Super Son-in-law 101-110


Chapter 101

Old Mrs. Shen revealed a smile on her face when she heard the news, and quickly got up to greet Li Jingze: "Jingze, sit down, don't be polite, I'm familiar with your father."

Li Jingze was a little embarrassed by Old Mrs. Shen's praise, he quickly put a gift box he was carrying on the table and said: "Grandmother Shen, this is my little token of appreciation, I hope you like it, a hundred year's share of wild ginseng, it's definitely genuine, you mend your body..."

When Old Mrs. Shen opened it, her face changed and quickly said, "Grandma is very happy that you came to see me, Jingze.What present did you bring for Grandma?It's too expensive, keep it for your father.By the way, did you come for something this time?If you have something to say to grandma, you and Yiming are good friends, so don't treat yourself like an outsider ah..."

Li Jingze smiled awkwardly and said, "Grandmother really has something she wants to tell you, it's like this, I like Xi Yan, I really like her.I want to marry her..."

Old Mrs. Shen's brow furrowed at the news and sighed, "Realm Ze ah, it's rare for you to have a heart.But Xi Yan is already married ah."

Li Jingze quickly said, "No, no, grandmother, listen to me, I know that Xi Yan is married, but Lin Hao is a door-to-door son-in-law, and Xi Yan hasn't had anything with him.There's nothing between Xi Yan and that trash.Grandma I really like Xi Yan, I really want to marry her..."

Old Mrs. Shen frowned and asked, "She's already married, you really don't care?"

Li Jingze shook his head seriously, "Grandma, I really don't care!I thought I didn't have a chance, but now I know they don't have any feelings for each other.I thought I had no chance, but now I know they don't have any feelings for each other.But if I get married to Xi Yan, the Shen family's business is my business, and I'll ask my father to help the Shen family through their difficulties even if I have to kneel in front of him every day..."

Old Mrs. Shen was silent at the news, and Li Jingze was in no hurry.After the meeting, Li Jingze gave Shen Yiming a wink.Shen Yiming said to Old Madam Shen: "Grandmother, Jingze's character is definitely guaranteed.And after our Shen family marries the Li family, it will be good for the development of both families ah..."

When Old Mrs. Shen was about to speak, the office door opened again, and Shen Ruoxue, who was dressed in a long black dress, walked in.As soon as she entered the door, she said to Old Mrs. Shen: "Grandmother, I heard what Jing Ze said to you just now outside the door.But this time cousin is truly doing it for the Shen family ah, Brother Yiming is right, Jingze is a hundred times stronger than that trash Lin Hao, grandmother you have to agree even for the sake of Zhan Yan's happiness ah...."

Shen Ruoxue finished nodding to Shen Yiming without trace. The first website

When Old Lady Shen heard this, she sighed deeply and said, "Just, then this wife of mine agrees.I'll make the decision to let Xi Yan be betrothed to Xing Ze!It's not just for my Shen family, it's also for the sake of Shyan!It's better for her to follow Sovereign Ze than to follow that trash Lin Hao!"

After Old Mrs. Shen said that, she got up and said to Li Zhanze: "Ah Zhanze, you can't care that Xi Yan was married, it shows that you're really a good kid ah, then Xi Yan will be in your hands from now on ah..."

Li Jingze pounded his chest and assured Old Lady Shen, "Grandmother, don't worry, if I do anything bad to Xi Yan in the future, the heavens will strike five thunderbolts!"

A smile appeared on Old Mrs. Shen's face upon hearing the news, and the depression in her heart these past few days was swept away.She gently patted Li Zhanze's shoulder and said: "Okay, then I'll ask Xi Yan's mother to come over first, Zhanze, Xi Yan's father is gone, you really can't bully her ah..."

Shen Ruoxue was now also staring at Li Jingze with a deadly stare: "Brother Jingze, these years have been quite hard on my sister, if you bully her, even if grandmother spares you, I won't let you off ah..."

Li Jingze smiled and then said in all seriousness: "Grandmother, Ruoxue, don't worry, if I dare to treat Xi Yan badly, my father and my brother, don't you know?With their personalities, they probably won't even need your help to spare me..."


"Grandmother, you'd better not call Auntie Wang, I'll go straight to her..." said Li Jingze in a bit of a hurry.

Old Mrs. Shen smiled at the news: "Good, good, see how anxious you are, okay, then I will personally accompany you there, today, ah, grandmother will set this matter up for you, follow your wish...."


Half an hour later, Old Mrs. Shen and Li Jingze arrived at Wang Shufen's house.After Wang Shufen opened the door, she was stunned, the always superior Mrs. Shen actually took the initiative to look for her?And you look like you're having fun?Wang Shufen was very confused.

"Mom, why did you come to my place?And this one is?"Wang Shufen asked with some doubts.

Old Mrs. Shen smiled and took Wang Shufen's hand and said, "Shufen ah, I came, of course I have good things to say to you ah.You have also suffered all these years, hey.But the bitter days will soon be over, come sit down and say slowly..." said Old Mrs. Shen, pulling Wang Shufen to sit on the sofa as she spoke.

