Dish Best Served Cold 816-820


Chapter 816

For a time, the entire restaurant was dead silent.

    It was quiet everywhere, as if it was an empty Shura Hell.

    Only the robed old man, standing in the darkness, was sweeping the crowd with his eerie gaze.A gloomy voice, quietly sounded.

    "Tell Ye Fan that after ten days, I will be waiting for him at the shore of Dongchang Lake in Jingzhou."

    "If he doesn't come, then this Jiangdong land will be so table!"


    The old man slapped his palm, and only a loud bang was heard as the long table in front of him shattered.

    It turned into annihilating powder and scattered in the wind!

    This slap seemed to hit the table, but it was as if it hit everyone's heart.

    Chen Ao and the others trembled, their old faces frightened, white again a few points!

    Who would have thought that these normally well-bred, unstoppable leading bigwigs from various cities would now be so frightened in front of Moonwatching River that they wouldn't dare to say a word.

    One by one, they were all like dull geese.

    Not to mention a few words, they didn't even dare to breathe.

    Their entire bodies, unconsciously trembled unceasingly!

    However, as this long table shattered, Qiu Mu Orange as well as Xu Lei, who were sitting across from each other, had since appeared in front of the Moonwatching River without any more cover.

    Under the dim light, the two women's stunning looks, made the Moon Gazing River, also astonished.

    He raised his head and looked in the direction of Qiu Mu Orange and Xu Lei, his face expressionless as he asked in a deep voice, "If what I expected is right, between the two of you, there should be one of you, who is that Ye Fan's wife, right?"

    "Tell me, who is?"

    The low voice was like the sound of gravel crushing.

    The temperature of the room was once again colder by a few points.

    In the first half of her life, Qiu Mu Orange was just a lady from a small family in Yunzhou, and recently, with the help of Ye Fan, she had just taken the position of president of the 100 billion group.

    Thus, this kind of scene in front of her, where had Qiu Mu Orange ever seen?

    In the face of Moonwatching River's morbid words, Qiu Mu Orange was already terrified in her heart and her face was pale.

    For a moment, it didn't even have the courage to speak.

    "I'll ask again, you two, which one of you is that Ye Fan's wife!"

    The sound was like muffled thunder, exploding in the room.

    This time, there had clearly been a bit more anger in the Moonwatching River's words.

    No one doubted that if Qiu Mu Orange didn't admit it again, this Moonwatching River would be afraid that he would have to kill a lot of people next.


    Finally, terrified to the core, Qiu Mu Orange, with her head lowered and her delicate body trembling, was about to admit to the Moonwatching River.

    However, who would have thought that right at this moment, Xu Lei, who was on the side, was the first to step forward.

    "It's me."

    "I'm brother Xiaofan's wife!"

    Xu Lei's words caused the hall to tremble.

    Everyone, the realm was appalled to look over.

    "Head Xu, you..."

    Qiu Mu Orange was also startled on the spot, he had never thought that Xu Lei would stand up for her.

    However, Xu Lei didn't pay attention to the astonishment of the crowd, her petite body stood upright, and her stunningly clear and cold face had an unyielding and noble implication.

    She looked straight ahead, unafraid.

    "Moonwatching Moon River, you're scourging Jiangdong and killing the four corners of the earth.Are you seriously not afraid to bear, my brother Xiaofan's wrath?"

    Xu Lei questioned in a cold voice.

    Moonwatching River laughed at the sound of it.

    "It seems that you are very confident in his strength."

    "If that's the case, then come with me."

    "After ten days, if he doesn't come, then use your life to sue Ying Long and Ying Tian's spirits in heaven!"

    With a sneer, with a wave of Moonwatcher's sleeve robe, a force radiated out and wrapped Xu Lei in it, followed by the fact that Xu Lei was already under Moonwatcher's hands.

    The crowd was shocked at what they saw.

    Qiu Mu Orange was even more frightened, holding back her fear and gritting her teeth, "No, she's not Ye Fan's wife, I am."

    "You don't want to implicate her."

    Qiu Mu Orange's words caused Moonwatching River to be slightly stunned.

    He looked at his subordinate Xu Lei, and then at the pale face and reddish eyes of Qiu Mu Orange in front of him, and shook his head and laughed.

    "Interesting that there are still people fighting to die."

    "But, little girl, you're still too far off if you want to fool me."

    "This Ye Fan, since he calls himself Mr. Jiangdong Chu, then how can his wife be an idle person?"

    "You're not as good as her in temperament, or heart."

    "Obviously, she's real and you're the impostor."

