Dish Best Served Cold 881-883


Chapter 881

The low and deep words quietly rang out behind the crowd.

    Even though, there were only a few words, the majesty and pride in them was so strong.

    The crowd turned around in confusion.

    In a split second, everyone's eyes all fell forward.

    At the end of the field of vision, there was only a middle-aged man, greeting the crowd, slowly walking towards them.

    He wasn't wearing a suit, but instead was dressed in a loose tracksuit with a pair of Nike sneakers on his feet.

    His outfit was definitely out of place with the celebrities from all walks of life in front of him in suits and dresses.

    However, the pearl is dusty, but still can not hide its dazzling luster.

    Some people, just by listening to their words and observing their actions, can be recognized as people who have been in high positions for a long time.

    Like the middle-aged man in front of him, with a broad forehead, tiger eyes, and a knife-sharpened face, but with an unruffled majesty.


    "This is..."

    "The General Manager has arrived?"

    Upon seeing this person, the crowd of guests present, however, were all shocked.

    The horror in their pupils instantly dilated.


    "General Manager?"

    "You're talking about, aren't you the Global General Manager of the Golden Rock Society, the head of the Triumvirate Consortium?"


    "I'm afraid he hasn't made a public appearance in almost ten years."

    "Today, this immortal is willing to come out?"

    After hearing the identity of the visitor, many people present, but all of them were shocked, and drew a breath of cold air, and lamented in shock.

    Whether it was a country or a power, if it wanted to be strong, it needed a strong leader, a core that could convince everyone.

    Only such organizations and forces were truly powerful and combative.

    This was especially true for an alliance with so many forces such as the Sanhe Consortium.

    If there was no one core.

    Then the so-called Triad Consortium would be scattered sand, fighting on its own, and would sooner or later die out.

    But if there was a leader that everyone would believe in and respect, then the future of the consortium would naturally be different.

    Yes, the man in front of us is the sole core and leader of the Triad Consortium today.

    For the entire consortium, there is absolute control.


    "It is said that the president of this Triumvirate Consortium is extremely mysterious."

    "Back then, he rose up suddenly like a comet, completely integrating the disparate Trihexa Consortium with one person's strength, making a name for himself."

    "But then, after retreating rapidly and taking the throne as the head of the Triad Consortium, he retired from the scene and never showed his face again."

    "When the mayor of Winter King City first took office the year before last, he paid a visit to this person out of courtesy."

    "But in the end, the hard man didn't even enter the door, let alone meet the man himself."

    "Now I didn't even think that the mysterious general manager of the Triad Foundation would show up here?"

    All around, there was a lot of noise.

    The crowd was discussing one thing at a time.

    The words were filled with admiration and reverence.

    After all, without saying anything else, the title of General Manager of the Sanhe Consortium alone could already crush everyone present.


    "I'll go!"

    "Are all the General Managers here?"

    "This time, that brat from Warsaw is definitely dead!"

    "How nice was it to just see it go?"

    "Not to mention being able to save his own life, just the deed of making the Miyamoto family head bow down and beg for peace is enough to make this Chinese kid blow for the rest of his life."


    "Non-fucking pretending to be a hero?"

    "And you want to make Chairman Miyamoto pay for his life?"

    "How about now?"

    "Forced the Global General Manager of the Triad Consortium to step in."

    "Now, how do I see him play it?"


    "A good deck of cards played sparingly is just stupid!"

    "Braking in general~"

    While the crowd trembled at the appearance of the Triad Consortium General Manager, their gazes towards Ye Fan gradually became playful.

    Some even shook their heads and cursed.

    They only felt that Ye Fan was an idiot.

    Just now, all he had to do was agree to the Miyamoto family's plea for peace, and he could completely retreat with his whole body.

    Now it's good, stealing a chicken and losing rice.


    "The Generalissimo is out!"

    "What a God to kill him~"

    "Sister, just die."

    "This poor bastard is dead this time."

    "Even the gods can't save him~"

    "As soon as he dies, I'll have grandpa punish you for the crime of collaborating with the enemy and betraying the clan!You will be swept away and expelled from the clan."

    A few minutes ago, Chi Chi Yan was almost in despair.

    She had thought that this time her grandfather, and even the entire Miyamoto family, was afraid that she would fall into the hands of this Chinese teenager.