Wang Shufen heart are shocked, has always been incomparably strong Mrs. Shen this actually pulled her hand.How many meanings is this?

I don't wait for Wang Shufen to ask, Old Mrs. Shen pointed at Li Jingze and said to her: "Shufen ah, I'll introduce you, this is Jingze, his father is the vice president of the Kyushu Group Li Jianghai, South River City's Li family is their family, the family fortune of billions of ah.Saeze is very fond of Xi Yan, so he didn't ask me to come and play matchmaker......."

Wang Shufen frowned, "Mom, what are you talking about, Xi Yan and Lin Hao have been married for over a year..."

Old Mrs. Shen waved her hand with a smile and said, "Well, I know.But Xi Yan and Lin Hao don't have feelings for each other, right?People don't care about their family situation, and if Xi Yan marries into the Li family, then you'll enjoy endless glory and wealth in the future..."

When Wang Shufen opened her mouth to speak, Li Jingze interrupted her: "Auntie Wang, don't refuse yet, I know you have been living a bad life these years, so if you let Xi Yan marry me, I will take a house in the city center as a bride price...." Remember the website

Wang Shufen's heartbeat quickened after hearing this, it was five million ah.Thinking of this Wang Shufen was a little shaken.Old Mrs. Shen and the others didn't know, but she knew clearly that Lin Hao and Shen Xiyan had already divorced for half a year.Now if Shen Siyan marries Li Jingze, she'll get five million ah, and a house in the city center!

Wang Shufen's thoughts were struggling.Old Mrs. Shen, on the other hand, took her hand and said, "Shufen ah, you have not been easy these years, so that if Xiyan becomes with Xingze, then Lao San's shares in the company, I make the decision, all transferred to you.So you'll be relieved, right?"

"Mom, can you let me think about something this big?And this matter has to be told to Xi Yan anyway... I can't make the decision..." spoke Wang Shufen.

"Well, marriage is not a child's play ah, then this way you think about it first, when Xi Yan comes back tonight, you talk to Xi Yan properly... What about me and Zhanze, I'll leave first ah..." old Mrs. Shen patted Wang Shufen's hand.

"Aunt Wang, don't worry, Xi Yan married me, 13a4fd8d I will definitely treat her well, or else the heavens will strike five thunderbolts!I also treat you as filially as my own mother... "Li Jingze also stated his position to Wang Shufen....

After Old Mrs. Shen left with Li Jingze, Wang Shufen was silent.She was so torn, and was thinking about it when she suddenly just froze.The Li family?Lee Keung-taek?Wait... the night Lin Hao divorced Shen Xiyan half a year ago, it seems that a friend of his introduced Xiyan to someone who is also the eldest son of the Li family?

Wang Shufen just remembered that there was such a thing.But at that time, it was rejected by Shen Xiyan, and when that time came, her friend didn't come to ask her.She also forgot about it.It wasn't until just now when the Li family's second husband came to see her that she remembered some of it.

"Five million ah!A house downtown!And with the Li family's handiwork, that house must not be small ah... "Wang Shufen was incomparably torn at the thought of it.


If it had been before, with her personality, would she still need to think about such a good thing?Do you still need to struggle with it?She probably agreed straight away.But now Lin Hao was really good to her.Helping her pay off a two million dollar debt, giving her a hundred thousand dollar necklace, and saving her from a bully the other day....

But five million dollars, what about a house downtown.And that's the Li family ah, with a family fortune of over a hundred million.Li Jingze's father is still the vice president of the Kyushu Group ah....

Wang Shufen's heart was incomparably torn....


Lin Hao had no knowledge of Shen Ruoxue's conspiracy with Shen Yiming.He had been working all morning and was about to go to dinner when he suddenly received a call from Wang Lulu.Lin Hao was a little confused, why did this Wang Lulu call him?He still had some impression of Lucy Wang, the lobby manager of the Half Moon Bay Hotel in Tianhai City.

Confusion was still a doubt, but Lin Hao still picked up the phone.As soon as he picked it up, Wang Lulu said with a smile on her face, "Mr. Lin is sorry to bother you, are you in Nanjiang City now?"

Lin Hao became even more confused and said, "Well yes, I'm in Nanjiang City now, how did you know?What do you want with me?"

Wang Lulu smiled and said, "Mr. Lin I'm good friends with katy, oh, it's like this, I've been transferred to Nanjiang by the headquarters, last month we opened a branch in Nanjiang, it's also five-star, also called Half Moon Bay.I just chatted with katy and learned that you're in Nanjiang, I'm now the head of this side, it's not almost noon, I'd like to invite you to my place for a meal, do you think it's convenient for you?"

Lin Hao thought about it, Shen Xiyan is also in Nanjiang, Wang Lulu is very capable and good at doing things.I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that.So he said to Wang Lulu, "Well good, I'm fine at noon, by the way, I'm now a business of the Kyushu Group, I have some things to do in Nanjiang, you don't expose my identity..."

