Dish Best Served Cold 831-835


Chapter 831

"Shall we begin?"

    "I just don't know if Mr. Chu is holding up."

    "I hope that Mr. Chu, you can continue to write miracles."

    Feeling the colder and colder atmosphere above that lake.The hearts of Lei Laosan, Li Er, and the others on the shore undoubtedly hung in the air with it, praying in their hearts, and

    Everyone, all nervous, looked at the two figures in the blizzard ahead.

    "Miracle my ass!"

    "He, Ye Fan, is just a countryside superfluous son-in-law, even if he got lucky and became the esteem of Jiangdong."

    "But so what?"

    "Facing such a strong man, he would only be killed to be slaughtered!"

    Chu Wenfei cursed viciously.

    He Yurou and the others, however, were silent and just watched from afar.

    "This Mr. Chu, back to winning?"He Yurou thought to herself.

    As for Qiu Mu Orange, who was Ye Fan's wife, she even clutched her palms.Because of the worry, the palm was already full of cold sweat.

    Obviously, after seeing Moonwatching River's skills, everyone didn't have much confidence in Ye Fan's, naturally.

    Above the heart of the lake, facing Ye Fan's words, but Moonwatching River's eyebrows were furrowed.

    "What an arrogant little junior!"

    "After all these years, you're the second one who dared to talk like that in front of me."

    "The last one, was your War God of Huaxia, Ye Qingtian."

    "However, I don't think that you will be as lucky as him."

    "Today, I will make Dongchang Lake, the burial ground of your arrogant little boy!"

    Looking Moon River's angry voice echoed.

    But Ye Fan was no longer patient, his eyebrows chilled, "You're so full of crap!"


    In a low voice, Ye Fan's feet stepped on the flat lake, and a frenzied palm steeply smashed down.

    A war, finally at this moment, was on the verge of starting!

    And when Ye Fan's palm smashed out, this heaven and earth also boiled.

    The majestic might, just like a monstrous sky, shone on Ye Fan's palm and wildly gathered.

    The water of Dongchang Lake beneath his feet also began to boil and roar.

    In particular, the lake water beneath Ye Fan was like being summoned and rolled wildly.

    The monstrous waves that were brought up were splashed onto Ye Fan, but they were instantly evaporated into nothingness.

    Watching from afar, Ye Fan was as imposing as a flying dragon in the sky!

    Seeing such a scene, the martial dao crowd watching the battle from afar was shocked.


    "Mighty as an abyss, fine blood like a dragon?"

    "This is, the realm of the clan!?"

    "This young man, he's also a Master?"

    The crowd suddenly exploded.

    Numerous people, trembling and losing their voices.

    Ancestor was like a dragon.

    If a martial dao entered the realm of a grandmaster, the Qi and blood of his body was unusually thick, and when it exploded, it was even like a dragon.

    As for the Ye Fan in front of him, his Qi and blood was so strong that he was comparable to a clan master.

    Just, a clan master in his early twenties, huh?


    What is this concept?

    It must be known that the 1.3 billion people of the magnificent Huaxia, only ten people actually came out of the clan masters on the clan master list.

    Every clan master, in any country, would also be a reputed township powerhouse.

    In the ancient times, they were all great figures who were appointed as generals.

    Now seeing that the Ye Fan in front of him would probably be the eleventh Grandmaster of Huaxia, of course the crowd trembled!

    "In his early twenties, he entered the realm of a grandmaster in martial arts."

    "Back then, the War God Ye Qingtian was no more than that, right?"

    "Dang it, a hero!"

    "Today, if this son does not die.He will be famous in Huaxia!"

    On the shore of Dongchang Lake, countless people trembled with emotion.

    The previous contempt and ridicule for Ye Fan had all disappeared in an instant.

    This was the martial world where the strongest was the most powerful!

    Only if you have mastered power, then naturally you will be respected.

    While the crowd was trembling, Moonwatching River, who was at the tip of the storm, wasn't too surprised.

    He had already guessed Ye Fan's strength before coming here.

    To be able to kill Hua Yingtian, he was at least at the realm of a Sect Master!

    The facts in front of him were merely a validation of his suspicions.

    "But so what if it's a clan master?"

    "So far, no less than a handful of clerics have died under my Moonwatching River."

    "Today, I don't mind one more dead soul under my sword!"

    Between sneers, the might of the Moonwatching River also exploded.

    The same palm, towards Ye Fan's direction, struck furiously.


    The moment their palms touched, only a loud bang could be heard.

    Boundless energy smashed open, as if a boulder had entered the sea, and the entire Dongchang Lake created layers of huge waves.

    The lake water swept the snow and ice, sweeping the four directions of the world.