    But who would have thought that desperate times would come!

    At this critical moment, the president of the Triad Foundation's executive committee descended on us.

    He's the president of the Triad Foundation.

    He's the absolute head of the Triad Foundation.

    With a single word from him, he could mobilize one-sixth of the financial power of Japan.

    With such a monstrous figure, it would be easy for him to crush a Chinese kid.

    Therefore, this time Thousand Chi Yan in no way thought that this Ye Fan had any chance of turning the tables.

    Thousand Chi Yan smiled indiscriminately with a villainous face.

    With the arrival of this Triad Consortium's General Manager, the situation here was undoubtedly instantly flipped.

    After all, although Miyamoto Intermediary was also the vice-president of the Trio Foundation, his power was only limited to within his own family, and he didn't have much control over the other forces of the Trio Foundation.

    But the General Manager was different, when he gave an order, all the forces under the Triad Foundation would respond.

    The energy he controlled was undoubtedly ten times or a hundred times more than Miyamoto's intermediary.

    That's why, after seeing this General Manager intervene, everyone was overwhelmingly convinced that Ye Fan would die.

    "General Manager, you...You've finally arrived."

    "If you don't come, I'm afraid that I'll be slaughtered as the vice-president of the Manager's Club!"

    As expected, the Miyamoto intermediary at this time also changed his previous respectful attitude towards Ye Fan, and then went up to the middle-aged man, pouring out bitterness and full of resentment to sue Ye Fan for his crimes.

    "This Huaxia junior, insulting my Miyamoto family is just fine."

    "He just now, insulted you, and the entire Sanhe Consortium."

    "He also said that if he wanted to, he would trample down the entire Triumvirate Consortium!"

    "General Manager, this son can't stay ah."

    "If he is allowed to retreat with his whole body, how will I, the Sanhe Consortium, be able to gain a foothold in the Japanese community in the future?"

    "I'm afraid it's going to be a complete laughingstock in the public's mouth Ah."

    Miyamoto's intermediary added to the jealousy, constantly urging the middle-aged man to get rid of Ye Fan.

    The middle-aged man nodded, "Well, I know all about the situation."

    "Miyamoto, you can leave first."

    "Here, leave it to me."

    The middle-aged man said indifferently, looking calm.

    It was as if the matter in front of him was just a trivial matter in his eyes.

    After saying that, he raised his head, and his cold gaze swirled around and landed on Ye Fan.

    "Young man, I heard that you're going to kill the vice president of my Triumvirate Consortium Manager's Association."

    "And, listening to those words of yours just now, it seems that you don't even care about the world's number one giants, the Chu Family?"

    "I don't know if I should call you young and arrogant, or just ignorant and fearless."

    Saying this, the middle-aged shook his head and smiled.

    "In the end, I'm still too young, and my vision is too short."

    "Young man, to remind you, this world is big."

    "It's just a pity that your world, however, is small~"


"Judging from the way you're dressed, your background must not be from a big family, right?"

    "How many times in a lifetime do people like you get to go abroad and watch the sunset?"

    "I expect that most of what you have seen has only been from books, from television."

    "You will never know the lavish opulence of the Winter Palace Royal Residence, nor will you ever see the luxurious majesty of the Kremlin Palace."

    "Because of your abilities and background, you limit your vision."

    "Just like now, you have no idea what the Triad Foundation represents in Japan."

    "That's untouchable power and wealth that's beyond your reach!"

    "Of course, you would know even less about what kind of energy the worthless Chu family you talk about has in today's world."

    "Grylls are still grylls, and you think you can see the world and have nothing to fear.But what is the truth?"

    "There are people outside the sky."

    "In front of a truly great person, you're just an insignificant person after all."

    "So, young man, set your position right, and also restrain the arrogance in your heart."

    "If you still want to leave Japan alive, kneel down now and apologize to the Miyamoto family and to the Sanhe Foundation."

    "I can keep you alive for the sake of your youth and ignorance."

    The faint words carried a kind of high-minded contempt.

    Some people's majesty was engraved in their bones.

    Just like this middle-aged man in front of him, even though he did not deliberately show his majesty and nobility, the way he raised his hands and feet revealed a high authority and status.

    That feeling was as if a generation of kings were speaking to a commoner.

