Super Son-in-law 21-45


Chapter 21

Shen Xi Yan smiled coldly at the words "I don't need you to worry about my affairs, we don't have a relationship anymore, my father's request for me, I've done it..."

When Shen Xiyan reached the door to leave, she turned around and looked deeply at Wang Shufen: "Wang Shufen, you ruined my father's life and the first half of my life.I'm blacking out your phone number, in the future you... behave yourself..."

Wang Shufen accosted and smiled, didn't care about Shen Xiyan anymore, but dragged Auntie Zhang to chat.After Shen Xiyan went out, Wang Shufen said to Zhang Tao who was silent the entire time, "Zhang Tao you don't blame Auntie for being cruel, your Auntie I haven't had it easy all these years, my husband died and my daughter isn't my own, I also have to find a way out for the rest of my life...."

Zhang Tao frowned without saying anything.His mother, on the other hand, said to Wang Shufen, "Wang Shufen, now that Xi Yan has cut ties with you, what about the money you lost in gambling cards and borrowed from me half a year ago?Originally, if you let her marry my son, I'd forgive you the debt, but now you have to give me an explanation, don't you?Or we'll go to the police station today and talk about it..."

Wang Shufen's face turned pale as she brushed it off and quickly said, "Sister, don't worry, don't worry ha, I have a house here now, don't I?I'm sure I'll pay you back."

The woman surnamed Zhang sneered, "Heh, this house of yours?Didn't you sell them for $900,000 last month?Where's the money?"

Wang Shufen's face was white, the 900,000 she sold her house for, compensated to Dior ah.Now there was definitely no money to compensate the woman surnamed Zhang.Just when Wang Shufen was anxious, she suddenly saw a note written by Shen Shiyan on the table.Hastily said, "I still have the company..."

"You're selling the company?As far as I know Shen Xiyan company was in trouble a few days ago, and now there is no money on the account..." the woman surnamed Zhang said coldly.

Wang Shufen brightly hurriedly said: "hmmm, I want to sell the company, that company now has the contract of the Kyushu Group in hand, there must be someone willing to buy......."

Zhang Tao's eyes also flickered at the words, and when he saw that the woman surnamed Zhang still wanted to speak, he quickly said, "Mom, if that company really has a cooperation with the Kyushu Group, then this company is worth a lot of money, just by climbing into this relationship with the Kyushu Group, it can be sold for millions of dollars...." Remember the website

Wang Shufen was so pleased to hear the face and hurriedly said, "Yes, yes, yes... so ha, Sister Zhang, I'll go contact the buyer now..."

Zhang Tao would be silent and suddenly said, "Mom, Auntie Wang, you guys chat first I'll go find Xi Yan, although she's divorced, I don't care..."

After hearing this, the more she looked at Zhang Tao, the more satisfied she was and hurriedly said, "Well well, you see what a good boy, Lin Hao that waste and how can he compare with you, go, if Xi Yan can follow you, she must die of happiness....".

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the car and make sure that you have a good understanding of the situation.

The first thing that you need to do is to take a look at the new product.After stopping beside Shen Xiyan, "Xiyan, Wang Shufen is too much, where are you going I'll send you..."

Shen Siyan looked at Zhang Tao and hesitated, but still got into the car.After all, Zhang Tao didn't give a bad impression, and she and Zhang Tao really knew each other when they were kids.

Shen Siyan got into the car and opened her mouth, "Thank you ah..."

Zhang Tao shook his head and said, "It's fine, Xi Yan you haven't eaten yet, even though you're in a bad mood, you should eat more or less..."

Shen Xi Yan opened her mouth to refuse, but finally nodded her head, "Okay..."

The restaurant Shen Siyan chose was a western restaurant by the South River, the one she went to the day she divorced Lin Hao....

The table Shen Xiyan looked at the door of the Western restaurant dazed, a glass of red wine down, heart murmured: "Lin Hao, I came here again with another man to drink, you still do not appear...."


Shen Siyan stared blankly at the entrance of the western restaurant, wanting to wait for Lin Hao's figure to appear.Only this time, Lin Hao's figure never appeared again....

A wave of endless sorrow and pain arose in Shen's heart....

Zhang Tao looked at the incomparably sad Shen Xiyan, he also took a big gulp of red wine and said, "Xiyan, I really don't care, I don't care that you were married, I don't care, can you give me a chance?"

Shen Si Yan smiled faintly and looked at Zhang Tao and asked, "If I marry you, will you wash my feet?If I marry you, can I beat you or yell at you?If I marry you, will you put me at the center of everything?I'm saying that you can't even do anything I don't want you to do..."

"Uh... "Zhang Tao was speechless for a moment.After being stunned for a while, he said, "What you're saying is simply not possible for any man..."

Shen Shen Shen shakes her head as she stands up and says, "No, there's a man who can do that.Zhang Tao thank you for the dinner, but we are not suitable after all, I originally had only my father in this city, and now my father has passed away too..."

Zhang Tao's heart flashed, "Xi Yan, do you really want to leave?"

Shen Jiyan nodded heavily, "Well, I'm going to find him, to find the man who has been paying for me silently, admitting that he beat me and scolded me.I...I just want to ask him, didn't he say that he would stay by my side for the rest of my life, so that I can take out my anger for the rest of my life, and now that I want to take out my anger, where did he run off to..."

Shen Xi Yan said that tears flowed down.Then, pulling the suitcase, she left alone without caring about Zhang Tao's retention anymore....

Zhang Tao could feel that the Shen Siyan just now was true to her feelings, and somehow, at this moment, he didn't even have the courage to chase after her.A man who could give to that extent for Shen Siyan, he thought he couldn't compare....

After leaving the restaurant Shen Xiyan, she walked all the way to the middle of the night, she found a hotel to stay.When she went to bed at night, she sent a message to the group of employees, saying that she was leaving and the company would be under the control of Wang Shufen in the future. A second to remember to read the book


The nights into autumn became a little longer.Shen Xiyan stayed alone in the hotel for the night.The next morning she received a call from Jiang Shao Ming, who asked her to meet him at noon.

After Shen Siyan got up, she first went to Linjiang Park by herself, where she had stayed with Lin Hao, and sat by herself for over three hours until Jiang Shaoming sent her a WeChat saying that he had already left....

In a luxury hotel's private room, Jiang Shao Ming and Shen Xiyan sat facing each other.

Jiang Shao Ming looked at Shen Xi Yan's tired face and deeply frowned, "Miss Shen, you don't look too good, do you want me to take you to the hospital?"

Shen Siyan shook her head, then she looked at Jiang Shaoming and said, "I'm fine Jiang, by the way Jiang can I ask you something?"

Jiang Shao Ming nodded and said, "Good, Miss Shen please..."

"Jiang is friends with Lin Hao, right?"Shen Xi Yan asked.

Jiang Shao Ming frowned then nodded, "Well, Lin Hao is my friend, from college, I know what you want to ask, yes, it was Lin Hao who approached me a year ago to ask you to help.Including the night before last or he came to me..."

Shen Xiyan took a deep breath and continued to ask, "Then can you tell me where Lin Hao has gone?"

Jiang Shao Ming shook his head, "He had told me that he was going back to Yanjing, but whether or not he went back, I'm not sure.Miss Shen don't ask me to call him, I've been calling and his phone has been off, I think he should have changed his phone..."

Shen Xiyan's heart ached and nodded her head.

Jiang Shao Ming continued, "Miss Shen, then I'm asking you one thing now, why did you give your company to your mother..."

Shen Xiyan smiled bitterly, "She's not my real mother, and she has no feelings for me.I have nothing to do with her in the future, and if nothing else, I won't be coming back to this city in the future..."

Jiang Shao Ming gave an oh-so-sweet look at Shen Xiyan's suitcase and said, "Miss Shen is leaving today?"

Shen Shi Yan nodded, "Well, I'll be leaving later after having dinner with Mr. Jiang..."

"Where to?"Jiang Shao Ming continued to ask.

"Just go to Yanjing, I want to see if there is still fate in this world..." said Shen Xiyan, taking a deep breath.


"Mm, good, then I'll have my driver drive you later... "Jiang Shao Ming nodded.Then he also stopped talking....

At two o'clock in the afternoon, in the president's office of the Kyushu Group, a beautiful secretary ground Jiang Shaoming said respectfully, "Mr. Jiang, Miss Shen's flight to Yanjing has taken off..."

"Mm..." nodded Jiang Shao Ming.

The secretary was about to leave when Jiang Shao Ming suddenly called out to her, "Bring down Zi Yan Media Company for me before the end of the day, I'll wait here to see the results..."

The Zi Yan Media that Jiang Shao Ming's mouth was talking about was the name of the original Shen Xi Yan company, but it was now Wang Shufen's.

The beautiful secretary nodded her head and went out.

And then there was Wang Shufen, who arrived at Ziyan Media early this morning and took Shen Siyan's seat.As soon as she arrived, she gave a full morning meeting to all the employees.Listening to those employees underneath her hand calling her General Manager Wang, she was so relieved....

Originally she was thinking of just selling the company, but now she was trying to start this small company when she saw that the various departments were particularly tight.

"Xiao Chen ah, what exactly is your sales department doing for a living?With Chen Jie gone, you guys can't work anymore?"Wang Shufen called a girl to the office and yelled at her.

That girl called Xiao Chen was a little girl who had just graduated from college, this was being scolded by Wang Shufen so splitting her head, she cried for a moment without holding back.

"What are you crying for!You can't take it anymore?If you can't do it, get out!"The first time I was in the hospital, I had to go to the hospital. The first web site

Just at this moment, her office door was pushed open.When Wang Shufen saw that an employee actually dared to push her door, she became angry, "Get out..."

Who knows that employee simply does not bird her, sneer, the resignation letter to the Wang Shufen table a slap: "surnamed Wang, you again this installed what big tail wolf it, you do not look down on us, huh, we also do not serve, just Kyushu Group came to the phone, double the salary to dig all our employees ....... Bye bye you within, we do not serve ......".

After that employee said that, he directly pulled 6ac02beb Xiao Chen's wrist: "Go, brother will take you to the Kyushu Group, double the salary..."

Soon that employee left, and the next moment, all the employees of the company, all of them left... even some of them did even more desperate, destroyed a lot of project documents with information....

Anyway, with the Kyushu Group backing them up on this, what are they afraid of....

When all the employees had left, Wang Shufen sat on her butt, completely dumbfounded....

Wang Shufen was not stupid, the first time she thought of it, it was the Kyushu Group that messed with her again.She immediately rushed to the Kyushu Group, just when those employees left, all kinds of information and so on also get rid of, destroy, now even if she wants to sell this company, I'm afraid no one dares to buy.......

After all, this company is managed by Shen Xiyan from start to finish, and she knows nothing about all the aspects....

On the way to the Kyushu Group, Wang Shufen kept calling Shen Xiyan, but Shen Xiyan had already blacked her out.Then she called Lin Hao, who also blacked her out... so Wang Shufen had to arrive at the Kyushu Group by herself.

"I want to see your boss..." yelled Wang Shufen to the front desk as soon as she arrived at the Kyushu Group.

"Is your name Wang Shufen?"The beautiful front desk asked coldly.

"Yeah, what's up?"Wang Shufen nodded her head.

The receptionist didn't pay any attention to her, but gave a wink to one of the security guards at the door, "Jiang ordered that if Wang Shufen comes, take her to the top floor office..."

Then Wang Shufen followed that security guard and sat on the elevator that led to the top floor.Along the way, Wang Shufen is still lamenting the huge and rich Kyushu Group, just the office floors there are thirty floors, that employees hundreds of.......

When Wang Shufen arrived at Jiang Shao Ming's office, she hurriedly said to Jiang Shao Ming, "Mr. Jiang, is there some kind of misunderstanding here?Didn't you just sign a contract with our company yesterday?Oh, how... how come all of our employees are being tapped by you today?"


Jiang Shaoming nodded his head and looked at Wang Shufen as if he was looking at a fool: "Wang Shufen, you, although you are Shen Xiyan's adoptive mother, are incomparably mean and ungracious to her.But Shen Xiyan also respects you and has been calling you mother, right?"

Wang Shufen's face changed and nodded, "Yes, it was wrong of me to bring over the company of Xi Yan.But Jiang's company is in my hands, and I will definitely do a good job with your cooperation project ah..."

Jiang Shao Ming sneered and waved his hand to interrupt Wang Shufen's words: "Do you think I care about the profit and loss of a small broken project?So what if it's a loss?A few million, huh, a lot?"

"And you how?"Wang Shufen had a bad feeling in her heart.

Jiang Shao Ming sneered, "That project given to Zi Yan's company was originally given to Shen Xi Yan casually.Now that Shen Sik Yan is gone..."

