Super Son-in-law 11-20


Chapter 11

At Shen Xiyan's house, Wang Shufen returned to the house and locked herself in.She would have no face to see anyone at all now.Even more so, she didn't dare to open her mouth to talk to Shen Suyan....

Shen Xi Yan was also quite confused, she was lying on the bed, she would be the weakest, and yet there wasn't even a caregiver by her bedside.She couldn't help but think.When she was sick in the past, Lin Hao gave her medicine, poured water and massaged her, and so on, with every care....

But now she was the only one in the bed....

Just as Shen Xiyan was dazed, Wang Weiwei walked in.

"Weiwei "Shen Xiyan asked to Shen Yutong, her eyes a little red....

Wang Weiwei touched Shen Xiyan's head and frowned, "A little fever, have you taken medicine?I came over to check on you because I was worried, after all, you don't even have a caretaker around you right now..."

Shen Xi Yan hmmm, a hint of complexity flashed in the depths of her eyes.

Wang Weiwei looked deeply at Shen Xiyan and slowly said, "Xiyan, you tell c6e4787e me the truth, Lin Hao has taken care of you for a year, and you have no feelings for him at all?"

Shen Xiyan's eyes were complicated, looking at the ceiling and sighed deeply, "I don't know if I have, it's been three days since I divorced him, and he's not here.I just feel like something is missing in my heart, I don't know if it's a habit or if I have him in my heart..."

Wang Weiwei smiled very complicatedly, she sighed deeply and then said to Shen Xiyan, "Xiyan, your mother told you about Lin Hao, right?"

Shen puzzled with a flinch, "What is it?" First web site

Wang Weiwei said, "It's the matter of Lin Hao directly spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on clothes for a woman at the Dior store..."

"Well said..." nodded Shen Xi Yan in a complicated manner, she didn't know what was wrong with her now, when she was at her weakest, why her heart was all filled with Lin Hao's figure.The figure of that loser she was talking about....

"Xi Yan you went to high school with Lin Hao, he probably fell in love with you at that time.So before Uncle Shen died last year, he came to the Shen family as a visiting son-in-law to take care of you.He didn't even do it for that hundred thousand dollars of Uncle Shen's money because he was... rich" said Wang Weiwei in a complicated tone.

"Yeah, he didn't come for that hundred thousand yuan ah... "Shen Xiyan's heart and soul fiercely trembled.

Without waiting for her to speak, Shen Yutong continued, "So, Chen Jie and I are now both certain that the person who secretly helped you in the first place was Lin Hao!"

"The person who helped me is him, I'm also sure" Shen Xiyan closed her eyes, her heart was suddenly incomparably complicated, I don't know why her heart suddenly, there is a heartbreaking pain.

Shen Suyan took a deep breath, walked up to the beautiful guide, bowed deeply and said with a deep apology, "I'm sorry, give me an account number, I'll call the rest of the compensation over...".I can see from your expression right now that you actually have him in your heart.Lin Hao is not from our Nanjiang City, and he may leave soon after divorcing you... You... really don't want to see him again?If we don't see each other this time, it's likely that we'll never see each other again in this lifetime..."

Shen Caiyan turned her head to look out the window, her eyes a little red....

When Wang Weiwei saw Shen Xiyan like this, she sighed deeply, she and Shen Xiyan had been sisters for many years.She knew very well what kind of person Shen Suyan was.Strong on the outside, but incomparably weak on the inside.So many years not even an object has been talked about, relying on their own not relying on the Shen family, they ran a company.

After Wang Weiwei left, Shen Xiyan looked out of the window dazed, her mind all in Lin Hao's figure.The man who silently accompanied her through the most painful days of the year her father died.

When Lin Hao used to be in front of her eyes every day, she disliked Lin Hao for being annoying, for not going out to work, for being a grown man who only knew how to cook and wash clothes....

And it wasn't until now that she realized just how much Lin Hao had done for her!

She suddenly felt her heart ache and hurt, and tears flowed down without her noticing.

Shen Xi Yan wanted not to think about Lin Hao, but the more she did that, the more she felt in her heart.And the more she remembered Lin Hao's all-consuming care for her over the past year, the harder it became in her heart.

It was like last night when she came back drunk, what she subconsciously called was Lin Hao, not her mother.She suddenly understood that sometime ago, that man's figure had already been deeply imprinted in her heart.

Maybe that man had already entered her heart when Lin Hao had just met her family last year and made a kneeling promise to her father at the hospital....

Shen Xiyan took out her phone and sent a WeChat to Lin Hao, "I want to see you once..."

Lin Hao, who was at the Kyushu Group at the moment, looked at the WeChat sent by Shen Siyan and was suddenly stunned.She actually took the initiative to send him a WeChat?What does Shen Xiyan want?Lin Hao wasn't sure.This time his heart was also incomparably complicated.

But since Shen Xiyan had taken the initiative to find him, he still replied, "Okay, where to?"

"Let's go to Linjiang Park..." replied Shen Xiyan....

"Okay, I'll leave in ten minutes..." replied Lin Hao as well.

Half an hour later, in the Linjiang Park in Nanjiang City, Lin Hao saw a somewhat pale Shen Xiyan.How did her state become like this in one night?

Lin Hao walked up to Shen Xiyan's face and frowned, asking, "What's wrong with you?"

Shen Siyan looked at the concern for her in Lin Hao's eyes and waved her hand, "I have a cold, but it's nothing, by the way, that Li Mingxuan last night wasn't my boyfriend..."

Lin Hao was suddenly stunned, Shen Xiyan actually explained this to him?He didn't know what Shen Xi Yan was trying to say, so he spoke, "Well you don't need to explain to me, that's your freedom, even if that guy is really your boyfriend.I'll give you my blessing.I'm just a visiting son-in-law, and we've also received divorce papers..."

