Super Son-in-law 46-60


Chapter 46

This night Chen Shanshan thought a lot about it until it was very late....

The next day Chen Shanshan only woke up at ten o'clock in the morning, and when she got up, she hurriedly ran to the company.Just when Chen Shanshan reached the door of the company, she suddenly found a middle-aged woman standing at the door, who was inquiring about something like the security guard at the door.

"Young man, can you help me to go inside and ask ah, I'm looking for Lin Hao, my son-in-law Lin Hao, my daughter is sick, I called him and he turned off his phone ah... "Wang Shufen begged the security guard bitterly.

"Auntie sorry, there are too many employees of Tianhai Group, there are thousands of them, how can I find you ah, you can only wait here..." the little brother of the security guard also said with a helpless face.

Chen Shanshan, who was just about to enter the door, heard this aunt looking for Lin Hao, and her body paused.Sideways, she asked to Wang Shufen, "Auntie, you're looking for Lin Hao?May I ask if this is Lin Hao, who just came to work at Tian Hai Group a month ago?"

Wang Shufen's body trembled, and she stared back at Chen Shanshan fiercely.The more she looked, the more familiar she looked, and suddenly Wang Shufen reacted, the pretty girl in front of her wearing a white shirt and jeans, wasn't that the girl who had held Lin Hao's arm last night?

After recognizing Chen Shanshan, Wang Shufen's face was complicated to the extreme, she carefully sized up the girl, the girl was really pretty and cute, not much worse than her daughter.Thinking of this Wang Shufen's eyes suddenly flashed with a trace of despair.She nodded her head with difficulty, opening her mouth to speak, but found that she couldn't speak at all.

In fact, when she came to Tianhai, she understood that with Lin Hao's excellence, how could she not find a girlfriend?It was likely that Lin Hao already had a new girlfriend in Tian Hai.This was the thing she feared most in her heart....

And the more you fear something, the more it will happen....

Wang Shufen took a deep look at Chen Shanshan, who was well-dressed and polite.She was a good girl no matter how you looked at her.So do you want to break up Lin Hao with another girl again?She wasn't afraid that Lin Hao wouldn't forgive her, but she was afraid that Lin Hao would take it out on Shen Xiyan....

After thinking carefully, Wang Shufen turned around and had to leave, she had to go back and think it over. One Second Remember to Read the Book

"Auntie, you still haven't told me what you want with my brother?Can I help you?I'll call my brother for you..." said Chen Shanshan to Wang Shufen, suddenly anxious when she saw that Wang Shufen was leaving.Because she felt that the aunt in front of her had a very heavy heart.The face was also very haggard....

Wang Shufen, who had just taken two steps, trembled violently after hearing Chen Shanshan's words.With sore eyes, she slowly turned around, pulled Chen Shanshan's hand and said, "Girl... you... you just said that Lin Hao is your brother?"

Chen Shanshan flickered her big eyes and nodded seriously, "Yes, he's my brother, what's wrong?"

Wang Shufen took a deep breath and couldn't believe it and asked, "Isn't he, isn't he your boyfriend?"

The first thing you need to know is that you can't get rid of your boyfriend or girlfriend, but you can't get rid of your boyfriend or girlfriend without getting rid of your boyfriend or girlfriend....Auntie why do I feel like you look familiar, you''re...the one who was standing with my sister across the road last night?"

Chen Shanshan suddenly opened her mouth wide and pointed at Wang Shufen with an incredulous face as she said.

Wang Shufen's tears of excitement fell, "Yes, yes, I am Xi Yan's mother, last night I came with Xi Yan to find Lin Hao, we were together..."

The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past few years, and it has been a long time coming.My brother misses her so much, is she mistaking me for my brother's girlfriend?Where is she ah, auntie you quickly take me to find her ah..." said Chen Shanshan anxious tears fell down.

Wang Shufen hurriedly nodded heavily, "Good, good, what a good girl, hey, let's go, girl I'll take you to find Xi Yan..."

Along the way, Wang Shufen talks to Chen Shanshan a lot, and she also apologizes to Chen Shanshan again and again, saying how she treated Lin Hao badly in the past, and how much she regrets it now.


In a hotel in downtown Tianhai, Shen Xiyan, wearing a set of black pajamas, was sitting alone against the bed.The trash can on the floor was full of tissues, some wiped tears, some wiped snot.

The first time I saw her, she was sitting there dazed, her mind all filled with scenes from the past with Lin Hao.The one who picked her up from work, the one who bought her medicine and made ginger soup when she had a cold.The Lin Hao who took the initiative to do all the work at home, the Lin Hao who took care of her night after night....

As the more time she spent apart from Lin Hao, the more she missed him in her heart.Until last night when she saw Lin Hao again after more than a month, but found that Lin Hao was already accompanied by another girl.

That girl, even though she was far away, she could tell that she was pretty and loved to smile and be clingy....

"Lin Hao, maybe you like that kind of girl, I wish you happiness..." murmured Shen Xiyan in her heart...

She decided to leave Tian Hai and saw Lin Hao once again, and she died when she saw that Lin Hao had a girlfriend....She also didn't want to show up again and ruin Lin Hao's life....

Just as Shen Xiyan made her decision, suddenly the door opened.In the next moment, the girl who was holding Lin Hao's arm yesterday walked in....

Shen Siyan's mouth was wide open, she would never be mistaken, the girl who came in was the girl who was with Lin Hao yesterday.

" do you... "Shen Siyan didn't even know what she should say to face this girl.

Chen Shan Shan smiled at Shen Xi Yan, took a deep breath and stretched out her hand to Shen Xi Yan, "Hello sister-in-law, I'm Shan Shan... my brother misses you very much..."

Shen Xiyan looked at Chen Shanshan who was smiling at her, she reacted for a while before she smiled, but tears fell down.Wang Shufen at the door quietly walked out and closed the door for the two girls.


After a while, Shen Shi Yan hurriedly wiped away the tears on her face.Get out of bed and pour water for Chen Shanshan: "Shanshan you sit, I'll pour you a glass of water, here messy, let you see a smile ah.......later sister treat you to dinner ah......."

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Chen Shanshan quickly waved her hand and said: "sister-in-law you are still sick it, fever recede?Is your cold better?Aunt Wang told me you had a terrible fever last night..."

The first thing you need to know is that you can't be sure that you're going to be able to do anything.

The first time she saw Shen Xiyan, she was more certain than anyone else that Shen Xiyan loved Lin Hao deeply in her heart.

"Sister-in-law you can cry if you want to..." said Chen Shanshan as she saw Shen Shiyan who had been holding back strongly.As soon as she finished speaking, Shen Xiyan threw herself into her arms and cried her heart out....

The countless sorrows, countless regrets, and the indescribable longing that have accumulated in Shen Siyan's heart over the past month or so are all released at this moment along with tears....

It took a full half hour before Shen Xi Yan calmed down.

The calmed down Shen Shyan asked Chen Shanshan questions like how is Lin Hao doing lately, is he losing weight, is he tired from work and so on....

Chen Shan Shan smiled and answered one by one, except for Lin Hao's true identity, she said it all.Not to say Lin Hao's identity, it was she knew that she was going to leave one for Lin Hao and surprise Shen Xi Yan later.

"Sister, make up with my brother, you two actually have each other in your hearts, but it's just that one is more stubborn than the other ah.The two of you have had a tough journey too... My brother really misses you..." advised Chen Shanshan to Shen Xiyan.

Shen Xiyan nodded heavily, "Mmhmm, this time I will never lose him again, he is my husband, the husband I love the most in my life... Shanshan thank you, I really thank you..."


