Super Son-in-law 91-100


Chapter 91

It took a while before Old Mrs. Shen said with a black face, "This is simply impossible!"

Shen Ruoxue, however, shook her head and said with a deep frown, "Grandmother, with the identity of the business director of the Kyushu Group, it wouldn't be too difficult to take away two projects from us.Xiang Kai can do it, and Xiang Kai is still just a deputy director.Then if last night's incident was Lin Hao's doing, then with Lin Hao's resentment towards our Shen family, it would be justified..."

The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past two years, and is now in the process of developing the new product for the next two years.That project is very large and very extensive, if you want to shut down that project, a business executive of the Kyushu Group would definitely not be able to do it, unless the CEO of the Kyushu Group, Jiang Shao Ming, personally intervenes!"

Old Mrs. Shen also nodded, "That's right, Ruo Xue, you've thought too much, Lin Hao is now the commercial director of the Kyushu Group, it's completely villainous, he won't last long.If he wants to ask our Shen family to apologize to a door-to-door son-in-law of his with this, he's delusional!"

Shen Ruoxue nodded and said, "Well, Grandma, you have a point, that trash Lin Hao even slapped me today.I definitely have to take revenge for that..."

Shen Zhiyuan instantly became anxious and glared at Shen Ruoxue, asking, "That trash dared to beat you?I'll waste him!"Shen Zhiyuan said that he was going out to settle the score with Lin Hao.

"Sit down!Isn't it messy enough?Our Shen family is not afraid of that trash's revenge, though.But now at the moment is the most difficult time for our Shen family, at this time if that trash is using his power to make some bad things, we will be even more difficult.......success is not enough, you are not as sensible as Ruo Xue!"Old Mrs. Shen was yelling at Shen Zhiyuan.

After the scolding, Old Mrs. Shen let them all out.When she was the only one left in the office.Old Mrs. Shen rubbed her temples, she only felt worn out now....

"Who the hell is messing with our Shen family?Who exactly has our Shen family offended?"Old Mrs. Shen murmured in her heart.

Her Shen family's company was now in a deteriorating situation, many partners who had been working with the Shen family for many years were now seeing the three best projects of the Shen family gone, and were also starting to fall out of favor one after another.Just today to date, there are already three partners who have severed their ties with the Shen family....

If it continued like this, the Shen family would definitely collapse.Old Mrs. Shen was already certain in her heart that someone was secretly targeting their Shen family!That's why she didn't even dare to connect new projects without knowing exactly who the other party was.This feeling of watching the Shen family business, day by day, dissipate, but she couldn't do anything.It made her very tormented... One second remember to read the book

The office door opened and an angry-looking Shen Yiming walked in.As soon as he came in, he complained to Old Mrs. Shen, "Grandmother, that Shen Xiyan is too much!Is she still a member of the Shen family?It's too much for her to even help out now that something's wrong at home!"

Old Mrs. Shen's eyes narrowed as she looked at Shen Yiming and asked, "Tell me word for word what you chatted with Xi Yan!Remember, not a word of it!If you try to hide it, I'll break your legs!"

Shen Yiming was stunned and subconsciously said, "Grandmother, I really didn't say anything ah, Shen Xiyan is that attitude ah..."

"Well?"Old Mrs. Shen glared at Shen Yiming fiercely!

It was only when Shen Yiming saw that Old Madam Shen was really angry that he hurriedly told her everything about his conversation with Shen Xiyan....

After hearing this, Old Mrs. Shen raised her cane and tried to smack Shen Yiming, but in the end, she couldn't bear it and fell down.In the end, Old Madam Shen sighed, "It's just that, you're not even as good as that trash Lin Hao, go out, I'll be alone..."

Shen Yiming lowered his head, but deep in his eyes there was an extra hint of fierceness, he quietly clenched his fists, his heart was roaring madly, "Grandma actually almost hit me for Shen Xiyan?Lin Hao, Shen Xiyan you guys wait!"


At this moment, Lin Hao, who was in the office of the Kyushu Group's Commerce Department, was busy choosing lunch for Shen Xiyan.These years Shen Xiyan heart pressure has been very big, so she basically eat everything appetite, Lin Hao to her to pick half an hour before the selection.

After choosing, Lin Hao fell silent as he looked at Shen Xiyan's WeChat avatar.All he could think about now was the scene yesterday when Shen Xi went back to Nanjiang with him.

On that trip, Shen Xiyan was sitting in the passenger seat, not talking to him, just turning her head and looking out the window.There was also the scene the morning before yesterday, downstairs at Shen Xiyan, when Shen Xiyan finally agreed to return to Tianhai with him.

When he thought of these two scenes now, his heart was incomparably complicated.Lin Hao knew that what he had done in Tianhai had broken Shen Suyan's heart.The night he broke up with Chen Shanshan, he went to find Shen Suyan.Very overbearingly, he let Shen Suyan return to him.Until now after he returned to Nanjiang with Shen Suyan.He realized how bitter Shen Suyan's heart should be and how much she should love herself.

Just like what Shen Suyan said, Lin Hao he came and went as he said without any consideration for Shen Suyan's feelings.But even if that was the case, it was only after one night, and after one night, Shen Suyan gave up everything in Tianhai City without turning back and went back with him to Nanjiang City....

