Super Son-in-law 111-120


Chapter 111

"Lin Hao, are you... are you okay?"Wang Shufen looked at Lin Hao worriedly.

Lin Hao took a deep breath and withdrew his hostility, and he slowly calmed down.But if Jiang Shao Ming had seen Lin Hao in this state.He would probably be so frightened that he wouldn't be able to say a word.Because the calmer Lin Hao was, the heavier the killing intent in his heart!

Lin Hao said to Wang Shufen, "It's fine, thank you mom, thank you for telling me these things today..."

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of services and products to the public, including the production of a wide range of products and services for the public.But Lin Hao, can you handle this?Do you need help from your friend Jiang Shaoming?With his status, if he helps, it's not like this can't be solved!"

Lin Hao drank his tea and said to Wang Shufen, "Mom, I'll handle the rest.You won't regret your choice today in the future.I'll send you home, and it's not a big deal for you to persuade Xi Yan.But don't tell anyone about you coming to see me tonight!"

Wang Shufen nodded, "Well, I won't tell anyone else."

Lin Hao then drove Wang Shufen home, and before and after Wang Shufen stayed with him for less than half an hour.After waiting for Wang Shufen to get out of the car and go upstairs.Lin Hao's face suddenly became icy cold.A bone-chilling coldness permeated the car!

Lin Hao walked to a secluded spot, and after a while a man dressed in black tights appeared behind him, the man's face was as sharp as a knife, his eyes were deep, and his entire body emitted an edge.The man paid homage to Lin Hao, "Lin's Combat Sequence, Seventh Sequence Night One, pay your respects to Young Master!"

Lin Hao nodded, "Did the old lady of the Shen family go looking for my wife this afternoon?"

"Yes..." nodded Night One.

"Take me to Sovereign Lee!"Lin Hao said in a cold voice. Remember the URL

Night One's battle prowess would definitely be top-notch in the army, and top-notch in an assassin's organization!With him protecting Shen Xiyan, Shen Xiyan's safety was completely worry-free and there was a three-man combat squad under Night One's command.Even if they encountered enemies of the same level, they would be able to delay for some time even if they were not invincible.

Night One's efficiency was extremely high, and with his intelligence ability, he was able to determine where Li Jingze was now in just five minutes....

Night One drove the car, and Lin Hao calmly sat in the back seat.Ten minutes later, the two of them arrived at the entrance of a high-grade private club, which was of a high class, with two refined bodyguards standing at the entrance.

Lin Hao was in front and Night One was following behind him on the side.It was just that when Lin Hao shook his way into the door, the two bodyguards at the entrance reached out to stop him.Lin Hao's eyes narrowed.Without waiting for him to speak, Night One flashed and appeared in front of the two men.

The next moment as a sound of bones breaking came out two bodyguards fell to the ground, white bone rubbing through the muscles exposed, the two bodyguards did not die, but directly cut off their arms and legs.And this had been Night One's mercy.

The door opened, and Lin Hao walked in with strength in his body, while inside, after hearing the screams at the door, six more bodyguards came rushing out, six bodyguards appeared and rushed over to Lin Hao with weapons.

Lin Hao didn't even look at them and continued to walk inside step by step, but the six bodyguards who rushed towards him fell to the ground one by one, bones penetrating flesh and blood flowing....

This private club was Li Jingze's own, and tonight he was partying with a few of his friends here.This time Li Jingze's people were already scared silly by the scene in front of them.

"Other than Li Jingze, the rest of you go away, and the matter that happened here tonight, whoever reveals it, dies..." said Lin Hao in a low and murderous voice.


A few of the dudes who were hugging the pretty girl beside Li Jingze were so scared that they crawled out.

These dudes were all rich second generations of big families in Nanjiang City, and they knew a bit more than ordinary people.But just because they knew more, they were even more scrupulous towards a ruthless person like Lin Hao....

At this moment, Li Jingze appeared directly opposite Lin Hao, his face pale white and his body dripping with cold sweat.He looked at Lin Hao incredulously, his heart was screaming madly.Wasn't Lin Hao a loser?Didn't I say this Lin Hao was a loser?Lee Realize was almost scared silly....

Lin Hao stared at him with a deadly stare, "How dare you touch my wife?How do you want to...die?"Lin Hao's voice was filled with killing intent.As he spoke, he slowly walked towards Li Jingze, his body filled with monstrous hostility....

"Lin... Lin Hao, speak up, misunderstanding, it's all a misunderstanding..." said Li Jingze tongue-tied as he backed away, he wanted to run, but at the moment he was shaken by Lin Hao's momentum, his legs were so weak, his legs were trembling with one force, he couldn't run at all.

Lin Hao's figure moved, and in the next moment, he appeared directly in front of Li Jingze and fiercely punched Li Jingze's chest.Bone cracking sounds rang out, and Li Jingze spurted blood flying backwards.While his body was still in mid-air, Lin Hao appeared in front of him again, and his right leg showed a 180 degree lift and crashed down....

