Dish Best Served Cold 811-815


Chapter 811

"Aunt Mei Mei, you don't know where Brother Fanny has gone, either?"

    After a short conversation, Xu Lei explained the purpose of her visit.

    But what Xu Lei didn't expect was that Ye Ximei didn't even know where Ye Fan was going.

    "What about the Yunzhou side?"

    "Didn't Brother Fanny go back?"Xu Lei asked again in a soft voice.

    Ye Xi Mei shook her head, and a few worries crept up between her eyebrows: "No.Mu Orange also called me a few days ago, asking about Xiaofan's whereabouts."

    "She said that Xiaofan hadn't contacted her for many days as well."


    "You say that Little Fan, this kid is so old, and he's not letting anyone save his life."

    "Even if something really happened, there's always a phone call to report to the family."

    Ye Xi Mei's words contained worry.

    When Xu Lei heard this, she also frowned and had a sudden bad feeling in her heart.

    She understood Ye Fan's temperament, her little brother Fan, was a very family-oriented person.

    If there was no extremely special reason, it was impossible for him to suddenly vanish into obscurity.

    Could it be that something had happened to brother Xiaofan?

    Xu Lei thought this in her heart, but still softly advised Ye Xi Mei, "Aunt Mei Mei, don't worry too much."

    "Brother Xiaofan is not an ordinary person, nothing will happen to him."

    "I guess, it's delayed by something."

    "Let's say, I'll go out and look for brother Fan, you can rest at home and wait for news."

    "Alright then, Lei Lei, there are a lot of things going on in the company, so this matter can only trouble you first.If you have any news about Little Fan, you must tell me first."Ye Xi Mei instructed.

    After that, Xu Lei also left the Mu Fan Group, so she called around to inquire about Ye Fan's whereabouts.

    In Xu Lei's opinion, Ye Fan was the noble of Jiangdong, every word and deed was highly regarded, and those leading big shots of Jiangdong would definitely have news about Ye Fan.

    However, while Xu Lei was asking around about Ye Fan's whereabouts.

    Jiangdong, on the banks of the Yellow River, an old man, standing with his hands in the negative, looking at the firmament.

    In front of him, the river water was rolling and crashing like a wild horse out of control.

    The thick sound of the waves was like muffled thunder echoing, trembling the fields of the four directions.

    Looking at this piece of heaven and earth before him, the old man was startled and lost in thought.

    In his cloudy old eyes, it was as if he had seen the past.

    A moment later, the old man suddenly lifted his hand and pointed at the river in front of him, "Yue'er, do you know how this hundred-meter river in front of you came to be?"

    Rangong Ying Yue looked at it and guessed, "It should be inherited from the ancient times."

    The old man shook his head, "No."

    "Rather, back then, it was opened by a sword for my master."


    Looking at the Moon River's words, the shocked Rangong Ying Yue, couldn't help but draw a breath of cold air.

    A pair of jade hands, lightly covering her red lips.


    "This is real?"

    Horrified, Ranggong Ying Yue's eyes seemed to have surfaced the majestic figure of her teacher back then, who could open the Heavenly River with a single sword.

    "It's a pity that back then, I, Moonwatching River, was able to break the mountains and rivers with a single sword, but I couldn't break his life."

    Between sighs, Moonwatching River suddenly tilted her head up and looked towards Yanjing.

    "Thirty years, Ye Qingtian, I, Moonwatching River, have returned!"

    "Thirty years ago, this is where you and I fought."

    "Back then, I lost a move before my sword technique was completed."

    "This time, I'll come to Huaxia again, and after I finish off that nameless junior, I'll seek you out."

    "I just don't know if you are still worthy of, the name of the War God nowadays."


    The winds are cold and the waves are rough.

    The rushing turbid waves, rolling eastward.

    The Moonwatching River then turned openly and stepped away.

    "Go, Moon."

    "Come with me to meet, that Junior Master."

    "But Teacher, we don't know where he is yet, how can we find him?"Rangong Ying Yue was confused.

    Moonwatching River waved his hand, "Why do we need to go looking for him?"

    "Didn't he call himself the Honorable Man of Edo, I have my own way to get him to come to us on his own accord!"

    Moonwatching Moon River lightly laughed, and then low and deep words slowly swept through this world.

    No one knew what the Moonwatching Moon River was thinking at this time.



    The next day.

    When the first rays of morning light illuminated the earth, a new day, descended.

    Jianghai, the international airport.

    A transatlantic flight had just landed.