    "Worthy of being the General Manager, that is generous."

    "However, it's really cheap to just let him off so easily."

    "If it were me, I'd have to make him pay with his life!"


    "Bastard, the General Manager has spared your life."

    "Why don't you kneel down and thank him?"

    "Standing there like a dumb goose, aren't you scared?"

    The crowd of onlookers couldn't help but say it.

    Thousand Chi Yan, Miyamoto intermediary and others seemed to be dissatisfied with the General Manager to let Ye Fan go like this, and their faces didn't look very good.

    But since the General Manager had decided so, no matter how much he hated Ye Fan in his heart, Intermediary Miyamoto had no choice but to follow the General Manager's words and make Ye Fan kneel down and apologize, and then let the matter rest.

    Thousand Chi Jing was downright relieved, and the worry in her heart was suddenly much lighter.

    This ending now was undoubtedly the best for both sides.

    Perhaps, Ye Fan would lose some face this time, but at least his life was still alive, wasn't it?

    However, while everyone was waiting for Ye Fan to kneel down and apologize, Ye Fan, who had been silent, suddenly shook his head and laughed.

    He lifted his head and looked at the so-called General Manager of the Triad Consortium in front of him.

    The innocent face had no fear.

    What there was, was only a defiance and indignation.

    "You're saying that I, don't know what the Triumvirate Consortium stands for?"

    "And I don't know what the Chu family stands for."

    "But I just want to ask you, do you know what the name "Chu Tian Fan" stands for?"

    Ye Fan smiled faintly.

    The innocent face carried a genial smile that was like the June sun.

    However, the mortification beneath that smile was chilling!

    However, who knew the shock waves that were stirred up in the heart of the middle-aged man in front of him when he heard the name "Chu Tianfan"?


    "How do you know this name?"

    "Tell me!"

    "You...How do you know him?"

    As if this middle-aged man was crazy, his appearance changed drastically, and he was filled with horror as he lowly roared at Ye Fan and kept asking questions.

    However, facing the middle-aged man in front of him, Ye Fan sneered and did not speak.

    After a long time, Ye Fan's eyebrows and eyes, fiercely cold.

    Immediately afterwards, erect rage, from Ye Fan's heart, then exploded.

    He took a step forward, facing the man in front of him and shouted in a low voice.

    Monstrous words of anger, only like thunder sweeping and exploding in all directions!

    "The stars and fires of the prairie are changing the heavens and the earth, and the Chuxiao Dragon is chanting my Heavenly Fan!"

    "I'll ask you again, do you know that?"


    A monstrous rage that brought up an endless wind.

    Beneath the Heavenly River, in the fierce wind, Ye Fan stood with his hands in the negative, his eyes full of cold smiles.

    His hair flew in the air, and his robe resounded in the wind.

    At the same time, between the angry words, Ye Fan waved his long arm, an ancient and crystal jade pendant, then threw it in front of the man.


    The jade pendant landed on the ground, bringing forth crisp reverberations.

    The middle-aged man looked down, and saw that there was only one, bright red as blood, the word "Chu" on that crystal clear ancient jade.


    At that instant, the middle-aged man was like being struck by lightning.

    The entire man only seemed as if he had been struck in place by a nine-day thunderbolt.

    His body trembled tremendously, his pupils crumpled, and a pair of eyeballs were almost bleeding.

    Like this, like looking at a devil, he stared at the fresh-faced young man in front of him with a deathly glare.


    "You...You're, Dragon...Dragon..."

    This middle-aged man was completely dumbfounded.

    When he saw that jade pendant, he only felt his brain buzz and instantly went blank.

    He had never thought to death that this young young man in front of him was...It was...

    The man in the middle of the tremor, but he couldn't even say anything.

    And Ye Fan, with his expressionless face and lean body, just stood majestically like a spear.

    The deep brows and eyes contained endless majesty and anger.

    He towered over the man in front of him, looking down and drinking again in a furious voice.

    "Long Yan King, you are ungrateful and rebellious to your master, and when you see this Dragon Lord today, why don't you quickly kneel down and beg for death?!"


    "Quickly kneel down and beg for death..."

    "...Get down on your knees and beg for death!"


    Ye Fan let out a low cry, and his stamina exploded, only to have thunder roll past.