Shen Xi Yan's heart ached like pins and needles when she heard Lin Hao's reply....

Shen Siyan looked deeply at Lin Hao, her eyes were a little red, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry for everything my mother and I have done to you this year, I'm sorry..."

Boom... Lin Hao's heart trembled hard!

She...actually said sorry to herself?


"No, something has definitely happened to Shen Xiyan!This was the first reaction in Lin Hao's heart "Lin Hao's mind was whirling, he knew Shen Xi Yan too well.This woman was going to be strong to the extreme, if she didn't encounter something that couldn't be solved, she wouldn't be so weak....

"What's wrong with you?Did something happen?Can you tell me about it?If I can help," Lin Hao asked carefully.

Shen Siyan took a deep breath and tried to smile at Lin Hao and said, "It's fine... it's just that I feel a bit uncomfortable with you suddenly not being home... can you walk with me?"

"Well good..." nodded Lin Hao, then he accompanied Shen Xiyan to the river.When Shen Xiyan didn't say anything, he didn't ask any more questions, so he'd just have someone look into it when he returned.

Along the way, Shen Siyan tried to speak to Lin Hao countless times, but she didn't know what to say.And Lin Hao was the same, he didn't know what to say to Shen Xiyan either.

After the two of them walked in silence like that for ten minutes, when they reached the river, Shen Siyan finally said, "Are you leaving?"

"Well, tomorrow's noon flight..." returned Lin Hao in silence.

Shen Xiyan wanted to say, don't go.But she couldn't say it, really couldn't say it.Because this past year, she hadn't even considered Lin Hao's feelings.It was completely under Wang Shufen's words, treating Lin Hao as just a son-in-law who came to the door for money.

This past year, she had treated Lin Hao really badly, ordering him around in various ways.And it wasn't until now when she lost it that she felt deep regret.Yes, she regretted it....

"This past year, I'm sorry ah, you and I were married, I kept saying you, disliking you this and that.I'm sorry ah..." said Shen Xiyan as tears flowed down....

Lin Hao's heart was fiercely shocked, Shen Xiyan actually apologized to him again and again.And this time this strong woman actually shed tears, he only remembered Shen Siyan crying when his father left... Remember the website

Seeing Shen Xiyan cry Lin Hao felt bad and handed her a tissue over.

Shen Siyan took the tissue and smiled and said thank you to Lin Hao.

"By the way, you're going back, is that Yin Xuan with you too?When you guys get married, remember to call me ah, I'll go and send my blessings... "Shen Xiyan suddenly mentioned Yin Xuan.

"Heh you really believe that ah, Yin Xuan is aware that I divorced you and took the initiative to come over to be angry with you.I have nothing to do with her... "Lin Hao puffed out a laugh....

After Shen Xi Yan heard this, for some reason her heart flashed with happiness.Her face also smiled and said, "You hate me that much, right, and you're looking for someone to be angry with me..."

"Oh, 53055f62 sorry ah... just messing around" Lin Hao also laughed.

He was about to leave, in fact, he was quite sorry about this ending with Shen Xiyan though.But he also saw past it, at least he was married to her.At least he had accompanied her for a year... Enough, contentment....

As we chatted, the river suddenly got cold, and Leng Xiyan sneezed and wiped her nose.So Lin Hao said, "Go back, you've got a pretty serious cold..."

"Um... "Shen Xi Yan would feel especially awkward with Lin Hao.So she turned around and walked back....

When Shen Xiyan reached the entrance of the park and was about to take a taxi, Lin Hao suddenly called out to her.

"Medicine in the second drawer of your bedside table inside, there is a cold flush also have sensation of Kang, you used to take when you had a cold, and in the kitchen hood next to the drawer, there is I used to cut the ginger slice, you go back and ask your mother to give you some ginger soup, there is also your winter pajamas in the bottom of the coat closet in a storage box, that there is your winter pajamas, you have such a serious cold, wear more at night..." came Lin Hao's voice behind him.

Shen Xiyan, who was walking forward, listened to this nagging of Lin Hao, listening to the words she used to be most tired of, and in a moment, tears flowed down her face....

Shen Xi Yan opened her mouth and yelled without making a single sound... She lost him, lost the man who could do everything for her... Can't come back, in this year, she and her mother hurt him too deeply, too deeply....

Shen Caiyan's body trembled fiercely, holding back from going back, just nodded and waved her hand....

When Shen Xiyan left, Lin Hao, who was standing in the same place, had red eyes.He took a deep breath.Shen Siyan's state was very wrong today, something was definitely wrong!

Lin Hao thought about it, apart from Wang Shufen, among Shen Xiyan's friends, the ones he was most familiar with were Wang Weiwei and Chen Jie from her company.After all, Lin Hao also used to go to Shen Xiyan's company to deliver things to her, pick her up from work and so on.

Lin Hao frowned and directly stopped a taxi to go to Shen Suyan's company.

Ten minutes later, Lin Hao arrived at the entrance of Shen Suyan's company, and as soon as he arrived, he frowned deeply.Because at this moment, there were many outsiders in Shen Sik Yan's company.There were a full twenty or thirty.

Words of returning money to pay back money filled Lin Hao's ears.Lin Hao's eyes gazed and pushed away the crowd, so he found Wang Weiwei and Chen Jie who were surrounded by the crowd at the moment.

"What's wrong?What happened to your company?"Lin Hao asked to Chen Jie.

Chen Jie left the crowd to say hurriedly to Lin Hao, "The company's financial chain is broken, these are all suppliers who have come to ask for money, the company will soon collapse... Lin Hao you..."

When Chen Jie still wanted to say something, a female supplier dragged her over, "Surname Chen!You're not going to run, you're not getting out of this door until you pay us today, and who is this man?"