    Suddenly, snow and water intertwined, dashing down rain.

    The crowd of onlookers on the lakeside were drenched in their clothes and instantly soaked through.

    "Miss Autumn, are you alright?"

    "It's too dangerous here, let me send you to the hotel to change first."

    "It's snowing and freezing now, it would be bad if you catch a cold."

    "As for Mr. Chu's side, we have our eyes on it.When the results come out, we'll contact you first."

    Li Er and the others couldn't care less about the coldness on their bodies and rushed to inquire about Qiu Mu Orange's condition.

    The water spray that was set off by the battle between Ye Fan and the Moonwatching River just now had apparently also wetted Qiu Mu Orange's dress.

    "Jinbao Yinbao, what are you two still standing around for?"

    "Don't send Miss Autumn back yet!"

    Li Er drank in a deep voice.

    However, Qiu Mu Orange was shaking her head.

    In the midst of the wind and snow, this stubborn woman, however, said firmly, "I'm not going back."

    "I'll just wait here, for him, to return safely."

    "If he doesn't return, I won't return either."

    The words were decisive, with endless worry and attachment.

    After the battle began, until the end, Qiu Mu Orange never took her eyes off of Ye Fan.

    The string in her heart was always tightly taut.

    After all, what was standing there was his man!

    Today's battle was a matter of life and death for him.

    At first, although the Taishan Martial Battle, Qiu Mu Orange was also considered to have personally experienced it.

    But at that time, Qiu Mu- orange was more of a spectator watching it again.

    She didn't know that the Mr. Chu at that time was her husband, Ye Fan.

    Therefore, at that time, Qiu Mu Orange didn't have any worries or fears.

    But now, it was completely different.

    She already knew Ye Fan's identity, so naturally, it was impossible for her to stay out of it.

    To this, Li Er and the others had no choice but to follow Qiu Mu Orange's wishes.

    After all, they couldn't forcibly take her away.


    Between the wind and snow, on the flat lake, Moonwatching River and Ye Fan, once again fiercely clashed against each other.

    The energy exploded, shattering the snow and wind.

    And Ye Fan and Moonwatching River were both shocked to step on the flat lake and retreated several steps.

    "Good boy!"

    "Underestimated you, though."

    "Come again!"

    In the midst of the gloomy words, Moonwatching River pounced on it again.

    He flexed his hand into a claw and slashed towards Ye Fan's chest.

    A claw that tore through the sky was like a flash of panic.

    The speed was as fast as lightning.

    However, Ye Fan seemed to have been prepared and dodged sideways.


    A fierce force of energy then grazed Ye Fan's sleeve and whistled past.


    "And you dodged it?"

    One strike fell short, and Moon River was surprised.

    In the short encounter just now, the strength of the young man in front of him had undoubtedly far exceeded Moonwatching River's expectations.

    However, Moonwatching River wasn't discouraged, and the moment he was dodged by Ye Fan, he bent his elbow and with a beautiful elbow strike, he toppled into Ye Fan's abdomen.

    "Little Brother Fan, watch out!"

    On top of the oar, Xu Lei was shocked at what she saw.

    However, Ye Fan was already prepared and crossed his arms in front of his chest, immediately blocking it.

    "I'll see how long you can block it."

    Moonwatching River's face was gloomy, and with a low shout, he girded his hands into swords and slashed at the sky in succession.

    In a split second, a full fourteen strains of green wood energy swept out.

    It was surrounded on all sides and locked Ye Fan in a group.

    It was as if, a heavenly net!



    On Dongchang Lake, wind and snow rolled wildly.

    The green wood stamina was like a sword, sweeping in from all directions and slashing furiously towards Ye Fan's direction.

    "Brother Xiaofan, hold on~"

    Just now, Copper Mountain was the one who lost to this strike.

    Now, seeing Moonwatching River use this move again, Xu Lei, who was not far away, tensed the string in her heart almost instantly.

    Beautiful eyes trembled, and her hands folded in front of her chest, praying without ceasing.

    However, Rangong Ying Yue, who was on the side, shook her head and laughed.

    "It's useless."

    "This Seven Sword Beheading was created by my teacher with all her life's effort."

    "Now, it's even more powerful as it's performed with Greenwood Stamina."

    "In the entire Huaxia, I'm afraid there are no more than ten people who can block this move."

    "After this strike, the battle is probably over."

    "Miss Xu, it's really a pity that the little brother Fan that you speak of will soon become a dead soul under my teacher's sword."

    "It's just a pity that he was unable to force my teacher to use his sword in the end."

    Ranggong Ying Yue smiled shallowly, and her words were filled with a sense of confidence and pride.

    In Ranggong Ying Yue's perception, the Moonwatching River was almost like a faith.

