Dish Best Served Cold 876-880


Chapter 876

Winter Capital City.

    Outside the Ryouga family manor, it was a mess.

    Blood soaked the ground and painful groans permeated everywhere.

    However, in the midst of this mess, there was a thin figure, standing with a smile.

    There was even a beautiful woman beside her, pretty as a picture.

    These two, naturally, were Ye Fan and Liang Gong Ying Yue.

    "You're the Chinese man the intermediary was talking about?"

    "All this, you did this?"

    After Cave-san appeared, he frowned a little when he saw the mess all over the ground in front of him.

    But soon, it was also relaxed.

    The gaze that looked at Ye Fan was filled with a kind of contempt and indifference.

    It seemed that, in his eyes, Ye Fan was just an insignificant ant that could be crushed to death at will.

    "Or else what?"

    "Hardly, and you still think this girl next to me did it?"

    Ye Fan faintly returned.

    The words contained a few teasing words.

    Yes, it was a tease!

    The so-called Yakuza, the Triad Consortium, had actually never entered Ye Fan's eyes at all.

    In front of real power, wealth and power are just illusions.

    As long as Ye Fan was willing, he could step down with one foot.

    Rampage across the void, mountains, rivers, and land are not to be relied upon, only power can be relied upon, only power is eternal!

    Only power is the unchanging truth of all time!

    "In that case, tell me, how do you want to die?"

    Cave Mountain's indifferent voice continued to sound, its emotionless tone as if he was talking to a corpse.

    Ye Fan shook his head, "That's something that the one called Nomura Ichiro, just now, also asked me."

    "I just don't know if he's still breathing, dead or not."

    Ye Fan smiled faintly.


    When Rangong Ying Yue, who was beside her, heard this, she couldn't hold back and puffed out a laugh right out of her mouth.

    I thought to myself that my master was simply too bad.

    If it were an ordinary person, he would probably have been pissed off at Ye Fan.

    As expected, under Ye Fan's repeated provocations, even Cave Mountain, who had already experienced the vicissitudes of the human world, had a pair of old eyes that were unconsciously cold.

    A few hints of coldness surfaced on his old face.

    "Huaxia, I gave you a chance."

    "But nay, you don't know how to cherish it."

    "In that case, there's no way to blame me."


    The moment the words fell, the old man in front of him had a pair of eyebrows that were fiercely cold.

    In the next moment, there was only a stabbing sound, and a ninja sword was suddenly unsheathed!

    The white light of the forest was like a ghost flashing past.

    Cave Mountain held his sword in both hands, his feet on the ground, and in a few breaths, he walked a hundred steps in a row, slashing furiously towards Ye Fan.

    "A ninja?"

    Ye Fan laughed lightly at the sight, while shaking his head.

    "However, it's still too far."

    Between sneers, Ye Fan also stepped out right now.

    He stretched out with one hand and grabbed it out of thin air.

    It was as if he was grasping light, yet seemed to hold electricity.

    In the next moment, he discarded his finger like a blade and sliced at the sky!


    The two sides abruptly touched each other.

    Their figures, like lightning, also crossed paths.

    And then, everything returned to silence.

    It was as if an instant transformation of extreme motion and extreme stillness, here, only the sound of wind and boundless grass and trees remained.

    A few breaths later, a silhouette fell down with a bang.

    The battle, which began quickly, ended quickly!

    After one blow, everything, it came to an end.



    In the hall.

    The banquet was still going on.

    Everyone was exchanging cups, talking and laughing.

    But Miyamoto's intermediary looked out a few times from time to time to see if Cave Mountain had returned.

    "Grandpa, don't worry about it."

    "I heard that Grandpa Caveyama is a peerless ninja!"

    "Back then, when he reigned over the Winter Capital underground boxing ring, no one could match him."

    "Moreover, not only was Grandpa Cave Mountain great at boxing, his ninjutsu was also at the top of his game."

    "You should feel free to cook the wine, and when it's hot, Grandpa Caveyama will return with that man's corpse."

    Chichi Yan seemed to have noticed Miyamoto's intermediary's concern and said with a sudden smile.


    "Chairman Miyamoto, just relax a hundred times."

    "Senior Cave Mountain has stepped in, isn't catching that Chinese brat a handy task?"

    The crowd was persuaded.

    Miyamoto's intermediary nodded when he heard that, too.

    "That's right."

    "It's all my fault for overthinking."

    "Just a punk kid, how much more powerful can he be?"

    Miyamoto's intermediary smiled broadly.

    However, as soon as he finished speaking, there was only a bang.

    The door of the hall was crashed open once again.