And last night, when Shen Xiyan was going upstairs, she told him that she would go up to sleep at night... Thinking of this Lin Hao could not wait to smack himself.Shen Siyan even though she herself had hurt in her heart, she still thought of him in every way!And yet he made her so sad....

Hoo... Lin Hao exhaled deeply, Shen Xiyan had done too much for him in these half a year.All he could do was try his best to make it up to her every day....

As for those people in the Shen family, Lin Hao didn't really put much thought into it, it was just that these people had automatically come to his door last night as soon as he and Shen Xiyan had returned to Nanjiang City.It made him very unhappy, a bunch of ants are just a bunch of ants, to him it's just a matter of slapping them to death in passing.The most important thing in his heart was always Shen Xiyan.


At noon, the beautiful receptionist knocked on Shen Xiyan's office door: "Mr. Shen, the takeaway you ordered has arrived..."

Shen Xiyan was stunned: "I didn't decide?Sure it's mine?" First web site

The female receptionist said with a face of envy: "That is your boyfriend help you set oh, a lot of it, Michelin restaurant to send, so romantic ah, Shen your boyfriend is so sweet ah...."

In her confusion, Shen Siyan left the office, and then she saw a dozen or so exquisite dishes on an unused table in the outer office lobby.When Shen Siyan came out, the seven or eight employees in the office looked at her with envy.

One of the Michelin's service staff walked up to Shen Xi Yan's face and smiled, "You must be Miss Shen, Mr. Lin has already paid for the money, just sign here..."

Shen Siyan muddled and signed, waiting until that waiter left.Shen Siyan looked at those exquisite dishes.Just took a picture of it and sent it to Lin Hao and asked, "Did you order this?"

Lin Hao replied, "Well, it's all the food you like, your first day on the job, have it with your colleagues..."

"Um, okay..." this time Shen Xiyan didn't say thank you to Lin Hao.

After she put away her phone, she looked around at the group of wide-eyed colleagues and said with a smile, "Then let's all eat together..."

"Wow Sister Xiyan is the best, thank you Sister Xiyan..." a female employee said smilingly as she hugged Shen Xiyan's arm.

"Sister Xi Yan, when will your husband let us meet ah, so sweet, your first day on the job, you ordered a big thousands of Michelin."Another female employee with two small fists leaning on her chin said enviously.

"Yes, Sister Xiyan, your husband must be a rich and handsome, why don't you have him pick you up from work at night?Let's see it too..."

Shen Caiyan's face blushed slightly and said, "Don't talk nonsense, I haven't promised him yet..."


On her first day at work, Shen Xiyan's lunch meal directly brought Shen Xiyan one step closer to her colleagues at the Kyushu Group, and the awkwardness of her new job dissipated without a trace.

After the meal, Shen Suyan returned to her office and looked at Lin Hao's WeChat image on her phone and stared.


After a while, the corners of her mouth raised a smile, she didn't send a WeChat to Lin Hao, so that felt good.

She had directly abandoned all of Tianhai City yesterday and followed Lin Hao back to Nanjiang, she didn't regret it at all.It was just that there was some anger, well, it couldn't be described as anger.She just felt a bit odd in her heart.Did she love Lin Hao?The answer was yes.

Otherwise, she wouldn't have gone to Yanjing to find Lin Hao by herself, nor would she have gone to Tianhai by herself again.

It had only been half a day apart from Lin Hao, and she was missing him again.Shen Xi Yan was lying on the table, looking at Lin Hao's WeChat, typed several times, and deleted them all.

Now Lin Hao was also working, although he didn't earn as much as her, she didn't care at all.She could struggle with Lin Hao, earn money together....

Thinking of this, Shen Siyan's heart surged with sweetness.Sent a WeChat over to Lin Hao, "Will you pick me up after that shift?My e9d7d1a4 colleagues want to see you..."

After Shen Xi Yan finished sending the message, she suddenly felt that the wording was a bit wrong, so she quickly withdrew the message.But before she could resend it, Lin Hao replied, "Okay..."

"Erm... "Shen Xiyan looked at Lin Hao's reply and covered her face adorably even though no one was in the office.Blushing incomparably....

What Shen Shi Yan didn't know at this moment was that after Lin Hao saw her tweets.He directly called Jiang Shao Ming, and ten minutes later, Lin Hao arrived in Jiang Shao Ming's villa.

After arriving at the villa, Lin Hao directly undressed to take a shower, and Jiang Shao Ming looked at Lin Hao who couldn't wait to undress, he was panicking.

Lin Hao stared at him fiercely, "What's that look in your eyes?My wife asked me to pick her up from work, and her colleagues are quite curious about me, so I can't embarrass my wife, right?In this way, you quickly invite the best make-up artist in Nanjiang to come over, and also buy dozens of clothes back by the way... I'm going to take a shower first!" Remember the URL

Jiang Shao Ming's mouth opened wide: "Big brother you're not, are you?You're already handsome now, okay?What more do you want?"

Lin Hao kicked in, "Hurry up, I'm serious!"