    Besides her sister, the person Rangong Ying Yue respected and admired the most in her life was her teacher, Moonwatching Moon River.

    Naturally, Rangong Palace Yinyue had full confidence in Moon River Lookout.


    Between the two women talking, however, Moonwatching River's attack had swept away.

    The dao qi brought forth an ear-piercing roar.

    The water of Dongchang Lake beneath the feet, even more by this wave of qi, brought up a white trace.

    At the riverside, Li Er Chen Ao and the others were nervous and their hearts were in their throat.

    But Rangong Ying Yue was smiling faintly, looking at Ye Fan as if he was looking at a corpse.

    However, in the face of Moonwatching River's overwhelming attack, Ye Fan's appearance was always calm.

    There was no sign of fear or worry on his clear and beautiful face.

    There was only ease and calmness.

    It was as if the water was still flowing from a peaceful lake, and no matter how big the snowstorm was, it simply couldn't set off any waves in his heart.

    "Rather good at pretending!"

    "Later, when you fall beneath my teacher's sword, I'll see if you can still be so calm."

    Rangong Ying Yue snorted with disdain.


    Finally, the green wood energy had arrived in front of Ye Fan.

    Ye Fan's eyebrows were cold, his feet on the flat lake, his body like a phantom.

    The speed was so fast that it was like the flickering phosphorescence on the lake.

    In the end, the seven streaks of cyanwood stamina all grazed Ye Fan's body and all smashed into the lake below, not even hurting Ye Fan in the slightest.


    "How is that possible?"

    "Fourteen strokes of energy and he dodged them all?"

    The confidence and arrogance that Rangong Ying Yue had just had was undoubtedly gone.

    She was stunned there, a pair of beautiful eyes immediately staring at her huge.

    It was hard to believe that the young man in front of her was unharmed by his teacher's full attack.

    Not only Rangong Ying Yue, after seeing the attack fall short again, Moonwatching River's eyebrows were undoubtedly even darker, with the same horror sweeping through her heart.

    "What an agile body technique!"

    "But I can't believe you'll be so lucky next time."

    "Junior, take another hit from me!"

    Moonwatching Moon River gave a low cry, and his might exploded once again.

    As the saying goes, a prolonged defense will lead to a loss.

    In Moonwatching River's opinion, no matter how agile and fast this Ye Fan's body technique was.

    However, there would always be times when he couldn't dodge.

    One strike failed, ten strikes there, a hundred strikes!

    He'd like to see how long this young man could last.

    Sure enough, amidst the low voice, the Moonwatching River turned a finger into a sword and slashed at the sky.

    The wind swirled the snow, and the river was disturbed by its strength.

    Under the outburst of the Moonwatching River, monstrous might once again gathered under the Moonwatching River.

    This time, the Moon River struck several blows in a row.

    Suddenly, the whole world was filled with the Moon River's green wood energy.

    The stormy attack chilled the crowd to the core.

    However, amidst the wind and snow, Ye Fan still dodged with ease.

    The feeling was like a leaf on the ocean's raging waves, allowing the wind and rain to blow, but it would not capsize for a long time.

    Just like this, Ye Fan's feet stepped on the flat lake, weaving through the boundless energy of the Moon River.

    A thousand flowers pass by without touching a single leaf!

    In the end, after nearly a thousand moves, Moonwatching River didn't even touch Ye Fan in the slightest.


    "How's it going, Yurou?"

    "I told you, this Mr. Chu is a piece of shit."

    "Look, from the beginning until now, he's been pressured by others."

    "How wretched is it to hold your head in your hands?"

    "It looks like it won't be long before he's beaten to death."

    From the shore of Dongchang Lake, Chu Wenfei's gloating voice could be heard.

    He Yurou was silent, only gazing into the distance.

    The others were also goggle-eyed and focused on the battle ahead.

    This was the battle of the clansmen, and some of them were afraid that it would be difficult to see it all their lives.

    Naturally, they didn't dare to slow down, afraid of missing a single detail.

    Ranggong Ying Yue's pretty face also grew heavy, he had thought that the battle that ended quickly had been stalemated for so long.

    "Teacher, why do you need to show mercy?"

    "Please do your best to kill this young man as soon as possible!"

    "To glorify my country of Japan~"

    Rangong Ying Yue finally couldn't hold back and suddenly shouted out.

    Wang Yuehe, who heard this, had a red and white face and was in a state of embarrassment.

    Rangong Ying Yue thought that he had shown mercy.

    But, had he really shown mercy?

    Of course not!

    In the previous confrontation, Moon River had given his all, why did he ever hide his clumsiness?

    However, what Moonwatching River never expected was that Ye Fan's body speed was so strong?