    In the midst of the noisy crowd, an old man in a suit, wearing sunglasses and with a strong and elegant look between his eyebrows, walked proudly.

    Behind him was a man and a woman followed by two young men, calling out one master at a time.


    "Master, you are worthy of being the president of our Jiangdong Martial Arts Association, your speech at the International Martial Arts Exchange Conference this time was in depth, it was brilliant."

    "Just wait, Master, I'll have the major media report on it tomorrow, and then the number of students coming to our Ultimate Martial Arts Center to save their lives will be designated to skyrocket."

    The man and woman behind him kept saying compliments.

    The old man smiled without saying anything, but the wisp of pride and complacency between his eyebrows was exceptionally distinct.

    However, just as they walked out of the airport, the wind suddenly picked up around them.


    This old man's forward steps also came to a halt.

    "Master, why aren't you leaving?"

    Behind him, came the confused voices of his two disciples.

    The old man remained silent and stood like that.

    His face was sunken, and a pair of cold eyes, with seriousness and gravity, stared dead ahead.

    After a long time, the old man's red lips trembled, pointing forward like looking at a ghost, "You are, the Sun...Sun Country Sword God?"

    Faced with the old man's fear, the figure in front of him only smiled coldly.

    "I didn't expect that after thirty years, someone would still remember me."

    The words fell, and then only a boom was heard.

    An old body, instantly fell to the ground, red blood, staining the earth.

    And the figure in front of it, in a quick message was among the crowd.

    "Master, are you alright?"


    The two disciples in the back hurriedly ran over, looking at their dying master and crying.

    The old man, however, was clenching his teeth, blood coming out of his mouth, and in an inaudible voice, he shuddered and said, "Quick...Quickly...Quickly, go...Go find Lei...Lei San, tell them that Looking...Moonwatching River, come back."



    A few hours later.

    Affiliated to the Chen Group, the Proud Sky Martial Arts Center.

    In front of the door, there were clusters of flowers and guests.

    The brand new red carpet stretched for a hundred meters.

    All around, there was a fiery red festive atmosphere.

    Today, is the Proud Sky Martial Arts Center's fifth anniversary celebration, the owner of the Martial Arts Center Wu Qing widely invited all the dignitaries of Jianghai, to participate in the celebration.

    Naturally, it was extremely lively.


    "Martial Green Pavilion Master, congratulations."

    "Worthy of being a famous martial arts master of my Jianghai, the contemporary heir of the Wing Chun lineage, ever since you became the owner of this Proud Sky Martial Arts Hall, the business of the martial arts hall has been skyrocketing."

    "The number of students taught out over the years must be in the thousands, right?"

    "I guess it won't be long before the general director of this Jiangdong Martial Arts Association is Master Wu Qing."

    The crowd complimented.


    However, at this moment, a muffled sound was suddenly heard.

    Immediately afterwards, that stone sculpture at the entrance of the martial arts school instantly shattered.


"What people?"

    "How dare you!"

    "The Wuqing Pavilion Master sits down and dares to make trouble?"

    Suddenly encountering the change, the crowd was shocked, and in their anger, they looked around.

    They saw two figures, a man and a woman, slowly emerge at the end of the road ahead.

    The man was a dying old man.

    Although his beard hair was white, he had powerful tiger eyes.A blue shirt and long robe, hunting in the wind.

    The woman, on the other hand, was a young girl.

    A Japanese-style kimono, with a beautiful face.

    Only, that magnificent and beautiful face actually contained a bit of chill and killing intent at this moment.


    "What do I take for a man?"

    "So an old immortal, plus a yellow-haired girl."

    "If you don't want to die, get out of here!"

    "Today is the day of our Proud Sky Martial School's big celebration, we are not going to meet you."

    After seeing these two, someone laughed contemptuously.

    However, no one noticed that at this time, that Martial Hall's owner, Wu Qing, instantly glared at the eyes and the increasingly eventful old face after seeing that dying old man.

    "You...You are, Moonwatching...Moonwatching River?!!!"

    Wu Qing's body trembled tremendously, his old eyes crinkled, and he lost his voice and shouted wildly.

    "Congratulations, you're right."

    Rangong Ying Yue smiled faintly, while abruptly drawing her sword.

    With a flash of green light, a demonic line of blood immediately appeared under the Heavenly River.

    Wu Qing crumbled to the ground.

    Then, in the midst of everyone's terrified gazes, the old man and the young man then went away.