Chen Shanshan smiled and said, "Sister, my brother is especially good and warm, you too, sis you look so beautiful, no wonder my brother can't stop thinking about you, there are so many good looking young ladies in our company, he can't even look at them......."

Shen Xi Yan was blushing a bit embarrassed by Chen Shan Shan's words.

In fact, just now when Shen Suyan was sizing up Chen Shanshan, Chen Shanshan was also silently observing her.It was found that Shen Xiyan was much prettier than her, her skin was better than hers, her face was prettier than hers, and her body was even more curvaceous, with white skin and long legs.Chen Shanshan inadvertently flashed a trace of loss in the depths of her eyes.But soon she hid it perfectly.

Chen Shanshan paused, looking at Shen Xiyan bit her lips and said, "Sister, although you are my sister-in-law, I also have to say ah, my brother is too bitter, then this time you get back together with him, can you take the initiative for once?"

Shen Xiyan nodded, "Well, I'll chase him this time, I'll never let go again.I want to be with him for the rest of my life... Then I'm going to pack up, I'm going to find him, I can't wait a minute... I'm going to go, I'm going to go, I miss him too, I miss him so much......"

Half an hour later, in a private room in a tea room near the Tianhai Group, Shen Xiyan held Chen Shanshan's hand tightly, "Shanshan, do you think he will come?Do you think I'm dressed all right?"

I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that, but I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that.I've already sent a WeChat to my brother, he'll be over soon... When he comes, I'll leave ah, you have a good chat with him, after all, that last year he was at your house..."

Chen Shanshan didn't finish her sentence, Shen Xiyan had already nodded her head bitterly, she knew what Chen Shanshan was going to say.Thinking about that last year, Shen Xiyan herself, as well as Wang Shufen, and those relatives who went to their home from time to time, all kinds of insults to Lin Hao look down on abusive language and so on, Shen Xiyan was a bitter pain.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the company's website and make sure that you are aware of what you are getting into.Shen Xiyan's sudden appearance caught him off guard and didn't prepare him in the slightest.

As soon as Lin Hao came in, he saw Shen Xiyan, and Shen Xiyan also DE8518AD stared at Lin Hao with tears in her eyes.Chen Shanshan patted the back of Shen Sisan's hand gently and stood up to walk out.

Just as Chen Shanshan passed by Lin Hao, she was directly dragged by Lin Hao: "Stay here!"After Lin Hao yelled at Chen Shanshan, he sat across from Shen Xiyan, Chen Shanshan bit her lips, she didn't dare to go against Lin Hao's wishes, so she could only find a corner away from the two of them to stay. Remember the URL

"Lin Hao, I'm sorry, I know I was wrong, let's get back together, okay?I love you, I can't live without you..." after Lin Hao sat down, Shen Xi Yan took Lin Hao's hand and held it tightly, saying that tears fell down....

"Heh..." the moment Lin Hao was pulled by Shen Xiyan, he heard Shen Xiyan's words and looked at her weeping face, his tears also flowed down, but he broke away from Shen Xiyan's hand, "Xiyan, we... can't go back, I thought about it all night last night, I thought I could care less about what I experienced that last year, but I realized I couldn't... I'm sorry..."

Shen Xiyan was crying and desperately shook her head, and tightly pulled Lin Hao's hand again, "Honey, I was wrong, I was really wrong, I miss you so much..."

Lin Hao looked up at the ceiling, trying to stop the tears flowing downwards.I'm sorry, forget about me, we're not destined for each other, my heart is dead... I can't help but think of all the things that happened last year in my head when I was with you again....I'm sorry...make me forget, I really can't..."

Lin Hao said standing up to leave, and when he was almost at the door, Shen Shen shouted.

"Lin Hao!You said that no matter what I did wrong, you would never leave me, you would always stay with me..."


"Yes I did say that, but what did you do!All I get in return for my deep feelings over and over again is a line of crap!You're a disgrace!In your Shen family, no one has ever treated me as a human being!Am I poor?Am I doing this for your father's $100,000!Huh?!"Lin Hao fiercely turned around and shouted at Shen Shi Yan, and he couldn't stop the tears from falling.

"In this year, you and your mother and those self-righteous relatives of your Shen family, no matter what I did, did you ever once care about me?Have you guys ever let me on the table at a potluck?In this year, my status in your Shen family is no better than a dog? do you expect me to forget!"Lin Hao shed tears and continued to yell at Shen Shi Yan....

Shen Xi Yan couldn't say anything at this moment, so she could only stare there and cry....

Lin Hao's heart was also extremely difficult, after a while, he took a few deep breaths and forced himself to calm down, incomparably complex looked at Shen Xiyan and said: "Xiyan, there is no destiny between us, is what you have for me now really love?Maybe after the divorce, you found something I did to you that touched you, but touching isn't love..."

Shen Xiyan shook her head, "No, that's love, that's not touching... Lin Hao, I'm begging you, please come back to me, okay?"

Lin Hao closed his eyes in great pain, took a deep breath, and shook his head in great heartache, "I'm sorry, we really can't go back..."

"No, we can go back, after our divorce, I haven't found a boyfriend and you haven't found a girlfriend, we can still go back..." yelled Shen Xi Yan, shaking her head at Lin Hao.

Chen Shanshan patted the back of Shen Sisan's hand gently and stood up to walk out.I'm begging you, you'll feel bad if you do this to her, but don't you feel bad?I'm begging you brother, please forgive Sister Xiyan..."

"You shut up!What do you know!"Lin Hao fiercely shouted at Chen Shanshan.

Chen Shanshan was so shocked by Lin Hao that she was dumbfounded for a moment.Lin Hao didn't pay any more attention to her, but turned to Shen Xiyan and said, "You said I don't have a girlfriend yet, right?OK, now watch this, from now on, my girlfriend is her!"

Lin Hao said and pulled Chen Shanshan's hand. A second to remember to read the book.

Chen Shanshan reacted sharply and quickly tried her best to shake off Lin Hao's hand, but she wasn't as strong as Lin Hao.Usually she often took Lin Hao's arm, but that was when Shen Xiyan wasn't around.This time, in front of Shen Xiyan, she didn't want her to cause a misunderstanding between Shen Xiyan and Lin Hao.

"Brother, let go, you'll make Sister Xiyan angry like this, and your misunderstanding will be even deeper... "Chen Shanshan was in a hurry and was crying.

Then she said to Shen Xiyan, "Sister Xiyan, my brother is joking, don't take it seriously, he has always liked you in his heart...."

Lin Hao looked at Chen Shanshan, "You wash my clothes, cook for me, and try to enter every way to make me happy every day, do you just treat me like a brother?"

Chen Shanshan was stunned by Lin Hao's question, her eyes carrying a deep plea, "Please, brother, don't say it, don't say it... "Chen Shanshan was in tears and shook her head.

Because Lin Hao was right, she not only thought of Lin Hao as her brother in her heart, but even more so, she had already silently liked Lin Hao.It was just that she also understood that what Lin Hao loved the most in her heart was Shen Xiyan, so she buried her fondness for Lin Hao deep in her heart.She didn't dare to reveal it to Lin Hao.She could only silently care for Lin Hao, making him happy, making him laugh....

Chen Shanshan's silence caused Shen Xiyan to be suddenly stunned as well.She was also a woman, and right now when Lin Hao's words came out, she saw Chen Shan Shan's reaction and instantly understood that Chen Shan Shan did like Lin Hao, and liked it very, very much.

Chen Shan Shan liked it so much that even though Lin Hao was the person she silently liked, in order for Lin Hao to be happy and joyful, she had to go and get herself back together with Lin Hao.Chen Shan Shan was actually shocked that she could do this for Lin Hao....

