Super Son-in-law 72-90


Chapter 72

The person is a beautiful woman, height 173, wearing high heels, wearing a long black lace dress, body forward and backward, skin is very white, long hair, but also Nanjiang City belongs to the south, even in winter the weather is not so cold, otherwise the woman wears so little, absolutely joking.Just the weather is cold, the expression on the woman's face has to be even colder.

"Sister... "Lin Hao respectfully called out to the woman.This woman was called Lin Qingcheng, his own sister, and also the eldest Miss of the Lin family.Her looks were among the best in the Yanjing gentry circle.

When Jiang Shao Ming saw Lin Qingcheng come in, he quickly and quietly retreated out, carefully closing the door on his way out.Just outside the door, when he saw the four murderous bodyguards standing at the door, Jiang Shao Ming quietly pinched a cold sweat for Lin Hao.

Inside the house, Lin Qingcheng coldly put the bag in her hand and smashed it on the table.Looking coldly at Lin Hao, he slowly said, "Give me an explanation for you returning to this little shitty place again!"

Lin Qingcheng sat on a chair, Lin Hao stood respectfully in front of her, Lin Hao took a deep breath and looked at Lin Qingcheng with firm eyes: "She is my wife, I got back together with her... "Lin Hao's voice was slow and low, but even more determined.

Lin Qingcheng's phoenix eyes narrowed and her body leaned forward vividly: "My brother Lin Qingcheng, what kind of woman do you want no?Even if it's the jewel in the palm of every major family in Yanjing, you pick and choose as you please, and now you're telling me that you won't return to Yanjing for such an ordinary woman?Hmm?"

Lin Hao felt the pressure spreading over Lin Qingcheng's body, or his body stood straight and slowly said, "I said, she's my wife..."

Lin Hao also narrowed his eyes at Lin Qingcheng, even though Lin Qingcheng was his best sister.

Lin Qingcheng continued, "What if I insist on bringing you back to Yanjing today?"

Lin Hao slowly nodded his head, "You can't take me with you..."

Lin Qingcheng giggled, "I brought four bodyguards with me, all of them are Lin's combat sequences, and they're ranked in the top 100..." Remember the website

After Lin Qingcheng's words, Lin Hao's body exploded with monstrous hostility: "Then there will be four more corpses here today..."

Lin Qingcheng looked deeply at Lin Hao, feeling the momentum in Lin Hao's body, she vividly smiled, her smile was truly enchanting.

The next moment Lin Qingcheng came to Lin Hao's side: "Brother, there's not much time left for you, father's place, I'll buy you a few months at most, five or six months long, two or three months short, you'll have to return to Yanjing, if you really offend the family, your wife will also be implicated... you take goodPlan on how to get Father to accept her..."

Lin Hao bowed: e75f231e "Thank you..."

Lin Qingcheng smiled, walked to the window and looked out, slowly saying, "There's not much time left for you, so behave yourself, I've just returned from Europe, I'll be back in Yanjing soon..."

Lin Qingcheng walked away after saying that, and Lin Hao frowned deeply.No matter who it was, no one could make him leave Shen Shi Yan!

Lin Hao then stopped thinking about it, the most important thing for him right now was to remarry with Shen Siyan, if he dragged Shen Siyan to get a marriage certificate now, Shen Siyan would go too.But when they got married last year, nothing was done, and he definitely wanted to give Shen Siyan the biggest surprise this time, to make her the happiest woman in the entire South River City.

While Lin Hao was thinking, Jiang Shaoming walked in and called out with some concern, "Big brother..."

Lin Hao nodded, looking out of the window at the scenery of half of Nanjiang City and squinted, "What a coincidence, I just returned to Nanjiang City today, and the Shen family's grandmother is celebrating her birthday, heh..."

Jiang Shao Ming lost his smile and said, "That group of bumpkins from the Shen family, I really want to see how wonderful their faces will be when they find out who you are, big brother..."

At three o'clock in the afternoon Lin Hao was arranging group things with Jiang Shao Ming when suddenly Lin Hao received a call from Wang Shufen.As soon as she picked it up, Wang Shufen said very urgently, "Lin Hao... I'm sorry, I..."


Lin Hao heard that something was wrong with Wang Shufen's tone, so he asked, "Mom, I'm here, are you in trouble?"

The phone on the other side of Wang Shufen paused, swallowed her saliva just wanted to speak, her phone seemed to be snatched by someone else.The next moment Lin Hao's ears came from a man's ruthless voice: "Mr. Lin is right, hello my name is Swallow, well, it's like this, your mother-in-law, owe us some money, so yeah, need you to come over to return ah, or your mother-in-law back when the body may be missing something, you should not want to see it, right?".

Lin Hao was silent and said, "Okay, how much money do I need to return?"

"One million, you bring the money now and come to 115 Vermilion Bird Street in the Southern City, we'll wait for you here, get it at four o'clock oh, otherwise I don't guarantee what will happen..." said the man teasingly.

Lin Hao said, "Okay 2b6c5a36, I'll definitely be there at four o'clock..."

The man hesitated, but Lin Hao actually learned to speak in his tone of voice, he laughed coldly twice, and then hung up the phone.

After Lin Hao hung up the phone, Jiang Shao Ming spread his hands speechlessly, "Idiots don't come around often, this year especially..."

Lin Hao ignored Jiang Shao Ming and picked up his phone to dial a number, "The Vermillion Bird Street in the Southern District is your territory, right?Does one of the swallows work for you?You have ten minutes, ten minutes for me to see you there on Vermillion Street..."

"En, Mr. Lin, Nancheng District is my territory, and that swallow is with me... I'll be right there..." came a respectful and incomparable voice from the other end of the phone.

After Lin Hao hung up the phone, he got up and went to Vermillion Bird Street... an hour?No, ten minutes is all it takes for such a minor inconvenience.

. a second to remember to read the book.

At this moment, in a luxurious villa in the heart of the southern city, a middle-aged man with a scar on his face and deep eyes, is respectfully hanging up the phone, his eyes deep with a trace of fear, the body cold sweat are flowing down.

He had waited a year for this call!Before today, he wanted to receive this call again all the time.But not today, because he heard Lin Hao's killing intent from the phone.

The man nicknamed Sixth Master, a year ago, a rainy night, he was chased by more than a dozen thugs, the time of death, a man called Lin Hao appeared.He was killed by a dozen or so thugs and was unharmed when he was lying on the ground with serious injuries.The man named Lin Hao squatted down and asked him, "Is he dead?"

The Sixth Master shook his head, "This little wound is nothing..."

Lin Hao smiled and tossed him a black card, "It's a man, here's some funding for you, if you can dominate the Southern River, I'll give you a chance to follow my lead..."

Master Six was shocked then, because the black card Lin Hao gave him had a Lin steel seal on the back!The Sixth Master immediately recognized it as the exclusive Peugeot of Yan's magnificent Lin family!

After that night, with the hundreds of millions of dollars given to him by Lin Hao, the Sixth Master got his revenge in just a few days, and his power expanded wildly, when he encountered an obstacle half a year later.Jiang Shao Ming of the Jiuzhou Group suddenly appeared in front of him and helped him to lightly clear the obstacle.At that time, he respected Lin Hao even more.And to this day, he Scar Six had dominated half of Nanjiang.

Nancheng District was even more his territory, and Swallow was even more his little brother's little brother, he was tempted to inform his brothers in Nancheng District, but when Lin Hao was working, he didn't dare to interfere without Lin Hao's permission.

Scarlet Six was apprehensive, his eyes slightly mimi, no longer hesitating to quickly drive to Vermillion Bird Street madness.


Ten minutes later, in front of the door of 115 Vermillion Bird Street, Scar Six followed behind Lin Hao with a respectful and fanatical face.

"Mr. Lin, I finally see you again..." said Scar Six to Lin Hao with fervor.In front of Lin Hao he felt an oppressive and extremely strong pressure, it was momentum, which made it difficult for him to breathe.

"Well, I've given you a year's time, how's the mix?"Lin Hao's eyes narrowed and his momentum slowly climbed.

Scar Six looked right and quickly said, "Having collected half of the South River, I can dominate the entire South River this year..."

Lin Hao nodded slowly, "It's okay, go in... follow me first, I won't let you talk don't talk."


Lin Hao said and entered the door, while Scar Six put on a hat and followed behind Lin Hao with his head down.As soon as he entered the door, he saw more than a dozen thugs, led by a man wearing a black suit and white shirt with a tie and greasy hair.

In front of the man in the suit was a kneeling Wang Shufen and two other middle-aged women Lin Hao had never seen before.

As soon as she saw Lin Hao come in, Wang Shufen looked embarrassed to the extreme, full of remorse, and said to Lin Hao with tears streaming down her face, "Lin Hao I'm sorry, I really can't help it, I'm really sorry... When I went downstairs to throw out the garbage after lunch, they brought me here..."

Lin Hao nodded, "Well, it's fine, does the pity face know about this?"

Wang Shufen shook her head, just wanted to speak, was interrupted by the suit man in front of her, the suit man to look at Lin Hao with interest, "Nice clothes, very expensive, it seems you have money to pay back.Oh right, you're Mr. Lin, I'm Swallow..."

The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past two years, and is now in the process of developing the new product for the future.You hit that?"

Swallow smiled indifferently and said: "Well, it's just a broken arm, she can't have a good son-in-law like you ah... Of course, if Mr. Lin doesn't return it today, I see you didn't bring money ah, then your mother-in-law is also this end oh... "Swallow said and narrowed her eyes.

Wang Shufen was suddenly anxious, frightened white face a piece of the road: "Lin Hao, help me, I no longer dare to block, I no longer dare to ah... Actually, I half a year are not gambling, is that they have been up interest, took the company of 惜顏 is not enough, but also...."

Lin Hao waved his hand to Wang Shufen and said, "Well, good.You sit there and take a break first..."

After Lin Hao said that, he helped Wang Shufen up and helped him to the seat behind Swallow.

"Excuse me..." said Lin Hao to Swallow with a heavy face. The first website

"Heh... Kid, you have guts... Okay, I'll let... But what about letting me give up a seat... You add another million, and if you can't come up with two million later, you'll also break an arm..." said Swallow with a sneer, but still got out of the way.