Wang Lulu smiled and said, "Mmhmm, don't worry Mr. Lin, I understand.You can rest assured that I'll do things right, so for now, I'll prepare the best Nine Star River private room in Half Moon Bay Hotel for you..."

"Okay, then it's hard for Miss Wang..." said Lin Hao with a smile and hung up the phone... One second to remember to read the book...t


At noon, in the center of Nanjiang City, in front of the brilliant and atmospheric Half Moon Bay Hotel on the edge of Nanjiang River, a BMW car appeared.The BMW stopped at the entrance of Half Moon Bay Hotel, and the next moment a smiling old lady Shen walked down from the car.Old Mrs. Shen is also followed by Shen 00772e33ming with Li Jingze.

The next moment, a smile on his face, Mrs. Shen walked down from the car.I'll invite you to try it here today, I have a membership to this shop, so don't be polite to me if you want to order whatever you want to eat today, granny..."

Old Mrs. Shen looked at the magnificent Half Moon Bay Hotel and said: "It looks like a good hotel, it covers such a large area, and it's also in the best part of the South River.Hey Sovereign Ze, let you break the bank ah......."

Li Jingze hurriedly waved his hand: "Grandmother, what are you talking about, I am the junior, isn't it not the right thing to invite you to a meal?And I didn't know when you had your birthday party, so let's just make it up to you this time ah..."

"Hey, hey, good, good boy, then grandmother will be cheeky for once..." said Old Mrs. Shen very happily.

Just at this moment, suddenly a brand new Mercedes Benz also stopped at the entrance of Half Moon Bay Hotel.Lin Hao, who was dressed in a black suit, walked down from the car, just in time to meet up with the three people who hadn't gone in yet, Shen Yiming....

Lin Hao was surprised, counting today, it was only the third day he had returned to Nanjiang City from Tianhai, right?But these three days could actually run into this group of snobbish, turncoats from the Shen family.He was also speechless.

Shen Yiming sneered when he saw Lin Hao, "Yo, don't tell me, you're a loser who came here to eat, huh?"


Lin Hao was laughing at this idiot, Shen Ruoxue he was still interested in punching his face down.But this dude, Shen Yiming, he wasn't even interested in taking care of it.He lifted his foot and walked straight inside.

"Stop!"Lin Hao was just about to walk inside when Shen Yiming shouted fiercely.Lin Hao's footsteps paused and his eyes narrowed.Although he didn't want to take care of this idiot, but this Naijin was bouncing around in front of him.Lin Hao's principle of dealing with things was, if you don't model me, I won't model you, but if you keep messing with me, I'll get you killed.It was that simple.

At this moment, Lin Hao slowly turned around, his tone somewhat icy cold, "You have something?"

Shen Yiming took a step forward and stared at Lin Hao, "Can't you see that Grandma is here?Although you're my Shen family's son-in-law, don't you even know the most basic manners?Aren't you ashamed?"

Shen Yiming said to Li Jingze after saying, "Brother Li, I'm sorry to see you laugh.There's a scandal in the family hey..."

Lin Hao looked at Shen Yiming who had placed himself on the moral high ground and all laughed, "Shen Yiming, you're an idiot but you still have to show it for the world to know?Does your Shen family treat me as one of your family?Oh, why should I respect her as an old curmudgeon if I've never been one?"

"Bastard!"Old Mrs. Shen shouted fiercely and chilled out at Lin Hao, "Lin Hao!From today onwards, you'll never take another step into our Shen family in your life!"

Lin Hao was all happy and walked up to Old Mrs. Shen and said with a smile, "What are you talking about?As if to say you've let me in before.Who cares..."

"You you you you... "Old Mrs. Shen's face was black with anger at Lin Hao, Lin Hao snorted and turned around and went into the hotel.And didn't bother to pay attention to her.An old stubborn man only, today he was here to give Wang Lulu a show, he was in no mood to talk to this old woman of the Shen family.

Shen Yiming hurriedly patted the old lady Shen's back, "Grandmother, don't be common knowledge with this trash, with his poor appearance, he still dares to come to Half Moon Bay for dinner?It's probably going to be kicked out soon... Let's go in and see how that loser makes a fool of himself!"

Li Jingze's eyes narrowed as he looked at Lin Hao's parked Mercedes Benz and then at Lin Hao's back.He felt that there was something wrong with this Lin Hao.Like it was as if Lin Hao didn't put the Shen family in his eyes at all. The first website

Then Li Jingze also didn't want to so much, assisted the old lady Shen nodded: "Go grandmother, don't be angry for that waste is not worth it, let's go to eat, today I'll book the best private room for you......."

When Shen Yiming and the three of them walked in, Lin Hao was sitting on the sofa in the lobby, and he had just sent a WeChat to Wang Lulu, who was now upstairs, saying that he should wait and she would be right down.So Lin Hao found a seat.

At this time, Shen Yiming and the three of them didn't pay any attention to Lin Hao and walked straight to the front desk, Li Jingze directly pulled out a membership card and said to the beautiful front desk, "The best private room you have here is called Nine Sky Star River, right?"

