Dish Best Served Cold 836-840


Chapter 836

Mighty and majestic, whipping up the snow and wind.

    Behind him was the Heavenly River standing horizontally, and in front of him was the dragon rising to the sky.

    In the midst of the fierce wind, Ye Fan stood proudly with a cold smile on his face.

    "Moonwatching River, is this the last thing you'll rely on?"

    "And yet, how would you know that what you are so proud of today is worthless in my eyes!"


    In the split second that Ye Fan's words fell, the young man's face, then suddenly became eerie.

    His face was expressionless, his eyebrows and eyes were mighty.

    His feet stepped on the flat lake and he looked up to the sky.

    There were water dragons sweeping in front of him, and there was sword qi across the place where his eyes entered.

    However, facing the majestic might of the Sword God, Ye Fan was not afraid.

    With his thin body, he just stood there, waiting for that augur to descend!


    "What is Mr. Chu doing?"

    "Why isn't he hiding?"

    "Is it possible that he's trying to fight hard?"

    "Is he crazy?"

    "Or is it overconfidence?"

    Looking at that Ye Fan who was standing in the middle of the storm, standing motionless like a target, the people from the four directions were all puzzled.

    Li Er, Lei Laosan, and the others were even more anxious.

    I thought to myself, Mr. Chu wouldn't be overly proud and want to prop up a tough fight.

    Just when everyone was worried, Ye Fan, who was between the storms, finally moved.

    His body sank, his center of gravity pressed down, the muscles on his arms bulged, and the majestic power rose even more from his feet.

    In the end, it all converged on Ye Fan's arm.

    Between the violent power raging, Ye Fan's shirt directly exploded.

    Bronze-colored skin appeared like this between the world.

    The bulging muscles were as if there was explosive power contained on top of it.

    "This...This is..."

    "Body refining martial arts?"

    "Could it be that this Mr. Chu, also knows how to practice kung fu across the board?"

    Seeing Ye Fan's small mountain-like majestic body, the surrounding crowds were all trembling and shocked, their pupils crinkling.

    When the crowd lost their voices, Ye Fan's arms were already outstretched, and he grabbed the two soaring dragons made of water vapor!

    A raw choke, their leader!

    Then, in the midst of everyone's shocked and violent gaze, Ye Fan used a force, and immediately afterwards, he crushed those two water dragons.


    At this time, several other water dragons were already whistling.

    But Ye Fan, was not afraid.

    There was ease and majesty on his fresh face.

    He stepped on the flat lake and captured the dragons with his bare hands.

    With an explosion, the nine water dragons were all captured and crushed by Ye Fan.

    Thousands of tons of lake water fell down in a rage.

    Rain fell and flowed wildly!

    Splashing the sky with water.

    The deafening sound of water was even more like thunder, sweeping the four directions.


    "Capture the dragon alive!"

    "I'm going to Nima, right?"

    "Could it be any more awesome?"

    The people watching the battle from afar had been completely confused.

    What followed, they thought, would be a vicious battle.

    However, who would have thought that Ye Fan would directly use the most primitive and violent means, relying on his flesh and blood, and with his bare hands, he would explode the nine dragons formed from the converging lake water.

    Ye Fan's monstrous means undoubtedly shook everyone.

    He Yurou, Chu Wenfei, Rangong Yingyue and the others, without exception, all stayed in place.

    There was Ye Fan's monstrous might in their brows and eyes!

    "This.... how is this possible?"

    Even the onlookers, not to mention being one of the main protagonists of the war, Moonwatching River?

    Seeing his last card, just like this, being blown up by Ye Fan.

    Moonwatching River, undoubtedly in complete despair!

    However, Ye Fan didn't nonsense any more.

    The deep pupils were filled with ice cold.

    In his dantian, the Cloud Dao Heavenly Determination was running wildly.

    An invisible killing force, like a monstrous river, raging and rushing!

    And then, Ye Fan's feet stepped on the flat lake and rushed into the sky.

    Beneath the Heavenly River, snow fell in the sky.

    In the midst of the fierce wind, Ye Fan's might was enormous!

    That muddled sound was even more as if it came from the Nine Heavens Galaxy, and in a moment, it exploded the heavens and earth.

    "Cloud Dao Heavenly Resolution."

    "First style, Yunyang Kick!"


    In a majestic rage, Ye Fan fiercely kicked down towards Moonwatching River's abdomen.

    Only a scream was heard.

    The chest caved in and blood and flesh flew across.

    A mouthful of blood from Moonwatching River was spat out immediately!

    "Second style, Blazing Mountain Avalanche!"

    One strike followed by another.