Wang Shufen was scared silly when she heard Swallow's words, who was Swallow?This was a lawless lord, how many times had the prison been visited.The power was huge, she didn't even have the qualifications to stand in front of Swallow.

Thinking of this Wang Shufen's face was so pale she didn't dare to sit down at all, and the hand that was holding onto Lin Hao was shivering: "Lin Hao.......why don't you hurry up and leave, I'll break one arm, if something happens to you, I can't explain to Xi Yan ah......."

Lin Hao listened to Wang Shufen's words, but he was stunned, secretly saying that this Wang Shufen still had a bit of a conscience, so it would be worth the trip.

Yan Zi sneered, "Oh, do you think I'm a hotel?You can come and go as you please?Oh, aren't you a little too naive, Wang Shufen?"

"Brother Swallow, I beg you, don't care about my son-in-law ah, please let him go... I beg you..." said Wang Shufen who was about to kneel down to Swallow again....

But it was stopped by Lin Hao, who pressed Wang Shufen down a48301fc to the chair with a strong hand, "Mom, I said it's fine..."

Lin Hao then turned around and tossed a card to Swallow, "There's three million inside, is that enough?"

Swallow was stunned, then laughed, "Okay, that's enough... Mr. Lin seems like you're a character, okay, now you can take your mother-in-law away..."

Wang Shufen wanted to speak, but was stopped by Lin Hao again.Lin Hao pulled another chair and sat down, slowly saying, "Your business is finished, mine isn't finished yet, didn't you just say you broke one of my mother-in-law's hands?I used to be pretty bad at this mother-in-law of mine, but now she's pretty good to me, so you threaten her, do you think I'll just let it go?"

Swallow laughed, a weird, wild laugh, "So what do you want to do?"After Swallow said that, suddenly the dozen or so thugs in the house came around with various things....


"Break one of your hands."Lin Hao leaned forward and looked at Swallow and said very seriously, not even looking at the dozen or so thugs around him.

Lin Hao's words scared Wang Shufen so much that she jumped up and tugged on Lin Hao's arm, wanting to run out.But she couldn't pull at all, and Wang Shufen was scared to death: "Lin Hao, hurry up and go, it'll be too late if you don't go ah..."

Swallow sneered, "It's already too late, Mr. Lin, do you think you and the one follower you brought with you can settle us all?I don't think Mr. Lin is a good fighter.So with you as a sidekick?"

Lin Hao nodded and said, "Yes, with this one follower of mine, you can waste him before you waste me..."

Wang Shufen was desperate, thinking that Lin Hao was crazy, she would be thinking about how to go back and explain to Shen Xiyan.

Swallow was Lin Hao, angry face is green, grabbed the steel pipe, and rushed at the scar six behind Lin Hao: "As you 1c576a89 wish!"

But in the next moment, a loud bang was heard, and the swallow rushed up fast and flew back out even faster, falling right down to the ground screaming.And then Scar Six also took off the hat on his head.

Scar Six was trembling with anger, staring at Swallow lying on the ground and slowly said, "Who gave you the guts, you fucking dare to do anything to me?"

When Swallow took a look at Scarlet Six's face, he went white with fear....

Climbing up with a thud, he knelt on the ground and kowtowed vigorously, "Sixth Master, I was wrong, I was wrong..."

Scarlet Six wanted to kill him with a knife, but Lin Hao was here, so he didn't dare to take any liberties, so he bowed to Lin Hao, his posture put to the lowest possible level, and said fearfully, "Mr. Lin... Lin, I'm sorry, it's my fault for not disciplining him properly... IAt your disposal..." Remember the URL

Swallow looked at his boss, trembling with fright, and still allowing Lin Hao to dispose of him, he only felt hot down there, scared to pee, really pee....

At this moment not only Brother Swallow, Wang Shufen was also scared silly, the wasteful son-in-law she remembered could make Brother Swallow's boss scared like this?Wang Shufen's heart was only recoiling with fear at this point, and she suddenly thought of Lin Hao's last words to her the night she ran away a few months ago, "You should really be glad you're Xi Yan's mother..."

Previously, Wang Shufen didn't understand this sentence, but later on, she understood a little bit in Jiang Shao Ming's place, but right now, she really understood it.Just after understanding it, Wang Shufen didn't even dare to look at Lin Hao anymore.She was afraid of Lin Hao to the extreme in her heart.

At this time, Lin Hao got up, picked up the steel pipe on the ground, walked up to Swallow, swung the steel pipe and blasted it into his left arm....

"Ah..." the swallow let out a miserable howl.

"Shut up!Aren't you ashamed?Huh?Thank you, Mr. Lin!You don't want to fucking live?"Scar Six saw Lin Hao frowning and quickly kicked Swallow and yelled loudly.Swallow was a brave and courageous fighter, he was a good subordinate, and he didn't want to lose.

Swallow was no fool, after hearing Scar Six's words, he understood and quickly kowtowed to Lin Hao, "Thank you Mr. Lin, thank you Mr. Lin..."

Lin Hao trailed off and lit a cigarette and smoked, "I broke one of your arms, are you upset with me?"

Swallow's face became even more pale at the news, kowtowing vigorously, "No no, Mr. Lin, I'm convinced, I'm convinced..."

How had Wang Shufen ever seen such a scene before? She was directly scared into sitting on the ground.Even after sitting paralyzed on the ground, her body was still trembling....

At that moment Scar Six snatched Lin Hao's card from Swallow's hand and respectfully handed it to Lin Hao and said, "Mr. Lin, your card..."

Lin Hao took it in his hand and looked at it, then threw the card directly at Swallow and said to Scar Six, "Go treat his injuries, it's a good seedling, cultivate it..."

"Thank you, Mr. Lin... Thank you, Mr. Lin..." the swallow quickly thanked Lin Hao.

When the matter was done, Lin Hao turned his head and said to Wang Shufen, "Alright mom, when it's settled, I guess no one will dare to ask you for money again, let's go back, it's late, Xi Yan should be anxious...."

"Oh, hmmm..." nodded Wang Shufen's head in six different directions, and followed Lin Hao outside.

Just when Wang Shufen had taken two steps, the two women inside the house anxiously called out to Wang Shufen, "Shufen, help us, please Shufen, help us, we'll never gamble again either..."


Wang Shufen had a complicated look.

The first thing you need to know is that you can't find any other way to get rid of the problem.

The two women kneeling on the ground saw that Wang Shufen didn't dare to speak to Lin Hao, and they were in despair.

Lin Hao turned his head to look at Yanzi, "Release them both as well, and don't do this in the future..."

Kneeling on the ground, Swallow quickly nodded and said to the two women, "You guys should hurry up and leave, the bill is written off..."

The two women were overjoyed and hurried to Lin Hao's front, respectful to the extreme, "Thank you, Mr. Lin..."

Lin Hao said, "Don't thank me, I don't know you guys, thank my mom, if she wasn't here, I wouldn't bother to take care of you..."

Those two women heard the words and quickly thanked Wang Shufen, "Shufen ah, thank you ah, thank you ah, you have a good son-in-law ah..."

"Yeah, Shufen ah, you have such a good son-in-law, you're still hiding it, it's not enough ah, I'll invite you to dinner tomorrow, you must come ah..."

The two women spoke compliments in a smooth manner.Soon, they were praising Wang Shufen to the point where she couldn't find her way out....

After Lin Hao and the others went out, Swallow hurriedly climbed up and thanked Scarlet Six, "Six thanks, if it wasn't for you, I'd really have been planted today..." One Second Remember to Read the Book

Scarlet Six looked deeply at Swallow and said, "You're an idiot, aren't you?Are you still unaware of the reason why Mr. Lin really let you go?"

Swallow's brow furrowed at the news, "Begging the Sixth Master for an explanation..."

Scarlet lit a cigarette and took a shaky drag: "Because Mr. Lin is our boss, we are all Mr. Lin's people, and Mr. Lin will still need us when he does great things.We're all Mr. Lin's men, and he'll need us in the future when he's doing great things.And he gave you money for your injuries?What are you doing?Or do you really think that you, Sixth Master, and I have that much pride in front of him?"

Scarlet Six laughed to himself, "Oh, I'm just one of his many dogs, I guess I'm not even the strongest one..."

The swallow sat down with a thud, and all the cold sweat on his body came out in a flash....

Lin Hao drove with Wang Shufen to the entrance of the neighborhood and asked Wang Shufen, "Mom, tell me the truth, do you still owe money outside?"

Wang Shufen's face became wonderful and said in a very twisted manner, "Just... there's still... there's still eight hundred thousand... and the house is also mortgaged to the bank..."

Lin Hao frowned deeply, and Wang Shufen looked at Lin Hao's blackened face, too frightened to say a word....

The next moment Lin Hao took out his cell phone and transferred two million to Wang Shufen over, "Redeem the house and pay back the money you owe, remember, don't let Xi Yan know about this..."

Wang Shufen looked at the two million displayed on her phone's balance, her mouth wide open, speechless for a long time... because now Lin Hao and Shen Xiyan hadn't remarried yet, but Lin Hao had saved her today and paid off her debt.

One after another has spent several million out.Wang Shufen's heart would be especially complicated this time.She raised her hand and gave herself a mouthful.

"Lin Hao, it was all my fault before, don't you ever blame it on Xi Yan ah.It's all my fault, Lin Hao, you can remarry with Xi Yan, I absolutely support you..." said Wang Shufen to Lin Hao as she took a deep breath, complicated to the extreme.What she was most afraid of now was that Lin Hao and Shen Xiyan had not remarried.Where to find such a good son-in-law....

Lin Hao lit a cigarette and took a deep drag, saying, "Mom, I'll remarry with Xi Yan, Jiang Shao Ming told you that he's going to give 3e2e46f4 my shares of the Nine Continents Group, but don't think too much about it, I didn't ask for it, I asked him for some money, and now I'm paying you back, I've spent it all, heh, do you still support me remarrying with Xi Yan now?"

