Dish Best Served Cold 821-825


Chapter 821

Ever since the original Haitian feast, after learning that Ye Fan was Mr. Chu, Su Xi was once depressed and self-isolated.

    After all, the man she likes is her best friend's husband, and the one she hated and despised the most, whoever encounters such a shock will probably find it hard to keep calm.

    Of course, Suzy was no exception.

    At that time, Suzy only felt that she was an idiot and a joke.

    She had no face to see Ye Fan, much less Qiu Mu Orange.

    Therefore, the next day, Suzy resigned from Mu Fan Real Estate and cut off all contact with the outside world, shutting her door and depressing her will.

    It wasn't until many days later that the passage of time gradually healed the trauma in Suzy's heart.

    Plus, Qiu Mu Orange took the initiative to come to her door several times to comfort her.

    It was only then that Suzy gradually came out and returned to Mufan Group once again to help Autumn Mucheng deal with the company's affairs.

    At this time, looking at Qiu Mu Orange's anxious and confused pretty face, Suzy said in a deep voice, "Mu Orange, I'm also going to Jingzhou with you."

    "I don't feel at ease if you go alone."

    "As for the company side, I've made all the arrangements, so don't worry."

    Qiu Mu Orange hesitated at first, but looking at Suzy's firm eyes, looking like she must go, Qiu Mu Orange finally nodded her head and agreed.

    Just like that, a black Maybach drove onto the highway to Jingzhou in this deep night.

    The night was exceptionally condensed and heavy.

    Not a single starlight could be seen in the vast sky, and there was ironclad darkness all around.

    The air was oppressive, almost making it hard to breathe.

    "It looks like it's going to snow tomorrow~"

    Inside the car, Susie checked the weather forecast on her phone and whispered at once.

    Autumn Mu Orange nodded, "Well, I guess it'll be, like, the last snow of the winter, too."

    "After surviving this snow, spring will be here, right?"


    The limousine was speeding, and the wind was cold.

    The orange light was like a sword.Tearing apart the world, it headed distantly ahead, leaving in the dust.

    Of course, it was by no means the only car that was heading to Jingzhou at this time, Qiu Mu Orange.

    If a drone were to look down from the air, it would certainly find that the telling highways in various cities heading to Jingzhou had stars of light, running in the darkness.

    Only if, a hundred rivers meet the sea!

    And when, the Four Square dignitaries starry night departure, rushing to Jingzhou.But no one knew that, at this time, on top of the mountain in Jingzhou, there was a thin figure sitting cross-legged.

    His breath was long and redundant, not moving like a mountain.

    Of course, if one looked carefully, one would be able to see that above his body, there was a wisp of blue light, as if it was flowing and lingering on his body, flowing along with his exhale, converging into his lungs and flowing into his extremities.

    At the same time, his entire breath, in the process, also grew stronger.

    As if a hidden box of treasured swords, beneath the seemingly ordinary appearance, there were dark currents surging within his body, and the sharp edges were gathering!



    The night passed quickly.

    The next day, as the day dawned, a new day, arrived!

    As soon as the day dawned, snowflakes drifted in the air.

    The snow that had accumulated overnight had finally fallen.

    However, on this supposedly tranquil morning, the streets of Jingzhou City were already filled with people and noise.

    If one looked carefully, one would inevitably find that these people were all brightly dressed, and their auras were extraordinary.

    Just by looking at their dress and temperament, one can tell that these people are either rich or noble.

    Yes, they were martial daoists who had come from all over China to watch the battle in name only.

    After all, it had been many years since Huaxia had crowned the Six Pillar God Generals, the entire Huaxia Martial Dao could be said to have risen from the four seas.

    No country in the world dared to offend.

    Even within the Huaxia Martial Dao, it was generally smooth.Even if there was a fight, it was just a minor disturbance.

    But today, the peak powerhouses of the Japanese country openly engaged in a battle, this was a major event for the entire martial dao world that was hard to come across in decades, so it was naturally highly anticipated.




    "Strange, what's with all the people here?"

    "It's early in the morning, and it's still snowing, so it's reasonable to say that people should be at their lowest."

    "Could it be that all these people, like us, have come to the lake to enjoy the snow?"

    At this time, on the shore of Dongchang Lake, a few pairs of men and women, however, walked over.

    Hundreds of meters away from Dongchang Lake, they noticed something a little different and said in confusion.

    "Xiu Xiu, are all of you Jingzhou citizens so laid-back and loving life?"

    The one who spoke was a handsome man.

    If Qiu Mu Orange was here, he would definitely recognize the youth in front of him at a glance, and it was Chu Wenfei who had not seen him for many days.

    As for the Xiu Xiu he was talking about, she was Chu Wenfei's new girlfriend.