    Immediately afterwards, an old man's body, like a cannonball, suddenly flew in after smashing the doors and windows.

    Finally, with a bang, it smashed to the ground.

    There was blood flowing from the corner of his mouth, but he was no longer alive.



    At this moment, the entire hall was dead silent.

    This hall full of people, surprisingly, was instantly silent, and no one dared to speak!

    Thousand Chi Yan's pretty face was pale, and she was so frightened that she just spread out on the floor.

    As for Miyamoto's intermediary, he was even trembling all over, as he was so horrified that he ended up tumbling right off his chair.

    "Peerless Ninja, dead...Died?"


    Who was it that they had messed with the Miyamoto family this time?

    The whole hall was horrified.

    The Miyamoto family members, even more so, were filled with endless trepidation.

    "What...What to do?"

    "Brother, I...Do we run away?"

    This time, it was the second head of the Miyamoto family, the brother of Miyamoto's intermediary, who was also thoroughly frightened.

    Three waves of people, dozens of hanyou, plus a peerless ninja, and not a single one of them even got back in one piece.

    Cave Mountain's corpse was even thrown in directly like a dog.

    The terrifying nature of the other side undoubtedly caused everyone to despair!


    "Where to escape?"

    "Do you still want the Miyamoto family's face?"

    After a long moment of trepidation, Miyamoto's intermediary finally calmed down.

    He cursed angrily and smothered the wine at the table in one gulp.

    "Everyone, come with me."

    "I'd like to see who these people are, exactly?"

    After Miyamoto's intermediary finished his drink, he coldly drank and led the crowd out of the manor.

    He really wanted to see what was the origin of the group of people who were now making their Miyamoto family repeatedly suffer.

    Yes, in everyone's opinion, what was blocking the Miyamoto family outside at this time was not as simple as three to five people.

    It must be a powerful force pouring out of their nest.

    Otherwise, Nomura Ichiro and the other three waves of people, dozens of mouths, the entire might have been defeated so quickly and ended up so miserable?

    This was by no means something that could be done by just three to five people.

    However, when they walked out of the manor and saw the scene in front of them, they were all confused.

    "Senior Cave Mountain, still...And Nomura Ichiro and the others, it's...It was you...You two were injured?"

    In front of the manor gate, Ye Fan stood with his hands in his pockets and stood indifferently.

    Rangong Ying Yue was in a green dress, quietly accompanying Ye Fan.

    Looking at these two harmless people, Miyamoto Intermediary and the others once found it hard to believe their eyes.

    What about the powerful forces that were said to be pouring into the nest?

    What happened to the promised dozens and hundreds of people who were ganged up on?

    But Nima, just one man and two women?

    What was even more shocking was that these two, were still so young!

    Could it be that these two teenage girls were the ones who wiped out the Yakuza, wiped out dozens of Miyamoto's bodyguards, and tortured and killed the peerless ninja, Cave Mountain?

    "No, it's just my master alone, to be precise."

    "I'm just here to watch the fun."

    While the crowd was trembling, Ryouga Ying Yue, however, softly returned, smiling in amusement.

    Miyamoto's intermediary's eyes immediately drew in at the corner of his mouth.

    "One...One person did this?"

    Oh, yeah.

    I'll fuck it up!


Miyamoto Intermediary and the others were close to peeing at that time.

    It was hard for them to believe that all this in front of them was done by Ye Fan alone?

    "This...How is this possible?"

    "How did he do that?"

    The crowd was talking, looking at Ye Fan only as if they were looking at ghosts and gods.

    One person, single-handedly overturning the entire Miyamoto family?

    Even the peerless ninja, Cave Mountain, was beaten to death by it.

    "God, this...What kind of person is this?"

    The crowd was filled with panic.

    Thousand Chi Yan's face was also incomparably livid.

    With so many people present, the only one with joy in her heart was probably Qian Chi Jing, who had a one-sided encounter with Ye Fan.

    This silly girl, who was secretly hiding among the crowd, was looking at that young man with a clear face from afar, but on her pretty face, there was inexplicable joy.

    "I knew, that little gentleman is by no means an ordinary person."

    From the time when Ye Fan first made his move in Jianghai City, Qian Chi Jing had a feeling.

    That young man was by no means an "ordinary man"!

    As the crowd was on edge, Miyamoto's intermediary eventually came out.

    This matter today was always going to end.

    He looked at Ye Fan and said in a deep voice, "It is said that Huaxia, is the place where the world's martial arts originated."

    "Now it seems that this rumor is not false."

    "Your Excellency is only a young teenager, and to be able to defeat the peerless ninja of our country of Japan is really admirable."

    "Congratulations, you have earned my respect with your strength."