    Ye Fan's right hand was clenched, and his fist of steel, with the force of ten thousand pounds, crashed down.

    With a muffled grunt, the left side of Moonwatching River's face was instantly caved in.

    Nosebleeds mixed with broken teeth and snot flowed across.

    "Third style, the Overturning Seal!"

    There was another low roar.

    In the midst of the crowd's horror, they only saw, beneath the Heavenly River, a large palm seal, covering the sky and overturning the clouds, quietly taking shape.

    Then, it was as if Mount Tai was bearing down on them, furiously cutting down towards the direction of the Moonwatching River.

    Only a bang sounded.

    It was like the autumn wind sweeping away the fallen leaves, or like boiling oil melting the remaining snow.

    Just like this, Ye Fan directly swept the Sun Country Sword God, Moonwatching River, with invincible force!

    A punch, a kick, a slap!

    A monstrous might, sweeping madly as if no one was there.

    Under Ye Fan's outburst, the Moonwatching River was unable to block it in the slightest.

    The defense was instantly broken.

    Blood flew everywhere, and the entire person of the Moon Watching River was slapped into the earth by Ye Fan's palm.

    Wind and snow scattered everywhere, and gravel exploded.

    The original hard blue stone ground was directly smashed into an eventful pit.

    There was blood soaked inside, and there were screams and moans inside.

    A moment later, everything fell silent.

    The Dongchang Lake water no longer tumbled, and there was no more life in that ravine.

    Everyone, even more terrified, did not dare to make any sound.

    The scene just now happened too quickly.

    Everything seemed to have happened in a flash of lightning.

    Who would have thought that half an hour ago, the majestic and overbearing Moon River was now Ye Fan, a defeated general.

    Falling in the ruins, living and dying unknown!

    Dead silence, dead silence.

    Everyone was muddled in place.

    Rangong Ying Yue was pale, He Yurou was shocked and speechless, Lei Laosan and other Jiangdong crowds were horrified and speechless, and Chu Wenfei was even more filled with fear.

    All of them, all of them looked up to the front.

    There was a young man standing proudly.

    The wind and snow swirled in front of him, while the clouds moved behind him in eight directions.

    He was standing across the river, looking down on the four directions.

    If he had a longsword in his hand, who would be the hero of Jiangdong?

    And ask the world, who is in charge?


    The bitterly cold wind swept up the snow and wind.

    In the midst of the boundless shock, Li Er, Lei Lao San and the others, but they all knelt their heads.

    They all shouted in unison, honoring and worshipping.

    "We, kneel down to worship Mr. Chu!"

    "Thank you, Mr. Chu, for saving my Jiang Dong~"


    As Li Er and the others kneeled in submission, the eighteen big city bigwigs of Jiangdong all bowed down.

    They kneeled and worshiped again, they shouted in unison, they submitted from the bottom of their hearts .

    Before, all the doubts about what Ye Fan had said were gone, all the disrespect had disappeared.

    The bald man grabbed the ground with his head, and Wang Jiexi, the head of the Wang family, kneeled in fear, not daring to look directly into Ye Fan's eyes at all.

    There had never been a moment when a group of dignitaries in Jiangdong had treated the same person with such reverence and awe!

    Just because, the young man in front of them, once again, used his supreme strength to tell them who was the master of this Jiangdong?

    Who is in charge of this, the sinking of the East River?


"Thank you, Mr. Chu, for saving my Jiang Dong~"


    On the shore of Dongchang Lake, a group of dignitaries in Jiangdong all paid their respects.

    The rising and falling voices were like waves that swept across the long sky.

    Even the Dongchang Lake water, under the worship of the crowd, rippled with countless waves.

    Facing the worship of the crowd, Ye Fan stood proudly.

    His clear and beautiful face was full of majesty.It made people, not daring to look at it.

    At this moment, Chu Wenfei was undoubtedly scared out of his wits.

    Only now did Chu Wenfei understand, what kind of power and prestige did Ye Fan have in this Jiangdong?

    It was also after this battle that Chu Wenfei Fang realized how small he was compared to Ye Fan?

    His monstrous power, his supreme strength, any one of them made Chu Wenfei despair!

    Previously, Chu Wenfei was thinking of catching up to Ye Fan in the future, but now it seemed that he, Chu Wenfei, would be hard to hope for even after a lifetime!

    This man was destined to be an insurmountable mountain in his life.

    In the past, when he was still the son-in-law of the Qiu family, Chu Wenfei had always been curious, why was this Ye Fan just a wimpy son-in-law, a poor boy from the countryside, yet he was always so arrogant?

    No respect for him, Chu Wenfei, and no fear of Old Master Qiu, as if no one could enter his eyes.

