Super Son-in-law 61- 71


Chapter 61

Shen Xiyan was stunned at the words, and after a moment, she took a deep breath, gave Lin Hao a complicated glance, and then nodded....

Mu Chen, who was now standing next to Shen Xiyan, saw that Shen Xiyan was very wrong with Lin Hao, so he smiled and extended his hand to Lin Hao, "Hello, I'm Mu Chen, I'm Xiyan's boyfriend..."

Lin Hao took a deep look at Mu Chen, and by the looks of it, he was an honest man, not as well dressed as he was famous for, but not too bad either.Lin Hao didn't pay any attention to him, nor did he shake hands with him, but instead just looked at Shen Shi Yan silently.The atmosphere was awkward for a while.

Chen Shanshan saw the situation, smiled and walked to Shen Xiyan's face to take Shen Xiyan's arm: "Sister Xiyan, long time no see, are you okay?Is this your boyfriend?"

Shen Xiyan nodded to Chen Shanshan, "Well, it's not bad, you guys come shopping too."

Chen Shanshan was chatting with Shen Xiyan, if you really want to say it.It was the feeling of Lin Hao's current girlfriend chatting with his ex-girlfriend.On the surface, both women were polite, but they were also awkward with each other.

After Shen Siyan chatted with Chen Shanshan for a while, Mu Chen urged her on the side and Shen Siyan left.

As Shen Siyan passed by Lin Hao, Lin Hao shuddered again, and no one saw a single tear fall...when she was really with another man.Only then did Lin Hao realize how badly he felt.How many four years and how helpless he had been.


The moment Shen Xi Yan passed by Lin Hao's side, there was only endless complexity and pain in her heart.She and him had gone farther and farther apart, perhaps there would never be any interaction in this life, and each other had a new half....

... one second to remember to read the book.

After Shen Xiyan left with Mu Chen, Chen Shanshan saw that Lin Hao's mood was not right, so she held Lin Hao's hand tightly and took Lin Hao to continue shopping....

Only Lin Hao could no longer muster up a shred of interest, he looked at Chen Shanshan who was happily changing outfit after outfit in front of him, but he felt no impression at all.At the moment, his mind was all about Shen Xiyan's figure.

"Shan Shan, I'm sorry, I have a bit of a headache, I'll go back first..." after Lin Hao said something to Chen Shan Shan, he didn't wait for Chen Shan Shan's consent, he just turned around and left.

And Chen Shanshan who was picking out clothes at the moment, her hand fiercely stayed on the clothes, and her heart ached.A single tear fell from the corner of her eye.In this instant she understood something.

"Miss, are you alright?What can I do for you?"When the beautiful guide saw that Chen Shanshan's face was not right, she hurried forward and asked.

Chen Shanshan waved her hand with a smile and said, "Nothing..."


Lin Hao, who returned to the villa, was frighteningly quiet.Without saying a word or breaking anything, he sat so calmly on the sofa, unmoving, but his heart was raging.A wave of tyranny slowly rose on Lin Hao's body....

One hour, two hours, three hours... Lin Hao just sat quietly in the living room, not moving, until it got dark, until Chen Shanshan, who had changed into a beautiful set of clothes and was carrying a big bag in her hand, came back.

"Lin Hao, do you see the pretty suit I'm wearing?As soon as Chen Shanshan returned home, she stood in front of Lin Hao to show him.Chen Shan Shan will be on Lin Hao's left side for a while, and then swing to the right....

"Why aren't you happy, handsome?Come and hug me..."

"Well, still ignoring me, huh?Then come and kiss... give you a kiss oh... "Chen Shanshan shook Lin Hao's arm and tried everything to coax her, but Lin Hao's face remained expressionless and calm and frightening.

"Hungry, I'll go cook... "Chen Shanshan saw Lin Hao didn't say anything, so she went to the kitchen.

"I'm sorry..." the moment Chen Shanshan turned around, Lin Hao whispered three words to her back....

Chen Shanshan's body trembled hard, her back was turned to Lin Hao and she didn't have the courage to turn around to look at Lin Hao at all, but at the moment she was already in tears.Lin Hao had told her that he was sorry?She understood in an instant.In fact, today at the mall, when she saw the way Lin Hao looked at Shen Xiyan, she understood it all....


"I'll...I'll make dinner,'re hungry, right?I'm going to cook, I'm going... "Chen Shanshan rushed to the kitchen on her hands and knees, she didn't dare to hear Lin Hao's words again, so she chose not to listen.Once Chen Shanshan arrived in the kitchen, she picked up the basin to wash the dishes....

"I'm sorry..." said Lin Hao again to Chen Shanshan.

The aluminum basin in Chen Shanshan's hand fell to the floor with a clang, just now she was able to pretend that she couldn't hear, but now after Lin Hao said it again, it had completely shattered the illusions in her heart.

Chen Shanshan stood in front of the case, holding a green vegetable in her hand, and the green vegetable she was holding was out of water, her tears could no longer stop popping down.She didn't ask Lin Hao why he told her he was sorry, she understood, she understood everything.

Lin Hao looked at Chen Shanshan whose shoulders were shrugging, and his heart was also extremely hard.But he couldn't fool himself, when he saw that there was another man beside Shen Xiyan today, he completely understood that he couldn't let go of her after all.

Phew... Chen Shanshan wiped her tears away and took a deep breath.Turning to face Lin Hao, "Brother, I understand, from the fact that you've only held my hand for the past two months that you've been with me.From the fact that you never kissed me, I knew that you still loved Sister Xiyan in your heart..."

Chen Shanshan sniffled and smiled as she continued to say to Lin Hao, "Brother, I actually knew from the beginning that you were with me just to be angry with Sister Xi Yan.And you also know that I've always liked you.The past two months that brother was with you, I was very happy, really happy..."

