Super Son-in-law 126-130


Chapter 126

Lin Hao smiled and nodded, "Mm, Xi Yan, I love you too, come and eat..." Lin Hao cut off a small piece of beef, stuck it up and handed it to Shen Xi Yan's mouth.Shen Siyan opened her small mouth and happily ate it.

While they were eating and drinking red wine, underneath the table, Lin Hao's legs were sandwiched between Shen Suyan's legs....

After dinner, Lin Hao looked at his watch and felt that it was still early, so he took Shen Xiyan to see a romance movie.After coming out of the cinema, it was already eleven at night.

"Where are we going now?"Shen Siyan took Lin Hao's hand and lowered her head, somewhat embarrassed to ask Lin Hao.

As soon as Lin Hao heard this, he understood the meaning of Shen Xiyan's words.It was the middle of the night, a girl saying this, must have already prepared her heart to not go home tonight.

Lin Hao understood Shen Xiyan's meaning in his heart, but he didn't point it out.Instead, he gently kissed Shen Siyan's forehead and said, "Siyan, I'll send you home, and in a few days, we'll get a license first, and after you marry me, we'll live together again..."

Shen Siyan's heart was first lost, but then what rose up was full of emotion.She also understood Lin Hao's meaning.

Lin Hao hailed a car and twenty minutes later, he arrived downstairs at Shen Suyan's building.When she was downstairs, Shen Xiyan was also ten thousand times more upset and took the initiative to jump into Lin Hao's arms and hugged him tightly.

After hugging for a while, the two saw no one in the dark hallway and kissed again.

"Then I'm going up ah, you also go home early, go to bed early, tomorrow you still have to work..." after hugging for a while, Shen Xiyan said to Lin Hao with great reluctance.

Lin Hao nodded and watched Shen Xiyan go upstairs, until he saw the lights on in Shen Xiyan's room downstairs, then he turned around and disappeared into the night... Remember the website

It wasn't that he didn't want to get a room and sleep out with Shen Xiyan as he took his relationship with her even further today.It's just that he wasn't in a hurry, and he didn't want to develop that fast with Shen Suyan, and he was satisfied to get to this level today.

What he wanted to get was Shen Shyan's heart, not her body.And living together again after getting married, this was also a sign of respect for Shen Suyan.

Lin Hao was very happy to leave....

At midnight, in the CEO's office of the Jiuzhou Group, Lin Hao and Jiang Shaoming stood by the top window, overlooking the night scene of the entire Nanjiang City, as if the entire Nanjiang City was under their control at this moment.

Jiang Shao Ming stood behind Lin Hao respectfully, "Big brother, according to your instructions, I didn't make a move against Shen Ruo Xue these past few days, but both Shen Ruo Xue and the entire Shen family are in fear."

The corner of Lin Hao's mouth lifted with a smile, "Oh?Is even a woman like Shen Ruo Xue afraid?"

Jiang Shao Ming nodded: "Well, the head of the Xiao family, Xiao Yuanshan, is not a simple person, his sense of crisis is obvious.After Li Jingze's matter came out, he immediately found Li Jianghai, with whom he has been an old friend for over twenty years.But Li Jianghai is now one of our people, so naturally he didn't dare to tell him the truth and just kept silent.But that's it, Xiao Yuanshan also felt that something was wrong, he wants to see me, what do you mean, big brother?"

Lin Hao tapped his finger on his trousers and said slowly, "Xiao Yuanshan wants to see you, heh, I'm afraid that what he really wants to see is me.Then let's meet, Shao Ming, although we are cross-river dragons, don't underestimate these land snakes of the South River, every one who rises from the bottom is a fierce man".

"Okay big brother, then I'll have Li Jianghai inform Xiao Yuanshan now, Xiao Yuanshan can't sleep at all these days."Jiang Shao Ming slowly said.


Only half an hour later, Xiao Yuanshan, who was dressed in a black suit with a national face, arrived at the entrance of the Kyushu Group.

At the downstairs of the Kyushu Group, Xiao Yuanshan looked up and saw a lighted room on the topmost floor, and vaguely could see a figure standing on it.

Xiao Yuanshan's eyes gazed, the current Xiao family was naturally fine, but in the past few days, he felt that the South River City had secretly been stirring.The Scar Six hiding in the shadows was expanding wildly, the Kyushu Group, which was preparing to move out a few months ago, had suddenly suspended its relocation again, the Shen Family was being openly sniped by the Kyushu Group, and Li Jianghai was being acquired by the Kyushu Group!