    Ye Fan was away from Yunzhou for this period of time, so naturally, he didn't know what kind of changes the Qiu family had suffered.

    Under the leadership of Qiu Mu Ying as well as Qiu Mu Qi, the Qiu family's Qiushui Logistics, eventually came to an end and went bankrupt and liquidated.

    The company collapsed, and the Qiu family, which once had a small position in Yunzhou, undoubtedly declined as well.

    The Qiu family was greedy and vain, and naturally they were not willing to be reduced to ordinary people, so Wang Qiaoyu and Qiu Muying's mother and daughter wanted to fight for some property from Chu Wenfei's family and put it under Qiu Muying's name, and they made many unreasonable demands to Chu Wenfei's parents.

    Chu Wenfei's parents had already disliked Qiu Muying as their daughter-in-law, but now the family was stirring up trouble again, which naturally infuriated the Chu family.

    In great anger, Chu Wenfei's father, Chu Yang, forcibly made Chu Wenfei cut his ties with the Qiu family.

    Chu Wenfei is not stupid, after experiencing so many things, he undoubtedly saw the face of the Qiu family and knew that Qiu Mu Ying is not a good person, so he also withdrew from the marriage.

    As for the current girlfriend Tian Xiu Xiu, she was Chu Wenfei's former college classmate, a native of Jingzhou.

    During this time, Chu Wenfei came to Jingzhou to visit his future mother-in-law, but today it was snowing, so these young men and women, on a whim, gathered some old friends to come to Dongchang Lake to enjoy the snow.

    I thought that not many people would come to Dongchang Lake to play in this kind of weather, but I didn't expect that it would be so lively.

    "Let's stop gossiping for now."

    "Let's hurry over."

    "If we go late, I'm afraid that all the good places to enjoy the snow will be occupied."

    Someone urged, and then this line of five men and women rushed over towards Dongchang Lake Jingzhou.

    But they didn't expect that they would be stopped before they reached it.


    "Dongchang Lake closed for ten days?"

    "Not open to the public?"


    "Is there a mistake?"

    "We get up early in the morning to enjoy the snow in the lake, and you guys tell us it's closed?"

    Chu Wenfei cursed at once, his heart as uncomfortable as eating flies.

    Tian Xiu Xiu was also full of words and said angrily, "I think you guys are talking nonsense, right?"

    "When has the lake ever been closed when the Doncheon Lake area is a public attraction?"

    "Besides, if so many people can get in, why can't we?"

    "You guys are bullies, aren't you?"

    Tian Xiu Xiu questioned in an angry voice.


"You're different."

    "So, a few ladies, please return."

    "This place is fierce and dangerous, it's by no means a place where you few youngsters should come."

    However, after allowing Chu Wenfei and Tian Xiu Xiu to break the story, the security guards in charge of martial law by the lake still didn't let them in.

    Ever since Moonwatching River had let out the word that he had a rendezvous with Ye Fan here, in order to cause unnecessary panic, the entire Dongchang Lake had been placed under martial law for a radius of a hundred meters.

    Except for the martial arts people and some dignitaries, the usual tourists and common people are forbidden to enter.

    Of course, maintaining stability was one thing, but on the other hand, it was also for their protection.

    Swords were eyeless, and if a war really broke out on Dongchang Lake, it wouldn't be good if there were too many onlookers.

    The martial arts crowd was better off, being strong themselves.But ordinary people, if they suffered a wave of vigorous energy, the fruitlessness would undoubtedly be unthinkable.

    "Xiu Xiu, I think we should just forget about it."

    "Since the Dongchang Lake Scenic Area is now closed to tourists, we'll cooperate."

    "Worst case, just come back another day."

    "They're also leading orders, so don't make it difficult for them."

    At this moment, a soft and lovely female voice came from beside her.

    This woman had long hair, a gentle and pretty face, and was lightly dressed, but it was hard to hide her outstanding looks and temperament.

    She was also a classmate of Chu Wenfei and the others when they were in college, and her name was He Yurou.

    She is also a classmate of Chu Wenfei and the others when they were in college. Her name is He Yurou, and she lives in Jianghai, and during this period of time, she came to Jingzhou to visit her family, so she came to enjoy the snow at Dongchang Lake together.

    He Yurou didn't show the slightest discontent when she encountered this kind of change, but spoke understandingly.

    When He Yurou said so, Chu Wenfei nodded, "Well, Xiu Xiu, what Yurou said is right.Today, this Dongchang Lake, there should be some kind of event held, and since they won't let us in, let's not make it difficult for them."

    Chu Wenfei echoed.

    The rest of them also nodded their heads, agreeing with He Yurou's words.

    However, just as Chu Wenfei's group was about to return.


    A whiff of air swept past and the next thing you know, a Maybach was driving along, coming to a steady stop at a roadblock.