    "In that case, if you give me an apology, then today's matter will be cleared up."

    "Don't worry, I, Miyamoto Family, never break my promises."

    "As long as you give us an apology, I will never hold you responsible for ruining my son's arm, breaking the legs of my men, and disrupting my Miyamoto Intermediary's birthday banquet."

    "I will let you go in peace,"

    Miyamoto's intermediary said in a deep voice, but what a tone of voice.

    It was as if he had done something so benevolent and generous, and as if he had given Ye Fan so much kindness.

    "Grandfather, no?"

    "How can you let him off so easily?"

    "This brat from Warsaw, hurting my brother Nakamura so badly and making a fuss about your grandfather's birthday banquet, he danged ten thousand deaths!"

    "How could you just let him go?"

    Chi Chi Yan heard that Miyamoto Agency was planning to just bypass Evan, but then got anxious.

    With red eyes, she yelled at her grandfather.

    "Sister, you can't say that."

    "This young gentleman, what he did was just self-preservation~"

    "We weren't supposed to be too difficult for people."

    Thousand Chi Jing had heard her sister say that about Ye Fan, and then she whispered to help Ye Fan defend herself.

    Thousand Chi Yan was close to dying of anger and was about to angrily scold her sister again.

    "Alright, let's all cut the crap."

    Miyamoto's intermediary spoke out, interrupting their sister's argument and continued, "Yan'er, what you said is good though.But our Miyamoto family is a famous family in the Sun Country, and we should have the magnanimity of a famous family as well."

    "This son is young and did something wrong on impulse, but as long as he sincerely repents, our Miyamoto family, we can still give him a chance to reform."Miyamoto's intermediary said with a pretense of generosity.


    "Worthy of being Chairman Miyamoto, this magnanimity alone is very human."

    "With you leading the Miyamoto family, why wouldn't you worry about flourishing?"

    The crowd was saying compliments.

    However, at this time, Ye Fanton laughed.

    That laughter was loud and full of mockery and ridicule.


    "What are you laughing at?"

    Evan's laughter made Miyamoto's intermediary very unhappy, and he frowned and asked.

    "What am I laughing at?"

    "I'm laughing at you for having eyes and not being able to see the situation!"

    "And make me apologize?"

    "Do you think, right now, you're entitled to that?"

    "I hold the life and death of your Miyamoto family in my hands, what are you going to make me apologize for?"

    Ye Fan laughed coldly, Mori words, but did not give Miyamoto intermediary any face at all.

    Miyamoto Intermediary's old face drew in, and his face went down.

    "Bastard, don't shame yourself!"

    "My grandfather is the vice-president of the Triad Consortium's Manager's Association, how can you, a shabby-looking poor bastard, be insulted?"

    Miyamoto's intermediary hadn't spoken yet, but Chichi Yan was the first to speak up, cursing angrily.

    "All right, Yan'er, you can step back first."

    Miyamoto Intermediary waved his hand, interrupting Chi Chi Yan's words first, but with a gloomy old face, he asked to Ye Fan, "Then I wonder what Your Excellency, what exactly do you want?"

    Ye Fan smiled lightly, "It's simple."

    "You just sent someone to kill me in return."

    "You take your life in return!"


    With a low cry, Ye Fan's majestic momentum was only like a gale, sweeping across the four directions.

    A dense killing intent, even more like boiling tide!

    Ancestor, not to be insulted.

    Ye Fan didn't like killing, nor did he like trouble.

    However, that didn't mean that he could be humiliated at will.

    Earlier, if it wasn't for that Gong Benan who didn't know whether he was alive or dead and didn't know how to show respect to Ye Fan, he even spoke out of his mouth and asked Ye Fan to break his arm and apologize to him on his knees.

    Such an offense, if Ye Fan didn't kill him, it was already a great mercy to him.

    But I didn't expect that this Miyamoto intermediary didn't know how to be grateful.

    After Ye Fan appeared, he didn't even distinguish between right and wrong, he didn't even see himself and sent people around to kill him as soon as he came up.

    Mudbloods also had three degrees of fire.

    What's more, Ye Fan who was the Lord of the Dragon God?

    Before coming, Ye Fan had planned to spare the Miyamoto family if the Miyamoto family's master was reasonable.

    But who would have thought that as soon as Ye Fan appeared, he was greeted by Miyamoto's intermediaries who mercilessly besieged him one after another.

    Now, he even licked his face and demanded that Ye Fan apologize to him?

    This made Ye Fan, how could he not be angry?

    However, in the face of Ye Fan's sensible words, Miyamoto's intermediary didn't even have the slightest bit of trepidation, but instead shook his head and laughed.