Although these things don't seem to be related in any way, but the experience of floating in the shopping mall for more than twenty years told Xiao Yuanshan that something big will happen in Nanjiang before the end of this year.

So in a very short period of time, Xiao Yuanshan reflected on all the current circumstances of the Xiao family, but this investigation was a shock to him, because he found out that his eldest son actually existed in a marriage contract with Shen Ruoxue of the Shen family!

And just a few days ago, Li Jianghai's son Li Jingze had heard about what happened to him in the Shen family.

He felt something very wrong the first time.

And all of this uneasiness came from, the sudden suspension of the migration of the Jiuzhou Group.

So he directly scrapped all the cooperation between the Xiao family and the Shen family and drew a clear line with the Shen family in the first place.

As for himself, he made all sorts of inquiries with his old friend Li Jianghai, but nothing came out, but it was Li Jianghai's not saying a word that made Xiao Yuanshan completely understand.Someone up there didn't want Li Jianghai to open his mouth, and Li Jianghai really didn't dare!So Xiao Yuanshan kept wanting to see Jiang Shao Ming.

Until just now when Xiao Yuanshan suddenly received a call from Li Jianghai, asking him to come to the Kyushu Group immediately.

Xiao Yuanshan looked at the figure above the Kyushu Group and took a deep breath.He stepped into the Kyushu Group.

The door of the president's office of the Kyushu Group was open and Xiao Yuanshan stepped in.As soon as he entered, he was stunned by the scene in front of him.

Because at this moment, his good for over twenty years, Li Jianghai and the president of the Kyushu Group, Jiang Shaoming, were standing respectfully behind the man by the window!!!! One second to remember to read the book

Xiao Yuanshan's insides were stirring up waves of shock, and the man by the window had his back to him, so he couldn't see Lin Hao's face clearly.Just when he wanted to speak, Lin Hao's voice reached his ears.

"Xiao Yuanshan, the founder of the Nanjiang Xiao family, was originally a man of the grass, who fought for twenty years but created a base of hundreds of millions of dollars..."

"Mister fallacious, Yuan Shan is terrified."Xiao Yuanshan's posture lowered a bit, and he lowered his head to answer Lin Hao's words, not even daring to look at Lin Hao again.

Lin Hao turned around, sat on a chair, and looked at Xiao Yuanshan, "Originally, I wanted to have the Xiao family removed, but you have a keen sense of smell..."

Xiao Yuanshan was covered in cold sweat at the news, but he didn't dare to say a word and lowered his head even lower.

Lin Hao lit a cigarette and took a slow puff, "To be able to make the decision to cut off all cooperation with the Shen family with a trace of information, you're good!"

Xiao Yuanshan respectfully whispered, "Yuanshan thank you sir for your appreciation!"

Lin Hao continued, "You're a talent, are you willing to follow me and see the wider world outside?"

"Far Hills is willing!"Xiao Yuanshan directly agreed without even thinking about it.There was nothing to hesitate about, he was originally a fierce tiger in Nanjiang, now who in Nanjiang didn't know Li Jianghai's current status?He had guessed before he arrived that there was someone else behind Jiang Shao Ming, and there were rumors in the Southern River that behind Jiang Shao Ming stood a century-old family from the Yan Capital!

Although Jiang Shao Ming was excellent, it wasn't like Xiao Yuanshan had never dealt with Jiang Shao Ming before.When he first met with Jiang Shao Ming, Xiao Yuanshan felt that Jiang Shao Ming was less like a controller and more like a junior brother.

Lin Hao lit a cigarette and said to Jiang Shao Ming, "Starting tomorrow, the Xiao Group will be merged into the Kyushu Group, and Xiao Yuanshan will be the eighth vice president of the Kyushu Group..."

"Yes, brother!"Jiang Shao Ming nodded his head and took note.

Lin Hao said to Xiao Yuanshan, "You have the potential of a baron, go to the Shen family tomorrow and withdraw your marriage, remember not to reveal the slightest bit about me, not even about your son... By the way my surname is Lin, from now on you can call me Mr. Lin."

"Okay, Mr. Lin, the Xiao family's marriage contract with the Shen family, I will withdraw it tomorrow morning."Xiao Yuanshan respectfully said.