    Then, the doors opened and a few women got out of the car immediately.

    "Mu Orange, is this the Dongchang Lake?"

    "It's even under martial law, can we go in?"


    "It's fine, all come with me."

    After a brief conversation, the group of three headed over to the shores of Dongchang Lake.

    Poignantly, Chu Wenfei hadn't noticed them yet.

    But after hearing Suzy call out Autumn Mu Orange's name, Chu Wenfei Fang was shocked and whirled around to look over.


    "Why is she here in Kingston too?"

    Chu Wenfei was puzzled, but did not take the initiative to accost him.

    After all, the current Chu Wenfei no longer had anything to do with the Qiu family.He also had no reason to pay attention to this Qiu Mu Orange.

    Instead, Tian Xiu Xiu and the others kindly reminded him, "Miss, the Dongchang Lake is closed and you can't enter, if you are here to enjoy the snow, why don't you come back another day?"

    However, in the face of Tian Xiu Xiu and the others' attempts to dissuade them, Qiu Mu Orange and Suzie as well as Qing Tan, perhaps not hearing them, actually walked right past them.

    Being so ignored, Tian Xiu Xiu and the others became angry, "What kind of person is this?"

    "You're just going to ignore people if you don't say thank you for the good advice?"

    "Well, if you don't listen to the good guys, you'll suffer."

    "Waiting to be kicked out."

    Tian Xiu Xiu and the others looked on in anger, gloating as they waited for Qiu Mu Orange and her group to be kicked out as well.

    However, to their surprise, the guards by the lake, upon seeing them, not only didn't stop them, but also greeted and saluted them respectfully and personally led them in.


    "What's this about?"

    "Who the fuck is this looking down on?"

    Chu Wenfei and the others, they were in a hurry.

    A superfluous son-in-law's wife had entered.They weren't qualified to enter?

    In anger, they went over again, making noises to get into Dongchang Lake as well.

    "I say you guys, don't toast."

    "All said, Dongchang Lake is closed for ten days, idle people are not allowed as inside!"The guard by the lake was a bit impatient, and even pushed He Yurou, who was beside him, almost pushing her down.


    "Who are you calling idle?"

    "Dog's eyes look down on things."

    "Do you know, this girl in front of you, whose daughter she is?"

    At this time, a woman in a white feathered jacket next to He Yurou suddenly came out and spoke angrily to these security guards.

    "Her father, however, is the current Lord of Jiangdong Province, He Lanshan!"

    "The entire land of Jiangdong belongs to Yu Rou's father."

    "A small Dongchang Lake, and you still can't enter it?"

    "What's the point of talking about this, Shin Shin?"He Yu Rou pulled down the corner of the woman next to her and whispered, she didn't seem to want to indicate the background.

    "What's going on?"

    "What good is it for me to raise you if you can't do a damn thing with all the noise?"

    The clamor here soon attracted the attention of the surrounding people.

    At this time, Li Er,,, Chen Ao, and Lei Lao San also happened to walk by, and after hearing the noise, Lei Lao San was unhappy and scolded.

    "Third Master, it's not our fault, it's them who had to break into Dongchang Lake."

    "And they also said that it was the daughter of the Jiangdong Provincial Lord."

    The subordinates said in fear.


    "Helan Shan's daughter?"Lei laosan was slightly stunned.

    Chen Ao also furrowed his brows and looked over.

    "Yurou, is it really you?"

    "Why are you here if you're not following your father in the river?"

    After seeing He Yurou, Chen Ao was shocked and then asked in confusion.

    Chen Ao was in charge of Jianghai, and it was inevitable that there was some interaction with He Lanshan.After years of dealing with each other, they have become friends.

    The two families had eaten together, and Chen Ao naturally knew He Yurou.

    When He Yurou saw Chen Ao, He Yurou shouted politely to Uncle Chen, and said softly, "Uncle Chen, my friend wants to take a walk by Dongchang Lake, can you let me go in with my friend?".

    "We promise, we won't be running around,"

    He Yu Rou pleaded.

    Chen Ao hesitated for a moment, then nodded and said, "Well, let's go in then."

    "But, remember, no getting too close to the lake.And, follow the flow of people."

    "Otherwise, even I won't be able to keep you safe."

    "Hehe, thanks Uncle Chen."Seeing Chen Ao nodding, He Yurou was suddenly delighted.

    A few minutes later.

    On the shore of Dongchang Lake, the water was sparkling and the fog was freezing.

    And Chu Wenfei's group of people also entered the Dongchang Lake Scenic Area as expected.

    "Yurou, thanks to you."

    "If it wasn't for you, I'm afraid we wouldn't have been able to enter at all."

    "It's good to be born into a powerful family."



