Dish Best Served Cold 871-875


Chapter 871

In Winterfell, tall buildings towered over the city.

    On the streets, there was a lot of traffic.

    Before a small street shop, but there was a lot of noise.

    More than a dozen men fell to the ground, moaning in pain.

    Ye Fan looked indifferent, looking down on them in that condescending manner.

    And after experiencing a brief moment of trepidation, Miyamoto Nan then laughed.

    "What are you laughing at?"

    Ye Fan's face was expressionless, and he asked him coldly.

    Miyamoto Nan shook his head and said, "It's nothing, just pitying you and feeling sad for you."

    As he said this, Miyamoto Nan, with a sardonic smile on his face, climbed up from the ground.

    He took a cigarette from his bag and lit it.


    He took a drag, and the faint ring of smoke lingered for a moment.

    "You know what I pity you for, kid?"

    "Sympathy for you, no matter how good or strong you are, what can you do?"

    "You wouldn't dare kill me."

    "Because I'm the young master of the Miyamoto family."

    "The prince of Sanhei Heavy Industries!"

    "Do you know who my father is?"

    "It's Miyamoto Agency."

    "One of the three presidents of the Triad Consortium."

    Miyamoto Minami said proudly, so loudly that the crowd of onlookers heard it.

    Almost instantly, a considerable stir was created in the area.


    "He's the prince of the Triumvirate?"

    "His father is even Miyamoto Agency?"

    "One of the three presidents of the Golden Rock Society?"

    "So that's it!"

    "With this kind of background, no wonder he dares to run rampant in Winter Capital."

    The crowd trembled, and their gazes towards Miyamoto Nan became awe-inspiring.

    In the country of Japan, whether it was politics or business, it was the six financial consortiums that truly controlled the right to speak.

    These six major consortiums not only monopolized all the economic lifelines within the country of Japan, they even dictated the direction of the political arena.

    Behind every government of the State of Japan, the shadow of those six monopoly consortia can be seen.

    It could be said that they were the true hegemon of the Japanese society.

    The Triad Foundation was exactly one of the six major consortiums.

    Each consortium, set up a managerial board as the highest authority of this huge consortium.

    The Golden Rock Society, naturally, was the managerial board of the Triad Consortium.

    To be able to hold an important position in the Golden Rock Council, it could be seen that this Miyamoto family must also have a considerable position in the Triad Foundation.

    Hearing this, many people began to advise Ye Fan.

    "Little brother, he's right."

    "This Miyamoto family, you really can't afford to mess with them."

    "They're backed by the Sanhe Consortium ah, that's a financial giant."

    "Listen to Uncle, quickly apologize and admit your mistake, and this might just be over."

    "Otherwise, if you offend the Miyamoto family, I'm afraid you won't be able to live in peace for the rest of your life~"



    "A good man doesn't get hurt."

    "It's not worth it to offend such a great man for an octopus yaki~"

    "Triad Consortium, you're a huge power~"

    I don't know if it was because of sympathy or worry, but the crowd was advising Ye Fan.

    Endure the calm for a while, take a step back and broaden the sea.

    Let Ye Fan quickly apologize to Miyamoto Nan.

    Even Rangong Ying Yue, after learning that this Miyamoto family was backed by the Sanhe Consortium, a small face went three times white.

    "Master, why don't we just forget about it?"

    "We'd better leave quickly."

    Ryouga Ying Yue advised in a low voice.

    Hearing this, the smile on Miyamoto Nan's face was undoubtedly even greater.

    "Bastard, how's it going?"

    "Now you know you're scared, right?"

    "My Miyamoto family reigns supreme and only has one hand to cover the sky."

    "How can it be messed with by an unknown jerk like you?"

    "However, today I think of you as young, as long as you kneel down and apologize to me now, cut off your own arm, and give me the girl next to you, maybe if I am in a good mood, I can spare your life!"

    When Miyamoto Nan saw that Ye Fan remained silent, he thought that Ye Fan was afraid after knowing his identity.

    Thus, Gongbenan was undoubtedly even more brazen and was speaking to Ye Fan at his beck and call.

    However, Miyamoto Nan frowned when he saw that Ye Fan never made any movements.


    "Are you still disgruntled?"

    "You don't still want to rely on those fists and feet of yours to counteract my Miyamoto family, do you?"

    "I'll tell you, my Miyamoto family is one of the three core families of the Triad, and has many loyal members under its doors."

    "Even the Yakuza, the number one Yakuza power in the Japanese country, bows down to my Triad."