Boom... After a violent roar, Li Jingze's body landed heavily on the ground, blood continuously gushing up from his mouth.He rolled over onto the ground and struggled to crawl step by step towards the doorway....

Lin Hao's eyes narrowed and he lifted his foot to step on Li Jingze's legs, cracking them twice....

Ahhhhhhh... Li Jingze's mouth let out a miserable scream, he would be afraid, really afraid.At this moment, seven or eight more bodyguards rushed in outside the door, but without exception, they were all put down by Night One, and one by one, they all fell in a pool of blood.It was simply impossible to come to Li Jingze's rescue.

Li Jingze was lying on the ground covered in blood, Lin Hao squatted in front of him and slowly said: "Dare to hit my wife's idea, who gave you the courage?Hmm?"

Crack... As Lin Hao's words ended, Li Jingze's right arm was directly snapped by Lin Hao. One second to remember to read the book.

Li Jingze's face was pale, his body drenched in blood and sweat, and he used his last bit of strength to frantically yell at Lin Hao, "Surnamed Lin!You'll regret it!My brother and my father won't let you go!You're done!You're totally screwed!"

Lin Hao, who was about to break Li Jingze's last arm, paused at the words, and in the next moment Lin Hao pulled out his cell phone from Li Jingze's trouser pocket and handed it to Li Jingze with a sneer, "Don't say I didn't give you a chance, call someone, I'll be waiting here..."

Li Jingze was stunned, he had never thought that Lin Hao would actually prop him up to give him a chance.He would see that Lin Hao would stop torturing him, so he quickly picked up his phone and called his big brother and his father.The whole time Lin Hao didn't stop it, but sat on a chair that Night One moved over, lit a cigarette, and waited quietly.

When Li Jingze finished making the two phone calls.The expression on Li Jingze's face was completely distorted, and he looked at Lin Hao and said viciously, "Haha, Lin Hao you're finished!You're really fucked!You should never have given me the opportunity to call someone.What do you think you're doing? wait!"

Lin Hao smiled indifferently and looked at Li Jingze: "Okay, I'll wait..."

Night One stood respectfully behind Lin Hao without saying a word the entire time.He was the seventh sequence of the Lin Clan.His mission in life was to follow Lin Hao's orders alone.

About ten minutes later, a furious yell came from outside the door, "Who the hell dares to touch my brother?"Along with the sound, an incomparably furious Li Mingxuan rushed in.

Li Mingxuan, who was dressed in a silver suit, rushed in and saw the miserable state of the hall in the clubhouse, and he couldn't help but sweat coldly.He looked at Li Jingze, who was lying on the ground covered in blood, and was instantly motivated to kill.But when he saw Lin Hao sitting across from Li Jingze, his entire body trembled and his face instantly went pale.

Lin Hao said coldly, "I'm the one who beat up your brother, what... do you... have a problem with that?"


"Brother, you have to do it for me ah, this man just came in and beat me up like this, I've broken both my legs ah.You have to avenge me ah, kill him, kill him ah..."

Li Jingze's face was pale, the severe pain all over his body made him clench his teeth in death, if he wasn't strong enough to want to see his big brother and father help him take revenge, he would have passed out....


But in the next moment, what Li Jingze never expected was that his own big brother, the one who had defended him in every way since he was a child, fiercely smacked him in the face with a big mouth.

"You fucking want to die?How dare you mess with Mr. Lam!I'll fucking kill you!"Li Mingxuan was completely furious, and his fists and feet were mercilessly greeted on Li Jingze's body....

"Ahhhh... Brother, I'm your brother... I'm your own brother... Are you crazy?Li Mingxuan, are you out of your fucking mind!Not only did you not help your brother when he was beaten up like this, you helped an outsider!Ah..." continued Li Jingze's screams.

At this time, two more people entered the clubhouse, one was Jiang Shao Ming who was wearing a black suit, and the other was the pale face of Li Jianghai.After Jiang Shao Ming came in, he stood directly behind Lin Hao respectfully.

When Li Jingze saw his father, Li Jianghai, come in, he hurriedly asked for help, "Dad, you have to make decisions for me, I was broken, my brother not only didn't help me, he beat me up, you have to help me, it's this person, it's this Lin Hao, you kill him, kill him..." Li Jingze hissed desperately.

But in the next moment the scene that made him afraid to the extreme, desperate to the extreme, and shocked to the extreme happened.Because he saw, in his heart that always tall, no matter how 20ee1c45 dude he was, he gave him good aftermath figure, his father.Kneeling directly in front of Lin Hao with a thud!

"Dad, you?What are you...doing?Why...why are you kneeling to him?Dad?"At this time, Li Jingze couldn't even care about the severe pain in his body, he was dumbfounded and looked at his father.

That father, who had been vying for more than twenty years in Nanjiang City, had actually kneeled down to Lin Hao! First web site

He, Li Jingze, was a dude, and although he was very unreliable, he wasn't bad at heart.Instead there was also his persistence as a dude, and he had filial piety.He had immense respect for his father, Li Jianghai!He's a dude, but not a bad guy.