    After another wild bombardment, perhaps because he was tired, Moonwatching River didn't continue to take action against Ye Fan.

    Instead, he stopped on the lake, his body undulating and kicking in his breath.


    "Why the light hiding?"

    "Could it be that your teacher, only taught you how to run for your life?"

    Moonwatching River cursed in depression.

    He had lived his entire life and had never experienced such a lame battle in his entire life.

    After fighting for half a day, he hadn't even touched the enemy's hair.

    It was all dry with the air.

    Ye Fan laughed lightly after hearing that.

    "Since that's the case, junior, presenting a scandal!!!"


    The moment the words fell towards, only a low roar could be heard.

    The lake beneath Ye Fan's feet instantly exploded.

    The wind swept up the cold snow, and the river stirred up huge waves.

    In the midst of that interplay of snow and water, Ye Fan moved.

    One second, Ye Fan was a hundred meters away.

    The next moment, he was already in sight!


    "So soon!"

    Moonwatching Moon River was shocked and exploded back.

    But Ye Fan's attack had already fallen, and his thousand-pound fist was as heavy as Mount Tai, directly hitting Moon River's forehead.

    Unprepared, Moon River looked forward to the attack and reached out his hand to block it.


    A powerful punch that smashes Moonwatcher's arm sinking in.

    But fortunately, it was blocked.

    Just as Moonwatching River was secretly relieved, Ye Fan's second punch, third punch, fourth punch...

    Boom boom boom~.

    Amidst the deafening sound, Ye Fan's frenzied attacks actually smashed down one after another.


It was as if a rapid drumbeat, punch after punch after punch.

    At first, Moonwatching River was able to block with his arm, but in the end, Moonwatching River's arm was directly smashed open by Ye Fan, revealing Moonwatching River's face.

    Ye Fan naturally showed no mercy, and the fist in his hand fell without reservation.

    Just like this, under Ye Fan's stormy power, the entire person of Moonwatching River was directly blinded by Ye Fan.

    Bang bang bang~.

    Deafening sounds couldn't stop resounding, and the Moonwatching River was also beaten by Ye Fan and exploded back.

    Until finally, Ye Fan stepped on the sky and directly kicked the Moonwatching River out of Dongchang Lake.


    A loud bang.

    A pavilion in the distance collapsed.

    Rubble and dust shot up everywhere.

    Moonwatching Moon River's entire body was directly buried in the rubble.

    With the collapse of the Moon Watching River, the world was immediately quiet.

    As far as the eye could see, there was dead silence, only wind and snow swirling wildly.

    All of us were silent and horrified!

    In his mind, all that was left was the powerful figure of Ye Fan just now, dominating the four corners of the earth.


    "This...This strong?"


    "That Sword God Moonwatching River, just like that, defeated...Defeated?"

    After a long time, there was a sound of cold air pouring out of the side, which could not stop ringing.

    The crowd was trembling with fear.

    Who would have thought that just a moment ago, Ye Fan, who was at a disadvantage, would turn the tide against the wind and directly blow up the Sword God Moonwatching River.

    "How is this possible?"

    "That Ye Fan, a door-to-door son-in-law, why is he so strong?"

    Chu Wenfei simply found it hard to believe his own eyes.

    However, there were still a few high-ranking people with good eyesight in the crowd.

    They looked in the direction of the fallen Moon River and shook their heads, "No, it's too early to talk about victory or defeat."


    Sure enough, the moment their words fell, the ruins in front of them exploded.

    A humongous figure then rushed out from among the ruins.

    It was, indeed, the one who had just been brutally beaten by Ye Fan, Moonwatching River!

    It was just that the Moonwatching River was in a wretched state.

    On his grey robe, there were spots of blood, and in some places, he was even cut by debris.

    What was even more unbearable to look at was that there were large bruises on his forehead.

    On the corners of his mouth and eye circles, it was even more red and swollen.

    The entire head, was like a pig's head.

    Let people look at it, it was really a bit unbearable.

    Many people, who really couldn't help it, puffed out a laugh right out.

    That ear-piercing laughter made the Moonwatching River feel embarrassed and angry.

    With a wave of his sleeve robe, an air force struck out, and the boulders by the river, burst into pieces.

    "Whoever laughs again will be this stone and die!"

    Angry drinks resounded in all directions.

    In a split second, the crowd was so frightened that they fell back a few steps and their faces were defeated.

    Since then, naturally, no one dared to laugh anymore.

    However, others didn't dare to laugh, but Ye Fan had no worries.

    "I never thought that the Hallowed Sun Country Sword God would be a self-deceiving person."

    "If you don't let people laugh, will the injury on your face heal?"

    Ye Fan shook his head and smiled, a faint tone that shouted an inexplicable mockery.