    "Even if you're really strong and can fight ten or a hundred at a time, but what about thousands and thousands of people?"

    "I can remind you that the Yakuza group is spread all over the Japanese country and can reach ten thousand people."

    "And if my Miyamoto family wishes, we can mobilize an armed squad as well."

    "When the time comes, the guns will be eyeless."

    "Even if you have bronze heads and iron arms, you will surely be beaten into a sieve!"

    Miyamoto laughed fiercely, his cold words full of chill.

    He stood there condescendingly, just waiting for Ye Fan to kneel down to him and beg for mercy.

    However, after hearing that, Ye Fan shook his head and laughed.

    "I'm asking you, which is stronger or weaker of your Miyamoto Clan, compared to the Japanese State Sword God Palace?"


    "The Sword God Palace?"Miyamoto Minami was slightly stunned, "What's that?"

    Ye Fan's mouth smiled even more at the sound.

    And then, a cold shout.

    "You don't even know about the Sword God Palace?"

    "It seems that your Miyamoto family is nothing more than a frog in a well and a mouse in the eye."

    "And with that, you dare to boss me around?"

    Ye Fan shook his head and said, Mori's words were only like a death sentence for Miyamoto Nan.

    And then, the winds swirled, and Ye Fan stepped forward and drank, "Kneel down!"


    The drink was like thunder, and in an instant, a majestic momentum, like the abyssal sea, came crazily from Ye Fan's body.

    Gong Bennan then only felt a heavy pressure coming on, his legs were as heavy as lead.

    In the end, with a bang, it was hard to see the heavy burden and kneeled on the ground.

    "Son of a bitch, you dare to insult me?"

    "I promise, I, Miyamoto Clan, will make you die a horrible death~"

    Miyamoto Nan, who was forced to kneel, was furious, his eyes red, and roared hysterically at Ye Fan.

    But where did Ye Fan pay attention.

    After drinking out a word, he immediately followed it up with a kick and kicked at Gong Bennan's right arm.


    An ear-piercing sound of tendons and bones shattering then rang out.

    With a kick, Ye Fan directly crippled one of Miyamoto's arms and shattered his right arm.


    "Son of a bitch~"


    Miyamoto Minami moaned miserably and rolled around holding his arms, the sharp pain in his hands nearly causing him to faint.

    Tears mixed with blood couldn't stop flowing.

    Watching Miyamoto's miserable end, the crowd was horrified.

    This place was actually silent.

    Ye Fan's fierceness undoubtedly shook everyone.


"Young Master..."

    "Bastard, you...You actually ruined our young master's leg?"

    "I'm telling you, you're finished."

    "Just you wait, the Miyamoto family's endless revenge!"

    While the crowd was trembling, those men of Miyamoto Nan had already gotten up from the ground.

    They roared at Ye Fan as they frantically carried Miyamoto Nan into the car, while they hurriedly drove away.

    With the departure of the Miyamoto family's people, the heavens and earth were calm again.

    But Ranggong Ying Yue was worried.

    "Master, the Sanhe Consortium is very powerful in the Japanese country."

    "Since this Miyamoto Family is backing the Sanhe Consortium, I'm afraid that they will never let go of today's incident."

    "When the time comes, they will definitely bring someone to seek revenge on you."

    Liang Gong Ying Yue's pretty face contained worry.

    Ye Fan had no worries and instead even lightly smiled, "Seeking revenge on me?"

    "It doesn't have to be so troublesome, though."

    "Today, isn't it the sixtieth birthday of the head of that Miyamoto family?"

    "Now that we've met them, it's just as well that we'll personally pay our respects!"

    "And by the way, pay a visit to a certain deceased person."

    Ye Fan said in a low voice.

    He stood with a negative hand, looking away from the direction where Miyamoto Nan and the others had just left, and his mouth took on an inexplicable curve.

    "The Triumvirate Consortium?"



    Winterkyo, Central District.

    This is the most prosperous area of Winter Capital, bar none.

    Everywhere you look, there are towering skyscrapers.

    Banks, department stores, listed companies, everything.

    However, it was in this inch of the central area, but there was a manor that stood on a very large area.


    "Sister, so many luxury cars."

    "The streets are full of them."

    "I remember Grandpa's birthday last year, it wasn't half as crowded as this year's, was it?"

    At this time, outside the manor, luxury cars were gathering.

    Celebrities from all walks of life that were rare to see in normal days were now all converging here.

    Looking at the lively scene outside the manor, a young woman, her eyes filled with trembling, lamented incessantly.