    This heaven and earth was actually filled with Ye Fan's echoing fury.




    "Looking for death?"

    "How dare you show such disrespect to Chairman Iwai Zen?"


    "I don't know what to do!"

    "I take it you really don't want to live?"

    "It's really a newborn calf~"


    "A brat from Warsaw, and you're making the general manager of my Japanese consortium kneel down and beg for death?"

    "I'm going to Nima, right?"

    "What does he want?"

    "To go against the grain?"

    "It's idiotic in general!"


    The crowd was furious at what they heard.

    The rightful master hadn't spoken yet, but these onlookers were already verbally and angrily cursing at Ye Fan.

    Miyamoto Intermediary was furious, and even walked forward and prayed to Iwai Zen, "Master General, this Chinese junior doesn't know how to live or die, it's just fine to offend me, but he also dares to insult you?"

    "He shall die a thousand deaths, not worthy of mercy!"

    "Request the General Manager, execute him!"

    Miyamoto's intermediary made an angry request.

    It was as if a stone had fallen into the sea and stirred up a thousand waves!

    As Miyamoto's intermediary respectfully begged, the rest of the crowd stepped out and worshipped Iwai Zen in unison.

    "Please, General Manager, put him to death!"


    "Please, General Manager, put him to death~"


    The rushing sound of the sky gathered into a stream.

    It was only like waves, sweeping this heaven and earth.

    However, just when everyone was begging Iwai Zen to kill Ye Fan in anger, who could have thought that in the next moment, in the midst of everyone's shocked and violent gaze, the head of the Sanhe Consortium, who held one-sixth of the power of the Japanese State, who was at the top of the power and controlled the Sanhe Consortium, actually blurted out.

    To Ye Fan, kneel down!



    In full view of the crowd, Iwai Zen's proud body bent down like that.

    Both knees hit the ground hard.

    That low, muffled sound echoed in everyone's ears, but it trembled in everyone's hearts.

    The moment Iwai Zen kneeled down, everyone was confused.

    The original curses against Ye Fan came to an abrupt end.

    The Miyamoto intermediary who was calling for Ye Fan's death was even more as if he was a rooster being strangled, staring at the scene before him with dead eyes, incredulous.



    Dead silence.

    A piece of dead silence.

    The Noble Heaven and Earth was silent right now.

    It was as if the sound of a pin dropping could be heard.

    Here, there was only the breeze sweeping, the grass and trees whispering, and the kneeling Iwai Zen who was serving.

    This scene was like a fierce slap right in the face of the crowd.

    Everyone was confused at the time!

    One by one, like a dull goose, Jairi's eyes were about to pop out.

    Thousand Chi Yan's pupils crinkled, and Thousand Chi Jing was so shocked that her jade hand lightly covered her red lips.

    Even Rangong Ying Yue's pair of beautiful eyes revealed a strange light.

    Before this, Rangong Ying Yue had thought that she already knew enough about the man in front of her.

    But now, it seemed that she had underestimated Ye Fan after all.

    This man was definitely more than just the esteem of Jiangdong!

    After all, it was by no means possible for a small esteem of Edo to make Iwai Zen, one of the six financial oligarchs of the secular world of Japan, kneel down and worship.

    "Master, you really are a, very unusual person?"

    Rang Gong Ying Yue smiled shallowly.

    She suddenly discovered that the longer she spent with Ye Fan, the more she realized that this man was mysterious and terrifying.

    It was like a vast and mysterious sea, one couldn't help but want to go deeper into it, to explore and pursue it.

    "General Manager, you...What's wrong with you?"

    "Why do you bow down to him in your golden body?"

    "He's a little Chinese boy, what does he have to offer?What virtue is that?"

    The only one who could laugh among the audience was Ryougu Yuiyuki.

    But Miyamoto's intermediary wasn't in such a good mood.

    He was practically yelling out the words.

    Old eyes red, trembling all over, hysterically shouting at Iwai Zen.

    Confusion, trembling, trepidation~

    All sorts of emotions filled Miyamoto's entire heart.

    However, where was Iwai Zen to pay attention to him.

    Amidst the trembling of the crowd, he knelt down to the ground like that.

    In the past, that unstoppable face, now only fear and trepidation emerged.

    Ten years.