Jiang Shao Ming quickly went out to make arrangements, while Lin Hao rushed into the shower room.An hour later, after taking a bath, Lin Hao stood in front of a beautiful make-up artist.

The beautiful make-up artist was very elegant, 170 in height, short hair, fair and delicate skin, which would make her, the number one make-up artist in Nanjiang City, apprehensive in front of Lin Hao.The first thing that you need to do is to make sure that you're in the right place.And up was still the ruthless man who had made the hall's Kyushu Group president Jiang Shaoming a junior brother!

"Hello Mr. Lin, my name is Su Xia, the number one makeup artist in Nanjiang City, don't worry, I will definitely satisfy you and I will never reveal your identity to the public!"Su Xia, the beautiful make-up artist, bowed to Lin Hao Weiwei and said sweetly.

Then throughout the afternoon, Su Xia changed Lin Hao's clothes and hairstyle a dozen times, and changed the makeup on his face several times as well.It wasn't until 5:30 in the afternoon that Lin Hao was barely satisfied.

Su Xia looked at Lin Hao after the exquisite dressing, his eyes were overflowing with autumn water, and he bit his lip and said leisurely, "Mr. Lin, if you didn't have a wife, I would really like to be your girlfriend...."

Lin Hao Weiwei smiled, "Miss Su is also beautiful..."

It was six o'clock in the evening, and the end of the day at Shen's company had arrived.But not a single person left the entire office.It was only after Shen Xiyan went downstairs that they followed in a swarm....

After Shen Ciyan went downstairs, she didn't see Lin Hao and picked up her phone to call Lin Hao, who said right away.It's not just a matter of time.A shiny black brand-new Mercedes Benz parked not far in front of her.

In the next moment, Lin Hao, who was dressed in a suit, got out and walked over to her.When the group of colleagues behind Shen Siyan saw Lin Hao, one by one, they couldn't help but scream....

One by one, their eyes were round and their mouths were wide open....


"Wow, so handsome..." a female colleague behind Shen Xiyan, this is all excited to jump up.

"Good men ah... no I'm going to be wet, I want to fall in love with him so much..." another female colleague was excited.

"Sister Xiyan is so great, such a handsome man chasing her, she actually hasn't even said yes.......ahhhh no, Sister Xiyan don't I want ah......." another nymphomaniac....

At this moment, the crowd saw that a man with a super strong domineering and cool aura, got out of the Mercedes Benz and slowly walked towards Shen Shi Yan.The man's figure was upright, his eyes were like stars, his face was like a knife, a black skinny suit, his long legs were steady and strong, and most importantly, the man had a strong and extremely domineering atmosphere.

Shen Siyan was dumbfounded, this was Lin Hao?Looks like he just changed his clothes and did his hair. Why is he suddenly so handsome?How is that possible?How could Lin Hao be so handsome.And as Lin Hao got closer and closer to her.Shen Siyan felt her heart beating faster and faster....

"Damn, why is the heart beating so fast?I know him well. We were in high school together, right?And you lived together for a year?But why did his heart beat so fast this time when I saw him?Why are you dressed so handsomely, Lin Hao..." at this moment as Lin Hao got closer and closer, Shen Siyan could feel her heartbeat thump thump thump thump.

At this moment, Shen Siyan had been completely mesmerized by Lin Hao's momentum, in her world, it was as if everything around her had stood still, and only an incomparably handsome prince was slowly walking towards her....

"No, take a deep breath, take a deep breath, we can't lose face in front of him!"Shen said to herself in her heart, but the next moment she realized that she simply couldn't do it ah....

Lin Hao finally walked up to her and looked down at Shen Xi Yan's face slowly, "What's wrong?What are you staring at?"

"Ohhh, "Shen Siyan saw Lin Hao ask her a question and was nervous for a momentCan't even speak clearly.This scene was déjà vu, Shen Xiyan remembered a time when she used to talk to a boy aggressively.That guy was like that too....

A man's heart beats faster when he sees a beautiful woman, but in fact, so does a woman's heart beat faster when she sees a handsome man. A second to remember to read the book

"Well, those guys downstairs are your coworkers, right?Then I'll go say hello to them..." said Lin Hao with a nod of his head, then he looked up and smiled at the few female colleagues behind Shen Xiyan's Vivienne...

As soon as Lin Hao laughed at this, the women became nonchalant again and screamed....

Lin Hao laughed and crossed over to Shen Xiyan who was about to go up to greet her female colleagues.

"Don't, let's... go home... 46b7123d... go home!"Shen Shi Yan saw Lin Hao going to greet her female colleagues, directly giving her a rush.Lin Hao was so handsome, what if he was hooked up with those demure sluts outside?Not even your own colleagues. Fire and burglary against your colleagues!

"Um... I'm here for all of them, they want to see me, don't they?Is it appropriate for me to leave without saying hello?"Lin Hao was a bit confused and asked.

Shen Siyan said as she pulled Lin Hao, "Hurry up and go, there's nothing inappropriate, I feel quite appropriate.Go go go..." said Shen Siyan as she pulled Lin Hao to the side of the car and very domineeringly stuffed Lin Hao into it....

Five minutes later, Lin Hao was driving the car in earnest, and Shen Xi Yan peeked at Lin Hao from time to time along the way.Lin Hao frowned and asked her, "Xi Yan, why is your face so red?Have you got another cold and fever?"