    If Ye Fan had been here, he would have discovered that the woman in front of him was the two sisters, Qian Chi Yan and Qian Chi Jing, who had had a chance to meet them in Jiang Hai.

    "Look at your unseen face."

    "This year is Grandfather's sixtieth birthday."

    "It's a birthday that comes once every ten years!"

    "The specifications are certainly far beyond the usual."

    "This time, it's said that the general manager of the Triad Consortium Manager's Association will be there to congratulate Grandpa?"

    Thousand Chi Yan said arrogantly.

    The gaze that looked at Chi Chi Jing was filled with helplessness and dislike.

    She's so old and still doesn't understand anything.

    How did he himself have such a stupid sister?

    Naturally unaware of her sister's heartfelt voice, Chiharu still exclaimed.


    "The General Manager is coming too?"


    "Then Grandpa must be overjoyed."

    Chichi Jing enthused.

    The Sanhei Foundation was one of the six major consortiums in the country of Japan, and could be considered a powerful one.

    However, there were also many factions within the Sanhei Consortium, and over the years, the great families had fought over the control of the Sanhei Consortium.

    There were even signs of a split in the Triumvirate Consortium at one point.

    In the process, there was one person who was able to turn the tide and completely reverse the split within the Triad Consortium by relying on his power, sweeping away the Six Harmonies, consolidating the strength of all the families, and eventually ascending to the seat of the General Manager of the Triad Consortium.

    He completely controlled the entire Triad Foundation and made the families submit.

    However, after all these years, this General Manager has been living in a secluded place, only commanding behind the scenes and never showing up.

    Now, in order to wish his grandfather's birthday, he had made an exception, and Chichi Jing naturally felt surprised and honored.

    "Alright, don't talk nonsense."

    "Hurry in and pay your respects to your grandfather, right?"

    Thousand Chi Yan was in no mood to chat with Thousand Chi Jing, and after urging her, she entered the huge manor before her.

    In the hall, it could be said that it was full of guests.

    All kinds of business celebrities and political elites had come to congratulate and wish her a happy birthday.

    There were even popular stars, invited to come.

    But these stars, compared to those lofty and powerful dignitaries, were only standing.

    After all, a playboy is a playboy, and can't go on stage at all.

    At the highest place in the hall, there was only the old man sitting peacefully.

    Although the old man is already sixty, but the body is hard, hale and hearty, speaks awkwardly and powerfully, not the slightest sign of old age.

    Yes, this person was the head of the Miyamoto family, one of the vice-presidents of the Triumvirate Consortium Manager's Club, Miyamoto Intermediary.


    "Chairman Miyamoto is getting older and stronger, I haven't seen him for years, but he's not aged at all."

    "I, Suzuki Green, on behalf of the Suzuki Family, have wished Chairman Miyamoto a birthday."


    "You're welcome, you're welcome."

    "Quickly sit down~"

    Miyamoto's intermediary smiled back.

    Soon, as the Suzuki family offered the birthday gift, the rest of the guests from all parties, also went up to wish the birthday.

    "Happy birthday, Chairman Miyamoto!"

    "I, Ichiro Nomura, on behalf of the members of the Yakuza, present a birthday gift to Chairman Miyamoto."

    "I wish Chairman Miyamoto, good health and prosperity!"

    At this moment, a sturdy man with tattoos paid respectful homage.

    Upon seeing this man, many guests were shocked.

    "I'm going!"

    "Worthy of the Miyamoto family, even the Yakuza have sent someone to wish them a happy birthday."

    In Japan, the Yakuza was undoubtedly a powerful force that everyone knew about as well.

    Once upon a time, this organization had ruled the entire underground society of the Sun Country.

    At that time, it was said that in the country of Japan, the daytime belonged to the six major conglomerates and the nighttime belonged to the Yakuza.

    From this, we can see how powerful the Yakuza was once.

    However, as time went on, the Yakuza gradually declined.

    But even so, a lean camel is bigger than a horse.

    Today, the Yakuza was still the top power in the Japanese country, second only to the six major consortiums.


    "Good, good."

    "Ichiro, thank your Team Leader Sato for me."

    "Some other time, I will definitely make a return visit."

    Miyamoto's intermediary laughed and watched all the dignitaries from all sides of the stage worship each other, at this time the old man could be said to be in high spirits.

    It was as if he was the emperor of Japan, worshipped by the courtiers.

    It was as if the old man was on the pinnacle of his life.