Wang Shufen's eyebrows lifted: "Did that bitch Shen Siyan find you?Oh, I know, it's her!With a grudge!"

"You're thinking too much..." sneered Jiang Shao Ming.

Then he stood up and looked at Wang Shufen, "Ah Wang Shufen, I don't know Shen Xiyan.For me to work with that company of yours, Shen Suyan's weight is far from enough..."

Wang Shufen looked confused and asked, "If it's not Shen Xiyan, then who is it?"

Jiang Shao Ming sneered, "Wang Shufen, are you an idiot?If it's not Shen Xiyan, then of course it's Lin Hao..."

Wang Shufen turned pale and pointed at Jiang Shao Ming, "You you you... you're that friend of Lin Hao's?" Remember the URL

"Hahahaha... "Jiang Shao Ming was laughing his stomach hurt.

"Friend f85ca016? also and not..."

That bad feeling of foreboding in Wang Shufen's heart grew stronger and stronger: "What exactly are you trying to say..."

Jiang Shao Ming was incomparably serious: "What I want to say is that Lin Hao is not only my friend, but also my savior... I told him that when he and Shen Shi Yan are truly together, this Kyushu Group will give him half of this as a congratulatory gift..."

Boom...a loud bang exploded deep in Wang Shufen's head.Wang Shufen's face was pale, and she sat down on the ground with a thud.

"Impossible, how could it be.He's a piece of trash, how could you possibly give him half of the company?No way!"Wang Shufen's face was pale as she searched for a reason that would convince her of her own.

Jiang Shao Ming sneered, walked to Wang Shufen and squatted down, slowly said: "Then you give me a reason why I moved Kyushu Group to Nanjiang City last year, a small shabby city to ah?If you haven't forgotten last year's Nanjiang City News, the day our Kyushu Group moved to Nanjiang City was the day our CEO Lin and Shen Xiyan received their license, wasn't it..."

After Wang Shufen heard this, she carefully recalled it.But then as if she had thought of something, her mouth opened wide, unable to speak at all....

Jiang Shao Ming looked at Wang Shufen's face and slowly said, "Now you understand, huh, Lin Hao is kind-hearted and has been putting up with you, do you think you would still be alive now if you weren't Shen Shi Yan's mother?"

Wang Shufen now finally thought of what Lin Hao had said to her the night he left, "Wang Shufen, you should really be glad that you're Shen Xiyan's mother!"

Wang Shufen thought of this heart fear to the extreme, this will be Shen Xiyan and she has severed ties ah.And with Jiang Shao Ming's influence, if he wanted to kill her, would anyone care?

Thinking of this Wang Shufen hurriedly begged Jiang Shaoming for forgiveness, "I was wrong Jiang, Jiang, you can't kill me, although I'm not Shen Shiyan's real mother, but I've raised her for twenty years ah......."

Jiang Shao Ming sighed deeply and slapped Wang Shufen's face with a slap that wasn't light or heavy and said, "Wang Shufen ah Wang Shufen, what do you think you're pretending to be B day after day, but if you were to treat Lin Hao better, what kind of life do you think you're living right now... I'm afraid you can't even imagine it..."

Jiang Shao Ming said pointing to another building outside the window, "A year ago we moved the Kyushu Group to Nanjiang City, what do you think it's for ah, isn't it just a gift for your home..."

"Half of the Kyushu Group is a gift to me?"Wang Shufen's heart was incredulous to the extreme.


Jiang Shao Ming nodded his head, "Yes, didn't I just tell you, Lin Hao is my savior, is it important for me to share some money with him?In fact, he was the one who loaned me the money when I started the business, and I've been keeping shares for him ah..."

Jiang Shao Ming pointed out the window again and said to Wang Shufen, "Do you know why I let you come up here?I just want you to see, you Wang Shufen if you do not make, you will one day stand in the whole South River City, the top ah, holding billions of dollars worth of large groups, you Wang Shufen then what will be the scenery?......."

Jiang Shaoming's heart really, really wanted to kill Wang Shufen.He really wanted to speak directly to Wang Shufen and say, what the heck the entire Kyushu Group is Lin Hao!But he didn't say anything after all.Because Lin Hao had an explanation for him.But even if he couldn't tell the truth, Jiang Shao Ming still had to do his utmost to make Wang Shufen regret it!

As expected, Wang Shufen's heart was shocked to the extreme, and an intense regret filled her heart....

Wang Shufen was now regretting to the extreme and quickly said to Jiang Shao Ming, "I I I I I I... I'm going to beg Xi Yan now, I'll definitely treat Xi Yan well in the future, then I'll go to Lin Hao and ask them to remarry, Xi Yan's heart loves Lin Hao.When I introduced her to someone else yesterday, she refused ah, I'm going to go find them now..."

But Jiang Shao Ming shook his head: "It's too late, think about it differently, if you were Lin Hao and Shen Xiyan, would you still forgive you?Oh..."

Wang Shufen was completely paralyzed after thinking about what she heard.Yes, how she had treated Shen Shi Yan over the years, and how she had treated Lin Hao last year, only she knew it in her heart....

Won't forgive anymore ah, never again ah.Especially after she stole all of Shen Shi Yan's, there was no longer any room for reprieve ah....

At this moment, Wang Shufen recalled an image in her mind.That was when Shen Xiyan was six years old.

Once Shen Xiyan came home from school, brought her a bouquet of roses cheerfully said: "Mom, this is a long time I saved pocket money, to buy you, mom you look beautiful?".

Wang Shufen fell to the ground after receiving the roses and spanked Shen Shi Yan's buttocks as she stepped on them with her feet: "I'll let you buy them, I'll let you buy them!That's a lot of pocket money, isn't it?Fine, then you won't be able to get a penny from me after that!" One second to remember to read the book

"I won't dare, I won't dare again ooooo..." six-year-old Shen Xiyan cried as she ran....


A few minutes later, Wang Shufen, who had returned to her senses, was pale to the extreme.She didn't go begging Jiang Shao Ming again, but walked out of the door of the Kyushu Group in disgrace....

After Wang Shufen left, Jiang Shaoming's secretary frowned and said, "Mr. Jiang, is it too cheap to let her leave here?"

Jiang Shao Ming's eyes flashed with hostility: "Oh cheap her?I guess she's regretting it now, Miss Shen and her have severed ties, even if Miss Shen remarries Young Master in the future, she'll only be endlessly envious...."

After Jiang Shao Ming said that, he stood in front of the window and looked at the street far below, and after seeing Wang Shufen on the side of the road being taken away by a van, the corner of his mouth raised a smirk....

Jiang Shao Ming did not take the initiative to move Wang Shufen, because he had already found out what happened to Wang Shufen.Wang Shufen these years gambling debts have been up to several million, not only friends and family, there are various outside forces.

So he didn't want to take action against Wang Shufen, he just needed to release the news that the Kyushu Group was suppressing Wang Shufen, and naturally there were plenty of people to do it....


Inside an abandoned basement warehouse in Nancheng District, Wang Shufen looked at a bald man in front of her with a frightened face: "Bald brother, I will definitely pay back, I will definitely pay back, and please give me some more time, I'll go find my daughter... Please don't do it, don't hit me..."

Baldy sneered and poked Wang Shufen's chin with the steel pipe, "Oh, Wang Shufen, what do you take back?I understand that daughter of yours has disowned you, I think."


Wang Shufen hurriedly shook her head, "Brother Baldy, give me one more chance, give me a few more days, I'll go borrow, right I'll go borrow money..."

"You said you could do something else to pay off your debts if you looked younger, but you're old and ugly, huh... just ask for food in your next life to pay off your debts, I'm not interested in waiting for you..." the bald head sneered, about to break Wang Shufen's arm....

Wang Shufen hurriedly said, "I still have the company, to my daughter gave me the company, I'll give it all to you, leave me alone, okay?"

Baldy took a deep look at Wang Shufen, "Is your daughter's company?Or..."

Wang Shufen completely collapsed on the ground at the news....

For one day she had nothing....

Regret in her heart to the extreme... A few days ago, she still had Shen Siyan, who wasn't her biological daughter, but was even better to her than her biological daughter, and a son-in-law who could use half of the shares of the Kyushu Group at any time... But now she was left with nothing.

Tian Hai City, inside the top floor office of Tian Hai Group.Lin Hao closed the last document.It had only taken him three days to thoroughly figure out the current situation of the Tianhai Group at the moment.

"KATY call a meeting with all the group's executives..." said Lin Hao to KATY, one of the three secretaries in front of the office.Yes, the Tian Hai Group was too big, and Lin Hao had not one secretary, but a special one with a secretarial department, one in charge of his life and travel, one in charge of the group's internal affairs, and one in charge of external appointments.The three beauties were all top notch.

Not only were they tall and beautiful, their business abilities were also top-notch, and all of the temperaments on their bodies were also top-notch.These three secretaries also often appeared in the gatherings of the top brass in Tianhai City.Every time they appeared, they were the object of everyone's praise.After all, the Tianhai Group had been vacant for so many years, and the position of president had always been vacant.

Five minutes later, Lin Hao, who was dressed in a black suit, dark and cold, walked towards the conference room, while he was followed by katy, who was also dressed in a black lady's suit, with a height of 170 and a bangs in front of his forehead. First website

No matter who saw Lin Hao along the way, they all bowed their heads in respect and called the president good day.Lin Hao's height of nearly 180, coupled with his good looks, was matched with the make-up of his personal secretary, Katy.At this moment, Lin Hao was completely the style of the president in the TV drama.

He is handsome and dashing, yet incomparably cold.In fact, Lin Hao's coldness wasn't because he was faking it.It was entirely because of the pain buried in the deepest part of his heart....

The conference room was huge, two hundred square meters, with a long table placed in the middle of it.At this moment, there were forty to fifty executives from the Tianhai Group sitting on both sides of the table.Men and women were all dressed clean and fresh, and each of them exuded confidence.

"Introducing myself, my surname is Lin, and I spent three days getting to know the entire Tian Hai Group.I'm satisfied with the vast majority of what you've done, but Sun Feng of the Marketing Department, Duan Qiao of the Overseas Trade Department, Wang Kai, the head of the European and American distribution centers, Geng Bin of West African Aid, Qiu Cheng, the head of Nordic Solar... you're all fired now...."Lin Hao paused.

Then continued, "The Ministry of Justice... the few people I just mentioned are now immediately reporting the fc9e5741 case to the city's Public Security Bureau and also filing a lawsuit in the city's High Court..."

As soon as Lin Hao's words came out, the atmosphere in the entire conference room was depressed to the extreme.No one had expected that Lin Hao, the president, would directly kill five executives of Tian Hai Group on his first day in office!And still, they were mercilessly expelled, it definitely wasn't as simple as firing them, but sending them to prison.

"CEO Lin, these five people are all old men from Tianhai, and have also given the Lin family credit for so many years, just fire them..." advised Gu Hai, who was on the bottom left of Lin Hao, with a frown.

Lin Hao glanced coldly at Gu Hai in a cold voice, "Are you the president, or am I?"

As Lin Hao's words fell, Gu Hai no longer dared to open his mouth to plead and directly lowered his head.Not only Gu Hai, but the dozens of executives in the entire company didn't even dare to breathe anymore at this moment.

Lin Hao's momentum was all over the place, and no one dared to plunder his fronts....


At noon, Lin Hao walked out of Tian Hai Group for the first time in three days, looking for a coffee shop nearby and finding a window seat to prepare for coffee.KATY wanted to follow him, but he refused, now he wanted to be alone more than ever.

He looked out the window and his heart swelled with grief once again, he didn't know how Shen was doing now.He didn't want to think about her, but for some reason, his heart couldn't stop thinking about it again.

"Xi Yan, are you doing well?How's your cold?You must remember to take your medicine ah, your stomach is also bad, you must pay attention to your diet ah, take good care of yourself in the future..." mumbled Lin Hao.

Just as Lin Hao was looking out the window dazed, a woman's scream suddenly came from his ears, and the next moment his pure white shirt was splashed with a large amount of brown coffee.

The hot coffee was scattered on Lin Hao's shirt ac73c681 and also on his arm.Lin Hao looked at his arm that was souped by the coffee and slightly reddened, feeling the pain that was hidden in his arm.But he had a tendency to enjoy the pain, at least it was much less than the pain in his heart....

In the next moment a girl dressed in a cowboy, with a ponytail and a big glasses frame on her face, ran up to Lin Hao and gave him an apology, then took out wet wipes and wiped Lin Hao continuously.

After Lin Hao looked up at the girl, he took away his arm and said indifferently, "It's okay..."

The girl, Guazilin, was also fair-skinned, thin, but tall and beautiful, and had the scent of youth remaining in her.It wasn't hard to tell that she should have just graduated from college.

Although Lin Hao said it was fine, the girl still said, "Sir I'm really sorry, I just bumped into the waiter, your shirt is probably hard to wash down, I... I'll accompany you for one..."