    At this time, when Rangong Ying Yue saw the face of Moonwatching River, her beautiful eyes trembled and she whispered, "Teacher, you...Are you alright?"

    "Bastard talk!"

    Faced with Ranggong Ying Yue's concern, Moonwatching River instead became even angrier, "What can I, the Sword God of the Sun Country, have to do with?What will it be again?"

    After scolding Rangong Ying Yue, Moonwatching River's cold gaze fell on Ye Fan again.

    "Stinky brat, I have really underestimated you."

    "However, you don't need to be proud of yourself."

    "I was merely being careless just now."

    "But that's the end of it!"

    "Next, I'll show you the true power of this Sword God."

    The cold words, mixed with the wind and snow, but the temperature of the place, once again dropped a few points.

    Amidst the furious voice of Moonwatching River, the seven-foot green peak in his hand that had never been unsheathed, also finally, slowly pulled out.


    The moment the long sword was unsheathed, only a buzz could be heard.

    The seven-foot green peak reflected the cold, gloomy light, and buzzed in the rustling wind.

    Seeing this scene, Rangong Ying Yue's pretty face stagnated.

    "Teacher, are you finally going to use that move?"

    "It looks like this Mr. Chu, has really pushed the teacher into a corner."

    Rang Gong Ying Yue's beautiful eyes sank and said in a low voice.

    She didn't know if this was an honor or a misfortune for Ye Fan.

    After all, there were probably not many people in the entire Huaxia who could push their teacher to this point.

    It could be said that fighting until now, Ye Fan was also proud enough to be proud of himself.

    But unfortunately, the sword in the hands of Moonwatching River, once sheathed.

    It would never return to its sheath without drinking blood and killing!

    In other words, Ye Fan's life would end here as well.

    "Miss Xu, seriously, this man you've entrusted your life to is truly a rare and glorious hero."

    "I'm a little envious of you."

    "But unfortunately, he shouldn't have, in a thousand ways, messed with my teacher's head."

    "After today, this Huaxia is afraid that it will lose a martial genius."

    "And you, Miss Xu, will also be losing, your youth."

    Rang Gong Ying Yue, slightly regretful, said, and her faint words surprisingly carried a bit of pity and sympathy.

    Before coming to Huaxia, Rangong Yingyue's attitude towards Ye Fan was one of contempt and disdain.

    But now, after seeing Ye Fan's skills, even Rangong Ying Yue was undoubtedly somewhat moved.

    She had to admit that after all these years, Ye Fan was the most dazzling one she had ever seen among her peers.

    She somewhat admired this teenager.

    If it wasn't for the difference in stance, Rangong Yingyue wouldn't mind making friends like Ye Fan.

    But unfortunately, as fate would have it, they could only be enemies.

    "Mr. Chu, after this sword, you are a shovel of bones."

    Rangong Ying Yue looked on with a smile, the voice that was talking to itself was like the soft cry of a nightingale, it was very beautiful.

    In the meantime, in front of the place, with the Moonwatching River long sword out of its sheath, his robe, surprisingly, is windless.

    However, if one felt it carefully, one could definitely find an invisible force that was wildly gathering under the Moon River's sword.

    It was as if a slowly opening bow, majestic power, incessantly accumulating.

    And the Qi of Moonwatching River's body was like a blazing fire, climbing rapidly at a speed that was visible to the naked eye.

    Under the Heavenly River, between the wind and snow, he stood proudly with his sword.

    His cloudy old eyes, as if reflecting the heavens and the earth, looked down at the front of Ye Fan just like this.

    "Junior, to be able to push me to this point, apart from Ye Qingtian back then, you are the first."

    "Thirty years ago, I fought with Ye Qingtian at the top of the Yellow River."

    "At that time, my sword technique was not yet complete, so I was at a loss to defeat Ye Qingtian."

    "But now, thirty years have passed."

    "In these thirty years, I disappeared and hid in the mountains for thirty years, and I couldn't practice behind closed doors."

    "The heavens have eyes, and now my Greenwood Sword Technique is already a great success!"

    "Today, I will use your blood to show the world!"

    "I'm looking at Moon River, back."



    The gale swirls ice and snow.

    The head of the wind is like a knife, the face is like a cut!

    Moonwatching River's ghostly words were only like thunder, resounding through the four directions.

    Numerous people heard them, their faces were white and trembling with fear.

    Obviously, everyone had guessed that the next battle would presumably decide, in the end, life and death and victory!

    "Uncle Chen, Mr. Chu he, will he win?"He Yu Rou paled her pretty face and asked Chen Ao in a low voice.

    Qiu Mu Orange is even more nervous hand clutching, the force is so great, the fingertips are close to plunging into the flesh.