"Shan Shan, it's my fault, I'm a scum, I hurt your feelings..." said Lin Hao and gave himself a big slap, blood spilling right out of the corner of his mouth.

"Brother, what are you doing... why are you hitting yourself?"Chen Shan Shan hurriedly ran to Lin Hao and wiped Lin Hao with a tissue.

Chen Shan Shan shook her head as she wiped it, "Brother, you should go find Sister Xi Yan right now.I'll be fine, you don't need to care about me, Sister Xiyan loves you so much, go find her, she will definitely come back to you... I don't want you to suffer so much, really..."

Lin Hao felt bad, he knew that he had hurt the good girl in front of him: "Shan Shan, I..." First URL

Chen Shanshan cried and shook her head: "Brother, if you really married me, but still think of Sister Xiyan, that would be the biggest hurt to me, right?You're not just hurting me like this right now, you're also hurting Sister Xiyan deeply, you're even putting yourself through a lot of torture..."

"Brother, I've been happy and contented with you being with me for two months.I knew from the beginning that I had no future with you.I've been just a sister to you from the beginning to the end.I'm satisfied with being your sister in this life... Go find Sister Xiyan, I beg you brother..." advised Chen Shanshan to Lin Hao.

Chen Shan Shan walked away after saying that, when she reached the door, Chen Shan Shan turned back to Lin Hao and smiled slightly, "Brother, you must get Sister Xi Yan back, you two are really suffering... I beg you, don't torture Sister Xi Yan anymore, and don't torture yourself..."

After saying that Chen Shanshan walked away without looking back.Lin Hao looked at her distant back and gave himself another big slap.He almost made a big mistake, and he almost couldn't go back in this life.


Returning to the community, Shen Xiyan let go of Mu Chen's hand: "I'm tired, I'll go back first, you should also rest early..."

"Xi Yan... "Mu Chen opened his mouth and called out to Shen Xi Yan, but he didn't say anything else.

Shen Siyan didn't say anything more to him, she was very confused, very confused, the moment she saw Lin Hao, she saw sadness in Lin Hao's eyes, she had that look, and she was sad to see Lin Hao sad.

When she returned home and closed the door, Shen Xi Yan squatted against the door to the floor and shed tears and shrieked silently.When she had just started her new life, when she had just found a new relationship, Lin Hao appeared in her life again....

With just a glance, Lin Hao hurt her physically, and the deeply buried wounds in her heart were ruthlessly torn open in an instant.


At ten o'clock at night, all of Shen Siyan's current information, as well as all of that Mu Chen's information, came through on Lin Hao's phone.It included Shen Siyan's address, phone number, and her situation with Mu Chen.

After receiving the information, Lin Hao immediately drove to the place where Shen Siyan lived.

The speed along the way drove as fast as he could.

He was going to find her!


He couldn't wait a minute longer when he learned that she had a new love interest.

At eleven o'clock at night, Lin Hao arrived at Shen Xiyan's downstairs.After stopping the car, Lin Hao breathed heavily inside the car.He took out his phone and broadcast several times before he finally dialed Shen Xiyan's phone.

"Hello?Which one?"A slightly hoarse voice came from the other end of the phone from Shen Siyan.

Lin Hao fell silent after hearing Shen Xiyan's voice.He opened his mouth for half a day but didn't say a single word.

"Hello?Which one..." said Shen Xi Yan two more times.Found that the other party still hadn't spoken.She then hung up the phone.Just after hanging up the phone, she suddenly remembered that the phone call just now was particularly familiar.

She used to save Lin Hao's number, but then after starting a new relationship with Mu Chen, she had deleted it.The next moment she fiercely picked up her phone and looked at the number she had just called, finally confirming that it was Lin Hao's number.

Shen Caiyan looked at that number on her phone, and after a long moment of silence, she took a deep breath and dialed it, only to be hung up after just two rings.

Lin Hao, who was in the car downstairs, looked at the incoming call on his phone.After all, he didn't dial it after all, but sent a text message: "I'm downstairs with you..."

Shen Caiyan, who was in the room, walked to the window and looked at a figure in the car downstairs, speechless for a long time.However, in the next moment, Shen Shen Huiyan still dressed as fast as possible, changed her shoes, and went downstairs....

After Shen Xiyan went downstairs, she walked up to Lin Hao's car and directly opened the door to sit on the passenger side.But there were no words....

Lin Hao watched as Shen Shi Yan buckled her seat belt, but he didn't say anything, he slammed on the accelerator and drove away from the neighborhood.On the way, Lin Hao still drove very, very fast.It's a good thing that you can't get away from it.It was only when Lin Hao slammed on the brakes. Remember the website

After parking the car, Lin Hao turned off the engine and turned off the lights, only the light from the lime yellow street lamps outside shining into the car.Lin Hao looked dumbly at the empty road in front of him, his voice hoarse, "I..."

She didn't wait for Lin Hao to say more, she just got out of the car and walked forward, her heart was also complicated to the extreme, her eyes moist.

The next thing you want to do is to get out of the car and get out of the car, and after two steps, you'll find that Shen Xiyan is walking faster and faster.So he shouted, "Shen Siyan, I miss you..."

The body of Shen Shi Yan, who was walking fast in front, paused violently....

The next moment Shen Siyan suddenly turned around with tears on her face and shouted at Lin Hao, "You came when you said you would, you left when you said you would, what do you take me for!"

Lin Hao took a deep breath and yelled, "That's enough!"

Shen panting heavily as well, crying and shouting, "Not enough..."

"You never mean what you say, you don't mean it!"

"If you don't love me, then why are you doing so much behind my back to move me?Why?"

"If you love me, then why do you hurt me over and over again, why!"

