The Unknown Heir 938


Chapter 938

After walking out, he saw that Lei Lie was already asleep against the wall.

    Chen Hao squatted down and patted Lei Lie's face.

    "Lei Lie, wake up, why are you asleep?"

    Chen Hao shouted towards Lei Lie.

    Lei Lie snapped awake and looked at Chen Hao with a surprised face.

    "Brother Chen, you've come out, but I've been waiting for you here for a long time!"

    Lei Lie looked at Chen Hao in excited surprise and said.

    "A long time?But I've obviously only been in there for half an hour!"

    Chen Hao was surprised as he responded towards Lei Lie.

    "Really, I'm not lying to you, brother Chen, you really went in for a long time."

    Lei Lie was very serious and looked at Chen Hao without any sense of joking and said.

    Chen Hao was also puzzled, and a thought suddenly appeared in Chen Hao's mind.

    Could it be.The time in the tower was completely different from the time outside, it was like that saying, a day in heaven and a year on earth kind of feeling.

    But that was really amazing.

    "No matter, we've got the crossing sign, let's go!"

    Chen Hao couldn't care less, since they now had the crossing sign, they should quickly enter the ghost town of the Land of Extreme Yin first.

    Afterwards, the two of them arrived at the town entrance once again.

    After returning once again, Chen Hao handed the crossing card he was holding to the Yin Clan.

    After reading Chen Hao's passing card, the Yin Errand Boy allowed the two of them to enter the ghost town.

    The two of them finally entered the Ghost City.

    "Brother Chen, what exactly did you just experience inside the tower?"

    At that moment, Lei Lie was curious and looked at Chen Hao and asked.

    Chen Hao looked at Lei Lie.

    "Going through some of life's trials!"

    Chen Hao simply replied towards Lei Lie with a simple sentence.

    Although it sounded like it was so perfunctory, what Chen Hao said was actually true, he had indeed experienced life in it and learned many more things about life.

    The main, most important thing was that he had obtained the key to open the door to the Ghost Cave Clan's territory.


    Lei Lie was surprised and amazed at what he heard, he could not understand the meaning of Chen Hao's words at all.

    "I'll tell you the good news, I've obtained the key to open the door to the Ghost Cave Clan's territory!"

    Then, Chen Hao leaned close to Lei Lie's ear and whispered towards Lei Lie.

    Good news, of course we should share it together.

    Upon hearing this good news, Lei Lie became excited.


    Lei Li screamed out.


    Chen Hao even made a whispering gesture towards Lei Lie.

    "You kid keep your voice down, you're afraid that others won't know right?"

    Chen Hao glared at Lei Lie countlessly.

    Lei Lie also quickly calmed down and covered his mouth with his hand.

    In between conversations, the two of them had arrived at the town of Ghost City.

    The town was filled with ghosts wandering around.

    But it didn't look any different from the city outside, these ghosts also had their own way of life, just different from humans.

    However, at this moment, a few ghost soldiers on ghost horses arrived in front of Chen Hao.

    The Ghost Soldiers surrounded the two of Chen Hao.

    "You two, come with us!"

    The ghost soldier ordered in an icy tone.

    Hearing the ghost soldier's words, Chen Hao and Lei Lie also looked at each other.

    However, Chen Hao and the two of them did not have anything to say and could only follow these ghost soldiers and leave together.

    The Ghost Soldiers took Chen Hao to a ghost city palace.

    In the palace sat a ghost spirit in armor.

    This ghost spirit was the commander of the entire ghost town, named Iris God.

    "King, we caught two people in town who don't belong to our Ghost City!"

    The ghost soldiers escorted the two of them, Chen Hao, and they arrived at the palace, reporting towards Iris who was sitting in a position and acting like she was above the rest.

    Upon hearing this, Iris stood up immediately, locking her gaze on Chen Hao's body.

    "You're special!"

    Iris spoke towards Chen Hao.

    "Who are you?"

    Chen Hao retorted towards the iris with a calm face.

    "Hahaha, me, you don't even know that you guys dare to come here?"

    Iris burst out laughing.

    "This is the king of our ghost city, Iris God!"

    The ghost soldier on the other side immediately introduced himself to the two of Chen Hao.

    Only now did Chen Hao and the two of them realize that there were still ghost kings in this ghost city.

    "We're just lending our way through the Land of Extreme Yin, we're not trying to cause any trouble!"

    In order not to provoke the other party, Chen Hao still chose to reason with someone first.

    It might be funny for others to hear, but it was fine to reason with people, but to reason with spirits.

    "Borrowing the road?Say, where are you going?"

    Iris was suspicious at first, then questioned Chen Hao in a stern voice.

    "Ghost Cave Clan!"

    Chen Hao did not conceal anything and directly stated his purpose.


    Iris' face changed and became gloomy.

    "How dare you guys go to the Ghost Cave Clan?Anyone who trespasses into the territory of the Ghost Cave Clan has ended up in a very miserable state, and it's ridiculous for just the two of you to go there!"

    Iris stared at Chen Hao and the two with a mocking tone of voice and snorted.

    "Oh, you also said that I'm not an ordinary person, of course I dare to go!"

    Chen Hao, on the other hand, retorted back with a smile on his face.

    "Kid, you're looking for death, how dare you talk back!"

    The Iris shouted furiously, before it turned into a black wind and rushed straight towards Chen Hao.

    In the blink of an eye, the Iris Bird had appeared in front of Chen Hao, only a mere few centimeters away from Chen Hao, and the Iris Bird stared coldly at Chen Hao.

    "Aren't you afraid of death?"

    Iris stared at Chen Hao and asked.

    "Ha, I wouldn't be here if I was afraid to die, death is just that!"

    Chen Hao said with a snort of laughter.

    After saying that, only Chen Hao immediately detached his soul from his body and then transformed into a ghost spirit to appear in front of the iris.

    "I didn't expect you to be a half-human, half-ghost soul cultivator, what a surprise!"

    Seeing Chen Hao's actions suddenly made Iris surprised.

    Spiritual cultivators were not only divided into full-personal Spiritual cultivators, but also into half-human and half-ghost Spiritual cultivators, i.e. existences like Chen Hao.

    But in fact, half-human and half-ghost Soul Cultivators were quite a bit stronger than full-personal Soul Cultivators, and had many more different abilities that full-personal Soul Cultivators couldn't possess.

    "Someone, help them loose!"

    Iris then gave a command to the ghost soldiers on the side.

    After that, the ghost soldiers untied Chen Hao and Lei Lie.

    Chen Hao also immediately returned to his body.

    At this moment, Lei Lie was already looking at Chen Hao with astonishment, he now finally knew why the innkeeper was suddenly tied up that day, and also why Chen Hao had suddenly lost consciousness that day, it was because Chen Hao's soul was out of his body.


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