    Moonwatching Moon River said to Autumn Mu Orange, indifferently.

    And then, without stopping, he turned around and stepped into the darkness behind him, taking Xu Lei with him.

    This Moonwatching Moon River, came and went suddenly.

    Soon, the entire restaurant, once again, was calm.

    However, long after the Moonwatching River left, the entire room was still silent.

    Only the cold, gloomy wind outside was blowing along the black hole opening.

    The cold wind penetrated the bones, and many people, unconsciously, shivered.

    Li Er, who was scared out of his wits just now, came out from the bottom of his chair.

    He looked around and said bitterly, "I...I'm alive again...Alive?"

    Everyone, was in a state of shock.

    Qiu Mu Orange was startled in place, looking out of the window at the cold and gloomy night, there were tears in her beautiful eyes, there was guilt, gratitude, and even more worry in her heart.

    Because, Xu Lei, had been taken away!

    And it was to protect her.



    One night, passed quickly.

    However, the storm caused by last night's events was far from stopping.

    Perhaps it was deliberately fueled by someone, the matter of Moonwatching River's meeting with Mr. Chu ten days later swept through the entire Jiangdong martial arts world like a twelfth-grade storm.

    Of course, along with it, the news of Mr. Chu's wife being taken away also spread.

    As time passed, this news, too, was fermenting.

    Li Er, Chen Ao, and the others did not interfere with this.

    Even they were happy to see this news spread.

    After all, the more people who knew about it, the wider it spread, then the more likely it was that Ye Fan would get the news.

    Now that Mr. Chu's whereabouts were unknown and he couldn't be contacted at all, they could only use this method to send a message to Mr. Chu.

    Hopefully, he would, in fact, return soon!

    Before this, Li Er and the others had thought that this matter was just a matter of attracting attention among Jiangdong.

    However, they had underestimated, after all, the reputation of the Sun Country Sword God!

    In just a few days, the news of the date between the Japanese Sword God Wang Yuehe and Mr. Jiang Dongchu at the shores of Dongchang Lake radiated throughout the country.

    The martial worlds of Jiangbei, Jiangnan, and even the five southwestern provinces were all sensational.



    "Have you heard?"

    "The Sword God of the Nation of Japan, Moonwatching River, has returned to Warsaw after thirty years!"

    "And, to make an appointment with Mr. Jiang Dongchu, in ten days' time, with the shores of Dongchang Lake!"



    "Is Moonwatch River back?"


    "Thirty years ago, my Huaxia War God's divine might was on display and heavily damaged this Moonwatching River!"

    "Back then, he swore that he would never enter China again for half a step in his life, so that the War God's side let him retreat in peace."

    "But I never thought that after thirty years, this Moonwatching River would not honor his promise and return?"

    "Is he, by any chance, going to start a war with my Chinese Martial Dao?"


    "But who is this Mr. Jiang Dongchu?"

    "Why have we never heard that there is still this figure in the Chinese Martial World?"


"I guess it's an ignorant offspring that just popped up recently."

    "I heard that this Mr. Chu killed Moonwatching River's righteous son and provoked Moonwatching River, only to eventually cause the Sword God to come to his door and attack him."

    "Only that Mr. Chu was so scared that he went into hiding half a month ago, not daring to show his face at all."

    "Even when his own wife was taken away by the Moonwatching River, she didn't even show up."

    "Not a single fart was released~"


    "I go, really?"

    "Is this Mr. Chu so useless?"

    "You mess with someone, you run away first, and you don't even want a woman?"

    "This is the kind of person who still has the respect of Jiangdong?"

    "I'll fuck it up!"

    "This is a shrinking turtle, right."

    "The face of my Huaxia Martial Dao has been disgraced by this trash!"

    "Just take pity on the girl, what she's been entrusted with~"


    All over Huaxia, there are people talking about chaos.

    The entire Huaxia Martial World was "brushed aside" by this incident.

    Some people shook their heads and sighed, some cursed in anger, some sighed in shame, and some laughed.

    Some were ashamed, and some even laughed it off.

    As the saying goes, life is just like that.

    However, apart from the people who reviled Ye Fan, there were still people, who explained for him.


    "Let's not talk so badly."

    "To be able to unify the Jiangdong Martial Dao and sit in the position of Jiangdong's esteem, this Mr. Chu, must not be an idle person."

    "He didn't show up this time, so maybe he was delayed by something and didn't make it back in time."

    Someone guessed inwardly.

    However, the person next to him sneered after hearing it.