Lin Hao frowned at the words, now that he was more used to being alone, he didn't even want to open his mouth again with unnecessary words.He looked up at the girl and noticed that she still had a badge on her chest.

"Tianhai Group, Chen Shanshan..." an employee under his own command?Lin Hao muttered in his heart.He didn't care about the matter of a shirt, let alone the fact that this girl was an employee under his hands. Remember the URL

So Lin Hao continued to shake his head, "You just got to work, work hard, I still have the shirt, no need to pay for it..."

Lin Hao said this because he wasn't sure how much the shirt cost either.Because his shirt didn't even have a brand name, it was all handmade by top Italian designers according to his size.He couldn't even buy it if he wanted to.

Chen Shanshan blushed and bowed to Lin Hao with a strong apology, "Uncle thank you, but I still have to compensate, how much is this shirt of yours, you add my WeChat and I'll transfer it to you..."

Lin Hao was stunned, pointed to himself and asked Chen Shanshan, "You called me uncle?"

Chen Shanshan was also stunned, "Uh isn't it?Young people don't have such a sad face as you do, hehehe..."

"Uh... "Lin Hao really didn't know what to say.Was he that old?Now he's only 26 years old.

Just as he was thinking, Chen Shanshan had picked up his phone and opened his WeChat to add him up.

Chen Shanshan pointed at WeChat and said, "And you say you're not an uncle, you don't even set your phone password..."

Lin Hao smiled bitterly, "Little sister, there's really no need for you to pay for it, in other words I don't know how much the shirt costs..."

Chen Shanshan sat across from Lin Hao and carefully looked at Lin Hao's shirt before saying, "Look at the fabric, it's definitely not cheap, it's more than a thousand... I'll transfer you 1500, I... this is all I have left..."

Lin Hao really didn't know what to say, so he nodded his head .

In the next moment, Chen Shanshan actually transferred fifteen hundred yuan to him, then suddenly pointed at his arm and said, "Uncle, your arm is red and a bit swollen, go to the hospital and take a look..."

Lin Hao really didn't want to talk to her anymore, so he refused, "Never mind it's fine..."

Chen Shanshan flickered her big eyes and asked, "Don't you hurt, Uncle?"

Lin Hao shook his head.

Chen Shanshan continued again, "Uncle, you don't seem to be very talkative ah, let's go there is a pharmacy nearby, let's quickly go to the pharmacy to rub some medicine on your arm..."

Chen Shanshan stood up after saying that and pulled Lin Hao's wrist and went outside.But as soon as she stood up Chen Shanshan stopped again.I was so embarrassed that I said to Lin Hao, "That uncle, just now I transferred all my money to you, I don't have money to pay for the coffee, so pay for me first, I... I'll pay you back when I get paid...."


Lin Hao, who had been immersed in a sad atmosphere, was directly amused by the silly girl.He took a deep breath and scanned the payment QR code on the table....

Chen Shanshan scratched her big head and laughed twice with a hehe.Then she lowered her head and dragged Lin Hao's hand out of the coffee shop.

After arriving at the pharmacy, Chen Shanshan looked at Lin Hao's arm red and swollen, anxious that she was about to cry, she quickly apologized to Lin Hao: "Uncle I'm sorry, I'm sorry ah, it's so swollen, you're in pain right..."

Lin Hao waved his hand, "It's fine, I'll be down there in two days..."

When it came to paying for the medicine, it was obvious that the grinning girl still had no money.After Lin Hao paid the bill himself, he transferred a thousand more over to Chen Shanshan.

"Just now I remembered, this shirt was bought on sale, it's only four hundred yuan, I'll give you back a thousand ah, that hundred is considered coffee money with the medical expenses can it..."

When Chen Shanshan saw that Lin Hao had transferred another thousand to her, she said that she didn't want anything.But she still couldn't screw Lin Hao and eventually took it.

"Uncle, it's time for me to go to work, I have to go to work, that whatever, my name is Chen Shanshan, can I be friends with you in the future?"Chen Shanshan said to Lin Hao.

Lin Hao helplessly pointed at the sign on Chen Shanshan's chest and said, "I already know what your name is ah, you go to work, you can make a friend, as for what your name is, I won't tell you what my name is, just call me uncle..."

When Chen Shanshan saw Lin Hao pointing at the work tag on her chest, she cutely threw out her tongue, smiled with Lin Hao, and then ran all the way back to work....

Lin Hao was also speechless as he looked at Chen Shanshan's distant back.Got to today this sad feeling was ruined by this little girl ah. A second to remember to read the book.

Lin Hao looked at the phone, Chen Shanshan's WeChat name was also amusing, but actually called little cute.Casually opening her WeChat circle of friends, he almost laughed at the first dynamic of her carrying her bag and cupping her two hands on both sides of her little face.The description of her language is this.

"I used to be ugly and embarrassed to take selfies, but now I'm different, I'm cheeky..."

Just after Lin Hao had laughed, he suddenly froze.He had just actually laughed?Laughing from the heart?He hasn't smiled like that in over a year, has he?........

Lin Hao thought of this and stood stunned in the sun for a long, long time....

"How are you doing now, pity?Or have you started a new relationship?I wish you happiness... "Lin Hao looked at the direction of Nanjiang City and muttered to himself...


When he returned to the office in the afternoon, katy gave Lin Hao a brand new shirt, such a white shirt that he had dozens of sets in his cloakroom.

"Mr. Lin, are you going to throw this shirt away?"Katy respectfully asked Lin Hao.

Lin Hao was stunned, his heart recalling that cute little girl, then said, "Keep it, and don't wash it..."

Lin Hao, who had changed his clothes, sat down in his seat again without saying a word and dealt with the various documents.

At six o'clock in the afternoon, Lin Hao received a WeChat from Chen Shanshan: "Uncle, I've been suffering from conscience this afternoon, and I've done that to your arm, let me treat you to dinner tonight, okay?"

Lin Hao looked deeply at the tweets and was tempted not to go.But people's little girls had taken the condemnation of their conscience, so it seemed a bit inappropriate not to go.

Hey... Lin Hao rubbed his head with a headache and sighed deeply.

Only after thinking for a while did he return, "Well, I've just arrived in Tianhai not long ago, what's good to eat in Tianhai City?"

Chen Shanshan returned, "Dunked dumplings, vegetable and rice bone soup, spicy hot, fried buns...which one do you want?"

Chen Hao thought back, "Then, dunk the little dumplings..."

At seven o'clock in the evening, it was in a small restaurant not far from the company.Chen Shanshan one mouthful of dunked small cage buns, hot she blew straight air, Lin Hao was also lured by her appetite, also ate a few, don't say the taste is really good.

"Hey right uncle, I'm telling you ah, the president of our company finally came to Tianhai today, legendary super handsome, super cold, better looking than the stars on TV..." said Chen Shanshan as she said to Lin Hao.

"Uh... "Lin Hao touched his nose, the newly arrived CEO of Chen Shanshan's company....Are you that handsome?


Lin Hao's heart was strange as he asked, "You've said it's a legend, so you've definitely never seen it.Maybe it's not as handsome as your uncle I am..."

Chen Shanshan looked at Lin Hao seriously and nodded, then proceeded to lower her head and stuffed a dunked dumpling on her plate into her mouth....

Lin Hao was stunned, "No, what do you mean, you looked at me and then nodded your head?What are you trying to say?"

Chen Shanshan swallowed the soup bag in her mouth and said, "I mean Uncle is also very handsome, and I feel that Uncle is definitely better than that CEO of ours..."

Lin Hao was confused, "Why do you say that...?"

Chen Shanshan smiled and said: "Because the uncle is a good man ah, and smile is also very good-looking ah.Our that president, legendary can be fierce, hostility, today directly opened five executives who earn several million dollars a year, even the vice president plea is domineering......."

"Uh..." well, Lin Hao doesn't say anything.Lowering his head, he stuffed a dunking bag into his mouth, this dunking bag was really delicious....

Just no matter how delicious it was, after Lin Hao ate three of them, he stopped eating and gave Chen Shanshan the rest of the dunked dumplings on his plate.

Chen Shanshan looked at Lin Hao and asked, "Uncle, didn't you say it was delicious?Why aren't you eating?"

Lin Hao smiled and shook his head, "Don't want to eat, simply don't want to eat anything..."

After staring at Lin Hao for a while, Chen Shanshan suddenly got up and brought over a few bottles of beer from the bar, handed one to Lin Hao and said, "Uncle, you're not going to fall out of love like this, are you?You're in a state similar to when you're broken up... You're dazed and thinking about your heart, and you don't want to eat no matter how delicious it is..." First website

Lin Hao was stunned to be seen? Since he was seen, he simply nodded his head.Pour yourself a glass of beer, and then drink it directly in one gulp.

Then nodded and smiled bitterly, "Heh, it's not exactly a broken heart, it seems like she didn't accept me the whole time, it was my wishful thinking..."

Chen Shanshan was silent, her character was grinning, but she wasn't stupid, she poured herself a cup as well and drank it down in one gulp, "Uncle, my roommate told me that it would feel better to find someone to talk about it after a breakup, so talk to me..."

Lin Hao nodded his head and drank three or four glasses directly, then shook his head and said, "There's nothing to say, I went to high school with her, she helped me a lot in high school, and I fell in love with her.Last year I went to her city where her father died, I was afraid that she would be sad so I went to accompany her and stayed with her for a year, but in the end I found out that she still treated me like a stranger, heh... it's not exactly a love affair..."

The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past two years, and is now in the process of developing the new product for the next two years.I found him and asked him, didn't we make a date to go to college together?He laughed and told me he was joking with me at the time..."

Lin Hao looked at the silly girl in front of him who had been smiling all along, but at this moment her smile was filled with sadness.Lin Hao opened his mouth, but nothing came out....

Chen Shanshan laughed to herself and said, "Uncle, do you think I'm an idiot, or am I too ugly, and I don't know how to put on makeup..."

Lin Hao was stunned at the news, because Chen Shanshan was not ugly by any means, her face was fair, her body was front and back, she was considered to have long legs with white skin, and with a little dressing up, she was a proper beauty.

Lin Hao was silent for a moment: "Losing you is his loss, he will regret it later."

Ah people like them, once they love, it's hard to love another person again, and they might not love a second time in this life....

Lin Hao picked up the wine glass and started drinking again.The saddest thing in his heart was picked up by Chen Shanshan.The bottles of wine in front of Lin Hao also became less and less one by one....

When you drink too much, you can't help but think of Shen Xiyan in your heart, and when you drink too much, you can't help but weep....

At the same time, in a small hotel downstairs in Yanjing, Shen Xiyan, who was dressed in a long black dress and black high heels, also poured down one cup after another....

"Lin Hao, where are you?In this life, will I ever meet you again... "Shen Xiyan drank, a line of tears, also can't help but fall down....


The next day was Saturday, and the company didn't work, so Lin Hao stayed at the company for all four days that he arrived in Tianhai.This morning when he woke up, he was going to go out for a walk, and he didn't drive, he just walked and took the bus, where he went and where he went, depending on fate.

At nine o'clock, Lin Hao got on a bus, and he didn't know where the destination of this bus was.Anyway, he got off when he wanted to, and after getting on the bus, Lin Hao found a window seat, and the car started the scenery outside the window kept receding, so Lin Hao looked out of the window....

After sitting for half an hour, Lin Hao looked for a place to get off the bus and walked around aimlessly with the flow of people....

"Sir, sir, we have a 50% discount on our new store..." as Lin Hao walked to the entrance of the restaurant, a cute girl stopped him and shoved a coupon into his hand.

"Thanks, no thanks... "Lin Hao smiled and shook his head to refuse.But halfway through his sentence, he suddenly frowned and took a serious look at the girl in front of him, this girl who was handing out flyers was actually Chen Shanshan?Chen Shanshan also stared at him with an incredulous look in her eyes.

"Uncle?"The girl screamed.She was Chen Shanshan.

"Are you here on the weekend for a part-time job?"Lin Hao looked down at the pile of flyers in Chen Shanshan's hand, he was also surprised, was he that fated with this girl?Two days in a row?And you know he's spinning without purpose today....

Chen Shanshan pulled Lin Hao aside with a smile and a nod, "Ummm, I'm here for a part-time job, are you here for shopping, Uncle?"

Lin Hao laughed, "I don't know, I just came to Tian Hai, I just got on a random bus and got off near here, came down for a spin..."

Chen Shanshan once looked at Lin Hao speechlessly, "Uncle, I've been in Tianhai City for more than three years, I'm very familiar with it, how about this, I'll show you around, I can't believe I ran into Uncle two days in a row, hehehe, it's fate..."