"My cao, this man is Shen Xiyan's husband!Don't let him go!Shen Xiyan doesn't dare to come, let's hold her husband down!"A supplier who had seen Lin Hao suddenly stepped forward and grabbed Lin Hao's collar.

"Get lost..." and Lin Hao violently kicked the man out of the room.It was overbearing, and because of Lin Hao's action, the noisy crowd around him completely quieted down.

"Don't you guys just want money?Take the money and get out right now!"Lin Hao fiercely pulled out a Dragon Tattoo Black Card from his pocket and slammed it down on the table!

Boom...the crowd was silent one by one....


Chen Jie opened her mouth or said to Lin Hao, "Lin Hao, you and Xi Yan have..."

"We'll talk later, send them money...this card doesn't have a PIN!"Lin Hao waved his hand at Chen Jie....

Chen Jie's mouth was wide open, looking shocked.But before she could continue to speak, she was surrounded by a group of suppliers....

But just ten minutes later, the raucous group of vendors all quieted down again.Because all their debts were returned....

"That, Mr. Chen, I'm sorry about this today, we also have a whole bunch of employees to support..." a supplier who got the money accosted him.

"Yeah, sorry about that, sorry, let's continue working together in the future ah Chen..." said a supplier who had just grabbed Chen Jie's clothes.

"Get out!"Lin Hao shouted fiercely.The momentum punched out.The group of suppliers, under the impact of Lin Hao's powerful momentum, hurriedly ran away one by one, a man who directly threw out a black card and paid nearly ten million dollars in debt was not something they could mess with....

When the group of suppliers had left, Lin Hao called Chen Jie and Wang Weiwei into his office.He asked, "What's going on?Aren't you guys running a good business?"

In fact, up until this moment, Chen Jie and Wang Weiwei hadn't even slowed down.Their hearts were already shocked to the extreme right now.Lin Hao was actually so rich?Then when the company was at its most critical last year, it must have been Lin Hao's help.And even though Lin Hao is now divorced from Shen Xiyan, he's still willing to pay to help her.

Thinking of this Wang Weiwei didn't directly reply to Lin Hao's words, but instead said, "Lin Hao, I'll tell you one thing first, regarding the matter of Xi Yan, this is something that you have, a deep, deep misunderstanding about her..."

"Well?There was a misunderstanding?"Lin Hao frowned and looked at Wang Weiwei. A second to remember to read the book.

Wang Weiwei took a deep breath and nodded slowly, "Lin Hao, you've misunderstood Weiwei.You might think that she's not cold or hot towards you.But that's her personality, she grew up with her mother treating her quite badly, the only person who treats her well is her father, you can't imagine how much she misses her father.After her father died last year, she felt like her whole life was meaningless, and even thought about killing herself at one point..."

"Buzz... "Lin Hao's heart trembled.

Wang Weiwei continued, "Weiwei has always been especially strong since she was a child, but in fact, she's just dying to live.After Uncle Shen died last year, she lost her support.She hasn't fallen in love since she was a child.She doesn't even know how to fall in love, so she ignored your feelings..."

Chen Jie also nodded at this time and said, "Lin Hao, what Wei Wei said is true, in fact, all along, Xi Yan disliked you because she felt that a man, you have to come out to work, and staying at home is too incompetent, she doesn't even know that you don't need to go to work at all..."

"What are you...trying to say?"Lin Hao felt that he had indeed overlooked something, and then he opened his mouth to ask.

Wang Weiwei took a deep breath, "This afternoon when I went to Xi Yan's house, I asked her if she had you in her heart or not, she cried... She has you in her heart, Lin Hao I know you're leaving Nanjiang City, but I'm asking you to please don't go, okay?Can you stay and take care of her?The only family she has on this is lost, and she can't afford to lose you..."

Lin Hao's eyebrows lifted, "Isn't Wang Shufen still around?"

Wang Weiwei, however, shook her head with a bitter smile, "Wang Shufen is not her real mother, in fact, all along Wang Shufen has been treating Cai Yan as her money-spinner, and every time she has no money, she comes to ask Cai Yan for money.It's only because of her good heart that she tolerates her time and time again.And before her father died, he also explained that Xi Yan took good care of Wang Shu Fen.Lin Hao, I'm begging you, can you forgive Ci Yan once more?She really has you in her heart you go and remarry her?"

Buzz... Lin Hao only felt that his head was about to explode, and he was so distressed at this moment.Lin Hao fiercely clenched his fist.Today, he could also feel Shen Xiyan's regret and self-blame.Otherwise, Shen Xiyan would not have apologized to him vigorously.

Lin Hao took a deep breath and stared at the two women in front of him, "If I find out that you two lied to me today, I won't let you go!"

Chen Jie and Wang Weiwei nodded with red eyes, "Okay... If we lie to you, we'll continue to retaliate however you want..."

Lin Hao would be silent and asked again, "Tell me why your company is in trouble!"

Chen Jie took a deep look at Lin Hao and asked, "Oh, why did we get into trouble?You don't know?"

This time it was Lin Hao's turn to be confused, wondering, "What do I know?"

Wang slightly pulled on Chen Jie's arm and shook his head at her, whispering, "Lin Hao probably doesn't really know..."

But the acute Chen Jie, ignoring Wang Weiwei at all, shrugged off Wang Weiwei's hand and pointed at Lin Hao's nose, yelling, "Lin Hao!Yes, you haven't had a good year in the Shen family, but you're still married for a hundred days!You just got divorced and asked your friends in Kyushu Group to cut off all business with Shyam?How dare you say you didn't do this?Huh?Don't you dare."