Shen Siyan sniffed and touched her face, it was really hot, but she really didn't have a fever ah.The next moment Shen Shyan lowered her head to cover her face, but her heartbeat was still fast....

And this time Lin Hao serious driving look even more handsome, she and Lin Hao distance is only twenty centimeters, the moment to feel Lin Hao side of the overbearing atmosphere, Shen Caiyan feel herself almost fallen.Shen Xiyan's heart directly surfaced a word.The feeling of first love?....

The car was brand new and good, over a million, and the person driving it was also handsome and domineering.Shen Xiyan blushed and lowered her head didn't even dare to look at Lin Hao anymore....


"What's wrong?Why do you keep bowing your head, are you uncomfortable?"Lin Hao asked again, concerned.

"Huh?No...not uncomfortable... "Shen Xiyan hurriedly returned verbally.

"Well, by the way, I didn't embarrass you today, did I?I purposely changed my clothes all afternoon..." said Lin Hao seriously.

Shen Siyan quickly shook her head, "No... no.You look very handsome and elegant dressed like this.I'm embarrassed to stand next to you..."

"Um...then maybe I won't dress like that anymore...I..."

"Don't..." before Lin Hao could finish, he was interrupted by Shen Xiyan's anxiousness.Just kidding, what girl wouldn't want her boyfriend 4fc90773 to be more handsome ah.The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services.

When Lin Hao saw Shen Xiyan's reaction, the corner of his mouth raised a smile.The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past two years.

The car was driven by Lin Hao to the bottom of Shen Xiyan's house, and Shen Xiyan didn't say a word until Lin Hao drove downstairs.After parking the car, Lin Hao and Shen Xiyan got off the car and went upstairs.It's rush hour.There are a lot of people in the neighborhood.

As Lin Hao walked towards the building, Shen Xiyan heard some comments from the people around her again.Nothing more than they were all saying that Lin Hao was handsome or something.There was even a little girl who secretly took out her phone and took pictures....

Seeing a little girl secretly photographing Lin Hao, Shen Siyan was a little uneasy.Hastily dragging Lin Hao into the house.

"Lin Hao you're here, er..." as soon as Lin Hao entered, Wang Shufen opened her mouth to greet him.But the next moment she couldn't say anything.She looked at Lin Hao with her mouth open for a while. The first website

Lin Hao smiled at Wang Shufen Weiwei, "Well, is mom's meal ready?Pity and I are both a little hungry..."

Wang Shufen quickly smiled and nodded, "mmmm well, you sit, I'll serve it, you and Xi Yan are very tired at work right now, I've stewed chicken soup for half a day, you can have a few more bowls..."

Wang Shufen, who ran to the kitchen, felt her heartbeat quicken.It was really because Lin Hao was so handsome today.It's completely just old and young....

After dinner, Lin Hao drove away.Wang Shufen purposely dropped Lin Hao off downstairs.When Lin Hao left, Wang Shufen was instantly surrounded by a large group of neighbors.

A middle-aged woman asked Wang Shufen, "Shufen, is this your son-in-law Lin Hao?Wasn't he a son-in-law?How come you're so handsome and so rich?He's got over a million dollars for that car, right?"

Wang Shufen became displeased and gave that neighbor a hard stare, "What are you talking about?What do you mean, son-in-law?This is my son-in-law, Lin Hao!He's an executive of Kyushu Corporation!He's friends with the big boss of the Kyushu Group, Jiang Shao Ming!"

That neighbor was stunned and puzzled, "I remember you used to say that your son-in-law was a loser, huh?"

Wang Shufen instantly blew up at the news, directly scampered up on the spot, pointed at the woman and yelled: "I tell you ah, food can be eaten indiscriminately, but words can not be spoken indiscriminately ah!If you keep slandering my good son-in-law behind my back, I'll be in a hurry with you!"


Lin Hao, who is almost out of the neighborhood, watched Wang Shufen arguing with a group of neighbors through the rearview mirror.So he backed the car up.He stopped in front of Wang Shufen.Lin Hao got out and took two exquisite gift boxes from the car and handed them to Wang Shufen.

"Mom, I forgot to take them when I just went upstairs, I just remembered, these are my gifts for you and Xi Yan, two necklaces, if you don't like them, I'll buy you some new ones tomorrow..." said Lin Hao to Wang Shufen with a smile.

Wang Shufen subconsciously opened the two boxes, and then the two exquisite white gold and diamond necklaces were presented in front of her.When she took a second look at the price tag, she covered her mouth, the price tag for each one was over a hundred thousand dollars....

"Son-in-law, this... this is too expensive ah, I... I can't take it..." said Wang Shufen, quickly excusing herself.

I'm not going to be able to do anything about it," he said.And I feel like you'll look good with it on..."

Lin Hao said and walked away with a smile on his face.It was easy to deal with a snob like Wang Shufen.And now that Wang Shufen wasn't blowing up pricks with him and calling out one good son-in-law at a time, he felt a lot happier....


When Lin Hao left, the Zhou 37dba7c9 surrounding neighbors suddenly cast incomparably envious eyes at Wang Shufen.