    It seems to have discovered the difference of Qiu Mu Orange, but Suzy, who was on the side, gently grabbed Qiu Mu Orange's hand and softly comforted.

    "Mu Orange, it's fine."

    "You and Ye Fan, so many storms have come through."

    "This time, it's definitely fine too~"

    Susie said softly.

    But the words, even to her own ears, seemed so pale.

    After all, if the battle didn't end for a moment, then no one knew the outcome.


    Finally, with a sword blast.

    As if a dragon came out of the East Sea, everyone only saw, a radiant blue mane, gathering into a hundred meters of sword Qi, just like this, towards Ye Fan.

    That radiant sword mane was as if it split the sun and moon and blocked the stars and rivers.

    Amidst the shocked gazes of countless people, it swept out just like this.

    With a single sword, he cut Ye Fan, into the bottom of Dongchang Lake!


    The lake rushed, creating monstrous waves.

    The entire Dongchang Lake seemed to be overturned under the sword of the Moonwatching River.

    The 10,000 tons of lake water rushed wildly.

    The huge waves that were created were as high as ten meters, slapping mercilessly towards the top of the lake.

    "Not good!"


    "Everyone, run!"

    The heavens and earth completely exploded.

    The people who were onlookers by the lake were all screaming in fear, fleeing wildly outside.

    Only to escape, the rushing lake water!

    "Miss Autumn, run away~"

    Li Er and the others were also shocked and turned around to run towards the distance.

    But Qiu Mu Orange only had Ye Fan's safety in her eyes, so how could she care about the storm in front of her?

    "Miss Autumn, go!"

    At the last moment, Lei Laosan, Li Er and the others were also anxious.

    Not even caring about Qiu Mu Orange's consent, they forcibly took her outside.


    The shocking waves pounded the shore, rolling up a thousand heaps of snow.

    The promenade by the lake was smashed by the water waves, and some slow runners were knocked unconscious by the waves, and dozens of people fell into the water to seek help.

    I don't know how long it took, but the clouds cleared up and the rain cleared up.

    The entire Dongchang Lake was once again calm.

    "Is it over?"

    "Who won?"

    "Did Mr. Chu block it?"

    After everything had calmed down, a group of powerful bigwigs from Jiangdong immediately came around again.

    Qiu Mu Orange even ditched Li Er and the others and ran to the shore to look for the young man's figure.

    However, on the surface of this great Dongchang Lake, apart from the leafed boat of Liang Gong Ying Yue and Xu Lei, there was only one person left, Moonwatching River, independent with a sword!

    The sky and earth were vast, and the wind and snow were shaking.

    Above the vast flat lake, the Moonwatching River stood proudly.

    His turbid old eyes looked down on the four directions.

    The old face was filled with majesty and pride.

    Taking advantage of this moment, Rangong Ying Yue whirled around to bow her head and respectfully congratulated, "Ye Fan is dead, congratulations teacher, the great revenge has been avenged!"


    "Ye Fan is dead, congratulations teacher, great revenge~"

    The resonant voice echoed unceasingly in this empty world.

    Hearing this, Qiu Mu Orange's delicate body trembled then, and the light in her beautiful eyes quickly dimmed.

    It was as if, the sun in my heart, had fallen forever like this.

    And then, that wonderfully soft and delicate body, just like this, fell into the blizzard.

    "Mu Orange~"

    "Miss Autumn~"

    "Lady Chu!"


    "Quick, someone get a hospital!"

    "Come on~"


    The shores of Dongchang Lake were chaotic.

    It wasn't until after sending Qiu Mu Orange away, that some calm was restored here.

    However, who knew the despair and grief of the Jiangdong crowd at this moment .

    "Mr. Chu, is this really how it fell...Fallen?"

    Li Er and the rest of the Jiangdong crowd were filled with misery and lost their voices in a daze.



    "After all, he fell under the sword of Moonwatching River."

    "My Huaxia Martial Dao is missing a pillar of talent, ah."

    The martial dao crowds from other provinces and cities, however, shook their heads and felt only regret.

    Only Chu Wenfei, who was laughing freely there.

    But He Yurou didn't know why, her eyes suddenly reddened.

    She choked and asked, even though she and Ye Fan, never knew each other: "Uncle Chen, Mr. Chu he, is he really dead?"

    Chen Ao, silent.

    But his silence had undoubtedly given an answer to He Yurou.

    Just now, everyone saw with their own eyes that Ye Fan was cut by Moonwatching River's sword qi.

    It was impossible for anyone to survive that level of attack.


    "It won't die."

    "Little brother Fan he won't die."

    Above the heart of the lake, Xu Lei's eyes were red and she couldn't stop shouting, her tears only raining down.