Li Jianghai didn't pay any attention to him, but said to Lin Hao with tears in his eyes: "Mr. Lin, please let the dog go, he's not bad-hearted, I swear to you that he was definitely provoked.I swear to you that he was provoked by someone. But he has offended you after all.I'm willing to die as a father to thank you for your crime.Only asking Mr. Lin to bypass the dog's life, Mr. Li thanked Mr. Lin..."

Bang... Li Jianghai said, directly in front of Lin Hao, knocking his head on the marble floor with such force that it even cracked the floor!There was even blood flowing from his brain.

"Thank you, Mr. Lin!"Li Jianghai straightened up and knocked down hard again....

"Thank you, Mr. Lin!"Bang....

Lin Hao could not help but be moved when he saw this scene of Li Jianghai!

Li Jianghai's information he had seen, with a white body with no money and no strength, in twenty years, he had created a billion foundation in Nanjiang City, today it seemed that this Li Jianghai was indeed a person.Not only could he flex his muscles, but more importantly, his bones valued his feelings more.

"Dad!Don't...please don't, I'd rather die!I'll be damned!You're alive!You're alive!Dad, don't kowtow to him!Don't kowtow to him again!Please, don't..."

Li Jingze watched as his father gave up all his dignity to save himself, kowtowing vigorously to someone, and his heart was in agony.The injuries that were hurting him physically right now couldn't compare to the pain in his heart!

Li Jingze was a dude, but not a fool, and right now he was looking at his father kowtowing to Lin Hao.

Then he looked at the richest man in Nanjiang City, the president of the Kyushu Group, Jiang Shaoming, standing behind Lin Hao like a little brother.

He then all understood.He didn't know exactly what Lin Hao's identity was.But he was certain that the person who could make Jiang Shao Ming a junior brother was a terrifying existence that their Li family would never be able to provoke for the rest of their lives!


Thinking of this, Li Jingze fiercely gritted his teeth and shouted at Lin Hao, "Lin Hao!One man's job, one man's responsibility!I can die, but don't embarrass my brother and my father!"

After Li Jingze finished roaring, the only left hand that could still move, fiercely reached into his waist and pulled out a dagger.Stabbing it hard at his own neck....

"Sakaizawa!"Li Mingxuan's tears were wild, but Li Jianghai was still kowtowing to Lin Hao without even looking!

Just as Li Jingze's dagger was about to plunge into his neck, Lin Hao violently raised his foot and kicked it away.Lin Hao squatted down and held up Li Jianghai who was still kowtowing.Slowly said to Li Jingze: "Your father is a man, and you're not bad."

Then Lin Hao said to Night One: "Heal his wounds!"

Night One nodded and walked over to Lee Realmize's side, and with a bone popping sound, Lee Realmize's broken bones were forcibly connected back by Night One.Night One then wrapped bandages all over Lee Realmze's body, and the wounds were also coated with a black, foul-smelling ointment.

Li Jingze did not utter a word the entire time, and endured strongly....

Ten minutes later, a pale Li Jingze sat across from Lin Hao, not daring to breathe.Li Jianghai, on the other hand, asked Li Jingze with an eager face, "Speak!What the hell is going on!Why did you go to the Shen family to propose marriage!"

Li Jingze looked at Lin Hao and said, "It was Shen Yiming who asked me to go, Shen Yiming said that Shen Xiyan and you are not married, and Shen Yiming also said that he and his sister Shen Ruoxue would help me.I arrived at the Shen home this morning and met with Old Madam Shen, who also agreed to help..."

"Bastard!"Li Jianghai's anger directly smacked a big mouth on Li Jingze's face.The force used was so fierce that the corners of Li Jingze's mouth were directly bleeding.But Li Jingze didn't dare to utter a word.He knew that this was his father's attempt to make Lin Hao calm down.Even more so, it was to save his life.

Lin Hao's fingers lightly tapped the armrest of the chair.After Li Jingze said what happened, with his mind it was all clear to him. Remember the URL

"Alright, don't tell anyone what happened tonight, and don't reveal my identity..." said Lin Hao, getting up and leaving.

When Lin Hao was almost at the door, he turned to Li Jingze and said, "You go find Scarlet Six tomorrow, and follow him later..."

By the time Li Jingze reacted, Lin Hao's figure was already out the door.Only then did Li Jingze think, Scar Six?Nanjiang respects you as Master Six?He was a completely one-handed existence in the Southern River.And Lin Hao asked him to find Scar Six.This was clearly cultivating him.Li Jingze endured severe pain and kneeled on the ground with a thud, respectfully saying to Lin Hao's back, "Thank you, Mr. Lin!"

It wasn't until after Lin Hao had walked away that Li Mingxuan assisted Li Jingze up and said appreciatively, "Jingze, you've grown up, you can be on your own in the future ah, remember to work well with Mr. Lin in the future!"