    At that time, both Chu Wenfei and Qiu Mu Ying felt that it was Ye Fan who was the idiot arrogant.

    Now, he only understood.

    It wasn't arrogance, because, he, Ye Fan, had the ability to match his arrogance.

    While Chu Wenfei was filled with fear and loss, He Yurou, who was on the side, was also flabbergasted and lost in place for a long time.

    She looked up at the youth who was being worshipped, and her beautiful eyes were filled with endless colors.

    "Is this, is this the majesty of Mr. Chu?"

    "Really, it's so dazzling."

    "It's like the sun, noticed by all, shining brightly~"

    He Yu Rou was distracted for a long time.

    Perhaps even she hadn't noticed her gradually quickening breaths, and the deer beating inside.



    On the flat lake, Ye Fan stood proudly.

    He didn't pay attention to the worship of the crowd, but turned around, and his cold gaze swept across the heavens and the earth, as well as the multitudes of beings.

    Finally, it landed on, the apprentice of the Moonwatching River, Rangong Ying Yue.

    At this time, Ranggong Ying Yue's pretty face was pale and bloodless.

    The gaze that she looked at Ye Fan was no longer the contempt and disdain that she had before, and what was there, only fear and trembling remained.

    It was as if a peacock had its most beautiful feathers cut off by Ye Fan.

    With the fall of the Moonwatching River, the greatest pride in Ranggong Ying Yue's heart was undoubtedly shattered by Ye Fan, as well!

    Facing Ye Fan's gaze, she didn't even have the courage to look directly at it.With her pretty face hanging low, her three thousand green silks gently stirred in the wind and snow, and her stunningly beautiful body, just like this, trembled in the wind.

    "Kneel down!"

    After a long period of calm, Ye Fan suddenly gave a low cry.

    The majestic might swept and rolled up three thousand blizzards and also blew up Rangong Ying Yue's gorgeous long skirt.

    In the end, under Ye Fan's might, the defensive line in Lian Gong Ying Yue's heart was defeated.

    The snow-white pretty face was terrified.

    This disciple of the Sword God, a stunning young girl, was like this, kneeling down to Ye Fan.

    However, just as Ranggong Ying Yue submitted, suddenly, only a rustling sound could be heard.

    Then, everyone saw that a pair of bloody hands were stretched out from the ruins of Dongchang Lake.


    "Could it be, that Moonwatching River, isn't dead yet?"

    Seeing those bloody hands, the crowd was terrified and shouted in horror.

    In a split second, everyone's eyes looked over.

    Rubble slid down, and the snow was stained blood red.

    Just like that, a body covered in blood and withered breath staggered and stood up.


    "Still alive?"

    Seeing this terrifying-looking old man, the crowd was so frightened that they drew a breath of cold air.

    Firstly, they were shocked at the powerful life force of this Moonwatching River, and secondly, it was because of the terrifying face of the Moonwatching River.

    Half of his face had been smashed by Ye Fan, and a mat of morbid bones was seen beneath the blood stains.

    It was a miracle to be able to stand up with this kind of injury.

    But Ye Fan wasn't surprised.

    This Moonwatching River was a strong Zongshi anyway.

    A Sect Master's Qi and blood was like a dragon.

    Easy to defeat, hard to kill a clan master!

    He could still stand up, and Ye Fan wasn't surprised.

    However, Ye Fan wasn't going to let him go.

    He turned his head, with strength gathering in his hand, a powerful attack was brewing.

    At the same time, Ye Fan's indifferent gaze was sizing up the old man who was at the end of his crossbow.

    "Moonwatching River, when you were causing trouble in Jiangdong, holding Lei'er hostage, and injuring my brother, did you ever think that today would come?"

    "This is the end."

    "At first, your righteous son, Hua Yingtian, was beheaded by me at the shore of Dongchang Lake."

    "Now, this will also be your burial place."

    "It's just as well that you two, master and disciple, will go to the Nine Springs to renew your love for each other."

    In between sneers, Ye Fan's attack had gathered form.

    Moonwatching River was fearless and laughed in the sky.


    "Ye...Ye Fan, I, Moonwatching River, don't die that easily."

    "Our feud is not over yet?"

    Between caracal smiles, Moonwatching River even drew his sword again, and it looked like he was going to fight with Ye Fan.

    After seeing it, the crowd from the four directions shook their heads and lamented.

    "This Sword God, he also has a lot of pride."

    "This martial ethos is really respectful!"

    Looking at the poor, slightly sad old man, many people had respect for him.

    Even though, he was defeated.

    But his temperament and style were rarely matched by anyone.

    "Mr. Chu, be merciful."