"Shufen ah, you have found a good son-in-law ah, send you a necklace are more than a hundred thousand, you quickly take it out and let us see it?"A neighbor said to Shufen Wang.

"No, Shufen, I remember very clearly, you said more than once in front of me that you wanted your daughter Xi Yan to divorce Lin Hao.You quickly let them divorce ah, after that, I can marry my daughter to Lin Hao..." another middle-aged woman around Wang Shufen encouraged her.

"Zhang Guilan!What are you thinking?Are you out of your mind?Do you think I'll let go of such a good son-in-law?And if you slander my son-in-law again, I, Wang Shufen, am not done with you!"Wang Shufen was so angry....

But right now she was also incredibly amused by the envious eyes of her neighbors around her....

Wang Shufen would now be even more determined in her heart, that no matter what, she would stand firmly by Lin Hao's side in the future!

Lin Hao, who was back inside Jiang Shao Ming's villa, was slowly drinking a cup of coffee with a hint of a smile on his lips.Standing on the balcony on the second floor of the villa, he looked out over the distance in the direction of Shen Xi Yan.

"Xi Yan, as I said, I want you to be the happiest woman in the world.Your man is the Gestapo, I will have a good love affair with you that will never break up, so that I can chase you again..." murmured Lin Hao.


And right now Shen Xiyan is trying on clothes one by one in the room where she is.But none of them made her very happy.She always felt that standing with Lin Hao, now she was going to be almost.The seriously primped Lin Hao can actually be handsome like that.Right now all she had in her head was Lin Hao's shadow.

Her heart was still beating fast, and when she just ate with Lin Hao, she didn't even dare to look up at him. Remember the URL

Shen Xi Yan eventually changed into a black outfit, then blew up her hair, and finally began to do her makeup in earnest again.After the makeup was done, the Shen Xiyan inside the mirror was already a top-notch tall beauty, but she still felt like standing in front of Lin Hao... which made her a little dissatisfied.

At that moment, Wang Shufen pushed the door in with a bang.Holding a shiny necklace in her hand, she gave it to Shen Xiyan to wear around her neck.At the center of the necklace was a black gemstone.When wearing this necklace, Shen Xiyan felt that her temperament had risen a notch....

White and slender neck with a black gemstone necklace hanging at the neck, it really is a perfect match... Shen Xiyan couldn't help but look at Wang Shufen and ask, "Mom, where did you get this necklace?"

Wang Shufen smiled, "Lin Hao gave it to me, Lin Hao also gave me one, these two necklaces add up to over three hundred thousand..."

Shen Shiyan covered her mouth in surprise and quickly said to Wang Shufen, "Mom, he and I haven't remarried yet, we haven't even reconciled, how can you accept something from him?"

Wang Shufen was not happy on the spot and took a deep look at Shen Xiyan and said, "Shen Xiyan I'm telling you ah, a man as good as Lin Hao, you can't even find him with a lantern.You don't want to miss out ah..."

"But... but... "Shen Xiyan was still trying to say something.

Wang Shufen quickly persuaded her, "Xi Yan ah, mom knows what you want to say.It's that Chen Shanshan who was by Lin Hao's side in Tianhai City, right?You can't take it to heart. Shan Shan is a good girl too, she always treats Lin Hao as her brother.You've met Shan Shan too, and at the time Lin Hao was in love with Shan Shan, wasn't that just to pout with you?Are you still serious?"

"Uh... "Shen Xi Yan was speechless on the spot.In her impression, Wang Shufen was not like this ah.She had always looked down on Lin Hao in her heart ah.And it was still the kind of ah that she despised dead or alive....

Shen Siyan was not stupid, she looked Wang Shufen dead in the eye and asked, "Mom, tell me the truth, is there something between you and Lin Hao that you're hiding from me?"

Wang Shufen was in awe....


What if my daughter is too smart?Is a beating enough?Can anyone give me a clue?Wait online, it's quite urgent....

Then Wang Shufen quickly shook her head, "What are you talking about, what can I have to do with Lin Hao?When you two were in Tianhai City, I went back to Nanjiang ah, and I think that this half year mom really knows the wrong.I'm not sure if I'll be able to do that, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to do that.And with such conditions as he has, he actually came to our house last year to be a son-in-law for a year, taking all kinds of care of you and accompanying you, and he's definitely sincere about you ah..."

The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past two years.No one you marry but him will ever enter this family!"

After Wang Shufen said that, she excitedly held the necklace in her hand and went out laughing....

Shen Siyan was stunned on the spot, this is Wang Shufen?This is what can come out of Wang Shufen's mouth?Shouldn't that be what she said to Wang Shufen?Why is it the other way around now?It's not scientific....

There's something wrong!Wang Shufen's attitude towards Lin Hao had changed so dramatically, there was definitely something she didn't know about!

Shen Xi Yan is incomparably certain, she and Wang Shu Fen have lived together for more than twenty years.What kind of personality is Wang Shufen, how can she not know?

But Shen Xiyan didn't care anymore, now that Wang Shufen had such a good impression of Lin Hao, she was so relieved.At least after she remarried with Lin Hao in the future, there would be harmony at home.