Li Jianghai also said, "Realm Ze, your big brother is right.If my guess is correct, Mr. Lin is a member of the four great Yanjing families!"

Li Jingze trembled all over at the news and murmured, "Well, I understand.From now on, this life of mine will be Mr. Lin's!But Dad, what about the Shen family?"

Li Jianghai sneered: "Oh, the Shen family?Just a bunch of frogs at the bottom of a well, pathetic and sad.Hehe... If they hadn't been so snobbish and treated Lin Hao better, then in the future, even if the Shen family wouldn't have become a top family, it would have been easy to dominate the South River... Hehe... Just now?The Shen family is afraid that it's not even close to annihilation..."

As Li Jianghai said that, he suddenly thought of something and quickly said to Li Jingze: "Jingze, you just said that Old Mrs. Shen wants you to meet with Shen Xiyan tomorrow?You?"

Li Jingze nodded: "Don't worry dad, I know what to do... Don't worry about this injury on my body, after finishing tomorrow's business, 8e986165 I'll go to the hospital..."

Li Jianghai slowly nodded his head.


Late at night, Shen Xi Yan was still lying alone on her bed, tears flowing down from time to time.She and Lin Hao had worked so hard to get to this point, did she really want to give up?

Just as Shen Xiyan was thinking about her heart, the door was knocked on by Wang Shufen, "Xiyan, open the door, mom has something to say to you, it's very important, you must open it..."

Shen Xi Yan originally didn't want to open it, but Wang Shu Fen knocked vigorously and put words to that.So she got out of bed and opened the door.

After entering the door, Wang Shufen sat on the edge of the bed and said seriously to Shen Xiyan, "Xiyan, your grandmother also came to see me today, and brought that Li Jingze with her!"

Shen Xi Yan sighed deeply at the news.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the newest addition to your home, the newest addition to your home.So Shen Xiyan no longer wanted to listen to Wang Shufen, so she was ready to cover the blanket and sleep....

"Lee gave me five million dollars to go with a house in the city center.Oh, it's really a lot.I'm a person who loves money, I really want it.But I refused ah, I, Wang Shufen, only recognize Lin Hao as my son-in-law for the rest of my life!"Wang Shufen said slowly.

Shen Shi Yan, who was about to cover the quilt, trembled at the news.With incredulous eyes, she looked at Wang Shufen....

"Mom?You?"Shen Shi Yan couldn't believe her question to Wang Shufen.

Wang Shufen reached out and wiped the tears from the corners of Shen Xiyan's eyes, "Silly child, I'm your mother, I know that what you like in your heart is Lin Hao, even if you two haven't remarried yet!"

Shen was lost in thought, "But Grandma's side?" One second to remember to read the book

Wang Shufen burst out in a resounding voice, "Whatever!Who the hell is she?Who my daughter marries, that's up to me. She's not the one to interfere!And don't forget, your father died last year and she kicked us out of the house!Oh, I've also heard that the Shen family's company is in trouble now and she wants to ask the Li family for help!She wants to sacrifice my daughter's happiness for her Shen family?Oh, what's up?What are you thinking?I'm not your real mother, but I've raised you for over twenty years and I'm in charge of this!"

"Mom... "Shen Xiyan cried out in frustration and directly jumped into Wang Shufen's arms....

Wang Shufen felt the bliss of being held by Shen Shi Yan, she was so motherly at this moment!She felt that Shen Xiyan's hug to her was worth more than anything else.

Wang Shufen gently patted Shen Suyan's back while firmly saying to Shen Suyan: "Don't be afraid, good girl, there is a mother here..." Wang Shufen secretly made up her mind that she would never compromise on this matter.

Wang Shufen coaxed Shen Shi Yan for more than half an hour, until late at night, Shen Shi Yan fell asleep.Wang Shufen looked at the sleeping Shen Xiyan with that smile on her face, and she couldn't help but get her eyes moist for a moment.

She looked at Shen Xiyan who was still smiling in her dream, and she knew that it was her own comfort that worked on Shen Xiyan.It made Shen Xiyan feel the warmth.Thinking of this, Wang Shufen couldn't help but feel saddened.

She secretly clenched her fist.In her heart, she made up her mind: "Xi Yan, don't worry, Mom is here!There's Mom!"


At the same time, just as Wang Shufen was making up her mind.Lin Hao, who was far away on the top floor of the Kyushu Group, also looked in the direction of Shen Xiyan and said silently, "Xiyan, don't be afraid, I'm here..."


The next day at 9:30 a.m., Wang Shufen forcefully dragged Shen Suyan to the Shen family's company.The way Wang Shufen domineering incomparable, who blocked pickpocketing, while Shen Shiyan the whole time with her head down, behind her.

"Third aunt?What brings you to the office?"Shen Yiming said to Wang Shufen.

"Get lost..." cursed Wang Shufen directly and domineeringly.Directly scolding Shen Yiming's face was pitch black.Shen Yiming looked at Wang Shufen who was walking away and secretly clenched his fist "Wang Shufen, you wait!Even if your daughter marries into the Li family, you won't be able to get back the shares of the Shen family!"

