Dish Best Served Cold 826-830

Chapter 826

Under the sky, the two, Moonwatching River and Cheng Qin Fei, were tit-for-tat.

    The moment their fists and feet touched, it was only like a volcano hitting the earth.

    The wind and waves that were created directly shook away the boundless flying snow!

    At the same time, amidst the sound of air waves exploding, Qin Fei's body suddenly stalled.

    Immediately afterwards, his right arm that he had punched out was kicked by the Moonwatching River stepping on the sky, directly breaking it.


    A miserable scream pierced through the long sky.

    Qin Fei's entire body then flew directly towards the back under the effect of inertia.

    However, after the Moonwatching River's one move to build up its power, it still did not relent.

    The might of his body swept up again, and his fierce kick was instantaneous again.

    There was no stalemate at all, the monstrous power was just like the autumn wind sweeping away the falling leaves.

    Two kicks in a row, Moonwatching River instantly destroyed all of Qin Fei's defenses with a destructive force.

    The last kick was a direct kick on Qin Fei's chest.


    The tendons and bones shattered, and blood and flesh flew everywhere.

    The ribs on Qin Fei's body collapsed in a sound.

    The entire chest, just like a balloon, instantly caved in at a speed visible to the naked eye.

    This time, Qin Fei didn't even have time to scream.

    The entire person was kicked into the lake and sea by the Moonwatching River.

    Blood mixed with broken internal organs and vomited all over the sky.


    The river and the sea rushed, creating waves in the sky.

    The splash of water is like a stone through the air.

    Rolled up, a thousand piles of snow!

    When I looked up and looked again, all that was left of the lake was a single, blinding scarlet red.

    The sky was long and snowy.

    The shore of Dongchang Lake, however, was silent and deadly.

    Everyone, has been completely confused.

    The people who were just now shouting that they were going to embrace Qin Fei as the new master of Jiangdong, suddenly lost their voices.

    Just like a rooster that has been strangled, they opened their mouths wide, but couldn't make any sound.

    Wang Jiexi was also dumbstruck in place.

    He stared at the scene before him with dead eyes, incredulous.

    The joyous laughter and windfall just now, of course, was gone in a moment!

    The scene in front of us was clearly beyond everyone's expectation.

    Who would have thought that Qin Fei, who had just walked on water and pretended to defeat the Sword God as if he were a defeated dog, would not even make a single move under Moonwatching River?

    The first kick breaks the arm!

    On the second leg, the chest was cracked by stepping on it!

    In just two looks and a few breaths, Qin Fei, who is known as a disciple of a master, was kicked to death by Moonwatching River?


    "I'm going to Nima, right?"

    "Is this what you call a clan's senior apprentice?"

    "Is this the defeat of Moonwatch River like a defeated dog?"

    "I think it's just a brake,"

    After a long tremor, Li Er, Lei Laosan, and the others, but with livid old faces, they cursed at Wang Jiexi.


    He couldn't even get away with a single move and was kicked to death in two showers.

    He's a piece of shit, and he has the nerve to volunteer himself?How dare you covet Jiang Dong's throne?How dare you defy Mr. Chu?

    Who gave him the fucking balls!

    Li Er, Lei Laosan and the others were undoubtedly going to be pissed off at that time.

    The people they had originally pinned their high hopes on, after half a day of making a scene was just a brake, but also the entire Jiangdong made a big scandal in front of everyone, it was strange that Li Er and the others were not angry.


    "Master Lei San, it seems that your Jiangdong is not only full of cowards, but also full of fury, huh?"

    "The bull just blew up in the air, I thought how powerful?"

    "Now it's just a brake."

    "Couldn't even walk away from a single move, and he was killed in two kicks."

    "Just this piece of trash, and he's threatening to defeat the Sword God like a defeated dog?"


    "No way, I'm laughing~"

    Sure enough, after a brief silence, the martial daoists from all over the world who were watching the battle at Dongchang Lake, but they were close to smiling.

    People were on their backs and tears were about to flow out.

    It was obvious that after the battle just now, the entire Jiangdong had been reduced to a joke in the eyes of the crowd.


    "With these idiots, you also want to serve as the honor of Jiangdong?"

    "Then you guys, I'm afraid, are even worse than idiots."

    At this time, Suzy also couldn't help but laugh out.

    Rushing at the Jiangdong crowd in front of her, she mocked indiscriminately.

    The crowd that was flaunting at Suzy just now, undoubtedly had no voice anymore.

    In particular, the bald man who had just screamed the most joyfully had an ugly old face and was embarrassed.

    In fact, this bald man was also wretched enough.