This night Shen Siyan couldn't sleep, her head was full of Lin Hao's shadow.

This time, she either missed it or simply thought that Lin Hao was handsome.Even though she hadn't slept all night, Shen Caiyan's mental state was still very good the next day.She was in a particularly happy mood.

When Shen Xiyan arrived at the company, she found several of the company's female employees, including the front desk, all gathered around, looking at the pictures they had taken of Lin Hao on their phones, one by one, they were all filled with excitement. One second to remember to read the book

"Mmmmmm..." grunted Shen Shen with a heavy grunt, "Hey you guys so much?And take pictures of him secretly?"

"Sister Xiyan, your boyfriend is so handsome, really handsome, let's get together for a meal, can you call your boyfriend too?"The beautiful front desk Xiao Ya said to Shen Xi Yan.

Shen Xiyan flicked her directly on the head: "What are you thinking about?Hurry up and get to work, or I'll dock your pay!"

A few female employees scattered in a sudden rush.But when Shen Xiyan entered the office, they were still whispering.But today Shen Xiyan was dressed up beautifully.

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services, including a full range of products and services, including a full range of products and services.As soon as Shen Siyan sat on her chair and opened her phone, she received a WeChat from Lin Hao: "Let's go for western food tonight, I'll pick you up..."

"Don't come pick me up, you post the location, I'll just go over there myself..." replied Shen, almost subconsciously.

"What's wrong?Would it be easier for me to drive to pick you up?"Lin Hao asked in puzzlement.

Shen Siyan looked up at the few female colleagues who were still staring at their phones outside the window and wordlessly replied to Lin Hao, "If you come back to my side of the female staff, they probably won't have the heart to go to work anymore ah..."

After a few more chats with Lin Hao, Shen Xiyan opened her computer and started drawing designs.She just couldn't draw in today, after forcing herself to stare at the computer screen for an hour.Shen Xi Yan directly closed the laptop.

"Ahhhh, no desire to go to work, my heart is full of his shadow ah, what to do ah... "Shen Suyan was speechless, she hated to see Lin Hao right now.

Even if it was just a short night apart, she felt as if she had been apart for a long time.

Shen Xi Yan was powerless on the table and took out her phone to open WeChat, wanting to send a message to Lin Hao, but she was afraid of disturbing his work....

The time went back to ten o'clock last night, a high-end hotel's private room, Shen Ruoxue and Shen Yiming were sitting opposite each other.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at Shen Yiming, who is wearing a white suit across from you, with his legs crossed, and acting like he's unstoppable, and you can't help but feel a little more disgusted deep inside.


She couldn't help but think that if the future Shen family really handed over to this dude Shen Yiming, the decades of the Shen family's foundation would definitely be lost to this product, right?Since childhood, Shen Ruo Xue despised her cousin from the bones, if not for the fact that she had a request for him today, she would not have met with Shen Yiming alone to death.

Shen Yiming took a drag on his cigarette and asked to Shen Ruo Xue, "Ruo Xue, what are you doing here looking for me?"

Shen Ruoxue smiled gently, sipped her tea and said to Shen Yiming, "Cousin, I heard that you went to look for Shen Xiyan today and were thrown out by the security guards of Shen Xiyan's company?Oh, that's all you can swallow?"

Shen Yiming sneered, "Weren't you also slapped in the mouth by that trash Lin Hao?Why do you want me to teach Lin Hao a lesson?Shen Ruoxue, why do you think I should listen to you?Didn't you always despise me as your heir?Haven't you always been good in front of Grandma?Oh..."

The look on Shen Ruoxue's face stiffened, and she looked at Shen Yiming somewhat incredulously.

"Oh..." said Shen Yiming with a cold smile, "Shen Ruoxue, I'm not fake, but that doesn't mean I'm an idiot.You want to use me as a gun, do you think it's possible?"

Shen Ruoxue took a deep look at Shen Yiming, then smiled, very happily, "Cousin, since you understand it all in your heart, then I'll be straightforward, nowadays the company is in every condition, the company's three most profitable projects have been snatched away.And today alone, there are four partners who have suspended cooperation with us.If the company goes on like this, it's estimated that not only will it not make money this year but it will also lose a lot of money, and it's still not certain if the company will be able to do it next year..."

Shen Yiming's eyebrows furrowed, Shen Ruoxue lightly smiled and poured a cup of tea for Shen Yiming himself, slowly saying: "Brother, no matter how much I don't deal with you, that's also a matter for our own family.But that Lin Hao is an outsider.Now Lin Hao is a senior executive of the Jiuzhou Group, and it seems that Xiyan is getting more and more concerned about him.If Shen Xiyan really likes Lin Hao....And with Lin Hao and Shen Xiyan's current status, do you think Grandma would let Shen Xiyan come back to the company?When she dies and gives the company to Shen Xiyan?"

"No way!Shen Suyan is the daughter of a married man!She..." as Shen Yiming was speaking, he suddenly realized something and stopped talking.And then his face went completely black....