Wang Shufen didn't pay any attention to Shen Yiming, but walked to the door of Old Mrs. Shen's office.Straight away, she kicked open the door with a bang.Pulling Shen Shi Yan, she walked in.


Old Mrs. Shen was in a good mood today, after all, yesterday, under her death sentence, Shen Siyan finally agreed to divorce Lin Hao and marry Li Jingze.And just now, Li Jingze had called her and was on his way over here to talk to her about the matter.In her mind, Li Jingze must be coming over now to discuss the marriage.

Old Mrs. Shen, who was being happy, was suddenly surprised by Wang Shufen.She couldn't help but blacken her face: "Wang Shufen!What are you doing?Won't you knock if you come in!"

Wang Shufen walked right up to Old Mrs. Shen, slammed the table and roared, "Chen Bijun, I'm telling you, it's not your turn to make the decision about our family's marriage to Xi Yan!I'm a mother who hasn't said anything yet, and you're nothing!"

Chen Bijun is Old Mrs. Shen's name.The furious Wang Shufen didn't even bother to call her mother.Calling Old Mrs. Shen by her first name.

Old Mrs. Shen was first stunned at the news, but then she completely blackened her face: "Wang Shufen, think carefully!If your daughter marries into the Li family, you'll get five million for the bride price alone!And there's a house downtown!"

"Fuck you for five million!I don't care!Bik Kwan Chan, let me tell you!My daughter will only marry Lin Hao for the rest of her life!If you meddle in our family business again, we'll be done with it!I've been putting up with you for twenty years, do you really think I can't live without your Shen family?"Wang Shufen spoke in a deeply cold tone.

"Er... "Old Mrs. Shen was speechless for a moment.In the past, she was the one who used to threaten them by breaking off relations and not allowing Wang Shufen and her daughter to enter the Shen family.But today, she was actually threatened by Wang Shufen instead?

Old Mrs. Shen was trembling with anger and pointed at Wang Shufen, "Wang Shufen, good, you're very good, then you won't enter our Shen family's gates from now on!"

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.You are more than seventy dying people, but you are still forcing your own granddaughter, really shameless, I'm afraid the whole Nanjiang City can't find anyone more shameless than you!"

"You you you you... Wang Shufen you wait for me!The Li family's second youngest youngster, Li Jingze, will be here soon, so go explain to him!"Old Mrs. Shen was so angry with Wang Shufen that she had nothing to say.She simply sat on the chair, sulking, and stared at Wang Shufen with a deadly stare.

Old Mrs. Shen had all the means to make Wang Shufen submit, after all, from the day Wang Shufen married into her Shen family.Counting down, she had already oppressed Wang Shufen for a full twenty years! First web site

When Li Jingze comes later and she says a few words, Li Jingze won't even let Wang Shufen go!

Wang Shufen's face was white, yes, she had forgotten about the Li family.With the way Li Jingze treated Xi Yan, if she refused so forcefully, she would definitely offend the Li family.The Li family wouldn't let her off then either.Thinking of this, Wang Shufen couldn't help but take two steps back... her figure was a bit unsteady....

When Old Lady Shen saw Wang Shufen's reaction, she couldn't help but sneer....

"Mom... "Shen Xiyan bit her lips and called out to Wang Shufen, holding Wang Shufen's hand tightly.Seriously, Shen Suyan's impression of Wang Shufen today, completely changed, she would never have thought that Wang Shufen could actually do this for her.


Just at this moment, a pale looking Li Jingze walked in.Li Jingze looked at Wang Shufen and Shen Xiyan and nodded.Then he looked at Old Mrs. Shen again.

Old Mrs. Shen didn't even wait for Li Jingze to speak, she smiled at Li Jingze and said: "Ah Jingze, you're here, did you tell your father about what happened with Xi Yan?What does he think?Let's just pick a good day and set things up, shall we?"

As Mrs. Shen Lao b3777f72 said, she also looked over at Wang Shufen.Old Mrs. Shen's words, deliberately mentioning Li Jingze's father several times.In order to threaten Wang Shufen....

Sure enough, Wang Shufen's face changed again and again, and she didn't even dare to raise her head anymore.She secretly hated herself for being useless in her heart.She took a deep breath and clenched her fist, no matter what, after today, even if the Li family wanted to retaliate against her.She would also have to mess up Li Jingze's affairs today.

Especially when Wang Shufen thought again, the smile that was still on her face last night when Shen Xiyan was sleeping.

Her heart became even more determined, she took a deep breath, raised her head fiercely, and was about to open her mouth to apologize to Li Jingze....


But I didn't expect that Li Jingze was the one who spoke to Old Mrs. Shen first: "Shen is sorry, I do like Xi Yan.But it's not me that Xi Yan likes in her heart, and I also think I'm not good enough for Xi Yan, so I'm here today to apologize to you, and Aunt Wang."