Lin Hao stared at the hissing Chen Jie, and he frowned deeply.Because he clearly remembered that day when Jiang Shao Ming came to see him, he said that he would make the second payment for the project to Shen Xiyan.

Thinking of this, Lin Hao took out his phone and sent a WeChat to Jiang Shao Ming, asking him to come to Shen Suyan's company immediately.

After sending the WeChat, Lin Hao continued to ask Chen Jie, "What you mean is, I told my friend to cut off all cooperation with Xi Yan, right?"

"Oh, doesn't it?"Chen Jie drank coldly with red eyes.

Lin Hao didn't say anything else, but just lit up a cigarette and smoked it.He didn't speak, and Chen Jie and Wang Weiwei didn't speak either, so the atmosphere in the office was heavy to the extreme.

Just as Lin Hao was about to finish his cigarette, Jiang Shao Ming, who was dressed in a silver suit, pushed the door open and walked in....

And the moment Jiang Shao Ming entered the door, Wang Weiwei and Chen Jie stood straight up in shock.

"Mr. Jiang, please give us a chance to explain, we are really serious about the project of the Kyushu Group... Please give us another chance, okay?"Chen Jie hurriedly said to Jiang Shao Ming with great respect.

"Yes, Mr. Jiang, there must be some kind of misunderstanding, please listen to our explanation, our company is still very powerful..." said Wang Weiwei, who also spoke up.Up until this point, the two of them hadn't reacted as to why Jiang Shao Ming, the grand CEO of the Kyushu Group, had come to them.It was really Jiang Shao Ming's sudden appearance that made them not react.

But the next moment the two of them were shocked to the extreme.

Because at this moment, Lin Hao walked directly in front of Jiang Shao Ming and smacked him in the face with a big, fierce slap....


Bang Bang... Wang Weiwei and Chen Jie directly sat on the floor in shock....

Wang Weiwei and Chen Jie didn't dare to breathe at this moment, who was Jiang Shao Ming?Ah, the CEO of the Jiuzhou Group.Ah, the top existence in the business world of Nanjiang City.But right now, he was directly smacked by Lin Hao....

And yet Jiang Shao Ming didn't even dare to hide... Then what was Lin Hao's identity?To know that Wang Weiwei and Chen Jie, the most likely thing they could think of was that Lin Hao was Jiang Shaoming's friend.Now it was actually not?And Lin Hao's true identity was much more shocking!

"I said two days ago that I'd continue working with the company that cherished my face.Who gave you the nerve to tamper with my decision in private!Say!"Lin Hao snapped out of his anger.

Jiang Shao Ming, who had been slapped, also looked up sharply and said loudly, "Although I am your subordinate, I am also your brother!You've been humiliated by the Shum family for a year!You can put up with it, I can't!It's my decision to break off cooperation with Shen Xiyan!You want to kill or cut me, be my guest!"

"Do I need you to teach me how to do things?"Lin Hao's eyes glazed over, and he fiercely kicked Jiang Shao Ming's stomach.

Poof... Jiang Shao Ming, who fell to the ground, had a trace of blood directly spilling out of the corner of his mouth.However, he still struggled to stand up and once again stood before Lin Hao with great respect....

The Wang Weiwei and Chen Jie who were in the house at this moment had looked completely silly.The president of the Nine Continents Group, in front of Lin Hao, actually didn't even dare to let out a fart, and the two women's mouths were wide open.

"The cooperation between the Nine Continents Group and Shen Xiyan Company continues, you go do it now, get out..." snapped Lin Hao in a deep voice.

"Yes..." nodded Jiang Shao Ming.He turned around and walked out.

Just as Jiang Shao Ming was about to reach the door, he suddenly turned around and stared at Chen Jie and Wang Weiwei, saying, "One person at a time!I've been running your company from start to finish, it has nothing to do with my brother! guys...behave yourselves..." First URL

Jiang Shao Ming walked away incomparably domineering after saying that... It wasn't until Jiang Shao Ming had been gone for a while that the two women slowed down.

"Lin... Mr. Lin... yes... I'm sorry... we misunderstood you..." stammered Chen Jie, stammering to Lin Hao.

Whether it was Chen Jie or Wang Weiwei, they were both shocked to the core and complicated to the extreme at the moment.The two of them didn't even have the courage to sit in front of Lin Hao right now.Just stand.....

Their minds were even more shocked by the waves.Could the man who could make Jiang Shao Ming his little brother be the Shen family's door-to-door son-in-law just for the money?Stop fucking around, OK.It's definitely true love....

A South River City's top tyrannical president could actually put his body down to be a door-to-door son-in-law, washing and cooking to take care of a woman.Then how deep was his affection for Shen Xiyan?The two girls wouldn't even dare to think about it at this point....

Lin Hao frowned and gave the two women an apology, "I'm sorry for what happened to your company, I'm here to apologize to you, I didn't know about this, but it's still my lack of discipline... I'm sorry..."

"Don't, don't, don't, it's us who misunderstood you, I'm sorry Lin... Lin..." when Chen Jie saw that Lin Hao actually apologized to her, she was so scared that her face went white, she quickly waved her hand and apologized to Lin Hao.

Lin Hao shook his head and laughed and said, "Forget it all, I'm leaving tomorrow, you guys will help take care of Xi Yan more in the future..."

Wang Weiwei raised her head fiercely and stared at Lin Hao with a deadly stare, "You... you really want to leave?Leave the city?"

Lin Hao's eyes flashed with a deep hurt, nodded slowly and let out a long breath, "Well, it's time to go, tomorrow's noon flight.I came to Nanjiang City originally for her, now... is there any use for me to stay?"

Wang slightly bit his lips and tried to say something, but in the end, he couldn't say a word.Yes, Lin Hao he originally came to Nanjiang City for Shen Xiyan.And now he was divorced from Shen Xiyan, so what reason did he have to continue to stay in this city?