The beautiful front desk smiled and said, "Right, sir."

Li Jingze was just about to speak when he found Shen Yiming and Old Mrs. Shen looking at him with confused faces.Shen Yiming even asked: "Brother Li, why is the name of this private room so strange?"

Li Jingze smiled: "Our Nanjiang City, the Nanjiang River is nine twists and turns, and the Half Moon Bay Hotel is in the center of the Nanjiang River but lower than the Nanjiang River, so when you look at it from a distance at night, the nine twists of the Nanjiang River is like hanging above the Half Moon Bay Hotel."

The beautiful front desk smiled: "This gentleman is right, so our best private room is called the Nine Sky Star River."

Li Jingze became even more proud when he received the affirmation from the beautiful lady receptionist, and continued to say to Shen Yiming and Old Madam Shen, "Half Moon Bay Hotel is a five-star hotel, and the Nine Heavenly Star River is the best private room, with a minimum consumption of 90,000 yuan.The price is expensive, but the taste is really good..."

It dawned on Shen Yiming and Old Madam Shen, and Old Madam Shen even more so, "Realm Ze ah let you break down ah..."

Li Jingze waved his hand, then smiled and said to the beautiful receptionist: "Just give me the Nine Heavens Star River... Money is not a problem."

Li Jingze loftily said, but the beautiful receptionist smiled awkwardly and handed Li Jingze's membership card back: "Sorry sir, you don't have enough privileges... The Nine Heavenly Star River private room, we only serve the most distinguished and top-notch guests."


Li Jingze looked embarrassed at the news, his face was black, he had just bragged so much in vain.

This time, he asked, "How come I'm not enough ah?I've charged half a million to this card.How much can I charge?"

The beautiful receptionist still smiled and shook her head politely, "I'm sorry sir, the Nine Sky Star River private room isn't something you can open with as much money as you have.We only serve the most distinguished guests, and it's not open to the public..."

"Er... "Li Jingze was completely dumbfounded at the news.He really hadn't gone in the Nine Heavens Star River private room.Not to mention him, even his father, Li Jianghai, had never been in there.He had only heard about it from others.I didn't expect it to hit him in the face now.

When Old Mrs. Shen saw that Li Jingze was embarrassed, she said, "Alright Jingze, I take your kindness, just open a private room anywhere..."

Li Jingze nodded then said to the receptionist, "What's the best private room I can get?"

The beautiful receptionist said, "You are a level one authority, the best private room is the Peony Court which spends 20,000..."

Li Jingze nodded, "Okay, then Peony Pavilion..."

"Yes, sir, just a moment, I'll enter your information..." said the beautiful 519327ae receptionist with a smile.


Li Jingze and Old Mrs. Shen are waiting there to open a private room, while Shen Yiming walked up to Lin Hao with a sneer and mocked, "Yo, why can't you afford to eat?You've been hanging around here?Lin Hao, why are you so shameless?How dare you enter this five-star hotel, why are you pretending you don't have money?" Remember the URL

Lin Hao was about to speak when he saw Wang Lulu, who was dressed in a black lace dress, rushing to the front desk and didn't speak, not even looking at Shen Yiming again.

"Mr. Wang."The beautiful front desk saw Wang Lulu come over and quickly called out respectfully.

Wang Lulu waved her hand and asked with a huge gasp, "Is Mr. Lin here?The Nine Heavenly Stars is ready and the food is served, where is Mr. Lin?"

Li Jingze and Old Madam Shen were shocked when they heard Wang Lu Lu's words.Didn't they say that the Nine Heavens Star River was closed to the public?Didn't you say you'd only serve the most distinguished guests?Is the other side already here?Thinking about it the two couldn't help but look around.But there was no one else in the hotel other than Lin Hao.

But Li Jingze was aware of Wang Lulu, a strong woman, transferred from the Heavenly Sea Half Moon Bay headquarters, and was now in full charge of everything in the Half Moon Bay Hotel in Nanjiang City, not to mention him, even his father Li Jianghai wouldn't dare to prop up in front of Wang Lulu.

"Hello, Mr. Wang, I'm Li Jingze, I met you last time... "Li Jingze smiled at Wang Lulu and greeted.But Lulu Wang didn't pay any attention to him at all.

At this time, Lin Hao waved at Wang Lulu and said, "Miss Wang..."

When Wang Lulu saw Lin Hao waving at her, she quickly trot over with a smile on her face.Walking up to Lin Hao, he said respectfully, "Mr. Lin, the Nine Heavenly Star River private room is ready and the dishes are served, please follow me..."

"Mm, good... "Lin Hao nodded and got up to follow Wang Lulu.

But the next moment Shen Yiming stopped Wang Lulu in front of him: "Miss, you've made a mistake, right?Aren't you the best private rooms in the Nine Heavens?Aren't we only serving the most distinguished guests?What are we going to do with this punk?He's just a wimp, huh?"