Lin Hao took a deep breath and pulled Chen Shanshan's hand, "From now on, you are my girlfriend..."

After saying that Lin Hao pulled Chen Shanshan out, Chen Shanshan was pulled to the door by Lin Hao before turning back and yelling at Shen Xiyan, "Sister, don't give up on my brother, my brother only has you in his heart, don't leave, don't leave Tianhai..."


Bang... After the door to the room was closed, Shen Xi Yan sat weakly in her seat.

On the day of the divorce a month ago, there was also a woman beside Lin Hao who was even sexier than her, Yin Xuan, the flower of their high school.It was just that even if it was Yin Xuan at that time, she Shen Xiyan didn't take it to heart.But today, Chen Shanshan beside Lin Hao, a girl who was still in her fourth year of college, made her feel a deep sense of crisis.

Obviously, Chen Shanshan wasn't as pretty as her and couldn't compare to her in every aspect, but she was still a little afraid in her heart that Lin Hao had really been snatched away by Chen Shanshan.

Shen Xi Yan was alone in the private room for a long, long time and secretly made a decision: "Lin Hao, I won't give up, I'll let you let back to me, I won't give up this time, you're my husband, I'm your wife, this time I'll never let you go again... absolutely not..."


After being dragged out of the tea room by Lin Hao, he walked far, far away.Only then did Chen Shanshan shrugged off Lin Hao's hand: "Brother, can you stop this?I'm so sad...really..."

Lin Hao fiercely hugged Chen Shanshan into his arms, and took a deep breath, as if all the chaos in his heart, all of it went out with this breath, and dissipated, Lin Hao gently said in Chen Shanshan's ear, "Be my girlfriend..."

Chen Shanshan, who was still struggling with a strong effort, stayed still when she heard Lin Hao's long sigh in her ear, Lin Hao's long sigh in her ear contained too many things, helplessness, letting go, unwillingness, relief....

"Good... "Chen Shanshan's voice was hoarse as she said one word and slowly reached out to hug Lin Hao.

Many times, things were just so coincidental, the moment Chen Shanshan hugged Lin Hao, Shen Xiyan also walked not far away from the two of them, she looked at the two people she was hugging in the distance, and all of a sudden, she leaned weakly against the wall....

It is she, it is she who personally pushed away the Lin Hao who loved her so much and gave everything for her into the arms of another woman.........

Shen Caiyan had just been in the teahouse, making a decision that collapsed in an instant right now when she saw the two people she was holding.There was no more strength to support them....

"Lin Hao, can I still get you back?Sam loves you so much, can I ever get you back?"Shen Xi Yan looked at the distance, Lin Hao and Chen Shan Shan pulling away, walking away from the back mumbling....

"Can I still get you back?"Shen Xi Yan slowly squatted on the ground, sobbing....

Lin Hao didn't go back to work, in fact, he had always thought that he himself was very strong, but after she saw Shen Xiyan again, he realized that he wasn't as strong as he thought he was.And having not slept since last night, and having very high mood swings, Lin Hao was already physically and mentally exhausted at the moment.

Chen Shanshan hailed a car and took Lin Hao back to his villa in the suburbs.Chen Shanshan sat in the front, and Lin Hao sat alone in the back, looking out the window at the receding scenery.

Lin Hao's heart floated with the words, that is, in this life, whether to choose a person you love, or someone who loves you.Go spend the rest of your life.It seemed like his root Shen Xi Yan was not destined for each other at all, always torturing each other.

After arriving at the villa, Lin Hao sat on the sofa and continued to stare, his eyes empty, not knowing what he was thinking, or what he himself was thinking.The mind was a blank.

"Brother, I'll bring you some warm water, you drink some... "Chen Shanshan looked at Lin Hao's appearance very sad, got up and went to the kitchen to boil water, and by the time Chen Shanshan made the water and brought a glass of water to Lin Hao.Suddenly, she found that Lin Hao had already sat down and fallen asleep....

Chen Shanshan looked at Lin Hao, who was so tired that he could fall asleep even sitting down, and her eyes were sore and tears flowed down.She put the glass of water on the table, walked over to Lin Hao, gently put Lin Hao down, and then took a blanket from the bedroom to cover Lin Hao....

"Brother, I'll stay with you... "After covering Lin Hao with the blanket, Chen Shanshan sat down on her knees in front of Lin Hao, gently rested her head on Lin Hao's chest, took Lin Hao's hand, and also closed her eyes and slept....


Shen Xiyan lost her mind and returned to the hotel, Wang Shufen saw Shen Xiyan like this.Opened her mouth and didn't dare to ask, silently exited the room and walked out... Wang Shufen saw Shen Siyan like this, she didn't need to ask, she already understood what had happened, it must be that Shen Siyan and Lin Hao hadn't talked....


Shen Siyan pulled the curtains and got into bed, sitting against the head of the bed holding her knees and staring, her heart was hurting, hurting... until the moment she saw Lin Hao hugging Chen Shanshan today, she realized just how much she loved Lin Hao in her heart.She couldn't leave Lin Hao anymore....

"Lin Hao, I miss you so much, I really miss you so much, I want you to come back to me, I'll try my best to be your best wife, to take care of you, to love you, to be with you for the rest of my life..." murmured Shen Xi Yan.

"Lin Hao, I'm begging you, please come back to me, okay?"

In the lonely room, Shen Xi Yan was alone thinking about her heart and the scene with Lin Hao.The year that she lived with Lin Hao, this would all be so sweet when she thought about it.The man who was always there for her when she was sad, always accompanied her and tried everything to make her happy... The man who secretly helped her to solve everything when she was in trouble.The man who gave everything just to be there for her....


When Lin Hao woke up again, it was already the next morning.When Lin Hao opened his eyes, he found himself sleeping on the couch, while Chen Shanshan, a silly girl, was sleeping on his chest for the night.

Lin Hao's heart was incomparably complicated as he touched Chen Shanshan's head, and when Chen Shanshan moved, she opened her eyes.When she saw that Lin Hao was awake, a smile appeared on her face, "Brother, you're awake, you're hungry, I'll cook noodles for you..."

Chen Shanshan got up with a smile and went to the kitchen, but she had after all sat down and slept all night, and this time when she got up to walk, her body was a little shaky, and Lin Hao looked at Chen Shanshan who almost fell down.This girl is really too much like herself.

Chen Shanshan's long hair was a bit messy, and she was wearing a white shirt and a brown skirt underneath.At this moment, this girl was jerking up her sleeves, her two white roots arms began to cook, the kitchen silently cooking for herself, Chen Shanshan, like a good wife....

Lin Hao got up and walked to the kitchen.When Chen Shanshan heard Lin Hao's footsteps, her body also had a pause, but she didn't turn back, and she didn't know what to say to Lin Hao at the moment .

When Lin Hao reached behind Chen Shanshan, Chen Shanshan's movements stopped, and in the next moment, Lin Hao stretched out his arms and hugged Chen Shanshan from behind... Chen Shanshan's body stiffened, and after a moment of silence, she went back to boiling water and cooking... Remember the

Breakfast was light, just two bowls of hanging noodles in broth, and as usual not even an egg and pickle.But they both ate it all....

"Let's go to the office..." said Lin Hao to Chen Shanshan.

"Okay..." nodded Chen Shanshan.

On her way out, Chen Shanshan walked side by side with Lin Hao.Just after taking two steps out, the hand she hammered underneath was gently held by Lin Hao.Chen Shanshan's body trembled, but she didn't shake off Lin Hao.