Lin Hao nodded and slowly said, "By the way, about my identity, please keep it a secret.Don't let Xi Yan feel bad if she knows.Also, please keep everything we helped you with tonight a secret, I came here with an ordinary identity, so it's fine to leave..."

", well... "Wang Weiwei eventually nodded with a bitter smile.Ah, Ji Yan, do you know what an excellent man you're missing out on!!!

Lin Hao took a deep breath, "Alright, let's go..." and Lin Hao got up and walked out... Wang Weiwei followed behind him to see him off...

After arriving downstairs, Wang Weiwei looked at Lin Hao incomparably complicated, but she couldn't say a word, she simply didn't know what to say to him.She could only watch Lin Hao's back as he walked farther and farther away....

Lin Hao, who was walking, suddenly received a text message on his phone.

"Mr. Lin, the Crystal Palace venue is ready, let's start at ten, I wish you and your wife happiness..."

Lin Hao's tears slid down violently when he saw the text message.It was sent to him by the manager of the Crystal Palace.It wasn't until he saw this text message that Lin Hao suddenly remembered that half a year ago, he had quietly booked the Crystal Palace, the best five-star hotel in Nanjiang City!

To propose to Shen Xiyan on his first wedding anniversary with her!Let her be the happiest woman... And tomorrow, it would be his wedding anniversary with Shen Xiyan!


Lin Hao looked up at the pitch-black night sky, but his figure under the night sky looked so lonely....

Wang Weiwei, who was standing downstairs watching Lin Hao from afar, suddenly noticed that Lin Hao was standing there very wrongly.In worry, she quickly ran over.

"Lin Hao, what's wrong with you?All right?"Wang Weiwei asked with great concern.

But Lin Hao didn't answer her, and instead just stared at that text message on his phone screen.When Wang Weiwei looked down, she tightly covered her mouth and tears fell....

"Heh... this is something I prepared half a year ago to give a surprise to Xi Yan, but I just can't use it now.I'm leaving, but it's for her after all... Wei Wei you take Xi Yan with you tomorrow... let's say you invite her to dinner, starting at ten... "Lin Hao smiled sideways at Wang Wei Wei, then added Wang Wei Wei's WeChat and forwarded the message to Wang Wei Wei......

Lin Hao left, a cold wind blew, and Wang Weiwei stood there, although she wasn't Lin Hao's girlfriend.But this would still be deeply moved by what Lin Hao had done.It turned out that when you really love someone, you can give to such an extent for her....


This night Lin Hao had a sleepless night, standing on the balcony, drinking beer and smoking cigarettes....

"Heh... one year, is it still time to go... it's really hard to leave, Xi Yan must be happy in the future, although your husband won't be me in the future..." murmured Lin Hao.

Lin Hao couldn't help but think back to the scene when he was in high school, when Shen Xiyan brought him his snacks, and couldn't help but think of the scene when Shen Xiyan protected him when he was being bullied by thugs and called the police with his cell phone....

"I told you I wanted to protect you forever, I told you I wanted to be with you forever.It's just that I finally understand that love isn't just wishful thinking... I'm sorry, I'm leaving.I hope you're happy... "Lin Hao gulped down a big gulp of beer... Remember the website

At eight o'clock the next morning, Wang Weiwei, who also had a sleepless night, rushed to Shen Xiyan's house in the morning.

"Xi Yan, I have good news for you, yesterday afternoon I finally blocked in to Jiang Shao Ming of the Nine Continents Group and talked to him for a long time.He's finally agreed to continue working with us!There is also ah, those with our previous partners, have also renewed their contracts..." said Wang Weiwei, who was forcibly pretending to be excited to Shen Xiyan.

Shen Siyan was stunned, but then she was also filled with joy, "Really?That's really great, the company is saved..." smiled Shen Shi Yan's face.But there was a trace of sadness in the depths of her eyes.

Wang Weiwei saw Shen Xiyan's happy smile, her heart was pained, "Xiyan ah, you're really silly ah, do you really think I have that much power, it's all because of Lin Hao for you ah..." Wang Weiwei opened her mouth and wanted to say it to Shen Xiyan.But after thinking of Lin Hao's instructions, she held her words back.

"Eh?What's wrong with you, Tiny?You should be happy that our company is back from the dead... Why do I think you're not too happy?"Shen Siyan discovered that something was wrong with Wang Weizi.

Wang Weiwei quickly laughed and waved his hand and said, "No, I'm happy, hehe, and there's an even happier thing.I won a lunch at the five-star hotel Crystal in the lottery.Hurry up, come on I'll help you with your makeup, let's hurry up, it starts at ten..."

"The Crystal Palace?Really?Weiwei you're too lucky.......okay okay, I'm going to change my clothes....... "Shen Xiyan was also happy for her friend.

She then began to change her clothes, only to be rejected by Wang Weiwei for various reasons after changing a few pieces.In the end, under Wang Weiwei's persuasion again, Shen Siyan put on a white strapless dress, along with a pair of white high heels.

Shen Siyan looked at herself in the mirror and frowned and said, "Weiwei ah, this dress with white shoes makes me look like a bride..."

Wang Weiwei heart a pause: "what to think about, quickly go......." said pulling a good change of clothes, makeup Rong Shen Xiyan walked out.......

At 9:50 a.m., Wang Weiwei dragged Shen Siyan into the Crystal Palace.

As soon as she entered Shen Siyan was deeply shocked.

The white carpet, standing on both sides were dozens of innocent beauties in white dresses, those white girls had violins pressed under their necks, and the moment she entered, they began to smile and play....