    "What an arrogant little child!"

    "Do you really think that because you defeated the Yakuza and killed the Peerless Ninja, my Miyamoto Clan is afraid of you and can't do anything about it?"

    "Let's just say, ignorance is fearless."

    "You're from Warsaw, and you don't know what the Triumvirate Consortium stands for in this Japanese country.What's more, what kind of power does my Miyamoto family have as one of the three core families of the Trihexa Foundation?"

    Miyamoto's intermediary said faintly, looking at Ye Fan with a gaze full of pity.

    "Little fellow, you're afraid that you don't know yet, but from the time I walked here, there were no less than thirty snipers that have secretly gone out with me."

    "I can tell you without exaggeration that there are at least thirty sniper rifles that are locked on your head right now."

    "As soon as I give the order, your head will just explode into fireworks right here!"

    "How about it, young man, now do you still think that I, Miyamoto Agency, don't have the right to make you apologize?"

    Miyamoto's intermediary smiled coldly, his words full of gruffness and grimness.


In fact, he was never prepared to let Ye Fan return alive in the first place.

    Saying those words just now was just stalling for time.

    After all, in front of so many people, making their Miyamoto family make such a big scandal, if he was still allowed to get back in one piece, then his Miyamoto intermediary's old face would undoubtedly be completely disgraced.

    Just a few seconds ago, he had gotten word that all the snipers were in position.

    Dozens of AWM sniper rifles had been set up in their designated positions.

    The AWM was one of the most powerful sniper rifles in the world, and could penetrate an aircraft carrier's armor from seven hundred meters away.

    These dozens of sniper rifles, as long as one bullet even hit Ye Fan's arm, then his entire upper body will immediately explode into meat.

    Therefore, Miyamoto Intermediary didn't think in the slightest that this Ye Fan had any chance of surviving against their Miyamoto family's snipers.


    "The snipers are out?"

    "It looks like the Miyamoto family has really been pushed this time."


    "I've long heard that the Miyamoto family has raised a group of mercenaries, but now it seems that it's true."

    "It's worthy of being one of the core families of the Trihexa Consortium."

    "In the entire country of Japan, they're the only monopoly consortium that has this kind of financial power, right?"

    After hearing the words of Miyamoto's intermediary, the crowd was overcome with emotion, and the awe in their hearts for this Miyamoto family was suddenly a little stronger.

    However, while everyone was waiting to see Ye Fan get blossomed by bullets, Chi Chi Jing suddenly rushed out of the crowd and kneeled in front of Miyamoto's intermediary, begging bitterly.

    "Grandfather, please, please don't kill him, okay?"

    "He saved me, he's Jing's benefactor."

    "Please Grandfather, don't you know that you have always taught us to be grateful for our kindness?"

    "Give him a break, will you?"

    Thousand Chi Jing's eyebrows were red, her voice choked, and she couldn't stop begging.

    Although she and Ye Fan were just duckweed, but sometimes, the goodwill between people came that simple.

    For the girl in front of her who had not yet entered the world, she didn't know anything about family face, let alone human emotions, she only knew that those who had helped her, she should also give it back.

    Yes, although this common world is filthy.

    But in the end, there were some people who came out of the mud without being stained.

    Their world was simple: those who were good to her, she would also pour her heart out to them.

    "Spare him?"

    "Then those who died under him, are you going to take your life to pay for it?"

    "Get out of my way, you beast!"

    Miyamoto intermediary cursed angrily and smacked Chi Chi Jing directly in the face while kicking her aside.

    Then, Miyamoto's intermediary's cold gaze looked at Ye Fan, "Young man, this is the end!"

    "Today, I will make you understand that there are some people, some forces, that you cannot afford to offend."

    The moment the words fell, only Miyamoto's intermediary arm was raised and slashed at the sky.

    At the same time, a designation to shoot on the spot was conveyed!




    With Miyamoto's intermediary's order, the crowd vaguely heard, several low sonic booms, quietly coming.

    Immediately after, tongues of fire spewed out, and a full thirty supersonic bullets, as if they were the scythes of death, flew in from all directions.

    "Little sir, dodge~"

    Chike cried out with tears.

    But it was already too late.

    The "giant net" that harvested life arrived in an instant, and in the blink of an eye, it engulfed Ye Fan.

    The ground caved in and the hard cobblestone ground exploded.

    Rubble flew and dust splattered everywhere.

    That skinny body disappeared into the dusty sky like this.

    "Farce, it's finally over."

    Miyamoto Intermediary's heart was then relieved at the sight, and he laughed softly.

    These snipers, all of them were retired special forces..

    Every single one of them, they've been through hundreds of battles.