"Why!"Shen Siyan stood not far away from Lin Hao and questioned Lin Hao cryptically.

Lin Hao's body stiffened in place, the night breeze was blowing, but Lin Hao could no longer say a word... The next moment Lin Hao rushed to Shen Siyan's face and directly hugged her into his arms, holding her tightly.

Shen Xi Yan struggled violently in Lin Hao's embrace, punching Lin Hao's chest, "Why did you only come now?Why?Why did you come back to me after I started a new life?......."

Shen Shi Yan punched Lin Hao's chest one fist at a time.Lin Hao held her in a death hug, "I'm sorry..." and Lin Hao whispered three words in Shen Xiyan's ear, which were the only words he could say now.

"Ooh... "Shen Siyan broke away from Lin Hao's embrace, no matter how much she wanted to just hug with Lin Hao in her heart, she broke free at the moment.After she broke free of Lin Hao, Shen Xi Yan squatted on the ground and cried.

Shen Xi Yan cried for a long, long time before she stood up again.The cold wind blew, blowing her long hair in the wind, it was very cold now, but neither Shen Xiyan nor Lin Hao cared about the cold wind at the moment.

"Xi Yan, let's start over, shall we?"Lin Hao complexly looked at Shen Xi Yan and asked with a hoarse voice.


Shen Shuyan shook her head in incomparable pain, "Can't go back, Lin Hao!We can't go back anymore..."

Lin Hao shouted fiercely, "Why can't we go back!Why can't we go back!When I say I can go back, I can go back!"Lin Hao heavily waved his arms one by one with a loud shout.

Shen Xiyan, however, was still in tears, shaking her head, "What about Chen Shanshan!She likes you so much!I love you so much!What about Mu Chen?What about him!Do you want to hurt them both again for us?"

"I don't care!"Lin Hao shouted at Shen Shi Yan.

"I don't care!I don't care about anyone, I've broken up with Shan Shan, I just want you by my side..." shouted Lin Hao, pointing at Shen Xiyan word for word, "Me!Only!Yes!You!"

"You don't care!I care!"Shen Xi Yan also shouted at Lin Hao, roaring 6c0e3097 hissing and tearing her heart out.

"Lin Hao, you've got your new life, and I've got my new life too.The two of us together will always be torturing and hurting each other!I'm tired, I'm really tired, don't ever see each other again, don't ever see each other again..." said Shen Siyan in despair, this moment she seemed so physically and mentally exhausted....

Yes, loving Lin Hao, divorcing Lin Hao for the past six months had burned up all her feelings and used up all her emotions.

Lin Hao after Shen Xiyan said, he stayed, especially Shen Xiyan's last sentence, do not see each other again.What's more, it was like a sharp blade that pierced deeply into his heart, opening up a deep and large wound.He just stared blankly at Shen Xiyan.

"You said that we shouldn't see each other again?"

Shen Xi Yan did not answer Lin Hao's words again, at this moment an empty taxi drove in the distance, Shen Xi Yan resolutely turned around and stopped that taxi and got into the car. A second to remember to read the book.

"I'm not going to give up on you, Shim Shim, I want you to come back to me, you have to come back to me!"Lin Hao shouted at Shen Xi Yan in the taxi....

"Would you like to get out of the car, miss?I could have waited for you for a while..." the driver master saw Lin Hao chasing after him behind him and yelled at Shen Xiyan in the car, not asking nicely.

Shen Si Yan took a deep breath and shook her head, "No master, drive..."

The driver sighed, stepped on the gas, and the car drove off into the distance....

"Shen Xiyan, I love you, I love you...come back here!"Lin Hao chased after her and shouted at Shen Xiyan who was sitting in the car.

She bit her arm to hold back her tears, but she didn't turn back.Yes, there were no feelings left in her heart, she loved Lin Hao, but she no longer had the strength to hug him... there was no strength left, there really wasn't....

Shen didn't stop, Lin Hao had a car, but he didn't go after it.Because he understood that with the state he was in tonight, even if he chased after him, it would be useless.Shen Siyan wouldn't listen to him and wouldn't return to him either.

Lin Hao walked up to his Mercedes and kicked it so hard that he directly kicked the rearview mirror of the Mercedes... After venting, Lin Hao took out a cigarette and sat on the side of the road, facing the cold wind, and smoked one after another....

Returning to the community, Shen Xi Yan, lost her soul and got out of the car, like a soulless walking corpse, walking towards her home....

When Shen Siyan entered the building, behind her building, Mu Chen's figure slowly appeared downstairs .

Mu Chen had actually come when Shen Siyan followed Lin Hao out, and he watched Shen Siyan leave, and then saw Shen Siyan come back alone....

When he was pursuing Shen Siyan, Shen Siyan had told him that she had always loved someone in her heart .

Mu Chen understood that this person was Lin Hao, and looking at Shen Siyan who was sad in this state, he realized just how deeply Shen Siyan loved Lin Hao....

"Lin Hao, I love you so much, but I hate you so much, why are you coming back to me now..." as Shen Xiyan walked home, her heart was struggling.


Shen Caiyan raised her head to look at the pitch-black night sky and took a deep breath.Her heart was confused and in pain.

When she walked downstairs and was about to go upstairs, Shen Siyan saw Mu Chen who was smoking by her building.


Shen Caiyan opened her mouth wide and looked at Mu Chen with some surprise, not knowing when Mu Chen was standing here.

Lin Hao heavily waved his arms one by one with a loud shout.At that time I was thinking, this ending is really not very good ah, some things, but also can not do, once done, maybe this life can not go back ah.......".

Mu Chen paused and continued, "Xi Yan ah, don't you think that ending was too bad ah, the man and woman should have been together if they were so bitter, don't you?"