    However, at this noisy and lively moment, the gate of the Miyamoto family was suddenly knocked open by someone.

    Then, only a few people, with their wretched bodies, barged into the hall.




    "What's going on here?"

    This sudden change caused everyone to be shocked.

    Looking down the hall, the blood-covered, howling in pain Miyamoto Nan, Miyamoto Intermediary was even more horrified to get up, a pair of old eyes, suddenly tightened.

    But those who carried Miyamoto Nan in, but they all knelt on the ground, tears streaming down their faces, weeping miserably.

    "Master, young master he...Was crippled ah!"




    Hearing this, all the people present were silent.

    Miyamoto Intermediary, the head of the Miyamoto family, even sat up in shock.

    "You said that Nan he, was...Was crippled?"

    Miyaka's intermediary was shocked and lost his voice.

    Anxiously, he ran down from his high seat and went to check on his son Miyamoto Minami's injuries.

    "Father, I'm in pain~"

    "It hurts~"

    "My hand, it hurts~"

    "Father, kill him, take revenge, help me take revenge ah..."

    On the floor, Miyamoto Minami was moaning in pain, tears mixed with blood flowing down.

    Especially the right arm there, it was completely twisted and deformed, dangling like a noodle.

    From the looks of it, this arm of his was completely ruined.

    Looking at his son's painful appearance, Miyamoto Minami's heart ached with pain and anger.

    "You bunch of losers."

    "With all these people, how did you protect my son?"

    The furious Miyamoto intermediary directly kicked over those men kneeling on the ground in front of him.

    At the same time, he hurriedly sent a private doctor over to check on Miyamoto Minami's injuries.

    "Tell me!"

    "What the hell is going on?"

    "Who is it, who has the audacity to touch my Miyamoto intermediary's son."

    "Who is it?!"

    In the hall, Miyamoto's intermediary's eyes were red and he was roaring in anger.

    Today was the day of his birthday banquet, but such a bad luck thing happened.

    This was a blow to the Miyamoto family's face!

    Moreover, and in front of so many people.

    This field, if they didn't get it back, their Miyamoto family would have no face to hang around in Winter Capital.

    Moreover, Miyamoto Nan was his youngest son and the one he loved the most.Naturally, he couldn't just let it go.

    "My lord, young master he was going to prepare a birthday gift for you."

    "But in the middle of the journey, he got into a conflict with someone else."

    "In the end, it ended with that person crippling his arm and making the young master kneel down and beg for mercy."

    The subordinates reported in fear.

    Miyamoto Minami endured the pain, still shouting non-stop for his father to avenge him.

    And Miyamoto's clenched palm, the chill on his old face, undoubtedly grew thicker.

    Finally, with a bang, he smashed his fist on the table.

    He didn't say anything, but his expression and movements already showed how majestic his inner rage and killing intent was.

    "Grandfather, this person is too much!"

    "He deserves to die."

    "Grandfather, we must avenge our brother!"

    Thousand Chi Yan, who was on the side, also felt angry after hearing this, and suggested to her grandfather.

    But Chi Chi Jing, with a pale, pretty face, didn't dare to speak at all in the face of the sight before her.

    Sure enough, after a moment of silence, Miyamoto raised his head.

    "Pass down the order to immediately investigate that person's identity, background, and residence location."

    "Then, immediately bring someone over."

    "Bring me their entire family."

    "He ruined my son alone, I don't just want him to pay for his life, I also want his entire family to be buried with him."

    "I want him to know that I, the Miyamoto family, shall not be insulted!"

    The words were low and calm, not too disorienting, and even sounded like that tone was exceptionally calm instead.

    But those who were familiar with Miyamoto Kaiichi were well aware that at times like this, the calmer he acted, the more killing intent he had in his heart.

    "Chairman Miyamoto, no need to bother."

    "I'm coming over myself."


    The sound was like muffled thunder, echoing through the sky.

    While Miyamoto's intermediary was investigating Ye Fan's identity, outside the manor, a sound of laughter actually came out quietly.

    The words were majestic, just like thunder rolling past.

    It was as if a flood bell had been heard in the hall for a long time.

    Everyone present was shocked to hear this sound.

    The two sisters, Qian Chi Jing and Qian Chi Yan, were even more wide-eyed in an instant.

    Because, they realized that this voice sounded so familiar?

    "It's him."

    "That's him."

    "That's the Chinese kid."

    "He's the one who ruined the young master~"

    The person who had escaped from Ye Fan's men before immediately shouted in fear.