    "This Moonwatching River, who is the master of the Sword God Palace of the Sun Country, has a pivotal position in the Sun Country Martial Dao.If you were to really behead him today, the impact behind it would be extremely huge.It might even cause, our two martial dao to cross swords ah~"

    "Mr. Chu, the greater good is important, this Moonwatching River has learned its lesson."

    "And please, Mr. Chu, stop here, and repay your grievances with virtue, as well as manifesting the greatness of my Huaxia Martial Dao~"

    At this time, a voice was heard from within the crowd.

    The speakers were Lu Tianhe and Fang Shaohong who had traveled to Jingzhou to watch the battle.

    While they were happy for Ye Fan's victory, they were also worried that Ye Fan's beheading of Moonwatching River would cause martial strife.

    Therefore, after seeing that Ye Fan was still going to behead the Moonwatching River, they whirled around to advise him.

    However, Ye Fan was unmoved.

    His face was expressionless and indifferent.

    It was one, indifferent to life, contemptuous of the weak, without any mercy or sympathy.

    "Repaying revenge with virtue?"Ye Fan laughed lightly, but Hong asked again, "Well, I ask you, if you repay your grievances with virtue, then what is the way to repay virtue?"

    The words resounded, only like thunder exploding.

    Lu Tianhe and Fang Shaohong were startled in place.They opened their mouths, not even knowing how to reply.


"The weak are prey to the strong, and the winner alone."

    "In a martial engagement, victory and defeat, as well as life and death, will be decided!"

    "Martial strife is inherently so cruel!"

    "As for your ridiculous compassion, it doesn't apply in the martial world."

    "What's more, Moonwatching River's ending today is also his own fault."

    "From the moment he stepped into Huaxia, wreaked havoc on Jiangdong, held Xu Lei hostage, and heavily damaged Copper Mountain, it was already decided that today's battle between me and him will end in a do-or-die situation."

    Between heaven and earth, Ye Fan's angry words echoed.

    The words that Ye Fan hated the most were "repaying grievances with virtue".

    If repaying grievances with virtue, how could one repay virtue with virtue?

    "In my Ye Fan's dictionary, grace is kindness and hatred is hatred."

    "To repay grace, with love!"

    "Revenge, with blood!!!!


    The moment the words fell, only a gas explosion was heard.

    Ye Fan's frenzied punch fell once again.

    The crowd on all sides were shocked, but could do nothing but watch from afar as the old man ended up in the final battle.

    However, who would have thought that in the final moment, facing Ye Fan's attack, Moonwatching River did not resist.

    He held a long sword in his hand, and after chopping out a few swords haphazardly, he turned around and scattered towards the back.

    As for Ye Fan's fist strength, it was already weakened by three points after being resisted by Moonlight River's sword energy.

    In the end, it still smashed on Moonwatching River, and Moonwatching River had a mouthful of blood to spit out, but it wasn't fatal.

    Instead, he used the fist power to accelerate his escape again.

    Soon, he disappeared at the end of his line of sight.


    "I thought it was going to be a fight."

    "After all that fiddling, this Moonwatch River turned out to be trying to run away?"

    "Paralyzed, wasting my feelings for nothing!"

    Looking at the Moonwatching River who was fleeing wildly, the people from the four directions were all startled, their eyes twitching, and they were confused.

    Just now, they had thought that this Moonwatching River was a bloodthirsty man who would rather die in battle than bow his head and retreat.

    But now, it seemed that they were fucking completely overthinking!

    When Looking Moon River climbed out of the ruins, he was already planning to run away.

    The reason why he put up a show of fighting for his life was solely to make Ye Fan relax his vigilance so that it would be easier for him to wait for an opportunity to escape.

    At the same time, it also drew Ye Fan out.

    Just in time to use Ye Fan's fist strength to give him a ride.

    This plan and thoughtfulness could be said to be watertight.

    "What a cunning old thing~"

    "And the fucking Japanese Kenshin?"

    "Just run off on your own?"

    "Don't you even care about your apprentice?"

    Fang Shaohong and Lu Tianhe both had dark old faces, their eyes twitching, cursing under their breath, full of silence.

    "Trying to escape?"

    "Can you get away with it?"

    Looking at the Moon River's actions made Ye Fan extremely surprised as well.

    Obviously, the scene in front of him was also out of Ye Fan's expectation.

    However, Ye Fan wasn't going to let this Moonwatching River go.

    Whether it was holding Xu Lei hostage or seriously injuring Copper Mountain, any one of these things would be enough for Ye Fan to kill him.

    Therefore, Ye Fan quickly attacked and soon chased after Moonwatching River in the direction of his escape.