The driver outside the door looked at Lin Hao holding Chen Shanshan's hand and his mouth was wide open, but he didn't dare to say a word.He just cast an incomparably envious look at Chen Shanshan.Respectfully, he pulled the car door open for Lin Hao and Chen Shanshan.And this time, Chen Shanshan didn't sit in the front, but was pulled by Lin Hao to sit in the back.

The entire way Lin Hao was holding Chen Shanshan's hand, and the two of them didn't speak, Chen Shanshan felt that the only thing she could do for Lin Hao at the moment was to silently accompany him like this, using all of her gentle emotions to soothe the hurt in Lin Hao's heart.

When the car drove near the company, Lin Hao pulled Chen Shanshan out of the car.A catty to the company's front door, but Chen Shanshan found that Lin Hao still hadn't let go of her hand.Chen Shanshan could only keep her head down and let Lin Hao lead her inside the company....

Just as the two were about to step through the gate, a person suddenly appeared in front of them, stopping them with open arms, was a gloomy-looking Wang Shufen.

The moment she saw Lin Hao, Wang Shufen pointed at Lin Hao and yelled, "Lin Hao!You can't be with this woman. Do you know how much she likes you?She locked herself in her room last night and cried all night!You go to her, and you'll only be with Pity!"

Lin Hao's eyes narrowed and his tone was cold, "Get out of the way!"


But Wang Shufen didn't move at all, instead she just went forward and tugged on Lin Hao's arm and pulled him out the door, "No, you must come with me today, you must come with me to find Xi Yan!"

"Get out... "Lin Hao's arm slammed down, and he threw Wang Shufen to the side.Then he went inside the door, never wanting to pay any attention to Wang Shufen, the woman.

Wang Shufen was thrown to the ground by Lin Hao, this would have been a year ago, she would have jumped on Lin Hao and greeted him with all kinds of punches and kicks, but at the moment she didn't dare, she saw that Lin Hao didn't pay any attention to her.Her eyes suddenly looked at Chen Shanshan, and Wang Shufen got up and grabbed Chen Shanshan's hand.

Her tone was sharp and sarcastic, "And you!Little girl, I didn't know you were so calculating. What did you tell me yesterday?Didn't you say you were just his sister?How come you're my son-in-law's girlfriend now?You stole my daughter's husband. Don't you have any shame?You..."

"Auntie, I'm not, auntie listen to my explanation... "Chen Shanshan was so anxious that she was on the verge of tears, explaining to Wang Shufen with all her might.Chen Shanshan was a good girl, kind-hearted, she had never encountered being scolded like this by Wang Shufen before.

The chill on Lin Hao's body grew heavier and heavier, he inhaled deeply and clutched Chen Shanshan's hand tightly, he didn't want to take care of Wang Shufen, so he pulled Chen Shanshan inside the company.

But Wang Shufen did not let Lin Hao go with Chen Shanshan at all, she continued to tug on Chen Shanshan's arm, pulling out as hard as she could, with extra force.Chen Shanshan's tears fell when she gave an ah cry of pain.

"You're still crying?You have the nerve to cry?You're young and you're stealing other people's husbands. Don't you have any face?You're so young, you haven't even graduated from college yet, how come you've learned to be a mistress?The company's employees are the ones who are responsible for destroying people's families.........

Slap... Lin Hao fiercely turned a big mouth and smacked Wang Shufen in the face.In one blow, he smacked Wang Shufen to the ground... Lin Hao was unable to resist, Wang Shufen was just too vicious.The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the company's website, and then you'll be able to see what they have to offer.

At the moment, it was at the peak of work, and the Tianhai Group, as one of the world's top 500 enterprises, had several thousand employees.In less than a minute, the three of them were already surrounded by people, dozens or hundreds of them.

After being knocked to the ground by Lin Hao, Wang Shufen didn't dare to prick Lin Hao, but she was good at playing scoundrels.The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the book. A second to remember to read the book

The next moment Wang Shufen howled with a snotty nose and tears, "son-in-law hit mother-in-law ah, ah, how my daughter's life is so bitter ah, daughter ah, it's all mom is sorry you ah, it's all mom is useless ah....".

The surrounding crowd, seeing Wang Shufen crying so dizzy and miserable, this time all stretched out their fingers and started pointing at Lin Hao and Chen Shanshan.Many people were talking badly....

"Is this woman an employee of our company?God, fox spirit, she's quite good-looking, really shameless..." a female employee whispered at Chen Shanshan.

"That's right, I didn't expect that at a young age, she would learn to seduce someone's husband, how shameless..." another person pointed at Chen Shanshan.


Chen Shanshan was so aggrieved that she couldn't stop her tears from falling, "No, no, no... I didn't... I didn't..."

Lin Hao tightly pulled Chen Shanshan's hand and stared at Wang Shufen with a deadly stare, "Wang Shufen, since you want to die so badly, I'll make it happen..." after Lin Hao said that he took out his cell phone to call katy, this Wang Shufen is vicious to such an extent that he's not going to put up with it anymore, Wang Shufen has already touched his bottom line today!

Just as Lin Hao was about to call someone, a sudden shout came from the back of the crowd, "That's enough!"With this yell, the noisy crowd instantly quieted down.


Wearing a black trench coat with red and swollen eyes, Shen Xiyan walked in through the crowd.

She first walked up to Wang Shufen and said in a cold voice, "Still not humiliated enough?I divorced Lam Ho long ago. I'm sorry!You know why I divorced him!If you come bothering him again, I'll disown you as a mother for the rest of my life!"

Wang Shufen lowered her head by Shen Xiyan's words, not daring to say another word.Shen Suyan's eyes were a little sore when she berated Wang Shufen again, she took a deep breath and looked up at the sky, trying to hold back the tears that fell, but she couldn't.

Shen Siyan turned to look at Lin Hao and tried to squeeze out a smile on her face, "Lin Hao, bless you, my mother came over to look for you, I really didn't know about this, I'm sorry.I was the one who treated you badly in the past, that's why I forced you to leave me, I've come to terms with it by last night, I've let go, I'm not asking for your forgiveness anymore."

Lin Hao's body trembled as he listened to Shen Shi Yan's words, clutching Chen Shanshan's hand harder and harder.He opened his mouth, wanting to say something to Shen Xiyan, but in the end, nothing came out.

"Lin Hao, remember to let me know about your wedding with Shan Shan, I want to see how handsome you look when you're the groom... You and Shan Shan must be happy..." said Shen Xi Yan trying to smile to Lin Hao and Chen Shan Shan.

"Sister Xiyan..." cried Chen Shanshan to Shen Xiyan as well.

Shen Shy Yan stepped forward and held Chen Shan Shan's hand, reached out and wiped the tears off Chen Shan Shan's face and said with a smile, "Shan Shan you're a good girl, you and Lin Hao must be happy, I wish you all the best... love him well for me... don't let him get hurt again..."

After Shen Suyan said that she didn't care about Chen Shanshan's stay, she dragged Wang Shufen through the crowd and went far away.

When Shen Suyan and Wang Shufen left, the surrounding people would all quiet down.The appearance of Shen Siyan made them all understand that this matter is not as simple as it seems.One by one, they would now be cursing Wang Shufen again....

Lin Hao watched Shen Xiyan's back as she walked away, looking so sad.And yet he didn't move a muscle, not even a word of retention.He didn't know what was wrong with him, what he was doing was torturing Shen Xiyan, and likewise torturing himself... Lin Hao, who had never been in love before, didn't know what to do when it came to this kind of thing. First URL

He clearly loved Shen Shiyan to death in his heart, but on the surface it was hurting her more than once, and likewise when he hurt Shen Shiyan, the hurt in his heart grew heavier and heavier....