Mu Chen said, tears streaming down his eyes....

Shen Xi Yan understood, she had seen that movie, especially after her divorce from Lin Hao, she watched that movie under grief.Now that Mu Chen said so, she suddenly understood, isn't Mu Chen the one who took care of the female host after she broke up with the male host in the previous three?

Thinking of this, Shen Xiyan's body trembled lightly, and she instantly understood Mu Chen's choice.She looked at Mu Chen with incomparable complexity, "Mu Chen I'm sorry, I'm really sorry, I can't forget him, I still want to be with him, I'm sorry, I'm really sorry..."

Mu Chen shook his head with a smile and took a deep breath and said to Shen Xiyan, "Go find him, Xiyan, you're a good girl, that Lin Hao I've only met him once, but when I met him today, from his eyes, I knew how deeply he loves you.The moment you went out with him just now, I knew your choice... Don't worry about me, we haven't even held hands..."

Mu Chen stretched out his hand as he said, smiling at Shen Xiyan, "Hopefully, we're still good friends..." First URL

Shen Xieyan shed tears and reached out to shake Mu Chen's hand, "Thank you..."

After Mu Chen shook hands with Shen Xiyan, he turned his head and walked home.After taking a few steps, he waved his hand at Shen Siyan again, "Let's go, you must be happy..."

There were countless complications in her eyes as she looked at Mu Chen's departing back and murmured, "I'm sorry, thank you... Mu Chen, you're my only friend in the Heavenly Sea..."


After Mu Chen walked away, he found that the taxi that had just sent Shen Shi Yan back was still parked in the neighborhood.He was stunned, so he walked up to that taxi and knocked on the window, "Master, take me to the place where you just received that girl..."

The master was stunned, "Young man you..."

Mu Chen smiled and didn't say anything, instead, he just slipped the driver two hundred yuan....

Ten minutes later, when Lin Hao was smoking by the roadside, suddenly the taxi that had just sent Shen Xiyan away came back to him, and Lin Hao looked at the taxi that drove back, also stunned, and opened his mouth wide in surprise.

Because it wasn't Shen Siyan who came down from the top of the taxi, but the man who was shopping with Shen Siyan this afternoon, the man who is now Shen Siyan's boy-bondmate, and the one who was just in Shen Siyan's mouth, Mu Chen!

The taxi left, Mu Chen walked over to Lin Hao and looked at Lin Hao who stood up, he smiled and then smashed a fierce punch on Lin Hao's face....

With a bang, Lin Hao was unprepared and a bit of blood spilled out of the corner of his mouth.As Lin Hao was about to return the favor, Mu Chen said, "This is a fight for Shen Xiyan..."

Then Mu Chen punched Lin Hao in the face again, "This is for that girl next to you..."

After the fight, Mu Chen looked at Lin Hao who was stunned and said, "Do you still have a cigarette?Give me one, I'm out..."


Lin Hao smoked his cigarette and asked, "What do you mean?"

Mu Chen also took a deep drag on his cigarette and sighed, "It's no fun, I just broke up with Shen Xiyan when she went back."


"Right, to tell you one thing, in the month I've been with Shen Xiyan, I haven't even held her hand... Oh, I like her so much, but she likes you so much in her heart, even though you, the scum, have broken up with her......Oh... so damn..."

Lin Hao instantly understood and he looked deeply at Mu Chen, "Sorry..."

Mu Chen waved his hand and said, "Don't say sorry to me, how big of a person are you, the big president of the Tianhai Group right?Don't worry, I don't know your identity, don't be surprised, didn't you check my identity this afternoon, I also checked yours, courtesy of it..."

"What about you, I've heard from Xi Yan that you're amazing for someone of your status to go to her house for a year as a door-to-door son-in-law.It would be impossible to say that you're not sincere in your feelings for Xi Yan.So what? I'll quit, but don't get cocky, if you hurt Xi Yan again in the future, I'll still go back to her.I'm going back overseas tomorrow, it's damn hard to go back home once and still make it so sad... "Mu Chen ruthlessly stomped out the cigarette butt, then asked Lin Hao for another one.

Lin Hao looked at Mu Chen and suddenly felt a slight sense of crisis in his heart.With this kind of excellent man beside Shen Xiyan, he also felt a bit tricky.After Lin looked deeply at Mu Chen, he felt that this man wasn't as simple as he appeared to be.

Lin Hao was silent for a moment and said incomparably pained, "I won't miss her this time, not in this lifetime, you don't have a chance... die this heart..."

"Che..." huffed Mu Chen, "Let's go, don't inform me about your wedding with Xi Yan ah, when I see your face, I want to punch you...."

Mu Chen stomped out his cigarette and got up and left....

Lin Hao looked at Mu Chen, who had disappeared into the night, and laughed to himself, "An interesting person too... A big city like Tianhai City really does have a lot of talent... But if you want to go back to Xi Yan again, not in this lifetimeMaybe now..."


Returning to her room, Shen Xiyan herself didn't know why she had just said that kind of breakup words to Mu Chen.It was just in her heart, and she didn't want to lie to Mu Chen.There was only one man in her heart in this life, Lin Hao.Ben couldn't tolerate any other man, even if he was the best man. Remember the website

"Lin Hao... can't you stop breaking my heart..."

Alone in the house, Shen mumbled to herself....

The next morning, when Shen Xiyan finished cleaning up and went to work, she found Lin Hao looking at her with a smile as soon as she exited the stairs.The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the new product.

Lin Hao laughed and chased after her, "What are you doing going?"

Shen Xiyan said coldly, "Go to work, don't you follow me..."

"Oh, you don't have to go, Mu Chen has already resigned for you..." said Lin Hao leisurely from behind.

Shen Shi Yan, who was walking in front, was stunned and didn't go forward.