    "Yes, Yurou, I never thought that you would be the daughter of the Jiangdong Province Lord."

    "We've been studying together for four years, and I didn't even know about it?"

    "It really is true that real people don't show their faces."

    At this time, the crowd was looking over their shoulders and couldn't stop lamenting to He Yurou.

    Chu Wenfei's gaze towards He Yurou was undoubtedly very different from before as well, all covetous.


In the past, when He Yurou was in college, He Yurou dressed plainly, never pursuing any brand-name jewelry, her temperament was light and elegant, and her face was plain.

    At that time, Chu Wenfei didn't even know that she had such a background and was the daughter of the Jiangdong Provincial Lord.

    He Yurou is the daughter of the Lord of Jiangdong Province. If he could win the hand of He Yurou in the future, then he would be the prince-in-law of Jiangdong Province, wouldn't he?

    When the time came, whatever the esteem of Jiangdong, whatever Mu Fan Group, wouldn't they all be trampled under his feet by him, Chu Wenfei.

    Although Chu Wenfei no longer had anything to do with the Qiu family, but when he thought of all the humiliations that Ye Fan had once given him, Chu Wenfei hated it so much that he gnashed his teeth.

    Chu Wenfei almost dreamt of getting rid of his former teeth and viciously revenge that bastard Ye Fan.

    But later, after the Haitian Feast, Chu Wenfei undoubtedly also heard that Ye Fan was Mr. Chu.

    Therefore, even though he had hatred for Ye Fan, he could only hide it in his heart.

    But now, if he could chase after He Yurou, then what the fuck was there to fear!

    No matter how powerful he is, is he still more powerful than Helanshan?

    A straw man, an official admirer.

    In Chu Wenfei's eyes, no matter how glamorous Ye Fan is today, he is just a bandit who occupies the mountain as king and can't make it to the stage.

    But Helanshan is different, he has the whole country behind him.

    If you want to crush Ye Fan, it's just a matter of minutes?

    While Ye Fan was out of mind, He Yurou's group was walking along the promenade, slowly walking towards the heart of the lake.

    At this time, the sky was hazy and snow was flying.

    Mountains danced with silver snakes, and wax elephants galloped in the field.

    The Dongchang Lake in the snow was dreamy and beautiful, just like the hazy fairy land in the painting.

    However, as they went deeper and deeper into the lake, it was vaguely seen that there was a man standing proudly in the heart of the lake.

    He was standing on the surface of the lake with his hands behind his back.

    His entire body was rising and falling with the water of Dongchang Lake.

    If one looked carefully, one would find that he was only stepping on a yellow leaf under his feet.

    "Floating on top of a fallen leaf while one does not sink?"

    "Standing on top of a lake and not getting wet?"

    "Oh my God!"

    "What's this?"

    "Could it be that it's an immortal in the sky?"

    Seeing such a scene, Chu Wenfei and the others drew a breath of cold air, their pupils crumpled, and their eyes stared at the vicissitudes of the figure standing proudly between the wind and snow and above the flat lake like a ghost.

    This kind of scene was something they had only seen on television.

    Now seeing it with their own eyes, they naturally felt shocked and amazed.

    "You guys, look, is there a flat boat above the heart of the lake?"

    At this time, Tian Xiu Xiu seemed to have discovered something and once again shouted in alarm.

    Sure enough, following their line of sight, there was actually a small boat above the heart of the lake, drifting with the current.

    On top of the oar, there were even two stunning silhouettes.

    One of them was clear, elegant and noble, like a plum blossom blooming in the cold of the snowstorm.

    The other, dressed in a kimono, with a delicate jade body, was graceful and intoxicating, like a beautiful lady in the southern part of the Yangtze River.

    "What a beautiful young lady~"

    "As if, the fairies in the painting."

    With just a glimpse of shock, Chu Wenfei and the others were all demented.

    Even He Yurou was ashamed of herself under their looks and temperament.

    "Do you guys think that this is a mirage-like illusion, or is there indeed a real person above the heart of that lake?"

    Chu Wenfei's words trembled and he asked in a low voice.

    Tian Xiu Xiu and the others weren't sure either.

    "Is it true or not, let's just row over and see."

    I don't know who said that, but Chu Wenfei and his group were actually ready to go down to the lake and take a boat, wanting to take a closer look at it.

    "I'll go, where's the melon boy?"

    "Are you guys crazy?"

    "What do you want?"

    "Hard to think of rowing over?"

    "How can you trespass in the place of the appointment."

    "You really don't know how to live."

    At this moment, there was a reminder from the crowd behind them.

    These people, naturally, were all martial daoists who had come to watch the battle on the news.

    However, they were only observing from afar on the promenade by the lake, not daring to get too close.

    Now that they saw a few young men and women actually trying to enter by boat, they naturally felt foolish.