    Just like this, in just a few days, similar scenes appeared one after another in all the major cities of Jiangdong.

    Not only Jiang Hai's Proud Sky Martial Arts Center, but also Jingzhou's Thunderbolt Martial Arts Center, Yunzhou's Lieyang Martial Arts Center and other famous martial arts centers in the east of Jiangdong were all kicked.

    The owners of the martial schools were either dead or crippled.

    Not only that, some famous martial arts families, such as the Master of Tai Chi and the descendants of Wing Chun, were also beaten up and killed.

    After this matter emerged, it quickly swept through the entire Jiangdong Martial World like a twelfth-grade gale!

    A time when everyone was in danger.

    Confusion, bloodshed, fear.

    All sorts of emotions, filling everyone's hearts!

    Numerous people were terrified and curious, who, exactly, was it?

    How dare you single-handedly defeat the entire Jiangdong Martial World with one person!

    Could it be that the former richest man in Jiangdong, Zhao Wuji, is making a comeback?

    Or is it that Liao City Meng family, Meng Chunhua, who's resurgent?

    Just when everyone was wondering who the originator of this crime was, suddenly, a news came out, like a boulder into the sea, and immediately afterwards, a huge wave was created in the entire Jiangdong Martial World!

    It's the Moon River!

    It's thirty years ago, the Japanese Sword God who swept through Huaxia and swept east of the river, Moonwatching River has returned!

    If a nuclear explosion were to occur, countless people throughout the Jiangdong Martial World would wail in despair, and everyone would be in danger.

    So, under endless fear, that night, Lei Laosan immediately contacted the leading bigwigs of each big city, and decided to meet at the place where Mr. Chu held the Sky and Sea Feast to discuss countermeasures.

    That night, hundreds of millions of citizens just came home from work, some accompanied by parents chatting about family life, some tutoring children's homework, some are immersed in the wife's tender land, relying on that unspeakable pleasure to wash away the body exhaustion.

    The whole world, it looks like business as usual.

    However, how would they know what kind of undercurrents are raging beneath this seemingly peaceful exterior?

    That night, on the highway heading to the various large cities to Yunzhou, there were suddenly countless luxury cars.

    They were playing with their lives, running madly towards the land of Yunzhou!

    And, the various local traffic intersections, tell toll booths have gotten the message, to them all the way to the green light, after seeing the direct release, unstoppable.

    Looking at it from afar, it was like a flood of steel, rolling in from all directions, just like a hundred rivers converging the sea.

    "I go?"

    "What the fuck happened here?"

    "Could it be that Jiangdong is going to change again?"

    People on the side of the road, looking at the various luxury cars racing madly, couldn't help but be stunned and sigh in disbelief.

    At the same time, Yunzhou City, Haiyuan Pavilion Hotel.

    The old boss Peng Zhenhua received a temporary notice from Li Er, Haiyuan Pavilion must be cleared immediately.

    Everyone, regardless of their background status, all expelled.

    Twenty minutes later, Li Er's men would move in here and directly take over the hotel.

    Peng Zhenhua, who got this news, cursed at the time.


    Can't we do business anymore?

    Clear the field again?

    Clear the peat!

    Peng Zhenhua was on the verge of tears.

    In the last few months, they had cleared out the Haiyuan Pavilion for an unknown number of times and had offended many customers.

    Now coming again?

    But what could Penn Zhenhua do if he complained in his heart?

    In Yunzhou, Master Li is heaven!

    How dare Pang Zhenhua not listen to his words.

    So, Pang Zhenhua then made arrangements to go on.

    "Son of a bitch, clearing the field again?"

    "Is there any end to this?"

    "My last engagement, you guys cleared the room."

    "My daughter-in-law has changed, and this engagement, you guys are fucking still coming?"

    "Son of a bitch, you're playing with me, aren't you?"

    "I, Chu Wenfei, will fight for you!"

    In Haiyuan Court, a private room, Chu Wenfei's eyebrows were red and he was yelling at the hotel's owner.

    How much anger to have in your heart!

    The thought of trampling down this Haiyuan Pavilion was on their minds.

    However, Peng Zhenhua and the others were given deadly orders, so how could they pay attention to these people wind complaining.

    Without saying a word, a few security guards immediately walked up and kicked Chu Wenfei on the ground while they racked him and threw him outside.

    In just ten minutes, the entire Haiyuan Court Restaurant was cleared out.

    In the fifteenth minute, the major rooms and corridors were cleaned.