The light and fast music slowly beat up, in the middle of the Crystal Palace, there is a super large round table, at the moment a beautiful service staff to the table to put an exquisite dishes with dessert.......

"This, this is too romantic, thank you ah microsoft..." shen gave Wang microsoft her thanks.

"Come eat... "Wang Weiwei smiled and started to eat, she didn't want to say too many words.Because this was all really too romantic, and this was all originally prepared by Lin Hao for Shen Xiyan ah....

As an exquisite dish was brought to the table, and as a beautiful piano piece played out .Wang Weiwei's heart was complicated to the extreme, she wanted to directly open her mouth to Shen Xiyan countless times, but when she thought of Lin Hao's instructions, she still forced it down....

Halfway through the meal, as a beautiful love piano song played.Suddenly the sky outside the Crystal Palace window was filled with countless white rose petals....

"Wow, it's so beautiful, Weiwei you look, you look, the white roses that are roaming the sky... "Shen Siyan was incomparably excited as she watched the white roses slowly drifting down outside the window....

But Wang Weiwei didn't respond to her....

"Wei Wei, look, look at it, it's so beautiful... "Shen Xi Yan saw that Wang Wei Wei did not respond to her, then she turned her head to ask Wang Wei Wei to look with her.

But the next moment she saw that Wang Weiwei, who was sitting next to her, had burst into tears at some point, her eyes hiding endless sorrow....

When Wang Weiwei saw Shen Xiyan looking at her, she stood up abruptly, shedding tears and shouting hoarsely at Shen Xiyan, "Do you really think I did all this?Do you really believe that I can meet Jiang Shao Ming with a small manager of a small shabby company?"

"It's all because of Lin Hao, last night Lin Hao helped the company out, last night Lin Hao gave me the news about the Crystal Palace.And all of this, he was afraid that you would be sad, so he instructed me not to tell you.But I couldn't help it!Do you have any idea how much he loves you?"

Boom... When Shen Siyan heard the last sentence, her heart roared with waves of shock... In an instant a tear fell from the corner of Shen Siyan's eye....

Chapter 16

Shen Siyan's entire body stood as if struck by lightning, her heart in agony.

She looked deeply at Wang Weiwei with tears streaming down her face, "Weiwei, is all of this true what you said?"

Wang Weiwei nodded deeply, "Xi Yan, Lin Hao has liked you since high school, he didn't go to be your family's door-to-door son-in-law just for the money.He is simply there to take care of you.Even if your mother insults him, he can take it.But the only thing he can't bear is your indifference towards him..."

Shen Xi Yan's tears flowed even more, in fact, the moment she divorced Lin Hao, she already regretted it.And now when everything really wanted to be revealed.Only then did she truly understand just how deeply Lin Hao loved her!And how deeply she had hurt him.

Wang Weiwei looked at the tearful Shen Xiyan and also understood that Shen Xiyan still had Lin Hao in her heart.Wang Weiwei took a deep breath and heavily patted Shen Suyan's shoulder.

"Xi Yan, we all know Lin Hao's personality, he never cared what your mother did to him from start to finish.All he cares about is your attitude, Xi Yan, the moment the roses filled the sky, that's the moment Lin Hao will leave Nanjiang City forever.Are you... really willing to do that?I'll tell you one thing as someone who has been here....Some people, if you miss it, you might really miss it and you'll never get it back in this life..."

"Lin Hao's noon flight, it's just after eleven, it's not too late to catch"

Before Wang Weiwei had finished speaking, Shen Xiyan had already run out towards the door....

Wang Weiwei finally had a smile on her face as she watched Shen Xiyan's back as she frantically ran out."Lin Hao I'm sorry, I'm a good friend of Wei Wei's ah, how could I hide it from her, I'm not your employee ah... I hope you guys are happy..."

Then Wang Weiwei looked out the window at the falling rose petals and murmured, "It's really beautiful, really romantic..."

The one who raced out of the Crystal Palace, Shen Xi Yan, no longer had the heart to look at the white rose petals still sprinkled on the sky.But just head down and run madly to the exit... a second to remember to read the book

In fact, last night she had understood that in the year that Lin Hao had taken care of her, she had already had Lin Hao in her heart.Already fell in love with him.She just didn't know how she was going to tell Lin Hao.And just now, after listening to Wang Weiwei's words.Shen Xi Yan was completely desperate, as long as Lin Hao could come back, she was willing to do anything for him!

Out of the main gate, as soon as she got into the taxi, Shen Xiyan said anxiously to the driver, "The driver is going to the airport, quick, quick..."

The driver was a middle-aged uncle, and when he saw how anxious Shen was, he asked, "Very anxious?"

The next moment Shen Xiyan directly from the wallet to the pile of money are shot to the driver: "master please hurry, I lost someone, probably the most important person in my life, I want to go to find him........"

Shen Xiyan cried as she said....

Without saying a word, the driver just hit the gas pedal to the floor, and the whole car instantly sped off towards the airport....

Shen Si Yan was incomparably anxious, so she took out her phone and called Lin Hao.

"I'm sorry, the number you have dialed has been switched off..."

"I'm sorry, the number you have dialed is switched off..."

The first thing you need to do is to make sure that you're not going to be able to get a good deal of money for your money.

"That girl ah, you stop calling, I guess your boyfriend is on the plane.They don't let you turn on your phone on the plane....

"No... no, he told me that his flight is at noon.It's not even twelve o'clock at this point..." said Shen, shaking her head...

The driver wasn't talking, but speeding up even more....

At half past eleven, Shen Siyan finally arrived at the airport.She was confused as soon as she arrived at the airport.Because she hadn't asked Lin Hao where he was going today!

"How may I help you, miss?"At this time, a beautiful service staff, seeing Shen Xi Yan's face eagerly crying, hurried to her side and asked.