    Stinky feet held for half a day, but who would have thought that he was just a fag!

    Now that he was being pointed at and mocked by Suzy, the bald man had the heart to die.

    "Wang Jiexi, I'll fuck your mother's leg!"

    "This is the stuff you hired?"


    "Stupid fool who can't accomplish anything."

    "No wonder Mr. Chu doesn't treat you well."

    "You faggot, if I were Mr. Chu, I would have slaughtered you long ago!"

    "Because of your good nephew, our Jiangdong's face has been disgraced!"

    In embarrassment, Li Er and the others could only vent all their anger that filled their hearts on Wang Jiexi.

    The heart to kick him to death!

    If that Qin Fei, could block Moonwatching River's move, they, the Jiangdong crowd, wouldn't be so humiliated.


    "If I had known that, I might as well not have let the idiot come out?"

    "It's no use, just fucking embarrass us!"

    Lei Laosan also cursed under his breath with a black face.

    After all, the battle just now had disgraced not only Jiangdong's face, but also the faces of them, the big men of Jiangdong.

    After making such a big joke, how could they still behave in the future when they walked out of Jiangdong?

    However, in the face of the accusations and rebukes from the crowd, Wang Jiexi, who had endured the pain of bereavement in his heart, even retorted, "Yes, I admit that my nephew, Little Fei, is not as skilled as others."

    "But, Little Fei he is no less skilled, at least he has the courage to fight."

    "He lived a heroic life and died a heroic death!"

    "It's better than, cowering out of fear and being a shrinking violet, right?"

    Wang Jiexi meant to say it in a cold voice.

    While Li Er and the others on this side were arguing endlessly, on Dongchang Lake, Liang Gong Ying Yue was smiling and congratulating to, "Congratulations teacher, winning the flag and killing another strong person in Huaxia!"

    Moonwatching Moon River shook his head, "A mere Gryphon Mouse, I'd be too dirty to kill him."

    "It's been thirty years since I've been here, I didn't expect that the Huaxia Martial Dao, the worse it gets."

    "Net out these, wide-eyed losers."

    Moonwatching River said contemptuously.

    Then, he turned his head and looked at Xu Lei again, "Miss Xu, since this rat is dead, next, it's your turn."

    "I said that if he doesn't come, you will die on his behalf."

    "If you want to blame it, blame it on what you have entrusted to me, right?"

    Moonwatching Moon River glanced at the corners of his mouth, a touch of coldness immediately appearing in his old eyes.

    However, just as Moonwatching Moon River was about to strike at Xu Lei, a variation, once again, appeared across the board.

    "Bold madman, the woman of my Dragon Lord, you dare to touch her?!!!"

    A low, angry shout quietly came out from the world ahead.


Immediately afterwards, on the shore of Dongchang Lake, a figure as strong as a small mountain whirled and leaped out.

    His feet were on the flat lake.

    Finally, on top of the nearby oars, he quietly clicked.

    As if floating duckweed, the magnificent body leapt into the air and smashed down with a furious fist, right then and there, towards the Moonwatching River.

    "This is..."

    "Brother Copper Mountain?!"

    Seeing the visitor, Qing Tan, who had been guarding Qiu Mu Orange's side, was shocked.

    Obviously, she didn't expect that Copper Mountain, who should have been following Ye Fan, would appear here now.

    However, Qing Tan didn't know that after Tong Shan recovered from his injuries, Ye Fan had already transferred him away from Jiangdong to Yanjing to secretly protect Xu Lei.

    Now that Xu Lei was facing a life-or-death situation, Copper Mountain naturally couldn't stand it any longer and immediately came to the rescue.


    "There are even people?"

    "But what's the use of some rats, no matter how many come?Just asking for death."

    The change in front of him caused the Moonwatching River's eyebrows to furrow instantly.

    And then, the Moonwatching River shook his head and smiled contemptuously.

    With a casual wave of his sleeve robe, a forceful Qi was like a sword, sweeping towards Copper Mountain's direction.


    Hearing only a low roar, the debacle that Moonwatching River had imagined of Copper Mountain did not occur.

    On the contrary, Moonwatching River's Cyanwood Stamina was directly scattered by Copper Mountain's punch.

    The surface of Dongchang Lake, immediately set off waves and also shook away, the endless snowstorm around it.


    "This is, like, horizontal kung fu?"

    "I'm asking you, who is the Indestructible Patriarch Li Chengxiang to you?"

    The scene in front of him made the Moonwatching River's eyebrows tremble, and a pair of old eyes stared at Copper Mountain, asking in a deep voice.

    The martial dao is divided into internal and external kung fu.