Lin Hao also smiled and said, "Come on, I'll send it for you..." Remember the URL

Lin Hao reached out and took half of the flyer in Chen Shanshan's hand.Then sent it out to the passing crowd....

"Wow uncle you're so good, you actually help me send out flyers ah, hehehe... "Chen Shanshan face happy, Lin Hao looks sunny and handsome, the clothes on the body are very expensive, this would be here to help her together to send out flyers.

Especially the two people standing together, the male handsome female beautiful and lovely, they combined to hand out flyers, soon Chen Shanshan's morning workload was done.

"Uncle since I ran into you, I won't do it this afternoon, I'll walk around with you ah......."

After saying that, Chen Shanshan went to the shop and walked out a while later.With excitement on her small face, Chen Shanshan walked up to Lin Hao and smiled, "Let's go, Uncle, I'll take you for a good walk today and bring you lots of delicious food..."

Lin Hao was helpless in his heart, why was it that when he wanted to be alone for the past two days.Just to be able to run into this little girl.Maybe this was fate, Lin Hao smiled and nodded his head.

Then Chen Shanshan took Lin Hao with her and began to stroll through the streets, eating all kinds of snacks on the side of the road, pressing the road....

"Girl, do you have enough money to work part-time here on the weekends too?I remember that the Tianhai Group is well paid, even if you're just an intern now, that's five or six thousand a month, isn't that enough for you?"Lin Hao asked the question in his heart.

Chen Shanshan, who was bouncing in front of her, had a pause in her steps, and her face was more than a little gloomy: "I sent all the money to my family, my family is from the countryside, my younger brother is also in college, he just finished his college entrance exams, he needs a lot of money to go to college..."

Lin Hao's heart fiercely trembled, and in that instant, his heart was touched.It turned out that this lively and cute looking girl had started to carry a family at this age.

In association with yesterday, even though she needed money so much, she had righteously lost all the money she had on her body.Lin Hao suddenly felt a bit uncomfortable in his heart.

When Chen Shanshan saw that Lin Hao's face was a bit off, she quickly said, "It's okay Uncle, it's not like I can't earn it, and I'll graduate next year, so I'll work hard and earn more hehe..."

Lin Hao nodded and asked, "Then, for interns like you, who haven't received your diploma yet, does the company 416e94fc give you a transfer?"

Chen Shanshan thought about it and said, "The company has a training program, that is, those capable fourth year students, the company will give them a certain guarantee, and straightforwardly turn straight."

Lin Hao nodded and smiled and said, "You're so good definitely, you might not be able to turn straight next week."

As he watched Chen Shanshan walk ahead, he took out his phone and sent a tweet to katy, telling her to straighten Chen Shanshan out on Monday.

Chapter 31

This kind of thing was too simple for him.

"Uncle I'll treat you to lunch ah, I'll treat you to spicy hot hehehe..." said Chen Shanshan smiling at Lin Hao under the sun...

Laughing especially happily, Lin Hao looked at Chen Shanshan's smile and felt the depression in his heart dissipate quite a bit.He also felt funny in his heart, every time he was with this girl, he felt much more relaxed.

Chen Shan Shan took Lin Hao around for a whole day, eating all kinds of snacks....

The first day of the week, Lin Hao just arrived at the company received Chen Shanshan's WeChat: "Hahaha, uncle, I'm positive, I'm positive, too happy, uncle you're too great, you said I'm positive, I'm really positive hehe, what do you want to eat, any point......."

Lin Hao smiled and shook his head, did a simple straightening make this girl so happy?It was just a simple and simple sentence to himself, but it was very important to Chen Shanshan.

Lin Hao lost his smile and said back, "Casual?Well, I'd like a lobster abalone steak..."

Chen Shanshan sent a bunch of pitiful emojis over, "That uncle, I can't afford it..."

"Haha, so dunking the dumplings?"Lin Hao returned.


Nanjiang City, in the same house where Lin Hao had lived for a year.These days, Wang Shufen didn't go out again, and the mahjong was also borrowed, so she sat alone in the house.The two-roomed house was incomparably empty after Lin Hao and Shen Xiyan left one after another... A second to remember to read the book

Wang Shufen looked at the house in front of her in silence, this house had been mortgaged for a year to borrow from the bank.She knew that she couldn't pay it back herself.Shen Xiyan's company was also gone, and now she still owed hundreds of thousands of dollars in foreign debts.

"Oh, is it worth it?"Wang Shufen suddenly said to herself.

"I drove Lin Hao away, I drove Xie Yan away too, I thought I was free, no more burdens, but why is it so hard..." thought Wang Shufen silently in her heart.

She had the image of Shen Suyan in her head for the past few days, even though Shen Suyan wasn't her biological child and she hadn't treated Shen Suyan well since she was a child.But after all, she had stayed with Shen Siyan for a full twenty years!She had grown up watching Shen Xiyan.

This time when she thought of how good Shen Suyan was to her, Wang Shufen gave herself two big slaps.Shen Suyan knew that she wasn't her real mother, but Shen Suyan had treated her as her real mother since she was a child.Wang Shufen had always reminded herself that Shen Suyan was not her own daughter, no.But it wasn't until now, after Shen Siyan was really gone, that she regretted it, no matter how much she reminded herself.But twenty years of companionship, this was a fact that no one could change.

Wang Shufen took a deep breath and took out her phone and called Wang Weiwei over, "Hey, Weiwei, have you been in contact with Xiyan lately?"

Wang Weiwei's voice came from over there, "Well contacted, she went to Yanjing, what's wrong auntie?"

Wang Shufen paused, "Oh oh nothing, so let me ask, is she with Lin Hao?"

Wang Weiwei's side was silent for a long time before she said, "No, she said she's alone in Yanjing.Auntie, why are you asking this?"

Wang Shufen said, "All right all right, I'll hang up then ah..."

Wang Shufen, who hung up the phone, sighed deeply.Only after meeting Jiang Shao Ming a few days ago did she fully understand that Lin Hao was rich, so it wasn't even for money that Lin Hao came to their house as a son-in-law.And during this year, Lin Hao had often secretly helped them....

Lin Hao did this because he really liked Shen Xiyan.And the day she forced Shen Xiyan away, she thought about what Shen Xiyan had said, and she understood that Shen Xiyan also regretted it and wanted to be with Lin Hao....

Thinking of this, Wang Shufen decided to go find Jiang Shao Ming, now if there was anyone else who knew about Lin Hao, it was Jiang Shao Ming....

"Xi Yan, Mom has done a 87caff92 lifetime of wrong things, this time Mom will get Lin Hao back for you... "Wang Shufen made a decision in her heart....


For the next few days, Chen Shanshan chatted with Lin Hao every day on WeChat.Lin Hao's mood also gradually improved, this time after Chen Shanshan got familiar with him, she stopped calling him uncle and called him brother instead....

Chen Shanshan was a very lively little girl and Lin Hao was willing to talk to Chen Shanshan, whenever he was with Chen Shanshan, he was relaxed and not so depressed.

Ever since Chen Shan Shan knew what was on Lin Hao's mind, she changed all kinds of ways to make Lin Hao happy.Every day, she bounced around in front of Lin Hao.

"Brother, do you see how cute I am?"Chen Shanshan ran up to Lin Hao like a little rabbit in the sunshine and asked with her mouth full.

"Hey brother?Why don't you take a video for me?Let's make a series of "Don't Know", don't you understand?It's just that I walk in front and you pretend to provoke me in the back and ask me for WeChat or something, and then how about I don't give it?"Chen Shanshan, who was addicted to jitterbug, asked Lin Hao to film with her.

"Brother, I want to go to a nightclub!I'm an adult!I'm about to graduate from college. Please take me with you. Please?No?Then beg again?"Chen Shanshan, who wanted to go to a nightclub, was pampered at Lin Hao.


All of the above, Lin Hao was a head of two, these days, he was completely walked by Chen Shanshan in various ways, either by accompanying her on the streets, taking her to nightclubs, or giving Chen Shanshan jitterbug shots....

There were times when Lin Hao wondered how many unreliable thoughts were in Chen Shanshan's head.

Chen Shanshan was overwhelmingly smiling, but there were times when she cried.For example, when she took Lin Hao to see "The Girl We Chased Together Those Years", she was teary-eyed, her two big laughing eyes dropping tears for free into a large bucket of popcorn she was holding in her hand.

Then Chen Shanshan cried while eating the popcorn stained with tears.... The first website

Chen Shanshan was still crying until after she left the movie theater.Then all the people around her looked at her very strangely.Lin Hao, his head full of black lines, dragged Chen Shanshan out.

"That's a movie!Can you not be so serious?"Lin Hao said to Chen Shanshan speechlessly.

As a result, Chen Shanshan cried even louder, stuffing popcorn into her mouth as she cried, "I know it's a movie, but I just can't stop crying...oooooh...the popcorn is so good..."

Lin Hao fiercely slapped his own forehead, he wanted to find a telephone pole to kill himself.Chen Shanshan this brain hole, one second she was sad and crying, the next second she went to eat popcorn fiercely....

It was this time when Lin Hao saw Chen Shanshan crying, and he couldn't help but think to himself that Chen Shanshan was a child after all.She was also really big-hearted, and wasn't afraid of being abducted by herself.


It was another Friday night, and Lin Hao and Chen Shanshan went to the same diner as last time for dinner.

Only this time, Chen Shanshan didn't look too good, as if she had something on her mind.When Lin Hao asked her about it, she didn't say anything, but just looked at the opposite side of the room, at the group of girls who were having a birthday party....

It was already eleven o'clock at night when Chen Shanshan returned to the university dormitory after drinking with Lin Hao.She had been thinking about walking away all the way home, even after returning to the university dorm.

"Shan Shan your birthday tomorrow, what are you going to do?"As soon as Chen Shanshan laid down, her roommate next to her, Xiao Xi, asked her excitedly.

Chen Shanshan's heart was pounding, and she somewhat dodged, "That, just butting in..."

Sissy sat up straight away, "How does that work?You haven't had a birthday in the last three years.Don't worry, you don't have to worry, I'll do it for you..."

Xiao Xi knew what was on Chen Shanshan's mind, and she also knew the situation at Chen Shanshan's house.

"Tomorrow happens to be Saturday, we don't even have to go to the internship.That's best if we get together for dinner tomorrow, and then we'll sing in the evening ha... I'll go and contact you to definitely make arrangements for you..." xi excitedly went to play with her phone......

"Hey, you didn't inform Sun Junkai, did you?"Chen Shanshan quickly asked anxiously that Sun Junkai was the guy she always liked while dating other girls in college.

"I was the first to inform him ah, aren't you and him brothers?High school is classmates...what's wrong?"Little Xi asked in confusion.

Chen Shanshan quickly waved her hand and said, "It's fine it's fine..."

Just sideways with her back to the wall, but Chen Shanshan's heart was a little sore, endlessly bitter.Tomorrow Sun Jun Kai will still bring that girlfriend of his, right....

Chen Shanshan, who was lying on the bed and tossing and turning, couldn't sleep, so she took out her phone and sent a WeChat to Lin Hao, "Brother, tomorrow is my birthday, can you come..."


At this moment, in the top floor office of the Kyushu Group, Lin Hao, who was still working overtime, saw Chen Shanshan's WeChat and finally understood why this girl was always looking at the group of birthday people with envy tonight.

This girl, Chen Shanshan, was completely silly and good.It was also Lin Hao's first friend in Tianhai City.Thinking of this, Lin Hao replied to Chen Shanshan.

"Let's say, since your birthday is tomorrow, then I, as your brother, will make good arrangements for you for once, so don't make any arrangements with your friend, I'll arrange everything for you..."

Chen Shanshan replied, "But I can't let you spend money..."

Lin Hao sent two angry expressions over, "What, don't you treat me like a brother anymore?"

Chen Shanshan replied, "Then thank you brother...", Chen Shanshan didn't bother calling Lin Hao uncle this time.

After chatting with Chen Shanshan, Lin Hao shook his head and lost his smile, Oh, then tomorrow, let's give this little cutie some surprises, this girl has had a hard enough life these years.

Chen Hao picked up his phone and dialed a phone over to KATY: "Katy, my sister is having a birthday tomorrow, you find a better hotel and arrange a birthday paty, right she's called Chen Shanshan, arrange it by 10 am tomorrow, send me a location...."

"Okay Mr. Lin..." katy's voice was sweet in reply.

The next morning, Lin Hao received a WeChat from katy, from the five-star Half Moon Bay Hotel, so Lin Hao casually forwarded it to Chen Shanshan.

"Shan Shan you bring your friend over first ah, I still have some things to take care of, I'll come over after I'm done... soon..." remember the URL .kanshu8The net.

"Mmmm thanks brother..." replied Chen Shanshan to Lin Hao.