After Li Jingze said that, he turned around and said to Wang Shufen: "Aunt Wang, I was abrupt about what happened yesterday, I'm sorry, in the future, if you need anything, you can look for me directly, I'll help whatever I can..."

Li Jing Ze finally looked at Shen Xi Yan: "Miss Shen, I truly wish you and 4dbd43ad Mr. Lin happiness and contentment... You and Mr. Lin are the real couple..."

After Li Jingze finished speaking, Old Lady Shen's face changed completely, her mouth wide open in shock!

"Sakaizawa,'re kidding me, right?"Old Mrs. Shen said with an embarrassed smile.

Li Jingze, however, shook his head incomparably seriously: "I'm not joking with you, Mr. Shen, and if you want to continue to work with the Li family in the future, please talk to my father directly... Farewell..."

After Li Jingze finished speaking to Old Mrs. Shen, he said to Shen Xiyan: "Miss Shen, I have something I want to talk to you about, would you be convenient to go with me for a meal?You can rest assured that I have only heartfelt blessings for you and Mr. Lin, please believe that!"

Shen Xiyan looked at Li Jingze who looked serious and nodded, "Okay, I'll go with you..."

Old Mrs. Shen couldn't help but take two steps back, her face wonderfully pale....

Wang Shufen took a deep look at Li Jingze, she found that Li Jingze's body was incomparably weak, this time just standing legs are trembling, head is even with cold sweat down to the DC, the right leg is faintly some blood traces.It became clear at once that it should be because Lin Hao had gone to look for him last night.Otherwise, there would be no situation where Li Jingze's attitude would be like this today.

Wang Shufen was relieved in her heart, and her clenched fist loosened up.She... had gambled right... remember the website

Wang Shufen, who was in a good mood, laughed freely in Old Mrs. Shen's office "Hahaha... hahahaha... hahahaha... hahaha..."

Wang Shufen didn't say another word to Old Mrs. Shen, her laughter had said it all.And Old Mrs. Shen was now weakly sitting on a chair.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the photos of the children.It's nice to make a friend with Szechuan Ze... And ah, this place, you won't come here in the future, if you dare to come here again, you won't recognize me as your mother!"Wang Shufen just walked away after saying that.

Although Wang Shufen's last sentence was very heavy and harsh in tone.But Shen Shi Yan felt an incomparable warmth and motherly love from Wang Shufen's words.She smiled and nodded to Wang Shufen, "Well, mother, I know... You go back and rest well..."

After Wang Shufen left, Shen Xiyan followed Li Jingze out.The two of them were almost at the entrance of Shen's company when they actually met Shen Yiming again.

Shen Yiming smiled and licked his face and said to Li Jingze: "Brother Li, I'm here to wish you and Xiyan happiness..."

"Get out... "Li Jingze cursed directly and smacked Shen Yiming in the face with a big mouth.Then he walked out without looking back.

After Li Jingze and Shen Xiyan walked away, Shen Yiming was all still covering his face for half a day....


Half an hour later, in the Nine Days Star River private room of the Half Moon Bay Hotel in Nanjiang City, Li Jingze and Shen Xiyan were sitting opposite each other, and on the table were dozens of exquisite dishes.

Wang Lulu received a call from Lin Hao this morning, asking her to lift the restriction on Li Jingze.And booked the Nine Heavenly Stars River.

At this moment, Shen Siyan looked at this brilliant and atmospheric top-class private room, and then at the dozens of exquisite dishes on the table.For a moment she simply couldn't slow down.She knew about the Half Moon Bay Hotel, she had heard about it in Tianhai.After returning to Nanjiang in the past few days, she had also heard from her colleagues that there was also a branch of Half Moon Bay Hotel in Nanjiang.And it was just as five-star.And the most luxurious private room was the Nine Heavenly Stars!

She couldn't understand that Li Jingze would actually bring her here.Even if he was giving her an apology, there was no need for this, right?That's too extravagant....

Thinking of this Shen Xiyan couldn't help but ask, "Mr. Li, is it too shabby for you to bring me here?I... I don't seem to be worth the trouble you're going through, do I?"

Li Jingze stood up and opened his mouth to Shen Xiyan with a smile: "I'm sorry Miss Shen, I lied to you.It's not that I wanted to invite you here..."

Shen Caiyan was even more confused by the words and subconsciously asked, "Who is that?"

The door to the Nine Heavens Star River's private room was pushed open, and in the next moment, the incomparably handsome Lin Hao stepped in, "Of course it's me?Who else could it be but me?"

Lin Hao smiled at Shen Xiyan and winked.Shen Siyan covered her mouth in surprise.The little look was instantly cute and touching.

"You... you guys... "Shen Siyan pointed at Li Jingze and then at Lin Hao, ba1882a9 with a confused face.

And then Li Jingze respectfully called out to Lin Hao, "Brother Lin..." one second remember to read the book

Lin Hao nodded his head to Shen Xiyan and said, "He's my brother..."