    "Old Wang Tou, I won't argue with you either."

    "This Mr. Chu, is he a hero or a bear, after ten days, we will naturally know."

    "That Looking Moon Chuan has however put out the word."

    "Make an appointment with him to fight at Dongchang Lake."

    "Within ten days, if he doesn't come, this Mr. Chu's woman will become a dead soul under his sword!"

    Hearing this, the surrounding crowd, too, fell silent, their hearts and minds all aflutter.

    "This Moonwatching River, is trying to push that Mr. Jiang Dong Chu, to the brink of extinction!"The crowd lamented.

    A martial appointment is a battle that divides victory and defeat as well as breaks life and death.

    Moonwatching River is using women as blackmail to force Mr. Chu to fight!

    Moonwatching River was a Sun Country Sword God, even if he wasn't the strongest person standing at the top of the Sun Country Martial Dao.

    However, in the entire country of the Sun Country, Moonwatching River's strength could be ranked in the top five!

    Back then, he even fought with the War God at the top of the Yellow River.

    With such strength, even the top powerhouses on the Huaxia Zongmasters list might not be his opponents.

    Therefore, in the eyes of the crowd, after ten days, even if this Mr. Chu appeared, he would have no escape!

    However, if he doesn't come, he will lose his wife and his reputation as an incompetent and cowardly man for the rest of his life.

    Do you want fame and fortune, or do you want your life?

    It's a problem!

    While the matter of the Sword God's Moonwatching River's appointment to fight Ye Fan was fermenting unceasingly in the entire Huaxia martial arts world, the Yanjing Military District's Chief Instructor Fang Shaohong and Lu Tianhe, both of them, were driving to the summit of Yan Mountain in the night.

    There, a magnificent palace, like a flood beast sits there, towering into the clouds!

    Yes, this is the central place of the Chinese martial dao, where the headquarters of the Martial God Hall is.

    Fang Shaohong and his two men were filled with anxiety, and after getting off, they showed their identities, and then hurriedly walked in.

    In the hall, a majestic man, sitting upright.

    Seeing this man, Fang Shaohong and Lu Tianhe both saluted successively, "Coming here late at night to interfere, please forgive me, senior boxer!"

    "There's no need to say anything unnecessary, so let's get straight to the point.What is your business for coming to the Martial God Hall at this time?"The majestic man asked in a deep voice.

    When Lu Tianhe nodded his head, he said directly, "Senior Champion, it is about the matter of the Sword God of the Sun Country, the Moonwatching River."

    "Thirty years ago, the Moonwatching River came to our Huaxia to stir up trouble, and thanks to Senior Fist God's strength, he was able to repel it."

    "Now, this Moonwatching River is not going to give up its evil intentions and is making a comeback, and the land of Jiangdong will be slaughtered by it."

    "Now, it is even holding a woman hostage and forcing her to fight."

    "My land of Huaxia, how can I tolerate this Sun Country Sword God to run rampant."

    "Therefore, I implore the Martial God Hall to step in and expel the Moonwatching River from Huaxia to quell the scourge of Jiangdong."

    Lu Tianhe and Fang Shaohong, both with pleading faces, respectfully spoke to the man before them.

    Hearing what the two men said, the man in front of him lifted the strong tea in front of him and took a sip, while smiling, "I have also heard about this matter."

    "However, it's just a very normal martial strife."

    "Since they are ready to settle their grudges with a martial contract, let them go."

    "It is inconvenient for us, the Martial Temple, to interfere in such a trivial matter."

    "Moreover, you should be aware that the Martial God Temple represents a country."

    "Once we interfere, that person's grudge can rise to the national level."

    "When that happens, it can be really bad to end it."

    The man in front of him said slowly, but had no intention of interfering in the matter.

    After all, the Martial God Temple's existence was mainly to stabilize the national situation as well as represent the Huaxia Martial Dao in foreign negotiations.

    Unless it was a large-scale and unjustified massacre, the Martial God Temple generally did not intervene.

    After all, the martial dao world was constantly in strife, and various engagements were happening every day.If the Martial Divine Hall were to meddle in everything, it would simply not be able to do so.It would be better to let it go, which would instead spawn strong people.

    "But Boxing King, this concerns a genius descendant of my Huaxia."

    "If this appointment is not stopped, my Huaxia Martial Dao will most likely lose a future "War God"!"Lu Tianhe anxiously advised.

    The man laughed lightly, his words carrying a bit of banter, "The genius offspring you're talking about should be that so-called "Mr. Chu", right?"