After Chen Shanshan replied to Lin Hao's WeChat, she looked at the location Lin Hao had sent her and frowned, Half Moon Bay Hotel?Chen Shanshan didn't think much of it and sent a location to Chen Xi, then they hailed two commercial taxis and headed that way.

At eleven in the morning, Lin Hao arrived at the Half Moon Bay Hotel, and after looking at the entire hotel's layout, he felt okay.Half Moon Bay Hotel as a five-star hotel, that grade was definitely there, European style decoration, at the moment outside on the turquoise lawn, filled with balloons of various colors, there was also a group of beautiful women playing violins and cellos.

"Mm well laid out," Lin Hao nodded.

"Hello Mr. Lin, I'm the lobby manager of the hotel and the host of your sister's birthday banquet today.My name is Wang Lulu, are you feeling satisfied with the birthday banquet our hotel set up for your sister?"A beautiful woman in a black halter dress bowed and said to Lin Hao incomparably politely.

Lin Hao nodded, "Well, Miss Wang has worked hard for you today..."

The smile on Wang Lulu's face was even stronger, very elegant and respectful to Lin Hao smiled and said "Not hard, not hard, and I hope Mr. Lin will come to our hotel more often in the future...."

Wang Lu heart very excited, yesterday in the middle of the night she actually received a call from the first secretary of the president of Tianhai Group, katy.The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the photos.But the only person who can get katy to do things in the middle of the night is the president of Tian Hai Group!

Wang Lu Lu was now looking at the way Lin Hao was dressed, and the invisible superiority of Lin Hao's body.Instantly, she was certain that the one sitting in front of her was the president of the Tian Hai Group!She's a smart woman, and she shouldn't ask questions.But her heart was still excited to the extreme.

Lin Hao looked at his watch and found that it was already 11:30 and Chen Shanshan and the others hadn't even come yet.So he picked up his phone and called Chen Shanshan.

"Shan Shan, I'm here, are you guys still not here?"

"Brother, we're here, we're at the door, come pick us up..." replied Chen Shanshan.

"Well okay..." nodded Lin Hao and hung up the phone.

"What's up Mr. Lin?"Wang Lu Lu was confused and asked Lin Hao.

Lin Hao said, "My sister is at the door, I'm going to pick her up..."

Wang Lulu quickly smiled and waved her hand and said, "Mr. Lin you are resting, I will pick it up, this is what we should have done..."

Lin Hao thought and nodded, "Okay, then trouble Miss Wang..."

Wang Lulu smiled and then walked out gracefully to pick up Chen Shanshan....


Little did she know that at the moment Chen Shanshan as well as a dozen of her classmates were also anxious, they were standing near the entrance of the Half Moon Bay Hotel, looking at the seven or eight small hotels around them, not knowing which one it was.

The guy that Chen Shanshan likes, Sun Junkai, is at the end of the crowd at the moment, holding hands with his girlfriend and talking.The company has a lot of people who are interested in the company.

The first thing you need to know is that you can't afford to buy a new one, and you can't afford to buy a new one.It's five-star. Do you know how much it costs to throw a birthday party here?Can't even get off without tens of thousands of dollars..."


"Junkai, my brother just called me, he'll be right out to pick me up..." said Chen Shanshan in a very small voice.She was actually at a loss, she didn't know why Lin Hao had given her this position.This was awkward ah.

Sun Junkai laughed and shook his head, with a hint of disdain in the depths of his eyes, "Heh, you're so kind to call this brother, Shan Shan ah, you don't want to be fooled by the society..."

Chen Shanshan bit her lip, her eyes all darkened.Anyone could talk about her, but she was the only one who couldn't stand Sun Junkai talking about her.After all, she had liked Sun Junkai for three years.Chen Shanshan's body was trembling a bit.

The other side of Chen Shanshan is Xi, who can't stand it anymore, pulled Chen Shanshan's hand and said to Sun Junkai: "Sun Junkai, aren't you a bit too much?It's a shame that you're from the same place as Shan Shan.Her brother gave her a birthday party, even if he booked a small restaurant, that's someone else's business, and you as Shan Shan's hometown, did you give her a party?Stand up and talk!"

"You!Humph, don't get along with you, I see ah, it should be that little restaurant across the street, let's go over... Oh really, still have to send Half Moon Bay's location, what are you pretending..." sun Junkai disdainfully waved his hand, pulling himselfThe girlfriend of the student headed to the diner across the street.And as soon as Sun Junkai moved, the students beside Chen Shanshan followed Sun Junkai that way as well.

But before they took a few steps, they were stopped by a voice from behind them.

"Hello guys, you're here for the birthday party, right?May I ask who is Miss Cassandra Chan?Your brother is waiting for you inside" a black strapless dress, goddess level Wang Lulu, said to a group of people Chen Shanshan.

Xiaoxi and Chen Shanshan were stunned, Chen Shanshan turned around and looked at the work plate on Wang Lulu's chest, Half Moon Bay Hotel!!!!

Chen Shanshan couldn't believe it and asked, "Sister I'm Chen Shanshan, you... you just said my brother is in there?"

Wang Lulu smiled and came forward to hug Chen Shanshan's arm and said, "Sister Shanshan is so cute, well go, your brother has been waiting for you for half a day... Didn't he give you a seat?"

Chen Shanshan nodded, "It's sending me the hotel in Half Moon Bay, but..." One second to remember to read the book

Wang Lulu smiled and said, "Right, then hurry up and leave, you're not even the main character, the banquet can't start..." said Wang Lulu after saying that she turned to the dozen or so students behind Chen Shanshan and said, "Welcome to our Half Moon Bay Hotel, I hope you all have a good time today..."

Boom... When Wang Lulu's words fell, the whole arena was elegantly silent, and Chen Shanshan's dozen or so classmates, one by one, opened their mouths to the max... shockingly...

Sun Junkai is even more ugly to the extreme, he just mocked Chen Shanshan that brother is a liar, did not expect to be instantly hit in the face....

The girl next to Chen Shanshan, Xiao Xi, shocked for a long time to get back to her senses.The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the pictures you have taken.They were the ones who didn't believe it....

"Shanshan her brother is so rich... so powerful... it's the Half Moon Bay Hotel..." the group of university students behind Shanshan Chen at this moment also whispered.

The crowd that had just been laughing and joking around, this time all quieted down.One by one, they were scared like good babies.I didn't see the beautiful manager of Half Moon Bay coming out to greet them?Usually this kind of goddess level, they don't have the right to talk to anyone, right?

Sun Jun Kai, who was holding his girlfriend's hand at the back of the crowd, was even more shocked to the limit, and at the moment he regretted it immensely.Even holding his girlfriend's hand, he also quietly let go....

When Wang Lu Lu and a group of Chen Shan Shan walked into the hotel gates, they saw the turquoise grass field, decorated very romantic and beautiful, white balloons, turquoise grass field, the big screen scrolling to wish Shan Shan happy birthday.

And as soon as Chen Shan Shan entered the field, the dozen or so beauties on the grass field, beat up the cheerful and light music.

"Happy birthday Shanshan oh..." wang lulu also heartily sent birthday wishes to Chen Shanshan, and then Chen Shanshan was pulled by wang lulu into the inside banquet hall amidst the whole shock.

When she reached the inside of the hall, Chen Shanshan and her classmates saw that in the middle of the entire hall, there was a huge round table, the kind that could seat dozens of people.And around the hall, there were twenty or so beautiful waiters wearing white skirts and white gloves standing around.

And right now on the main seat of the round table, sat a handsome man wearing a black suit with a face like a knife.


When Chen Shanshan's group of students saw Lin Hao, every single one of their mouths opened because the Lin Hao at this moment was incomparably handsome and had a naturally noble aura that naturally emitted a powerful aura around him.Obviously it was just Lin Hao inside, but he was easily able to suppress the momentum of a large group of them.

"Brother?Did you really book this place for me, for a birthday party?"Chen Shanshan asked Lin Hao with an incredulous face.

When Lin Hao got up and walked towards Chen Shan Shan, the dozen or so students beside her didn't even dare to breathe a word as Lin Hao walked towards Chen Shan Shan.

Lin Hao walked up to Chen Shanshan, looked at Chen Shanshan's shocked expression, couldn't help but smile, and got Chen Shanshan's hair on the side of her face and said, "I'm your brother, my sister Lin Hao's birthday, can I just find a place for you?What's on your mind?"

"But it's too expensive here, it costs a lot of money..." said Chen Shanshan, still worried.

Lin Hao smiled lightly and said, "How did you form the perception that I'm very poor?"

"Er... "Chen Shanshan was asked by Lin Hao, she couldn't say anything, yes, she had been with Lin Hao for so many days, she had no idea what Lin Hao did, she only knew that Lin Hao also worked in the Tian Hai Group.

Could it be that this brother that she recognized was an executive inside the Tian Hai Group?Chen Shanshan couldn't help but be surprised at the thought.

"Brother, are you an executive of the Tian Hai Group?"Chen Shanshan whispered to Lin Hao.

"Executives?Oh, sort of... "Lin Hao was stunned, these days he had adapted to Chen Shanshan's brain circuitry.

Smiling, he said, "Oh, I thought you'd arrived before me, but I didn't expect it to be me... Come on, little cutie wish you a happy birthday..." first website

Lin Hao pulled out an exquisite box from his pocket and handed it to Chen Shanshan, Chen Shanshan subconsciously opened it to take a look.It was a necklace that was so exquisite that it covered her mouth in shock, and was even more shocked at the five-digit price tag when she took a look at it.

"Brother, this is too expensive ah... "Chen Shanshan hurriedly pushed it in front of Lin Hao, not daring to accept it at all, she just took a quick glance at the price tag, and after discovering that it was six digits, she no longer dared to look at it.

Lin Hao put the necklace into Xiao Xi's hand: "First, let your classmate hold it for you, you said you're having a birthday, can't you dress up a little better?Good thing I was prepared..."

After Lin Hao said that, he picked up his phone and dialed katy's number, "Where have you been?"

As soon as Lin Hao called, katy, wearing a black lady's suit and black stockings, walked in through the doorway, carrying several sets of clothes and walked over to Chen Shanshan and said to Lin Hao, "Here we go..."

Lin Hao nodded, "Okay, then take my sister and go clean up, she's been grinning greatly since she was little, this is almost college graduation and still like this, the whole thing is like a boy, her head hurts... I'll leave it to you..."

"Brother... I..." stammered Chen Shanshan didn't know what to say at all, it was just that the surprise Lin Hao had brought her today was too great.

Lin Hao frowned, not angry, "You what you!You're a girl, don't you know that?Is it any wonder you can't find someone?Your mother, however, has pushed me several times to introduce you to one, to introduce you to another...hurry up..."

After Lin Hao said that, katy grabbed Chen Shanshan's arm and walked inside, making the rest of Chen Shanshan's words impossible to say....

Only then did Chen Shanshan see Katy's face, and in the next moment her mouth opened to its maximum: "You you you... you're not..."

KATY smiled, nodded her head inscrutably, and then gave Chen Shanshan a shushing gesture.

Chen Shanshan was directly silly, because this woman who would be holding her, she had seen in the company, it was the first secretary of the president of Tian Hai Group, ah, super high status in Tian Hai Group.Belonging to the absolute top level!So...who was the brother she recognized?

Chen Shanshan's breathing quickened and she didn't even dare to think about it....

"He... he... is actually the president of the Tian Hai Group!"


After Chen Shanshan was taken away by katy, Lin Hao saw those students of Chen Shanshan, one by one, were still standing, not daring to breathe, so he smiled and said, "Oh, everyone sit down, I forgot to introduce myself, I am Shanshan's brother, my name is Lin Hao, let's serve the food first, today everyone eat and drink well ha......"

"Mmmm yes yes yes..." a group of people hurriedly took their seats respectfully.

Lin Hao said sideways to the dazed Wang Lulu, "Manager Wang will serve us first... It's almost noon and we're all hungry..."

Wang Lulu came back to her senses after hearing this, she had just seen katy with her own eyes, so now she no longer had the slightest doubt about Lin Hao's identity.She was even more respectful to Lin Hao when she raised her hand.

Bowing and smiling, she said to Lin Hao, "Well okay Mr. Lin..."

Wang Weiwei gave instructions to the waiters next to the hall, and a plate of exquisite and high-grade dishes was served up, each of them extremely luxurious....

After serving dozens of dishes, those waiters all started pouring drinks for Chen Shanshan's classmates.Wang Lulu, on the other hand, poured Lin Hao the finest Maotai.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the newest version of this article.As for the girls, the Lafite here is also good...."

After Lin Hao said that, he said to Xi, who was sitting next to her, "Classmate, what's your name?"

Xiao Xi saw Lin Hao talking to her and said incomparably nervous, "Brother, just call me Xiao Xi, I'm Shan Shan's roommate and also Shan Shan's best friend..."