Wang Lulu's eyebrows furrowed, but still said to Shen Yiming, "I'm sorry sir please get out of the way, I'm the general manager of Half Moon Bay, will I make a mistake I know myself, you've disturbed my guest now, please get out of the way!"Wang Lulu said at the end, her voice had gone cold....

At this time, Old Mrs. Shen also came over and took a deep look at Wang Lulu and said, "Good day, Mr. Wang, my grandson is not mistaken, this person is a wimp, a loser, you must be mistaken...."

Lin Hao sighed speechlessly to Wang Lulu and said, "Miss Wang, why are all the people from your hotel coming, heh, sorry, I'm not in the mood to eat right now..."

Shen Yiming sneered disdainfully, "Lin Hao, what are you pretending to be?You're not in the mood yet?Then get the hell out of here..."

"Get out!At any rate, you're my Shen family's son-in-law, so don't embarrass yourself here!"Old Mrs. Shen also coldly drank.

Lin Hao sneered at Wang Lulu and turned around, he didn't want to expose his identity yet, not because of the Shen family, but he wanted to make Shen Xiyan slowly accept his identity, this couldn't be solved in a day or two.

When she saw Lin Hao leave, Old Mrs. Shen said to Wang Lulu, "Sorry, Mr. Wang, family scandal... family scandal..."

Wang Lulu now instantly understood why Lin Hao couldn't reveal his identity.This time she looked at the three people in front of her and said in an ice-cold tone, "Get out!"


"What?"Hearing Wang Lulu's words, Shen Yiming, Li Jingze, and including Old Madam Shen were all shocked.

"Mr. Wang, this joke of yours isn't funny at all..." said Li Jingze to Wang Lulu with narrowed eyes.

Wang Lulu looked deeply at Li Jingze and said, "Your father doesn't even dare to talk to me like that, what are you!Get out!"

"Er... "Li Jingze was shocked by the momentum in Wang Lulu's body, so he didn't dare to speak again.He really didn't dare to offend Wang Lulu.This woman, Wang Lulu, was a multi-millionaire with an annual salary, and used to go in and out of the top circles in Tianhai City.A woman like Wang Lulu, who could pull out any friend, could screw him over!

Lulu Wang yelled at the security guards in the lobby, "Blow the three of them out!"Then to the front desk, "Blacklist the three of them!Never let these three pieces of trash back in!"

After the explanation, Wang Lulu hurriedly caught up with Lin Hao, who was about to go out, and smiled at Lin Hao: "Sorry, Mr. Lin, I really didn't know, you still satisfied with my treatment?Mr. Lin, don't be angry, okay, I'll drink with you today..."

Wang Lulu was also a top-notch beauty, and this time, she would put down her body and speak kindly to Lin Hao like a big maid.Lin Hao softened up a bit and the anger in his heart was just given by Wang Lulu.So he nodded, "Good..."

The three people, Shen Yiming, who were seeing this scene right now, were completely shocked.How could this trash, Lin Hao, have the general manager of Half Moon Bay, accompany them to drink?It just wasn't up to them to think much of anything.The security guards in the store had already started to evict them.

As Lin Hao passed by Shen Yiming, he looked at Shen Yiming who was being held up by the security guards, "What are you pretending to be when you say you're incapable?Do you have to let the world know you're an idiot?"

"You... Lin Hao, wait for me!"Shen Yiming viciously scolded Lin Hao, but then he was kicked out by the security guard directly behind him.

And then when Lin Hao passed by Old Mrs. Shen again, he couldn't help but stop and look at this sarcastic old woman, "You're so old, don't come out in the future, it's embarrassing ah.Although I won't enter your Shen family, but please don't come out and embarrass me again in the future when you close the door and play awe-inspiring in the house..." One second remember to read the book

"You you you you..." the old Mrs. Shen 3d3ddb4e was suddenly shaking with anger.

Lin Hao didn't pay any more attention to him, but instead locked eyes with Li Jingze.This Li Jingze didn't have any problems with him though.Lin Hao didn't bother to pay attention to him, so he followed Wang Lu Lu upstairs....

Waiting for the three people out of the hotel, Old Mrs. Shen toned down on her crutches, poking at the ground, as she poked, "Must let Xi Yan divorce him!You must divorce!Angry at me, angry at me..."

After venting for a while, the old lady said to Li Jingze: "Jingze, I'm in charge of you and Xi Yan's affairs!I'm going to go find Xi Yan right now and tell her to divorce this loser!Then you and Xi Yan will go get your license tomorrow!"

Old Mrs. Shen's furious eyebrows were about to lift off and her body was trembling violently....

Li Jingze was delighted at the news, and hurriedly stroked Mrs. Shen's back as he said, "Don't be angry, grandmother, don't be angry ah, I will definitely be filial to you in the future, let's go, let's go, let's go eat at the Nanjiang Hotel, it's not necessarily worse than this Half Moon Bay."

"Yes, yes, grandmother, don't take it out on this loser, grandmother, don't worry, Seiji and I will never let him go, and the revenge he took for beating Ruo Xue yesterday!I'll report it!"A trace of killing intent flashed in the depths of Shen Yiming's eyes.