    In the twentieth minute, hundreds of men in suits entered the restaurant and officially took over the security guarantee of the Haiyuan Court.

    In a radius of a hundred meters, all irrelevant personnel were dismissed and cleared out.

    In twenty-five minutes, the big men from the big cities arrived one after another.

    In the fiftieth minute, the leading big men of the eighteen major cities in Jiangdong Province gathered at the top of Haiyuan Pavilion.

    In the private room, the big bosses of the major cities sat around the long table.

    The frontmost seat, which was empty, was Ye Fan's seat, so naturally no one dared to sit.

    "Master Lei San, still not starting?Is there someone else?"

    Seeing that almost everyone was present, but Lei Laosan, who had proposed this meeting, didn't seem to have any intention of starting the meeting, the crowd couldn't help but ask in confusion.

    Lei laosan looked at his watch and said in a deep voice, "Everyone wait, there are two more on their way."


    As soon as Lei's words fell, the sound of hurried footsteps came from the corridor outside.

    Delicate high heels struck the ground, and soon, two equally exquisite and stunning silhouettes appeared on everyone's eyelids.

    Seeing the visitors, the crowd of big men were shocked, and then they hurriedly stood up and paid respectful homage.

    This is, Jiangdong's Empress has arrived~.


"Hello, Lady Chu!"


    "Miss Autumn, you're here?"

    "Why didn't you say so earlier so we could go down and greet you."


    The woman in front of her who was gorgeous and intoxicatingly beautiful was not Mr. Chu's hair wife, Autumn Mu Orange, so who could it be?

    Therefore, seeing Autumn Mu Orange arriving, Li Er and the others whirled forward and greeted her respectfully.

    As the saying goes, a wife is precious to her husband.

    Perhaps, Qiu Mu Orange was just a small descendant of the Qiu family before, an ordinary, ordinary woman.

    However, after Ye Fan ascended to the top and stood at the top, Autumn Mu Orange was no longer ordinary.


    "And Xu?"

    "Didn't Xu go back to Yanjing, why are you here too?"

    When they walked in, Li Er and the others only noticed that behind Qiu Mu Orange, there was a stunning woman with an elegant and noble demeanor.

    This person, whom everyone knew, was the beautiful CEO of the Red Flag Group, the Jiangdong goddess Xu Lei.

    However, ever since Xu Lei returned to the family, Jiang Dong had no news of her.

    Now that she suddenly returned, everyone was naturally a bit surprised.

    "Alright, let's talk about catching up later."

    "Mr. Chu is not here, Miss Xu, Miss Qiu, you two, go sit at Mr. Chu's place first."

    Lei Laosan arranged.


    Xu Lei and the two of them both nodded and sat over as well.

    Only after everyone was present did Lei laosan speak out.

    "Gentlemen, I know that this meeting today should be convened by Mr. Chu."

    "But now that the matter is important and Mr. Chu is not here, I, Lei Laosan, have to shamelessly convene you all to discuss the matter out of consideration for the greater good."

    "As for Miss Qiu and the others, I invited them as well."

    "Mr. Chu is the Lord of Jiangdong, it would be a great disrespect to Mr. Chu if we were to convene this gathering of Jiangdong giants privately behind his back."

    "What's more, our next decision may have a bearing on the future power landscape of Jiangdong, and Miss Qiu, as Mr. Chu's close family member, should also attend today's meeting on Mr. Chu's behalf."

    "Everyone should be fine with this, right?"

    Lei laosan looked at the crowd and asked slowly.

    Li Er and Chen Ao looked at each other and thought to themselves that this old thing Lei laosan is really old and wise, doing things without any leaks.

    After all, if Lei laosan didn't call Qiu Mu orange to come and listen to the meeting, but convened the gathering tonight, once Mr. Chu returned, he would definitely think that Lei laosan had second thoughts and wanted to flee from power.

    But now, Qiu Mu Orange was invited to the meeting, so naturally, the crowd would not be able to catch Lei Laosan.Moreover, they could also show their loyalty to Ye Fan through such an act.


    "Mr. Chu doesn't have any children yet, and now that Mr. Chu isn't here, he should also be represented by Miss Qiu."

    The crowd also nodded their heads, no one objected to the participation of these women from Qiu Mu Orange in the meeting, they all agreed.

    "Good, since that's the case, let's begin."

    Lei laosan drank his tea first, cleared his throat, and continued.

    "As I'm sure you all know, my Lei Family, is a martial family."

    "My Lei Family's ancestor, even held an important position in the Martial God Temple, ruling the country's martial dao!"

