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"Today, this Dragon Lord will be here to kill you and clean up the portal."

    "King Dragon Rock, are you convinced?"

    Ye Fan's anger raged.

    Proud and full of cold eyes.

    Morbidly angry words, trembling the four directions.

    Just like gold and stones falling to the ground, everywhere that entered the ear, all of Ye Fan's monstrous rage reverberated.

    Under Ye Fan's rebuke, Rockwell Zen looked livid and terrified.

    His entire body was trembling.

    Every word and sentence that Ye Fan had just said was like a knife plunging deep into Iwai Zen's heart.

    Perhaps it was shame, or perhaps it was guilt.

    Faced with Ye Fan's morbid anger, Iwai Zen's old face was livid and speechless.

    With his head bowed, he knelt there, unable to say a word for a long time.

    When Ye Fan saw this, he was undoubtedly even angrier.

    He walked over and kicked Iwai Zen in the face.

    There was only a loud bang, and the skin split open.

    Iwai Zen was kicked on the ground like this by Ye Fan, his old face scratched the ground to go half a meter, and the red blood immediately spilled out and flowed all over his face.

    "General Manager~"

    The crowd was undoubtedly even more frightened at what they saw.

    Before this, it was unimaginable for them to imagine that the General Manager of the Hallowed Trio Consortium had been brutally beaten by a Chinese teenager.

    What was even more unimaginable was that in the face of Ye Fan's brutal beating, Iwai Zen was so scared that he didn't dare to say a word.


    "Don't you dare do it?"

    "Now you don't even have the courage to admit it?"

    "I can only say that I was really blind to let you, a wimpy trash, take charge of half the power of the Japanese Kingdom."

    "I'll ask you again, today, the Japanese Dragon Lord cleans up his house and cuts you by the hand, are you convinced?"

    Ye Fan's anger raged.

    His face was expressionless, he was full of ice cold eyes.

    Several questions in a row, only like swords, swept out.

    Under Ye Fan's furious words, a violent wind actually rose in this heaven and earth.

    All of them looked at the scene in front of them with fear. Under Ye Fan's majesty, these usually unworldly dignitaries were so scared that they didn't dare to say a word.

    There was only trepidation and horror left in their hearts.

    However, who could understand the exuberant anger in Ye Fan's heart right now.

    He could betray, or he could resist life.

    After all, no one was born willing to be under a human.

    This Iwai Zen wanted to rebel against his lord and stand on his own, at least this courage and boldness was something that Ye Fan could appreciate.

    But Ye Fan couldn't stand the fact that this Iwai Zen was acting like a wimp, not daring to say shit.

    He couldn't accept that he would be blind enough to entrust a wimp like this with a heavy responsibility.


    In a rage, Ye Fan kicked over again.

    This time, after rolling on the ground for several times, Iwai Zen finally gritted his teeth and stood up.

    His mouth full of blood, he looked at Ye Fan and smiled eventfully.


    "Don't you want me to talk, Dragon Lord?"

    "I said!"

    "You're right, the fact that I, Iwai Zen, am where I am today is all thanks to your grace, Dragon Lord."

    "From the moment I resisted the Dragon God's Order, I knew that it would end up like this."

    "I, Iwai Zen, know the crime."

    "Dragon Lord, you want to kill me and clean up the portal, and I obey."

    "I am convinced!"

    "I know that I can't fight you."

    "If you had sent someone else to dispose of me, I might have had some chance of winning."

    "But Dragon Lord, you came to the Sun Country yourself to clean house, and I know that I, Iwai Zen, will die today."

    "But Dragonlord, don't you want to know why I would betray you?"

    "Why, am I blind to the edict of the Dragon God?"

    Iwai Zen was full of eventful eyes, and that hoarse laugh actually carried a few hints of sadness and grief.

    The current Iwai Zen, when talking to Ye Fan, has no longer the arrogance and majesty of the beginning, there is only a downward spiral and wretchedness.

    The kind of feeling that was given was as if the condemned prisoner was giving an account of his criminal mind before going to the execution ground.

    Hearing this, Ye Fan's appearance sank.

    He was expressionless and looked coldly at the Iwai Zen in front of him.

    "Isn't it because you don't want to be subservient to others, so you have to be self-reliant?"

    Throughout the ages, men have betrayed each other for two reasons.

    Either because of women or because of power!

    In Ye Fan's opinion, the former was basically impossible.

    There was no emotional ties between him and Iwai Zen at all, so the rest was because of power.

    "Dragon Lord, you're right, but you're only half right."

    "It's true that I disobeyed orders for power."

    "But the reason, by no means, is that I don't want to be subservient to others."

    "Dragon Lord, you are majestic and talented in warfare, and yielding to you, I, Iwai Zen, am convinced and have no complaints whatsoever."

    "In this world, it is the ability to be respected, and mediocre people are beneath others."