    However, at this moment, the Copper Mountain, who was suffering from Ye Fan's sealed heart vein and hanging on for dear life, finally couldn't hold on any longer, his body trembled and he spat out a mouthful of black blood.

    Immediately after, a cry came from the crowd from Qing Tan.

    "Brother Copper Mountain, Brother Copper Mountain, how are you, don't you want to die~"


    "Dragon Lord, you save Brother Copper Mountain~"

    Qing Tan's miserable cries eventually made Ye Fan, give up on the idea of chasing Moonwatching River.

    It was more important to keep Copper Mountain alive as a matter of priority.

    "Moonwatching Moon River, just let you live a few more days first."

    "On his day, I will personally go to the Sun Country and take your dog's life!"

    Ye Fan looked at the heavens and earth from afar and whispered coldly.

    In front of him, in the depths of the Heavenly River, snow was still falling.

    In the middle of the endless snowstorm, but faintly, came the unwilling roar of the Moonwatching River.

    "When there are no heroes, it is with the vertical son who becomes famous!"

    "Ye Fan, today's revenge will be remembered by me, Moonwatching River."

    "One day, I'll be back~"



    The winds were bitterly cold, swirling up the snow, and also blowing away Moonwatching River's morbid rage.

    The Sun Country Sword God fled in disgrace after all.

    However, Moonwatching River knew very well that even though he escaped death in today's battle, he had achieved Ye Fan.

    Jean's Ye Fan, stepping on his blood and dignity, became famous in one battle!

    After today, the name of Mr. Jiang Dong Chu is feared to be truly, famous in the Huaxia Martial Dao.

    Thirty years ago, Ye Qingtian was the one who stepped on his might and became famous in Huaxia, and eventually ascended to the top of the Huaxia Martial Dao.

    Who would have thought that thirty years later, the Moonwatching River would return to Huaxia, but it was another achievement of Ye Fan's name!

    How many times in a row has the Sword God of Japan become a stepping stone to someone else's fame?

    It's not just a matter of time, but also a matter of time and space.

    Otherwise, he wouldn't have roared, "There are no heroes in this world, but the vertical son becomes famous".

    After giving up the pursuit of the Moon River, Ye Fan leapt, first brought Xu Lei back to the shore, and then rushed to Copper Mountain.

    After seeing Ye Fan, Copper Mountain's frail face trembled slightly.

    "Little...Little Lord, right...I'm sorry for not being able to protect Miss Xu...Miss Xu, for letting...Disappointed you~"

    Even at this point, all Copper Mountain had in mind was the guilt of not being able to fulfill Ye Fan's instructions .

    "Disappointed my ass!"

    "Hang in there, you hear me~"

    Ye Fan cursed in a deep voice, while he quickly asked Qing Tan to take him back to the Mufan Group in Jingzhou.

    Tong Shan was heavily injured, especially the internal injuries in his body, this kind of martial injury was simply not something that modern medicine could treat.

    Ye Fan must use his internal strength to force out the Greenwood energy in Tong Shan's body.

    "Quick, Qing Tan, carry Copper Mountain to the car."

    Ye Fan quickly found a car and drove Copper Mountain away quickly.

    With the departure of Ye Fan and the others, Dongchang Lake, finally returned to calm.

    Lei Laosan arranged the manpower to deal with the aftermath, and the surrounding martial arts people who came to watch the battle dispersed.

    However, before leaving, the crowd was looking at the direction that Ye Fan had left and lamented.

    "I never thought that Mr. Chu would win."

    "Lei laosan, you Jiangdong, you have a dragon, huh?"

    "After this battle, it is expected that no one in the Chinese martial arts will know the name of Mr. Chu!"

    "Since then, Mr. Jiang Dong Chu, he has become famous in one battle~"

    "After him, maybe he'll become the second "God of War" of my Warsaw, too?"

    Tremors, surprises, emotions, self-abasement, all sorts of emotions, filled the hearts of countless people.

    "At such a young age, he has such achievements."

    "Pity us old men, we've been practicing martial arts all our lives, but in the end, we're not as good as a young man~"

    Amidst the sighs of praise, the crowd had left.

    However, at the shore of Dongchang Lake, He Yurou, in a blue dress, was still standing there, looking at Ye Fan's departing back, startled and lost in thought.


    "Yu Rou, don't look, Mr. Chu has gone far away."

    "Look at your lost soul, I'm afraid your soul has been seduced by Mr. Chu, right?"

    Ear to ear, there were suddenly sounds of laughter.

    But it was Tian Xiu Xiu and the others, who were inexplicably smiling, poking fun at He Yurou.


Seemingly having her heart read through, He Yurou's pretty face, swished red.

    Her pretty face drooped, blushing with shame, "Xiu Xiu, what are you talking about?"