    From the way Ye Fan was dressed, it was easy to recognize him as a Huaxia man.

    Hearing this, Chi Chi Jing was all over the place.

    "I remember, sister, this is the gentleman who saved us in Warsaw."

    "I didn't expect to meet him again here~"

    Only when I thought of Ye Fan, Chi Chi Jing was actually a little bit happy for no apparent reason.

    Perhaps, it was because of the joy of meeting each other again in the sea of roaming people.

    "You shut up!"

    "And have the nerve to laugh?"

    "Something that eats the inside out."

    "He hurt his brother, he's our enemy, not a benefactor!"

    Thousand Chi Yan was already disgusted with Ye Fan, and now that she had encountered him again and had even crippled Miyamoto Nan's arm, Thousand Chi Yan naturally hated him even more.

    Having been reprimanded by her sister, Thousand Chi Jing immediately lowered her head, not daring to speak again.

    As the two sisters whispered, Miyamoto's face was undoubtedly hard to see.

    How could he have never thought that the other party had injured his son, and not being afraid to flee was still just the same, but he had even killed the door?

    What the hell does that mean?

    Isn't that not putting them Miyamoto family at all.

    "What an arrogant kid!"

    "Something that doesn't know how to die."

    "I haven't gone looking for him yet, but he's come to his own death?"

    "Since that's the case, if I don't collect you for the King of Hell today, I'll be damned if I'm going to be able to clear up the King of Hell."

    Miyamoto Kaiichi roared, and then immediately ordered, "Nakamura, you bring someone right now and give me a chance to break that madman's legs while you throw him in."


    "My lord, don't worry, I promise, in three minutes, if I can't break that maniac's legs, I'll break my own legs!"

    With a low shout, the Miyamoto family's men responded at once.

    The man called Nakamura even made a promise and rushed out with dozens of bodyguards.

    "I'm going!"

    "Good gumption!"

    "Chairman Miyamoto, congratulations."

    "With such a capable cadre, why wouldn't your Miyamoto family worry about soaring to great heights?"

    The crowd said with admiration.

    Miyamoto was in a rare better mood, nodding his head this time, proudly returning the compliment.


    "This boy Nakamura is young and promising, with a samurai legacy."

    "One of my many subordinates that I admire the most,"

    Miyamoto Kaiichi smiled back.

    Chike Yan was especially pleased to hear his grandfather praise Nakamura so highly.

    "Did you hear that, sister?"

    "Where's Grandpa praising my brother Nakamura?"

    "Just wait and see, with my brother Nakamura on board, that bastard will die!"

    Chi Chi Yan had always had a crush on Nakamura, and was naturally happy to hear her grandfather praise him.

    But Chi Chi Jing whispered, "That gentleman is also very good..."

    "Eh?What did you say?"

    "Do you still think that stinking dickhead can survive under my brother Nakamura?"

    "Dream on you!"

    "I, Brother Nakamura, am in charge of dozens of bodyguards in the Miyamoto family, can't I still deal with a loser from Warsaw?"

    "You'll just have to wait and see how that benefactor, as you call him, gets his legs cut off and thrown in by my brother Nakamura, won't you?"Thousand Chi Yan said with eyes full of disgust.


    However, as soon as he finished speaking, only a loud bang was heard.

    Immediately afterwards, the hall's door was directly knocked open.

    And then, a figure covered in blood sliced through the hall like a cannonball before finally crashing to the ground and smashing into Chi Chi Yan's feet.


    After the end, a mouthful of blood was even spat directly onto Thousandchi Yan's face.


    Thousand Chi Yan's pretty face was instantly pale, the whole person was frightened, nearly soul-destroying.


Red-hot blood slowly dripped down along Thousand Chi Yan's cheeks.

    After landing on the ground, the sound it brought up was a tremor in the souls of the crowd.

    "Nakamura...Brother Nakamura...Brother?"

    Looking at the man beneath his feet, as if he was a dead dog, Chi Chi Yan had been completely confused.

    Yes, who was the man in front of her who flew in through the door if not Nakamura who had just threatened to break Ye Fan's legs?

    Only, at this time, there was no longer the ease and pride he had just now.

    What there was, was only a wretched and unbearable situation.

    His legs had been completely ruined, as if they were completely tangled together like two noodles.

    Who would have thought that the person who had previously threatened to break Ye Fan's legs would now have his own legs broken.

    Thousand Chi Yan's pretty face was pale, she simply found it hard to believe that the dead dog-like man in front of her was the one she had been admiring for years.