"Come back, wife, I've seen Mu Chen, you already broke up with him last night, so don't act like you still have a boyfriend ah..." said Lin Hao, smiling from behind.

"Err... "Shen Xiyan's body trembled tremendously, Shen Xiyan could never have imagined that these two men had actually met behind her back!For a moment Shen Xiyan didn't even know what to say or do.

Just when she was thinking, just when her brain was blank.Her hand, had been tightly pulled by Lin Hao.Then in her ears came, Lin Hao's mixed with endless complexity, pain, hoarse voice: "I also resigned, we'll go back to Nanjiang today, go home and remarry, live a good life, I'll still take care of you like before, wash you, cook for you, love you, guard you...."

Shen Siyan heard, tears snapped, turned around and smashed the bag in her hand on Lin Hao: "No, I won't go back, I'm good in Tianhai, who else wants to be your wife, I won't marry you, what does it matter to me if you resign or not, what does it matter to me...."

Lin Hao allowed Shen Xi Yan to smash into him, just smashing and smashing, Lin Hao held her tightly in his arms.

Shen Siyan struggled violently, but this time was different from last night, after struggling for a while, she stopped moving in Lin Hao's arms and allowed him to hold her....


Shen Xi Yan's eyes were hazy, tears falling down, "Lin Hao, I hate you so much right now..."

"Lin Hao, didn't you tell me that if I cried, you would come to my side and stay with me no matter where I was?"

"Lin Hao, do you know how many times I've cried then?"

"Do you know how long I've been looking for you in Yanjing?"

"Do you know..., how much I missed you after you left?"

Lin Hao took a deep breath, tears couldn't stop flowing down, and hugged Shen Xiyan even tighter, crying and saying in Shen Xiyan's ear, "Xiyan, I'm sorry... I'm sorry..."

Shen Xi Yan opened her mouth and looked at Lin Hao who was holding her tightly, but she couldn't say anything.

Did she love Lin Hao?The answer was yes, she couldn't fit another man in her heart for the rest of her life.A month ago, she had tried to fall in love with Mu Chen, but she simply couldn't do it, even if she was allowed to be with Mu Chen, holding hands!

And she hated Lin Hao solely because he was still with Chen Shan Shan when he knew he missed him so much.And now that Lin Hao has come back to her, what about Chen Shan Shan?Shen Xi Yan had met Chen Shan Shan a few times and knew that Chen Shan Shan was a good girl, and Shen Xi Yan couldn't bear to have another good girl get hurt because of her.

And the one who caused all of this was Lin Hao.At this moment, her heart was filled with complexity towards Lin Hao.She knew herself how much she wanted to be with Lin Hao, but Lin Hao had broken her heart over and over again, wounding her to the core.

Lin Hao gently patted Shen Shi Yan's back, using all his tenderness: "I'm not leaving, I'll never leave you again in this life, never again..." One second remember to read the book

Hearing Lin Hao's words, Shen Shi Yan looked at him incomparably complicated, then took a deep breath.She looked up at the sky, "Lin Hao, I'm going back to Nanjiang with you... but I can't do it now to accept you again and remarry with you, do you understand?"

Shen Xi Yan said and tears fell again.

Lin Hao looked at Shen Xi Yan's complicated eyes and he was silent.He could feel the complexity in Shen Suyan's heart right now, but in fact, he was the same.

And in the end, Shen Suyan's decision to return to Nanjiang City with him made him understand the final decision in Shen Suyan's heart.That was that she still wanted to be with him.It was just that Shen Suyan this time pushed him away, no longer letting him touch her.He also understood that Shen Suyan hadn't agreed to get back together with him yet.

Lin Hao knew that Shen Siyan's heart also needed some time to calm down... Right now, no matter how much Lin Hao wanted to hug her in his heart, he was holding back, he wasn't asking for anything else right now.

After he had also experienced loss, after losing her and almost being led away by another man.Lin Hao knew he was inside.I'm afraid he would never be able to let go of the woman in front of him in his life.

He could wait, wait for Shen Xiyan's mood to calm down....

Shen Xieyan broke away from Lin Hao's embrace and took two steps back, keeping a certain distance from Lin Hao .Then turned around and went upstairs....

And when she went upstairs, Shen Xiyan, who closed the door, collapsed, she collapsed completely.Even when she saw Chen Shanshan hugging Lin Hao with her own eyes two months ago, she didn't collapse and was able to endure.

But today when Lin Hao appeared in front of her again and just said to her to go home to Nanjiang City with her, she collapsed, all her strength, all her pride, all her pride, completely shattered in front of Lin Hao's words.All the defenses in her heart fell apart when Lin Hao appeared in front of her....

She was afraid that this was a dream, and if she woke up, she would lose Lin Hao again.

Lying in front of the dressing table, Shen Xiyan, who had cried for a long time, changed her clothes again and put on makeup before going downstairs....

A black Korean slim trench coat jacket, which also contained a long black sweater, seven or eight centimeters of black high heels, round, straight, long legs, over black stockings....

Shen Siyan was walking very, very slowly as she walked towards Lin Hao, the breeze blowing Shen Siyan's long hair fluttering.At this moment, Shen Siyan was nothing less than an international supermodel!Both beautiful and incredibly sexy, she's going to be on her best side to get back in line with Lin Hao....


At this moment, Shen Xiyan was completely a black beauty, and Lin Hao was also wearing a black suit.Leaning against the back was a black Mercedes-Benz, and this picture immediately caused the surrounding people to wonder, envy, long for it....

The moment is so beautiful that it seems to freeze....

After Shen Xiyan got into the car, Lin Hao still couldn't help but stare at Shen Xiyan.And Shen Siyan just turned her head to look out the window.