Wang Shufen was stunned, but then quickly nodded, "Lin Hao, I don't care, now that the house is back and the debt is paid off, I'm also content, in the future you'll just be fine with Xi Yan..."

Lin Hao looked deeply at Wang Shufen, then nodded, "Okay, then Mom, everything that happens today must not be known by Xi Yan, including the fact that you once mortgaged your house to the bank..."


Wang Shufen nodded quickly, this time she was in front of Lin Hao, Lin Hao was completely her heart and soul.

Lin Hao drove Wang Shufen downstairs, and after Wang Shufen went up to get the mortgage contract for the house, Lin Hao took her to the bank to pay off the loan....

After arriving downstairs, Wang Shufen got out of the car and when she saw that Lin Hao didn't come down, she walked up to Lin Hao and said, "Lin Hao, you... you should come up with us..."

Lin Hao frowned and said, "Mom, Xi Yan asked me to give her some time to calm down, so I should try to appear in front of her as little as possible these days.After all, in Tian Hai, when she went to look for me, she was uncomfortable when I had another woman by my side..."

"I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that, but I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that, so I'm going to be able to do it.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the car.Shen Siyan suddenly called him over, "I saw you, don't go, grandmother's birthday banquet is about to start, let's go over together later..."

When Lin Hao got out of the car, there was Shen Xiyan standing on the balcony on the fourth floor, and Shen Xiyan was standing upstairs watching him.Lin Hao nodded and went back to the car....


At seven o'clock in the evening, the first floor of the Nanjiang Hotel was bustling with excitement, today was the 70th birthday of the owner of the Shen family, Old Madam Shen, who was wearing a red tang dress, and although her hair was white, she was very energetic.

At the moment, Old Mrs. Shen was sitting on the main table in the first row of the banquet hall, and the people sitting around her were all core figures of the Shen family, Shen Xiyan's uncle Shen Jiancheng and his wife, her second uncle Shen Zhiyuan and his wife, as well as several partners who were close to the Shen family.The first table was already full, so obviously there was no room for Wang Shufen and Shen Shiyan.

When Lin Hao, Wang Shufen and Shen Suyan arrived at the entrance of the hotel, Lin Hao was stopped by Shen Yiming, Shen Suyan's cousin.The first time I saw him, he was dressed in a suave white suit, and was at the entrance of the hotel as a welcome guest. The first website

Shen Yiming smiled and said to Xi Yan, "Sister Xi Yan, you are getting prettier and prettier, you and Sanniang should go in quickly, grandmother and the others are already seated......."

Shen Siyan nodded and was about to go inside, but then Shen Yiming stopped Lin Hao with a sneer, "Lin Hao, just don't go in, tonight at Grandma's birthday banquet, not only the Shen family, but also several partners outside, all of them are upper class people, so don't go in and embarrass yourself..."

Shen Xi Yan's eyebrows furrowed, turning around to stare at Shen Yiming, "He's my husband and a member of the Shen family, why can't he go in?"

Wang Shufen's face also darkened, "Shen Yiming what do you mean?So Lin Hao is an outsider, right?Oh, so am I an outsider in the eyes of your Shen family?"

Shen Yiming's face changed and looked at Wang Shufen in confusion, didn't this Wang Shufen always look down on Lin Hao?What's with the attitude today?

But Shen Yiming still sneered, "Oh, Third Aunt is joking, my Third Uncle has passed away, but you and my Third Uncle have been married for more than twenty years, so you are naturally a member of the Shen family.But Lin Hao, his son-in-law, don't go in there to lose face.There are so many people in there now, all respectable people in Nanjiang City, and if Lin Hao goes in, aren't you embarrassing your grandmother?"

Shen Siyan's frown deepened and was about to speak when Lin Hao pulled her back.Lin Hao shook his head at her and said, "Never mind it's nothing, I won't go in, I'll just wait for you outside..."

"But you..." when Shen Xiyan still wanted to say something, she was rejected by Lin Hao with a smile.

Lin Hao smiled and said to Wang Shufen, "Mom, you go in with Xiyan, don't mind me..."

Wang Shufen sighed and nodded, "En good, Lin Hao, don't take it to heart ah..."

Lin Hao smiled, and Wang Shufen pulled Shen Shi Yan in.When Shen Siyan reached the door, she even looked back at Lin Hao.She felt bad that the Shen family wouldn't even let Lin Hao in!

It was only after Shen Xiyan went in that Shen Yiming looked at Lin Hao with a cold smile and said, "Oh, I didn't think that you're still quite self-aware, you trash?Rather surprising to me..."


"Heh..." sneered Lin Hao, really not even interested in taking care of Shen Yiming.

After entering the banquet hall, Shen Xiyan walked up to Old Lady Shen and greeted her respectfully, "Happy birthday, grandmother, I wish you good health and all the best..."

After seeing Shen Xiyan, Old Madam Shen nodded and hmmed, "Find a place to sit..." the attitude of Old Madam Shen towards Shen Xiyan was simply loving and indifferent.

Shen Siyan's second uncle Shen Zhiyuan snapped at Shen Siyan, "What's wrong with you, Siyan?What took you so long?Don't you know that today is your grandmother's 70th birthday?"

Shen Siyan said with a slight apology, "Sorry, I just got back from the Heavenly Sea today, I packed half a day's worth of things..."

Shen Zhiyuan sneered, "Oh, it seems that in your heart, your 961e6493 packing is more important than your grandmother's birthday..."

Wang Shufen saw Shen Zhiyuan's burial of Shen Xiyan.So she couldn't help but smile back, "Heh, how can we compare to second brother you ah, your family is big, and is the second in command of the Shen company, we can't ah, after Ming Dao died, who cares about our mother and father, huh......."

As soon as Wang Shufen finished speaking, Old Mrs. Shen suddenly snorted, "Hmph, Shufen you are saying that I am not?Call me biased?Hmm?"

Wang Shufen sneered, buckled her nails and said in a gloomy, yin and yang manner, "Eh yo, mom, how dare I say you?I wouldn't even dare when Ming Dao is here, let alone if Dao is dead, I'm just an outsider, who cares if we live or die..."

Old Mrs. Shen narrowed her eyes as Shen Zhiyuan slammed his palm on the table, "Wang Shufen!How do you talk to Mom?Don't come to Mom's birthday party if you don't want to, you can leave now!"

Wang Shufen sneered, "Heh, just go, my son-in-law Lin Hao has been stopped by your Shen family, saying that he's an outsider.I, an outsider, won't be embarrassed here, I'd better be a little self-conscious..." Remember the URL

Wang Shufen said and walked out, how fresh, although Lin Hao told her that he had no money.Wang Shufen is a typical snob, tends to be snobbish, but she is snobbish, she is not really stupid, although Lin Hao told her that he is broke, but Lin Hao's relationship is still there ah.He's friends with Jiang Shao Ming, the president of the Nine Continents Group, and the boss of that swallow this afternoon.So Wang Shufen wasn't panicking at all if she was offending the Shen family now.

Shen Shiyan was watching Wang Shufen wince this and that, and was stunned.Was this still the Wang Shufen she knew?Didn't Wang Shufen used to whisper in front of the Shen family?And what do you mean by defending Lin Hao now?But doubts aside Wang Shufen is now defending Lin Hao, she is still quite comfortable.

"Alright Shufen, we are all family, why are you doing this?Today is Mom's birthday, you and Xiyan quickly go sit down... "Shen Xiyan's uncle Shen Jiancheng played haha persuaded.

The company's main business is in the field of food and beverage, and the company's main business is in the area of food and beverage.What are you going to do next?"

Shen Xiyan hesitated and said to Old Mrs. Shen, "Grandmother, can I... can I go back to work in the Shen family's company?"

Old Mrs. Shen frowned: "Xi Yan ah, the company is also quite hard now, quite difficult, I welcome you back, but now the company does not have a suitable position for you ah, management positions are taken, grandmother can not let you be a small employee, right?"

Shen Caiyan's eyes darkened at the news, then she smiled and said, "Well, it's fine, thank you grandmother, I... I'll look for a job on my own again..."

Shen Si Yan said and pulled Wang Shu Fen to an unoccupied seat on the far side....

It was just two steps after Shen Xiyan took, she heard her second uncle Shen Zhiyuan whisper behind her, "Oh, still want to come back?Why did you come back?A share of the Shen family fortune?If she hadn't gotten married, it would have been okay, but now that she's married and the third child is dead, are we going to let an outsider take advantage of our family's property?I don't agree with it anyway..."


Shen Zhiyuan spoke in a voice that was not too small, Shen Xiyan could just hear, Shen Xiyan's body trembled lightly, fiercely turned to look at Shen Zhiyuan, "Second Uncle, you are saying this on purpose, right?"

Shen Zhiyuan waved his hand and said, "I'm just talking casually, didn't your grandmother say that the company is now out of places, of course if you want to come over and be a junior employee, I'm fine with that ah..."

Shen Xi Yan's body was trembling with anger, and she took a deep look at these people of the Shen family.Shen Zhiyuan smiled indifferently and locked eyes with her, while Shen Jiancheng smiled and turned his head to the side, apparently unwilling to pay attention to her.Old Mrs. Shen even got up to chat with one of the Shen family's partners....

In an instant Shen Siyan all understood, she quietly clenched her fist and said to Shen Zhiyuan, "Second Uncle, Great Uncle, don't worry, even if I starve to death, I won't come back to take the family fortune from you!"

Shen Sik Yan said and walked away.Wang Shufen pulled Shen Shiyan's arm and looked at her daughter worriedly: "Shiyan, don't take it to heart, don't be afraid, you still have mom by your side, and Lin Hao.From now on, we'll have a good life as a family... We don't need to beg anyone..."

When Shen Shi Yan heard Wang Shufen's words, her heart slowed down and felt much better, nodding heavily, "Well, thank you, Mom..."

Wang Shufen's attitude towards Lin Hao now made Shen Xi Yan feel a lot better.In fact, she really didn't care how much money she made.All she wanted was plain happiness.