Shen Ruoxue's body leaned lightly towards Shen Yiming's side: "Yes, that's what you think.Lin Hao is the door-to-door son-in-law!You remember he's a son-in-law!In the future, his child with Shen Xiyan will also be named Shen!Then the foundation of the Shen family can be completely handed over to Shen Shi Yan!And with Shen Xiyan's current position in the Kyushu Group, if she goes back to the Shen family, what are your chances of winning the succession family?"

Shen Yiming was so upset with the way Shen Ruo Xue spoke to him that he had to wince back, "I didn't, so you did?Heh..." debut URL

Shen Ruoxue body returned to her seat, smiled and gently sipped the tea, put the cup on the table, lowered her head, and gently tapped the surface of the cup with her slender, long, white fingers: "You are the eldest grandson of the Shen family, the first heir to the Shen family in three generations.I am not qualified to inherit the Shen family, and don't forget that Xiao Shao has been pursuing me, the Xiao family is much bigger than the Shen family.If I still had ideas about the Shen family business before the Shen family was in trouble, now?Oh...I'm sorry I really don't see it..."

Shen Yiming's face changed wildly, and it took a long time before he picked up the teacup and took a sip of tea: "Ruoxue... sister, I'm your big brother, you can't see death and not save it ah, our Shen family's foundation can't be taken advantage of by outsiders ah, especially that trash Lin Hao!"

Shen Ruoxue raised her head to look at Shen Yiming: "I'm 28 this year, how next year also married, using your words, married out daughter splashed out water, after Shen family how, and I have anything to do with it?"

Shen Yiming stood up with a start and walked to Shen Ruoxue, excited, "Ruoxue, don't, you have to help me, we've been playing together since we were kids, so that after I take over the Shen family, I'll share 20 shares with you, how about it?"

Shen Ruo Xue continued to knock on the teacup, "20 is too little, at least 30..."


Shen Yiming nodded his head without hesitation: "Okay, as much as you say.I'm not sure how much I can afford, but I have to help you get through this, or else you won't get a cent if the company really goes bankrupt, not to mention 30.The company has a contract with Xiao Shao, and the Xiao family will look down on you if you join them.If the company can be saved, we'll be rich if the Shen family cooperates with the Xiao family in the future ah..."

Shen Ruoxue frowned, although Shen Yiming is a dude, but he is right.

If the Shen family is really finished, not to mention anything else, does Xiao Shao still fancy her?Without her mother's family's heritage, she's just a vase even if she looks pretty.What's more, there were many prettier than her out there.

The marriage of a big family was more important to the family!

Don't look at the fact that Xiao Shao is unrepentant towards her now, if the Shen family is really finished, she doesn't need to think about it, even if Xiao Shao will still marry her, she will still suffer the same after she enters the Xiao family!

So that's why she came to see Shen Yiming tonight.Shen Ruoxue was smart, after all these years, she had made the Shen family realize that she wanted to fight for the inheritance of the Shen family.But she really didn't have that plan inside, she was a woman who only wanted to enjoy the benefits and not to give.What she wanted was to use the Xiao family to restrict the Shen family after she married into the Xiao family next year, then use the Shen family to clamp down on the Xiao family and eventually get control of the two Xiao Shen families!

Shen Ruoxue's ambition is not insignificant!

Shen Ruoxue nodded to Shen Yiming and said, "Cousin, the way to break the situation is actually very simple.There is definitely the shadow of the Kyushu Group behind the Shen family's accident.Then wouldn't it be good if we start with the Kyushu Group?"

Shen Yiming said with a bitter face, "Aren't you talking nonsense?I know, but I don't know any executives in Kyushu.I'm just a dude ah, drinking and picking up girls is fine, let me do business I definitely can't ah."

Shen Ruoxue shook her head and laughed, "Wrong, you really know the top management of Kyushu Group, and it's still the absolute top management!Have you forgotten that you have a friend named Lee Keung-taek?His father Li Jianghai's company has just been acquired by Kyushu Group, and Li Jianghai is now the seventh vice president of Kyushu Group, and even Li Jingze's brother, Li Mingxuan, is now an executive of Kyushu Group..."

When Shen Ruoxue finished speaking, Shen Yiming brightened up, but then asked: "Right you're right, that kid Li Jingze wanted to chase after Shen Siyan when he saw her last year.But at that time, Shen Siyan's father had just died, and she didn't pay any attention to Li Jingze.Ruo Xue, you are smarter than me, just tell me what I should do, right?I'll do as you say from now on..." Remember the website

Shen Ruoxue's heart deeply despised Shen Yiming a bit.But isn't this kind of Shen Yiming better controlled?

Shen Ruoxue said to Shen Yiming: "You do this, let Li Jingze go to grandmother to propose marriage, with the status of the Li family, so that Shen Xiyan will be married off, and there will be no chance to compete with you for the Shen family's business.And when the time comes with the help of Li Jianghai, the vice president of the Kyushu Group, then not only will the difficulties of the Shen family be quickly passed, but the size of the Shen family company will also expand several times...."

Shen Yiming nodded his head in succession.But the nodding face changed again, "Ruoxue, but that day I heard my father say that the CEO of the Kyushu Group, Jiang Shao Ming, but personally invited Shen Xiyan, at the birthday banquet of grandmother, do you think this Jiang Shao Ming has thoughts about Shen Xiyan?Is he pursuing Shen Xiyan?"