I'm looking for my husband, and I'm angry at him for leaving.His name is Lin Hao, I don't know which flight he is on, please, help me, I can't live without him... please..." said Shen Xiyan with tears in her voice.


"Don't worry, I'll take you to check..." the beautiful service staff hurriedly dragged Shen Suyan to the service desk to inquire.

The results soon came out, and the beautiful service staff said somewhat apologetically to Shen Suyan, "Sorry, your husband's flight has gone into taxi, and the one outside the window is... he can't get down now even if he wanted to..."

Bang... Shen Caiyan looked out the window at the plane that was taxiing in preparation for takeoff, and it was as if she drained all her strength and sat down softly on the ground.

The next moment Shen Caiyan ran out as fast as she could to the exit of the airport.

Only by the time she got there, a large airliner had already flown over her head....

Shen Si Yan's body was incomparably stiff, she still hadn't caught up to Lin Hao after all.Although she would still be able to find Lin Hao later if she had the heart to look for him.But she just had an unexplainable feeling in her heart.Today Lin Hao was just gone from the South River.Even if he would come back later, it would be with a discontented and scarred heart.

Lin Hao going back with her from the airport was different from going back with her from out of town, it was a different feeling.Specifically she couldn't say, she just felt like she had lost something most precious in her heart at this moment, when the plane flew over her head....

"Lin Hao... I regret it... I really regret it... I didn't want you to leave me... I regretted it... I didn't realize how much I regretted it until when you actually left... I'm sorry... I was wrong... I was really wrong..." at the airport gate, Shen Xiyan was in tears...

Inside the first class cabin of the plane, Lin Hao Weiwei bowed his head and the entire plane was taken care of by him alone.There were supposed to be two beautiful and sexy stewardesses serving him in the first class cabin, but they were also denied by him.

He was so alone and dazed that the cell phone he used in Nanjiang had been casually thrown into a lake.He was going to Tianhai City, a city with an extremely developed economy, to work on his career there.

The year in Nanjiang City was supposed to be one of the longest vacations he had ever fought for with his family, and the Lin family couldn't let him, the heir, drift around all the time, let alone go to be the door-to-door son-in-law of a small family in a second-tier city.It could be said that one year was already the limit of the Lin Clan's patience with him. The first website

The Lin Clan had given him a deadline of one year, so he couldn't give Shen Suyan too much time.

What he just didn't expect was that even after a year of time together, he still couldn't make Shen Suyan fall in love with him.Nanjiang ah, was ultimately his regret, a huge regret in his life.

Two hours later, Lin Hao got off the plane.There were two black Rolls Royces parked next to the plane at the airport, and at the moment, next to the two Rolls Royces stood eight bodyguards wearing suits and glasses, led by a middle-aged man in a grey suit with a national face.

The middle-aged man saw Lin Hao coming down, respectfully walked up to Lin Hao and bowed and called out, "Young Master, I'm the Vice President of Tianhai Group, Gu Hai, Master Feng ordered to pick you up from Tianhai Group".

Lin Hao hmmmed and nodded, without any expression on his face, he followed Gu Hai and got into the car.

The Tianhai Group had long been rooted in Tianhai City, and its business radiated throughout the south, plus the European and American markets.It was the largest listed group in Tianhai City, and had even uncountable assets under its belt....

After driving for an hour, the two Rolls-Royces arrived in front of the three most prosperous hundred-meter tall buildings in the center of Tianhai.At the moment, the road on both sides in front of the most central building was filled with people.

After Lin Hao got off the bus, he took a deep breath, he... had finally become the last person he wanted to be.There would be countless jobs to do in the future.In the future, he would be the Lin family's centralized control center in Tianhai.To completely take over the entire Tianhai Group and be someone who was envied to the extreme in the eyes of outsiders...and the last person he wanted to be himself.

Only this was the price, this was the deal he had spent a year making with the Lin family....

Lin Hao grimly walked into the Tianhai Group building, took the president's special elevator, and went to the topmost office of the building.

His office was three hundred square feet, and the semi-ring-shaped desk at the very center was filled with all sorts of information.


"Young Master, you've just arrived today, there's no rush for the group, you can rest for two days and take a good turn in Tianhai, after a few days I'll introduce you to the executives of the group and the various branches, as well as our Tianhai Group's partnership partners in various industries..." said Gu Hai, who saw Lin Hao start picking up and reading the information as soon as he entered the door, biting his lower teeth to advise him.

"No need, start reporting to me now for the handover... I want to thoroughly understand everything about the group in three days... After three days, you arrange a meeting with the various partners..." returned Lin Hao without raising his head.

Gu Hai looked at Lin Hao who was hiding a hint of grief under his eyes... he had been in the Lin family for many years and had practically grown up watching Lin Hao.Right now he looked at Lin Hao's attitude of being devoted to his work and sighed deeply in his heart.Lin Hao who worked with that attitude, that efficiency was bound to be super high, but he had lost something....

"Okay young master, I'll hand over to you..." bowed Gu Hai.Lin Hao's affairs were his own, and he couldn't care too much about them, especially when it came to Lin Hao's emotionally personal matters....

And Lin Hao also wanted to paralyze himself with a fulfilling job so that he wouldn't have time to think about Shen Xiyan.Even if he would become a cold machine if this continued....

Shen Siyan returned to her company in a lost state of mind, but she didn't see Wang Weiwei.Not being able to do so, she found Chen Jie and asked, "Where is Wei Wei?And she just called me?"

Chen Jie looked very unnatural, her mouth opened several times, but she still didn't say a complete sentence.

"Say... "Shen Xiyan frowned and drank loudly, she was in a very bad mood right now.

