Super Son-in-law 121-125


Chapter 121

The first thing that came to his mind was Shen Xiyan's words, "Lin Hao, I miss you too..." So although Lin Hao didn't say anything or hold Shen Xiyan's hand along the way, he always had a smile on his face.But he always had a smile on his face.To this day, Lin Hao didn't want anything else, he just wanted to be able to be by Shen Xiyan's side and quietly accompany her.

Half an hour later, the car stopped at the bottom of Shen Suyan's house.After Lin Hao and Shen Caiyan got off the car, Lin Hao looked at Shen Caiyan with a happy smile.

Shen Siyan's face blushed again as she was looked at by Lin Hao, and asked with some embarrassment, "Why are you looking at me like that?"

"Xi Yan, you're so beautiful..." said Lin Hao from the bottom of his heart.

Shen Xi Yan's heartbeat quickened and she was infinitely shy as she gave Lin Hao a glance and said, "Sweet-mouthed scum!Hmmm..."

After saying that, Shen Xiyan turned around and went upstairs, but as soon as she turned around, she had a smile on her face.Although she was talking about Lin Hao, her heart was very amused by Lin Hao's words.Lin Hao who was behind her didn't care, and after shaking his head and smiling, he followed Shen Xiyan upstairs.


In the morning, Wang Shufen, who had left the Shen Company and returned home, had been particularly happy, she had bet right.She gave up the five million that the Li family gave her and chose to trust Lin Hao.And the truth was, Lin Hao didn't even show his face and made Li Jingze give up on his own.Thinking back to this morning, the furious, blackened face of Old Taijun Shen, Wang Shufen's heart was just incomparably happy!

Wang Shufen couldn't have imagined that Lin Hao, whom she had only told last night, would give up on the Li family in just one night's time.She couldn't figure out how Lin Hao had done it, but she didn't need to think about it now.And after last night's incident, Wang Shufen felt that her relationship with Lin Hao had been repaired quite a bit.

Wang Shufen had been fixing food since two in the afternoon, and there was a large table of food on the table in this parlor, while Wang Shufen was sitting on the sofa waiting for Shen Xiyan and Lin Hao to return.

A knock on the door sounded, and the voice of Shen Suyan was heard from outside.Wang Shufen rushed to open the door for her daughter and her good son-in-law, her face piled with smiles. A second to remember to read the book

Wang Shufen was already old, and then she had gone through so many hardships in the past six months that it was as if her whole body had aged several years.Her mentality also became old, and after her mentality became old, Wang Shufen felt even more lonely when she was alone at home every day.Since the other day, after Lin Hao Shen Xiyan returned to Nanjiang, she waited for Shen Xiyan to return every afternoon.

After the door opened, Wang Shufen looked at Shen Xiyan standing outside the door with Lin Hao behind her.When she saw the heartfelt smile on Shen Suyan's face, she watched her daughter and son-in-law's happy appearance.The smile on her face grew even more.

"Come in quickly, the rice is ready, just waiting for you two to come back, you've been on duty all day, hungry, come and eat quickly, let's eat quickly..." said Wang Shufen with a smile to the two.

"Mom, is there anything else you want to help?I'll go get it for you..." said Lin Hao to Wang Shufen with a smile as well.Lin Hao looked at Wang Shufen in this state, and his heart was also a lot smoother.This was the way a family should live.If Wang Shufen was good to him, he would naturally treat Wang Shufen better as well.

As soon as Lin Hao opened his mouth, Wang Shufen hurriedly pulled him into a chair and let him sit down: "Hao'er, you eat your food, you didn't eat it yesterday, I've got it all done, it's nothing.Come come hurry up and eat, you finish the chicken soup first, I've been stewing old hens all afternoon..." said Wang Shufen and gave Lin Hao a bowl of chicken soup, then she sat opposite Lin Hao with an expectant face and watched Lin Hao finish it in one bite.

"How was it?How does it taste?"When Wang Shufen saw Lin Hao finish his drink, she quickly asked.It was always Lin Hao who used to cook for her, when she was at home, she usually didn't cook.

Lin Hao nodded vigorously, gave Wang Shufen a thumbs up, and said with a smile, "Mmm, it's really good, it tastes good, mom or you're good at cooking..."