"I'll drive you to your company, you pack up your things, and tomorrow we'll go back to Nanjiang City and go home..." said Lin Hao to Shen Xiyan.

"Mhm, Shen Chyan nodded, then... then after you send me back to your company later, you should also pack your things..." said Shen Chyan, in a very small voice.Everything was so sudden that she was not prepared for it at all.It would be a bit awkward for her and Lin Hao to be with each other after her big cry.

So the best thing to do was for her to be silent and look out the window, but not to talk to Lin Hao much.She was very, very confused.She wanted to stay in Lin Hao's arms right now, but she didn't want to face Lin Hao, conflicted to the extreme.


After Shen Xiyan arrived at the company, Mu Chen found that Mu Chen had already left the country, Shen Xiyan sighed and sent a WeChat to Mu Chen to thank her.The departure formalities Mu Chen had finished for her, she didn't have anything to pack, there were a few knick-knacks that she gave to her colleagues in the company as well.

When she was about to leave the company, Shen Siyan hesitated and took out her phone to call Chen Shanshan....

Half an hour later, inside a private room in a teahouse in the center of Tianhai.Shen Suyan and Chen Shanshan were sitting opposite each other.The two women were very awkward to meet at the moment, especially Shen Suyan, she didn't know how to speak when facing Chen Shanshan.She was also a woman, and she knew exactly how much Chen Shan Shan loved Lin Hao.It was just that she loved Lin Hao even more, and after Lin Hao came back to her, she simply couldn't give up on Lin Hao anymore....

And in the morning, she agreed to go back to Nanjiang City with Lin Hao.Shen Xiyan bit her lips and looked at Chen Shanshan very apologetically, "Shanshan, Lin Hao came to see me last night... I'm sorry, I really feel very sorry for you..." First websitem.

Chen Shanshan sprinkled a smile and reached out to hold Shen Xiyan's hand, "Sister Xiyan, do you still remember the first time we met two months ago?At that time, I told you that my brother only loves you in his heart, and loves you extremely deeply.In fact, don't look at my brother as older than me, but he's actually just a little boy, a little boy who used to have anger in his heart towards you ah......."

"Sister Xiyan, go remarry with my brother, and let me know when the day you get married, ah, I'll be your bridesmaid.I do like my brother, but I understood from the beginning that he and I could never be together.The fact that he agreed to be with me was purely a subconscious attempt to find a replacement, when in fact it was obvious that he couldn't possibly do it to forget you..."

Shen Xiyan's eyes moistened as she listened, and she looked up at Chen Shanshan with incomparable complexity, "Shanshan, thank you..."

Chen Shanshan smiled, "Sister, when are you going back then?This place, Heavenly Sea, is nice, but it's not as good as the place you've lived in for over a year after all..."

Shen Jiyan nodded, "Tomorrow, tomorrow we'll go back... What about you, what are your plans for the future?"

Chen Shanshan thought about it and said: 3435685b "In half a year my diploma will come down, work well, the Tianhai Group is big, I take advantage of the Tianhai Group's platform all over the world to take a look and exercise myself...."

When Shen Siyan was about to speak, Lin Hao sent him a WeChat over, "Is the company done?"

Chen Shanshan smiled as she watched Shen Xiyan stare at WeChat, so she smiled and stood up, "Sister Xiyan, hurry up and reply to my brother, be nice to my brother oh, or I'll snatch my brother back..."

"Well..." nodded Shen, and Chen Shanshan smiled, let out a long sigh of relief, and then walked away very spontaneously...

The next morning, Lin Hao left Tianhai City with Shen Xiyan in his car and headed to Nanjiang City.At the beginning of the journey, the two of them were a little awkward not speaking to each other.

When they got onto the highway, Lin Hao opened his mouth and said to Shen Siyan, "You... met Shan Shan yesterday?"


Shen Xi Yan nodded, "Well, Shan Shan is a good girl, she likes you so much, you end up with someone with one sorry sentence, have you even thought about how deeply you hurt her ah..."

"En, it's me who's sorry for her... "Lin Hao remained silent.Shen Xi Yan was right, he was only thinking about what he felt in his heart.He was indeed sorry for Chen Shanshan, Lin Hao could only give Chen Shanshan more compensation.

Lin Hao drove the car, and Shen Siyan looked out the window sideways just like yesterday.Either that or she was sleeping with her back to Lin Hao.It was just not talking to Lin Hao anymore.

Lin Hao also felt complicated, took a deep breath and focused on driving....

Just like that, Shen Shi Yan went back to Nanjiang City with Lin Hao, and this time, it was the first time they had been alone for such a long time in the past few months since their divorce.

Shen Suyan's mouth said that she wouldn't accept Lin Hao and wouldn't remarry with him.But she had agreed to return to Nanjiang with him.This in itself represented a meaning that Lin Hao knew incomparably well....

Lin Hao quietly looked at Shen Shi Yan, who was sitting quietly on the passenger side, the woman he loved the most in his life.He secretly made up his mind in his heart.From now on, he, Lin Hao, would never let this woman suffer the slightest bit of grievance again in his life.Even if he were to die....

Along the way, Shen Xiyan didn't open her mouth to speak, and Lin Hao stopped speaking.Just driving in silence....

Even though Shen Caiyan didn't speak, he was already happy when she was with him.

Lin Hao and Shen Caiyan's current state was that they had actually forgiven each other inside.Lin Hao's heart was with Shen Xiyan, and Shen Xiyan's heart was with Lin Hao as well.The two of them are tacitly aware of each other.Not opening their mouths to make it clear.