After Xiao Yuanshan left, Lin Hao stood by the window looking distantly at the Shen family and murmured, "Shen Ruoxue, you're smart, but you're wrong in that you shouldn't have tried to calculate Xi Yan!"


At one o'clock in the morning, Shen Ruoxue was standing on the balcony talking to Xiao Yi on the phone.

"Xiao Yi, what's going on, will you tell me?Next year we'll be getting married and I'll be your wife ah, why is your Xiao family cutting off all cooperation with the Shen family ah..."

The patron behind Shen Ruoxue is Xiao Yi, the son of the Xiao family and her fiancé.However, the day before yesterday, the Xiao family suddenly and without warning cut off all cooperation with the Shen family.This caught Shen Ruo Xue a little off guard.

"Sorry ah Ruo Xue, I really don't know about this, it was my dad who suddenly made the decision, I went to ask him and he didn't tell me ah you... you wait a moment, my dad is calling over, I'll get back to you after talking to my dad first ah it's just as well I'll ask him again..."

Xiao Yi hung up the phone as he was speaking.

A hint of worry surfaced in the heart of Shen Ruoxue on the balcony, the known ones weren't scary, the most frightening were the unknown ones.

Up until now they didn't know who was targeting their Shen family.The Shen family's situation has been getting worse and worse every day for the past few days.

If this continues, the Shen family will collapse.And with the Shen family gone, she, Shen Ruoxue, would lose the aura of the Shen family's heavenly beauty.It would also lose too many things.

Shen Ruoxue was now expecting Xiao Yi to help her, to be able to help the Shen family.It was just that for the past few days, Shen Ruo Xue had been having a bad feeling in her heart.

Originally, her plan was flawless, but what she couldn't figure out was that Li Jingze actually backed out on the verge of giving up on the marriage proposal with the Shen family directly.Then there was the fact that the Xiao family had cut off ties with the Shen family.There was a hint of unease in Shen Ruoxue's heart.

In the meantime, I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that. The first website

Only the next moment her phone fell to the ground, and her entire body was completely stupid.

"Ruo Xue, let's void our marriage contract, and no more contact from now on..."

After Xiao Yi finished speaking to Shen Ruo Xue, he directly hung up the phone without waiting for her reply.

If Xiao Yi was a loser, she would have never bothered with Xiao Yi.

But Xiao Yi is the heir to the Xiao family, a man who will be worth hundreds of millions in the future.So no matter what, Shen Roxue will not give up.

She didn't believe that Xiao Yi chasing her like a dog licker before was a lie.She is sure that Xiao Yi loves her in his heart, but something happened in the middle of it that she doesn't know about.So she wanted to ask Xiao Yi face to face.

Most importantly, if her engagement with Xiao Yi was really cancelled, then this would be a stain on her.

The Xiao family was more powerful than the Shen family, so people would think that she was getting an annulment.

Then who else would dare to want her in Nanjiang City in the future.

Shen Ruoxue gripped the coffee cup with both hands restlessly, waiting for Xiao Yi to appear.

She wanted to meet with Xiao Yi today no matter what, so she went so far as to find several friends before asking Xiao Yi out.

It was just that while Shen Ruoxue was waiting for Xiao Yi, the Xiao Yi she was most looking forward to didn't show up, but instead the Lin Hao she hated the most in her heart appeared before her.

Lin Hao sat down directly across from Shen Ruoxue and looked at Shen Ruoxue with a seeming smile, "Yo, what a coincidence, Sister Ruoxue, you're here too?"

Shen Ruoxue frowned tightly and said to Lin Hao with a black face, "Lin Hao, I don't want to talk to you, get out..."

The smile on Lin Hao's face slowly disappeared and his face darkened, and in the next moment a cold and stern air rose from him, "What?It's because you were lightly beaten last time, right?How dare you make a move on Xi Yan, Shen Ruoxue, who gave you the nerve?"


Shen Ruoxue had been harboring fire in her heart for the past few days, ever since she had met with Lin Hao she had been unhappy.

This time, she was also completely provoked by Lin Hao, so she looked at him with a sneer, "Heh, what's wrong with me making a move on your wife?It seems like you know about this, heh, if it wasn't for that punk Li Jingze retreating, Shen Siyan would be someone else's wife by now, right."