    However, He Yurou and the others listened with confusion.

    "This uncle, what do you mean by a place of rendezvous?"Chu Wenfei and the others asked in confusion.


    "Don't you know?"

    "Sword God Wang Yuehe is about to fight Mr. Chu, the esteem of Jiangdong, on Dongchang Lake!"

    "These days, the martial world is going crazy, you don't know?"


    An uncle next to them, simply told them about it.

    After hearing it, Chu Wenfei burst out laughing.


    "Ye Fan, Ye Fan, you've had your day too."

    "Being found by your enemies, you're scared to avoid being a shrinking turtle?"

    "After today, I'm afraid you'll be a complete joke in Jiangdong."

    "Eh?You know this esteemed man of Jiangdong, Mr. Chu?"Seeing Chu Wenfei's reaction, He Yurou was suddenly confused.

    "What the hell is the Lord of Jiangdong, it's just a son-in-law on the doorstep."

    "He can't even protect his own woman, and he deserves to be called the Lord of Jiangdong?"

    "This kind of cowardly trash, let's not mention it."

    Chu Wenfei sneered and laughed.

    After hearing about it, He Yurou was undoubtedly somewhat disgusted and disgusted with this Mr. Chu as well.

    A man who disregarded the woman he loved and abandoned his wife and children to escape alone, this kind of person would be spurned by anyone, right?

    "Just pity that young lady."

    "Even though she has a stunning face, she met someone else and was let down by a scum..."

    He Yurou's beautiful eyes contained worry as she looked at the woman with a few strands of sadness on top of the oar from afar, but she felt unworthy for her from the bottom of her heart.

    "Uncle, this Mr. Chu, is he really not coming?"

    "Is it true that you are so heartless and desperate that you put the one you love out of your mind?"

    He Yurou suddenly asked the martial dao crowds beside her.

    They laughed, "Who knows about this?"

    "Let's wait and see."

    "But it's been ten days and he hasn't appeared."

    "The chances of appearing on this last day today are extremely slim."

    The crowd shook their heads and said, their hearts also unworthy of the woman who was taken away by the Moonwatching River.

    "What's the point of waiting!"

    "That Ye Fan, he's probably already fucking run away."

    "If it was going to come long ago!"

    "What kind of bullshit Jiangdong's honor is it not a greedy, pig-dog generation?"

    Chu Wenfei sneered and laughed, constantly maliciously slandering Ye Fan in front of He Yurou and the others.

    This undoubtedly made He Yurou and the others' impression of Ye Fan worse and worse.

    He Yurou really couldn't figure out how such a thin-hearted scum had become the esteem of Jiangdong.

    He doesn't deserve it.


    On the heart of the lake, the wind suddenly started to blow.

    The cold wind blew up the snow, and the water of Dongchang Lake made three thousand ripples.

    The sky and the earth were vast, and the snow was flying.

    Under the Heavenly River, the Moonwatching River still stood proudly.

    His eyebrows and eyes were majestic, unmoving like mountains, just like this, quietly waiting.

    On the side of the boat, Liang Gong Ying Yue is standing with a smile on her face.

    In the midst of the snow and wind, her red dress fluttered, and three thousand green threads moved with the wind.It's not just a matter of time, it's a matter of time.

    The corner of her mouth was always filled with a touch of disdain and contempt.

    "Miss Xu, I never thought that the man you like is a coward."

    "This kind of man is also worthy of claiming Jiangdong?"

    "Still a Junior Master?Now it seems that it's just a cowardly rat."

    Rangong Ying Yue smiled shallowly.

    She and his teacher had been waiting here for ten days.

    However, it didn't wait for Ye Fan.

    But Xu Lei, who was on the side, was pale and weak, collapsing on top of the oars.

    In the midst of the wind and snow, yet she was only wearing a chiffon dress.It was bone-chilling, but she still clenched her teeth and stubbornly retorted.

    "Shut up!"

    "I forbid you to insult my little brother Fan."

    "In my heart, my little brother Van, she is no coward, no rat."

    "He is a, top man!"



    "In that case, let's wait and see."

    "Let's see if this so-called brother Fanny you're talking about is a hero, or a bear?"

    Ranggong Ying Yue said contemptuously.

    Previously, when Wang Yuehe said that she was inferior to Ye Fan, it made Lian Gong Ying Yue's heart very unconvinced.

    The reason she came with Moonwatching River this time was to see if this so-called Mr. Chu was worthy of such an evaluation.

    But now it seemed that they had clearly overestimated that Mr. Chu.

    Not even having the courage to go out to fight, this kind of coward, Rangong Ying Yue naturally despised from the bottom of her heart.

    Time, continued to pass.

    Everyone was waiting for, that man's arrival.