Lin Hao nodded and said to Xiao Xi, "Then you'll help serve the girls later ha..." Remember the website

Xiao Xi quickly nodded her head.

Lin Hao then looked around at the boys and said, "Which one is Sun Junkai?"

At this moment, Sun Junkai who was sitting opposite Lin Hao's heart was beating fast to the extreme, he was a boy and could better understand Lin Hao's overbearing and boundless energy.This time, he directly stood up at the news and called out, "Brother, I... I am..."

Sun Junkai's heart was very scared and frightened this time, he couldn't even imagine that Chen Shanshan recognized a brother, but he was so cool, and how he treated Chen Shanshan, he knew very well, if Lin Hao found him to settle the score, he would be really finished.

The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past two years, and has been working on a number of new products for the past two years.You greet the boys ha, I'll buy you a drink alone when I have time ha..."

When Sun Junkai heard Lin Hao say that, he opened his mouth wide, incomparably shocked.It turned out that Chen Shanshan had said all the good things about him in front of Lin Hao.

But right now, the more Lin Hao praised him, the harder it was for him.He now wanted to smack himself a few times!For a time Sun Junkai's heart suddenly rose with intense regret.

If he had known that Chen Shanshan was in Tianhai City, with such an awesome brother to heaven, he would have said anything to be nice to Chen Shanshan, didn't you see that a simple meal is a large hundreds of thousands of dollars, this if he was with Chen Shanshan, he followed Lin Hao after graduation, then still worry about the future?

But thinking about it, Sun Jun Kai's heart suddenly brightened, Lin Hao had just praised him, so Lin Hao must not know about him not choosing Chen Shan Shan and finding another girlfriend.Does that mean he still has a chance?

The smile on Sun Junkai's face grew even more when he thought of this, lifting the glass filled with white wine, he stood up and said to Lin Hao, "Brother, you're too polite, I should be the one to treat you to dinner when I'm the senior, I'll drink a toast to you..."

Sun Junkai just drank it all in one gulp....

After Sun Jun Kai sat down, his girlfriend next to him under the table tried to pull his hand away....


Lin Hao and Sun Junkai had just finished having a drink, and Chen Shanshan, who had changed her clothes, came out, accompanied by Katy.As soon as Chen Shan Shan came out, all her classmates were shocked to the extreme, and the male classmates were even more dumbfounded.

At the moment only see Chen Shanshan, a black skinny lace-edge skirt, white to the extreme point of skin, thin sexy calves, black high heels, the pair of large frame glasses for pupils, ponytail into long hair flowing, the whole person are beautiful sex to the extreme.

Wang Lulu came back to her senses after hearing this, she had just seen katy with her own eyes, so now she no longer had the slightest doubt about Lin Hao's identity.Oh..."

No less than Lin Hao and everyone else was shocked, even Chen Shanshan herself, bfa13e9f was deeply shocked when she looked at herself in the mirror after katy had just finished dressing her up in makeup.Pretty unbelievably beautiful, and very much sexier than their school's flower.

Chen Shanshan became incomparably good in front of Lin Hao even now, and gave a gentle hmmm and sat nicely beside Lin Hao.

"Come come come, let's all walk together ha, happy birthday to Shan Shan..." said Lin Hao, raising his glass to everyone.

Suddenly everyone followed Lin Hao and raised their glasses to celebrate to Chen Shanshan.

When the wine was over, katy suddenly walked up to Lin Hao and whispered, "Mr. Lin, Van Cleef & Arpels' executive director of Asia wants to visit you, he made an appointment with you three days ago, he arrived in Tianhai an hour ago, he's already at the hotel entrance now..."

Lin Hao frowned, "Didn't you tell him I was celebrating my sister's birthday?No time, let him wait..."


In fact, when katy had just walked up to Lin Hao and spoke, everyone in the arena had quieted down, and although what katy had just said was very small, everyone in the arena had still heard it.At this moment, a wave of shock and horror was stirring in their hearts. One second to remember to read the book

"Oh God, that's Van Cleef & Arpels' executive director for Asia, Shan Shan's brother actually doesn't even want to meet him..." little Xi's heart was roaring wildly.

"God of men, absolute God of men, Shan Shan's brother will be my God of men from now on, no one can steal from me!"Little Xi was so excited, she was sitting right next to Lin Hao, she would hear this better than anyone!

Just as Lin Hao finished speaking, a sudden roar of a sports car engine came in at the entrance of the hotel.In the next moment a brand new black Bentley stopped in front of the hotel.A handsome man in a black suit came down from the car.

The man walked in with a smile on his face, walked up to Lin Hao and said with a smile, "Mr. Lin, I'm sorry for my uninvited visit, I'm Gong Jun.I also just heard that your sister is celebrating her birthday, I came in a hurry and didn't bring too good gifts, I only brought our latest jewelry, it's not on the market yet, I'll give it to Miss Shan Shan as a birthday gift, I hope Miss Shan Shan won't mind..."

Gong Jun said, and opened a case he was carrying with him, and the next moment a pair of shiny white gold earrings and necklace were displayed before everyone's eyes.He then respectfully handed them over to Chen Shanshan, "Miss Shanshan, happy birthday..."

"It's too... too expensive, I... I can't take it... "Chen Shanshan's heart was on the verge of racing.She couldn't even imagine how much the gift from Van Cleef & Arpels, the Executive Director of Van Cleef & Arpels Asia, was worth, I'm afraid she would never earn it in her life.

When Lin Hao saw Chen Shanshan refuse, he smiled and pushed the box in front of her and said, "Keep it, it's rare that you're not thankful for your brother Gong Jun's kindness..."

When Chen Shanshan saw Lin Hao say that, she understood that even this Van Cleef & Arpels' Executive Director for Asia in front of her had to be polite to Lin Hao.So she stood up and sweetly said to Gong Jun, "Thank you, brother Gong Jun..."

Gong Jun saw Chen Shanshan give her thanks, quickly waved his hand and hurriedly said, "Little things, today I just didn't know you were celebrating your birthday, I'll prepare a better gift for you next year..."


Chen Shanshan had absolutely no experience in dealing with a big man of Gong Jun's level, but she couldn't lose face to Lin Hao.So she smiled and nodded her head and sat down.

Lin Hao saw that Gong Jun had given him gifts and had chased him here.He had to talk to him anyway.So he said to Chen Shanshan's classmates at the table, "Sorry everyone, I have too many things to do here, so I probably won't be able to play with you.I'll invite you all again later when I have time..."

After Lin Hao finished speaking, suddenly all the students on the table, one by one, quickly said, "Brother, you're busy, we don't mind..."

"That's right brother, you're busy, we're all Shan Shan's best friends, we'll take care of her, don't worry..." said Xiao Xi also quickly smiled at Lin Hao.She said and took Chen Shanshan's arm.

Lin Hao nodded and got up and said to Sun Junkai, "Then Junkai ah, you're a boy, help Shan Shan take care of everyone today ah, you guys will eat later, you'll take everyone upstairs to sing, you can also sleep here at night, you help Shan Shan arrange it...."

Sun Junkai was so excited at the news that he quickly nodded his head and patted his chest to assure, "Mmhmm, don't worry brother, I've got everything, you're busy with your business..."

"Okay, then I'm leaving ah, have fun everyone... "After Lin Hao raised his glass and had a drink with Chen Shanshan's classmates, he turned around and left....

But until Lin Hao left, the atmosphere at the table was also very strange.Those of Chen Shanshan's classmates, who used to despise Chen Shanshan, suddenly discovered that people were simply their unattainable existence.One by one, their hearts were incomparably complicated.

And the one who regretted the most in this was Sun Junkai.When Lin Hao left, he sat directly beside Chen Shanshan, and even his girlfriend that he had talked about for three years was completely unconcerned.

Sun Junkai's girlfriend, who was also quite pretty, was incomparable to Chen Shanshan, who was now exquisitely dressed in top-notch clothing, and if we were talking about family, it would be even more incomparable.

She knew better than anyone that Chen Shanshan liked Sun Junkai, and when she was with Sun Junkai, she had even made a special effort to mock Chen Shanshan.And this whole table of more than a dozen people, but there wasn't even a single person to talk to her. First URL

She was very angry, and her face was purple when she saw Sun Junkai running to Chen Shanshan.The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the product.If she dared to offend Chen Shanshan again this time, she wouldn't even dare to think about the consequences, it was because Chen Shanshan's brother was too powerful.If he knew that he had bullied his sister.If he knew that she had bullied his sister, she would have a cold shiver all over her body.

Thinking of this she got up and walked to Chen Shanshan and toasted Chen Shanshan: "Shanshan, happy birthday to you, I have something else I'll leave first..."

"Mmm... "Chen Shanshan hmmm, looking at the woman who stole her beloved boyfriend, this would speak to her in a low voice and she would feel very happy.

After the woman left Chen Shanshan looked towards Sun Junkai and said leisurely, "Junkai, aren't you going to see your girlfriend off?"

After Sun Junkai was stunned at the words, he said with a complicated face, "No sending it, actually we've been broken up for a long time, and now we're just ordinary friends..."

Sun Junkai didn't even get up.

His girlfriend's heart trembled hard at the news, and instantly she understood what Sun Junkai meant.But she didn't dare to make a scene at Chen Shanshan's birthday party at the moment, quietly clenched her fist and left... She was only humiliating herself by continuing to stay.

"You guys broke up?Hehe... "Chen Shan Shan continued to leisurely ask Sun Jun Kai...Chen Shan Shan Shan looked at Sun Jun Kai with a mocking face....

"Well, it's really broken up..." nodded Sun Junkai's head seriously.Then he took a gulp of wine directly into his stomach.

"Shanshan I was wrong before, I failed you, I'm sorry... "Sun Junkai apologized to Shanshan Chen and then gave himself a big mouthful of wine.

The whole crowd was stunned, Sun Junkai was too fast for this conversion, right?You were just holding hands in front of the hotel, and after this meal, you've become an ex-girlfriend?


The students at the table all deeply despised Wang Junkai in their hearts, but no one was a fool who would dare to offend Wang Junkai.What if Chen Shanshan forgave him?Then he'll be the most powerful brother-in-law on the list, won't he?Who would dare to offend him after just despise him deeply in your heart........

The other students didn't dare to say it, but Little Xi was indifferent.This time she took Chen Shanshan's arm and mocked Sun Junkai: "Yo, Sun Junkai, can you be more shameless?What happened to your prodigal son?Oh, don't you think you're disgusting yourself?Now that you know Sam's brother is awesome, you want to hug him?'re so shameless..."

"You... "Sun Junkai pointed at Xiaoxi's nose, presumably wanting to open his mouth and yell at her, but ultimately didn't dare, not even df4a18bb a fart.

He continued to turn to Chen Shanshan and said, "Shanshan I'm sorry, I was wrong, I don't expect you to forgive me, but I realized today that the one I like the most in my heart is still you, I'm sorry..."

Chen Shanshan smiled, looking at the person she had been liking for six years, but this was the face of the man.In an instant, Sun Junkai's image in her heart completely collapsed.From just now when his girlfriend left and he didn't get up to chase after her, she was completely dead to Sun Junkai....

At this moment, Chen Shanshan end of the wine glass with Sun Junkai clinked, mouth to Sun Junkai ear whispered: "You think too much, I told you are true, Lin Hao is my brother recognized, I and he is also just know, if I lied to you, I went out to be hit by a car, you quickly go after your girlfriend, I wish you happiness...."

Chen Shan Shan is incredibly disappointed in Sun Jun Kai, and she doesn't want him to pester her every day in the future.So she made a direct vow to Sun Junkai.

Sun Junkai's face kept changing wildly after hearing that.After hesitating for a while, he once again lifted his wine glass and apologized deeply to Chen Shanshan, "I'm sorry..." and rushed out of the hotel after finishing his drink.

Chen Shanshan looked at Sun Junkai's distant figure and shook her head.Laughing bitterly in her heart, she clinked her wine glass with Xiao Xi, "Do you think I was blind before..."

Xi nodded, "Well, you're just blind, but it seems like you're not beyond saving now... By the way, what did you just say to Sun Junkai?"

Chen Shanshan smiled and whispered, "I just swore to him that Lin Hao really isn't my brother, and I've just met Lin Hao..." Remember the website

Xiao Xi's mouth opened wide as she looked at the clothes on Chen Shanshan's body, and then at the two expensive gifts placed in front of Chen Shanshan.A face of incredulity, "No way, are you really serious?"

Chen Shanshan nodded, "Do you want me to give you an oath as well?He's really not my brother..."

Seiji quickly covered her mouth, "Then... then why is he so good to you?He likes you?"

Chen Shanshan shook her head bitterly, "How is it possible, he gave all his feelings for a woman he liked to the extreme, but he was broken up with.His heart is more bitter than mine, really..."