    "For the matters of the Martial World, there should be no one here who knows more than me, Lei Laosan."

    "So, this meeting today, with me presiding over it, everyone should have no opinions, right?"

    Lei laosan said this, seemingly asking the audience, but in reality, it was still said to Chen Ao and Li Er two people.

    After all, in terms of the prestige in Jiangdong, besides Mr. Chu, the only ones who can compete with the Jingzhou Lei family are Chen Ao and Li Er.

    This meeting, if the two of them didn't support it, then there was no point in holding it.

    But obviously, Chen Ao and Li Er are not unreasonable people who don't care about the overall situation.

    Now that the big enemy was at hand, Chen Ao and the two of them did not steal the limelight from Lei San and both nodded their heads in agreement.

    "Lao San, let's not talk about these unnecessary words."

    "Let's directly step into the main topic."

    "Our understanding of the martial world is indeed far inferior to yours."

    "For example, this Moonwatching River, who is it?"

    "Why do you make these National Martial Masters, Martial Dao Seniors, such as Wu Qing and Master Tan, so terrified and fearful?"

    "Is he, like, awesome?"

    "Better than Wu Heirong, even better?"

    Chen Ao asked in confusion.

    The rest of the people also looked at Lei Lao San.

    It was obvious that even these leading big men of the cities around the world knew very little about the martial arts world and were only limited to the long-famous traditional martial arts like Wing Chun and Tai Chi.

    Of course, this is also related to the fact that the development of martial arts in Jiangdong is backward.

    The number of martial artists in the entire Jiangdong region was extremely small, and the number of martial artists who had been introduced to the martial arts was even smaller, otherwise, they wouldn't have been so overstretched when they dealt with Wu He Rong.

    Thus, it was normal for the crowd to be ignorant of the martial world.

    In response to the crowd's question, after a moment of silence, Lei Lao San nodded heavily.

    "This Moonwatching River, it's strong!"

    "Wu He Rong is a cloud compared to him."

    "Moreover, what you don't know is that Moonwatching River visited Warsaw thirty years ago."

    "At that time, he had already excelled in the martial arts and reached the realm of a martial arts master!"

    "And, he was the successor of the number one strongest swordsman of the Sun Country back then, Aoki Sword God."

    "By virtue of his powerful sword skills, thirty years ago, he came east on the sea and swept across the entire China."

    "In Jiangnan, Jiangbei, and even the five southwestern provinces, wherever the Moonwatching River passes, life does not survive and killing continues!"

    "Almost all of the hundreds of martial powerhouses in the sixteen provinces along the Huaxia coast were cut down by his sword."

    "Of course, you may not be able to feel his strength even if I say this."

    "But you should have seen the Yellow River channel in my city of Jingzhou."

    "To this day, the Yellow River is still flowing eastward in that channel."

    "And one of the sections of the river that is a hundred meters long is thanks to him!"

    "One of his swords can break mountains and rivers!"


    Dead silence!

    A long, dead silence!

    After Lei Laosan's words fell, the entire room was actually silent.

    All of them, stared in horror, their hearts and minds trembling.

    A single sword could break mountains and rivers?


    How strong does it have to be?

    Only now did Li Er and the others understand what Ye Fan had said, that if the Dao of Martial Arts was at its peak, no gun could be feared!

    "And then what happened?"

    "And then this Moonwatching River, did it really fight all over Warsaw, unbeatable?"

    After a moment's silence, someone continued to ask.

    Lei laosan shook his head, "Of course not!"

    "The five thousand years of my Chinese heritage, even though the martial arts are in decline today, it is by no means a match for the Japanese Kingdom?"

    "Back then, the matter of the Moonwatching River sweeping through the Huaxia Martial Dao made a big fuss."

    "In the end, it alarmed the highest authority of the Martial Dao, the Martial God's Martial Hall."

    "Just as the Martial God Temple was preparing to send a strong man to take action, who would have thought that there would be a teenager in his early twenties in the Jiangnan Military District who would stand up."

    "That teenager, at that time, happened to be on a mission in Jiangdong and ended up in Jingzhou, where he narrowly met Moonwatching River!"

    "Thus, a summit duel began on the banks of the Yellow River in Jingzhou."


"At the end, Moonwatching River was seriously wounded and lost."

    "And [PEN] that army boy, he became famous in one battle!"

    In the room, Lei Lao San slowly narrated.

    The low and deep voice lingered in the ears of the crowd.