The dazed Lin Hao, until after Shen Xiyan's back disappeared from his sight, he felt the faint warmth coming from his hand and sideways noticed that Chen Shanshan was looking at him with a worried face.A face full of concern.

Lin Hao took a deep breath, pulling Chen Shanshan's walk to go inside the company.Chen Shanshan was going to work, the Tianhai Group was huge, there were three office buildings alone, the place where Chen Shanshan went to work was not the main building, but a thirty-story office building on the right.

So many days, Lin Hao is still the first time to Chen Shanshan's place of work, along the way because Lin Hao is holding Chen Shanshan's hand.So countless employees along the way were amazed after seeing this scene, the Tianhai Group was too big, and it wasn't that there weren't people who fell in love within the group.But dare to hold hands so blatantly into the company, there is no one.

Just for everything Lin Hao is regardless, and know Lin Hao's real identity Chen Shanshan, also do not care about the eyes of other colleagues, the bottom of the staff and have not seen the true face of the group president.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the company's website and see how they are doing.Chen Shanshan was beautiful, Lin Hao was even more cold and handsome, with a natural air of superiority, and although the dozen employees in the office felt incredible, no one dared to say anything after seeing Lin Hao.

"I... I want to work..." saw Chen Shanshan all to her office place, Lin Hao still held her hand, her face was a little red, after all, so many people were watching here.

"Mm... you work, I'll watch you... "Lin Hao nodded and said an incomparably domineering sentence.The entire office staff was stunned when he finished speaking.

Lin Hao ignored the shocked employees and instead walked to the work station opposite Chen Shanshan.To the beautiful employee sitting there, he said, "Your position has been upgraded by one level, go to another department..."


"Huh?Me?"The beautiful white collar girl in a suit and white shirt didn't react for a moment when she saw such a cold and handsome guy like Lin Hao talking to her and actually saying that he would give her a promotion and a raise.

In her confusion, Lin Hao looked at her work badge and then sent a WeChat over to Katy.Then he said to the pretty white collar, "Pack your things..."

"This... handsome, you... you're from our company?Executives?I... I don't know you ah..." the beautiful white collar woman said in a confused manner, and her tone was somewhat weak with a hint of respect.She didn't know Lin Hao, but she could feel Lin Hao's aura.

Just as the beautiful white collar was confused, the sound of the urgent stamping of high heels on the floor suddenly rang out at the entrance of their office.In the next moment, a short-haired beauty in a white suit and red skirt walked in.

The beautiful white collar walked straight to the female white collar anxiously said, "Little Qi congratulations, from now on you are the head of the sales three groups, double the salary, and don't pack your things, you come with me to the office......."

The female white collar named Xiao Qi was completely shocked when she heard her top boss say that.Pointing at Lin Hao, she stammered to her female boss, "He... he... this... I......"

When her female boss saw Kiki pointing at Lin Hao, her face instantly changed and she quickly slapped her finger down, "Hurry up and leave, don't ask what you shouldn't ask... go to my office and wait for me..."

"Ohhh... "Kiki nodded quickly, but her heart was just incredibly shocked.But now she didn't dare to ask, so she picked up her own bag, picked up the documents on the work station and hurried out....

When Kiki left, the female executive in the white suit respectfully said to Lin Hao, "May I get you a cup of coffee?Is there anything else you need?"

Lin Hao nodded, "No more, you go out..."

The female supervisor nodded respectfully and went out after personally making a cup of coffee for Lin Hao.Before going out, her eyes swept a glance at the office staff, which contained a warning. Remember the website

When the female supervisor left, Lin Hao sat on the table drinking coffee and quietly looked at Chen Shanshan who was sitting opposite working.Chen Shanshan was very shy and her face was red.The rest of the dozen or so employees in this office, one by one all of their bodies sat straight up.One by one, their hearts were shocked to the extreme.

These employees would all be speculating about Lin Hao's identity, the Tian Hai Group was too big, its business was all over the world, and the future of an international enterprise like the Tian Hai Group was very big to work here.The employees of this office all guessed that Lin Hao was definitely a real power executive of the Tianhai Group, and then one by one, they envied Chen Shanshan in their hearts.Especially those female employees.

The entire office of a dozen people were all working hard.Only Lin Hao was quietly drinking coffee and looking at Chen Shanshan who was working hard.

Chen Shanshan felt Lin Hao's gaze on her, and the redness on her face didn't go down.There was both heartache for Lin Hao and a touch of happiness in her heart.

There was a kind of happiness that was like this, no need to go on dates, no need to go shopping, no need to go to the movies.Just look at it silently, both will be moved, both will be at ease, both will be warm.

Chen Shanshan knew how Lin Hao was feeling right now, this time period was probably the weakest moment in Lin Hao's heart in his life.The only thing she could do was to stay with him, being by his side was the best.

"I'm going to find a supervisor to send a piece of paperwork..." whispered Chen Shanshan to Lin Hao in a low voice.Then she took a contract and walked out towards the office.

Lin Hao followed with a hmmm, and Chen Shanshan smiled helplessly and pushed open the door to the supervisor's office.Only when the female supervisor, who was wearing a white suit, saw Lin Hao behind Chen Shanshan, she stood up with a sudden burst of nervousness.

Lin Hao saw the female supervisor's reaction, waved his hand at her and smiled: "You're busy, the company's rules and regulations still have to be followed, don't pay attention to me, I just want to accompany my girlfriend.By the way, you bring her more often in the future..."

"Yes Mr. Lin, don't worry, I'll teach all my experience to Shan Shan..." the female supervisor quickly echoed.

"Well thank you, double your salary, help me bring her up properly..." said Lin Hao with a nod.


The female supervisor was ecstatic, excited and quickly took Chen Shanshan's arm and put the contract in Chen Shanshan's hand on the table, she also did not dare to sit down, so she stood and explained to Chen Shanshan one article: "Shanshan, you see here, this one clause, is to prevent the partner from going back on their word later, you see here again... how should we talk to the other party about these terms..."

Chen Shanshan took the notebook and started to record, the female supervisor really taught Chen Shanshan all the things that she knows without reservation.Chen Shanshan is the girlfriend of the president of the Tianhai Group.She is now on good terms with Chen Shanshan, and if she is also a mentor and friend, she will never worry about it in her life....

"Mmhmm thank you supervisor... "Chen Shanshan smiled as she thanked the female supervisor after she finished explaining to her, she felt like she had learned a lot, she had been working for half a year and had some experience.But there was just no one to take her.This time Lin Hao had found her someone to take her, she would be able to progress very, very fast....

When Chen Shanshan finished getting this contract, it was also noon, so Lin Hao took her out to eat....

In a restaurant near the Tianhai Group, Chen Shanshan was very ladylike, bowing her head and eating.Lin Hao sat across from her and didn't eat anything, just quietly watching her.

Lin Hao looked at Chen Shanshan who was sitting quietly eating across from her, feeling very beautiful, Chen Shanshan was very clean, white face, long black hair, white shirt brown skirt.Eating was also very elegant, not at all the same figure as the first time he encountered her.The key was that Lin Hao understood in his heart that this silly girl in front of him had been quietly paying for herself.

Chen Shanshan's devotion to him was just like the devotion he had given to Shen Xiyan in the past.They were all unreserved, doing their best to make each other happy and joyful.

"Brother, you eat too..." said Chen Shanshan to Lin Hao.

Lin Hao looked at her cute face, and there was still a rice pellet on the corner of her mouth, so he reached out to her to get that rice pellet off her mouth, "I'm your boyfriend now, call me by my first name from now on, don't call me brother..."