    "I've seen his track record, and the most commendable one is just the slaying of the Sword God Palace's first apprentice."

    "If that holds up as a genius junior, then I've seen too many of them."

    "But in the end, how many of these can ascend the Huaxia Ancestor List?"

    "The vast majority of them are, and they're not devoid of people just yet."

    "As for Warsaw's second War God?It's even more nonsense."

    "If the "War God" was so easy to be, then there wouldn't be only one Ye Qingtian in the hundred years since the founding of Huaxia."

    The man shook his head and said, and then he waved his hand, "Alright, you guys go back."

    "A nameless descendant is just a nobody, it's not worth the Martial God Hall to do anything for him."

    "But Fist King, he might die..."Lu Tianhe, perhaps in love with his talent, once again advised him bitterly.

    When the Boxing Emperor heard this, his face sank, and his words were now filled with more anger.

    "Survival of the fittest!"

    "The strong are supposed to step out on flames and corpses."

    "If you don't even understand this, why are you learning the martial arts?"

    "Great Wave, if he is truly a genius, then he will be like the God of War back then, defeating the Moonwatching River as an opportunity to prove himself.At that time, the Martial God Hall will naturally do its best to cultivate him."

    "Otherwise, in the end, he's just a peasant, so what qualifications does he have to ask us to save him?"


The words were resounding, words like gold and stone, resounding unceasingly throughout the hall.

    In the face of the Boxer's angry words, Fang Shaohong and Lu Tianhe, the two mighty chief instructors of the Three Armies, didn't even dare to let out a single fart.

    In the end, they lowered their heads, sighed, and left with a loss.


    "It seems that it can only depend on that Mr. Chu, his own creation."

    On the way back, Lu Tianhe was filled with sorrow, and Fang Shaohong also sighed grudgingly.

    Originally, they were planning to ask Ye Fan to take their place, and they even fantasized that in a few decades, a big man like the "God of War" would emerge from their Yanjing Military District.

    But who would have thought that such a change would occur now.

    From their point of view, Ye Fan was afraid that it would be very difficult for him to pass this disaster.

    If this battle goes, with Ye Fan's strength, he would probably become a dead soul under the Moonwatching River Sword!

    And if he didn't go, Ye Fan would be ruined and completely become a laughingstock, and there would be no place for him in the entire Huaxia.

    Before they came, Lu Tianhe and Fang Shaohong were hoping that the Martial God Temple would intervene, but now it seemed that it was wishful thinking after all.

    The people of the Martial God Temple were all supreme powerhouses of Huaxia, with high positions of authority and supreme majesty.

    And Ye Fan, in the eyes of these people, was nothing more than a nobody, no different from an insect.

    Naturally, they don't care about Ye Fan's life or death, so why would they condescend to help him?

    Just like this, in the sound of a ghostly sigh, but the two of them, Lu Tianhe, drove once again, rushed to the east of the river, to the place where the Moonwatching River and Ye Fan's rendezvous was taking place.

    And after the two of them left Lu Tianhe, but inside the Martial God Hall, there were two people talking.

    One of them, dressed in a grey robe, was sitting on a sofa leisurely drinking tea.

    This person was, indeed, the man Lu Tianhe had called the Champion earlier.

    The one sitting opposite him, with a slightly more handsome appearance and a blue shirt, was bowing his head, carefully polishing the sword in his hand, while faintly asking, "Just now, someone was looking for you?"

    The Boxer nodded, "Well, the Yanjing Military District."

    "Wanted to ask us to come out and save an unknown junior."

    "What a joke, and you really think we're firefighters, what kind of people are you asking us to save too?"

    "What's even more interesting is that they also said that this person will most likely be the second War God of our Huaxia Martial Dao."

    "Really?"The man in the green shirt shook his head and laughed when he heard, "So how did you get back?"

    "How else can I go back?I'll just say that back then, if the War God could defeat this Moonwatching River, he would naturally be able to do so as well, and then let them go."The Boxing King sipped his tea and slowly said.

    "Then what do you think, this junior, it's really possible for him to defeat Moonwatching River?"The man in the blue shirt asked again.

    "How is that possible?"The Fist King sneered, "I took a little look at the boy's background, and if he goes up against Moonwatching River, he will die!"

    "This Moonwatching River, by all accounts, is a strong contemporary with us.Thirty years and he's already famous in East Asia."

    "That descendant is just a nobody, could it be that he can really go against the world?"

    The Boxer shook his head and said, his words instinctively carrying a bit of contempt.

    It was normal, Ye Fan's age was right there.