    On the shore of Dongchang Lake, Qiu Mu Orange's beautiful eyes contained worry and cocked her head.

    Lei Laosan and Li Er and the others were expressionless, waiting equally quietly.

    For the people of Jiang Dong, to this day, Ye Fan hadn't even shown up, and it could be said that the chances of Mr. Chu answering his appointment to fight were close to zero .

    But that's how people are, always craving miracles in moments of despair.

    No one is willing to give up like that until the last moment.

    Isn't it, though?

    The sky was pale and snow was falling.

    Unknowingly, the whole world was covered with white snow.

    Only the Dongchang Lake in front of us was brimming with brimming water, the snow melted as soon as it fell, and the cold wind brought ripples on the surface of the lake.

    All around, there was silence.

    Everyone, looking from afar, silently waited.

    Finally, the figure that had been standing upright and proud in the middle of the lake looking at the Moon River, suddenly moved.

    He tilted his head up, looking at the heavens and earth.

    Finally, he shook his head.

    "Miss Xu, it seems that the man who has entrusted you with your life is nothing more than that."

    "Or rather, your place in his heart isn't as important as you thought."

    "We, all of us, have missed the boat."

    Moonwatching River whispered in a deep voice, his words were eerie and cold.

    The hoarse words were only like the chanting of a death god.

    It made the hearer's heart tremble and chill.

    Indeed, Moonwatching Moon River had really miscalculated.

    He had thought that he had stirred up Jiangdong and taken away his wife, and then after announcing a public appointment, when the situation forced him to fight, then Ye Fan would definitely show up.

    However, Moonwatching River had never thought that he had waited here for ten days, only waiting for a snowstorm.

    Ye Fan, did not appear.

    "Since that's the case, the value of your existence is gone."

    "Raise your head and take one last look at this world."

    "Because, this will be the, last snow in your life."


    Morbid words echoed, and Moonwatching River's brows and eyes were immediately cold.

    He didn't have the patience to wait any longer, as the cold wind swept and the fronts gathered, and the overpowering strength gathered under Moonwatching River to form an ice-cold sword blade.

    "It's over."

    Moonwatching Moon River's lips trembled, and his low words were like a farewell for Xu Lei.

    At that moment, Xu Lei's pretty face paled, and her beautiful eyes were filled with panic.

    On the shore of Dongchang Lake, Qiu Mu Orange and the others were even more frightened to the point of losing their color.

    However, just as the qi blade in Moonwatching River's hands was about to be cut down, a low voice actually sounded in the vast distant sky.


    This sudden sound, only like thunder exploding the clouds, but in this calm Dongchang Lake, but set off a monstrous wave.

    In a split second, hundreds of pairs of eyes turned in unison and fell towards the place where the sound came from.

    Could it be that he had come?

    Looking at the Moon River and Ranggong Ying Yue, the two teachers and disciples also looked over.

    Only the crowd dispersed, and a strapping figure, just like this, bathed in the gazes of the crowd, appeared at the shore of Dongchang Lake.

    That person, his eyebrows and eyes were rigid and tiger eyes were powerful.

    The razor-sharp face contained a touch of fierceness and arrogance.

    "He is Mr. Chu?"

    Among the crowd, someone said in alarm.

    He Yurou was also full of surprise, sizing up the man who appeared at this time.

    Star eyebrows and sword eyes, masculine body.

    So this was what the legendary Jiangdong's esteem looked like.

    "He's not."

    "I told you, that superfluous son-in-law has already escaped."

    "This isn't Ye Fan at all."

    He Yurou had never seen Ye Fan, but Chu Wenfei had.

    Therefore, the moment he saw the person, Chu Wenfei knew that this person wasn't Ye Fan at all.

    "It's Qin Fei!"

    "That nephew of Wang Jiexi."

    Lei Laosan and Li Er and the others recognized the visitor and whirled forward to welcome him.

    After all, they, the big men, were counting on others next, but naturally they were respectful to Qin Fei.

    "Mr. Qin, next, we can only count on you!"Lei laosan said respectfully.

    Li Er and the others also cupped their fists and worshipped, "Mr. Qin, please."

    "In Mr. Chu's absence, the safety and security of my Jiangdong can only be entrusted to you."

    With Li Er and Lei Laosan taking the lead, the big men from all the cities behind them also stepped forward and worshipped Qin Fei in unison.

    Li Er and the others had already informed the bigwigs from all over the world that Qin Fei was going to represent Jiangdong to face the Moonwatching River.

    Therefore, seeing Qin Fei descend, the crowd went to pay their respects.

    "Mr. Qin, we, Jiangdong, are counting on you!"


    "May Mr. Qin, turn the tide!"


    "May Mr. Qin, turn the tide!"


    The voices that rose and fell rang out unceasingly .

