The Unknown Heir 934


Chapter 934

"Pain, pleasure, money, family.These are nothing more than a part of life, each person is in control of their own life, so one's life is a cycle of reincarnation."

    "Ghost Ambassador, I don't know what kind of things you've been through, but I do know that life isn't always in extreme grief, and that there can be good things, and only then can people get over it, instead of just blaming injustice."

    Just listening to Chen Hao narrates a large part of the philosophy towards Taban.

    Perhaps at the very beginning, Chen Hao wasn't able to understand exactly what this level of examination meant.

    But now Chen Hao had found out, knew.

    This level wasn't just about examining Chen Hao's understanding of life, it was also about helping Tappan to resolve his own matters of the heart.

    And all the images that were playing on this light screen in front of Chen Hao were all images of when Taban had been a human.

    Life must be happy, and sorrow and joy are just natural.


    Chen Hao's words trailed off and everything returned to the beginning.

    Tappan appeared in front of Chen Hao once again.

    "For hundreds of years, I've been waiting for someone to help me answer this knot, and today it's finally untied."

    "You're right, this is how people continue to reincarnate to continue their progress."

    "Congratulations, you've passed the second level!"

    Tappan looked at Chen Hao and smiled, then announced the final result.

    Hearing that he had passed, Chen Hao was also pleasantly surprised.

    "But your life is different, you've been growing in gain and loss, you still need to be more prepared for everything, some things and some people will eventually leave you one day."

    Only then did Tappan reminded Chen Hao again.

    Hearing Tappan's words, Chen Hao was also shaken, he certainly understood the meaning of Tappan's words, it seemed that Tappan had already seen through everything in his future.

    However, Chen Hao didn't go into detail about it.

    Chen Hao didn't want to know about the future, his fate was in his own hands and he didn't need to deliberately change it.

    Because in one's life, every action would produce a thousand different fates.

    "Well, I know, Ghost Messenger!"

    Chen Hao also nodded as he looked at Tappan.

    "Alright, let's move on to the third level then!"

    Tappan then looked at Chen Hao and said.

    After saying that, without waiting for Chen Hao's response, it was a large hand glow, instantly replacing the entire scene.

    At this time, a silhouette appeared in front of Chen Hao.

    This human figure was slowly walking towards him, and it wasn't until it was getting closer and closer that Chen Hao was able to see the figure's true face.

    It was only after seeing the silhouette's true face that Chen Hao was abruptly shocked.

    The human figure in front of him was none other than Zhen Ji.

    Zhen Ji walked up to Chen Hao and looked at him with a smile.

    "Chen Hao!"

    Just hearing Zhen Ji shouted gently towards Chen Hao.

    "Zhen Ji.You.Why are you here?"

    Chen Hao was suspicious and asked in surprise.

    "Chen Hao, let's stay together in the Land of Extreme Yin, shall we?"

    Zhen Ji looked at Chen Hao and suggested.

    "What?Stay in the Land of the Dead?Why?Why did you stay in the land of the very dark?"

    Chen Hao was very confused as he looked at Zhen Ji and asked.

    "Don't you want to be with me?"

    Zhen Ji's face instantly changed, becoming dark and staring at Chen Hao questioningly.

    Just as Chen Hao wanted to go and answer, Chen Hao was suddenly stunned.

    Chen Hao woke up with a start, he knew that this was all an illusion, in fact it was all an illusion, this Zhen Ji in front of him was not a real person, but just an illusion that he had seen.

    "No, I won't stay here because it's all an illusion!"

    After a pause, Chen Hao then raised his head to stare at the fake Zhen Ji in front of him and said.

    After saying that, Chen Hao used his powerful willpower to break the entire surrounding illusion and instantly returned to his original state.

    The Tappan on the other side was also surprised, he did not expect Chen Hao's willpower to be so strong.

    "You're really strong, I've never seen an existence with willpower as strong as yours."

    Tappan looked at Chen Hao with a compliment.

    "Thank you Ghost Messenger for the compliment, this level you want to test is my willpower right?"

    Chen Hao spared an interesting look to Taban and asked.

    After hearing that, Tappan also nodded his head with a slight smile and did not go to deny it.

    "You're right, it is indeed to test your willpower!"

    "But your performance was exactly what I expected, you easily broke the illusion and successfully passed this test!"

    Tappan looked at Chen Hao word for word.

    This level, not to mention Chen Hao, even Tappan was surprised.

    He didn't even expect Chen Hao to be able to break the illusion and pass the test with such a fast speed, it was truly unbelievable.

    "Ghost Messenger, how many levels are there in total?"

    That's when Chen Hao looked at Tappan and asked.

    Chen Hao wanted to know exactly how many levels the test had, and Tappan didn't tell him.

    "There are a total of five levels, you have now passed three levels in a row, only the last two levels are left, but these last two levels are the key and the most difficult, you should be prepared!"

    Tappan replied towards Chen Hao, and then reminded him kindly.

    "Well, don't worry Ghost Messenger, I'm ready, I'll pass!"

    Chen Hao looked at Tappan with incomparable confidence and said.

    "Good, then enter the fourth level!"

    Tappan also nodded his head to preach, and then it was time to change the entire environment.

    At this level, there was only one table placed in front of Chen Hao.

    The table had a piece of paper and a pen, as well as three boxes.

    Chen Hao walked over to the table and examined it.

    He saw that there were three names written on the three boxes on the table.

    And these three names were none other than Zhen Ji's, Lei Lie, Zhen Ji, and Lan Li.

    "Chen Hao, you have to choose one of these four people to lose their life, only then will you get the key to open the door to the Ghost Cave Clan's territory."

    Just the sound of Tappan's voice rang out around them.


    Hearing this, Chen Hao was stunned.

    He didn't know how to choose.

    Because these three people, no matter who they were, Chen Hao was not willing to choose.

    "Do we have to choose only one to get the key to open the gate of the Ghost Cave Clan?"

    Chen Hao frowned tightly and asked loudly towards Tappan.

    "Yes, that's the condition!"

    Tappan did not hesitate and answered out firmly.

    Chen Hao now finally knew why Tappan had said that the next two levels were so difficult, and here was why.

    "Chen Hao, choose, you can only make a choice at this level, don't you want to get the key that opens the door to the Ghost Cave Clan's territory?"

    Tappan continued towards Chen Hao and also used the key to the gate of the Ghost Cave Clan's territory as a temptation.

    Hearing this, Chen Hao was fiercely glowing with enlightenment.

    Chen Hao understood that this hurdle wasn't necessarily a choice between these three people.

    "I know, Ghost Messenger, I choose myself!"

    Just listen to Chen Hao respond loudly.

    After saying that, Chen Hao did not hesitate to take up his pen and write down his name on the paper.


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