Wang Shufen pulled Shen Shiyan to an unoccupied table at the end of the banquet hall, "Shiyan, see clearly, their Shen family doesn't take you seriously at all.Your father died and they completely ignored you.Other than that, you haven't seen the main table where they'd rather have outsiders sit, and they didn't save a place for our mother and son... Hey, when your father died, there's no one to make decisions for our mother and son..."

Wang Shufen said, grief from the heart, and tears fell down.Shen Shi Yan quickly took a tissue to wipe her and comforted her, "Mom is fine, there is still Lin Hao and I to take care of you from now on...."

"Hmm... "Wang Shufen nodded...

"Miss Shen?Why are you here?"Just as Shen Xiyan was comforting Wang Shufen, a surprised voice suddenly reached Shen Xiyan's ears.Then two people walked in from the back of the banquet hall. One second to remember to read the book

Shen Siyan turned her head and saw that it was Jiang Shaoming in a black suit, with a slightly chubby middle-aged man behind him, a man named Li Jianghai.

Shen Siyan was surprised when she looked at Jiang Shao Ming, "Mr. Jiang?What are you doing here?Are you also here for my grandmother's birthday party?"

Jiang Shao Ming was confused and looked at Shen Xiyan, then looked at the front of the crowd is in the pile of old Mrs. Shen.This is the only way to Shen Siyan said: "No, ah, I just finished upstairs to talk to someone about business, which do not go, just to see you, Miss Shen, your grandmother birthday today ah?"

Shen Jiyan nodded....

Jiang Shao Ming gave an oh-so-sweet sound, then said to Li Jianghai, "Manager Li, since it's Miss Shen's grandmother's birthday, go over and congratulate her..."

When Jiang Shao Ming and Li Jianghai came in just now, Shen Zhiyuan, who had been paying attention to Shen Xiyan and Wang Shufen, changed his face.Shen Zhiyuan didn't know Jiang Shao Ming, but he had seen Li Jianghai ah.Like their Shen family, Li Jianghai was a local company that had risen up over the years in Nanjiang City, and if they really wanted to compare, Li Jianghai was even more expensive than Old Madam Shen.

And not long ago, Li Jianghai was even merged into the Nine Continents Group, and now follows the Nine Continents Group.His status is even higher.Thinking of this, Shen Zhiyuan suddenly turned wildly pale and stood up abruptly.

Li Jianghai was now following the Nine Continents Group, so wouldn't the only person who could make him follow behind him, in the whole of Nanjiang City, be Jiang Shao Ming, the president of the Nine Continents Group?

Now when he saw that Jiang Shao Ming was at Shen Xiyan's table, laughing and joking with Shen Xiyan, he was instantly unnerved....


"What's wrong Zhiyuan?What are you doing all of a sudden?"Old Mrs. Shen glared at Shen Zhiyuan.

Shen Zhiyuan whispered to Old Mrs. Shen, "Mom, Li Jianghai is here..."

When Old Mrs. Shen heard this, she quickly asked, "Where is it?"

As soon as Old Mrs. Shen asked, Li Jianghai walked up to her and laughed: "I didn't expect today to be your birthday ah, sorry sorry, I really didn't know, just came downstairs to prepare to leave, only to see, you see I didn't prepare any gifts ah.I can only wish you a happy birthday, the company is doing better and better ah......."

Old Mrs. Shen smiled and pulled Li Jianghai's arm and said: "Mr. Li, look at what you're saying, I'm old ah.I'm old, I'm old. I'm from a small family, how can I compare to you?I heard that your company was merged into Kyushu Group a few days ago.Your business will definitely flourish in the future..."

Old Mrs. Shen said, let Shen Zhiyuan get up to make room, Old Mrs. Shen personally pulled Li Jianghai to the table and said: "Come, come, Mr. Li, tonight you drink a few glasses with me, this wife, after that our Shen family will have to rely on you to take care of more ah......."

Li Jianghai was Shen old Mrs. This gave a shock, did not see Jiang Shaoming is with Shen Xiyan in the back very polite chat it.And who is Shen Suyan ah?She's that Mr. Lin's wife.

To ask him, a shrimp, to take care of the Shen family?He didn't have the strength or the guts....

Thinking of this Li Jianghai hurriedly waved his hand, posture low to the extreme and said: "Old Mrs. Shen you can't say that ah, you say that isn't hitting me in the face, how dare I take care of you Shen family ah, you take care of me in the future is almost the same......."

Li Jianghai was covered in cold sweat ah....

Old Mrs. Shen had thought that Li Jianghai was joking with him, but she looked at Li Jianghai's appearance does not look like a joke anymore at all, and for a moment Old Mrs. Shen was a little confused.Confused, she asked: "I don't understand some of what you said, Mr. Li?How can we, a small company, help you ah..." first website

Li Jianghai took a deep look at Old Mrs. Shen, he just realized that the feelings Shen family didn't know Mr. Lin's true identity ah .

For a while Li Jianghai didn't say anything, Old Mrs. Shen, who was old, was even more certain that there was something she didn't know....

At this time Shen Zhiyuan walked up to Li Jianghai and asked in a low voice, "Mr. Li, if I may ask, is the gentleman who just came in with you the Jiang Shaoming Jiang of the Kyushu Group?"

Li Jianghai nodded: "En yeah, what's up?"

Old Mrs. Shen quickly turned around to look at the news, and then saw a man sitting next to Shen Xiyan.The man's manner was unfamiliar, dressed appropriately, and had a very good temperament.

"Yes, I was fortunate enough to have met General Manager Jiang once, that gentleman is General Manager Jiang, Shen will excuse me first, I have to go and say hello to General Manager Jiang, my company is still pointing at the Nine Continents Group alive..." at this time a big boss sitting at the table of Old Mrs. Shen, pointed at Jiang Shao Ming next to Shen Xiyan and said....

After saying that this man hurried over with a smile on his face....

"Shen, excuse me for a moment..."

"Shen, we'll talk later..."

Suddenly, Old Mrs. Shen's table, the few Nanjiang City CEOs who came outside to wish her a happy birthday, all ran to the last row of the banquet hall....

Only then did Li Jianghai smiled and said to Old Mrs. Shen, "Sorry Shen, our Jiang is inconvenienced to come over to wish you a happy birthday ah..."

Old Mrs. Shen hurriedly waved her hand, "It's fine, it's fine, with Jiang's status, how can she come to wish my wife's birthday.I'll go over, I'll be right over..."

At this moment, not only Old Mrs. Shen, but also all the people from the Shen family sitting at b0c73d82 this table were all incomparably ugly.Their group of people were sitting on the main table, while those who were much higher than them were sitting at the end.Their faces had nowhere to rest....

Li Jianghai smiled and nodded, then returned to Jiang Shaoming's table...

Shen Zhiyuan looked incredibly embarrassed, and Shen Jiancheng was almost the same.Old Mrs. Shen, on the other hand, was deeply shocked....

How could Shen Xiyan be friends with Jiang Shaoming?And thinking of their Shen family just now, they were so loving to Shen Xi Yan.She felt pain like her face had been smacked....


"Miss Shen, Lin Hao has already told me about you, I'm very good friends with Lin Hao, he has joined this afternoon, so that you will come to work tomorrow, the position is the design director of the clothing business of the Nine Continents Group, the annual salary is one million, not counting the commission, what do you think?"Jiang Shao Ming smiled at Shen Xi Yan.

Shen Siyan was stunned, her sexy little mouth wide open in disbelief, "Mr. Jiang, this... this is too high, isn't it?I'm...I'm afraid I'm not capable enough, so why don't you just give me any designer position..."

As soon as Wang Shufen heard this, her face darkened, an annual salary of a million, not counting the commission ah.This was much stronger than when Shen Xiyan had started her own company.

At this moment, seeing Shen Xiyan's refusal, Wang Shufen directly exploded, and quickly pulled Shen Xiyan's arm.Then said to Jiang Shao Ming, "Mr. Jiang, don't listen to Xie Yan's nonsense, just this position, thank you ah thank you, thank you..."

Such a great good thing, only a fool would refuse ah.It was true that even if Lin Hao lost his shares, his relationship with Jiang Shao Ming was still there.Wang Shufen's heart was incomparably glad that after all these years, she had finally chosen the right one.

"Mom, what are you talking about... I really don't have that ability ah, the Nine Continents Group is too big... where do I have that ability..." grumbled Shen Shi Yan to Wang Shufen.

Wang Shufen directly glared at Shen Suyan with a fierce look, signaling her to be quiet.Then she stood up and picked up the wine and went to pour it for Jiang Shao Ming....

"Mr. Jiang thank you ah, really thank you so much, I'll toast this cup to you..." said Wang Shufen as she poured wine for Jiang Shao Ming...

Just the next moment something incomparably puzzling happened.Wang Shufen poured wine for Jiang Shao Ming, but Jiang Shao Ming stood up with a start and quickly snatched the wine from Wang Shufen's hand, at this moment cold sweat dripped down his face....

Although this Wang Shufen used to be acerbic and snobbish to the extreme.She was also all kinds of bad to Lin Hao.But that was all in the past, and now Lin Hao has forgiven her.After that, Wang Shufen would be Lin Hao's mother-in-law.

Let Lin Hao's mother-in-law stand and pour wine for her?What about the noise?If Lin Hao knew about this, he would have to kill him.So Jiang Shao Ming quickly grabbed the wine... Remember the website

"Er... Jiang... you... you're... you're...?"Wang Shufen was also confused, she just poured a drink for Jiang Shao Ming, right?So what's the big reaction?There's no poison in this wine....

Wang Shufen slandered in her heart, but Shen Suyan felt that this matter was not as simple as it appeared on the surface, something was very wrong.Shen Shyan frowned, she always felt that there was something wrong with Jiang Shaoming's attitude towards Wang Shufen, but what exactly was wrong, she couldn't tell....

Jiang Shao Ming quickly said, "Auntie, I'm sorry, I just got drunk by a few customers from Yanjing.Now when I see the wine, I feel terrified, come come come I'll pour it for you, I'll pour it for you, I really can't drink any more ah, if I drink any more I'll really have to vomit..."

As Jiang Shao Ming said that, he picked up Wang Shufen's wine glass and personally poured wine for Wang Shufen....