"Heh... "Shen Ruoxue sneered disdainfully, "What are you thinking, do you think a woman of Jiang Shao Ming's status would pursue a married woman?It's just for fun at most.Isn't that the way it is in this world?I was wondering why Lin Hao also went to work at the Kyushu Group.It's probably Jiang Shao Ming's arrangement.So you don't have to worry about this, if Shen Xiyan married into the Li family, and Li Jianghai and Li Mingxuan are employees under him.Wouldn't that be more convenient?"

Shen Ruoxue said with a grim and dirty smile on her face....

Shen Yiming suddenly realized and nodded his head in succession, "Okay, then Ruo Xue we can help Li Jingze in front of Grandmother and say more good things.This way, after Granny gives the order, will Shen Xiyan still dare not listen to it?"

Shen Yiming said that he stood behind Shen Ruoxue and massaged her shoulders.

Shen Ruoxue smiled and drank the tea, "That's natural... I, as a sister, definitely have to help my brother..."


After Shen Yiming finished talking to Shen Ruoxue, he drove straight to find Li Jingze.He was so anxious at this moment.

Inside the Global One Clubhouse in Nanjiang City, Li Jingze was drinking and singing, and he was a man in the private room.But the escort lady is called seven or eight, a stocking thighs, wearing very little, each are very beautiful.After Li Jingze placed tens of thousands of dollars in cash on the coffee table in front of him, the ladies who accompanied the drinks worked even harder.

When Li Jingze was having fun, the door of the private room was pushed open, and the next moment a smiling Shen Yiming walked in.Li Jingze warmly greeted Shen Yiming, and to show his regard for his brother, he directly pushed one of the favorite beauties in his arms to Shen Yiming's side.

If it was normal Shen Yiming would just play, but now he had something on his mind and was quite anxious.He sat next to Li Jingze and whispered a few words in his ear, then Li Jingze turned off the music and let that a9636a5d some ladies back out.

"You mean to tell me to go to the Shen family to propose marriage, you and sister Ruo Xue both help me?Are you sure about that?Hasn't that Shen Ruoxue been at odds with you?"Li Jingze frowned and said to Shen Yiming.

Shen Yiming nodded seriously: "Brother Realm Ze, haven't you been thinking about Shen Xiyan all this time?I guarantee you, that Lin Hao is just a punk, a door-to-door son-in-law, even though he's been living in Shen Huiyan's house for a year.But Shen Suyan didn't even let that trash touch her hands, let alone let him sleep with her.So Shen Suyan is still clean.Brother Saeze this is an opportunity, you and I are brothers, my heart is definitely towards you..."

Li Jingze laughed and took a sip of foreign wine: "Seriously, I just like Shen Xiyan, I'm just a dude.But if she agrees to marry me, I will definitely treat her well.Okay, thanks for this, brother.In the future, if you have any matter, a direct sentence, when the brother's all done for you!"

Shen Yiming was delighted at the news... In his heart, he said, Lin Hao, Lin Hao, don't you think it's good for you to be an honest piece of trash?You're looking for death.It's okay for you to offend me. I'd beat you up, but you offend Shen Ruo Xue?Oh, you really don't know how the word death is written ah.That scheming woman Shen Ruoxue can play you to death ah... no, even you don't know how you die until you die....

After Li Jingze finished chatting with Shen Yiming, he called those few ladies back.Li Jingze divided all the tens of thousands of cash on the table to the few ladies and said: "Tonight, serve my brother well ah, where is the money, I'll give it to you first, and it's several times more.If you don't serve my brother well tonight, you'll wait later!"

When those ladies heard that, they quickly smiled and said, "Don't worry, Brother Li, you'll definitely make that brother of yours unable to get up tomorrow!"

Li Jingze's face darkened at the news: "That individual is too much ah, we still have big things to do tomorrow..." said Li Jingze and headed out the door... One second remember to read

When Shen Yiming saw that Li Jingze was leaving, he couldn't help but ask, "Brother Li, why are you going?A piece of play, huh?"

Li Jingze shook his head and said: "I have to get ready to go, didn't I fucking told you earlier that I really like Shen Xiyan, do you think I'm fooling around with you?I'm telling you, if Shen Xiyan really marries me, I'll definitely turn back my prodigal son!Come on, you're having fun, I'll come to your office tomorrow and find your grandmother..."

Shen Yiming saw that Li Jingze had really left.Secretly, "Shen Siyan ah Shen Siyan, I'm also right for you, the Li family's second youngest, and actually true to you!"


The next day at ten o'clock in the morning, in the office of the president of the Shen Company, Old Mrs. Shen was holding the phone, calling those partners, she simply could not sleep well these two days, after the company had such a big problem, she was exhausted to the point of exhaustion.

Old Mrs. Shen just finished making a phone call, put it down and sighed deeply, when the office door was knocked on.After the door opened, Li Jingze, who was wearing a black suit and was handsome and dashing, walked in with Shen Yiming.

"Grandmother, let me introduce to you, this is my good friend, Li Jingze his father you are also familiar with, that is Li Jianghai Li, the current vice president of the Kyushu Group."Shen Yiming smiled and introduced him to Old Madam Shen.


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