    "I betrayed only because, I don't want to go to my death."

    "If I die, everything I've fought for all these years will be gone."

    Iwai Zen shook his head and laughed, his words poignant.

    But Ye Fan frowned, "Sending myself to death?"

    "So, you think that by issuing the Dragon God's Decree and summoning you to deal with the Chu Family, I'm asking you to go to your deaths?"

    "Doesn't it?"Iwai Zen asked rhetorically.

    "Dragon Lord, I've told Han since many years ago that even though we have power all over the world."

    "But compared to the Chu family, we are still insignificant."

    "You had no chance of winning against the Chu Clan ten years ago, and now, you still have no chance of winning at all!"

    "It's an operation to go and get killed."

    "I know very well that once we go there, not only will we not be able to return, but you, the Dragon Lord, will also be killed on Truman Mountain!"

    "The Chu Family is the world's number one giants, and the Chu Sect is the number one martial power in the world."

    "Dragon Lord, you are alone, what are you fighting with against a giants with centuries of heritage?"

    "And what's the point of fighting with a strong Truman?"

    "You're just looking for death!"

    Iwai Zen's sincere words were like rolling thunder, rolling through the world.

    These words were said with his old eyes red and his mouth bloodied.

    Back then, after learning of Ye Fan's plan to deal with the Chu family, Iwai Zen wanted to return the favor to Ye Fan, so he did his best to gather information about the Chu family everywhere.

    However, as he learned more and more about the Chu Family, the more terrifying and frightening he found it, until finally, complete despair!

    The Chu family was a ten thousand mountain that no one could overcome.

    In this world, it was impossible for anyone to bring down this behemoth.

    Including Ye Fan!

    Therefore, he later contacted Old Man Han countless times, hoping that they would abandon their plans to deal with the Chu family.

    As a result, his suggestion, naturally, ended without a hitch.

    Iwai Zen had no idea that it was impossible to dissolve the feud between Ye Fan and the Chu Family.

    Therefore, the moment he received the Dragon God's edict and learned that the final plan was about to begin against that moment, Iwai Zen was determined to disobey the order.

    "Dragon Lord, I'm not afraid of danger, nor am I afraid of suffering."

    "But whenever there is any possibility of victory, I, Iwai Zen, will certainly be ordered to go."

    "But I'm not an idiot, why would I go when I know it will end in death?"


"Shut up!"

    Before Iwai Zen had finished speaking, but Ye Fan was furious.

    With a wave of his sleeve robe, he once again incited Iwai Zen to fly away.

    How could he allow his ten-year plan and a thousand-day plan to be rendered so worthless by Iwai Zen?

    However, in the face of Ye Fan's anger, Iwai Zen was undaunted.

    He climbed up from the place once again and continued.

    "Dragon Lord, I know that you don't want to admit it."

    "But, it's the truth!"

    "Today, you don't have the slightest chance of winning against the Chu family."

    "To go is to die!"

    "The Chu Family is powerful and terrifying, not only in the secular world, but also in the martial world."

    "In the eyes of those clerics, the wealth and power that we are proud of in our hands are just vanity."

    "They can burst it with a single punch!"

    "Dragon Lord, you should understand that the Chu family, that kind of hidden giants, can never be brought down by mere wealth and power."

    Even though Iwai Zen was beaten with blood on his face, he still said incessantly at Ye Fan.

    As the saying goes, a man's dying words are good, and a horse's dying song is sad.

    The words of Iwai Zen were indeed from the bottom of his heart.

    However, upon hearing the end, Ye Fan laughed in anger.

    "Iwai Zen, Iwai Zen, do you really think that after gathering information for a few years, you have seen through the details of my Chu Tianfan?"

    "You said that there are strong people among the Chu family, martial dao fluxers."

    "But are you so sure that under this Dragon Lord, there are no martial dao flux gods of great power to serve me?"

    Ye Fan's words, however, put Rockwell Zen to the question.

    His old face trembled, and his look was immediately stagnant.

    The entire man was flabbergasted.

    "Could it be that you, Dragon Lord, have also cultivated martial...Martial Dao power?"

    All along, Iwai Zen thought that Ye Fan's greatest reliance against the Chu family was their Four Dragon Kings who were the most powerful.

    The four kings are the four Dragon Kings, who are the most powerful in the world, such as the Long Yang King, who reigns over the Yan Capital, and the Long Yan King, who heads the Japanese monopoly.

    However, Iwai Zen didn't know that above the Dragon King, there was the existence of the "Dragon God".

    Those "Dragon Gods" who worked for Ye Fan were the sharpest weapons under Ye Fan!

    Ye Fan didn't answer him, he stood with his hands in the air and smiled faintly.

    Looking down at the man in front of him, he shook his head.

    "Before I came here, I thought of cleaning up the portal and killing you to make a warning to others."

    "But now, I'm not going to kill you."