    "People, Mr. Chu, already have wives."

    "How could I..."

    Before He Yurou could finish her sentence, Tian Xiu Xiu interrupted her with a smile, "So what?"

    "Mr. Chu is the lord of Jiangdong, the lord of the world."

    "Throughout the ages, which great man has not had a few confidants by his side?"

    "Yurou, if you like it, go after it boldly oh."

    "I'll support you."

    "What's more, with your looks and posture, only Mr. Chu can match you in this Jiangdong land, right?"

    "Think about it, if you do form a partnership with Mr. Chu in the future."

    "Your husband is the esteem of Jiangdong and your father is a feudal official."

    "At that time, you will be the empress of this Jiangdong, Yurou."

    "One person below, ten thousand above~"

    Tian Xiu Xiu smiled heedlessly, but the soft tone of her voice carried an inexplicable magic.

    But He Yurou shook her head, "Would someone as dazzling as him stop for me?"

    "I'll go, Yurou, why are you still presumptuous."

    "You're not badly qualified."

    "Body, looks, background, that one isn't one in a million."

    "If I were a man, I would have fallen under your pomegranate skirt long ago."

    "As for getting to know Mr. Chu, don't worry.Leave it all to me and Wen Fei."

    "My Wen Fei is acquainted with Mr. Chu."

    "Isn't that right, Wen Fei?"

    In between the words, Tian Xiu Xiu turned her head and asked Chu Wenfei, who was on the side.

    "No, I...I don't know."

    "I don't know him, I don't have any relationship with Ye Fan."

    Perhaps it was because he was shaken by Ye Fan's monstrous methods, Chu Wenfei was actually still a bit shocked by now.

    Now that he heard Tian Xiu Xiu's question, Chu Wenfei was even more as if he had gone crazy, shaking his head repeatedly, not even daring to admit that he knew Ye Fan.

    After saying that, Chu Wenfei turned his head with a pale face and ran away.

    It seemed as if he was afraid of being discovered by Ye Fan and the others.

    After all, although Chu Wenfei was acquainted with Ye Fan, their relationship, because of Qiu Mu Ying, was in a deadlock.

    This kind of relationship, saying it out would kill you even faster!

    "Wenfei, Wenfei~"

    "Where are you going?"


    Chu Wenfei's abnormal actions made everyone very confused, and Tian Xiu Xiu, worried, even chased after him directly.

    But He Yurou obviously had little mind to pay attention to Chu Wenfei, at this time her mind was filled with the majestic figure of Ye Fan's power to dominate the world just now!

    "Is his name, Evan?"

    The young girl looked far into the sky and muttered to herself.

    Even years later, when He Yurou recalled today's scene, his majesty, his glory, and his cluster of smiles were still vivid in her mind!

    "He was like a light that inadvertently intruded into one's life and illuminated the entire rest of one's life."

    That night, He Yurou wrote these words into her diary.

    However, Ye Fan, who was the main character in it, was naturally unaware of this in the slightest.

    However, even if Ye Fan knew, so what could he do?

    He didn't even know the girl.

    To Ye Fan, he and He Yurou were not even a chance encounter.

    At this time, he only had eyes for Copper Mountain, and Qiu Mu Orange and the others.

    After stabilizing Copper Mountain's internal injuries, Ye Fan also had him sent to the hospital for further treatment.

    Copper Mountain had suffered a severe injury this time, not only was his internal tendon damaged, there was even an eventful and terrifying penetrating wound on his left arm.

    This kind of trauma could only be sent to the hospital for surgery.

    However, even if he was able to save his life in the end, I'm afraid one of Tong Shan's arms would be ruined.

    In front of the hospital bed, looking at the dying, bandaged Copper Mountain, Ye Fan angrily smashed his fist against the wall.

    In a split second, an eventful fist mark immediately appeared on the reinforced concrete poured wall.

    "Copper Mountain, are you fucking stupid?"

    "This Moonwatching River became famous and was already a martial arts master decades ago."

    "It's just you, you idiot, you know you're not going to be defeated, but you still damn well go forward!"

    Ye Fan cursed furiously.

    The low angry words shook the entire room.

    It even disturbed the nurses in the corridor, snapping at Ye Fan with a bad attitude, "What's the blind noise about?"

    "Didn't you see the writing on the wall, no hustling?"A young nurse despised it.

    However, after she said this, the air in the entire ward, suddenly freezes.

    Li Er and Lei Laosan, who had been waiting beside her, almost peed in fear.

    Lei laosan, who was in fear, even came out and smacked this nurse in the face!

    "What kind of person do you dare to insult even if you don't know what you're doing?"