    Not only Thousand Chi Yan, the scene in front of her was undoubtedly a slap on the face for the Miyamoto family's head, Miyamoto Intermediary.

    A few seconds ago, he was proudly and proudly praising his right-hand man to the others, but the next thing he knew, he was being thrown in like a dog.

    This slap to the face came unexpectedly!

    Miyamoto's intermediary face was blue and white, which could be described as ugly.

    "Brother Nakamura, wake up~"

    "You talk!"

    "Grandfather, you must avenge Brother Nakamura."

    "That bastard, not only did he hurt Brother Nan, but now even Brother Nakamura has been poisoned by him."

    "He danged ten thousand deaths!"

    Thousand Chi Yan cried and begged, her words filled with resentment, begging Miyamoto to kill Ye Fan.

    "Don't, Grandfather."

    "I don't think that gentleman is a bad guy, there must be a misunderstanding here~"

    "Grandpa, we should get to the bottom of this first."

    Chichi Shizune didn't know where she got the courage to come out and begged Miyamoto's intermediary as well.

    "Shut up!"

    "Chichi Shizu, do you know what you're talking about?"

    "Something to eat inside out."

    "And misunderstand?"

    "What misunderstanding could there be?"

    "Brother Nan has had one of his arms crippled, and now Brother Nakamura has had both of his legs broken, and the naked reality is here, and you have the nerve to say misunderstanding?"

    "Which way are you leaning, anyway?"

    Hearing that Thousand Chi Jing was even singing against herself, Thousand Chi Yan immediately exploded with anger and cursed at her sister.

    Chi Chi Jing lowered her head, her pretty face a little pale, but still replied in a small voice, "That gentleman can't be blamed for this."

    "It was Brother Nakamura who wanted to hurt someone in the first place, and he was also the one who first threatened to break that gentleman's legs."

    "Now this ending, I can only say that he is to blame~"

    Thousand Chi Jing whispered with a few hints of trepidation in her tone.

    After all, she had been used to being bullied by her sister Thousand Chi Yan since she was a child, and now that she was refuting her sister's words like this, she naturally carried a bit of inexplicable fear in her heart.

    "Bastard, you say that again?"

    "How dare you say that I, Brother Nakamura, have it coming?"

    As expected, Thousand Chi Jing's words completely angered her.

    Chi Chi Yan gritted her teeth and cursed, walking over and about to hit Chi Chi Jing.

    "That's enough!"

    "Isn't that embarrassing enough?"

    "Get out of my way, all of you!"

    At this time, Miyamoto intermediary gave an angry shout, scaring the two sisters who naturally dared not speak again.

    However, while Miyamoto Intermediary was thinking about how to deal with Ye Fan next, among the guests in front of him, there was a burly man who stepped out resolutely.

    "Chairman Miyamoto, I, Ichiro Nomura, am willing to lead the Yamaguchi Group's crowd to capture that madman and relieve Chairman Miyamoto of his troubles!"

    Miyamoto's intermediary was delighted at the sound of the news.


    "Team Leader Nomura is truly a timely addition to my Miyamoto family."


    "In that case, I'll leave it to Team Leader Nomura."

    "If you can capture that Chinese madman, I, Miyamoto Intermediary, will definitely reward you with ten thousand gold!"

    Miyamoto's intermediary laughed and then ordered people to hurry those knives and other weapons for Nomura Ichiro and the others.

    "It's not necessary."

    "My Yakuza group kills people, and my bare hands are enough."

    Nomura Ichiro said proudly.

    The crowd was shocked.

    Miyamoto's intermediary was even more delighted.


    "That's right!"

    "The Yakuza group members are all over the Japanese country and have a reputation."

    "I guess that person was scared shitless once he heard about the reputation of the Yamaguchi Group of Team Leader Nomura."

    "We, then, will be the first to wish Team Leader Nomura, hands down!"

    The crowd was complimenting him.

    Just like that, Nomura Ichiro, amidst the compliments of the crowd, immediately led the ten men behind him out of the main hall.

    These men, originally, had accompanied Nomura Ichiro to congratulate Miyamoto's intermediary on his birthday.

    Now that they had encountered such a change, it was just as well that they came in handy.

    "Chairman Miyamoto, just relax!"

    "The Yakuza originally started out with violence."

    "Now that the Yakuza has stepped in, it must be stable!"

    The crowd laughed.

    Intermediary Miyamoto nodded as well.

    "In that case, let's all stop staring."

    "Let's continue with the feast!"