The smile on Wang Shufen's face grew even more, and she happily took Lin Hao's bowl and gave him another bowl: "Drink more if it's good, you're busy with work, young people nowadays, they eat takeaway every day, or they go to restaurants, and their stomachs are bad.But no matter how good the food outside is, it's nothing compared to what you can get at home, Hao'er, if you have nothing to do from now on, you can eat at home at night..."


Shen Shiyan, who was sitting next to Lin Hao, was stunned to see this, a scene of motherly love and filial piety in front of her.She was silly, holding an empty bowl for half a day, but she couldn't see Wang Shufen serving it to her, while Lin Hao next to her had already drunk two bowls.

"Mom, in the end I'm not your daughter ah, I haven't remarried with Lin Hao yet, and you've left your daughter out to dry ah?"Shen Xi Yan deliberately pretended to be speechless.In fact, when she saw that Wang Shufen was so good to Lin Hao, she was not to mention how happy she was.After all, in the future, Lin Hao and the two of them were going to live together with Wang Shufen.If Wang Shufen was going to be like this every day in the future, how happy life would be.

The first thing you need to do is to get a wedding certificate tomorrow, the wedding doesn't matter, you can do it later.The first to get the certificate, so that the mother heart is also solid, and then give birth to a big fat boy, mother old can not help you anything, but help you with children or can, I a person at home is also boring.......".

Shen Siyan was shocked, she hadn't even gotten a marriage certificate with Lin Hao now, and the wedding wasn't even done.Wang Shufen let her have a child with Lin Hao, horror like that....

"Mom, what are you talking about, which is so soon to have a child ah, Lin Hao and I just started working again, very short of money ah..." said Shen Xiyan as she looked at Lin Hao for help to speak.

Who knew that Lin Hao nodded heavily at Wang Shufen, "Mmhmm, Mom you have a point, in a few days, I will get the marriage certificate with Xiyan, then let her give you a grandson, no, one won't work, have two, then the two children will also have a companion...."

As soon as Wang Shufen listened to Lin Hao's words, the laughing mouth couldn't close, and turned to Shen Xiyan and said: "Xiyan you heard it, Hao'er also means it, line 91383b9d two to one, you don't object, as soon as possible to get a license, and then have children..."

Shen Siyan was completely speechless, she now really suspected that Wang Shufen was Lin Hao's real mother!Looking at Lin Hao's bitchy smile, Shen Siyan's tiny little hand placed under the table quietly cupped Lin Hao's thigh....

Hiss... Lin Hao, who was talking to Wang Shufen, suddenly felt a pain in his thigh.I didn't have to think about it to know that it was Shen Xiyan pinching him under the table.Turning his head to look, he really saw Shen Siyan, who had her head down and was showing her little tiger teeth to him, looking at him with a warning look....

Seeing Shen Xiyan's cute appearance, Lin Hao couldn't help but shake his head and lose his smile, although it hurt a little to be pinched by Shen Xiyan, but that little pain didn't matter to him at all.

After the meeting, when Wang Shufen went to the kitchen to serve rice.Only then did Shen Xi Yan asked Lin Hao in a low voice, "Why didn't you react?Doesn't it hurt?" First web site

"It hurts, why doesn't it hurt, why don't I try pinching you?"Lin Hao pretended to be painfully speechless and said to Shen Xiyan.

Shen Siyan was about to open her mouth again to say something to Lin Hao when Wang Shufen returned from the kitchen with rice.Shen Siyan didn't say anything else.A moment later, Lin Hao felt Shen Siyan's small hand, under the table, giving herself a gentle rub of the place she had just pinched.Lin Hao turned his head sideways to the blushing, incomparably red Shen Xi Yan, and Wei Wei smiled....

After dinner, Lin Hao was about to go back, and Wang Shufen didn't detain him.Wang Shufen also understood that Lin Hao and Shen Shiyan had gone through so much in the past two years, and now these two miserable children needed some time to heal the pain in their hearts.So Wang Shufen could only sigh deeply in her heart.To Lin Hao, she instructed, "Hao'er, be sure to come home for dinner tomorrow..."