    The internal family refines Qi, and the external family refines the body.

    The horizontal kung fu is one of the best techniques for refining the body.

    The indestructible master Li Chengxiang, who Wang Yuehe was talking about, was a horizontal training kung fu master who reached the peak and entered the realm of a martial arts master.

    It is rumored that a single punch of Li Chengxiang has the strength of a thousand pounds!

    Copper-headed and iron-armed!

    An ordinary person against him, but he couldn't even penetrate his defenses, let alone be said to hurt him.

    However, the threshold of horizontal martial arts was extremely high, and it was by no means possible for an ordinary person to learn it if they wanted to.

    Now, Li Chengxiang was surprised when he saw this silly big man appearing in front of him, using this kind of foreign kung fu.

    However, where did Copper Mountain pay attention to him.

    After shaking off the green wood energy of the Moonwatching River, seizing the opportunity, he rushed towards the flat boat in the center of the lake, reaching out to take Xu Lei away.

    However, Rangong Ying Yue was still guarding Xu Lei's side, so how could he let Tong Shan take her away so easily?

    "Get out of here!"

    Copper Mountain gave a low shout and fiercely smashed a fist at Rangong Ying Yue again.

    Rangong Yingyue seemed delicate, but how could a disciple of the Sword God be as simple as it seemed?

    In the split second that Copper Mountain's fist strength attacked, Rangong Ying Yue's pair of jade palms quietly struck out as if piercing through flowers and leaves.


    Fists and palms clashed.

    The violent energy scattered everywhere, rolling up a thousand heaps of snow.

    Under the tremendous impact, both Rangong Ying Yue and the flat boat that Xu Lei was riding in backed out along the lake.

    Copper Mountain's figure, on the other hand, was also suddenly hindered.

    The body that was hanging in the air immediately fell towards the bottom.


    Copper Mountain's feet stepped on the surface of the lake, splashing waves all over the sky.

    Then, with the rebounding force, he chased after Xu Lei again.

    "Kung Fu is good, but unfortunately, your realm is too low."

    "You're not even a Sect Master, but you dare to save people under this Sword God?"

    "When it's a fool's errand!"

    Moonwatching River seemed to have run out of patience.

    He was no longer interested in wasting time here with a few nameless juniors.

    In a morbid voice, his feet stomped on the surface of the lake, and then he created monstrous waves.

    Countless waves flew into the air.

    It was as if millions of swords and knives were gathered into a stream, then they attacked and killed towards Copper Mountain.

    The speed of Moonwatching River's attack, how fast was it?

    There was no way for Copper Mountain to dodge, and the swords made from the condensation of the thousands of water flowers had swept over Copper Mountain's body.

    The swords buzzed as the energy entered his body.

    Under the majestic attack of the Moon River, countless blood marks appeared on Copper Mountain's body.

    It was only as if, it had been cut by a thousand cuts!

    The red blood stained all over.

    This move was not unfamiliar to Copper Mountain.

    Back then in the land of Yanjing, Hua Yinglong had severely injured him with this move.

    Now, Moonwatching River personally used it, although it was only a water sword attack, it was still far more powerful than the original Hua Yinglong.

    Nearly instantly, Tong Shan suffered a serious injury.

    His entire body, like a kite with a broken string, fell towards the lake.

    However, the Moonwatching River did not let go of Copper Mountain just because of this.

    After the heavy blow, Moonwatching River stepped out once more.

    A bang.

    That whipping leg, then without reservation, kicked Copper Mountain in the chest.

    "Brother Copper Mountain!"

    Qing Tan was suddenly alarmed.

    At the same time, only a puff sound was heard.

    Tong Shan took a mouthful of blood and then spat it out.

    Moonwatching Moon River was a top-notch attacker at the level of a master, how heavy was his attack?

    In just an instant, Copper Mountain's chest caved in several points, his ribs collapsed, and his entire body was kicked out a thousand meters raw like a cannonball.

    In the end, it smashed the reinforced concrete pillars by the lake with a bang, and one of them pierced through Tong Shan's arm.

    The red blood, which was then free of money, rushed out.



    At that moment, everyone was shocked and confused.

    He Yurou and the others had pale, bloodless faces, and the bloody scene even scared Tian Xiu Xiu directly screamed out.

    Chen Ao and the others were also filled with trepidation, their old eyes trembling greatly.

    Too ruthless!

    This Moonwatching River, striking too hard.

    Fist to fist, deadly moves.

    After kicking Qin Fei to death with two legs, he now heavily injured Copper Mountain with several strikes.

    "Is this a true Martial Dao powerhouse?"

    "Is life nothing but grass before them?"