"Er... "Wang Shufen saw Jiang Shao Ming, the big president, personally pouring wine for her, an ordinary woman.She was flattered and quickly took it over....

"Hello Mr. Jiang, I'm Wang Kai from Nanjiang Haomiao Company..."

"Hello Jiang, I'm Song Cheng from Tian Feng Company, I've been a supplier to Kyushu Group..."

At this time, several entrepreneurs from Nanjiang City who were originally sitting on Mrs. Shen's table all ran to Jiang Shao Ming to make a respectful toast.The gesture was directly put 06304d0f lowest.

Jiang Shao Ming gave a hmmm and then ignored those few people.Those people saw that Jiang Shao Ming had no intention of talking to them, so they sat down at the next table with Li Jianghai who had rushed over very wisely.There wasn't the slightest complaint.

Jiang Shao Ming ignored those people and looked at Old Madam Shen and a few senior members of the Shen family who were coming this way, he directly got up and said with a smile to Shen Xiyan, "Then Miss Shen, I'm looking forward to working with you... I still have things to do, so excuse me..."

Shen Siyan hurriedly got up and nodded and smiled at Jiang Shao Ming with elegance and politeness, "Thank you for your trust in me, I will definitely work hard to do well..."

Jiang Shao Ming smiled at Shen Xi Yan, turned around and walked away.He didn't even pay any attention to the old lady Shen's people....

Old Mrs. Shen walked over to Shen Shiyan's table and looked at the departing Jiang Shao Ming with regret.She opened her mouth at Jiang Shao Ming's back, but she never had the face to say anything.

It was only after Jiang Shao Ming left the hotel that Old Mrs. Shen looked at Shen Siyan, "Siyan, do you know Jiang from the Kyushu Group?"


Shen Jiyan nodded, "Well know, used to be partners..."

"Oh...Ah...Ji Yan, didn't you just say you were going back to work?I just remembered that the company has a director's position, you see?"Old Mrs. Shen hurriedly said to Shen Shi Yan.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the newest products.What about the Shen family we can't afford, the director's position, ah, so high, huh, sorry, we can't do that, we can't do it competently, ah..."

Wang Shufen's yin and yang mocked Old Mrs. Shen and the few people behind her, Shen Zhiyuan, Wang Shufen this time just felt a bad breath out of her heart, and was very comfortable all over.

Just kidding, the director of the Shen family company?Can you compete with the designers of Kyushu Group?

Old Mrs. Shen's face stiffened at the news and stared at Wang Shufen with some displeasure, "I was talking to Xi Yan, I didn't ask you... What are you interrupting?"

After scolding Wang Shufen, Old Mrs. Shen smiled and looked at Shen Xi Yan, "Xi Yan ah, what do you think?"

Shen Xiyan frowned, "Sorry grandmother, I'd better not go back, lest someone think I've gone to rob the Shen family's property, hehe..."

Shen Xiyan also has anger in her heart, just now Shen Zhiyuan said that to her, it would be strange if she didn't have anger in her heart....

Old Mrs. Shen was incomparably embarrassed and couldn't say anything else even after opening her mouth.She knew that Shen Xiyan was angry in her heart, accosted and smiled, and went back to her own table.

She took out her cell phone and called Lin Hao, telling him that they were leaving. One second to remember to read the book.


At this moment, in front of the Nanjiang Hotel, Lin Hao hung up the phone and went to drive.Directly parking the car in front of the hotel....

Shen Yiming was incomparably surprised when he looked at Lin Hao's car, knowing that his own car was just a used BMW.And Lin Hao's car was very new, it was better than his car in any way.

After Lin Hao parked his car and got off, Shen Yiming walked up to Lin Hao and pointed at Lin Hao's Mercedes with his mouth wide open and asked, "Is this your car?"

Lin Hao laughed, "Oh this car, it's not mine, where am I rich, I'm just a son-in-law, heh..." said Lin Hao disdainfully to Shen Yiming.

Shen Yiming was stunned, if Lin Hao had said that this car was his, then he definitely wouldn't have believed it.But when Lin Hao said very disdainfully that this car was not his, Shen 17a41184 Yiming believed it instead.Because Lin Hao's tone of voice was just mocking him....

Shen Yiming was just about to open his mouth when Shen Siyan and Wang Shufen walked out.

Shen Siyan walked over to Lin Hao and gave him an incomparably complicated look.Tonight Old Lady Shen was having a birthday banquet at the hotel, and it just so happened that Jiang Shao Ming came to this hotel to talk about business, and after the talk she just happened to meet her, and after Jiang Shao Ming met her, he directly sent out an invitation from the Kyushu Group.She felt that all this was not a coincidence at all.

And if these weren't coincidences, then there was only one explanation, it was all Lin Hao helping her.

"Did you call Jiang Shao Ming?"Shen Siyan finally couldn't suppress her doubts and asked out.

Lin Hao pretended to be confused and said, "Jiang Shao Ming?Was he in the hotel too?I don't see him..."

Shen Jiyan looked deeply at Lin Hao.But couldn't get any useful information from Lin Hao's face....

Lin Hao drove Shen Xiyan downstairs, and after Wang Shufen got out of the car, she greeted Lin Hao and went upstairs.After taking two steps, Shen Siyan stopped and turned to look at Lin Hao, looking like she wanted to say something.

"What's wrong?"Lin Hao smiled and looked at her.

Shen Xiyan bit her lips, "Have you found a place to live?Why don't you go up and sleep at night?"

Lin Hao's heart warmed and smiled at Shen Xiyan, but he still shook his head, "Not going up there, you can rest early, don't worry about me, I'll just find a place to stay, I still have some money in my hand..."

"Well, that's fine, it's cold, wear more clothes, don't catch a cold..." said Shen Siyan to Lin Hao Guan... and went upstairs afterwards.

When Shen Xiyan left, Lin Hao drove to Jiuzhou Group....

In the CEO's office of the Nine Continents Group, Jiang Shaoming frowned and said to Lin Hao, "Big brother, that group of snobs in the Shen family is very bad to sister-in-law, and tonight's banquet also let sister-in-law sit in the last row, why don't I exterminate the Shen family?"

Jiang Shao Ming's eyes showed a hint of coldness, and the treatment of Shen Xi Yan in the Shen family made him unable to even look at it.

And if he wanted to annihilate the Shen family, he wouldn't even need Lin Hao to do it.With the energy of the Kyushu Group, annihilating a small Shen family would be a breeze....


But Lin Hao shook his head and his eyes were deep, "Extinguished?Oh, that would be too cheap for them, it's easy to let the Shen company go bankrupt, but what happens after bankruptcy?With that group of snobs, they would definitely come to trouble Pity Face every day.It'll be trouble when the time comes.But we can't not teach the Shen family a lesson..."

Lin Hao's fingers lightly tapped on the desktop, after thinking: "I want the Shen family to slowly experience despair, don't kill them all at once, take it slow, the biggest thing the Shen family relies on is that company of the Shen family, hehe, easy, from now on, let the Shen family's company fall into stagnation, you will knock out all their money-making projects now.No matter how hard those people in the Shen family try, this company will not be able to grow..."

Jiang Shao Ming's eyes lit up, "Well, that's a good idea, nothing is more ruthless than cutting off that group of people's future.Let that group of people, no matter how hard they work, there will be no development of any 40a75d39 whatsoever, let alone a future..."

Lin Hao thought about it and said to Jiang Shao Ming: "Xi Yan will come to work tomorrow, if I am also in the company, she may not feel good in her heart, you so tomorrow you take over Xi Yan's original company, let her continue to go back to work there, her original company's elderly people do not transfer over, to her transfer a few capable to help her.Also give me an executive position in the company, just commercial director, I want to severely beat the Shen family's face!"

Jiang Shao Ming nodded, "Okay, I'll go do it overnight..."

After Jiang Shao Ming left, Lin Hao stood in front of the huge floor-to-ceiling window of the top floor office, looking in the direction of the Nanjiang Hotel, a cold smile appearing at the corner of his mouth, "Is it your birthday?So it's appropriate for me, the door-to-door son-in-law, not to prepare some birthday gifts for you?"


At ten o'clock in the evening, Old Mrs. Shen, who was still receiving blessings at the birthday banquet, was suddenly called aside by Shen Zhiyuan and Shen Jiancheng, whose face had changed dramatically.

Old Mrs. Shen, who was in the midst of her prosperity, was pulled out of the banquet by her two sons, and her face was very unpleasant.Ruthlessly poking the ground with her cane: "What's the matter panic!What a disgrace!"

Shen Zhiyuan opened his mouth and finally bit his teeth and said to Shen Jiancheng, "Hey, big brother, it's better for you to say it..."

The first website is the first to be launched.

Old Mrs. Shen's frown deepened at the news, "What's going on?Go ahead."

Shen Jiancheng bit the bullet and opened his mouth, "Mom, just now, the company's most profitable shed renovation project in the southern city was called off by the A-party, saying that our construction quality was not up to par.The rest of the two next-level profitable property projects were also taken away by the Nine Continents Group.And now our company is pointing at these three projects.If we really lose these three projects, then our company's strength will instantly be halved, and we'll still lose money this year..."

Old Mrs. Shen only felt the sky spinning at the news and said with an unbelievable face, "Impossible, this is absolutely impossible!How many years have I been friends with Mr. Zhang of Nanjiang Construction Group for the shack reform project in Nancheng District!How could something happen!"

Shen Jiancheng had a bright light in his eyes, "Grace, Mom, then you should quickly call Mr. Zhang..."

Old Mrs. Shen looked at her two sons, who had completely lost their sense of propriety, and sighed deeply in her heart.It's really indisputable ah, she is seventy people, but still want her to give up this old face to beg people.

The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past two years.I'm asking about the shed project you gave me for the South Downtown area, how did it get shut down?"

Soon a response came from the other end of the phone, "Sorry ah boss sister, I really can't do anything about this ah, an hour ago, the city suddenly came to inspect and reprimanded me on the spot, I also have to be suspended for a period of time ah..."

