The King of Kungfu in school 2541 (END)


Chapter 2541 

"No, you're even richer than me, you see, in your world, you have over a hundred thousand worlds of all sizes, while in my universe, there are only a few pitiful worlds."

Tang Zichen was startled and busy, "Brother Any, what's going on?Why is it that there are only a few worlds in your universe?And I, on the other hand, have more than a hundred thousand worlds."

Any brother laughed, "Universe, all kinds of, some universes, there are many worlds, and some, only a few, even only one.However, it doesn't matter how many worlds there are, they're all universes anyway, hahaha."

"I see, then can I give you some?"Don Zichen asked.

"Er, send me?"

"Yeah, in my universe, there are over a hundred thousand worlds, and in yours, there are only a few, so I'd like to send you a thousand worlds, so that your universe can be a bit more enriched.It's just that I don't know, if I can send."

"Hahaha, this, how embarrassing."

"There's nothing to be embarrassed about, if you treat me as a friend, then accept the one thousand worlds I'm giving you."Tang Zichen said in a righteous manner.

That any brother was embarrassed and said, "Truth be told, I have one world in my universe right now that was given to me by someone else."

"Uh, yeah, someone else has also sent it to you."

"Of course, that person, called Ximen Yu, is also a universe master, to be precise, not a gift, but a bride price, because, Ximen Yu has a son, and he wanted to marry one of my daughters, so he gave me the world created by his son as a bride price."Any brother said laughingly. Remember the URL


Brother Any joked, "Wind Lightning, you're giving me a thousand worlds right off the bat, I don't have that many daughters to marry, hahaha."

"Any brother is really joking, that son of Ximen Yu you just mentioned, is his name Liu what cold?"

"Huh? How did you know?"

"I've heard from Wutai and his son before, it seems like Wutai and his son don't have a good relationship with Ximen Yu."

"It's true that it's not a good relationship, I have that same relationship with Wutai, and we rarely interact."


Tang Zichen asked, "That Willow What's-his-name, is he also the Lord of the Universe?"

"His name is Liu Shenghan, you can get to know him when you have a chance, but Liu Shenghan is not the Lord of the Universe, when Liu Shenghan was young, he was sent by his father to one of my worlds for training, this Liu Shenghan is also quite powerful, he created his own world, the one that was later given to me as a hiring gift.Today, Ryu Sang-Chan lives in his father's Simen Yu's universe, a place called Star World.Of course, there are only a few worlds in Ximen Yu's universe, unlike you, there are more than a hundred thousand, hahaha, it's really enviable."

"Hmmm, I see."

"Wind Lightning, if you have time, I'll take you to get to know Ximen Yu, after all, we're all Masters of the Universe now, it might be lonely in the countless years to come, we can walk around each other.In addition, the Masters of the Universe are not only us, there are a few more born behind us, such as that Wutai and others, there might be more Masters of the Universe born in the future, there will always be people who don't like it."

"Mmhmm, I understand."Tang Zichen nodded his head.

"Then I'll leave first, when you're free, just call me, I can sense it.That Ximen Yu, he's quite nice, but his path of growth is more complicated, he was once used by someone, and only turned around in the end after nine lifetimes."

"Ohhh, who could have used him?"

"Oh, it's just that when Brother Ximen Yu first ascended into the immortal world of his universe, because his Formation strength was too strong, he was used by that world of his at that time, by a what's called Emperor Gallo, fortunately, Ximen Yu is also a man of great fortune, and after a new hard struggle behind, he got back everything that belonged to him.Alright, let's stop talking, we'll talk again when we see him some other day."

"Okay, bye."



Just as Brother Any was about to leave, Tang Zichen suddenly shouted, "Brother Any, wait, I almost forgot, a thousand worlds to send you as a token of my gratitude."

"Ah, a real gift."

"Right, you don't be sentimental either, take it."Said Tang Zichen, a series of small dots of light suddenly appeared above his head, each one representing a world.

"Haha, then I'm not going to be rude."Any Brother laughed loudly and received all of the light dots that appeared above Tang Zichen's head into his body.

In Any Brother's universe, there were only a few worlds, and then suddenly a thousand were added out of thin air.

And somewhere in Tang Zichen's universe, a thousand worlds instantly disappeared.

They, as the lord of the universe, the universe was them, they were the universe, and the universe was both around them and in their hearts.

Any brother smiled and said, "Wind Lightning, I've received so many worlds from you, I can't show nothing, so let's say, when I go back and see if I have a daughter of the right age, I'll find one to marry you."

"Er, then wouldn't I have to call you father-in-law."Tang Zichen was startled.

"Hahaha, we're both masters of the universe, so this father-in-law, dispense with it, hahaha."The only sound left in the air was the laughter of any brother, who had already left Tang Zichen's universe.

In Tang Zichen's universe, there were over a hundred thousand worlds, with a thousand missing, there was no change at all.

Tang Zichen was also really lucky, growing up in a universe with so many worlds and giving away a thousand right off the bat, what a wealthy man.

Of course, no matter if it was a hundred thousand world universes or a few world universes, as the master of the universe, they were not superior or inferior, no one could kill anyone anyway, otherwise, Tang Zichen really didn't like that Wutai, and of course, that Wutai must be very unhappy with Tang Zichen as well.

Tang Zichen instantly returned to the ground.

The group of people had already seen everything that had just happened, but only now, when Tang Zichen came down, did they have a chance to talk to Tang Zichen.

"Husband, congratulations."

"Congratulations, Minister, you've finally become the master of this universe."

"Windy, congratulations on your ascension to the top this morning."

Tang Zichen's relatives congratulated Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen smiled slightly, and with a thought, there was an additional person by his side, it was the Old Sang God Emperor, Tang Zichen had become the master of the universe, resurrecting Old Sang was just a thought.

"Ah, I'm alive again?"Old Sang was shocked.

"Master, I'm sorry it's only now that I've resurrected you."Tang Zichen said.

"Wind Lightning, you resurrected me?"

"Master, have you heard of the Lord of the Universe?"

Old Sang nodded his head.

Tang Zichen said, "That's right, at this moment, I am, this universe is me.With one thought from me, all of you, all of you have become Twelve Realm God Emperors."

In the next second, all the relatives around Tang Zichen instantly realized that they had all become Twelve Realm God Emperors, even Old Sang.

"Ah."Old Sang was dumbfounded, incredibly stunned in place.

Tang Zichen laughed, "From now on, our family will never be separated again forever and ever, and we will always live happily as we are at this moment.If we want wind, we'll have wind, if we want rain, we'll have rain, we don't have any unhappiness, we don't have any worries, we can do whatever we want, the world will be like, everyone, okay?"

The crowd shouted in unison, "Good."

Tang Zichen laughed wildly, this journey, from the mortal realm, coming through the thorns, to finally becoming the Lord of the Universe today, his wonderful and legendary story ended, but his life would continue forever, without end.

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