When Li Jingze heard Lin Hao say that he was his brother, his heart was ecstatic and his body was trembling with excitement.Lin Hao patted Li Jingze's shoulder and said, "Go back... rest well..."

Li Jingze nodded in great excitement and exited the private room with great respect....

Until this Nine Heavens Star River private room, after only Shen Siyan and Lin Hao were left.Shen Siyan was incomparably embarrassed and didn't even dare to look up at Lin Hao.

Only her voice was so small that she said, "You... you know all about it?"

Lin Hao walked up to Shen Xiyan and leaned forward, lowering his head to Shen Xiyan's ear and said, "What do you think?I told you I'd never put you through anything in this life, do you think I'm joking with you?"

Lin Hao's tone couldn't help but sound a little serious....

This was something that he was really a bit afraid of now that he thought about it.This was if Wang Shufen hadn't told him.With Shen Xiyan's character, she would definitely hide it from him.Then hide it from him and slowly submit to Old Madam Shen's arrangements.

If things really turned out like that, the consequences would be something that he, Lin Hao, wouldn't even dare to think about....

At this moment, Lin Hao was really angry and loving towards Shen Xiyan, who looked at the moment being said by himself, tears were about to fall.Lin Hao hurriedly took a step back and accosted her with a smile, "That what, I'm just kidding with you ah... Come come eat the food..."

Lin Hao was really afraid that Shen Xiyan would cry, but he had sworn an oath that he would never let the silly woman in front of him shed another tear in this life, especially in front of him!


When Shen Siyan lowered her head, she felt her eyes sore 15fd70a1 and tears were about to fall down, but the next moment she took a deep breath and forced it back.When she raised her head again, there was already a trace of a smile on her face, so she looked at Lin Hao with a smile.

Shen Xi Yan was sitting so quietly across from Lin Hao, looking at him.The depths of her eyes had a touch of affection and a heavy sense of security.


After dinner, Shen Xiyan went back to the office by herself, but Lin Hao said he would give her a ride, but she refused and left by herself.Shen Xi Yan didn't let Lin Hao send her off because she wanted to be alone.To be alone for a while.

Although she was walking alone, her heart was filled with sweetness, the sweetness of being loved by the man she loved, the feeling of being silently protected.

Lin Hao never asked her throughout what had happened, what difficulties she had encountered again.But Lin Hao was the one who had already helped her perfectly in the back.There were many things she didn't need to say, but Lin Hao would do them for her.

At this moment, Shen Xi Yan had the idea of remarrying Lin Hao tomorrow.This time wanting to marry him, be his true wife for the rest of his life, be his true wife for the rest of his life, be his true wife for the rest of his life, be his true wife for the rest of his life, love him well, love him with everything she had.

So just now at the entrance of the Half Moon Bay Hotel, Shen Xi Yan refused to send Lin Hao to her.Because she was afraid, she was really afraid that she couldn't control it, she took Lin Hao to the Civil Affairs Bureau and directly got a marriage certificate.

In fact, Shen Siyan had already decided in her heart that she would only marry Lin Hao in this life.But if she were to just let her and Lin Hao go and get a marriage license, she would have some reluctance in her heart.After all, she and Lin Hao hadn't even fallen in love yet.And whether or not Lin Hao was trying to be angry with her in Tianhai City, the matter of Lin Hao being with Chen Shanshan hadn't been completely put aside in her heart yet either.

"Lin Hao, please give some more time, even a month, even a few days.Before we remarry again, I want to fall in love with you properly, really properly..." said Shen Caiyan to Lin Hao in her heart.

Thinking about everything Shen Xi Yan, slowly raised her head, looking at the bright sunshine, she had an extra smile on her face, her face slightly red, with a kind of young girl's heartwarming taste, is so charming... The first website

Half an hour later, Shen Siyan, who walked into the office, had a happy smile on her face and was walking powerfully, and her colleagues in the office could feel that today's Shen Siyan seemed to be less depressed and less burdened.

Shen Siyan took a deep breath, sat down on the chair with confidence, and worked with vigor.At four o'clock in the afternoon, Shen Xiyan, who was working, received a WeChat from Lin Hao.

"Xi Yan, I miss you..."

Lin Hao just simply sent a message over, making Shen Xiyan no longer have the motivation to continue working.Shen Siyan had the heart not to pay attention to Lin Hao, after all, it was now work time, so she continued to work hard.Pretending to be busy.

But soon, Shen Xi Yan stopped working and sighed heavily in her heart.Opening the chat window of WeChat, she bit her lip, a slight redness rising on her face, and replied to Lin Hao, "Not off work yet..."

As soon as Shen Xiyan finished sending it, Lin Hao replied in seconds, "Oh oh, okay, then you're busy, I'll pick you up from work..."

Shen Shi Yan felt her heartbeat quicken and gave Lin Hao a simple reply, "Oh..."


At the moment, in the office of the president of Kyushu Group, Lin Hao closed the chat interface with Shen Xiyan, picking up a document to look up.The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the product.But still work first, anyway, from the end of the day is just two hours, the time will pass very quickly.