The more Shen Ruoxue said the more relief she felt in her heart, she looked at Lin Hao's slowly darkening face and felt that half of the evil anger in her heart had been taken out in the past few days.

Shen Ruoxue leaned forward, her head even closer to Lin Hao: "Lin Hao, don't worry, if one Li Jingze can't do it, then I'll find a few more, and let Grandma marry Shen Xiyan off, or else let Shen Xiyan get out of the Shen family.How do you think Shen Suyan will choose?Will you choose to stay with your loser or accept Grandma's arrangement?"

Lin Hao's eyes narrowed, this Shen Ruoxue really was a scheming bitch, he had been accompanying Shen Xiyan a few days ago and didn't have time to take care of this woman.I didn't expect that Shen Ruoxue actually didn't want to give up.But in the next moment, Lin Hao laughed, laughing with incomparable sarcasm.

"Surnamed Lin, what are you laughing at?"Shen Ruoxue frowned and said to Lin Hao.

Lin Hao also leaned forward and said to Shen Ruoxue, "Cousin ah, you'd better not care about me, I heard that you seem to have been divorced from the Xiao family ah?Are you cuckolding the young master of the Xiao family behind his back, out there?"

Buzz... Shen Ruoxue's body trembled harshly and said in a stern voice, "You're farting!I, Shen Ruo Xue, am clean and will never do anything wrong to Xiao Yi"

"Oh, then why would the young master of the Xiao family not want you?You said you're also quite pretty... People don't want you or is it your problem ah, do you think it's the young master of the Xiao family, who thinks you're too calculating?"Lin Hao leaned back on the sofa and looked at Shen Ruoxue sarcastically.

Shen Ruoxue was about to wince back when she suddenly frowned and said, "How did you know about this?"

Yes, this was something that Xiao Yi had just told her in the middle of the night last night, but this morning Lin Hao actually knew all about it.Shen Ruoxue suddenly came back to her senses, something was very wrong about this!But just as she was about to continue to press Lin Hao, she suddenly saw Xiao Yi walk into the cafe.Shen Ruoxue didn't care anymore about taking care of Lin Hao and quickly got up and walked towards Xiao Yi. Remember the website

"Ruo Xue, I'm sorry... "The moment Xiao Yi met Shen Ruo Xue, he understood that no one had called him out to talk about anything at all today, it was Shen Ruo Xue who wanted to see him.

Last night after he finished his phone call with Shen Ruoxue, he went straight to his father, Xiao Yuanshan, Xiao Yi liked Shen Ruoxue, so when he found Xiao Yuanshan he questioned the reason that made him break up with Shen Ruoxue, but in the end, Xiao Yuanshan only said one sentence to him.

"There are terrifying existences targeting the Shen family, and if he marries Shen Ruo Xue, then the Xiao family will also be destroyed..."

It was not true that Xiao Yi liked Shen Ruo Xue, but what he liked even more was that Shen Ruo Xue was young and pretty and sexy.But it would be better to say how deep his feelings were for Shen Ruoxue, after all, he hadn't really been with Shen Ruoxue for long.And what kind of woman did a rich second generation like him want without?He couldn't remember how many girlfriends he had talked to before he got together with Shen Ruo Xue.

It was a bit of a pity to have him break up with Shen Ruo Xue, Xiao Yuanshan also felt.After all, Shen Ruo Xue was not only pretty, but also very capable.By marrying Shen Ruoxue, his future career would also be much easier.

This was the marriage of a big family.How much real affection was there to speak of, it was all just a combination of interests.

The first thing that Shen Ruoxue said when she saw Xiao Yi was to apologize to her, her heart instantly went cold, and tears fell straight out, as she took Xiao Yi's arm and asked, "Xiao Yi, why? We agreed to get married next year.

But in the face of Shen Ruoxue's bitter plea, Xiao Yi still shook his head: "No reason, Ruoxue wish you happiness..." after Xiao Yi took away Shen Ruoxue's hand, turned around and walked away.

When Shen Ruoxue saw that Xiao Yi left, she quickly got up to chase after him.At the entrance of the coffee shop, Shen Ruo Xue begged bitterly, but it was useless, even though she held Xiao Yi tightly, she was still pushed away by Xiao Yi.

Shen Ruoxue sat on the ground in despair, looking at Xiao Yi's distant back in despair.At this moment she felt like her life was in a trough.