    The voices of reverence and respect gathered into streams that were only like waves, sweeping across this world .

    The shores of Dongchang Lake trembled endlessly .

    In the face of the crowd's worship, Qin Fei smiled arrogantly, walking with a negative hand.

    "Rest assured, all of you!"

    "My fist is stronger than his."

    "In ten strokes, I'll beat him like a dog."

    After saying that, Qin Fei also turned back towards Wang Jiexi and laughed quietly, "Uncle, set up the celebration wine."

    "I, Qin Fei, will go and do it!"

    Amidst the echoing sounds, Qin Fei's feet slammed into the earth.

    Hundreds of pounds of body, like a great roc spreading its wings, directly soared into the air.

    In a single leap, he reached the top of the promenade.

    His body was straight, his eyebrows proud, and he looked down at the Moonwatching River above the heart of the lake.

    "You are the Moonwatching River?"

    "I heard that thirty years ago, you were the defeated general of my Huaxia Martial Dao."

    "I didn't expect that you would dare to set foot in Huaxia without learning a lesson."

    "Back then, the War God failed to marry your life.Today, I, Qin Fei, will take your dog's life."

    Qin Fei's proud words echoed.

    Moonwatching Moon River's eyebrows, however, wrinkled slightly, "Hmm, Qin Fei?"

    "So, you're not that esteemed man of Jiangdong, Mr. Chu?"

    Qin Fei shook his head and laughed, "You're wrong, I'm the esteem of Jiangdong, but not Mr. Chu."

    "A cowardly young man, running away from the battlefield, not even caring for his own woman."

    "Such a scum is a disgrace to my Jiangdong, how can he be worthy to rule Jiangdong?"

    "After today, I'll let everyone know.The era belonging to Mr. Chu is over."

    "From now on, there will only be one voice in the entire Jiangdong."

    "That is the voice of me, Qin Fei!"


    Words resounding, just like gold and stone on the ground.

    A proud spirit, full of intent.

    Qin Fei, who was full of pride, erupted with power as soon as his words fell.


Under the Heavenly River, between the wind and snow.

    I saw Qin Fei leap down from the top of the promenade and tread water.

    The lake water beneath his feet immediately created ripples.

    The water splashes that were brought up were like shattered fireworks, bursting out in all directions.

    Seeing the scene in front of them, all the people present trembled.

    Only Qin Fei's strapping figure was left, as if he was a swimming dragon coming out of the sea, streaking towards where the Moonwatching River was standing.

    Behind him, the white scar that pulled out was nearly a hundred meters in length.

    What was even more amazing was that within a few inches of Qin Fei's surroundings, no wind or snow was moving in.


    "Treading water?"

    "Dips are not wet?"

    "Wind and snow don't attack?"

    "It's a fucking augury, isn't it?"

    At that moment, everyone had looked dumbfounded.

    Chu Wenfei trembled and lost his voice, he didn't expect that there was such a strange person in the world?

    He Yurou was also full of shock, her beautiful eyes overflowing with color.

    The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the actual shoes, and then you'll be able to see the shoes.

    The reason is that it was the battle that made Mr. Chu famous at the foot of Mount Tai.

    The Ye Fan at that time was definitely not as formidable.

    In particular, the ability to tread water and not be invaded by wind and snow was simply shocking to the core.

    Like a jiao, like a dragon!



    "Worthy of being a disciple of a master."

    "So mighty, this calamity of my Jiangdong will definitely be solved."

    As if it was a long drought, Li Er and the others, who had no hope, were undoubtedly instantly delighted after seeing Qin Fei's astounding creation.

    There were even dignitaries around, comparing Qin Fei to Ye Fan.

    "Mr. Qin's might is far greater than that little boy surnamed Chu at first!"

    "I see, after this battle, let's just serve Mr. Qin as our esteem."

    "A greedy and thin-hearted person is also truly unworthy of being the esteem of Jiangdong."

    Among the Jiangdong crowd, a bald man said loudly.

    Many people around him also agreed.

    Today's calamity was caused by Ye Fan, but he avoided it and feared it.

    Before, due to Ye Fan's prestige, everyone hid their dissatisfaction and resentment towards Ye Fan in their hearts and didn't dare to show it.

    But now, the new king had appeared and Ye Fan was going to be gone, naturally, in their hearts, they had no more worries and expressed that they wanted to respect Qin Fei as their master.


    "It's not too late to talk about this matter after Qin Fei returns from his victory."

    "However, I, Wang Jiexi, am here first, on behalf of my nephew, to thank all of you for your kindness!"

    Wang Jiexi smiled happily.

    The scene before him was something he had anticipated.

    Since ancient times, those who won the hearts of the people had won the world.

    Now that Ye Fan had no righteousness, he had naturally lost the people's hearts.It was logical for the Jiangdong crowd to embrace the new master.