    For a moment, Qiu Mu Orange suddenly understood why Ye Fan, rarely spoke to her about matters in the martial dao.

    It was because the bloody and cruel nature of the martial dao was something that she, an ordinary weak woman, simply could not bear.

    Qiu Mu Orange's petite body trembled, full of trepidation, almost spreading on the ground.

    As for Qing Tan, who was usually silent and smiling, her eyes were now red and her pretty face contained worry as she ran towards Copper Mountain's direction.

    "Brother Copper Mountain, hold on, hold on~"

    "The Dragon Lord will come, the Dragon Lord will come to save you, will come to avenge you~"

    Qing Tan said tearfully, looking at the bloodied Copper Mountain in his arms, his eyes filled with misery.

    Qingtan and Copper Mountain were both members of the Dragon God Temple that Ye Fan belonged to.

    They had trained and grown up together.Copper Mountain treated her like an elder brother.

    How could anyone be heartless if they were not plants or trees?

    The brother who used to be close to him is now in danger of death.

    The Looking Moon River, on the other hand, just looked at it with contempt.

    It was as if he was looking at a mole cricket.

    Throughout all of it, the Moonwatching River was that high above the rest.

    Whether it was Qin Fei, or the current Copper Mountain, or Mr. Jiang Dong Chu, he had actually never entered the eyes of the Moonwatching River until the very end.

    To him, who stood at the peak of his power, these weaklings were no different from insects.

    He had come to Warsaw mainly to find War God Ye Qingtian to avenge his past shame.

    As for Ye Fan, he was just an ant that he wanted to kill in passing.

    If he came, then he would be killed.

    If he didn't come, then he would send his woman to die.


He had already wasted ten days here.

    Moonwatching Moon River, was truly impatient to spend any more time with them here.

    Thus, after defeating Copper Mountain, Moonwatching River's gaze once again fell on Xu Lei beside him.

    "I didn't expect that I, Moonwatching River, would kill a woman today, but there are still so many accidents."

    "However, up to this point, there should be no one else, to save you, right?"

    "Miss Xu, resign yourself to your fate."

    "The ten days are up, you're running out of time."

    "I said that if he doesn't come, then I'll let you, turn into a shovel of bones in this world."

    The indifferent voice was filled with a kind of disregard for life.

    For Moonwatching River, a strong cleric who stood at the top of power and authority, killing was already a commonplace matter to them.

    No one knew how much blood and life had been stained beneath his sword as Moonwatcher had reached this height today.

    Finally, with Moonwatching's words, it was as if Xu Lei's death sentence had been pronounced.

    When the arm of the old man in the lake was seen, it was gradually lifted.

    On the shore of Dongchang Lake, countless people shook their heads and sighed, their hearts in sympathy and intolerance.

    "Since ancient times, red faces have many thin lives."

    "It seems that today, this mannish beauty is going to perish in the end."

    Someone shook their head and sighed.

    "That Mr. Chu, what a son of a bitch!"

    "A bodyguard, all of whom still know how to protect the Lord."

    "But what about him?"

    "His own wife has been tied up for ten days, yet he has always avoided it."

    "Now, about to lose his life to another man's sword, yet he remains a shrinking violet."

    "He deserves to be a man too?"

    "He's worthy, too, to command Jiangdong?"

    "It's a beast!"

    Someone cursed angrily.


    "Ye Fan, this is retribution!"

    "This is your retribution."

    "Thinking about the opening ceremony of Mufan Real Estate, how sprightly you were."

    "Destroying Qiushui Logistics, how sprightly were you?"

    "But how now?"

    "Thirty years east of the river, thirty years west of the river."

    "After today, you'll end up in ruin!"

    "When the time comes, there will probably be no place for you in the greatness of Jiangdong."

    Chu Wenfei laughed and gloated.

    The entire Dongchang Lake was in an uproar, seeing all of life.

    Qiu Mu Orange was in tears, and under guilt, she wanted to rush over to save Xu Lei and tell Moonwatching River the truth, that she was Ye Fan's wife.

    But Li Er and the others were holding her back with a death grip, not allowing her to go over.

    After all, Qiu Mu Orange was always Ye Fan's wife.

    If something really happened to Qiu Mu Orange, how would they all be able to explain to Ye Fan when he came back in the future?

    What's more, in this situation nowadays, if Qiu Mu Orange went over, it was more likely that not only would she not be able to save Xu Lei, but would also put herself in danger.

    Of course they stopped Qiu Mu Orange from going over.

    "But, are we just going to stand by and watch Miss Xu she, die on my behalf?"