    Chen Ao and the others listened intently, as if the scenes from back then were all floating before their eyes.

    After all, the battle that Lei Laosan was talking about nowadays was closely related to them, so they naturally listened carefully.

    "Where is that person?"

    "Who's that guy?"

    "Can we hire him again to help us deal with this Moonwatching River."

    "You tell him, the price is whatever he wants it to be."

    Hearing the last, the crowd was as if they had fallen into the water and grasped a life-saving straw, asking anxiously to Lei laosan.

    When Lei laosan heard it, he smiled.

    It was as if he had heard the best joke ever.


    "Ridiculous, what do you think money and profit are to a man at the pinnacle of power and authority?"

    Lei Lao San shook his head and laughed while continuing, "This person, his name is Ye Qingtian."

    "Today, he is already an average existence of a war god in the army."

    "Even more so, he is the number one strongest person in the Huaxia Martial World today."

    "Talking about money with this kind of person, you are insulting him."

    While Lei Laosan lightly laughed, Chen Ao and the others, however, were all shocked.

    "Ye Qingtian?"

    "A war god in the army?"

    "The number one strongest man in Warsaw?"

    "Oh my God!"

    "That strong?"

    The crowd lost their voices in emotion.

    Lei Lao San nodded and continued, "So, today's Ye Qingtian is already the person standing at the pinnacle of Huaxia."

    "This kind of big figure is simply not something that we people are qualified to touch."

    "Even for me, these things are from what I heard from my grandfather."

    "So, how easy is it to talk about asking the War God for help?"

    "Not to mention that we don't even know where Ye Qingtian is right now, and even if we did, with our status, I'm afraid we wouldn't even be qualified to see him."

    "We still have to think of another way for this matter."

    Lei laosan shook his head and sighed.

    He hadn't thought of inviting Ye Qingtian back again to deal with the Moonwatching River.

    But this was clearly delusional.

    They were people who might have some status in the land of Jiangdong, and who would still know them when they were out of Jiangdong.Let alone contact with this kind of person who stood at the pinnacle of Huaxia's martial dao.

    For a moment, the crowd was silent.

    Their eyebrows were locked, showing that they were full of worry.

    After all, this Moonwatching River was raging, provoking and killing everywhere as soon as it entered Jiangdong.

    No one knew what the Moonwatching River's target would be next, and everyone was naturally terrified.

    Especially after learning that this Moonwatching River was so powerful, everyone was naturally even more worried.

    "It's just that I've been confused in my heart."

    "Our Jiangdong land has no grudges with this Moonwatching River in the past, but even if he really wants revenge, he should go to that War God Ye Qingtian ah."

    "Why is this good thing, why is he attacking our Jiangdong?"

    After a moment of silence, Li Er spoke out, voicing his confusion.


    "We didn't provoke him in Jiangdong, so why did he charge us."

    The others were also confused and asked.

    Hearing this, Lei Lao San's face changed slightly.

    He didn't speak, but turned his head to look at Qiu Mu Orange who had been silent first.

    "Mr. Lei, if you have something to say, there's no need to mind me."

    Qiu Mu Orange could see the embarrassment and hesitation in Lei Lao San's look and was reassured.

    Only then did Lei laosan said, "Speaking of this matter, it should be with Mr. Chu, there is some relationship."


    "Something to do with Mr. Chu?"

    "What's going on here?"

    "Didn't you say that Mr. Chu has been missing for more than half a month, so why are you still involved at this point?"

    At this moment, in the room, a bald head asked in confusion.

    Lei laosan raised his hand, signaling everyone not to worry and listen to him speak slowly.

    "As far as I know, this Moonwatching River, here in Jiangdong, is seeking revenge for his righteous son."

    "And his righteous son, Hua Yingtian, fell into the hands of Mr. Chu just a short while ago."

    "At that time, Mr. Chu was in my land of Jingzhou, so it's normal that you don't know about it."

    Lei Laosan said in a deep voice, his words filled with worry.

    A year ago, when Ye Fan was attacked in a hotel in Jingzhou City, Lei laosan naturally knew about it.

    He even sent someone to capture the thug who attacked Ye Fan at that time, and later learned that that person had fallen under Ye Fan's command.

    But Lei Laosan didn't care about it and only thought that it was an assassin sent by one of Ye Fan's enemies.

    However, only recently did Lei Laosan learn that the man who died that day at the hands of Ye Fan was the Sword God of the Sun Kingdom, a senior disciple of Moonwatching River!