After Old Mrs. Shen hung up the phone, her face went completely black.Her body couldn't help but take two steps backwards, and Shen Zhiyuan hurried forward to help her, "Mom, what did Mr. Zhang say?"

The old lady sighed weakly as if she had been drained of energy for a moment: "God does not bless my Shen family ah, an hour ago, the city leaders, suddenly went to the shantytown area to do a surprise inspection......shantytown that project we can not make money, and the previous ride into the project money, can not get back.Tomorrow, the company will lay off employees..."

Shen Jiancheng was shocked, "Mom, has our company reached this point of layoffs?"


Old Mrs. Shen waved her hand and didn't say anything, just sighed deeply and walked directly towards the hotel door.She didn't have any intention of celebrating her birthday at this point....

At this moment, inside a luxurious clubhouse private room in Nanjiang City.The General Manager Zhang, who had just spoken to Old Mrs. Shen on the phone, hung up the phone with a nervous face and carefully said to the person sitting across from him, "Do you think this is okay?I didn't reveal your identity the whole time... I don't ask for anything else, I just ask the Jiuzhou Group to spare my life... I will absolutely cut off all cooperation with the Shen family...."

The dim light in the room flashed across the man's face, and in the next moment Lin Hao's figure was revealed.It was Lin Hao who was sitting across from Mr. Zhang.

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services, including a full range of products and services, including a full range of products and services.Originally this matter was directly Jiang Shao Ming over here, but Lin Hao couldn't suppress the hostility in his heart, so he chose to go in person.He wanted to make everyone in the Shen family who looked down on himself and Shen Xiyan regret it!The only person left in the room was Mr. Zhang, who was covered in cold sweat and shivering.

In fact, whatever city raid had been conducted was a lie to Old Lady Shen.The real reason was that half an hour Lin Hao came over and found him.The one who found him as the true boss of the Nine Continents Group....

"Big sister ah, what do you think you're doing.Do you know the true identity of your granddaughter-in-law?Hey, from now on, you're on your own..." said Mr. Zhang in his heart to Mrs. Shen....

After the termination of Old Lady Shen's birthday banquet, a group of top executives of the Shen family went directly to the company, without even returning home.Inside the conference room of the Shen family's company.Old Mrs. Shen sat on the throne with a heavy face.

"Let's all talk about what to do from now on, shall we?I thought about it on the way back to the company just now, and I always feel that this is not normal, it would be fine if something happened to one project, but the three most profitable projects of the company now all went wrong overnight.Someone must be messing with our Shen family..." said Old Mrs. Shen with a frown.

Shen Jiancheng nodded, "Mom, what you said makes sense, I also have this feeling.And the other party picked the day of your birthday to cause trouble.This is definitely an enemy of our Shen family, but to put it bluntly, our Shen family has offended so many people over the years... how can we find them?"

The company is also embarrassed: "Yes, our Shen company is doing so big, not to mention anything else, on the ones we fire every year, who knows if they have a background behind this how to check ah?"

"Offend someone?You have the nerve to say that?It's all your fault!When I started the business with your father, I was cautious and prudent, not willing to encroach on other people's interests even if I suffered losses.But after your father's death, one by one, you were so arrogant and domineering, did you really think I didn't know?"Old Mrs. Shen slapped the table heavily and got angry directly. Remember the URL

Shen Jiancheng and Shen Zhiyuan both lowered their heads, not daring to look up.Both of them didn't dare to speak, and the few Shen family third generation sitting behind them didn't even dare to breathe a word.

The third generation of the Shen family has a total of five children, not counting Shen Shiyan, the remaining three sitting here in a meeting.Shen Jiancheng's son, Shen Yiming, is the head of the third generation of the Shen family, and in the future, if there are no surprises, the Shen family company is his inheritance.

Shen Jiancheng also has a daughter named Shen Yutong, who is developing in a large group in Tianhai City, not in Nanjiang.

Shen Zhiyuan only has two daughters, a university has not yet graduated from the younger daughter Shen Yunuo, the eldest daughter Shen Ruoxue.

The eldest daughter Shen Ruoxue is beautiful and sexy dressed up.Business PR ability is super strong, a hundred times stronger than Shen Yiming.It is the business director of the Shen family.

Old Mrs. Shen sometimes lamented, if only Shen Ruo Xue was a boy, Shen family she can be trusted to Shen Ruo Xue after a hundred years.Handing it over to Shen Ruoxue was far better than handing it over to her two undisputed sons.

At this moment, Shen Ruoxue frowned and thought about it and said to Old Mrs. Shen, "Grandmother, since the shed renovation project in Nancheng District was directly blocked by the relevant authorities.Then it's useless for us to try any harder.The only way to break the current situation is to rob our other two projects of the Kyushu Group, so that tomorrow I will go to the Kyushu Group, I have a good business relationship with the Kyushu Group.Yiming brother go find Xi Yan, after all, Xi Yan also has to go to work in the Kyushu Group..."


Old Mrs. Shen's eyes lit up at the news and looked at Shen Ruoxue with satisfaction and said, "Ruoxue ah, you're right, then tomorrow will only be hard for you ah..."

After saying that to Shen Ruoxue, Old Mrs. Shen said to Shen Yiming, "Yiming, then tomorrow, you should go and ask for Xiyan with a better attitude."

Shen Yiming became depressed at the words, "Grandmother, why should I go and beg her?I'm not going..."

"Bastard!You'll go if I tell you to!I'll tell you plainly, don't look at the fact that you're the eldest grandson of the Shen family, if you can't handle this matter, you won't have to take over the Shen family, I'd rather give it to Ruo Xue!"Old Mrs. Shen raged.

When Shen Yiming saw that Old Madam Shen was furious, he didn't dare to say anything else and could only lower his head...while Shen Ruoxue, who was next to him, had a brilliant light in her eyes.If this matter was done well by her, there was still a real possibility that the Shen family's company would fall into anyone's hands in the future.

This was the Shen family, even in times of great distress, it was still suffering from internal strife....


The next day Shen Siyan went to Kyushu Group very early, Shen Siyan just arrived downstairs of the company, and saw Lin Hao in a suit waiting for him there.

Shen Siyan looked at Lin Hao who was dressed in a formal suit and was very handsome.The company has a lot of people who are interested in the company's products and services, but they are not.

Lin Hao handed over the breakfast to Shen Xiyan: "You don't have the habit of eating breakfast, I bought it at the roadside.You can eat it first before you go up..."

Shen Caiyan's heart warmed and took the breakfast.As she ate, she asked Lin Hao, "Lin Hao, what did you join Kyushu Group for?" One second to remember to read the book

Lin Hao smiled, "I've joined yesterday and signed for a commercial supervisor position.The pay isn't bad, but it's not as good as yours..."

Shen Si Yan bit her lips, she suddenly felt that if it wasn't for the fact that Lin Hao had asked for a too high position for her.Then with Lin Hao's relationship with Jiang Shao Ming, Lin Hao could definitely ask for a better position.Thinking of this Shen Siyan took a deep breath, "Lin Hao, thank you..."

Lin Hao waved his hand, "Why are you still polite to me, okay big beauty, hurry up and go up..."

"Mm..." nodded Shen Siyan, heading inside the Kyushu Group.As she reached the door, she suddenly took a step and turned to Lin Hao and said, "Tonight... come home for dinner... Mom will make chicken soup tonight..."

After Shen Siyan finished speaking, her face turned a little red and she quickly walked into the company.When Shen Xi Yan went in, Lin Hao's heart felt warm and a smile overflowed on his face.

"Xi Yan, this time I'll chase you properly once, we'll have a good love affair, and I'll prepare a perfect wedding for you, making you the most beautiful bride in the world..." murmured Lin Hao as he looked at Shen Xi Yan's back.

Lin Hao secretly clenched his fist, just now he really wanted to hug Shen Xiyan in his arms, but he held back.The pain in Shen Suyan's heart over the past half year was too deep.He wanted to make up for all of it for Shen Suyan.And now like this, just being quietly by her side, Lin Hao felt unprecedentedly satisfied.

Lin Hao went upstairs and didn't go to Jiang Shao Ming's CEO's office anymore, but went directly to the conference room of the business department.

The business department of the Jiuzhou Group originally had more than twenty people, but more than half of them were transferred to Yanjing a few months ago.There were only eight people left.Four men and four women, and the men were all very handsome, and the women were also very pretty and elegant....

At this moment, these eight people were all nervously waiting for the arrival of the new supervisor in the conference room.Xiang Kai, who was sitting in the first position on the left, was even more cautious because he was the deputy head of the Ministry of Commerce, and he was still a temporary appointment.If the new supervisor came and directly demoted him, he would lose a lot of money, while if he was given a transfer, he would make a lot of money.

Xiang Kai drank water vigorously, and from time to time, he peeked at the door.Ten minutes later, Lin Hao, who was holding a folder, arrived at the conference room, and after entering the conference room, Lin Hao directly sat on the main seat.

"Hello, I'm everyone's new supervisor, Lin Hao, and before I came to the Kyushu Group, I was working in Tianhai City.I hope you all will be more supportive in the future..."

As soon as Lin Hao finished speaking, Xiang Kai hurriedly got up with a smile and said respectfully to Lin Hao, "Mr. Lin you're too polite, in the future we'll follow you, we can definitely make greater achievements, I'm Xiang Kai, I'll introduce you all..."

Lin Hao smiled, the reason why he came to be this commercial director was because of this Xiang Kai.The business of the Jiuzhou Group radiated throughout Nanjiang City, and all the various industries in Nanjiang City had the shadow of the Jiuzhou Group.And this Xiang Kai was the Shen family's best partner in the Kyushu Group....


Lin Hao is going to play the Shen family slowly to death!The Shen family's bullying of Shen Xiyan, he will return it a hundred times a thousand times!Lin Hao never positioned himself as an old man.If there was a favour to be repaid, there was equally a vengeance to be avenged!

After Lin Hao gave a meeting to the few people from Xiang Kai, he went downstairs and stood in front of the door of the Kyushu Group to stay and smoke.He looked at the time and thought that the people from the Shen family should also come. Last night, the Kyushu Group directly robbed the Shen family of two profitable projects, and the Shen family will definitely find someone to negotiate with the Kyushu Group.