Old Mrs. Shen was shocked by Shen Yiming's killing intent and quickly said, "Don't kill anyone!You'll go to jail!"


Shen Yiming took a deep breath and said, "Don't worry grandmother, even if I don't get that one killed, I want him to live and die!"

"Mmm... "Old Mrs. Shen nodded heavily...

"Let's go eat first, after dinner, go straight to Xi Yan!If she doesn't agree today, I'll run over my old bones and die in front of her!"Old Mrs. Shen went straight for the jugular!

Lin Hao's mind wasn't thinking about those three people Shen Yiming, and the way Wang Lulu handled it put him in a good mood.After following Wang Lulu to the Nine Days Star River private room, he had a nice meal.


At three o'clock in the afternoon, Old Mrs. Shen came to Shen's office alone.Yesterday, Shen Yiming was kicked out and the security guard at the door wouldn't let Shen Yiming in at all.

Shen Siyan, who was working seriously, was also stunned and surprised to see Old Madam Shen come in.After all, this was the first time Old Madam Shen had come to see her.She also didn't know what Old Madam Shen was thinking.And the events of the night before made her feel very uncomfortable.Didn't really want to say anything to this Old Madam Shen.

But no matter how reluctant her heart was, Shen Shi Yan was also a member of the Shen family, and Shen Shi Yan had been kind-hearted since childhood.This time, she still called out to Old Madam Shen respectfully as a grandmother.

Old Mrs. Shen nodded her head hmmm, and directly said, "Xiyan ah, I came here to tell you a heavenly good thing...."

Shen Shi Yan frowned and asked, "Grandmother, what's the good news?"

The first website

Shen Xiyan's frown deepened, and she couldn't help but say, "Grandmother, Lin Hao and I have been married for over a year..."

Old Mrs. Shen waved her hand, "What's going on with your marriage to Lin Hao, I'm afraid half of Nanjiang City knows about it.How many people laughed at you a year ago because of this matter as well?Lin Hao is just a son-in-law!It's 3 o'clock. You're going to divorce that punk at the Civil Affairs Bureau.Then Grandma married you off to the Shen family in style..."

Old Mrs. Shen said incomparably seriously, her tone firm and undeniable.She was really mad at Lin Hao today.She didn't want to see Lin Hao a second time in her life!

Shen Siyan's frown deepened and her tone was just as firm, "Grandmother, I won't divorce Lin Hao!I'll be with him for the rest of my life... "Shen Xiyan quietly clenched her fist.She wouldn't tell anyone that she and Lin Hao had already divorced.

Old Mrs. Shen was now completely surprised, shocked and incredulous as she looked at Shen Xi Yan, "What did you say?Did you just say you're not divorcing that piece of shit?Did I hear you wrong, say that again?"

Shen Si Yan took a deep breath and continued to nod her head firmly, "Grandmother you heard me right, I will never divorce Lin Hao in my life!"

"Ridiculous!"Old Mrs. Shen fiercely poked the ground with her cane.The anger that went down before she came up, this time it surged back up.Her fingers trembled as she pointed at Shen Shi Yan, "You you you... I don't care, you must divorce that trash!"

Shen Shi Yan clenched her fist and shook her head, "Grandmother, you should stop persuading me, I won't divorce.Please thank the second son of the Li family for my good intentions."

"Shen Xiyan do you still consider you as a member of the Shen family in your heart or not?Do you still have me as a grandmother in your heart or not!"Old Mrs. Shen directly spilled her guts, just like when Wang Shufen forced her to divorce Lin Hao.How similar this scene Shen Siyan felt....


Shen Shi Yan's heart was also incomparably aggrieved, taking a few deep breaths and nodding, "I am naturally a member of the Shen family, I also take you to be my grandmother 70bb502a...."

Old Mrs. Shen nodded and said, "Good, since you still recognize me as your grandmother, you must divorce Lin Hao!"

The frown on her brow deepened, Shen Xiyan had been very kind since she was a child.But that didn't mean she was weak.She was stronger in her bones than anyone else!This time she continued firmly, "I'm sorry, I said I wouldn't divorce him, and Grandma you have no right to interfere with my marriage..."

Old Mrs. Shen's body began to tremble, her fingers pointing at Shen Xiyan were trembling, "You you you... if you don't divorce Lin Hao, I'll crash and die in front of you today!"

Boom... Shen Siyan's head exploded, she was coming to force the palace today without any mental preparation by Old Madam Shen, and for a moment she was in tears of frustration.

Shen Siyan was kind-hearted, she was originally kind.Although Old Madam Shen didn't like her much when she was a child, but preferred Shen Yiming, the only boy in the three generations of the Shen family, Shen Xiyan still respected Old Madam Shen from her childhood.No matter how Old Mrs. Shen treated her, she still treated her as a grandmother in her heart.So this time she was faced with Old Madam Shen's already deadly pressure, she didn't know what to do for a while....