    The lives that died under their guns ranged from thousands to hundreds.

    Even the president of a small country had been assassinated by them.

    A fire attack like the one just now, even an armored tank would be able to explode.

    What's more, a district brat?

    So, Miyamoto's intermediary had no doubt at all that the Chinese kid would probably have already been blown to pieces by the sniper rifle.


    "Bastard, make your own mistakes!"

    "You've brought this on yourself."

    In her ears, there was the sound of Chiike Yan's unbridled laughter.

    Miyamoto's intermediary also waved his hand, gesturing for everyone to go back to their meals, and just leave the aftermath of this side to his men.

    However, just as the crowd was about to leave, the dust in front of them, had already dispersed.

    Under the Heavenly River, that thin figure, however, was still standing there.

    The breeze lifted his forehead hair, and his sleeves, all over his body, danced fiercely in the wind.

    He was standing with his hands in the air!

    He's all smirk!

    The profound gaze swept over the crowd like this.

    It was as if a generation of kings were looking down on the courtiers!

    "A mere gun, and you presume to be our enemy?"

    The majestic voice reverberated like thunder.

    Everyone was all confused.


    "This...How is this possible?"

    "Hard against bullets, and you're still alive?"

    Looking at the safe and sound young man in front of them, the eyes of Miyamoto's intermediary and the others were almost popping out, Jairus' eyes.

    They stared with dead eyes, finding it hard to believe the scene before them.

    "No, it can't be!"

    "That's never going to happen~"

    "This Magnum bullet can penetrate even an armored car."

    "Can't kill a punk?"

    "Everyone, on my command, keep shooting at him."

    "One shot does not make two shots!"

    "If two shots don't work, then ten shots will~"

    "I don't believe it, this punk's flesh is still not cast in copper and iron?"

    Intermediary Miyamoto roared furiously, his entire body shouting hysterically as if he was crazy.

    Beside him, Miyamoto Minami, whose arm was wrapped in bandages, was similarly roaring.

    "Father, you must kill him, kill him~"

    Just like this, amidst the roar of this father and son, the second wave of attacks came again.

    Thousands of meters away, on top of the roof of the skyscraper, dozens of infrared sights instantly aimed at Ye Fan, and dozens of triggers were pulled near-simultaneously.

    Dozens of sonic booms quietly exploded.

    The bullets tore through the canopy, once again weaving a web of death, covering wildly towards Ye Fan's direction.

    "Go to hell, bastard~"

    Gongben Nan and his sons roared sarcastically.

    This time, Ye Fan didn't just stand there and die, but stepped on the ground and took several steps.

    Just like this, he wove his way out amidst the gunfire and bullets.

    Passing through thousands of flowers, not a single leaf was stained!

    All the bullets, with no doubt the exception, hit the empty space.

    Everyone drew a breath of cold air at the scene in front of them.

    "Actually...Surprisingly, dodged...Dodged?"

    The crowd was horrified, but Ye Fan laughed lowly.

    "My turn!"

    In the next moment, Ye Fan's eyes suddenly chilled.

    Immediately after, he turned his finger into a sword and stroked at the sky.


    Several strains of energy seemed to turn into swords, sweeping across the long sky.

    On the rooftop in front, three corpses, falling down in response, were sealed by a sword, and blood mixed with the corpses, smashed down from the roof.

    With a bang, blood mixed with brains and splattered all over the floor.




"Out finger into a sword?"



    Fuck me, right?

    Is this a fucking person?

    As the saying goes, if you don't move, you're amazing.If you don't fly, you'll be flying!

    Just the moment Ye Fan made his move, it shook the crowd.

    Everyone stared with dead eyes, like looking at a devil, at the young man who was killing the world.

    In their hearts, they were filled with waves of shock sweeping through.

    They only felt that the combined shock of a lifetime was not as much as what came today.

    However, how could they know that this was just the beginning.

    After killing the three in one fell swoop, Ye Fan continued to attack.

    Under the Heavenly River, he stepped forward.

    Between the sea of clouds, he waved his sleeves and cut wildly!

    One person after another fell, and one line of blood spurted out after another.

    Even though some of them were thousands of meters away, Ye Fan's attacks were as if he had eyes.

    Each qi energy hit those gunmen who were hiding in the shadows with unerring accuracy.

    Many of them, without even pressing the trigger, had already had their throats sealed by Ye Fan's qi energy, blood spurting out.

    "The fourth one!"




    "The eighth~"


    "The twelfth..."


    In the blazing wind, Ye Fan's sleeves danced wildly.

    The low, deep voice was like the chanting of death.

    With every sound he made, one person would fall right after.