    Guilt, helplessness, wretchedness, and all sorts of emotions enveloped Qiu Mu Orange's entire heart.

    Suzy, who was beside her, was also anxious and worried.

    "That damned Ye Fan, why doesn't he come yet?"

    "Back then, at the foot of Mount Tai, he had the guts to protect Jiangdong.Now, does he not have the guts, to protect his own woman?"

    Su Xi anxiously and angrily shouted low.

    Not only them, even He Yurou, who was never acquainted with Xu Lei and the others, had a stabbing pain and intolerance in her heart when she saw such a stunningly beautiful woman who was about to perish in fragrance.

    With her red eyes, she begged to Chen Ao who was beside her, "Uncle Chen, please think of a way to save her, right?"

    "She was so young, she was so beautiful, her life was obviously just beginning, how could she just die like this~"

    The kind-hearted He Yurou, said, tears unconsciously slipped from above the pretty face.

    However, the whole Jiangdong is helpless, Mr. Chu is afraid but can't do anything, he, Chen Ao, what can he do?

    Therefore, facing He Yurou's miserable plea, Chen Ao just shook his head and sighed.

    In the old eyes, there was powerlessness and intolerance.

    "It's useless."

    "In the entire Jiangdong land, other than Mr. Chu, I guess no one can resist the Moonwatching River."

    Chen Ao sighed in a low voice.

    However, what he didn't say was that even if Mr. Chu came, Chen Ao and the others didn't have much confidence that Mr. Chu would be able to defeat the Moonwatching River.

    After all, through the confrontation just now, Chen Ao and the others clearly realized that today's Moonwatching River was more than several times stronger than the original Wu He Rong.

    When He Yurou heard this, she turned back and looked around, as if she was looking for Mr. Chu.

    "Mr. Chu, you really, won't come?"

    "Are you really, going to be a shrinking violet and put your woman's life and death in jeopardy?"

    He Yurou's beautiful eyes were red, and in her heart, the more disappointed she was with the man called Mr. Chu.

    As He Lanshan's daughter, of course He Yurou had heard of Mr. Chu's name in Jiangdong.

    Before this, she had thought that she would be able to unify Jiangdong in just half a year, rebuke the group, and even let her father, send to Jiangdong Zun wine.

    Such a person, must be a great hero at the top.

    But now it seems that she was wrong.

    She made a big mistake.

    What great hero?

    Just a coward.

    After today, the so-called Mr. Chu would probably be completely reduced to a joke.

    While the crowd was feeling sorry for Xu Lei, at the heart of the lake, a hand blade from the Moonwatching River.

    But it had already fallen.

    The fierce attack brought forth an ear-piercing gas explosion.

    No one doubted that when the Moonwatching River's strike fell, the flowery girl on the boat would completely perish, right?

    However, before life or death, Xu Lei didn't show any fear.

    Her stunningly beautiful and pale face was always looking into the distance.

    There, the Heavenly River was vast and snow was falling all over the sky.

    How she wished, in the last moment of her life, she could see her brother Xiaofan again.

    Her parents died young and her family is heartless.

    To Xu Lei, Ye Fan was her entire life.

    She died on behalf of Qiu Mu Orange, she had no regrets.

    She knew that her brother Xiaofan loved her wife deeply.

    She was content with her death in exchange for his happiness and joy.

    Only, before her death, Xu Lei's only regret was that she was unable to hand over the citrus she had planted for him.

    "Brother Fan, goodbye~"

    "If there is an afterlife, Rae only wants to be you, the real wife."

    When the years are filled with tears, quietly turn around.

    Xu Lei who was in the prime of her life was here, lamenting death.

    She took one last look at the heavens and earth behind her, and after that, she closed her eyes, waiting for that death scythe to be wielded.

    However, no one saw that Xu Lei's bosom was holding the citrus she had planted for him with her own hands from start to finish.

    To the death, it was never put down.

    Between the wind and snow, a few strands of glitter, from above her cheeks, slowly slid down.

    In the air, broken into beads, strung into threads.

    Eventually, helplessly falling into, the lake water.

    Ripples, bursts of ripples!

    She, after all, couldn't wait for the teenager.


The sky is long and the snow is falling all over the sky.

    The first time I was in the hospital, I had to go to the hospital to find a doctor.

    However, Liang Gong Ying Yue, who was on the side, was startled and lost in thought as she looked at the somewhat tragic scene before her.

    She had thought that before she died, this Xu Lei would have complaints, remorse, and fear.

    However, what she saw was only endless affection and affection.

    At this moment, Liang Gong Ying Yue couldn't help but be even more curious.

    That Mr. Chu, what kind of man was he?