"Oh Shyan, do you have to make me kneel to you with my old bones?Do you have to be mad at me for you to be happy?"Old Mrs. Shen's sarcastic moral kidnapping of the kind-hearted Shen Xiyan!And said that he was really going to kneel down to Shen Xiyan.Now the employees outside of Shen Xiyan also heard it, and one by one, they were curiously looking inside.

Shen Xiyan was directly forced by the old lady Shen to collapse, and tears fell down.In the end, Shen Xiyan bit her lips and said almost desperately, "Okay, grandmother I promise you, go back, you give me some time..."

Old Mrs. Shen continued, "Tomorrow you will meet and talk with Sovereign, that kid Sovereign really likes you... And Xi Yan ah, if you get together with Sovereign, Sovereign will give your mother a five million bride price, along with a house in the city center.In the future, our Shen family's company will also be able to take it to the next level..."

"Well okay, I'll be there..." shen nodded frostily...

Old Mrs. Shen took a deep breath and said, "Well, Xiyan ah grandmother knows that it's not easy for you, you don't blame grandmother, when you marry into the Li family, you'll know happiness.Grandmother is also all for your own good..." said Old Mrs. Shen in a deep voice. Remember the website

When Old Madam Shen saw Shen Shi Yan nodding her head, she left in satisfaction.When she walked downstairs, there was even a smile on her face, only it was a completely jackal-like smile....

And Shen Xiyan, who remained in the office, directly collapsed powerlessly on the table and cried.On one side was the Lin Hao who loved her deeply and gave everything he could for her.And on the other hand was her own grandmother, and who was forced to die....

At four o'clock in the afternoon, Lin Hao sent a WeChat to Shen Siyan: "Siyan, I've booked a hotel, you'll go straight there after work later, let's eat and walk along the South River in the evening..."

Shen Shi Yan raised her head to open her eyes, which were hazed by tears, and dazed at the tweets Lin Hao sent.The tears just flowed even more.She was silent for half a day and waited until Lin Hao sent a question mark over.Only then did Shen Xiyan replied to him, "Sorry, Lin Hao, I have something to do tonight, I'm going straight home, let's have dinner tomorrow... tomorrow..."

Lin Hao replied, "Well good, work, you don't have to work too hard, there's still me... I will definitely give you happiness..."

After Shen Shi Yan replied with the word um, she couldn't suppress her cries anymore....


Inside the Jiuzhou Group's Commerce Department office, Lin Hao looked at Shen Xiyan's chats with him and vaguely felt as if something was wrong .But he didn't think much of it, he just thought that Shen Xiyan was still angry with him in her heart, and was still angry about him being nice to Chen Shanshan in Tianhai....

Lin Hao put down his phone and got to work, he had suddenly left Tian Hai Group the day before yesterday.All kinds of things were very, very messy over there right now.As the president of the Tianhai Group, he couldn't really ignore everything.


At seven o'clock in the evening, like a walking corpse, Shen Xi Yan returned home.

"Ah Xi Yan, you're back so early, you haven't eaten yet, right?I gave you a soup, you wait, I'll serve it... "Wang Shufen saw Shen Suyan return and quickly greeted her to eat.

"Mom you eat, I don't want to eat, I'm tired, I'm going to rest..." after Shen Suyan said to Wang Shufen, she pushed open the bedroom door and locked it from the inside.

Wang Shufen looked at the several dishes on the table, sighed, and was about to eat by herself when she suddenly heard suppressed crying sounds coming from Shen Suyan's room.Wang Shufen's movement to clip the dishes stalled.

She suddenly realized that Old Lady Shen must have gone to look for Xi Yan today as well.She didn't need to think about it to know that Old Mrs. Shen was definitely forcing Shen Xiyan to divorce Lin Hao.Wang Shufen frowned deeply.

At this moment Wang Shufen's heart was struggling, on the one hand it was five million plus a house in the city center.On the other hand, it was Lin Hao's happiness with Shen Siyan!Actually, she had nothing to do with this incident, it was all forced on her by Old Mrs. Shen.She could completely sit back and enjoy her success.

If it had been before, Wang Shufen would have been very happy and incomparably supportive of Mrs. Shen's decision.But she had experienced too much in the past half year.Shen Suyan almost disowned her, and Lin Hao even saved her and paid off millions of dollars in debt.Whether it was Shen Siyan or Lin Hao, they were all very, very good to her.

Even though Lin Hao has no money in his hands now, both Lin Hao and Shen Suyan are now executives of the Kyushu Group.In the future, even if she wasn't as comfortable as being the Li family's mother-in-law, it wasn't too bad.At least starvation won't kill her. One second to remember to read the book.

It's just five million plus a house ah, Wang Shufen's heart is torn....

"I've understood since 20 years ago that everything in this world is vanity, only money is real.Why do I have to be so confused? Why do I have to think so complicated?It's five million dollars, and a house in the city center.That's the Li family with over a hundred million dollars of wealth in Nanjiang City... "Wang Shufen's heart roared madly....