    Even though, she clearly saw the Moonwatching River's attack, which fell on Ye Fan without reservation.

    However, Xu Lei still didn't want to believe that his little brother, Fan, had left him like this.

    Ignoring Xu Lei's miserable bitterness, after finishing off Ye Fan, the Moonwatching River was ready to leave.

    "Since Ye Fan is dead, this matter is over."

    "Let's go, it's time for us to go about our business."

    "Mm."Rangong Ying Yue nodded respectfully.

    And then, the two teachers and disciples turned around, facing the snowstorm, and prepared to leave.

    However, who would have thought that at this moment, a sneering voice, but it was like a ghost, quietly came out.

    "Moonwatching River, it's not over yet, so why are you in such a hurry to leave?"


    Hearing this sound, Moonwatching River trembled all over.

    And then turned abruptly, a pair of eyes nearly jumping out, staring dead ahead.

    Ranggong Ying Yue was equally horrified, and a crazy thought swept through her mind.

    "Could it be..."


    Sure enough, in the next moment, there was only a thunderstorm on the ground.

    The surface of Dongchang Lake, which was originally calm, exploded in an instant.

    Thousands of tons of lake water gushed out.

    Terrifying waves swept across the sky.

    In the endless curtain of water, a thin figure of a young man, just like this, facing the river, stepping on the snow, from the bottom of the Dongchang Lake, quietly came out.

    In front of him, the river of heaven was standing horizontally, and behind him, the wind and snow was floating.

    In the midst of the water curtain, the young man stood with a smile, looking ahead like this, as if he were a monarch, looking down on the world.

    In his deep pupils, he carried the majesty and pride of dominating the world!

    Dead silence, a dead silence.

    The full heaven and earth was silent.

    Everyone was muddled in place, looking incredulously at the young man in front of them.

    Master and disciple Wang Yuehe were even more so, their pupils crinkled and Jairus' eyes cracked.

    Especially Moonwatching River, a pair of eyeballs almost cracked open!


    "How is that possible?"

    "That's impossible!"

    "Under my Greenwood Sword Technique, how can you, a vertical junior, not die?"


Looking Moon River roared incredulously.

    On top of the old and majestic face, it was now all eventful.

    Trembling, horrified, puzzled~.

    All sorts of emotions, like an ocean storm, swept through Moonwatching River's entire heart.

    Things had developed to this point, and Moonwatching River was undoubtedly in a complete panic.

    It was simply hard for him to believe that under his Cyanwood Sword Technique, not only did Ye Fan not die, but he was also unharmed.

    Just like that, like nothing, he walked out from underneath Dongchang Lake?

    "No way!"

    "That's impossible?"

    "Teacher's Cyanwood Sword Technique is unparalleled in power, peaking at the top."

    "Even a title grandmaster could not be so unscathed under teacher's sword?"

    "This Ye Fan, is just a young junior, how could he do it?"

    Not only Moonwatching River, even his disciple, Rangong Ying Yue, was startled in place.

    A pair of beautiful eyes were filled with horror and fear.

    The scene in front of them was clearly far beyond what the two of them had expected.

    In their hearts, there were waves sweeping.

    But some people were happy and some were sad.

    While the Moonwatching River Master and Disciple were terrified, Li Er and the others were filled with surprise.


    "Mr. Chu isn't dead!"

    "Mr. Chu is still alive."

    "I knew it, Mr. Chu is the world's most powerful man, all-powerful and unrivaled in Jiangdong."

    "How could a small Japanese bandit let Mr. Chu fall?"

    "Quickly, tell Miss Autumn the good news and make her happy too~"


    The Jiangdong crowd was all delighted.

    Suzy's reddened eyes also burst out laughing after seeing that Ye Fan was unharmed.

    "This guy, he really doesn't let anyone save his heart."

    "Just pity Mu Orange, he's been tossed around for nothing~"

    Susie shook her head and smiled.

    But maybe even she didn't notice the tear in the corner of her eye.

    "Oh my God!"

    "This Mr. Chu, yes."

    "That's not even dead?"

    On the other side, Tian Xiu Xiu and the others were also trembling with emotion.

    Chu Wenfei's old face was gloomy, but he grunted with a black face, "Can be a fart!"

    "I think it's also just a trapped beast and a negative."

    "This time he was lucky to survive, next time, could he be so lucky again?"

    Seeing the crowd's worshipful gaze towards Ye Fan, Chu Wenfei, however, said with displeasure in his heart.

    However, He Yurou shook his head at this time and said softly, "I think, Mr. Chu, will create a miracle oh~"

    No one knew what kind of joy He Yurou's faint smile contained.