    "C'mon, serve and feast at once!"

    Miyamoto's intermediary waved his hand and went on with the birthday banquet.

    For outside matters, but no longer pay attention.

    The people of the Yakuza lived a life of swords and blood.Each was a good fighter.

    Killing people over goods, that was their strong point!

    This time, there were bound to be no more surprises.

    However, just as Miyamoto's intermediary was happily inviting everyone to take a seat, the door to the hall was once again pushed open.

    Immediately after, a bloody hand, from outside, peeked in.

    "Escape, quickly...Quickly flee~"

    With blood all over his body, Nomura Ichiro climbed in step by step along the steps.

    Only after pushing the door open did the party shout at the crowd.

    That hoarse voice was as if he had used all his strength!

    After shouting, there was no more life.


    As if thunder struck down, all faces went completely white.


    "How is this possible?"

    "Even the Yakuza were crippled?"

    Dozens of people, and one crawls back?

    Everyone had been scared, and Miyamoto's intermediary had even scuffled out of his chair.

    It was thought that the other party was just a Gryphon who could be crushed to death at will.

    But now, it seemed that the trickiness of the matter had seriously exceeded everyone's expectations.

    "Family...Family Master, now...What should we do now?"


    Someone was already stall scared and asked in fear.

    "Escape you paralysis!"

    In a fit of rage, Miyamoto's intermediary kicked the nonsense man in front of him to the ground.

    After that, he looked around the four directions and asked in a flooded voice.

    "My Miyamoto Clan has suddenly encountered a mutation, not only all of you here, is there anyone who has volunteered to help our Miyamoto Clan through this disaster?"

    "In the future, there will be a big thank you!"

    In the hall, Miyamoto's intermediary's flood of voices echoed.

    However, no one responded!

    Everyone lowered their heads, terrified.

    The foregone conclusion was right in front of them, Nakamura's legs were crippled, and Nomura Ichiro's end was even worse.

    In this situation, the crowd was naturally afraid, no one dared to take the risk.



    However, in the hall, while everyone was silent, there was one person, who suddenly laughed.


    "What are you laughing at?"

    The crowd frowned and stared somewhat unhappily at the man who was laughing.

    "What am I laughing at?"The middle-aged man shook his head and sneered as he lightly sipped the cloudy wine in his cup, "I laugh at the fact that so many of us here, no matter how much we are all celebrities, controlling countless power and wealth, but I didn't expect that now, facing a Chinese kid, we would all have no voice?"

    "Brother, it's better not to count on these paper tigers for help."

    "In this situation, we can only ask that man to come out."

    The middle-aged man turned his head and looked at his older brother, Miyamoto Intermediary.

    Miyamoto Intermediary's face immediately turned pale, "What?"

    "You mean, that guy?"


    "Who is that guy?"

    Hearing the two brothers speak like this, the crowd was confused.

    The two Chichi Jing sisters were also filled with curiosity on their pretty faces.

    "It's the Peerless Ninja, Cave Mountain!"


    "Cave Mountain?"

    "The famous Winter Capital back then, Cave Mountain?"

    "How is that possible?"

    "Is he still alive?"

    After hearing the name of Cave Mountain, the crowd, however, was all trembling.

    What is peerless?

    I was the only one who was unbeatable.

    Fifty years ago, the name of Caveyama was almost unparalleled in the Winter Capital ninjutsu world.

    It is said that back then, in order to reach the pinnacle of the ninjutsu lineage, he went to China in order to pursue a higher realm.

    As we all know, the relationship between Japan and China has been the same since ancient times.

    The politics, economy and culture of Japan, as well as the writing of ninjutsu, were all deeply influenced by China.Many things came from China.

    Therefore, Anayama always believed that the origin of ninjutsu was also from China.

    Therefore, in order to seek a personal breakthrough, he traveled east to Shenzhou to learn from a master.

    It was ten years since he left!

    Ten years later, when he returned to Winter Palace, but found that his wife had married the head of the Yakuza group Kato Shinzo, his own young daughter, but also by its captive in the doghouse, humiliated!

    In a fit of rage, Cave Mountain carried a sword and single-handedly killed his way straight to the Yakuza headquarters.

    That night, the land of Winter Capital was stained with blood!A hundred meters of corpses!

    None of the eighteen senior executives of the Yakuza headquarters survived.

    Kato Shinzo, who was the team leader at the time, was nailed to death by a sword on the beam of his house.

    Fifty years ago, this tragedy shocked the Japanese nation.