"Yes, yes, that's right, I'll pretend that I don't know anything about it, anyway, now that Xi Yan has divorced Lin Hao.No one else knows about this, but I do, huh?I'm going to find Li Jingze, I'm going to tell him the truth... "Wang Shufen's mind kept convincing herself.

Thinking about it, Wang Shufen put on her clothes and went out the door, and after leaving the neighborhood, she stopped a taxi at the side of the road.

"Hello, where are you going?"The taxi driver asked to Wang Shufen.

"Go to Kyushu Group!"Wang Shufen spoke in a firm tone.

Yes, she had thought a lot about it, but after these six months of miserable experiences, when she was at her most desperate, it was Lin Hao who had stepped forward to help her and save her, and Lin Hao had been completely inquisitive about her past.This had finally awakened a shred of conscience in Wang Shufen's heart!

"Fuck your five million and fuck your downtown house!Fuck you, Lee!I'm a snob, a money grubber, a mean and ungrateful woman!But my mother's heart is still red!It's still red!"Wang Shufen's mind was screaming madly!Tonight after Shen Siyan came back alone and lost her mind, she realized that Lin Hao still didn't know about this!

And this matter involved the two families of Nanjiang City, the Shen and Li families, and this level of matter was no longer something she could handle as a woman.She could only go to Lin Hao.


She was now hoping that Lin Hao's friend, the CEO of the Kyushu Group, Jiang Shaoming, would be able to help somehow!

"Lin Hao, Lin Hao, I'm betraying the Shen family ah, whether you and Xi Yan or not you can resist the pressure of the Shen family, it's up to you ah, I want Xi Yan to be with you right now ah, but I really can't help ah..." sighed Wang Shufen with a heavy sigh in her heart.

At eight o'clock in the evening, Lin Hao, who was still working overtime at the Jiuzhou Group, received a call from Wang Shufen, who was a bit confused and picked it up.As soon as she picked it up, there was a complicated voice from Wang Shufen on the other side, "Lin Hao, you're still in the company, right?I'm in front of your office, something happened to the pity..."

Buzz... In the next moment Lin Hao stood up in a flash.He didn't care about anything and rushed straight to the outside of the company.In just two minutes, Lin Hao ran to the front door of the Kyushu Group.He saw Wang Shufen, who was shivering in the cold wind, with a pale face.One look at Wang Shufen's face and one could tell that she was troubled.

"Lin Hao... I..." said Wang Shufen as soon as she saw Lin Hao.

"Mom get in the car and say... where is Xi Yan?I'm going to find her now!"Lin Hao said anxiously as he pulled Wang Shufen into the car, and he took out his cell phone, he was going to call Shen Xiyan.

"You call Bie Si Yan first, Si Yan is at home now, she is fine.You find a quiet place, I'll talk to you in detail..." said Wang Shufen, seeing that Lin Hao was about to make a phone call, she quickly stopped him.

When Lin Hao heard Wang Shufen's words, his heart was suddenly relieved.As long as Shen Shi Yan's personal safety was fine, then everything was a non-issue for him.He was also anxious just now, if something had really happened to Shen Siyan, he should have already received a report.After all, the day he returned to Nanjiang City, he had people secretly protecting Shen Siyan!

Ten minutes later, in a hotel room, Lin Hao closed the door to Wang Shufen said: "Mom, now you can say, in the end what happened?I really don't know, I was supposed to go to a western dinner with Xi Yan tonight, but when I was about to finish work she suddenly told me that she wouldn't go... What happened in between?"

Wang Shufen looked at Lin Hao and opened her mouth several times before violently biting her teeth and saying, "Just, just..."

Wang Shufen sighed deeply, she had given up on finding Li Jingze and now came directly to Lin Hao.Having already seen Lin Hao, she had nothing to regret. The first website

This morning, the old lady of the Shen family, Xiyan's grandmother brought a man named Li Jingze to the house, saying that she wanted to marry Xiyan to Li Jingze, oh yes that Li Jingze is the youngest son of the vice president of the Jiuzhou Group, Li Jianghai.I'm not going to be able to do anything about it, but I'm going to be able to do something about it.Lin Hao, I'm not stupid, that Li Jingze can give me all this, the old lady of the Shen family must have a request from him, or from the Li family..."

When Wang Shufen said this, Lin Hao only frowned slightly.Nodding at Wang Shufen, "Mom, you continue..."

Wang Shufen stared at Lin Hao's expression with a deadly stare, and saw that Lin Hao only frowned slightly when he heard the news.His heart settled a lot.So she continued.

"So Old Mrs. Shen tried her best to set up Xi Yan with that Li Jing Ze.At night when Xi-an came home, her eyes were swollen, and she obviously cried... I suspect that Old Madam Shen went to Xi-an's workplace, looked for her, and must have said something, or else with Xi-an's feelings for you, she wouldn't have cried like that... and now Xi-an is still crying in her room.......she..."

Bang... when Lin Hao heard this, he suddenly crushed the teacup in his hand!

"Shen family, you're looking for death!"Lin Hao soared to his feet, his body surging with endless hostility.


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