"Mm... "Chen Shanshan nodded 0b586a39 her head obediently.Then she looked at Lin Hao and said, "Lin Hao, then hurry up and eat, I'll feel bad if you don't eat..."

"Well, okay, eat..." smiled Lin Hao, and just bowed his head and ate without another word. One second to remember to read the book

Chen Shanshan looked at Lin Hao, who was sitting across from her eating, with both heartache and a touch of happiness.She had always liked Lin Hao in her heart, in fact, from the moment she first met him, she had fallen in love with him.

She still can't forget the melancholy temperament of Lin Hao the first time she met him, he was obviously cold and handsome, but he was full of melancholy and had deep eyes.The first time Chen Shanshan met Lin Hao, she was already deeply attracted to Lin Hao.She was a person who dared to love and hate, and so was Lin Hao.

In fact, from the first time she met Lin Hao, Chen Shanshan felt that one day she would be with him.Sure enough, now she was with Lin Hao.She vowed inwardly that she would use everything she had to make Lin Hao come out and give Lin Hao happiness....

"Why do you keep looking at me?"Lin Hao saw that Chen Shanshan was staring at him, so he asked.

"My boyfriend is super handsome, can't I take a look?"Chen Shanshan said with a smile.Then she thought, "Will you go shopping for clothes with me tonight?I have no clothes to wear..."

Lin Hao smiled and nodded "Okay, I'll buy you a lot..."

In the evening after work, Lin Hao drove to the mall with Chen Shanshan in his car.Chen Shanshan had a good figure, both tall and not thin, and her skin was still very, very white.So basically whatever she was wearing was good.

Chen Shanshan changed into a dress in a store and after putting it on, she walked up to Lin Hao and said shyly, "Does it look good?"

Lin Hao smiled and nodded, "Nice looking, buy all those clothes you just tried on..."

"Mm..." nodded Chen Shanshan happily.

After the mall, they went out for a walk, and along the way, Chen Shanshan held Lin Hao's hand.She didn't need to do anything else, just quietly holding Lin Hao's hand was enough.

Holding hands was the greatest happiness, the best company Chen Shan Shan had for Lin Hao at the moment.

Lin Hao held Chen Shanshan's hand, walking on the road, feeling very at ease, there was a lovely, beautiful and sensible girlfriend beside him, at this moment Lin Hao was actually quite satisfied....


In the evening, Lin Hao sent Chen Shanshan back to the dormitory.

He did not let Chen Shanshan other there again, are adults many things do not need to be said explicitly.At the moment, Chen Shanshan as his girlfriend, to be able to hold her hand, Lin Hao is already very satisfied.

And most importantly, some things, in the end, he has to come out on his own.It was useless for anyone outside....

Send Chen Shanshan back to the university dormitory, himself back to the villa Lin Hao, a long breath, went out to the balcony to look at the scenery, enjoying the world by himself.

The heart has both thoughts of Shen Shi Yan, tangled, struggle.There was also the love for Chen Shanshan, companionship, sweetness.Lin Hao felt this was quite good, starting a new relationship was the best way to forget the previous one.

He is now with Chen Shan Shan, Chen Shan Shan obeys him, loves him, takes care of him, and accompanies him.He and Chen Shanshan 6e8bcc75 together, will not feel depressed, Chen Shanshan around no mother-in-law like Wang Shufen, nor the Shen family that snobbish.Being with Chen Shanshan is plain, but plain is an unexplainable happiness....

For the next few days, Lin Hao was picking her up downstairs from Chen Shanshan in the morning and taking her to work.Then in the evening also send her back to school, the two from Wang Shufen go to the Tianhai Group door after the trouble, never hugged, is simply holding hands, hugging, kissing or anything else.It's just quietly holding hands, walking together, walking.

The more time you spend with Chen Shanshan, the more you'll be able to cover up your wounds and heal them.And Lin Hao was used to Chen Shanshan's company by his side.

From the first few days when he was cold all the time, to half a month later, he would occasionally put a smile on his face, a smile from the bottom of his heart.From the beginning, he didn't miss it, to later on, after he was separated from Chen Shanshan, when he was alone at night, he would also think of Chen Shanshan's voice and smile, Chen Shanshan bouncing in front of him.

Time passed by, and in this month, Lin Hao never took a step closer to Chen Shanshan.He had been suppressing himself.During the month with Chen Shanshan.He was only holding hands with Chen Shanshan.

Repeating every day with Chen Shanshan, picking her up from work in the morning and taking her home from work.On Saturdays off, follow Chen Shanshan to various places in Tianhai... First URL

One month later on this night, Lin Hao was standing alone on the balcony.He felt like he had come out.There was one more Chen Shanshan, one more woman in his life.The days he spent with Chen Shanshan felt very simple, happy, and clean, and slowly the hatred for the Shen family in his head faded much, much lighter....

In this month, he hadn't seen Shen Xiyan again, just like the TV act, the two of them might have been destined for each other in this life.And this month, because he had Chen Shanshan's unreserved companionship by his side, with Chen Shanshan's companionship full of smiles, the times when he thought of Shen Xiyan in his heart became less and less.Instead, the times when he thought of Chen Shanshan became more and more....

"Xi Yan, I don't know if I'll ever meet you again in this life, and I don't know how you're doing now, all we have together is pain and hurting each other.It's fine if we don't meet again in this life, I also sincerely hope that you can be happy... you can be happy, you can meet someone who truly loves you..." mumbled Lin Hao.

He didn't know if Shen Xiyan had already left Tianhai City or not.At this moment, he only had silent blessings for her....


Back to a month ago, after Shen Xiyan pulled Wang Shufen away from Tianhai Group, she went back to the hotel and locked herself in her room for three days and three nights.

She cried many times, and during the three days and nights, she recalled everything from beginning to end after her encounter with Lin Hao.Early in the morning of the fourth day, Shen Caiyan washed her face, put on delicate makeup, and changed into brand new clothes.

"Lin Hao, if the one accompanying you was Yin Xuan, then I wouldn't be worried.But the one accompanying you is Shan Shan, I'll be relieved, she's a good girl, she'll give you happiness.You must be happy ah, forget about me and live your own life, while I'm about to start my new life too... But having you as my husband in my life, I'm really happy and really happy... "Shen Xiyan pulled the curtain open, muttering to the direction of the Skysea Group.


The sun shone on Shen Xiyan's body, and the sunlight made Shen Xiyan look so vibrant and energetic.She spent three days and three nights burying everything in her heart about Lin Hao.

She wasn't going to go back to Nanjiang City, the house and the company were gone.On the Tianhai City side, although Lin Hao was there.But after all, Tianhai City was an international metropolis, with a population of close to 20 million people, and it was a place where if you had the ability while working hard enough, you would definitely be able to get ahead.

Shen Xiyan was a designer, and in Tianhai City, she could have better development.

Shen Xiyan opened the computer to cast up a resume, she was originally a graduate of this one major university, high education.Moreover, she had opened her own company and had done many successful projects.She submitted her resume in the morning and received an interview invitation in the afternoon.Shen Xiyan was too good, so even in a large city like Tianhai City, there weren't many talents like her.All the major companies were also eager to take them.

At one o'clock noon, a packed Shen Suyan went to a large design company for an interview.Shen Siyan wore a black trench coat, a black sweater, a thickened black stocking underneath as well, and black high-heeled shoes.The whole person was both beautiful and very elegant.

When Shen Xiyan came to the interview company to wait for the elevator, she found a small problem, the elevator here is a credit card, she did not have the card of this company.Just when she was about to call this company.A man with gold-rimmed glasses appeared behind her.