Both of them had experienced too much pain and both of them needed a little time to heal the wounds in their hearts... Remember the URL

The house of Shen Xiyan in Nanjiang City, Lin Hao and Shen Xiyan entered the house, and saw Wang Shufen sitting in the living room, dazed alone.When I saw Wang Shufen again after two months, I found that Wang Shufen's hair wasn't combed, and there was a lot more white hair, darkened eye sockets, and a yellowish face, and her entire body was emaciated.

Wang Shufen was also shocked when she saw Lin Hao and Shen Xiyan return, her mouth opened wide, "Xiyan... you and Lin Hao?"

Shen Suyan looked at the emaciated Wang Shufen in this state, she also had some intolerance in her heart, although Wang Shufen is very sharp and mean, but Shen Suyan after all, lived with her for more than twenty years.More or less still a little bit of feelings, and this small half a year since, Wang Shufen lived in this state, also suffered enough.

Shen Shi Yan took a deep breath, "Mom, I'm back with Lin Hao... but we haven't reconciled or remarried yet..."

The first thing you need to know is how to get rid of the problem.

Wang Shufen's tears fell as she said that she had been alone in Nanjiang City for the past few months, and she had only realized how difficult and bitter it was, and she had only remembered Shen Shiyan's goodness, and she had only remembered Lin Hao.

Looking at Wang Shufen's tears of remorse, Shen Siyan's heart was also incomparably complicated.She looked sideways at Lin Hao with a prayer in her eyes, she wanted Lin Hao to forgive Wang Shufen.

When Wang Shufen saw Shen Xiyan looking at Lin Hao, she took a deep breath, she knew in her own heart how badly Lin Hao treated her, and how she had treated Lin Hao for that entire year.

Wang Shufen walked up to Lin Hao and snapped and smacked herself big and hard, not holding back at all, using her best strength to smack herself....

Lin Hao's brow furrowed even deeper, a man like Lin Hao couldn't stand this kind of scene the most.When he left Nanjiang City, he never wanted to see this woman again in his life.And this woman was only Shen Xiyan's adoptive mother.But Nay, Shen Siyan still recognized her.

This time again, watching Wang Shufen keep smacking himself, he understood that Wang Shufen was trying to make him take it out on his heart.So he didn't stop without shouting to stop Wang Shufen, and then when Wang Shufen raised her hand to smack down again.Lin Hao grasped her hand.

Wang Shufen swollen half of her face, incomparably complex, looked at Lin Hao: "Lin Hao, I was sorry to you before, and I'm sorry that I caused Xi Yan to suffer.If you don't feel relieved, just smack me, I've had enough of this for half a year, I just want you to have a good life with Xi Yan now, I don't want anything more..."


Lin Hao tilted his head and took a deep breath, and then sighed deeply when he looked at Wang Shufen again, no matter how much Wang Shufen had treated him before, she was after all Shen Xiyan's mother, no matter how much Lin Hao hated her, he couldn't really beat her.

Lin Hao sighed deeply and looked at Wang Shufen and said, "Mom, it's all in the past, from now on I'm still your son-in-law, good son-in-law, I'll be filial to you together with Xi Yan in the future...".

"Hey hey hey, good, it's all my fault ah, the child made you two suffer ah... you two rest, I go to buy food, I go to buy food ah..." wang Shufen at this moment direct tears.After saying that, she directly wiped it with her sleeve and went out to buy food....

When Wang Shufen left, Shen Xiyan glanced at Lin Hao and said with a frown, "Lin Hao, I'm tired, I want to rest by myself..."

Lin Hao nodded and said, "Okay, then I'll leave first..."

Lin Hao had just reached the door when Shen Xiyan suddenly called out to him, "Lin Hao, my grandmother's birthday is tonight, you should come with me..."

Lin Hao frowned, "Xi Yan, they treat you badly, are you still going?"

Shen Xiyan sighed, "Go, the company is gone, Grandma's company in Nanjiang is huge, I'll talk to her in the evening and see if I can work in the Shen family's company..."

"Don't go begging them!"Almost as soon as Shen Xiyan had finished speaking, Lin Hao subconsciously gave a direct rejection.

The Shen family had a company in Nanjiang City, and it wasn't small, although it was nowhere near as large as the Kyushu Group, it was a company with a market value of hundreds of millions of dollars.

And the reason why Lin Hao didn't let Shen Xi Yan go to the Shen family.It was entirely because those people of the Shen family, not only looked down on him, but also never looked down on Shen Suyan and his father and daughter, Wang Shufen, after marrying into the Shen family, for twenty years, even more so, did not give birth to a son or a daughter, so those people of the Shen family, after the death of Shen Suyan's father, did not take care of Shen Suyan and Wang Shufen at all... A second to remember to read the book

She bit her lower lip and said to Lin Hao, "Lin Hao, I know you're afraid that I'll be looked down upon and wronged, but what's the big deal if I'm wronged at this point?Don't worry, it's fine..."

Lin Hao turned around and stared at Shen Xi Yan's eyes with a deadly stare, and said in an incomparably firm tone, "Xi Yan, I swear that I will never let you suffer the slightest bit of grievance again in this life!Not even the slightest bit!This way I'll go find Jiang Shao Ming and you'll also go to work at the Kyushu Group, isn't it better than that shabby company of the Shen family?"

While Lin Hao was speaking, Shen Suyan suddenly felt a, overbearing and monstrous strength from Lin Hao.Feeling Lin Hao's desire to protect her, Shen Siyan was incomparably moved....

"Mm... "Shen Xiyan nodded her head gently.

Lin Hao left after talking to Shen Xiyan for a while longer, the anger in his heart was already up now.The Shen family was a family of snobs, not a single good person, and last year when he came to the Shen family as a son-in-law.When he came to the Shen family as a son-in-law last year, the Shen family not only treated him, but also Shen Shi Yan was even more cynical and sarcastic to the extreme.All kinds of look down, all kinds of verbal insults, all on him and Shen Suyan.

