The Unknown Heir 937

Chapter 937

As the words fell, the Heart Demon directly and quickly rushed towards Chen Hao.

    The Heart Demon was a complete replica of Chen Hao himself, and he possessed the same strength and abilities as Chen Hao.

    When Chen Hao saw this, he immediately flinched and retreated backwards.

    Only the Star Profound Sword in Heart Demon's hand sliced right in front of Chen Hao's neck.

    Chen Hao clearly felt the sharpness from the Star Abyss Sword.

    Chen Hao couldn't imagine what it would be like if he was injured by the Star Abyss Sword.

    But Chen Hao himself was very clear in his own mind, he absolutely could not let his demons kill him, or else he would be underneath forever.

    After giving it some thought, Chen Hao directly drew his Star Profound Sword.

    "Yo?Are you going to prepare to fight back too?"

    Seeing Chen Hao display the Star Profound Sword, the Heart Demon snorted with a sneer as well.

    "I won't let you get away with this, I'll personally bury you deep in my heart so that you'll never be able to come out again!"

    Chen Hao said righteously.

    "Fine, then let's see who is more powerful!"

    The Heart Demon also responded towards Chen Hao with a reluctant response.

    They both attacked at the other after saying that.

    Both sides were extremely fast and instantly arrived in front of each other's eyes, and at the same time, they whipped out the Star Profound Sword in their hands.


    The two Star Profound Swords clashed together.

    The tremendous vibrations just bounced the two apart.

    "Chen Hao, don't forget, I'm the dark you, and I possess more power than you!"

    At this moment, only the Heart Devil's mouth became sinisterly complacent once again.

    As he spoke, the Heart Devil began to chant an incantation incessantly.

    In the next second, all sorts of ghost spirits with blades in their hands appeared in the entire surroundings.

    These ghost spirits were all transferred from the Star Profound Sword by the Heart Demon to specifically deal with Chen Hao.

    The ghost spirits were coming towards Chen Hao.

    Chen Hao was also unhurriedly defending and killing the ghost spirits.

    But despite how Chen Hao went about killing them, the ghost spirits still kept appearing, as if they were completely endless to kill.



    Seeing Chen Hao being surrounded and beaten, the Heart Devil stood to the side and really laughed.

    "Chen Hao you also have today, you said how good it would be if you worked well with me, the two of us working with each other, we can have endless power, your brains, my strength."

    The Heart Demon said proudly, as if he felt like he had already completely defeated Chen Hao.

    Unfortunately, Chen Hao would never give him a chance.

    At the end of the day, he was just a Heart Demon in the depths of his own heart, a puppet body.

    How could a pair of puppets surpass himself.

    Chen Hao then fiercely thought to himself, and instantly drove that powerful willpower of his own heart and mind.

    The original spirits of the ghosts disappeared.

    And then the Heart Demon also began to suffer from a severe headache, and his entire body fell to his knees.

    "Ah.You.What the hell did you do?"

    Heart Demon covered his head with his hand and asked in pain.

    "You're just a puppet, you'll never be able to defeat me, and don't forget that the real abilities I possess are much more powerful than yours!"

    Chen Hao said as he stared coldly at his heart demon.

    After saying that, Chen Hao reached out his hand and squeezed the Heart Demon's neck.


    Chen Hao shouted furiously in his mouth, then with a force on his hand, he directly erased the Heart Demon.

    The moment the heart demon disappeared, Chen Hao's consciousness immediately returned to his body and to reality.

    The third Soul Bamboo, Chen Hao passed through smoothly.


    Chen Hao waved his hand away.

    It directly snapped the third Soul Bamboo in front of him into two pieces.

    "Congratulations Chen Hao, you have successfully defeated the Heart Demon!"

    The Tappan behind him then came up and smiled as he looked at Chen Hao and preached.

    Chen Hao was also slightly stunned as he listened.

    "Ghost Ambassador, you know it too."

    Chen Hao was surprised as he looked at Tappan and asked.

    "That's right, I know all the meanings contained within these Soul Bamboos, and I also know the situations you will encounter with each of them."

    "The third one is going to allow you to face the demons within yourself."

    "If you fail to defeat the demon, then you will be consumed by it, and then your true consciousness will be forever hidden deep within your heart, and the demon will replace you!"

    "But you sure didn't disappoint me, you really did conquer your demons!"

    Tappan looked at Chen Hao with a very satisfied compliment.

    Chen Hao also nodded his head in understanding.

    "A mind demon is just an inner puppet that everyone has, but there are very few people who can actually go on to defeat it, I've met many people who tried to defeat it, but in the end, they were all consumed by it and became possessed."

    "Chen Hao, you are the only person I admire and recognize!"

    Taban stared at Chen Hao in a serious manner and said.

    "Ghost Messenger, thank you for the compliment, I'm going to move on to the next Soul Bamboo test!"

    Chen Hao also thanked Tappan before getting ready to head towards the fourth Soul Bamboo.

    "And slow down!"

    At that moment, Tappan called out to Chen Hao.

    Chen Hao stopped slightly, turned to Tappan, and asked, "Ghost Ambassador, what else is there?"

    "No need to continue, you passed the test!"

    Just listening to Tappan, he looked at Chen Hao and announced an unexpected result that surprised Chen Hao incomparably.

    Chen Hao was shocked and surprised as he looked at Tappan.

    Tappan waved his hand wide before bringing Chen Hao back inside the tower.

    "Ghost Ambassador, what are you?"

    Chen Hao asked in confusion.

    "Chen Hao, you are the best soul cultivator I've ever seen, you have that qualification to be able to go to the Ghost Cave Clan, I believe that you have a mission yet unusual, I will give you the key to open the door to the Ghost Cave Clan's territory, but whether you can get what you want or not, that's up to your own making."

    Tappan looked at Chen Hao word for word and said.

    Hearing this, Chen Hao was pleasantly surprised and excited, he didn't expect that he had passed the test just like this, and that Tappan was willing to give him the key to open the gate of the Ghost Cave Clan's territory.

    Soon, Taban brought a rectangular wooden box and handed it to Chen Hao.

    "Here, this contains the key to open the gate of the Ghost Cave Clan's territory."

    Tappan said simply.

    Chen Hao received the wooden box and opened it to see that there was indeed an iron key with the Ghost Cave rune inside.

    "Thank you, Ghost Messenger!"

    Chen Hao immediately thanked Tappan.

    "There is no need to be polite, this is what you deserve, but Chen Hao, I want to give you one more heartfelt warning, the Ghost Cave Clan is the Spirit Clan that rules all spirits, it is not so easy to convince, you have to be prepared to face everything and endure all the pain, because it is there that you will be truly tested!"

    Only Tappan gave another good-natured piece of advice towards Chen Hao.

    "Well, I understand, keeping in mind your words Ghost Messenger!"

    Chen Hao also responded respectfully.

    "Alright, go ahead, the crossing sign is already on your waist!"

    Tappan waved his hand towards Chen Hao and said.

    Chen Hao immediately looked towards his waist, and there was indeed a passing sign hanging from his waist, and he didn't know exactly when this passing sign was hanging from his waist.


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