"I have a card..." the man smiled faintly at Shen Xiyan and swiped the card.After the elevator doors opened, Shen Xiyan followed the man into the elevator together.

After entering the elevator, Shen Caiyan and the man pressed the button towards the 5th floor at the same time.There was a small moment of embarrassment after they found out that the other was going to the 5th floor.

"Miss, are you going to the Genesis interview?"The man smiled and said to Shen Xiyan.

Shen Xiyan nodded, "Well yes, I'm going for an interview, what about you?"

The man smiled and nodded, "Well, I'm going for an interview too..." Remember the URL

After a while Shen Xiyan went into the interview room of Skyworth, and it turned out that her interviewer was the man with the gold-rimmed glasses that she had met in the elevator.Shen Xi Yan smiled wanly, "Hello, my name is Shen Xi Yan..."

The man reached out to shake hands with Shen Shi Yan and smiled, "Hello, I'm Mu Chen, nice to meet you..."

Mu Chen and Shen Xiyan smiled at each other, and they entered the interview process, Mu Chen was the manager of Chuangwei, and after reading Shen Xiyan's profile, he asked a few more questions that were particularly specialized, and found that Shen Xiyan was all right with them.

Half an hour later, Mu Chen smiled and extended his hand to Shen Xiyan, "Miss Shen, welcome to our company..."

Shen Xiyan also smiled and shook Mu Chen's hand, "Thank you, just call me Xiyan..."


After finding a job, Shen Xiyan found an apartment and moved to a new home by herself.That night, when Shen Xiyan moved home and went out to buy daily necessities, she met Mu Chen downstairs.

Shen Siyan looked at Mu Chen in astonishment, and Mu Chen also looked at Shen Siyan in surprise.They looked at each other for a while and both smiled at each other.

"You live here too?"The two of them said almost in unison.

As a result, after they opened their mouths, they found that the other person was actually saying the same thing as them.Shen Xiyan covered her mouth and laughed lightly, while Mu Chen also scratched his head and giggled.

"Since we're so fortunate, how about having dinner together tonight?"Mu Chen invited to Shen Xiyan.

"Good... "Shen Xiyan nodded with a smile.


As time passed, Shen Ciyan gradually went into work, putting all her energy into her work, even when she arrived home at night, she would work overtime by herself until late at night.

And every day when Shen Xiyan was working seriously, she always had that Mu Chen following by her side.She and Mu Chen were from the same company, and they lived so close to each other.They slowly became familiar with each other.

A month passed in the blink of an eye, and on this night, after working overtime at the company, Shen Xiyan walked out onto the company's balcony with a cup of coffee, looking at the scenery outside the window and dazed with her thoughts.

"What are you thinking about?"Just as Shen Siyan was dazed, Mu Chen's voice came from behind her.

Shen Siyan smiled, "Didn't think anything of it, just simply looking at the scenery outside the window..."

Mu Chen also carried a cup of coffee and walked over to Shen Xiyan, "Xiyan, you're so pretty and you don't have a boyfriend, so can I chase after you?"Mu Chen looked at Shen Xi Yan very seriously.


Shen was so stunned that she pointed at her nose and asked, "You said you were chasing me?"

Mu Chen smiled and said, "Well, I've never seen such a nice woman like you, I've liked you since the first day you joined the company, so can I chase you?"

Shen Siyan was silent, after a long time Shen Siyan sighed deeply, "Mu Chen you're an excellent man, don't waste your time on me, I'll probably never love another man in my life... I'm sorry, there's someone in my heart..."

Mu Chen's heart thudded at the news, then nodded with a bitter smile, "Actually, I already thought of that, or else you couldn't even have a boyfriend with your condition... Then can we be good friends in the future?Not just a colleague relationship..."

Shen Siyan smiled at the words, "We were already friends..."

Mu Chen smiled and asked, "Can you tell me the story about you and that man?"

Shen Siyan's heart just hurt at the news, and her look became sad, she didn't tell Mu Chen about her affair with Lin Hao .Instead, she turned around and walked away with her head down....

At night Shen Xiyan has insomnia again and stays in her room alone.Dazed with hugging her knees, alone in an empty room....

"Lin Hao, are you okay?I'm sorry I missed you again..." mumbled Shen Xiyan.

Shen Xiyan took out her cell phone and looked at the one on it that she had asked for with Chen Shanshan, Lin Haoxin's phone number, hesitated for a long time, but still didn't dial it....

"He's with Shan Shan now, he's got a new life.I can't bother him anymore... "Shen Xiyan painfully put down her phone.She incredibly regretted it, if she hadn't done that with her mother that year, Lin Hao wouldn't have been forced away and wouldn't have gone off to fall in love with another woman... One second to remember to read the book

Shen Caiyan was incomparably weak, incomparably helpless.The bedroom window was open, it was now late autumn, the night breeze was very, very cold, and gradually a cold drizzle began to fall outside the window....

And after opening the window all night Shen Xi Yan, the next day she caught a cold, her health is already bad, low resistance, cold wind is easy to catch a cold.This time it was even more serious, with a high fever.

Shen Siyan took out her cell phone and took a leave from the company, took some medicine and went to sleep.Only this time the cold was so severe that she still couldn't get up the next day, feeling her eyelids burning to death.It was raining outside the window and she was incredibly weak.

"Knock, knock, knock..." there was a knock at the door, and Shen Shi Yan didn't even have the strength to get out of bed.Just the sound of knocking was still there, but for half an hour in a row, before Shen Siyan struggled to get up and went to the door to open it.

The first thing you need to know is how to get rid of the problem, and how to get rid of it.Let me take you to the hospital..." said Mu Chen with concern.

"Thank you, I'm fine, I often catch colds..." said Shen Siyan, her body suddenly softening and falling to the side...

Mu Chen was so scared that he quickly hugged her, "I'll take you to the hospital, you're burning up like this... hurry up..."

Mu Chen said he was going to take Shen Xiyan out, then he looked at the pajamas Shen Xiyan was wearing, his face turned red and hurriedly turned his head to the side: "That Xiyan you go and change clothes, I'll take you to the hospital, you have to pay attention to your own body ah..."

Mu Chen's last words made Shen Xi Yan freeze.Lin Hao had said the same thing to her when she had a cold in the past.Shen Xiyan, who was in a trance, was most helpless, but it wasn't Lin Hao who appeared in front of her....

"Sooo..." cried Shen Xiyan as her nose grew sour...

"Lin Hao..." mumbled Lin Hao's name on Shen Siyan's lips and was helped into the bedroom by Mu Chen.Shen Xiyan drank a fever-reducing pill, had to take a cold medicine, and cried herself to sleep....

It's just that even in her sleep, with her eyes closed, there was a tear slipping from the corner of her eyes....

When Shen Siyan woke up again, she found that it was already dark outside, she felt something on her head, and touched it was a hot towel, the next moment Mu Chen who was carrying a basin of hot water walked in.


"Are you awake?I made ginger soup, you drink some, come, change the towel first, your fever has started to recede, your head is not so hot... Drink some ginger soup later, your body will be warmer..." said Mu Chen to Shen Shiyan with concern.

Shen Siyan stared blankly at the busy, sweating Mu Chen, and the moment Mu Chen was about to leave, she suddenly called out to him, "Don't go..."

Mu Chen was dumbfounded at the news, then stopped, looking at Shen Xiyan with concern and asked, "What's wrong?"

Shen Qiyan took a deep breath, "Why are you so good to me?I'm not worth the effort, I have someone in mind that I like..."