    "So, that Moonwatching River came across the sea to the east to avenge his righteous son?"The head of the Howe State Wang Family, Wang Jiexi frowned and asked in a deep voice.


    "What's it to us if you want revenge on the rightful owner?"The bald man couldn't help but curse.

    When the person next to him heard it, he even poked the bald man, signaling him to be careful what he said.

    Wang Jiexi slowly returned and said, "Very normal."

    "I'm sure this Moonwatching River also knows that Mr. Chu is the esteem of Jiangdong."

    "And we, who serve as Mr. Chu's master, he naturally thinks that we are Mr. Chu's subordinates."

    "Now that Mr. Chu isn't here, it's only logical for him to make a move on us."

    "If what I expect is right, if Mr. Chu is late in appearing, then this Moonwatching River will definitely send us, the Jiangdong crowd, to bury his righteous son."

    Wang Jiexi analyzed in a deep voice.

    Hearing his words, the faces of the crowd of big men present swished white.


    "Does that mean we're all going to get killed by Mr. Chu?"Someone said in fear.

    In the end, everyone's eyes all looked in the direction of Qiu Mu Orange.

    "Miss Qiu, you also heard, now that my Jiangdong is in danger, if you know the whereabouts of Mr. Chu, hurry and tell us ah?"

    "Otherwise, our Jiangdong is truly finished!"


    "That's right, Miss Autumn, you have to get Mr. Chu back quickly."

    The crowd begged bitterly.

    However, in the face of the crowd's words, Autumn Mu Orange's pretty face paled and apologetically shook her head, "I'm not sure of his whereabouts."


    "Even you don't know?"

    "You're husband and wife, where is Mr. Chu going and he won't tell you?"The bald man from before was shocked.

    Qiu Mu Orange nodded again.

    "What about the jade?"

    "Does Miss Autumn know the whereabouts of the jade?"

    The bald man asked again.

    Qiu Mu Orange still shook her head.

    The bald man's heart went cold at the sight of it.

    "Over and out~"

    "Mr. Chu this is designated as, running away with the money."

    "Mr. Chu knew he wasn't a match for Moonwatching River, and after getting the news in advance, he just ran away."

    "It's just that Mr. Chu, you've ruined our entire Jiangdong by walking away~"

    The bald man lamented bitterly, his words desperate.


Hearing the bald man's words, for a moment, the entire room all turned pale.

    The worry in their hearts had undoubtedly intensified.

    If it was really as this bald man said, Mr. Chu had already run away early.

    Then, who could they, Jiang Dong, rely on next?

    The crowd went silent.

    Only the bald man's miserable and somewhat grumbling words echoed in the room.

    "No, it won't."

    "Ye Fan is not such a selfish person."

    "Even if he did want to run, he would have told me and informed all of you."

    "There's no way he'd ignore everyone and flee by himself."

    Qiu Mu-Orange shook her head and said, naturally a thousand and ten thousand disbelief at the words that Ye Fan had already escaped.

    "Yes, I also believe Mr. Chu, there shouldn't be such disregard for morality."

    Li Er also spoke out at this time.

    Lei Lao San and Chen Ao both of them also then agreed and nodded their heads, "Mm.Mr. Chu is righteous, this kind of behavior of abandoning his wife and children and talking about fleeing alone is definitely not something that Mr. Chu can do."

    "Perhaps, Mr. Chu has really been delayed by something."

    However, while Li Er-San was defending Ye Fan, Wang Jiexi, who had been silent, shook his head and laughed, "What is moral righteousness before life and death?"


    "King Master, what do you mean by that?"Li Er frowned, then looked at Wang Jiexi, only to feel that there was something in his words.

    Wang Jiexi shook his head and smiled, "Second Master, don't mind, I'm just talking casually, it doesn't mean anything."

    "As a matter of urgency, I think it's better for everyone to think about who to hire to deal with Moonwatching River."

    "By the way, how about that Martial Arts Association President of our Jiangdong?"

    "When Wu He Rong caused trouble in Jiangdong before, we thought of asking his old man to help us out.But unfortunately, at that time, he was overseas attending the International Martial Arts Exchange Conference."

    "Nowadays, he should have returned to China."

    "He's a recognized martial arts powerhouse in Jiangdong, highly respected and famous for decades."

    "If we can invite him to come out of the mountain, this crisis, even without Mr. Chu, can probably be turned into a crisis."

    Wang Jiexi looked at the crowd and said slowly.

    As the crowd listened, they all felt that this was a good suggestion.