    Why is it that such a beautiful girl is so devoted to him!

    "Miss Xu, it's over."

    "It's a pity that the man who had made you rely on your trust for a lifetime, didn't come to save you after all."

    The cold voice rang out, only like the chanting of death.

    Immediately afterwards, the Greenwood Qi energy gathered into a knife and slashed furiously towards the spot of Xu Lei's neck!

    However, just as this mortal blow was about to fall.

    Who would have thought that at the end of the celestial river, there was suddenly a violent storm that was as powerful as a rainbow.

    Morbidly cold voices, even more so like rolling thunder, exploded between the nine heavens in the next moment.

    "Moonwatching River, if you injure Lei'er by one point, I will destroy your Sword God's Palace!"

    "If you dare harm Rei'er in the slightest, I'll slaughter all of your Japanese martial arts!"

    What kind of anger is there, like a fire that burns out the heavens.

    And how cold it was, like a thousand years of frost, freezing heaven and earth.

    After the words fell, the mountains and rivers trembled, the four seas tossed, and the wind and snow poured in.

    The water of Dongchang Lake, as if it had gone mad, raised endless waves.

    The silence of the place shattered, and endless anger rushed in.

    Under such power, the boat that Rangong Ying Yue was standing on was also affected by the surging water of Dongchang Lake and almost capsized.

    Under the change, Yuehe didn't care about killing anyone.He immediately stabilized himself and calmed the oars.

    As for the onlookers on the shore of Dongchang Lake, they were all wide-eyed as they watched the strange and horrifying scene before them.

    They were almost scared to death!

    Who the fuck is this?

    A single roar and the lake is tossed?

    Let the blizzard back up?

    "Holy shit!"

    "I'm going to Nima, right?"

    "Fiction wouldn't dare to write like that!"

    The crowd was close to pissing themselves.

    It only felt that the combined shock of a lifetime was not as much as today.

    Chu Wenfei and the others were even more dead-eyed, their old faces livid, their pupils wrinkled like ghosts, looking at the source of the sound coming from.

    Only a skinny figure was seen under the Heavenly River, streaking away.

    His face was expressionless, his forehead hair fluttering.

    Snow fell in the sky, but could not cover his endless might.

    The weather was cold, but his fury could not be frozen.

    Snow-covered underfoot, the sky behind him was long.

    At this time, the young man was like a demon god descending into the world.

    The first thing you need to do is to take a look at this.

    On the day I return to the world, all rebellious subjects will die!


    The winds were bitterly cold, blowing away the endless wind and snow.

    Wherever this person passed, the earth froze and the wind and snow retreated.

    That skinny body, which fell in the eyes of the crowd, was as thick and majestic as a mountain!


    "This is, Mr. Chu?!!!"

    "It's Mr. Chu arriving."

    "Yes, Mr. Chu is here!!!"


    After seeing Ye Fan's figure, Lei Lao San was the first to call out.

    Right after that, Li Er and Chen Ao, on top of their desperate faces, there was also a sudden surge of ecstasy and excitement.


    "It's him!"

    "Is he here?"

    "The king of our Jiangdong is here!"

    The surroundings began to clamor and the crowd began to boil.

    The Jiangdong crowd, who had already fallen into despair, became excited the moment they saw Ye Fan's arrival, as if a long drought had brought rain and a withered tree to spring.

    "How...How is it possible?"

    "This son of a bitch is actually here?"

    "Is he seriously not afraid of death?"

    While Li Er and the others were excited, Chu Wenfei was trembling and his eyes were close to staring out.

    Before, he was still thinking that Ye Fan was greedy and afraid of death, being a shrinking turtle and losing his reputation.

    But he didn't expect that at this last moment, Ye Fan would appear?

    "Mu Orange, it's really him."

    "It's really him hey~"

    "I knew that Mr. Chu, the mighty Jiangdong, would not be able to retreat~"

    Suzy also shouted out in excitement.

    Qiu Mu Orange didn't say anything, just nodded her head, her beautiful eyes red, her pretty face smiling with relief and love, just like that, looking at that man from afar.

    "Is this Mr. Jiang Dong Chu?"

    "This...So young?"

    He Yurou was also stunned.

    Before this, she had once thought that Mr. Chu was a middle-aged man from the same era as her father.

    But it wasn't until now, after seeing it with her own eyes, that she realized that she was wrong.

    Big mistake!

    Mr. Chu, where was a middle-aged man, but a man of the same age as her.

    "Dragon Lord, Brother Copper Mountain he..."

    Not paying any attention to the cries of the crowd, after Ye Fan appeared, he first walked towards Copper Mountain and Qing Tan.