When he came back at noon, Jiang Shaoming asked Lin Hao if he wanted to give Shen Ruoxue a look.Originally Jiang Shao Ming was going to do it to Shen Ruoxue in the afternoon.But it was turned down by Lin Hao.

Shen Ruoxue Shen Yiming or whatever, to Lin Hao, was an existence that could be squeezed to death at will, just like ants.

But now that Shen Xi Yan had just gone through her injuries, Lin Hao really couldn't bring himself to deal with Shen Ruo Xue.The most important thing for him right now was to develop a relationship with Shen Siyan.

In Lin Hao's heart, a thousand Shen Ruoxue couldn't compare to a single smile from Shen Shiyan.So first, let Shen Ruoxue bounce around for a day or two and let her feel the fear as well.After that, then go ahead and let her suffer Lin Hao's monstrous anger....


Just when Lin Hao was seriously reading the document, Shen Xiyan suddenly took the initiative and sent a message.

"Lin Hao, I've missed you too..."

When Lin Hao saw the message, he was instantly delighted and excited.He wanted to reply some words to Shen Xiyan in the past, but he hit delete, delete and hit again.In the end, Lin Hao could only express his feelings with a large row of roses.

"Let's go home and eat tonight, mum ton had chicken soup, you didn't eat it last night, mum made a special stew again today..." shen shiyan returned.

Lin Hao quickly returned, "Mmhmm okay, Xi Yan, why don't we go back now, I'll drive to the company downstairs..."

Shen Shiyan replied: "Don't, that's not a good influence, and we're still in the same company.If this gets out, it will be embarrassing.Even though you and Jiang Shao Ming are friends and brothers, it's not good.But that's not good, let's wait until we get off work..."

Lin Hao replied, "Well, okay, then just wait until the end of the day, I'll pick you up at your office after work..."

Shen Shi Yan replied, "Well..."

After talking to Shen Xiyan, Lin Hao jumped straight up in excitement.Ruthlessly clenching his fist.It wasn't until this moment that Lin Hao truly understood how much he himself loved Shen Xiyan!!!!

Thinking back to the time in Tianhai City when he had hurt Shen Xiyan so many times and again, Lin Hao could not wait to give himself two big slaps.He promised not to let Shen Xiyan be sad and shed tears for the rest of his life.But in those months in Tianhai, he had deeply hurt her with his own hands, wounding her and tearing her apart.

When the grief-stricken look of Shen Xiyan when she was in Tianhai came up in his mind, Lin Hao felt a piercing pain in his heart. Remember the website

"Xi Yan, this time, I'm going to fall in love with you properly, and this time I'll definitely give you happiness."Lin Hao clenched his fist and swore to himself in his heart.

At six o'clock in the evening, as soon as Shen Xiyan left her office, she saw the female employees outside, one by one, standing by the window and looking down, while looking at them, they also let out all kinds of screams, some of them were even more excited to jump up.

Those female colleagues of Shen Xiyan's company, after seeing Shen Xiyan out, enviously said to Shen Xiyan, "Sister Xiyan, brother-in-law is waiting for you downstairs, oh, you should go quickly...."

"Brother-in-law is so handsome, ahhh, every time I see brother-in-law, I think he's even more handsome..."

"I'd love to find a boyfriend like my brother-in-law, handsome and rich, and with such a good temperament..."


The company's female colleagues' discussions, Shen Caiyan's face red, did not open their mouths to talk to them, and quickly went downstairs to look for Lin Hao.The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the company's website and find out what it is that you're looking for.

Lin Hao was really good, otherwise in Tianhai City, a little beauty like Chen Shanshan would be willing to give everything for Lin Hao.So Shen Xiyan was still a little worried, what if her boyfriend was too handsome?Wouldn't a beating be ugly?It's quite urgent to wait online....

Downstairs of Shen Xiyan's company, Lin Hao leaned against the station, his eyes looked at the front door of the company, and soon he saw a blushing Shen Xiyan come out.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the car.After waiting for Shen Xiyan to get into the car, he closed the door for Shen Xiyan very carefully.

Lin Hao drove the car seriously, and after Shen Xiyan got into the car, he just smiled at Shen Xiyan Weiwei and then he didn't say anything anymore.

Shen Xi Yan's face was slightly red and she bit her lips, wanting to speak to Lin Hao several times, but when the words reached her mouth, she couldn't say them again.Her heart was beating especially fast, she didn't know why, obviously she had been with Lin Hao for so long, but why was her heart beating even faster when she was alone with Lin Hao.

Lin Hao didn't speak, and neither did Shen Xiyan.It was quiet inside the car, but both of them were enjoying the beauty of the silence right now.Between him and her, they had experienced so much pain, and many times they no longer needed any words to understand each other's hearts.

Like this kind of quiet years, they both knew that the most important purpose of their return to Nanjiang City this time was to remarry.It was just that so many things had happened in between, so much pain.Both of them were now giving each other some more time to erase those hurdles in their hearts before they remarried.


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