    Those vivid lives, however, were all turned into cold numbers in Ye Fan's mouth.

    This wasn't a battle at all, this was a one-sided slaughter.

    Ye Fan's entire body, as if he was in no man's land!

    Sweeping across the arena with an invincible posture.

    The Ye Fan in front of him, in the eyes of the crowd, was no longer a young man with an innocent face, but a Demon God who was killing the four corners of the earth!

    He's got no life in his hands!

    It's as if he's the one who's in control of the world, the one who's in control of the world!

    Yes, from the moment Ye Fan was crowned as a Heavenly Scholar and practiced the Cloud Heavenly Dao, he had already embarked on a "path of kings" bathed in blood and fire.

    One day, I, Chu Tian Fan, will have the world to myself, and I will be the king of black and white!

    I will kill anyone who tries to kill me!



    Ye Fan's cold and gloomy voice was still echoing.

    But the crowd here was already numb with fear.

    Miyamoto Nan's old face was pale and trembling tremendously.

    Thousand Chi Yan stared at them with dead eyes, terrified!

    As for Miyamoto's intermediary, he was even closer to being scared out of his wits.


    "This...Who the hell is this?"

    "No...No. Is he still.... still human?"

    Miyamoto's intermediary lost his voice and muttered.

    How could he have ever imagined that the little man he had previously thought he could crush to death with his bare hands would be such a terrifying existence!

    He can plan in his tent and kill from a thousand meters away.

    No wonder, he dared to go here single-handedly.

    He suddenly regretted a bit, perhaps he shouldn't have fought him hard enough to send someone to kill him.

    "Da...Big brother, I...Let's go soft."

    "Don't harden up."

    "Otherwise, after finishing off those gunmen, we'll be the next step~"


    "Brother, say something~"

    "Speak up~"

    "If we let him kill any more, our Miyamoto family's hundred years of accumulation will be gone~"

    While Miyamoto's intermediary's mind was blank, his brother was persuading him bitterly.

    To have Miyamoto Intermediary bow down to Ye Fan and raise his clan to apologize in order to get Ye Fan's understanding.

    Not only to preserve them, but also to preserve these gunmen that their Miyamoto family had painstakingly cultivated.

    Obviously, Ye Fan's might had completely shaken the Miyamoto family.

    In this situation, they had no choice but to bow down and make peace!

    In the end, Miyamoto's intermediary lowered his proud head and nodded his head.


    "Father, no."

    "How can my Miyamoto family, a family of a hundred years, bow down to a young Chinese child?"

    Even now, Miyamoto Minami was still yelling.

    However, as soon as he finished speaking, Miyamoto's intermediary slapped him right in the face.

    "Shut up!"

    "You beast~"

    "You have the fucking nerve to talk?"

    "If it wasn't for you, how could my Miyamoto family have incurred this great calamity?"

    "I shouldn't have given birth to your rebellious son in the first place!"

    "Today, if I, Miyamoto, die, it will be because of you!"

    Miyamoto Intermediary gritted his teeth and roared, his red eyes madly cursing.

    Today was supposed to be a day of great joy for Miyamoto Intermediary, but because of this rebellious son of his, he had provoked these people without knowing whether they were alive or dead, ultimately bringing about the destruction of their Miyamoto family.

    How could Intermediary Miyamoto not be angry?

    I'm going to kick this traitor to death!

    "Someone, break his arms and cripple his limbs for me."

    "Cripple him, and then hand him over for forgiveness!"

    Miyamoto's intermediary gritted his teeth and roared low.

    Hearing this, Miyamoto Nan finally panicked.

    He had never thought that just to appease Ye Fan's anger, his father would have to hand him over crippled?


    "Father, I'm your son, I'm your own son."

    "You can't do that, you can't~"

    Miyamoto Nan tears like rain, hugging Miyamoto intermediary's legs, unable to stop kneeling and crying.

    Filled with remorse, should have known, killed, did not provoke Ye Fan this killing embryo ah.

    However, where Miyamoto intermediary pay attention, kicked him away.

    "Evil beast, I have warned you earlier."

    "I, Miyamoto Intermediary, am pregnant with nine sons, and you, Miyamoto Nan, are just one of them."

    "Without you, I have other sons."

    "You can be mediocre and incompetent, but you must not cause me any trouble."

    "All that can be said about this now is that you have no one to blame but yourself,"

    Miyamoto Intermediary shook his head and said, while waving his hand, he directly gave Miyamoto Minami the death sentence.

    Miyamoto Intermediary then stepped forward and bowed to Ye Fan's direction, "I, Miyamoto Intermediary, have failed to teach my son well, and have made a great mistake today to anger Mr. Miyamoto."