    Perhaps, this was Ye Fan's charisma.

    Even before, He Yurou and Ye Fan were never acquainted.

    But under this brief contact, that man's qualities were already extremely appreciated by He Yurou.

    His ease, his dominance, his guardianship of his beloved, his righteousness towards his friends, every quality in him was almost touching.

    By now, He Yurou finally understood why Ye Fan, at such a young age, was able to dominate the four fields and become the master of Jiangdong!

    If he doesn't rule Jiangdong, who will?

    The sky was long and the snow was blowing.

    On Dongchang Lake, Xu Lei was smiling tearfully, her pretty face filled with relief and joy.

    And the Moonwatching River, after a long tremor, calmed down once again.

    His old eyes were gloomy and torch-like, staring at Ye Fan with a deadly stare.

    Nowadays, any contempt and disdain he had for Ye Fan had disappeared.

    What there was, was only a dense condensation and scruples.

    "Tell me, how did you do that."

    "This Cyanwood Sword Technique was created by the ancestors of my Sun Country's Martial Dao."

    "Thousands of years ago, my Ancestor Qingmu used this sword technique to dominate the Sun Country and rebuke East Asia."

    "Even Ye Qingtian was severely injured under this sword technique back then."

    "You, a yellow-mouthed, nameless junior, how did you actually do that?"

    "Tell me!"

    Moonwatching River roared lowly, and his words were full of ice cold.

    However, in the face of Moonwatching River's questioning, Ye Fan smiled lightly.

    He looked down on the old man in front of him, only like a monarch, looking down on a mole.

    "Tell you?"

    "You think, do you deserve it?"



    "How dare you insult me, you nameless junior?"

    "I'm afraid you weren't even born when I looked at the Moon River back then to criss-cross the martial dao."

    Moonwatching River was furious.

    In his whole life, he was so high and mighty that the world would fear and respect him.

    Now Ye Fan was insulting him like this, how could Moonwatching River tolerate it.

    However, after Ye Fan heard that, the banter on his face was even more intense.

    "Moonwatching River, you are already a dying man, do you think, you still have the right to boss me around?"

    In the faint whisper, but there was an endless killing intent contained within it.

    That bone-chilling, endless rage, churned along with the snow and wind.

    The rivers beneath their feet all condensed into ice inch by inch.

    "Kill yourself."

    "Give yourself, save some face."

    Ye Fan stood with a negative hand and looked over with a faint gaze.

    Moonwatching Moon River's face was three shades whiter.

    Now, Moonwatching River had all the cards at its disposal, yet it still couldn't do anything to Ye Fan in the slightest.

    The battle had ended here, so to speak.

    Ye Fan allowing Moonwatching River to kill himself with his sword was already considered benevolent.

    At least, it preserved the martial style of Moonwatching River.

    However, what Ye Fan didn't expect was that Moonwatching River suddenly laughed in the face of his words.


    "Let me cut my own throat?"

    "Ye Fan, you have a big mouth!"

    "Do you seriously think that I, Moonwatching River, have exhausted my options and am in deep trouble?"

    "You think too simply of me, Sword God, and the martial arts of my country of Japan."

    In the midst of the morbid laughter, the might of Moonwatching River's body actually condensed again.

    The wind and snow rolled and the qi and blood rolled.

    Moonwatching River's originally dispirited momentum was actually climbing wildly at a frightening speed.

    A moment later, a bit of blood oozed out from Moonwatching River's body.

    On his arms, face, and neck, veins were exposed.

    "Teacher, you..."

    Seeing this scene, Rangong Ying Yue, who was behind him, her pretty face went white.

    Others didn't know, but Ranggong Ying Yue, who was born in the martial path of the Sun Country, knew deep down what kind of martial art the Moonwatching River in front of her was practicing!

    This is called the "Blood Burst" technique, and the user's strength will rise rapidly.

    However, the price is a serious injury to the body and a ten-year decline in cultivation.

    This is a desperate move.

    How could Rangong Ying Yue have never thought that his teacher would be forced by Ye Fan to such a state?

    "Originally, I was going to leave this move to Ye Qingtian."

    "I actually didn't expect that you would force me to do it today."

    "Junior, give me death!"


    Amidst the rage, Moonwatching River was covered in robes and windless.

    Wind and snow swept wildly, mountains and rivers surged.

    Under the outburst, Moonwatcher raised his long sword in his hand.

    Under the pull of his longsword, the water of Dongchang Lake beneath his feet surprisingly rose to the sky as if summoned.

    A full nine water pillars, as if nine dragons, swept the four directions.

    The sound of dragons and tigers roaring was heard everywhere.

    In the midst of the wind and snow, the dragons rose to the heavens and the sea of clouds tossed!


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