy.

    Previously, when Ye Fan was here, Thousand Chi Yan was hindered by Ye Fan's pressure and didn't say anything.

    Now that Ye Fan had left, Thousand Chi Yan naturally had no more scruples about disobeying and belittling Thousand Chi Jing in various ways.

    After all, for more than twenty years, she was the one who steadily overpowered Qian Chi Jing.

    Now, her own sister had leapt to become the head of the Miyamoto family, not only controlling the entire Miyamoto family's wealth, but even the Sanhe Foundation had to take orders from her?

    Naturally, this was unacceptable to the always proud and arrogant Chi Chi Yan.

    Originally, back then, Miyamoto Agency had promised to give her part of the family's fortune.

    But now, it was all taken away from her by the sister she had always despised and despised, so of course Chi Chi Yan was filled with displeasure.

    "Shut up, you!"

    However, in the face of Chichiyan's words, Miyamoto's intermediary was furious and backhandedly slapped Chichiyan, inciting her to the ground once again.

    Chi Chi Yan was crying then.

    She covered her face and looked at her grandfather with puzzled eyes.

    "Grandfather, why did you hit me?"

    "Am I wrong?"

    "In all these years, which one of him Chichi Jing is better than me?"

    "Compared to me, she's a loser!"

    "Which is she like me, other than to make that Chinese bastard favorable?"

    "I can't sit at the head of the Miyamoto family, so what does she, Chiike Jing, deserve to sit at the head of the family?"

    "I'm not convinced, I'm not convinced~"

    Thousandchi Yan roared with reluctance.

    Intermediary Miyamoto was expressionless, once upon a time, Chichi Yan was his most favored granddaughter, but now, there was only disappointment and disgust in the eyes that Intermediary Miyamoto looked at her.

    In anger, another slap was directly smacked on.

    "Shut up!"

    "And you dare to insult Mr. Chu?"

    "Do you want to die?"Miyamoto intermediary scolded angrily.

    "Grandpa, don't hit my sister~"

    At this point, Chiyoshi was so upset that he spoke out to persuade her.

    Only then did Miyamoto's intermediary stop, but he still looked livid, and with indignation, he looked at Chichi Yan, who he had pasted on the ground.

    "Mr. Chu's eyes are right."

    "You're narrow-minded, unruly and ratty, and even though you have amazing talent, you're destined to be difficult to achieve greatness."

    "However, you are right."

    "Compared to you, your sister is indeed far inferior in many areas."

    "Not as educated as you, not as personable as you, and not as good at seeing things through."

    "Not as noble as you are in food and shelter, and not as well loved as you are."

    "But, so what?"

    "Even though your sister is a thousand and ten thousand times inferior to you, her place in Mr. Chu's heart is far superior to yours."

    "That alone is enough to dump you for a hundred thousand miles!"

    "Sometimes it's not talent or charisma that determines the size of a person's accomplishments!"

    "And just a mere chance."

    "It's just a pity that you missed it, and your sister, grasped it."

    "So, she succeeded, and you, you are destined to be trampled under her feet for the rest of your life."

    Miyamoto's intermediary's deep voice, resounded ceaselessly.

    His face was expressionless, and he looked at Chichi Yan with cold eyes.

    "Also, after today, you will leave the Miyamoto family and will not have to return in this life."

    "You have offended Mr. Chu with your words several times before."

    "In my heart, I have no respect for Mr. Chu."

    "He will inevitably make a big mistake."

    "I don't want to affect the friendly relationship between my Miyamoto family and Mr. Chu because of you."

    "So, go ahead and leave Winter King."

    "As for your sister Chichi Jing, you should never contact her again either."

    "From now on, the two of you sisters are from two worlds."

    The morbid voice, only like a frosty sweep, quietly echoed in this hall.

    There was not the slightest hint of affection in the desperate words.

    How can one who achieves great things be a woman?

    Since Intermediary Miyamoto had decided to wholeheartedly assist Chi Chi Jing and was unwaveringly loyal to Ye Fan, he had to clean out Chi Yan.

    This woman is narrow-minded and malicious.

    Disrespectful to Thousand Chi Jing, and disrespectful to Mr. Chu as well.

    This kind of woman will inevitably be a calamity in the future if she stays around.

    It would be better to cut the Gordian knot today, clear the matter with her, drive him out of the Winter Capital, and completely cut off all ties.

    At that moment, Chi Chi Yan was stunned and remained silent for a long time.

    Just now, Miyamoto's intermediary's words were only like swords, ruthlessly plunging into the deepest depths of Chi Chi Yan's heart.

    She had never thought that just because of Ye Fan's likes and dislikes, her grandfather, who loved her the most, would want to drive her away and cut off contact with her.

    What was even more unacceptable to Qianchi Yan was that she wouldn't even have the qualifications to meet with Qianchi Jing in the future?

    The two sisters who were once two sisters have become two worlds because of a Huaxian teenager?

    An ascendancy for pride?A fallen servant?

    At this moment, it was as if something deep inside had cracked open and flowed with sour water.

    She regretted it.

    If, when she had met Ye Fan, she had been as courteous to Ye Fan as her sister.

    If she hadn't fallen to the well when Ye Fan was in danger before, but had also kneeled down to plead for mercy just like Qianchi Jing.

    Perhaps, today's ending would have been a different scenario.

    She and her sister, meeting with Ye Fan at the same time.

    But what she got today was a very different ending.

    However, who could blame her?

    After all, you're just to blame.

    "Sister, congratulations, you've won."

    "The glory and power that my sister never dared to dream of, you got it~"

    Thousand Chi Yan eventually resigned herself to her fate.

    At that moment, she burst into tears and with her heart full of remorse, she looked at her sister, Thousand Chi Jing, who sat on top of the throne of honor, leaving behind tears of remorse.

    "Take away!"

    Without any further hesitation, Miyamoto's intermediary waved his hand, followed by several people who walked into the hall and expelled Chi Chi Yan from the Miyamoto family and banished her from the Winter Capital.

    From now on, these two sisters, after all, became people from two worlds.

    "Grandfather, why can't you leave your sister behind?"Thousand Chi Jing's heart could not bear it, her eyebrows and eyes were red, and she spoke with a choked voice.

    "My lord, if you want to wear a crown, you must bear its weight!"

    "If you have chosen this path, bear the loneliness."

    A low, deep voice, sounding slowly.

    Thousand Chi Jing wiped away her tears and nodded her head heavily.

    On the first day she became the General Manager of the Golden Rock Club, this pretty, beautiful woman in her early twenties had learned to be strong.



    "Hmph, Master, you're not falling in love with that Miss Chiike Jing, are you?"

    "Otherwise, why else would you give her such a great chance after just one side of the road."

    "Moon has been with you for so long, what hasn't the master given Moon?"

    Bathed in the afterglow of the setting sun, this man and woman were walking slowly like this.

    At this time, Rangong Ying Yue, wrinkling her lovely jade nose, angrily asked Ye Fan.

    The gaze that was looking at Ye Fan was filled with resentment.


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