    "I am willing to surrender my sinful son to be disposed of at sir's disposal!"

    "Just please sir, stop the killing!"

    As Miyamoto's intermediary stepped out, the rest of the Miyamoto family, too, came forward to pay their respects.

    Words of respect, and voices of trepidation, all sounded together, gathering into a stream..

    "The Miyamoto family would bow down and make peace, only to ask sir, to stop the killing~"


    "Please sir, stop the killing~"


    "Please sir, stop the killing~"


    In front of the manor, nearly a hundred people from the Miyamoto family, men, women, and children, all bowed their heads together.

    The sounds of misery gathered into a stream, but it impacted the entire world.

    Thousand Chi Jing was naturally among them, also begging Ye Fan to stop the killing.

    Seeing the Miyamoto family's crowd bowing down, Ye Fan also finally stopped moving.

    Beneath the Heavenly River, he stood with his hands in the air, and he proudly sneered.

    His profound gaze slowly swept over the bodies of Miyamoto Intermediary and everyone else.

    At this time, Miyamoto Nan had already had his limbs broken and was brought before Ye Fan.

    "Sir, a thousand mistakes are all the fault of this adversary."

    "From now on, he is no longer a member of my Miyamoto family and is at your disposal, sir."

    "I only hope to appease the anger of sir and spare my Miyamoto family."Miyamoto Intermediary begged miserably.

    Under the absolute power of Ye Fan, even if reprimanding the Miyamoto family in Winter Capital, they finally bowed down and begged for peace.

    Miyamoto intermediary even surrendered his son to beg for forgiveness from Ye Fan.

    At this time, the head of the family, faced with Ye Fan, but only fear and trepidation, no longer have the slightest dignity and arrogance.


In front of the manor, Miyamoto Intermediary and the others bowed down in unison, asking for Ye Fan's forgiveness.

    However, in the face of their pleas for forgiveness, Ye Fan lightly smiled.

    "If you had such an attitude from the beginning."

    "How could things, then, have developed to this point?"

    The corner of Ye Fan's mouth held a smile, and his faint words seemed to have a hint of playfulness to them.

    "Yes yes yes."

    "Sir said yes."

    "It was my momentary confusion that offended sir."

    "These, I, Miyamoto, am to blame."

    Miyamoto Intermediary nodded his head repeatedly, good-naturedly appeasing Ye Fan.

    Even, when talking to Ye Fan, Miyamoto Intermediary's entire body was shaking ah.

    This teenager, was a killing embryo.

    Intermediary Miyamoto was really worried that Ye Fan would slaughter himself again if he didn't agree with him.

    At the same time, his heart was naturally filled with remorse.

    If he had known that this Ye Fan was so powerful, he would not have said anything earlier to send Nakamura and the others to surround and kill him.

    All along, their Miyamoto family has been all-powerful in the Winter Capital, backed by the Sanhe Foundation, a hundred years old family, with their Miyamoto family's power, even if the entire Japanese country, those who can arm wrestle with them, are definitely no more than a few hands.

    Therefore, they are usually arrogant and domineering in life.

    The first thought that comes to mind when you provoke them is to take revenge.

    But who would have thought that this time, they would have kicked the iron plate.

    Not only did they lose face, but they also lost a lot of money for the Miyamoto family.

    Cave Hill died, they worked hard to train dozens of snipers, also lost most of them.

    Ten years of trees, a hundred years of trees.

    Money can be made again when it's gone, but if the people are gone, it's difficult to cultivate.

    "Sir, I've handed over that evil son to you."

    "Your grudge with our Miyamoto family, let's end here."

    "I hope that in the future, the well water between us will no longer be exchanged!"

    Miyamoto's intermediary said in a deep voice, vainly trying to bring today's events to a close.

    However, as Evan listened, he shook his head and laughed.

    "It ends here?"

    "Do you think, maybe?"Ye Fan chuckled lightly.

    The crowd at the scene was instantly stunned.

    Miyamoto Intermediary's old face also instantly sank.

    "Your Excellency, don't bully others too much."

    "My Miyamoto family has already bowed down and apologized, and my son, Miyamoto Nan, has also handed over."

    "What exactly do you still want?"

    There was anger lingering in Miyamoto's intermediary's tone.

    "Am I bullying too much?"Ye Fan smiled back, "I just want to ask you, if the one who loses today [PEN] is me, you will deal with me this way?"

    "Will I be spared because I bow down and apologize?"

    "This..."Miyamoto Intermediary was stunned.

    Ye Fan was right, if it was Ye Fan who lost today, Intermediary Miyamoto would definitely not spare him.