Lin Hao nodded with a smile, "Well, okay mom, I'll be back with Xi Yan tomorrow after work.Mom you can rest early, I'm going home..."

Wang Shufen nodded and then gave a wink to Shen Xiyan.

Shen Siyan bit her lower lip, she was unable to say anything to make Lin Hao stay and sleep.She could only say to Lin Hao, "Then, I'll send you..."

"Good," Lin Hao smiled and nodded his head.

After closing the door, Shen Xiyan sent Lin Hao downstairs, and just as Lin Hao was about to get into the car and leave, Shen Xiyan called out to him again.


"What's wrong?"Lin Hao looked at Shen Xiyan with confusion and asked.

"It's fine, it's so late, drive safely and drive slowly..." said Shen Siyan to Lin Hao with concern.

Lin Hao's heart warmed and nodded to Shen Xiyan before driving away.Shen Xi Yan waited until Lin Hao's car was completely out of sight before she turned around and went upstairs.When she got home, Shen Siyan went to take a shower before returning to her bedroom and sent a WeChat to Lin Hao with her phone.

"Are you home yet?"

Lin Hao quickly replied back to her, "Well here we are, Xi Yan you go to bed early, you have to work tomorrow..."

"Well okay, then, you also go to bed early..." replied Shen Siyan to Lin Hao.

After talking to Lin Hao, Shen Xiyan turned off the lights and lay on her bed with her eyes closed, in half a year, this was the most relaxing day she had felt.Although neither she nor Lin Hao had promised anything to each other.But she felt incomparably happy with this life.This was what she wanted, although it was flat, the years were quiet....

For the next few days, Lin Hao always kept a certain physical distance from Shen Xiyan.Never physically having any contact with Shen Xiyan, just quietly accompanying her, picking her up from work and picking her up from work every day, and chatting with her every night.

The hearts of the two people are slowly drawing closer, the pain in Shen Siyan's heart is then a little bit erased, Lin Hao's heart is also the same.Time flew by on Sunday, and in the morning Shen Suyan sent a message to Lin Hao.

"Lin Hao, where are we going today?"

Lin Hao looked at Shen Xiyan's message and thought, "Where do you want to go?" Remember the URL

Shen Xiyan replied, "I don't know, I'm not thinking of where to go..."

Lin Hao just said, "That's okay, I'll go downstairs to your house first, but as for where to go, let's talk when we meet?"

Shen Xiyan replied, "Okay, I'll wait for you then..."

An hour later, Lin Hao, who had finished packing up, drove to Shen Siyan's house.Today's weather was particularly good, it was now late autumn, only Nanjiang City was in the south, the weather was not cold, Shen Siyan was wearing high heels black stockings, a black skirt and a black trench coat today, very sexy.

"Have you thought about it 2028b55b?Where are you going today?"Lin Hao smiled at Shen Xiyan Weiwei.

Shen Xiyan shook her head, "I didn't think about it, why don't we don't drive today, let's just walk around in Nanjiang City, just walk around..."

Lin Hao nodded, "Okay, then let's walk around today."

"Mm..." mmmed Shen Siyan, and then followed Lin Hao out into the neighborhood.Lin Hao was also wearing a black suit today, which was particularly compatible with Shen Xiyan.

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The two of them had just returned to Nanjiang, and they were far from exhausted.Likewise these few days of silent companionship also made Shen Siyan a lot happier and her heart slowly calmed down.

After entering the park, Lin Hao and Shen Ciyan didn't talk much, they just kept walking and walking.After Shen Caiyan's small white hand was placed outside, Lin Hao took a deep breath, and the corner of his eyes secretly looked at Shen Caiyan for a few moments.The heartbeat kept accelerating.

Lin Hao looked up at the front, and so did Shen Siyan.After taking a few more steps, Lin Hao quietly held Shen Siyan's hand, and the moment he held Shen Siyan's hand, Lin Hao's heart was beating extremely fast.It had never been that fast before.

Shen Siyan's body all trembled lightly after she felt her hand being held by Lin Hao, and a seductive redness rose on her face, but she didn't refuse, her eyes still gazed forward, and the next moment her hand, in turn, also held Lin Hao's hand.