    A teenager in his early twenties would not be taken too seriously by normal people.

    When the man in the blue shirt heard that, he also nodded with a smile and asked, "By the way, this teenager, what's his name?"

    "Surname Ye, name Fan.People call it, Mr. Chu!"The boxer returned in a deep voice.

    "Evan?"The lightly veiled man repeated the story and laughed softly.

    After they finished chatting, they didn't think about the matter anymore.

    To these people who stood at the pinnacle of power, Ye Fan was just a nobody after all, and if it wasn't for the reputation of the Moonwatching River, I guess the Boxing King wouldn't even bother to look at Ye Fan's information.

    Thus, the Boxing King and the others quickly forgot about this small matter and put it behind them.

    However, this matter might not be of any concern to the Martial God Temple, while Jiangdong was a different story.

    The big bosses in each city, everyone was in danger.

    The entire Jiangdong Province was permeated with a tense and depressing atmosphere.

    It was as if it was the last calm before the storm.

    Li Er, Chen Ao, as well as Lei Laosan and the others, were all like crazy, searching everywhere for Mr. Chu's whereabouts.

    Qiu Mu Orange, also with a worried face, was feeling guilty and torn in her heart.

    The guilt was naturally because Xu Lei had suffered danger on her behalf.

    And the tangled one was whether Ye Fan should appear or not.

    After that night's scene, Qiu Mu Orange undoubtedly truly felt the powerful and terrifying Moonwatching River.

    Qiu Mu Orange felt that even Ye Fan would be difficult to be his opponent, and even, probably perish.

    As Ye Fan's wife, Qiu Mu Orange naturally didn't want Ye Fan to take any risks.

    But, what about Xu Lei if such Ye Fan has been avoiding it?What about Kangdong?

    One side was life and death, the other side was righteousness.

    Qiu Mu Orange was undoubtedly in a dilemma as well, she really didn't know if she should let Ye Fan come back if he contacted her.

    In the midst of such conflicting feelings, time, little by little, was passing by.

    During this period of time, the martial dao crowds from every major province and city in Huaxia had undoubtedly come in droves.

    Strong people from all four directions, like a hundred rivers converging on the sea, all converged on the land of Jingzhou.

    In just a few days, the streets of Jingzhou City were filled with many luxury cars of foreign brands.

    In particular, the major hotels along Dongchang Lake were bizarrely full, and it was hard to get a room.

    Clearly, these people, were all preparing to come watch the upcoming Dongchang Lake battle!

    Only, five days in a row had passed, and Mr. Chu's figure still hadn't appeared.

    It was as if the entire man had evaporated from the earth, and there was no news of him at all in the entire Jiangdong land.

    "You guys say, where the hell did Mr. Chu go?"

    "It's been five days."

    "The matter of the appointment has been spread throughout Warsaw!"

    "Even if Mr. Chu went to Hainan, then damn it, he must have heard about the change in Jiangdong."

    "But why, still no news at all?"

    In the room, Li Er and the others were worried.

    These five days were undoubtedly like years to a group of dignitaries in Jiangdong.The only feeling was that there was always a knife hanging above their necks, no one knew when this butcher's knife would fall.

    Listening to Li Er's complaint, Xu Ao and Lei Lao San were also silent.

    At the end, Li Er suddenly looked up and lowered his voice, "You guys say, Mr. Chu won't really run away, right?"

    "If that's the case, then we, Jiangdong, will really be screwed by Mr. Chu."

    Li Er was terrified and full of bitterness.

    In today's society, communication was developed, and the ends of the earth were like neighbors.

    Even if Ye Fan encountered something big, a phone call shouldn't be difficult, right?

    However, there was a delay in hearing from them.

    Why is this?

    Even though, no one said it outright, everyone actually knew it by heart.

    It was certain that Mr. Chu, who had taken the initiative to cut off his connection with the outside world, didn't want to be found.

    In other words, it was extremely likely that Ye Fan had already fled in order to avoid the Moonwatching River's pursuit.



    "I don't think so."

    "If Mr. Chu really ran away, he would have fled with his parents and wife and children, so he couldn't just run away on his own."

    Lei laosan shook his head and said in a deep voice.

    Ye Ximei and Qiu Mu Orange were both still in Jiangdong, and Lei Laosan felt that Ye Fan should not be so desperate as to care only about his own life and death, and not the safety of his loved ones.

    Listening to Lei Laosan's analysis, both Chen Ao and Li Er nodded their heads.

    If it was the two of them, even if they had to run for their lives, they would not be able to abandon their wives and children and run by themselves.