    It was after that that the Yakuza went into complete decline in the Japanese state.

    So much so, that today's status has fallen below that of the six major conglomerates.

    And as the main character of the group, Caveyama was wanted by the entire country.

    But unfortunately, after that night, Caveyama completely disappeared from the human world, as if he had vanished from the face of the earth, and no one was able to find him again.

    Now, hearing the name of Cave Mountain again, the crowd was naturally horrified.

    However, ignoring the tremors of the crowd, Miyamoto intermediary hesitated for a moment before finally nodding his head.

    "It seems that there is only one way to invite him to appear."

    Intermediary Miyamoto said in a deep voice.

    A moment later, an old man, dressed in a coarse short shirt and a pair of old wooden clogs, slowly walked in.

    From the split second he appeared, an invisible majesty swept the four directions.

    The tips of the hair on everyone's foreheads, windless!

    "East through Warsaw, fixing to endure for half a lifetime."

    "Slaughtering all the Yakuza executives in one night!"

    "Is this the Cave Mountain known as the Peerless Ninja?"


    "Rumor has it that Cave Mountain has the power of a demonic warrior!"

    "At the age of eighteen, he swept through the underground boxing ring in Japan."

    "At that time, none of the boxers who encountered him stood and walked out of the boxing ring."

    "Even the Western European Boxing Champion and the American Boxing Champion teamed up, but they were no match for him!"

    When the hunchbacked old man appeared in front of them, waves of fear and horror swept through their hearts.

    What lingered in their minds was the desperate and frightening performance of Cave Mountain.

    The crowd had never thought that the famous Winter Capital would reappear after so many years.

    This time, what kind of waves would be set off in Winter Capital?

    In the hall, the crowd was silent and still.

    All of them, were gazing at this, legendary figure in front of them.

    "Is this the true face of the Peerless Ninja?"

    "But isn't he Grandfather's sweeping old maid?"

    The Qianchi Jing sisters, however, were stunned.

    This old man in front of them was not the first time they had seen him.

    Every time they had come to Grandfather's house in the past, they remembered that there was an old man who cleaned the courtyard of the Miyamoto manor every day.

    Wasn't that old man, the one in front of them?

    "It's true that all the high-ranking people are in the private sector."

    Thousandchi Yan couldn't help but secretly exclaim, only to find the bandit [81 Chinese] mind-boggling.

    Who would have thought that the old servant sweeping the floor that they normally disdained would be the peerless ninja who was a sensation in Winter Capital back then.


    "This time, that poor kid is definitely dead!"

    "The gods couldn't save him~"

    Thousand Chi Yan sarcastically laughed.

    And as Thousand Chi Jing listened to the legends about Cave Mountain from the crowd, her pretty face grew paler and paler, and her worry undoubtedly grew even greater.

    "Little sir, hurry up~"

    "Be sure to hurry~"

    Thousand Ikari couldn't stop praying in her heart, only hoping that now Evan had left.

    "Brother Cave Mountain, it seems that this time, I can only count on you."

    "This cup of wine, I'll toast you in advance."

    "Here's to old brother Cave Mountain, winning the flag!"

    Seeing the old man arrive, Miyamoto's intermediary even picked up a glass of wine from the table, took three steps and quickly came forward.

    And then with a full smile on his face, he said respectfully to the old man in front of him.

    Cave Mountain was expressionless and said in an emotionless voice, "No need, I'm too old to drink cold wine."

    "If you really want to, warm up the wine and drink it when I return."

    After saying that, the old man also walked with low steps and turned to leave.

    The old man's body, however, seemed to have a majestic power hidden within it.

    Both feet stepped on the earth, all bringing forth a low roar!



    "Grandpa Cave Mountain is mighty!"

    "Go for it, Grandpa Caveyama~"

    When Chi Chi Yan saw this, she was like a little fan girl, waving her show fist and shouting at Cave Mountain to cheer.

    And Miyamoto's intermediary was also in a good mood, laughing.



    "I'll warm up the wine, Cave Mountain old man."

    "Just waiting for you, to return victorious!"

    Miyamoto's intermediary's laughter was cheerful, while the whirling man had this wine boiled, to be drunk when Cave Mountain returned.

    Outside the manor, the tall buildings were nippy and the sky river was long.

    Ye Fan smiled at the corner of his mouth, standing with his hands in the negative.

    His forehead hair fluttered, and his beautiful body, just like a long spear, was standing there peacefully.

    It was as if a peerless chivalrous man was waiting for that fated enemy!


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