    The moment she saw Ye Fan, Qing Tan's tears flowed uncontrollably.

    The feeling was like a sailboat that had left home and found a harbor to lean on.

    The grief that was suppressed in her heart was then released.

    Ye Fan didn't speak, but quickly sealed Copper Mountain's heart vein before turning his head and leaving.

    "Qing Tan, take care of Copper Mountain."

    "I'll come when I go."

    The words were ice-cold, carrying an endless murderous intent and erect rage.

    He clenched his palms and stomped his feet on the ground as he headed towards the shores of Dongchang Lake.

    But everywhere he passed along the way, the big men of Jiangdong all came to pay their respects.

    "Mr. Chu, you've finally come."

    "We, Jiangdong, have been waiting for you for a long time."

    "This Japanese traitor has plagued Jiangdong, slaughtered my Jiangdong compatriots, and even tried to murder Lady Chu."

    "It was Miss Chu who stepped forward."

    "At this moment of crisis, I, Li Er, ask Mr. Chu to turn the tide, kill the Japanese madman and save General Xu!"

    Li Er poignantly said, cupping his fist and begging.

    "Yes, Mr. Chu, all of us, we've been waiting for you."

    "Please, Mr. Chu, power to turn the tide~"

    Chen Ao and Lei Er-San also both walked out, paying respect to Ye Fan and cupping their fists.

    As the two or three of them walked out, it was as if a huge boulder fell into the sea, setting off huge waves.

    In a split second, all the Jiangdong dignitaries, the big bosses of the four directions, all respectfully moved forward, cupping their fists together to beg.

    "Please, Mr. Chu, turn the tide and save my Jiangdong!"


    "Please, Mr. Chu, turn the tide and save my Jiangdong!"


    The sounds that rose and fell gathered into streams, sweeping the entire world.

    Then, amidst the shocked gazes of Chu Wenfei, He Yurou, and the others, all they could see was the young man before them, bathed in majesty by the stars, stepping into the heavens in front of the respectful and esteemed gazes of the crowd!

    On the 28th day of February in the year of the Gengzi, Chu Tianfan, the venerable father of Jiangdong, came out of Mount Jingzhou to fight the Japanese sword god, Wang Yuehe, on the shore of Dongchang Lake!!!!

    It was snowing and freezing that day!!!!


Spring came especially late this year.

    Even though it is almost March, there is still no greenery around.

    Even today, it's still snowing in most of Jiangdong.

    At first, the snow melted as it fell to the ground.

    But as the snow got heavier and heavier, finally, the city of Jingzhou was covered with white snow.

    The traffic in the streets and alleyways had thinned out a lot.

    There were only some naughty children, playing in the snow.

    Their innocent laughter is probably the only "life" in this vast field.

    However, they who live in their own little world, how would they know what kind of storm is sweeping by the shore of Dongchang Lake a few kilometers away from them.

    The shores of Dongchang Lake.

    The wind and snow are blowing!

    The promenade by the lake has been covered with a thick layer of snow frost.

    Between the wind and snow, there was only a thin figure, stepping on the snow, facing the Heavenly River, moving forward thickly.

    At this time, Ye Fan was like a treasure sword out of a box.

    The fronts of his body converged and his killing intent boiled!

    Majestic and awe-inspiring, as if it was the Profound Sea.

    For some reason, the crowd behind them trembled and kneeled in submission as they looked at the young man here.

    That feeling was as if they were looking up to a monarch.

    The majesty of the supreme ruler made everyone bow in submission!

    "This...This momentum?"

    "Is he really, just a twenty-something, teenager?"

    He Yurou, who was by the river, was completely stunned.

    Ye Fan's mere backstory had already made He Yurou, filled with shock.

    Because, this kind of momentum was something that her father, He Lanshan, who was the noble Lord of Jiangdong Province, didn't even have?

    He Yurou was by no means the only one with similar emotions.

    Between the lakes, on the flat boat, the kimono-clad, graceful and enchanting Rangong Ying Yue, looked at Ye Fan, and there were actually waves in her beautiful eyes.

    She was born from the Japanese nobility, the Ranggong family, and had studied under the Japanese Sword God since childhood.

    She asked herself, having met countless royals and nobles, but never a single one of them had an aura that could be compared to the young man in front of her.

    The feeling Ye Fan gave him was not at all like a small Lord of Jiangdong, but rather, this world's most respected!

    She suddenly had some expectations.

    Expecting this Mr. Chu, how long could he last in his own teacher, for how long?

    For the first time, Ryouga Ying Yue was so curious and concerned about a person of the opposite sex who was the same age.