    However, Wang Jiexi who was on the side shook his head and laughed, "Third Master, don't take anything for granted."

    "Back then, Han Gaozu Liu Bang, in order to save his own life, repeatedly kicked his own sons and daughters off the car."

    "Throughout the ages, those who have achieved great things have never been able to fathom what people do in life!"

    "Mr. Chu became famous at a young age, only in his early twenties, and he is all-powerful in Jiangdong."

    "To have such an achievement at such a young age is extraordinary.Naturally very reasonable to measure."

    Wang Jiexi's words made Lei Laosan and Chen Ao, and in a split second, three pairs of eyes brushed against Wang Jiexi.

    "Old Wang, what do you mean?"

    "Could it be that you think that Mr. Chu, who abandoned his wife and children in order to stay alive, has even disregarded the lives of his own parents?"

    Lei Laosan and the others' eyebrows were gloomy, but a pair of eyes looked straight at Wang Jiexi.

    Seeing this, Wang Jiexi smiled and explained, "Don't misunderstand, I, Wang Jiexi, am loyal and devoted to Mr. Chu, and in no way have any intention of vilifying him."

    "The words I just said were merely a reminder to everyone.While we are trying to find Mr. Chu, we should also be prepared for the fact that Mr. Chu will not return."

    "We're all businessmen, we should know that eggs can't be put in the same basket, right?"

    Wang Jiexi faced the crowd and said slowly.

    His words also poured out a reminder to Li Er and the others.

    "Well, indeed, we should prepare both hands."

    "It's just that, even Wu Kun, Murong Feng and other Martial Dao seniors have been defeated, our Jiangdong, other than Mr. Chu, who else can deal with this Moonwatching River?"

    In the meantime, Li Er and the others were worried.

    Before Moonwatching River came, he had obviously investigated all the major powers of Jiangdong clearly.

    As soon as he made his move, he had almost crippled the entire Jiangdong martial arts experts.

    Even the president of the Jiangdong Martial Arts Association, Murong Feng, had suffered severe injuries and was still in the intensive care unit right now.

    As for that retainer Zheng He that Li Er had said before, Li Er had already asked about it, and it simply wouldn't work.

    Hearing the name of Sword God Looking Moon River, at that time, that Zheng He was so scared that his legs went weak, let alone going out against the enemy.

    "And me!"

    Just as the crowd was worried, only a low voice could be heard.

    A strapping man was seen, stepping out between dragon and tiger steps.

    This person was vigorous and strong, the tendon flesh on his arms almost burst through his sleeves.Bronze-colored skin, give is to give a masculine feeling of majestic majesty.

    That kind of feeling, as if the person walking in at this time was not a person, but a fierce tiger.

    "You are?"

    Li Er, Chen Ao and the others were surprised and filled with confusion as they all looked at the suddenly appearing man in front of them and asked in astonishment.

    However, this man ignored them.

    After appearing, he walked straight towards Wang Jiexi's direction, then bowed and bent down, paying respectful homage to Wang Jiexi, "Nephew Qin Fei, I'm late."

    "Please also chastise uncle!"

    The low and deep voice, as if muffled thunder echoed, shook people's ears and coils roared.

    The crowd was naturally even more confused as they saw this and looked at Wang Jiexi, "Mr. Wang, this is?"


    "Don't worry everyone, I'll introduce you to him."

    "This, is my nephew, Qin Fei."

    "Just like Second Master Li's sister, my nephew has been fond of martial arts fighting since he was a child."

    "Later on, my nephew Qin Fei was fortunate enough to be appreciated by the head of the Jinling He family, He Chen, and was accepted as his disciple, and at the age of fifteen over there, he traveled to Jinling to study under Elder He Chen."

    "This journey was nearly twenty years."

    "Now that Jiangdong is in danger, I purposely summoned him back."

    "As well as contributing to our Jiangdong,"Wang Jiexi slowly smiled.

    The others had yet to speak, but Lei Laosan was the first to be shocked.

    "He Chen?"

    "Could it be that the He Chen you're talking about is the tenth ranked Martial Master on the Huaxia Clan Ranking, the Master of the Jinling He Family, Old Master He Chen?"

    Clerics were like dragons.

    In any country, a martial arts master, it was bound to be a phoenix-like existence.

    Just like the great size of Huaxia, magnificent 1.3 billion people, recognized by the world's martial arts masters, there are only ten only.

    The Master List was naturally a list that recorded the ranking of these masters.