    "I want you to open your eyes and take a good look at the other day, it's this Dragon Lord who lost his life in Chu Men Mountain."

    "Or was it that Chu family's great family that was trampled underfoot by this Dragon Lord?"


    With the cold wind blowing, Ye Fan's proud words echoed.

    This heaven and earth was already full of Ye Fan's reverberations.

    A dominating momentum swept the four corners of the world.

    For some reason, when they heard Ye Fan's words, the crowd here actually felt trembling in their hearts and almost felt an urge to kneel and submit.

    Thousand Chi Jing was startled and lost in thought, her eyes and eyebrows that were looking at Ye Fan were overflowing with color.

    It was hard for her to imagine, what kind of a young man had to be to say such heroic words?

    Not only Thousand Pond Quiet, Rangong Ying Yue was by no means calm in her heart.

    With so many people present, aside from Ye Fan and Iwai Zen, the only one who knew something about martial arts was Rangongong Ying Yue.

    To the Chu family, Rangong Ying Yue undoubtedly knew a bit about it as well.

    But the more she did, the more shocked she became when she heard Ye Fan's words.

    Previously, Rangong Ying Yue only thought that Ye Fan's goal might just be to dominate Huaxia, ascend the Huaxia Ancestor List, and enter the Martial God Hall.

    But now it seemed that she was wrong, very wrong.

    What this man saw in his eyes was not just Huaxia.

    What he wanted to do was to fuck over the entire world!

    Yes, if one could step on the Chu Family and destroy it, it would naturally mean that Ye Fan, had the power to dominate the world.

    "Rabindranath Tagore said that only a person who has gone through hellish torment can have the power to create heaven."

    "Only a finger that has shed blood can play the world's greatest song!"

    "Wanting to set foot on the Chu family, the master must have suffered a lot over the years~"

    Looking at the thin figure in front of him, Rangong Ying Yue whispered in her heart.

    There was admiration and even more pity in the gaze that looked at Ye Fan.

    While the crowd was horrified, Iwai Zen was also flabbergasted.

    Obviously, he hadn't expected that Ye Fan would have such a deep resentment towards the Chu family?

    What's more, he never thought that his obsession to go to the Chu family would be so strong?

    After a long time, Iwai Zen suddenly laughed, with a touch of self-deprecation.

    "Dragon Lord, I suddenly understand why you are so successful at such an age."

    "Why is it that I, Iwai Zen, cannot be the Dragon Lord and can only be beneath you."

    "This strength and courage of yours alone is something I have never been able to do in my life."

    "Good, Dragon Lord, I will see to it."

    "I hope, too, that you will succeed."

    Iwai Zen mocked to himself, and he didn't resist, allowing Ye Fan to do what he wanted.

    In fact, in his heart, Iwai Zen still respected Ye Fan.

    He was also by no means an ungrateful person.

    When he disobeyed the order in the first place, it was only because he didn't want to die in vain.

    However, no matter what the reason was, betrayal was betrayal.

    "King Long Yan, your death penalty can be forgiven, but your living crime is hard to escape!"

    "After today, you don't have to be the head of the Triad Consortium."

    "With immediate effect, the position of the head of the Triad Consortium will be held by her."

    Ye Fan said indifferently, while extending his hand to point to a spot.

    In a split second, everyone's eyes all followed Ye Fan's arm.

    Only to see a weak and pretty woman in the crowd, with a face full of panic, staying there with her big, innocent eyes wide open.


    Qian Chi Jing was startled and lost in thought, a pallor on her pretty face.

    She was born in a country that prefers sons to daughters, and even more so in a family that prefers sons to daughters.

    She has been frail and sickly since childhood, not as smart and capable as her sister, not as good and independent as her brother.

    She was not as smart and capable as her sister, or as independent as her older brother. She was the least favored in the family.

    Among all the relatives, she is also the one who is often ignored.

    Her only good qualities are probably her timidity and good manners.

    Everyone thought her mediocre and incompetent.

    Everyone thought she could never be a great person.

    If nothing else, she would only end up being used by the family as a marriage tool and married as a concubine.

    But now, it was such a silent and weak woman who was appointed by Ye Fan as, the head of the Triad Senate, the Global President of the Golden Rock Society?

    Not to mention the others, even Chi Chi Jing herself was confused.

    She was filled with fear and shook her head repeatedly, "No...No..."

    "I...I can't."

    "I-I can't...I can't do it~"

    Thousand Chi Jing waved her hands, refusing to do so.

    But Ye Fan asked her, "How old are you this year?"

    "I'm...I'm twenty-three."Thousand Chi Jing whispered back.

    When Ye Fan heard it, he laughed lightly and said in a mixed voice, "I scattered starfire everywhere at the age of eleven and planned the world."

    "My sister, Xiaolei, took charge of Yanjing at the age of nineteen and reigned supreme."

    "We can all do it, why can't you when you're over twenty?"


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