Lin Hao's body was stunned, but then his heart grew relieved.Silently holding Shen Xiyan's hand and walking forward, this was the first time the two of them truly held hands.

"Xi Yan..." when Lin Hao pulled Shen Xi Yan to an empty woods deep in the park, he suddenly stopped and opened his mouth to call out to Shen Xi Yan.

"Well, what's wrong?"Shen Xiyan looked at Lin Hao in confusion.

"I want to kiss you, let me kiss you okay?"Lin Hao smiled sideways and said to Shen Xiyan.


"Err... "Shen Caiyan was stunned at the words, the absolutely beautiful pretty face, brushed red, she bit her lips shyly, feeling her heart beating faster and faster and faster....

Shen Shen was incomparably shy and had wanted to open her mouth to reject Lin Hao.But when she saw the deep love in Lin Hao's eyes, her heart melted at once.It was clear in her heart that she would only love Lin Hao for one man in her life and would only be Lin Hao's wife.

So after thinking about it this way, Shen Xiyan shyly nodded her head, her voice like a mosquito, "Mm..."

Lin Hao was incomparably excited after seeing Shen Xiyan nod her head yes, he held Shen Xiyan's shoulders and let Shen Xiyan lean on a big tree behind him, then looked down deep into Shen Xiyan's eyes, his lips slowly leaned towards Shen Xiyan's face little by little....

At this moment, Shen Xiyan's heart was beating so fast that it felt as if it was going to pop out the next moment.Shen Caiyan closed her eyes, her two small hands clenched in nervous fists as she slowly waited for Lin Hao's kiss....

The first thing you need to know is that you can't even open your eyes if you're not sure if you're going to be able to open them.

Slowly, with her eyes closed, Shen Xiyan felt Lin Hao's hot nose, her long eyelashes trembled lightly, and the sound of her heartbeat grew louder and louder....

But after she waited for half a day, she didn't wait for Lin Hao's lips, and Shen Caiyan couldn't help but open her eyes.Looking at Lin Hao's face that was close at hand, she asked in a small voice, "What's wrong?You...I thought you said you wanted a kiss?You..."

Lin Hao Weiwei smiled, and his lips touched Shen Xiyan's delicate red lips before Shen Xiyan opened her eyes and finished speaking....

Boom... Shen Shi Yan only felt a violent roar in her head, and then a complete blankness.She could never have imagined that Lin Hao would actually go to kiss her the moment she opened her eyes....

But slowly feeling Lin Hao's passionate love, Shen Siyan fell straight away, she went from being nervous in the beginning, to feeling intense happiness, and then to being emotional.Shen Siyan opened her arms and stretched out her arms and hugged Lin Hao's neck.Then she tilted her head up on her tiptoes and took the initiative to respond to Lin Hao... A second to remember to read the book...

Lin Hao hugged Shen Xi Yan's slender waist and kissed Shen Xi Yan in a forgetful embrace....

It's just that no matter whether it was Shen Xiyan or Lin Hao, neither of them had any experience in kissing with the opposite sex, but this kind of thing was completely self-taught, and soon Lin Hao pried open Shen Xiyan's tightly closed teeth and became completely integrated with Shen Xiyan....

The two of them at this moment were both emotional, until they kissed each other so hard that they were about to gasp for breath before they separated.After separating, Shen Caiyan gasped for air, and Lin Hao was no better.The next moment Shen Caiyan directly jumped into Lin Hao's arms.

This time Shen Caiyan did not shed tears, only felt incomparably happy, Lin Hao hugged Shen Caiyan and held her tightly and forcefully.

There was no need for any words at this time, even the most beautiful words of love in the world at this moment, saying no would ruin the atmosphere.There was no need for words, Lin Hao just gently held Shen Xiyan's head, and Shen Xiyan took the initiative to kiss him again....

Kissing and then letting go to rest for a while, and then just kissing again, that's what they are doing at the moment.The whole time without another word, but just a kiss, can express all the feelings of each other, can let each other understand all the thoughts of the heart.