At ten o'clock at night, Chen Shanshan dialed Lin Hao's phone over.

Lin Hao picked it up and said with a smile, "How was it, did you have fun?"

But over there came a somewhat muffled voice from Chen Shanshan, "Brother, I want to see you, after you left today, Sun Junkai came to me to apologize, I... I'm not in a good mood..."

Lin Hao Silence would light a cigarette and ask, "So where are you?I'll come to you..."

Chen Shanshan said, "I'll be right in front of the Half Moon Bay Hotel..."

"Okay, wait for me, I'll be right there..." after Lin Hao hung up the phone, he drove a Bentley and returned to the Half Moon Bay Hotel.

As soon as he arrived at the hotel's main entrance, he saw Chen Shanshan squatting on the steps and waving to her.Lin Hao let her get into the car and asked, "Where are you going?"

Chen Shanshan shook her head, "I don't know, let's find a quiet place... "Chen Shanshan turned her head to look out the window, not knowing what she was thinking about.

Lin Hao didn't say anything even after hearing that, he just stepped on the gas pedal and drove all the way to the suburbs.Half an hour later, Lin Hao brought Chen Shanshan to the door of a villa in the suburbs.This was one of his properties, and it was his first time here himself, and although it was a suburb, it was an intelligent villa with all the fingerprint locks.

The courtyard of the villa also had a beautiful view, with flowers and trees, rockeries and flowing water.Lin Hao took two bottles of foreign wine from the house and sat inside the pavilion with Chen Shanshan.


"Oh, what happened to our little darling?Aren't you happy about the big birthday?"Lin Hao smiled and poured a glass of wine for Chen Shanshan.

Chen Shanshan sat on the stool hugging her knees and said, "Brother, I'm very happy today, this is the happiest and happiest birthday I've ever had in my life".

"Eh?So if you're so happy, why are you looking so sullen?"Lin Hao said as he took a sip of wine from his glass.

Chen Shanshan suddenly looked at him deeply, "Brother I'm very happy, and today I have completely recognized Sun Junkai.The knot I've been suppressing in my heart for many years has been untied.But what about you?Brother, my heart aches for you..."

Lin Hao was uncomfortable by the affectionate look Chen Shanshan was giving him, and shook his head and said, "Don't ask about adult matters, you little brat..."

Chen Shanshan suddenly cried out without warning, "Why don't I get it!I've had a crush on someone for six years!Why don't I get it!I know better than anyone the agony in my heart that is pent up to the limit!"

"Brother, don't be like this, it hurts me to watch you feel so bad, please, don't keep hurting yourself like this, okay?"

Lin Hao frowned and took a deep look at Chen Shanshan, "You've had too much to drink..."

When Chen Shanshan heard this, she directly picked up the foreign wine and blew on the bottle.She kept drinking until she was done, then she slammed the bottle down on the ground and said to Lin Hao, "Brother!I don't want you to suffer like this!I want you to come out too and forget the past!"

Lin Hao sighed deeply, opened another bottle of wine and took a deep sip, "Forgetting the past? can I forget that easily?I've been drinking lately, and sometimes, ah, I've wondered if there was a drink in the world that would allow me to forget the past, there?"

Chen Shanshan looked at Lin Hao's endlessly lonely figure and opened her mouth to say incomparably bitterly, "Brother, I'm not stupid, I've just entered the Tianhai Group, but I've seen Sister Katy, and the only one who can let a strong woman like Sister Katy give me make-up is the new president of the Tianhai Group". A second to remember to read the book

Lin Hao laughed, touched Chen Shanshan's head and said, "Oh, so I didn't ask you to compensate me for the shirt ah, you are my employee ah.By the way didn't you say I was cold and domineering, hostile, now what do you think?"

Chen Shanshan bit her lips and shed tears shaking her head, "No no no, brother you are not cold at all, you are very warm, very warm..."

Lin Hao smiled and wiped Chen Shanshan's tears: "Okay, don't cry, how old are you, why are you always crying?"

Chen Shanshan mmmed, "Brother, have you eaten tonight?You can't always not eat, your body will break down..." said Chen Shanshan and her eyes turned red again.

Chen Shanshan was not an only child, she had a younger brother.But their family has always favored sons over daughters, her brother is a year younger than her, but almost encompasses ninety percent of her parents' care.And she had been in residence since the fourth grade of elementary school.For so many years, Lin Hao was the only one who treated her so well and threw her such a nice birthday party.

But what she couldn't figure out was how cruel the woman who abandoned Lin Hao had to be.Lin Hao was such a good man, so how could any woman bear to abandon him....

In the past few days, Lin Hao had also told her more about his affair with Shen Xiyan, including last year, when Lin Hao had gone to the Shen family to be a son-in-law at their door.

Chen Shanshan's heart was especially pained when she heard about this, a CEO of a top-tier group could actually give up his identity as CEO for the person he liked and go as a door-to-door son-in-law....

And even after Lin Hao was dumped, his heart was actually still so deeply in love with that woman.

Chen Shanshan knew that pain, she had endured six years, while Lin Hao was ten years from high school if you counted!How bitter he must feel....

Lin Hao sighed 4254ccc3 and smiled faintly, "Eat some, I don't really want to eat..."

Chen Shanshan puffed out her cheeks, "Brother, then I'll cook for you, okay?I can cook noodles, I'll cook them for you..." said Chen Shanshan and walked into the house....

A faint smile appeared on Lin Hao's face as he looked at Chen Shanshan's distant back.I didn't expect to come to Tianhai for a few days, but I had recognized a sister.She was both cute and sensible, as well as well-behaved.

But did this girl even come over here before her birthday party was over?Thinking of this Lin Hao was also a little distressed about Chen Shanshan.He was the president of the Tianhai Group, and when he returned to the company last night, he pulled out all of Chen Shanshan's information.The rating on it was positive and serious, hardworking... Born from a rural background, but her education was from Tianhai City's Ben I Key University....


It was almost midnight when Chen Shanshan cooked the noodles, a simple bowl of noodles without even an egg.It was a simple bowl of noodles, with a little soy sauce, salt, and green onions....

But it was such a simple and extremely delicious bowl of noodles, but Lin Hao ate it so well that he even finished the soup.

As soon as he finished eating Chen Shanshan asked with an expectant face, "How was it delicious?"

Lin Hao nodded, "Mm, it's delicious..."

Chen Shanshan's two little eyes smiled into a crescent moon, and she leaned on her chin with both hands and smiled at Lin Hao, "Brother, then I'll cook for you later, okay?Don't be so unhappy all the time, I'm with you..."

Lin Hao nodded, "Well okay..."

Chen Shanshan was also incredibly happy, "Hehe, it's great that I have a brother..."

Lin Hao spoiled her by reaching out and touching her head, and Chen Shanshan was incredibly well-behaved and didn't dodge.Lin Hao let Lin Hao touch her head.

Chen Shanshan sat nicely in front of Lin Hao and allowed Lin Hao to rub her head.Her face was happy.She could feel the sadness and pain in Lin Hao's heart.She didn't want Lin Hao to be like this, she was determined in her heart to make Lin Hao happy....

This night Chen Shanshan stayed at Lin Hao's place, this villa had many rooms, three upstairs and three downstairs.

The next morning when Lin Hao got up, he found that Chen Shanshan had already made breakfast.He was surprised to find that Chen Shanshan had actually changed her clothes, at the moment Chen Shanshan combed her long hair, wearing a white shirt, wearing a pair of jeans, two slender white long legs outside, the face also wore makeup, looking very energetic. The first website

Confused, Lin Hao pointed at the clothes on Chen Shanshan and asked, "Didn't you not bring any clothes yesterday?You're a..."

Chen Shanshan looked at Lin Hao very strangely and said, "I didn't bring ah, but the bedroom in the room has ah, I have a whole closet of new women's clothes in that bedroom.Brother, do you think the people below you are afraid that if you bring a woman back, you won't have any clothes to change into, so you prepared that much?"

The company's website has been updated with the latest news and information about the company.It's not like I prepared it.But don't say that, you look good in that outfit not yesterday, that outfit was a little too mature yesterday, today it's sunny..."

Chen Shanshan pouted her little mouth, incomparably cute, "That's right, you don't even look at who your sister is, a natural beauty, a little cutie who can never eat fat, hehehe..."

Lin Hao smiled and nodded, "Mmmmm, you're the little cutie, you're not even the little cutie of the whole universe anymore..."

"Well well, then brother, it's Sunday eh, let's go out, shall we?"Chen Shanshan smiled and said to Lin Hao.

Lin Hao nodded, "Well good, then let you take me out, you name the place, I'll drive..."

"Oh yeah, but brother buy tickets oh, I don't have the money... "Chen Shanshan's two eyes narrowed into slits.

After dinner, Lin Hao got in his car and drove the navigation to go with Chen Shanshan.

Chen Weiwei took Lin Hao directly to Disney, the roller coaster, the water park... and all kinds of other exciting items, then they went to the pedestrian street to eat all kinds of local snacks in Tianhai, and finally to shop at various clothing stores.

The woman no matter what age is the same, see beautiful clothes want to try on, Chen Shanshan, she is good body, skin is also very white, so basically no matter what kind of clothes to wear, are particularly good-looking.When Chen Shanshan tried on clothes, the shopkeepers were mad with joy, because as long as Chen Shanshan liked them, Lin Hao didn't even look at the price, he just swiped the card....


One month later, at the entrance of the Kyushu Group, a much thinner Wang Shufen was standing there waiting for Jiang Shao Ming.She had come almost every day this month, but Jiang Shao Ming had returned to Yanjing, and the Kyushu Group had started to move out of Nanjiang last month.Wang Shufen knew that if the Kyushu Group completely moved out, she would probably never see Jiang Shao Ming again in her life.So for the past month, she could only stay here and wait for Jiang Shao Ming.


In the evening, a black Mercedes Benz stopped at the entrance of the Kyushu Group, and Jiang Shao Ming, who was dressed in a suit, got out of the car.He had come to Nanjiang to talk about some business, after all, even if the large Jiuzhou Group wanted to move out, it wasn't that easy, after all, he had been in Nanjiang for a year and had a lot of business involvement with the area.

When Wang Shufen saw Jiang Shao Ming appear, her eyes were excited, and she quickly ran to Jiang Shao Ming: "Mr. Jiang... Mr. Jiang, I'm Wang Shufen ah... I'm Wang Shufen ah..."

Jiang Shao Ming looked back at Wang Shufen, not wanting to pay any attention to her at all, made a wink behind the assistant and pushed Wang Shufen aside....

"Mr. Jiang, I've been waiting for you for a month, I've been waiting for you for a month ah, where is Lin Hao, my daughter is looking for him, too... "Wang Shufen saw that she was stopped and saw that Jiang Shao Ming was about to leave, she quickly yelled....

Jiang Shao Ming, who was about to enter the gate of the Kyushu Group, was stunned....

Half an hour later, Wang Shufen went to the airport, and Jiang Shao Ming finally told her the news about Lin Hao, and Jiang Shao Ming didn't know if he was right or wrong to do so.He knew exactly how the woman in front of him had treated Lin Hao last year.But he knew even more about how much Lin Hao loved Shen Shi Yan.

"Young Master, I hope you don't blame me..." murmured Jiang Shao Ming as he looked at the back of the distant Wang Shufen downstairs.

Lin Hao was now in Tianhai, and every day was nothing but work, working like crazy.He knew that Lin Hao was bitter in his heart, and it was simply impossible to forget Shen Xiyan.


This day Lin Hao went downstairs at noon to prepare for lunch, just walked out the front door, lit a cigarette and smoked....

"Lin Hao?Lin Hao?"Suddenly Lin Hao heard someone calling him, and the voice was somewhat familiar.When he saw the source of the voice, he couldn't help but be stunned and frowned deeply, it was Wang Shufen!Lin Hao subconsciously left. Remember the URL

But Wang Shufen chased after her as hard as she could.And stopped Lin Hao in front of her.

"Heh, why are you laughing at me again?Taunting me for being a mere white-collar?Wang Shufen I'm not interested in taking care of you, get out of the way... "Lin Hao's face was icy cold, feeling incomparably unlucky, how did you run into Wang Shufen today?

Wang Shufen faced Lin Hao's sarcasm, but she didn't utter a word of rebuttal, but shook her head and said, "Lin Hao, can I talk to you?"

Lin Hao pushed Wang Shufen's hand away: "Heh... Wang Shufen, what else is there to talk about between you and me?Didn't you always look down on me as a loser?"

Lin Hao sneered, no longer talking nonsense to Wang Shufen, and directly walked towards the inside of the company....

"The pity has been looking for you!"Wang Shufen shouted behind Lin Hao.

Lin Hao's forward body, trembled violently, and his heart trembled violently.After a long pause, he took a deep breath, "We're already divorced, how could she find me..."