Mu Chen was silent for a long time, and after a long silence, he looked up at Shen Xiyan and said seriously, "It's your business if you like someone else, it's my business if I like you, I just want to take care of you, I just want to stay by your side... I don't expect you to be my girlfriend, I just want to stay by your side..."

Shen Siyan stopped speaking, her heart complicated to the extreme, her lips slightly parted, "I'm sorry, it's hard to fit a second man in my heart..."

Mu Chen seriously stared at Shen Shi Yan: "I... don't care... "Mu Chen walked out after saying that, when Shen Shi Yan fell asleep, he just silently tucked Shen Shi Yan under the covers, not even taking a second look at Shen Shi Yan's body.

After Shen Siyan watched Mu Chen leave, she looked through the door at Mu Chen, who was in the kitchen seriously cooking her soup, and fell silent....

For the next three days in a row, Mu Chen went to work after taking care of Shen Xiyan.He ran back at noon to cook for Shen Xiyan, and also came to Shen Xiyan first thing in the evening after work.Only when it was time for Shen Xiyan to rest did he leave....

Just like he said, he was just trying to take care of Shen Shiang....

By the fourth day, Shen Xiyan's cold was finally almost gone, except that Mu Chen still insisted on coming over to take care of her... First URL

That night after Mu Chen left, Shen Siyan looked at the cleaned up kitchen and living room and she was silent.Another man had appeared in her life who was so good to her.A man who was as good as Lin Hao had appeared.

She knew that Mu Chen liked her, and she had clearly refused.But Mu Chen still silently took care of her and accompanied her.During her weakest days, the people who appeared to take care of her were all Mu Chen.

Waking up early in the morning on the fifth day, Shen Siyan felt refreshed, her cold was finally completely gone, and Shen Siyan, who hadn't gone out for several days in a row, was ready to go out for a walk.

As you walk, Shen Xiyan walked to a street park, Shen Xiyan found a seat in the park, today is a Saturday, everyone is not working, so the park is also a lot of people.This park also has a beautiful scenery.There were also many couples.

Shen Siyan sat on the stone bench, looking at the couples coming and going, holding hands and loving each other, full of envy, she bent down to pick up a fallen leaf and played with it in her hand, dazed at the beautiful scenery in front of her.

"Lin Hao, I want to eat watermelon, I want to eat, buy a watermelon well, buy a watermelon well..." a girl's petulant voice came from the front, Shen Shi Yan was stunned, it was Chen Shanshan's voice, and she had just heard Lin Hao?

The next moment Shen Siyan looked up, and sure enough she saw that not far in front of her, Chen Shanshan was walking this way with Lin Hao's arm around her.After all, she and Lin Hao had divorced, and Chen Shanshan was Lin Hao's current girlfriend.If she and Lin Hao saw each other, they would both be embarrassed of each other.

Shen Siyan wanted to leave, but it was still too late, the moment she stood up, Chen Shanshan saw her, "Sister Siyan?Is that really you?"

Lin Hao's body shook violently, and when he looked up, he found that the woman standing low in front of him was actually Shen Shi Yan.Lin Hao's heart thudded, but he didn't open his mouth to speak to Shen Siyan.

"Well, I came out for a walk, so I won't bother you guys, I'll leave first... "Shen Siyan didn't look up in Lin Hao's direction, she just looked up at Chen Shanshan and squeezed out a hint of a smile on her face.Then she said and turned around and left straight away....

Lin Hao looked at Shen Xiyan's back as she left, his heart ached, he finally took a deep breath, he didn't open his mouth to call Shen Xiyan again, but just stood back so silently, watching Shen Xiyan walk away.......


Shen Xi Yan, who had left Street Park, finally couldn't hold back any longer as tears popped and fell.She had just managed to put on a carefree smile in front of Chen Shanshan, but when she left, she could no longer hold back the pain in her heart....

Shen Siyan was in no mood to stroll any further and went straight home, locking herself inside until late at night when she picked up her phone and sent a WeChat to Mu Chen, "Mu Chen, I promise to be your girlfriend, but please give me some more time..."

Mu Chen, who was currently in another room in Shen Xiyan's neighborhood, working overtime with a desk lamp on, looked at the tweets sent by Shen Xiyan and went into a state of ecstasy.

"Xi Yan, don't worry I'll be good to you for the rest of your life, I love you Xi Yan, I love you, I love you... "Mu Chen excitedly sent a text message to Shen Xi Yan.

Shen Xiyan, who received Mu Chen's reply, looked at the text message and was dazed....

"Lin Hao, how do you think we've developed to this point?"Shen Siyan looked up at the direction of the Tianhai Group outside the window....


In the blink of an eye, another month had passed since Lin Hao and Chen Shanshan walked around the mall holding hands, and it was another month since he had last seen Shen Xiyan.There were times when he was wondering how Shen Xiyan was doing now.

"Darling, what are you thinking about?"Chen Shan Shan saw Lin Hao walking away, so she shook Lin Hao's arm and asked.

Lin Hao smiled and shook his head, "Nothing... What do you want to eat tonight?I'll take you to eat..."

Lin Hao looked at Chen Shanshan who was happy and bouncing around in front of him and asked with a smile.He and Chen Shanshan had been together for two months, and besides holding hands, the most they had developed was a hug.Recently this month, Chen Shanshan also occasionally went to Lin Hao's place to stay overnight, but they never poked through that layer of paper. Remember the URL

In fact, there were many times when Chen Shanshan had worn sexy pajamas at night in front of Lin Hao, and had even taken the initiative.It was just that Lin Hao hadn't even agreed to it, and he didn't know why.

Lin Hao and Chen Shanshan were walking deeper into the mall when they came face to face with a couple.

It was the weekend, and Shen Xiyan and Mu Chen had also come to the mall to buy winter clothes.They had finished shopping for clothes and were walking towards the mall's exit.

Mu Chen wanted to hold Shen Siyan's hand, but the moment his hand was about to touch Shen Siyan's hand, Shen Siyan dodged it.Mu Chen laughed awkwardly.

Shen Siyan looked at him with a slight apology, "Sorry, please give me a little more time, I..."

"Don't say anything, it's fine, I'll wait for you... "Mu Chen opened his mouth and laughed bitterly, interrupting Shen Shi Yan's words .The two of them continued to walk out....

It was just that Lin Hao and Chen Shanshan, who were walking inside, ran into Shen Xiyan and her boyfriend Mu Chen, who were walking outside.

The moment Lin Hao and Shen Siyan saw each other, both of their bodies trembled.They were both stunned for a moment.

Lin Hao looked at Shen Xiyan who was now standing next to the man, his heart was suddenly very uncomfortable and growing irritated.

"She has a new boyfriend and she's still laughing and shopping..." at this moment Lin Hao felt as if he had lost the most important thing in his heart.

After his divorce from Shen Xiyan, before he ran into her today.The feeling that Shen Siyan gave Lin Hao was like, the feeling of two loving lovers breaking up.

And now he was watching his ex-girlfriend holding hands with another man and falling into another man's arms.Lin Hao's heart became more and more uncomfortable.

The moment Shen Xi Yan saw Lin Hao, she was also stunned.Just seeing, she was just filled with complexity.There was endless pain in her heart....

Lin Hao originally thought that after he accepted Chen Shanshan to start a new life, with the passage of time, his heart would really be right to let go of his thoughts of Shen Jiyan, but when he suddenly saw that Shen Jiyan had another man by her side, he realized that he really couldn't do it.He couldn't do it to make Shen Suyan stay by the side of a man other than him!!!!He... couldn't do it!

"Long time no see..." said Shen Xiyan to Lin Hao incomparably complicated.

Lin Hao stared at her with a deadly stare, "He's your boyfriend?"


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