    "Before Mr. Chu became famous, he was our Jiangdong's recognized national martial arts master, a strong patriarch."

    "The fame spread throughout the world."

    "Perhaps even Mr. Chu's strength is inferior to his?"

    The crowd was instantly pleased and praised the passage.

    However, Lei laosan shook his head and sighed.

    "You guys are talking about, it's Old Master Murong Feng, right."

    "Hey, it's already too late."

    "When the Moonwatching River descended on Jiangdong, the first person to ruin it was him."

    "Now he's old man, all still in the intensive care unit of the hospital?"

    "The news from the Moonwatching River, or his disciple ran over to tell me."


    "Old Master Murong Feng, has been crippled?"

    Everyone was shocked at the news, and the heaviness in their hearts undoubtedly intensified.

    "Right, Second Master Li, didn't you previously come from Jiangbei Province to be a martial arts teacher for your sister?I heard that just after arriving in Yunzhou for a month, he dominated the underground boxing ring and fought all over Yunzhou without a single opponent."

    "Ask him if it's okay, if he can handle this Moonwatching River?"

    At this time, someone asked Li Er.

    "A martial arts master from Jiangbei?"Hearing this, Lei, who was on the side, was slightly shocked, "The land north of the river is full of strong people, and the development of martial dao far surpasses that of the east of the river."

    "This person, he might be able to do it.Li Er, you should quickly contact him and ask."

    Lei laosan also advised Li Er.

    Li Er intoned for a moment, then said, "What you guys are talking about, it should be Master Zheng He, right?"

    "Okay then, I'll call and ask.".

    In fact, Li Er didn't have much confidence in Zheng He.

    After all, others looked at the Moon River as an existence that could break mountains and rivers with a single sword, while Zheng He, obviously didn't have the ability.

    However, in the spirit of treating a dead horse as a living doctor, Li Er would ask about it.

    He took out his phone, just unlocked it, and was about to call Zheng He.

    However, it was at this moment that only a loud bang was heard.

    Amidst the deafening muffled sound, everyone only saw that the wall behind them, actually cracked open.

    The cobweb-like cracks spread out in all directions at a speed that was visible to the naked eye.

    In the end, the rubble exploded and an eventful hole appeared in the wall.

    As if the devil's blood basin was opened wide, the gale swept the dust away and swept the entire room in an instant.

    The tea bowls and porcelain pots on the table were swept by the wind and shattered with a loud clatter.


    Everyone was directly confused then, and those eyes, filled with fear and trepidation, stared dead ahead.

    There, just like that, a figure, a demon that had come out of the Nine Profound, stood there.

    Half of the body, was in the endless darkness outside the window.

    The other half, was in the dim light of the room.

    Light and shadow, light and dark, just like this, unceasingly intertwined and flickering.

    It was as if, a devil walking between earth and hell.

    Until, Lei Laosan completely saw his face.

    "Moonwatching River!!!"

    "It's you~"


    It was as if a boulder had entered the sea, creating monstrous waves.

    Lei Laosan's scream undoubtedly caused the crowd to completely pee in fear.

    One by one, like looking at a ghost, they looked at the old figure standing between light and darkness, his old face white and his body trembling tremendously.

    "He...He is, the Sun Country Sword God, Looking...Moonwatching River..."

    The crowd opened their mouths wide, crazy to the point of drawing cold air, and shouted out in disbelief.

    Even Chen Ao was so frightened that he sprang up from his seat and stared ahead with his old eyes deadly.

    As for Li Er, he was even already scared out of his wits!

    As this wall exploded, he went limp and crouched under the table.

    At this moment, everyone had been confused.

    The six gods were at a loss!

    The seven souls and six spirits were scattered.

    Tonight, they had gathered here in order to discuss dealing with the Moonwatching River.

    However, they had never expected that before they had even discussed the outcome, this Moonwatching River would just kill the door!

    And still, in such an eye-shaking way, no doors, no windows, just break through the wall.

    You know, this is the ninth floor.


    How did he get up here?

    What, just fly up here?

    The walls are going straight through!

    Oh, shit.

    What does he want?

    Is it possible to just wipe out the whole bunch of them?

    Li Er and the others were close to peeing at the time.

    The consciousness of dying was there.

    Qiu Mu Orange and Xu Lei, their pretty faces were equally pale as paper, their beautiful eyes were filled with fear.

    Even Chen Ao, these experienced big men, could hardly calm down, let alone Qiu Mu Orange and the other women.


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