At this moment, Lin Hao walked up to Shen Ruoxue, Lin Hao squatted down and frowned at Shen Ruoxue, "Do you know why Xiao Yi doesn't want you?"

Shen Ruoxue subconsciously looked up and asked, "Why?"

Lin Hao smiled faintly, "Because I'm the one who told him not to want you ah, I speak, he doesn't dare not to listen ah..."


Shen Ruoxue was stunned, and after a while, she suddenly had the strength to stand up, so she sneered at Lin Hao and said, "Hahaha, you're the only one surnamed Lin?Is Xiao Yi afraid of your son-in-law?I'm afraid you think too highly of yourself, you're a loser!"

Lin Hao was speechless, "Cousin ah, you don't believe me even if I tell you the truth ah..."

"Oh, Surname Lin, I don't need your sarcasm here!If you see my joke today, I'll make you pay back a hundred times over!Just you wait!Just a rich second generation, there are plenty of rich people chasing me in Nanjiang City!"Shen Ruo Xue's voice was cold and said to Lin Hao.

Shen Ruo Xue left after saying that.Lin Hao looked at the sky, he had just told Shen Ruoxue, but she didn't believe him.

The next moment, a cold smile appeared on Lin Hao's face, "These people of the Shen family are really interesting, isn't it good for everyone to live a good life?Do you have to get punched in the face over and over again to feel comfortable?Something's wrong really..."

It wasn't that Lin Hao didn't want to directly kill Shen Ruoxue, she was after all Shen Siyan's sister, and she was family with Shen Siyan.There were blood ties in place, and now it was good to directly let Shen Ruo Xue's wishful plans come to nothing, so that she could slowly experience despair.

There was also the Shen family, after all, it was Shen Siyan's family, and Lin Hao couldn't just exterminate it, so some things weren't that easy to deal with.He couldn't let Shen Siyan completely sever ties with the Shen family, could he?If he really wanted to do that, he had a feeling that Shen Xiyan would agree, after all these years, the Shen family had treated her badly.

But was that really good?Lin Hao didn't know.Then, since we can't let Shen Xiyan and the Shen family completely sever ties, let's just not interact with each other in the future.The Shen family Lin Hao had already taught Lin Hao a lesson, and the future of the Shen family was already doomed, offending Lin Hao would make it impossible for the Shen family to have a future at all!

If in the future, the Shen family would no longer provoke Lin Hao, no longer provoke Shen Xi Yan, then Lin Hao would not continue to target his Shen family.But if the Shen family were to continue to die, then Lin Hao would make them completely experience what true despair was!

In the evening, Lin Hao went to pick up Shen Xiyan as usual, and then followed her home for dinner.It was like this for the next few days, and Lin Hao's relationship with Shen Suyan was heating up rapidly.

In the blink of an eye, it was Friday night again, and after dinner on this day, Shen Siyan sent Lin Hao downstairs as usual, except that when Lin Hao was about to drive away, Shen Siyan stopped him. A second to remember to read the book

"What's wrong?"Lin Hao was a little confused and asked Shen Xiyan.

A red blush rose on Shen Siyan's pretty face and she bit her lips and looked at Lin Hao, "Tonight, don't leave, okay?"

Lin Hao's body trembled and looked deeply at Shen Xiyan, "Xiyan, are you ready?"

Shen Jiyan nodded, "Well, I don't want to be separated from you anymore, can we go get a license tomorrow?"Shen Siyan's eyes were moist after she finished speaking, and Lin Hao was no better.

Lin Hao's eyes were moist, "But, but I haven't proposed to you yet..."

Shen Shisha shook her head, "I don't want it, I love you, I just want to be your wife"

Lin Hao's voice was choked, "I didn't prepare a big wedding for you either..."

Shen continued to shake her head, "I don't want it either."

Lin Hao continued to choke out, "I haven't bought you a house yet..."

Shen Caiyan's tears fell, "We'll make money together and work hard to buy..."

Shen Xi Yan paused and asked Lin Hao with tears streaming down her face, "Lin Hao, I don't care about anything now, I just want to be plain and simple with you, I've been watching you leave every night for the past few days, I miss you so much in my heart, I want you to stay and stay by my side, Lin Hao I don't want anything anymore, let's go get a marriage license tomorrow, okay?"


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