Wang Shufen watched Lin Hao's disappearing figure after Lin Hao finished speaking and directly entered the door of the company.Her heart was complicated to the extreme.Yes, he and his daughter had divorced long ago, and in the past year, in the Shen family, did he get anything but abuse and insults?Wang Shufen looked at Lin Hao who was suit and straight, a talent working in a big company, and deeply regretted it.

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Wang Shufen didn't go after Lin Hao because she also knew that Lin Hao didn't want to see her.Wang Shufen took out her new cell phone and called Shen Xiyan over.

"Hello?Which one?"After the phone was connected, there came Shen Xiyan's voice.

After more than a month to hear Shen Xiyan's voice again, Wang Shufen's eyes were moist, her voice trembled, "Xiyan it's me, don't hang up, I found Lin Hao, he is working inside the Tianhai Group in Tianhai City...."

At this moment, a long-haired beauty in a black trench coat who was answering the phone on Yanjing Street, her body stiffened, and the phone slid off with a bang....

The next moment when she reacted, she quickly picked up her phone and ran like crazy inside the rented hotel, when she got there she checked out of the hotel as fast as she could and went to the airport.


An hour later, on the flight to Tianhai, at the end of the cabin, a window seat.Shen Siyan's eyes were moist.She had been looking for Lin Hao in Yanjing for a whole month, but there was no news from Lin Hao.

It wasn't that she hadn't wanted to go over to look for Jiang Shao Ming during this month.But she didn't have the face to look for Jiang Shao Ming.After all, Jiang Shao Ming had blackballed her in the first place.She never expected to receive a call from Wang Shufen today....

At 6:30 p.m., the body and mind wearing a black trench coat, black stockings and high heels, pulling a black suitcase, appeared on the road opposite the Tianhai Group, and Wang Shufen crossed the road and ran to Shen Xiyan's side as soon as she saw her.

"Xi Yan, I'm sorry, I'm not asking you to forgive me, I did something wrong.Let's wait for Lin Hao first, I just asked the security guards, Tianhai Group finished work at 6:30, now it's just off..." said Wang Shufen incomparably bitter to Shen Xi Yan.

Shen3e2949a0Caring Yan looked at Wang Shufen's body that had become incomparably thin and frowned.She didn't know how to speak to Wang Shufen at this point, so there was only silence at the moment.

The time has reached late October, the weather has also become cold, the cold wind blowing Shen Xi Yan's long hair, she did not move to stare at the entrance of the Tianhai Group, she would not dare to go over there, she just wanted to stand across the road and look at her heart, the figure that disappeared for more than a month....

At the entrance of Tianhai Group, there were brightly dressed employees coming out one after another, but there hadn't been the figure that Shen Xiyan wanted to see....

At the moment, Lin Hao was giving a meeting to several executives, and it was until eight o'clock before Lin Hao dismissed the meeting.When Lin Hao walked to the ground floor lobby, he saw Chen Shanshan who was wearing a white shirt and jeans with long hair.

"Waiting anxiously, walking home to eat, what are you doing for me tonight?"Lin Hao touched Chen Shanshan's little head.

Chen Shanshan smiled and directly hugged Lin Hao's arm, "Brother, I want to eat the dunked dumplings in front of the company today... You go with me, will you, please brother..."

Lin Hao lost his smile: "Okay, then go eat the dunked little dumplings, but you have to eat less ah, you eat too much, if you gain weight, beware of not being able to find a boyfriend..." One Second Remember to Read Books

Chen Shanshan smiled and said, "I'm not looking for a boyfriend, I'll stay by your brother's side for the rest of my life... hehehe..."

"You ah... "Lin Hao pinched Chen Shanshan's little nose and walked out with Chen Shanshan....

Lin Hao and Chen Shanshan walked out of the door of the company laughing, Lin Hao was about to smile and speak to Chen Shanshan when suddenly his body shook hard.

He saw the woman he loved the most standing across the street, and he saw Shen Siyan, Shen Siyan also saw him....

At this moment, Lin Hao and Shen Xiyan were looking at each other across the road, and even though they were far apart, Lin Hao could tell at a glance that Shen Xiyan had lost a lot of weight.But she was still so beautiful.

She was tall, she was 170 in high heels, she wore a black trench coat, she wore black stockings on her long, straight legs, she stepped on high heels, and she was carrying a large black suitcase in her hands.

Lin Hao saw that Shen Xi Yan seemed to be shedding tears, the moment he saw Shen Xi Yan shedding tears, he was incomparably pained....

Then Chen Shanshan saw Lin Hao freeze and not leave, so she stretched out her hand and smiled, then bounced in front of his eyes, "Hey brother, what are you looking at?Let's go, let's go eat dunking buns with me, okay? I'm starving..."

Chen Shanshan pulled Lin Hao's arm and pampered him, but Lin Hao still stood still.In the next moment, Lin Hao's tears suddenly flowed down....

Once Chen Shanshan saw Lin Hao looking in the opposite direction she shed tears, she turned her head to look in the opposite direction as well.Then she saw a big beautiful woman in a black trench coat pulling a suitcase standing there across the street... it seemed like she was also shedding tears....

Just the moment when Chen Shanshan looked at Shen Xiyan, Shen Xiyan suddenly turned around and walked away without another glance at Lin Hao.

When Shen Siyan saw Lin Hao's side, there was a beautiful girl holding Lin Hao's arm, and when she watched that girl smile at Lin Hao, she felt very, very painful....


Does he...have a new girlfriend with him already?No, in other words, it should be his first girlfriend, right, and the year that you were with him, maybe you weren't even dating him at all?

After Shen Siyan left and Wang Shufen also took a glance this way, she hurriedly went after Shen Siyan....

Across the road, Chen Shanshan watched as Shen Xiyan walked away, then she turned her head to look at Lin Hao who was in tears.In an instant she suddenly understood something and her voice trembled, "Brother, is that sister just now, is that sister-in-law?"

Lin Hao just kept crying, but he didn't say anything.

Chen Shanshan understood, and seeing that Shen Xiyan was about to walk away, she let go of the hand holding Lin Hao's and was about to catch up.But in the next moment, her arm was held by Lin Hao's death grip.No matter how hard she tried, Lin Hao would not let go.

"Brother, let go, let go... "Chen Shanshan was in a hurry and tears were falling.She knew better than anyone else how deep that woman, just now, was in Lin Hao's heart!

But Lin Hao just wouldn't let go....

"Brother, I'm begging you, let go of me, I'm about to go far away ah..."


Chen Shan Shan begged Lin Hao bitterly with tears streaming down her face.

But Lin Hao is dead or alive, and won't let Chen Shanshan go after Shen Xiyan. The first website

Chen Shanshan watched as Shen Xiyan walked further and further away until she disappeared.

"Brother... "Chen Shanshan crouched weakly on the ground, shouting at Lin Hao with tears streaming down her face....

Lin Hao closed his eyes in pain, the Kyushu Group had moved away from Nanjiang City, and the family's tolerance of him had long since reached its limit.The large Lin Clan, with countless people, was spinning around with him as the center every day.He had long since been unable to give up everything to be with Shen Xiyan like he once did, and he was still carrying the entire family, the functioning of several groups on his back.

And putting that aside, Lin Hao's heart also had complicated feelings for Shen Xiyan, he liked her.But he also has hatred for her, he Lin Hao can bear everyone's insults, but just can't bear her Shen Suyan's sentence, you can't, you're a waste....

During that year in the Shen family, Lin Hao's heart was also broken by Shen Xiyan.A heart that had already been carved with scars by her own hands.

Love was something that was sometimes sweet and unforgettable, and at other times, it would leave people bruised and torn apart.Lin Hao closed his eyes in pain, he and Shen Xiyan were destined for each other after all....

"Brother, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry... "Chen Shanshan said three apologies in a row to Chen Hao, then ran violently across the road and chased after Shen Xiyan in the direction she had left....

Chen Shan Shan chased after her all the way, but finally when she saw Shen Xi Yan's figure, she found that Shen Xi Yan had gotten into a taxi....

"Master catch up with the car in front, quickly... "Chen Shanshan also stopped a taxi, and after getting into the car, she quickly said to the driver master.

The driver nodded and stepped on the accelerator to catch up, but Tianhai City is one of the largest cities in China, and cars are especially plentiful during the evening rush hour.The driver chased after seven or eight minutes, and by the time he crossed a traffic light intersection, he could no longer see the shadow of the vehicle in front of him....

"Sorry girl, too many cars, can't catch up ah..." the driver said to Chen Shanshan with an apologetic face.

"Ah...oooooh..." cried Chen Shanshan in despair.

"Girl, is that your boyfriend in that car in front of you?The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past two years.

Chen Shanshan cried and shook her head: "No... no, she is my sister-in-law, there is a misunderstanding between her and my brother... once she leaves, maybe she and my brother, will never meet again... sob..."

Chen Shanshan got out of the taxi weakly and sat alone on the road and cried for a long, long time... Lin Hao was especially good to her, she knew that Lin Hao was a sentimental person, he was obviously a big CEO, but he was willing to eat roadside stalls with her, but he was willing to take the bus with her... there was no frame at all....

These days, Chen Shanshan was staying at Lin Hao's place, and when she woke up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, she often saw Lin Hao sitting alone in the dark courtyard, staring and thinking about her thoughts....

Chen Shanshan knew that Lin Hao was bitter, very, very bitter....


In the taxi, Shen Shen didn't say a word, just looked out of the window with tears streaming down her face.

"Do you think I should bless him and stop showing up to bother him?The first thing you need to know is that you have a new girlfriend..." This is a helpless and desperate Shen Xiyan, who can only talk to Wang Shufen.

When Wang Shufen heard Shen Xiyan call her mother again, tears also directly flowed down.The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.You mustn't be imagining things..."

"I miss him, I miss him so much..." cried Shen Xiyan leaning on Wang Shufen's shoulder.

Wang Shufen looked at the grief-stricken Shen Xi Yan and thought about what she had done to Lin Hao and Shen Xi Yan over the past year.In other words, she was responsible for eighty percent of Lin Hao's divorce from Shen Suyan.

"Pah...pah...pah...pah...pah...pah...pah... "Wang Shufen smacked her big mouth vigorously, she would regret this to the extreme.

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This time look at the desperate, loveless Shen Xiyan, Wang Shufen feel really damned ah, endless bitterness.

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If she had been alone in Yanjing some time ago, she would have been able to resist and still had a pang in her heart to find Lin Hao, but tonight when she saw that Lin Hao was accompanied by a beautiful young girl, the pang in her heart was released....

It wasn't until the middle of the night that Shen Xiyan, who had taken antipyretic medicine, fell asleep slowly... Remember the URL

Wang Shufen tucked the blanket over Shen Shi Yan, she made up her mind that she was going to find Lin Hao again, she would make sure that Lin Hao returned to Shen Shi Yan, even if it meant kneeling to Lin Hao....

Gradually, the night grew darker and darker, and the people of the Tianhai Group became fewer and fewer, only Lin Hao, who had been standing under the dim streetlight, silently gazed at the direction in which Shen Siyan had left....

He wanted to be with Shen Shi Yan, and he wanted to catch up, but he didn't know why, the moment he was facing Shen Shi Yan.His body just stood still, not moving at all....


Chen Shanshan didn't go back to Lin Hao's place this night, but went back to live at school.

"What's wrong with Shan Shan?Are you crying?"Xiao Xi saw Chen Shanshan's red eyes, obviously crying, and asked with concern.

Chen Shanshan shook her head bitterly, "Nothing... I'm sleeping..."

Chen Shanshan didn't want to speak anymore, she really couldn't understand it in her heart.She had just seen the sister across the road crying, and Lin Hao was crying too, so that proved that they still had each other in their hearts.Then why aren't they together!She really couldn't figure it out....

But her heart ached for Lin Hao, Lin Hao had barely eaten anything in January.He had definitely lost seven or eight pounds in a month.And as Lin Hao lost weight, it was the Skysea Group's business that kept climbing.Now all the employees of the Tianhai Group knew that their CEO was a workaholic, cold to the core, who only knew how to work.


Lin Hao was walking alone on the road of the Tian Hai Group, right now he only had hard feelings and pain in his heart.

"Ahhhhh... "Lin Hao walked to a deserted place and started greeting a telephone pole, punching it until it was bleeding....

After hitting the poles for half a day, Lin Hao began to run furiously on the road towards the suburbs...all the way to the suburbs, and into the middle of the night....

On a deserted road in the suburbs, Lin Hao hissed and yelled....

"Why!Why!You'll come back for me when we're apart!Why!"

"Why I worked my ass off to let go of loving you, and you show up at this time!Why!"

"Why!Why did you come back to me when I was desperate for you!Why...!"


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