    However, no matter how happy the people around shouted, Chen Ao, the three of them, never expressed their position.

    They didn't say for or against it.

    They were just expressionless, watching the battle ahead.

    However, the three of them, undoubtedly had the same worry in their hearts.

    "If Mr. Chu never appeared."

    "Then after today's battle is over, this Jiangdong, I'm afraid that the sky will really change!"

    Li Er and the others were filled with heavy thoughts.

    However, while the crowd was clamoring, a furious rebuke suddenly that came from the crowd.

    "Hmph, a bunch of rudder-seeing, ungrateful bastards!"

    "Thanks to you, you consider yourselves upper class."

    "But you don't even have the least sense of gratitude."

    "Mr. Chu's wife is still here, and you say such treacherous things?"

    "Have, you guys forgotten who saved you from the Taishan Martial Association in the first place?Who, again, held the east side of the river?"

    "If it weren't for Mr. Chu, how many of you here would be standing here alive?"

    Suzy didn't know where she got the courage to be a descendant of a second-rate family, but he was actually raging in anger against the bigwigs of the various cities in front of him.

    However, she was truly angry!

    She couldn't bear to hear others speak ill of Mr. Chu, nor could she tolerate these people, who were so corrupting Mr. Chu's character.

    This kind of act of crossing the river and tearing down bridges made Suzy extremely displeased and angry.

    Even Suzy was like this, not to mention Qiu Mu Orange who was on the side.

    How could she have never thought that the people who were respectfully bowing down in front of Ye Fan, were now so disrespectful to Ye Fan?

    "Damn, where's this bitch from?"

    "How dare you yell at us, too?"

    "Let me tell you, you don't have to hold the name of Lady Chu over us either."

    "If we recognize Mr. Chu, she is the Empress of Jiangdong."

    "But if we don't recognize Mr. Chu anymore, what the hell is she?"

    In the face of Suzy's rebuke, someone laughed disdainfully.

    There was no longer any respect for Autumn Mu Orange in the words.

    "You...You guys have gone too far!"

    Hearing such revealing and harsh words from them, Suzy was so angry that a pair of her eyes immediately turned red.

    Qiu Mu Orange also had a pretty pale face.

    Only now did Qiu Mu Orange realize how fragile she was when she left Ye Fan.


    Suddenly, the sound of water rose everywhere.

    At the time of the noise here, on Dongchang Lake, Qin Fei had undoubtedly reached the Sword God Looking Moon River.

    The lake water beneath his feet was vast, and the Yellow River was raging in the distance.

    The water of this Dongchang Lake was originally seeped and gathered from the Yellow River, adjacent to the Yellow River's channel.

    If one listened carefully, one could naturally hear the sound of the Yellow River's water rushing eastward.

    At this time, Qin Fei's eyebrows were proud, and his fist strength was gathering in his hand.

    The entire person, as if a strong bow, was gradually pulling apart.

    "Moonwatching River, you are the Sword God of the Sun Country, though."

    "But you are, after all, already in your twilight years!"

    "How much more powerful can you be now than you were then?"

    "Thirty years ago, you were no match for the might of the He Wang Fist!"

    "Thirty years later, are you still an enemy?"

    Between muddled sneers, Qin Fei's monstrous fist strength exploded.

    The muscles were mighty, the tendons and bones were violent..

    A strong body, as thick as a mountain.


    As a sound exploded, Qin Fei fiercely smashed out with a fist.It was monstrous and only as powerful as a fierce tiger.

    "He Wang Fist?"Moonwatching River looked on, but shook his head and smiled contemptuously, "No wonder, you're so confident.So this is what you're relying on."

    "But, O foolish Chinese, do you seriously think that the defeat of this Sword God back then was to the He Wang Fist?"

    Between sneers, the Moonwatching River also finally moved.

    The lake beneath its feet began to rush, and the wind behind it howled with it.

    In the next moment, the Moonwatching River stepped on the water and rose.

    The humongous body was only like a great roc spreading its wings and soaring the dragon in the sky.

    A shocking kick, only like a heavenly river falling down to the ninth heaven, towards Qin Fei, fiercely kicking!

    "It's...This is..."

    "One of the top secret arts of the Sword God Palace of the Sun Country, Stepping Heavenly Cut?!!!"

    The instant the Looking Moon River stormed up, there were martial dao crowds on the shores of Dongchang Lake, losing their voices in horror.

    Just like this, under the attention of ten thousand people, one fist and one kick collided with each other.


    The cold wind was like a sword, and the ice was like snow.

    Beneath the boundless heavens and earth, on top of the vast, flat lake, there was a low roar that quietly exploded.

    At that moment, everyone held their breath and gazed into the distance.


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