    Of course, what the Masters List represented was not only strength and weakness, but also supreme glory and status.

    Each and every one of the characters on the Master List is respected by the world and is subservient to countless dignitaries.

    Everyone in the martial arts world is undoubtedly a household name for the great masters on the list.

    And He Chen was, of course, one of them.

    Lei Laosan came from a martial family, and although the martial gene had been passed down to his generation and had almost been cut off and declined, Lei Laosan had always followed the martial world, and had certainly heard of the name He Chen.

    "Exactly the family master."

    Faced with Lei Laosan's trembling, Qin Fei smiled lightly, but returned proudly.

    Hearing this, Lei laosan was delighted.


    "King, can ah you."

    "Hide deep enough!"

    "I never thought that your old Wang family would still have such a true dragon hidden away?"

    "A master teacher will produce a great disciple."

    "With Qin Fei here, even if Mr. Chu doesn't arrive on that day, our Jiangdong is expected to win, ah!"

    Lei laosan laughed.

    Li Er's heart also relaxed a lot.

    Previously, they were also worried that if Mr. Chu didn't come after ten days, what would they do in Jiangdong?

    But now, it looks like it's saved.

    Only Chen Ao was gazing and silent.

    He sized up Qin Fei, then asked in a deep voice, "Mr. Qin, how much do you know about this Sun Country Sword God, Moonwatching River?"

    Qin Fei shook his head, "Not a clue."


    Qin Fei's words made the corner of Li Er's eyes draw in, and Lei Lao San's laughter then came to an abrupt end.

    As the saying goes, only when you know yourself and your enemy can you fight a hundred battles without peril!

    But this guy in front of me, he's coming in with both eyes open and not knowing anything.

    This really looks a bit unreliable.

    However, Qin Fei's next words, however, let down the stone that was hanging in the hearts of the crowd.

    "Although I don't know much about the Moonwatching River."

    "But I know that the fist technique used when War God Ye Qingtian defeated Moonwatching River back then was inherited from the He family, the He King Fist!"

    "My teacher once said that only the He Wang Fist, which is the only martial art in the world, can overcome the Greenwood Sword Technique of the Moonwatching River!"

    "So, to me, defeating Moonwatching River is like defeating a dog!"



    The words resounded, just like gold and stones falling to the ground, but they echoed unceasingly throughout the hall.

    As he said this, Qin Fei's inner energy was released, and the crowd only felt a strong wind sweeping across.

    When they looked down and looked again, they found that the floor beneath that Qin Fei's feet were all cracked and crumbling inch by inch.




    "Steady, with Mr. Qin here, our Jiangdong, steady~"

    In the hall, someone shouted out in excitement.

    These people here, how had they ever seen such a scene before?

    Now seeing that Qin Fei can crack the floor with a single foot, he naturally feels that this Qin Fei in front of him, is a superior person.

    However, the corner of Chen Ao's eyes unconsciously twitched.

    The reason is that when he looked at Qin Fei, who was proudly pretending to be a pusher, it was as if he saw the boxing champion Horton, who died tragically in the Shengtian Restaurant in Jianghai City.


    Half an hour later, Qin Fei followed Wang Jiexi back.

    The crowd that was deliberating in the hall also quickly dispersed.

    Here, only Lei Laosan, Chen Ao and Li Er were left.

    Chen Ao looked at the direction where Wang Jiexi and the others left, while saying in a deep voice, "Li Er, Lao San, do you guys really think that this Qin Fei is reliable?"

    "That Moonwatching River, but a divine man who can break mountains and rivers with a single sword!"

    "It's highly likely that Mr. Chu is afraid to show his face because he's afraid of that Sword Saint's might."

    "This Wang Jiexi's nephew is really capable of this?"

    "Do you really believe what he just said?"

    Chen Ao had suspicions and couldn't help but ask.

    Li Er sniffed, but he was paralyzed with helplessness: "Chen, it's not a question of whether we believe or not, but we have no choice."

    "Otherwise, don't you have a better candidate?"

    Li Er asked in a deep voice.

    Chen Ao was suddenly silent.

    Li Er was right, regardless of whether this Qin Fei really had the ability to deal with the Moonwatching River or not, it was already invaluable for him to come forward at this time.



    It was already dark when Qin Fei and Wang Jiexi returned home to Hauzhou.

    After a simple meal, Wang Jiexi called Qin Fei into the study.

    "Little Fei, are you really confident that you can deal with the Moonwatching River?"

    Everyone wasn't stupid.