    "Get out of here yet!"

    Lei laosan yelled harshly.

    The little nurse covered her face, her beautiful eyes red, and shouted hot tears.After being beaten by Lei Laosan, she was like a cat with a fried hair, yelling harshly, "Bastards, how dare you beat me?"

    "My dad didn't even beat me up like that."

    "I declare, you're finished~"

    "My father is this dean, I'll have him come and kick you out~"

    The little nurse roared angrily, her sharp curses extremely harsh.

    Lei Laosan and the others were unmoved, they looked at her with a blank expression, "No wonder she's so arrogant, so she's the dean's daughter."

    "No need for you to shout, I'll let him come over."

    After saying that, Lei Laosan whirled around and made a phone call, suppressing his anger and saying in a deep voice, "If you still want your daughter to live, come down and claim her immediately."


    A few moments later, a middle-aged man in a white lab coat arrived here in a flurry of fire.

    "Dad, they beat me, you have to make decisions for your daughter ah?"The nurse said in a bitter voice.

    However, who would have thought that as soon as her words left her mouth, the man in front of her slapped paste on it and cursed harshly.

    "Bastard, you don't want to live?"

    "Don't apologize to the Third Master and the others yet!"

    "With an idiot daughter like you, your father will have to screw me over sooner or later~"

    The dean had undoubtedly peed himself when he received the call.

    He knew that the people sitting in the ward in front of him were not existences that could tremble a prefecture-level city by stomping their feet.

    Which one of them was not something he could provoke.

    In the end, the farce ended with this father and daughter's terrified apology.

    On the first day of the internship, Ye Fan and the others made that little nurse feel the cruelty and malice of life.

    However, it was just a small episode after all.

    Throughout, Ye Fan didn't even look at their father and daughter.

    His gaze was almost entirely on Copper Mountain's injuries.

    Faced with Ye Fan's scolding, not only did Copper Mountain's silly big man not have any guilt or trepidation, he even grinned stupidly.

    But the more it did, the more it made Ye Fan feel guilty.

    If he hadn't asked him to guard Xu Lei, how could Copper Mountain have ended up in such a situation?


Originally, with Copper Mountain's strength, it was enough to deal with most dangers.

    However, Ye Fan's countless calculations did not allow him to calculate that the Moonwatching River would personally kill him.

    Of course, if this Moonwatching River only targeted himself, it would be just fine.

    But who could have expected that this Moonwatching River, in order to achieve his goal, would do anything to target women and children.

    "Hallowed Sun Country Sword God, Martial Dao Senior, is holding the lives of weak women hostage."

    "This Moonwatching River, it's disgraceful!"

    Behind him, there were words of righteous indignation from Lei Laosan.

    Ye Fan didn't say anything, but the killing intent between his eyebrows was growing stronger and stronger.

    "Where is that kimono woman?"

    "Bring her here."

    At this time, Ye Fan's cold voice, suddenly sounded.

    The woman in the kimono that Ye Fan was talking about was naturally the Rangong Ying Yue who came with Moonwatching River that day on Dongchang Lake.

    After Moonwatching River fled, Ye Fan severely injured Rangong Ying Yue, and then asked Lei Laosan to lock her up.

    Now, the injuries on the Copper Mountain side had stabilized.

    Ye Fan was undoubtedly able to spare time to dispose of this Rangong Ying Yue as well.

    Soon, Rangong Ying Yue was brought before Ye Fan.

    The noble and beautiful girl, who was facing Ye Fan now, but only fear was left in her brows.

    Born in a rich family, Rangong Ying Yue was raised like a canary in a greenhouse since she was a child.

    It was obvious that he had been scared out of his wits long ago.

    "Chu...Mr. Chu, spare...Spare your life..."

    "Just...Want you to spare my life, I...[District 8] my sister, and my family, will definitely send you ten thousand chests of gold and silver."

    With tears on her pretty face, Rangong Ying Yue kneeled and served again, sobbing and saying.

    "Ten thousand boxes of gold and silver?"Ye Fan listened, only felt funny, as if he had heard, the world's best joke, he asked a rhetorical question, continued, "I Chu Tianfan all-powerful Jiangdong, standing at the top of the pinnacle, glory and riches are at my fingertips, you think, District 10,000 boxes of District gold and silver, in my eyes is nothing?"

    Mori's laughter made Rangong Ying Yue's pretty face, even more pale.

    "Then...What do you want then?"

    "If only...If you can get around my life, I...I'll promise you anything."

    Rang Gong Ying Yue cried out.

    Under Ye Fan's majesty, she barely dared to even breathe.

    His nobility, and pride had vanished the moment his own teacher was defeated by Ye Fan.