    He would even make Ye Fan's entire family come to accompany him to his funeral!

    Mercy does not rule the army, righteousness does not rule wealth.

    The Miyamoto family could be in the position they are today in the Japanese state, and it was by no means through any kind of benevolence that they sat there.

    Every family in the six major conglomerates, which one of them does not have the blood of their enemies on their hands?

    The weak are the prey of the strong, the survival of the fittest.

    This world is so cruel!

    What's more, Miyamoto intermediary was trying to kill him before.

    If he, Ye Fan, didn't have a monstrous means, he would be a dead corpse today.

    So, how could Ye Fan let them off lightly because of an apology from the Miyamoto family?

    "But...But, I...I've already handed over my son."

    "Isn't, isn't that enough?"

    "Certainly not enough!"As soon as Miyamoto's intermediary's words fell, Ye Fan's angry voice followed, "You're the one who ordered me to be killed, so when it comes to death, it's also you!"


    The crowd was shocked at the news.

    The Miyamoto intermediaries, even more so, were filled with trepidation.

    They had thought that this young man in front of them would take into account the might of the Miyamoto family in the Sun Country and stop at nothing.

    However, they never thought that this Ye Fan would be so overbearing.

    Threatening to make Miyamoto's intermediary pay for his life!

    "You...You're going to kill me?"

    "You.... you've got a lot of nerve."

    "Do you know what you, yourself, are talking about?"

    "I, Miyamoto Agency, but I am the vice president of the Triad Foundation's managerial board."

    "If you kill me, you'll be defying the Triad Consortium."

    "The Triad Consortium, with dozens of families, controls half the power of the Japanese State."

    "I guarantee that if you kill me, you will incur the insane retaliation of the Triumvirate Foundation."

    "You alone can counter my Miyamoto family, could you not also counter nearly a hundred powers in half the country of Japan?"

    "By then, the world will be so big that I fear there will be no place for you anymore!"

    With a pale old face, Miyamoto's intermediary couldn't stop warning Evan.

    The Manager's Council of the Trio Consortium was honorable and inviolable.

    In the beginning, an agreement was made within the Trio Consortium that whenever one member of the managerial board was humiliated, the entire board would help.

    Therefore, if Ye Fan really killed Miyamoto's intermediary today, he would definitely receive the combined retaliation of the Trio Consortium.


    "Your Excellency, don't be impulsive."

    "Since Chairman Miyamoto has apologized for today's incident, you just have to accept it as it is."

    "Otherwise, if you really mess with the Triumvirate Consortium, then you'll be facing the combined retaliation of dozens of forces."

    "There shouldn't be any one person in this world who possesses the ability to stand up to thousands of people, right?"

    The rest of them also advised Ye Fan.

    Even Rangong Ying Yue spoke out.

    "Master, I think we should spare him."

    "The Miyamoto family is after all backed by the Sanhe Consortium, and now that they've bowed down in public and apologized, they're already sincere."

    "There's no need, to drive him to extinction again."

    "Otherwise, I'm afraid that the master's future situation will be really dangerous."

    Rangong Ying Yue had been born in the country of Japan since she was a child, so she naturally knew something about the energy of the six consortiums.

    The energies of these monopoly consortiums were spread across all walks of life in the Sun Country.

    Some of them could even mobilize armies if they wished.

    Even though the overall strength of the Sanhe Consortium was the weakest among the six major consortiums, but if the major families united, some of them could even mobilize their armies.

    But an individual big family would not be able to fight against it if they united.

    "What? Even you think that I will be afraid of this Triumvirate Consortium?"

    Listening to what the crowd advised, but Ye Fan shook his head and laughed.

    The words were filled with arrogance and contempt.

    "As powerful as they are, can they still be bigger than the Chu family?"

    "No matter how strong the power is, it's still stronger than a title master?"

    "I don't even care about the world's number one giants, so why should I be afraid of this little Triumvirate Consortium?"

    "Today, not to mention him as a vice-president, even if the Global General Manager of the Triad Consortium is here, I will still behead him!"

    Ye Fan smiled proudly.

    The majestic sound was like thunder reverberating, and Ranggong Ying Yue only felt that it was all Ye Fan's, sloshing in his ears.

    However, just as Ye Fan was dissuaded and prepared to kill Miyamoto's intermediary in anger, a majestic voice, however, rang out from behind him.

    "Even I have to be beheaded?"

    "The Chu family doesn't even care?"

    "Your Excellency is quite a mouthful!"

    "You don't really think that by stepping on and destroying the Miyamoto family, you'll be able to stop fearing my Sanhei Foundation, do you?No fear of the world anymore, right?"


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