    "Brother Fanny~"

    "Brother Fanny~"

    After walking through the ghost gate, she opened her eyes and saw her teenager, and near instantly, Xu Lei burst into tears.

    She smiled tearfully, delighted and excited, and called out his name.

    All the fear in her heart disappeared, and all the despair was certainly gone.

    All that was left in her eyes was that thick, majestic figure between the blizzards!

    With him here, she would not be afraid, all storms.

    As for Ye Fan, with a leap, he also reached Xu Lei's side.

    Looking at Xu Lei's frail and pale pretty face in front of him, Ye Fan felt both guilt and pity: "Lei'er, I'm sorry, brother Fan is late."

    Xu Lei didn't reply, just stuck her head into Ye Fan's embrace.


    "Brother Fanny, Rae thought that she would never see you again~"

    In Ye Fan's arms, Xu Lei was wailing.

    The fears, worries, fears, and all kinds of emotions of these ten days, undoubtedly, all burst out at this time.

    The feeling was like a little girl selling matches in the snowy weather, finally finding her home and warmth.

    Ye Fan was silent, quietly holding her, allowing Xu Lei to cry in her arms.

    But Chu Wenfei, who saw the scene in front of him, was burning with jealousy in his heart.

    It was just as well that Ye Fan had married such a beautiful wife as Qiu Mu Orange.

    But Xu Lei, the hallowed Jiangdong goddess, after the Yanjing gentry, was even throwing herself at Ye Fan?

    For what?

    How could a superfluous son-in-law, a young man from the countryside, make so many wonderful women fall for her and shed tears because of her?

    And he, Chu Wenfei, met, but all are green tea whores like Autumn Mu Ying?

    "This damned Ye Fan, what does he have to offer?"

    "What virtue is that?"

    Under the intense jealousy, Chu Wenfei's eyes were crimson red, and he roared low in his heart with unwillingness.

    At the same time, Qiu Mu Orange, who was on the side, also lowered her head and did not look anymore.


    "That, Miss Qiu, don't misunderstand."

    "Mr. Xu is probably overly frightened, that's why he's doing something out of the ordinary."

    "You mustn't mind~"

    "We've followed Mr. Chu for so long, and Mr. Chu's affection for you is obvious to all."

    Lei Laosan noticed some fluctuations in Qiu Mu Orange's emotions and enlightened.

    Qiu Mu-Orange nodded and said softly, "Well, I understand all of that."

    "Besides, it's all because of me that Xu suffered today's danger."

    "I won't blame her."

    Qiu Mu Orange said slowly.

    On the other side, on Dongchang Lake, Xu Lei was still crying and in shock.

    Moonwatching River didn't bother them either.

    After all, now that Ye Fan had arrived, Xu Lei was naturally of no use to them, so they disposed of it as Ye Fan did.

    However, Moonwatching River didn't have much patience for them to catch up here.

    Soon, a low voice, then sounded, "Mr. Chu, catching up with Madam Zun, it's almost time to catch up, right?"

    "Isn't it time to end the feud between you and me?"

    A cold voice came out from behind.

    When she heard it, Xu Lei's delicate body seemed to recall something, while pushing Ye Fan and urging anxiously, "Brother Xiaofan, you should leave, leave me alone."

    "This man, he's here to kill you."

    "He wants to take your life."

    "You hurry up and go~"

    Xu Lei was filled with worry, and her words were full of anxiety.

    Xu Lei had already witnessed Moonwatcher's fearsome and ruthlessness with her own eyes.

    In his hands, life was just like grass.

    She was truly afraid that her little brother Fan would also follow in the footsteps of Qin Fei and Copper Mountain.

    However, in response to Xu Lei's words, Ye Fan only laughed lightly.

    "Xiaolei, it's fine."

    " Not to mention a mere Sun Country Sword God, even if the number one strongest of the Sun Country, Xue Zhao, arrives, I, Chu Tian Fan, will still be executed!"

    "My Chu Tianfan's sister, no one can touch her."

    "Wait here for me."

    The sloshing voice swept.

    After saying that, Ye Fan whirled around.

    With endless killing intent and chilling intent, he walked towards the direction of the Moonwatching River.

    "You are Ye Fan?"

    "My two righteous sons, both killed by you?"

    Moonwatching River's gaze looked over, coldly sizing up the young and somewhat excessive man in front of him.

    Ye Fan was as cold as frost, his face expressionless.

    "You're wrong."

    "It's not just your two righteous sons that I killed, it's also you!"


    Mori's words swept away, endless killing intent boiling.

    Dashing away, the endless blizzard!


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