As a matter of fact, as Lin Hao lit his second cigarette, a black BMW X5 parked at the entrance of the Kyushu Group.After the car was parked, Shen Ruoxue, wearing black thigh-high boots, black stockings and a black jacket, with long hair flowing, walked down.

The company has been in the process of developing the new product for a long time.She was walking and suddenly saw Lin Hao who was smoking at the door.The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.What are you doing here, you piece of shit?It's the Kyushu Group, the biggest company in Namie!You're smoking in front of someone's office?Hurry up and get lost, don't disgrace our Shen family!"

"Hehe... "Lin Hao smiled coldly, seemingly laughing at the incomparably sexy dressed Shen Ruoxue: "Oh second sister ah, you are still so domineering ah, and when am I a member of your Shen family?Did I eat a pound of your rice?It's none of your business if I'm smoking here..."

"Err... "Shen Ruoxue was choked by Lin Hao's words.It took half a day for her to react, her mouth opened wide and she pointed her finger at Lin Hao and cursed, "Lin Hao what are you!Don't you dare talk to me like that!"

" what are you again?It's almost winter and you're still dressed so revealingly. People who don't know would think you're a street girl.Well, not to mention, second sister, if you do that line of work, you'll get a thousand and eight thousand a day..." Lin Hao was extremely sarcastic towards Shen Ruoxue....

The hand pointing at Lin Hao was trembling.In the next moment her eyes rolled, "Heh, I don't have the talent to do that line of work, your family's Xi Yan is fine, you'll definitely earn more in that line of work, it's just perfect to earn money to support you... you..."

When Shen Ruoxue didn't finish her sentence, Lin Hao directly smacked her in the face with a big mouth.Shen Ruoxue was instantly blinded by Lin Hao, standing stunned, unable to believe that Lin Hao dared to hit her!

The first thing you need to know is that you can't beat me with a girl, right?If you dare to scold Shyan again, I'll whip you, won't I?Do you...want to you want to say that again?"

Although Lin Hao said it with a half smile, his voice was low and redundant, and his tone was firm... The first website

Shen Ruo Xue pointed at Lin Hao and opened her mouth half a day, wanting to yell at Lin Hao, but she didn't dare, she didn't even dare to yell at him, let alone hit him.But since childhood, Shen Ruoxue's own father Shen Zhiyuan had never hit her ah.Everywhere she went, she was a heaven's most beautiful girl, and from the time she was in high school, there were a whole lot of people chasing her.Now, although she is not married, the people who chase her are also the leading people in Nanjiang City ah.......

This is Shen Ruoxue's confident capital!Even those grandsons of big families in Nanjiang City were all respectful to her.Circling around her every day, she still had to pick who she was good with.This Lin Hao was good, he actually dared to hit her!So Shen Ruoxue instantly became angry.

She pointed at Lin Hao's nose and threatened, "Okay, Lin Hao, just wait!You know you're looking for death!I'll remember your slap today!From now on, don't let Shen Shiyan in!And since you're looking for death, Lin Hao, then I'll make it happen!"

"Hehe..." continued Lin Hao's indifferent sneer, "Fine, then I'll wait, shameless thing, do you really think that all the men in the world will have to surround you if you're pretty?If it wasn't for her face, do you think I'd put up with you snobs?Heh...not allowed to enter the Shen family's gates?Remember what you said, I won't even enter if you beg me to in the future..."

The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past two years, and has been in the process of developing the new product for the past two years.Oh, you can't do it with me, get out of here..."

Shen Ruoxue completely lost control of herself and roared at Lin Hao, "Surnamed Lin!With a punk like you?Who do you think you are?You're just a loser, even if you're in the Kyushu Group now, you're still a loser!You're just a bottom feeder!Although I, Shen Ruoxue, am not a member of the Kyushu Group, I can still get you out of the way!"


Lin Hao sniffed and stopped in his tracks, the Shen family's brains were all wrong, their nostrils were facing the sky, and they were fighting for a modest company in Nanjiang City, that rampant.Lin Hao, the heir to the Yanjing gentry, wasn't even in their eyes ah.This time Lin Hao, completely amused by Shen Ruoxue's foolish behavior.

He turned to look at Shen Ruoxue and said, "You're looking for someone to fire me?To get me out of Kyushu Group?"

Shen Ruoxue heh heh heh, snickering, "Yeah, why are you scared?Heh... it's too late to be afraid now, don't worry Lin Hao, this is just the beginning, if you dare to hit me, I'll make you regret being born in this world!"

Lin Hao smiled with interest and said to Shen Ruoxue, "Second sister ah, you said to fire me?Oh, how can I be so sure?Fine, I'm not going back to work, I'll just wait here and I'll see how you fire me."

Shen Ruoxue narrowed her eyes, her chest rising and falling sharply as she was enraged by Lin Hao, "Fine, then do you dare to tell me which department you're in?"

"Business Operations Department..." said Lin Hao to Shen Ruoxue.

Shen Ruoxue looked deeply at Lin Hao, "Good guts, I didn't think that a wasteful door-to-door son-in-law would still have such guts, huh... What a coincidence, the head of your Business Operations Department happens to be my friend.Just you wait, I'm a phone call away..."

Lin Hao also nodded, "Okay, then I won't go up there, I'll go to the side and have a cigarette, you call your friend down before we talk, don't worry, I won't run, I'll wait..."

Shen Ruoxue, who was overwhelmed by Lin Hao's anger, dialed Xiang Kai's phone right in front of Lin Hao: "Hello?Mr. Xiang, this is Ruo Xue ah, it's like this there is a small employee in your department playing hooligans on me, battling that he is a member of the Kyushu Group to insult me in various ways, this is something you have to do for me ah, if you don't fire him, I will expose this to the internet...."

"Uh-huh, yeah, I'm downstairs from you, at the door.That loser is smoking right next to me..."

After Shen Ruoxue said two more sentences, she hung up the phone.After hanging up the phone, Shen Ruoxue sneered and pointed at Lin Hao and said, "Surnamed Lin, you piece of trash, don't leave if you have the guts!" Remember the URL

Lin Hao took a deep, cold breath and smiled as he looked at Shen Ruoxue and nodded, "Okay, I won't run, I'll just smoke a cigarette here and wait..."

Then in the body weak some dead stare, Lin Hao really went not far away to smoke with his back to Shen Ruoxue ... ...

It was just like two or three minutes, and behind Lin Hao, a voice suddenly sounded out, a middle-aged, domineering and dignified voice, "Who insulted my friend?Don't want to work at Kyushu Group, do you?"

Shen Ruoxue's first words after seeing Xiang Kai come downstairs were to make decisions for her.It was as if she had found her main heartbeat.The company has a lot of people who are interested in the company's products and services.That loser is laying his hands on me, this kind of scum, staying in your company, is damaging your company's image ah, you have to fire him ah..."

Shen Ruoxue herself was pretty, with a height of 165 and a beautiful front and back figure.This would be such a big beauty acting pitiful towards Xiang Kai, especially when Shen Ruo Xue took the initiative to hold Xiang Kai's arm.In an instant let Xiang Kai melt.Xiang Kai's protective desire burst.

Angrily, "Ruo Xue you don't worry ah, I will give you the main, that loser said he is business right, just my department, I will directly open for you!Don't worry, I'll definitely give you an explanation..."

"Where are the others?"Xiang Kai asked with a frown.

Shen Ruoxue pointed at Lin Hao who was smoking on the side, "Mr. Xiang is that loser who smokes with his back to us!"

Xiang Kai nodded and took Shen Ruoxue with him and walked behind Lin Hao.Xiang Kai shouted coldly, "You're fired!Get your own financial settlement and get out...turn around, I'd like to see who you are!Why don't I feel like you're from our company?"

Lin Hao stomped out his cigarette and turned around with a sneer, "Heh, you're firing me?"


"Right... I'm just going to..." said Xiang Kai subconsciously, but mid-sentence, his appearance changed drastically.In an instant, his face paled to an incomparable pallor, and cold sweat flowed straight down his forehead. Hastily stammering, he said to Lin Hao, "No... I'm not..." Shen Ruoxue, who was standing next to Xiang Kai, was confused and said to Xiang Kai, "Mr. Xiang, hurry up and fire him, tell him to get lost ah..." This is the first time I've ever seen a woman like Shen Ruoxue, who actually let herself fire her own boss.What about the noise?If he can't handle this today, his career will be over! Thinking of this Xiang Kai directly shrugged off Shen Ruoxue's hand and shouted, "Who are you, I don't know you!Besides, you can't just open up the Kyushu Group as you wish.You really think Kyushu belongs to your family?Get out of here..." Shen Ruoxue saw this reaction to Xiang Kai, completely confused, pointed at Lin Hao and said to Xiang Kai, confused, "What's wrong with you, I'm Shen Ruoxue, it's this loser, who just insulted me ah..." After Shen Ruoxue said that, she said toe-to-toe to Lin Hao, "Lin Hao!Do you think I've wronged you?Huh?" Lin Hao nodded his head and said with a seeming smile to the cold sweating and pale face of Xiang Kai, "Xiang always, this woman is right, I just smacked her and insulted her.Do you want to fire me?Oh..." The cold sweat on Xiang Kai's face flowed even more, and now when he saw Lin Hao asking him questions, he lowered his head even more, the Nine Continents Group is a large enterprise that can be ranked in the top 500 in the world, and it's hard to get promoted, but relatively speaking, once you get promoted, the treatment you get will be very different from before.Lin Hao was his boss, and he wouldn't dare offend him to death.And he was an old man of the Kyushu Group.He had also heard some gossip that Lin Hao and their group president, Jiang Shao Ming, were good friends! This time Xiang Kai was so frightened by Lin Hao that his legs were trembling, lowering his head and saying respectfully, "I don't dare, I don't dare... Misunderstanding this is all misunderstanding, Mr Lin, I really didn't know it was you ah... If I knew it was you, this is even if I was given a hundred guts I wouldn't dare ah..." Boom... Shen Ruoxue's head exploded as she heard Xiang Kai's words.Her brain went blank and she thought she had misheard, but right now when she looked at Xiang Kai's scared and trembling body, she realized that what Xiang Kai had said was true! One second to remember to read the book Shen Ruoxue stammered and said to Xiang Kai, "Mr. Xiang, what... what did you just call him?He's your boss?" Xiang Kai nodded bitterly, but didn't dare to speak. Shen Ruoxue was shocked, "Impossible, how is this possible!This trash is just a son-in-law of our Shen family!How could he be an executive of the Kyushu Group?" When Xiang Kai heard Shen Ruoxue's words, he also looked at Lin Hao with a shocked face.With a face full of shock, what's going on?A figure like Lin Hao, who even he had to grovel to, who often ate with Jiang Shaoming, was actually your Shen family's son-in-law? Thinking of this, Xiang Kai looked at Shen Ruoxue with a cold smile and said, "Oh, Miss Shen, it's a pity that I used to treat you as a friend, but now you're telling me that such an excellent man as our General Manager Lin is actually your family's trash door-to-door son-in-law?Oh, Miss Shen, you're playing me for a fool, aren't you?Was it fun?Hmm?" Xiang Kai's hatred for Shen Ruo Xue is so strong!He had just made a good impression on Lin Hao this morning.Lin Hao had also promised to give him consideration for a move to become a deputy director!And now it's all over!It could be said that now his fate was completely in Lin Hao's hands!He now has the heart to kill Shen Ruo Xue. When Shen Ruoxue saw that Xiang Kai was angry, she got scared and quickly explained to Xiang e1c508ba Kai, "Mr. Xiang, I really didn't lie to you, it's true ah..." ... I do not know the difference between private and public affairs, this is not to blame you.I promised you the same thing as usual, go work hard...." Xiang Kai was overjoyed at the news and hurriedly bowed to Lin Hao to thank him, "Thank you, Mr. Lin, thank you, Mr. Lin..." that attitude was really as low as it was going to get.After saying that, Xiang Kai no longer dared to stay here and hurriedly ran back to the company.... It was only after Xiang Kai left that Shen Ruoxue paled, "You you you... how could you become an executive of the Kyushu Group?"