    "Promise me everything?"

    Ye Fan laughed softly, and his gaze towards Ranggong Ying Yue was filled with playfulness.

    "Since that's the case, I'll let you yield to be a slave and worship me as your master, will you agree?"

    The low and deep words quietly rang out.

    The moment she heard them, Ryouga Ying Yue was stunned.

    "For...For the slave?"

    Leng Gong Ying Yue was startled in place.

    Li Er and Lei Laosan and the others were also eye snapping.

    They did not expect that Ye Fan would make such a request.

    However, this kimono woman, who was delicate and born with a thousand pretty looks, was very charming.Adopting her as a maid was also really good.

    "Momma chicken, or Mr. Chu knows how to play~"

    Lei Laosan muttered under his breath, his eyes showing the light of envy.

    But in the face of Ye Fan's request, Rangong Ying Yue, was long and silent.

    Her pretty face was downcast, her shell teeth were biting her red lips, and her small hands were even more tangled.Obviously, her heart was also undergoing a huge tangle and struggle.

    But Ye Fan didn't have much patience, he was condescending and looked down at the young girl in front of him, "I gave you a chance, but you don't know how to cherish it."

    "If that's the case, then don't blame me, I don't know how to take pity on you."


    Ye Fan's eyebrows and eyes were fiercely cold, bunching into a knife, just to chop.

    It was then that Rangong Ying Yue suddenly knelt down and worshiped in fear, "Master, Yue'er is willing to yield herself to be a slave."

    "From now on, Yue'er's body and soul will all belong to her master."

    "Yue'er is willing to serve at Master's side for the rest of her life."

    "As long as the master likes it, Yue'er is willing to give everything she has to the master."

    The soft voice was like the spring breeze in June, slowly learning to pass by.

    At this time, Rangong Ying Yue's pretty face was undoubtedly also extraordinarily shy and red.

    After all, although she had heard such ambiguous and revealing words, she was naturally a little shy and embarrassed to say them in her own mouth now.

    However, Rangong Ying Yue was also extraordinarily confident, and she felt that after she spoke these words, Ye Fan would definitely not kill herself again.

    Not why, just because her own face and charm was something that no man could refuse.

    From childhood to adulthood, Rangong Ying Yue didn't know how many young masters of noble families had been courted by her, even the son of the Emperor of the Sun Country had expressed his love to her.

    Rangong Ying Yue knew that the temptation of her body would be fatal to any man.

    After seeing that Rangong Ying Yue actually agreed, Li Er and Lei Laosan and the others on the side were all so damned envious that their eyes turned red.

    This Rangong Ying Yue, no matter her looks, temperament, or body posture, it can be said that everything is of the highest quality.What's more, she was also a Japanese woman.

    Since childhood, many people had an inexplicable love for the women of the country of Japan.Now that Ye Fan had taken her as his servant, he could be said to have fulfilled the dreams of countless geeks.

    "Hmph, I didn't expect that even the Dragon Lord~"

    "As expected men, none of them are good."

    In front of the hospital bed, Qing Tan who had been taking care of Copper Mountain, but after seeing the scene in front of her, she angrily hummed in a low tone.

    All along, Ye Fan's glorious and tall image in her heart had undoubtedly appeared a few flaws at this point.

    However, just as Lei Laosan and the others were going forward to congratulate Ye Fan on his joyous birth, who would have thought that Ye Fan would sneer.

    He looked at Rangong Ying Yue and shook his head, laughing.

    "I didn't expect that you would take my one joke seriously."

    "To tell you the truth, I'm not afraid to be interested in your body or soul."

    "That bit of posture you're so proud of is not worth mentioning in my eyes."

    "So, don't delude yourself, from the moment your teacher abandoned you, it was destined that you would end up dying."

    Ye Fan's faint voice, slowly sounded.


    At that moment, Rangong Ying Yue was stunned.

    She raised her head and looked incredulously at the man in front of her.

    She had never expected that Ye Fan would refuse.

    One had to know that since childhood, I don't know how many men, wanted to occupy her body.Even more so, I don't know how many young and handsome men, wanted to worship her pomegranate skirt.

    If it wasn't for the fact that her teacher was the master of the Sword God Palace, in the male-dominated society of Japan, she probably would have become a plaything of a wealthy and powerful man.

    However, what Rangong Ying Yue never expected was that now she offered herself, but Ye Fan refused to accept it.

    And, Rangong Ying Yue could feel that there was no coveting or lewdness in the eyes of Ye Fan.There is only a clarity and indifference.

    Banish like water, banish like immortality!

    The man in front of her was really very different from the self-proclaimed righteous hypocrites she had come across in the past.


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