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The two 4d88b4ea people who heard the master's coughing sound anyway, quickly separated, Shen Caiyan is even more blushing, small head buried deeply into Lin Hao's bosom, dead or alive, Shen Caiyan that slender white neck roots are red.


Lin Hao was also embarrassed, and as the sanitation master walked past the two of them, he locked eyes with Lin Hao and smiled at Lin Hao with a smile that all men understood.Lin Hao could only smile awkwardly.

"Ahem, young man you guys continue, you guys continue, I'm just simply passing by, well just simply passing by, I won't be back later..." the old man also felt that he was disturbing the good fortune of someone else's young couple and was a bit unethical, so he spoke up to Lin Hao.

Lin Hao couldn't say anything, so he could only give an awkward smile to the eldest.Then he felt the beauty in his arms, his body twisted a few times, and his small hands indistinctly pinched Lin Hao's waist.

When the eldest master walked away and completely disappeared, Lin Hao only said to Shen Xiyan, "Okay, the man is gone."After saying that, he cupped Shen Xiyan's face again and wanted to continue kissing.

But what Lin Hao didn't expect was that Shen Siyan quickly covered her face with her hands and died.Stomping her feet, she said with infinite shyness, "It's all you, actually being seen by someone, shame on you..."

Lin Hao felt himself melted by Shen Siyan's adorable strength.The first thing I noticed was that I was in love with Shen Caiyan, who was so attractive.

No matter how shy Shen Caiyan was, Lin Hao was still very domineering and took away Shen Caiyan's hand, and then hugged and kissed her....

The two kissed for the first time, but also for the first time they were really sure of their relationship.For a while, they didn't want to go out of the park at all.Just sitting in the park, Lin Hao sitting on the dry yellow grass, Shen Xi Yan sitting on Lin Hao's lap, her arms around Lin Hao's neck, a pair of sexy black silk legs on one side, her head happily resting on Lin Hao's chest....

They stayed from the morning until the afternoon, until Lin Hao heard the grumbling sound coming from Shen Xiyan's stomach.It was only when he looked at his phone that he realized it was already past four in the afternoon.The sun was about to set.

Naturally, Shen Siyan also heard her stomach growling and felt embarrassed, especially when she saw Lin Hao's seemingly smiling gaze, so she could only say pitifully, "Lin Hao, I'm hungry..."

"Well, if you're hungry, go eat ah, I can't starve my own wife ah, let's go to eat western food... "Lin Hao got up and pulled Shen Xiyan up. The first website

When he was almost out of the entrance of the park, Lin Hao suddenly turned around again and once again embraced Shen Xianyan in his arms.Hugging tightly, holding hard....

"Mmm... light... lighter... I can't breathe..." said Shen Siyan, happy and weak, to Lin Hao.

Lin Hao hugged Shen Xiyan for another half a dozen times in front of the park before releasing her.But the hug was no more, but it was still holding Shen Caiyan's hand.After leaving the park, Lin Hao took a taxi.In the car, he sent a WeChat to Wang Shufen saying that he and Shen Suyan would not go back for dinner tonight.

Ten minutes later, they arrived in front of a Western restaurant.The western restaurant Lin Hao found was very upscale and went in to find the best spot by the window.

Lin Hao ordered two steaks, a bottle of red wine, and some grilled meat.At the table, even if the very, very hungry Shen Xi Yan was eating, it was also very slow and elegant, Shen Xi Yan's small white hand held a silver shining fork, from the palm-sized steak, cut off a small piece, and then the red lips slightly opened, put it into the mouth slowly chewed and swallowed, and then after eating a piece, went to cut....

Just as she was eating, Shen Siyan felt something was wrong as she realized that Lin Hao wasn't eating, but was sitting across from her quietly watching her.

"Why aren't you eating?Hurry up and eat?"Shen Xi Yan said to Lin Hao.She hadn't eaten anything all day, and so had Lin Hao.

Lin Hao smiled at Shen Xiyan and said, "You eat first, I want to look at you like this.I've liked you since high school, and since then, I've been looking forward to a scene like tonight.In a western restaurant, watching you eat.Now that wish of mine has finally come true..."

Shen Jiyan looked at Lin Hao with incomparable affection, her eyes brimming with tears, "Lin Hao, I love you..."


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