The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past two years.I'm just a loser, I'm just a son-in-law of a loser... I can't afford to go up to the State Group, don't you think so, second sister?Heh..."

Lin Hao was endlessly sarcastic towards Shen Ruoxue.

Shen Ruoxue wasn't a fool, how could a woman who could sit as the commercial director of the Shen Family Company be a fool, a woman who could stand apart from Shen Yiming, the designated heir of Old Madam Shen?Impossible, she would be incomparably certain that Lin Hao's current position at the Kyushu Group was that of head of the Ministry of Commerce!How could a man of Xiang Kai's status lower himself to act with Lin Hao because of money?

Shen Ruoxue's face was pale and her heart was so shocked that she stood there dazed for a long time, unable to return to her senses.By the time she raised her head, Lin Hao had already entered the interior of the Kyushu Group.She was the only one standing there at the entrance of the large Kyushu Group....


At eleven o'clock in the morning, in front of Shen Xiyan's company, Shen Yiming walked in with an unhappy face.After going in, he went directly into Shen Xiyan's office.

Shen Siyan, who was seriously doing design drawings, saw her office door being pushed open directly, frowned and looked up to see it was Shen Yiming, and couldn't help the fire in her heart came up: "Shen Yiming, what are you doing here?"

Shen Yiming said with a disdainful face, "Heh, really think I'm willing to come?Grandma forced me to come.I'll leave after one thing, the company's two profitable projects were snatched away by the Kyushu Group last night.Grandmother asked me to tell you that you should go to the Kyushu Group and ask what's going on..."

Shen Xi Yan was all pissed off and laughed, "Shen Yiming, are you an idiot?Huh?The project of Shen's company was robbed by Kyushu Group. Does it have anything to do with me?Did your Shen's company ever share a penny with me?"

Shen Yiming was stunned, thinking about what Shen Xiyan said seemed to make some sense.But he couldn't do it if he was told to beg Shen Xiyan.Thinking back to the past, every time he met Shen Siyan, wasn't he always high and mighty?This e54f7362 will make him put down his body to beg Shen to please?Oh, sorry, he really couldn't do it.

"Get out...or I'll call security!"Shen Xiyan coldly said. The first website

The place where Shen Siyan was currently working had security, and it was a retired special forces soldier, specially arranged by Lin Hao.He didn't want anything to happen to Shen Siyan right under his nose....

Shen Yiming's face instantly darkened and slapped Shen Xiyan's table, saying in a low voice, "Shen Xiyan!How dare you talk to me like that?How dare you disobey your grandmother's orders?"

Shen Siyan thought of last night when she went to the door of Old Mrs. Shen's birthday banquet, when Lin Hao was stopped and insulted by this Shen Yiming and not allowed to enter.A smirk directly appeared on her face, "So you gave me a reason why I should listen to you?By virtue of my surname being Shen?Oh...with my dad alive, you only let him get a dead paycheck?You think you're going to kick us out after my father's death?Leave us to our own devices?Or by the fact that I begged her last night to let me go back to work, yet she won't even give me a junior staff position?"

"You... you you you... you're very good Shen Xiyan... you... you...!"Shen Yiming was choked speechless by Shen Xiyan.It could only let out harsh words.

Just when Shen Yiming wanted to threaten Shen Suyan, two burly and strong security guards came straight into Shen Suyan's office.Without saying a word, the two security guards, one tackle, racked Shen Yiming out as he screamed....

Two security guards drove Shen Yiming to the door and then threw him straight onto the ground hard.One of the security guards with a scar on his head smacked Shen Yiming's face fiercely, "Kid, if you dare to harass Manager Shen again, I'll break one of your legs!"

"You guys, wait up!You guys just wait!"Shen Yiming growled madly at the two security guards.But when the two security guards stared at him again, he was so scared that he ran away....


After Shen Yiming left, Shen Xiyan took a deep breath, she lowered her head to draw the design on the computer again, but she couldn't calm down anymore.She had anger in her heart, and the more she thought about it, the angrier she became.She then sent a WeChat to Lin Hao.

"Just now Shen Yiming came to see me, last night two of the Shen family's projects were snatched up by Kyushu Group, they made me go to Kyushu Group to inquire about it, I'm so angry..."

Lin Hao looked at the tweets sent by Shen Xi Yan on his phone, and Wei Wei smiled and replied, "Don't be angry Xi Yan, the Shen family will beg for you in the future, I'm just afraid that you'll be soft and promise to help them again..."

Shen Xiyan replied, "I'm not helping, they gave my dad's shares last year before his first seven days were over, it's too much!"

Lin Hao said comfortingly, "Well don't worry Xi Yan, those people in the Shen family will definitely regret it..."


Here Lin Hao was chatting with Shen Xiyan, and their relationship was slowly easing.But the Shen family's company is turned upside down, the atmosphere is incomparably depressing, Mrs. Shen sits on the main seat, Shen Jiancheng and Shen Zhiyuan sit on the side, Shen Ruoxue sits at the end, with her head down and not saying a word.The meeting room was just the four of them.

The old lady Shen frowned: "Just now Yiming called over, Xi Yan did not agree to help us ask, and also let the security guard to drive him out.Also, Xi Yan is only a designer for the Kyushu Group, she can't get involved about the project's operation, and she just went, hey."

When Old Mrs. Shen said this, she cast her gaze towards Shen Ruoxue who was sitting at the end, "Ruoxue, didn't you go to the Kyushu Group?How's it going with you?What does Xiang Kai say?"

Shen Ruoxue was still staring with her head down.It wasn't until Shen Zhiyuan touched her that she reacted, "Huh?What's wrong Grandma?"

Old Mrs. Shen frowned lightly and asked, "I'm asking you, what's the situation over there at the Kyushu Group, have you found out what's going on?" Remember the URL

Shen Ruoxue shook her head bitterly, she took a deep look at Old Madam Shen who was sitting on the throne, she didn't answer Old Madam Shen's question, instead she said incomparably bitterly, "Grandmother, what kind of person do you think Lin Hao is?"

Before Old Mrs. Shen spoke, Shen Zhiyuan, who was sitting next to her, said, "Ruoxue, your grandmother is asking you something, why are you mentioning that trash?What time is it now, and you're still mentioning that loser!"Shen Zhiyuan looked dissatisfied.

Shen Ruoxue, however, ignored her father and instead looked at Shen Jiancheng again, "What do you think, uncle?How do you feel about Lin Hao?"

Shen Jiancheng was old and serious, seeing that Lin Ruoxue insisted on asking Lin Hao.He thought seriously, then shook his head, "It's hard to say, he came to our Shen family last year as a door-to-door son-in-law and was beaten and scolded at will, never saying anything back.Such a person is either really useless, or he is very deep in the city.But if it's the latter, what does he want?You know that after your third uncle died, the Shen family has never given any shares or support to Xi Yan and her mother and daughter again..."

Old Mrs. Shen also frowned and said, "Well, your uncle is right, so Lin Hao must be a loser, a complete wimp.Right, Ruoxue, why do you insist on asking this?Now that we've told you our opinion, you can now tell us why you asked Lin Hao, can't you?"

The expression on Shen Ruoxue's face became even more bitter as she swallowed her spit and said with difficulty, "Grandmother, if I say... I mean if, if Lin Hao is now the business director of the Kyushu Group, do you believe this?".

"No way, just that loser, who hasn't even worked a single shift this year, scrounging around at Lao San's house, how could Kyushu Group make him an executive?"Shen Zhiyuan looked disbelieving.

"I also think it's impossible, Lin Hao is a loser after all!"Old Mrs. Shen also said in a deep voice.

Shen Ruoxue looked a bit stunned and said, "Well, I don't believe it either, but the facts are right in front of me, Lin Hao is now the business director of the Kyushu Group.It's Xiang Kai's direct supervisor, I saw Xiang Kai in front of him with my own eyes, scared to death and trembling..."

Buzz... After Shen Ruoxue finished speaking, the entire c4b50907 office was suddenly silent.


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