After the death of her father, Shen Xiyan didn't get any of his father's shares in the Shen family.Yes, not a single penny!That's why Shen Xiyan is desperately trying to start her own business, which is so hard, it's impossible to express in words.......

Lin Hao clenched his fists and narrowed his eyes as he muttered in his heart, "Shen family right, what you owe me and Xi Yan, this time I want you to pay it all back!"Lin Hao wasn't a saint, he could forgive Wang Shufen, but those people in the Shen family, one of them counted, and they would never be forgiven by him in this life.

He's back this time, he's not going to pretend, he's going to make the entire Nanjiang City tremble under his feet, he's going to knock down a city for his wedding to Shen Suyan, as a congratulatory gift.He wants to give Shen Shyan a lifetime of glory and happiness!

Lin Hao took a deep breath, just drove out of the neighborhood, about to go on the main road, when he suddenly saw from the rearview mirror, carrying a basket of vegetables, Wang Shufen, in a desperate apology to a group of thugs, nodding his head and waiving.


One of the thugs, snatched Wang Shufen's wallet, took away the only few hundred dollars in it, and kicked Wang Shufen hard.But even so, Wang Shufen still gave a strong apology to those thugs.

Lin Hao vaguely heard, Wang Shufen said must return or something, give her a few more days or something... Then those thugs left.After those thugs left, Wang Shufen got up from the ground, got the soil on her body, and limped towards home....

Lin Hao's eyes narrowed as he looked at the few thugs who had gone far away, Lin Hao realized why Wang Shufen, who had been so sharp and mean before, was now like this, it was true that an evil person still needed to be mauled ah.

But now that he and Shen Xiyan had forgiven Wang Shufen, he had to interfere with Wang Shufen's affairs anyway....

"Heh, Wang Shufen, Wang Shufen, you've finally done something right this time, that is, you've begged for forgiveness from Xi Yan..." said Lin Hao to himself.

Half an hour later, Lin Hao drove to the Kyushu Group and went straight into the Kyushu Group's CEO's office.When he entered, Jiang Shao Ming, who had flown back to Nanjiang City after receiving his orders yesterday, was chatting with a subordinate about work arrangements.

When Jiang Shao Ming saw Lin Hao push the door in, he quickly stood up and respectfully called out, "Big brother..."

This attitude of Jiang Shao Ming suddenly scared the fellow who was reporting to him.He didn't even dare to look at Lin Hao, who was the president of the Kyushu Group and had to face him with respect.

Lin Hao didn't pay any attention to the person in front of Jiang Shao Ming, and directly told him, "The Kyushu Group doesn't need to move back to Yanjing, and keep a branch in Nanjiang, as well as a design director position for Shen Shiyan.You go arrange..."

"Yes..." said Jiang Shao Ming respectfully.

After Lin Hao pulled a chair and sat down, only then did he look at the man in front of Jiang Shao Ming and frowned, "Who is he, a bit familiar?" First web site

The somewhat chubby man in the suit only took a look at Lin Hao at this point, and when he saw Lin Hao's face clearly, he became even more nervous, so much so that cold sweat came down on his face.He had actually seen Lin Hao once, when he came to the Kyushu Group to invite Jiang Shao Ming for dinner a few months ago, and that time he was almost scolded to death by Jiang Shao Ming.

This time his heart was bitter, and he quickly said to Lin Hao with a respectful face, "Mmhmm, a few months ago I brought my son to the Nine Continents Group to invite Mr. Jiang to dinner, and I was fortunate enough to meet you once in the downstairs lobby, I... I'm Li Jianghai."

"Oh?...I'm really fated with your family, I've also met your son twice, his name is Li Mingxuan, right?Your son went on a blind date with my wife..." said Lin Hao, who couldn't help but remember that the blind date he met on the first day of his divorce from Shen Xiyan in the Western restaurant by the South River was called Li Mingxuan....

As soon as Li Jianghai heard this, he kneeled in front of Lin Hao with a bang, kowtowing and apologizing, "Misunderstanding, it's all a misunderstanding, I heard about my son's blind date, he left as soon as you left, and has not dared to contact Miss Xi Yan in the past few months, please don't be so familiar with the dog..."

Li Jianghai's guts would be broken at this point, he had been in Nanjiang for so many years, he naturally understood one thing, that the Kyushu Group that had suddenly descended on Nanjiang more than a year ago, was behind a hidden gentry in Yanjing!!!!The Jiuzhou Group was just a small stall under their umbrella.Then, now that he thought about Jiang Shao Ming's respectful attitude towards the person in front of him, he instantly understood.

Lin Hao didn't pay any attention to him and instead asked Jiang Shao Ming, "Why is this person reporting to you here?Doesn't he have a company?"

Jiang Shao Ming said respectfully, "His company went bankrupt and reorganized last month, and I saw that his connections in Nanjiang City were pretty good, so I took his company in, and now he's hanging on to the title of Sales Manager here, and he's not a bad guy, he'll do things..."

"Oh, that's right..." nodded Lin Hao and said to Li Jianghai who was kneeling on the ground and kowtowing, "Get up, by the way my surname is Lin..."

Li Jianghai hurriedly thanked: "Thank you, Mr. Lin, thank you Mr. Lin, in the future, but if Mr. Lin tells us what to do, Jianghai will die!"Li Jianghai solemnly expressed his loyalty to Lin Hao.

Lin Hao waved his hand high and cold and said to Li Jianghai, "Alright, you can go out..."

Li Haijiang hurriedly nodded, bowed and retreated in a very knowing manner....

Just as Jiang Shao Ming was about to say something to Lin Hao, another person walked in the door, and after the visitor came in, the office was instantly oppressed by a powerful aura.



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