    This Moonwatching River was a wrist wrestler with Ye Qingtian thirty years ago, and had been famous in the martial world for a long time.

    Qin Fei, on the other hand, was a nobody himself after all, despite having studied from a famous family.

    Even Wang Jiexi was undoubtedly a little worried.

    Qin Fei, however, smiled casually, "Uncle, don't worry."

    "This time, since I dared to volunteer my time, I naturally have full confidence!"

    "Even if my He King Fist can't deal with him, I still have other means to take his life."

    "That Moonwatching River, no matter how powerful he was when he was young, but he is now, after all, old."

    "An old immortal, I, Qin Fei, am in my prime and a disciple of the clan, could it be that I still can't deal with him?"

    "Uncle, wait until that day, and you'll see your nephew, force to turn the tide!"

    "When I slay that Sun Country Sword God, I'll ascend to the top of Jiangdong in one fell swoop and take that Mr. Chu's place!"

    "At that time, the number one heroic family of this Jiangdong will no longer be the Li family of Yunzhou, nor the Chen and Lei families of Jianghai, but the Wang family of Haoshu!"


    Wang Jiexi seemed to still have concerns in his heart, and the tight frown between his forehead didn't stretch out because of these words from Qin Fei.

    "Uncle, there are no more buts."

    "We've been waiting for this moment for twenty years, haven't we?"

    "Back then, when you sent me to Jinling and spent a lot of money for me to pay my respects to the He Clan, wasn't it just so that in the future, I could have the power to control Jiangdong and become the master of this Jiangdong?"

    "Now that the Moonwatching River is raging, Mr. Na Chu is afraid but not afraid."

    "A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, how can we give it up?"

    "This seat of Jiangdong's esteem, if that little boy surnamed Chu can sit, I, Qin Fei, can likewise sit!"

    The words were muddled, as if a blazing fire was burning.

    Under Qin Fei's enormous ambition, Wang Jiexi bit his teeth and also agreed to Qin Fei to go out to fight the Moonwatching River on that day.



    Qin Fei's appearance was undoubtedly a small episode for the entire Jiangdong.

    Even though everyone in Jiangdong agreed to let Qin Fei face the Moonwatching River.But Li Er and the others, the search for Ye Fan, did not stop.

    Just, how easy was it to find a needle in a haystack?

    What's more, before Ye Fan closed the door, he had deliberately concealed his tracks for his own safety and to prevent being disturbed during his cultivation.

    So much so that, with the help of the police using criminal investigation methods, Lei Laosan was unable to find out any trace of Ye Fan.

    Finally, the time came to the ninth day.

    There was only one last day left before the tenth day.

    "Miss Qiu, do you have any news on your side about Mr. Chu?"

    Liji made the call and asked in a low voice.

    The answer, still, was no.

    At that time, Li Er's face went three shades whiter.

    Today, it was already the ninth day.

    Tomorrow, was the agreed deadline.

    But up to now, Mr. Chu still hadn't shown up and had no news.

    "Could it be that Mr. Chu has really fled in fear?"

    Li Er's eyebrows were furrowed and he said in a low voice.

    In the land of Jianghai, Chen Ao also had a sunken brow, and the depression in his heart remained unabated.

    Lei Laosan of Jingzhou was equally full of sorrow and worry.

    He was wearing a bathrobe, standing like that alone on the rooftop of the villa, his heavy eyes gazing far into the sky.

    I could see the wind and clouds rising in the depths of the mountains and rivers.

    Not far away, the waters of the Yellow River were rolling eastward.

    On the shores of Dongchang Lake, ripples were gusting.

    Jiangdong, the ancient land, would finally have to endure another baptism of wind and snow tomorrow.

    On the night of the last day, no one slept in the land of Jiangdong.

    The leading magnates of the various cities, the dignitaries of the four directions, also tonight, all converged on the land of Jingzhou.

    As Ye Fan's wife, Qiu Mu Orange, after entrusting the company's affairs to her best friend Su Xi, she was ready to drive to Jingzhou.

    No matter if Ye Fan arrives tomorrow or not, she has to go.

    Because Xu Lei, was still in the hands of Moonwatching River!

    "Mu orange, Mu orange~"

    At this time, Qing Tan was driving a car, carrying Qiu Mu Orange, who had just driven out of the garage, and hadn't even left Genting Mountain Villa when a bright woman suddenly appeared on the road ahead.


    "Sissy, what are you doing here?"

    "Didn't I tell you to stay with the company?"

    Seeing that it was her best friend, Suzy, Autumn Mu Orange was surprised for a moment.


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