    Nearly ten years.

    From back then, when he first received Ye Fan's financial support and the support of the Dragon God Temple, when it was counted down, three thousand days and nights had actually passed.

    Once upon a time, in every sleepless night, Iwai Zen fantasized countless times about what kind of person that mysterious Lord of the Dragon God would be.

    Would it be a man, or a woman?

    Is it an old, dying man?

    Or a man in the prime of his life?

    However, Iwai Zen had thought about Ye Fan's appearance countless times, but he had never imagined that the Lord of the Dragon God who had been so successful in the past ten years, the one who had been able to plan and decide over a thousand miles, was such a seemingly harmless young man in front of him.

    Yes, Ye Fan's youth was a little too much.

    If it wasn't for that, and the Dragon God Jade in front of him, I guess Iwai Zen would never have believed to death that the person he had been loyal to for so many years was the teenager in front of him, right?

    The first meeting in so many years, however, was not as exciting as a meeting between a master and a servant, nor was there much remembrance of the benefactor.

    There is only fear and shame.

    January ago, Ye Fan closed the mountain top of Jingzhou.

    Before closing the gate, Ye Fan announced that the prairie prairie plan was about to begin, so he asked Han Lao to issue the Dragon God's Order.

    When the Dragon God Decree was issued, the dragons of the four directions gathered!

    And as one of the four dragon kings that Ye Fan had placed in the secular world, Iwai Zen should be the first to respond and serve the king a thousand miles!

    However, in the previous phone call with Han after Ye Fan had left the country, he learned that one of the four Dragon Kings, the Rockwell King, had resisted the order.

    Not only did he have no response to the Dragon God's order, but he also took the initiative to cut off all contact with the Dragon God Temple.

    So much so, that Han Lao was unable to get in touch with him at all.

    And it was finally decided that the Dragon Rock King that they had worked so hard to cultivate for ten years, had rebelled!

    Before he came to the Sun Kingdom, Han had told Ye Fan to drop by the Triad Consortium if he had time, find the Dragon King Iwai Zen, and clean up the mess!

    In fact, this kind of cleaning up was always hosted by Han Lao.

    This time, it was just a coincidence.

    Ye Fan just happened to be in the Sun Country, so I simply let him take care of it by the way.

    At this time, facing Ye Fan's majesty, Iwai Zen kneeled down to serve, with extremely complicated emotions brewing in his heart.

    "Dragon...Dragon Lord, you...Why have you personally come to the Sun Country?"

    After a long silence, Iwai Zen's shocked and trembling voice, rang out.

    He lowered his head, perhaps because of a guilty conscience, and didn't dare to look directly into Ye Fan's eyes even when he spoke.

    Ye Fan's eyebrows and eyes were furious, looking down on the man in front of him in a condescending manner.

    "Long Yan King, so you still know that I am the Dragon Lord."

    "I thought that nowadays, after you have hardened your wings, you won't even recognize this Dragon Lord."

    Ye Fan laughed coldly, and there was a monstrous anger contained within his energetic words.

    Over the years, the people they had invested in ended up defecting, though not many.

    This was normal.

    People would become.

    It was inevitable that a few miscellaneous birds would appear when there were more people under their hands.

    However, the betrayal of the Dragon Well King was a bit of a surprise even to Ye Fan.

    The four Dragon Kings were existences that Ye Fan had high hopes for.

    The effort spent on them over the years was undoubtedly several times higher when compared to pawns like Chen Ao and Li Er.

    But now, among the four great dragon kings, someone had betrayed him?

    This was a blow to Ye Fan, and even more unforgivable.

    "King Long Yan, I'm asking you."

    "Ten years ago, when you were a beggar on the street, who sponsored you?"

    "And who sheltered you when you faced the Yakuza siege?"

    "Who sent you to the Triumvirate?"

    "Who, again, pushed you to the throne of the Golden Rock Society President?"

    "I, Chu Tianfan, have treated you well."

    "I crown you king, help you ascend to the pinnacle of power, and allow you to rule half of the wealth of the Sun Country."

    "I give you glory, I give you power, I give you wealth, and I give you everything you once dreamed of."

    [PENCIL]"And you?"

    "Disobeying the order and leaving the clan."

    "King Long Yan, do you know the crime?"


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