Chen Jie took a deep breath and handed Shen Xiyan a letter of resignation, incomparably complicated, "Xiyan, Vivian resigned, she said that she's been working hard all these years, and she hasn't even had a serious relationship.So she left, and I'm leaving too. Although I haven't earned much money over the years, it's enough to buy a house.I want to go back to be with my husband, my husband he's working very hard, married life doesn't need both of us to work so hard... So I'm sorry, I'm leaving too..."

Shen Xi Yan looked at the resignation letter that Chen Jie handed over, and stayed for a moment as she listened to Chen Jie's words.She didn't know what she should say at this point.

She didn't slow down until after Chen Jie left.She just felt an inexplicable pain in her heart. Remember the website

She hadn't said anything to Chen Jie just now because she knew that Chen Jie and Wang Weiwei were angry with themselves at the moment.Angry at themselves for the kind of attitude they had towards Lin Hao over the past year.And what happened to Lin Hao also made the two of them understand that there really was still love in this world.So both of them left....

Shen Xiyan, who was in an extremely bad mood, directly gave all the employees outside a holiday.Ten minutes later, there was only one person left in the large office, Shen Xiyan.

After no one was in the company, Shen Xiyan, who could no longer control it, pillowed her arms and lay down on the table.

What she couldn't figure out was that she obviously shouldn't have had feelings for Lin Hao, but why did she miss him so much after Lin Hao left?And the thoughts, instead of dissipating over time, grew deeper and more painful....

She had understood that she herself had actually been in the year that Lin Hao had taken care of her in every possible way, and silently paid for her.She already had Lin Hao's place inside her, in that position that she could never forget in her life.

It was just that Lin Hao had left after all, and this afternoon she had broadcasted countless calls to Lin Hao, but the prompts were all off state.She knew that Lin Hao should have changed his phone.I'm afraid that the number he used when he came to Nanjiang will never be used again....

Shen Siyan looked out at the office hall, a small company of her own that could make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in Nanjiang, and was confused.

She used to be extremely insecure, so she worked as hard as she could to earn money.And by now she owned her own company, and it was getting better and better.But at the moment she was just unhappy.

"Shen Xiyan, is it worth it?"Shen Xiyan looked at herself in the mirror and asked herself.

"Shen Xiyan, will you ever meet another person in your life who treats you as well as Lin Hao?Will we meet again?"Shen Xiyan continued to ask herself.


"I'm going to find him..." finally Shen clenched her fists and made a decision in her heart.


Shen Xi Yan was alone in the company, the entire company seemed so empty when she was left alone.She was thinking about Lin Hao.

She was thinking about where Lin Hao was now.What are you doing now?Is it like her, too, that you'll be alone in one place and you'll be thinking about her?


At seven o'clock in the evening, Shen Xiyan returned home with a heavy heart.As soon as she entered the door, she saw a mother and son in the living room in addition to Wang Shufen, a pair of not badly dressed.

The woman who was as old as Wang Shufen was laughing and chatting with Wang Shufen about her family, while the man in a suit of her average age was quietly drinking tea on the side.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the company's website and find out what it is that you are doing.Auntie Zhang's house, you even played with Zhang Tao when you were little.Zhang Tao has always liked you, so when you didn't come back, you hurried over to find you, you guys can catch up..."

Wang Shufen said while giving Shen Xiyan a squeeze of the eyes.

The more you look at her, the more satisfied you become.The more you look at her, the more satisfied you are. The smile on her lips was so strong that she couldn't close her mouth, and she picked up a box from the table and handed it to Shen Xiyan.

Shen Siyan excused herself somewhat awkwardly, "Hello Auntie Zhang, hehe, just come, don't bring me a gift ah.And it's too expensive, I really can't take it..."

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the jade bracelet and see that it is a pair of sky blue jade bracelets without any flaws.

Shen Shiyan frowned deeply and drank in a low voice, "Mom, this jade bracelet is too valuable, how can you accept it?" One second to remember to read the book

Wang Shufen stared hard at Shen Shi Yan, "Why can't I take it?Huh?I also tell you the truth, your Aunt Zhang brought Zhang Tao over today, just to give you a blind date.I also told your Aunt Zhang that you and Lin Hao's fake marriage, your Aunt Zhang is also a reasonable person, don't care about this, and Zhang Tao is so good, much better than the last time I met with, I went out with your Aunt Zhang for a walk, and you and Zhang Tao will talk more......."

Shen Shiyan listened to Wang Shufen's words, her heart couldn't help but swell with endless disappointment.After all, she was not her own mother after all, she had just divorced Lin Hao a few days ago, and she had opened up two rich people for herself, anxious to get married quickly.Heh....

Shen Xi Yan was incomparably disappointed and said, "I'm sorry, Lin Hao and I are just having a conflict, we will still remarry, so don't introduce me to anyone else..."

Shen Xi Yan said, and snatched back the pair of extremely valuable jade bracelets from Wang Shu Fen's hands and returned them to Auntie Zhang.

"Auntie Zhang sorry, I'm so confused right now, I don't want to talk about anything..."

"Xi Yan, this... "Auntie Zhang's face was a little unhappy, looking at Shen Xi Yan who wanted to say something, but finally looked at Wang Shufen.

When Wang Shufen reacted, she became anxious and pointed at Shen Xiyan's nose and scolded, "Shen Xiyan, are you fucking crazy?Huh?That Lin Hao is a punk, he's a son-in-law on the doorstep, he's been eating and drinking for free in our house for a year and you haven't even held hands with him, and you're telling me now that you still have feelings for him?"

Shen Siyan's frown deepened, "He gave you two hundred thousand on the day he left, even if you still pay back the hundred thousand that my father gave him at first, he still gave you one hundred thousand, isn't that one hundred thousand enough for him to eat and drink at home for a year?"


"You you you... you're killing me, even if you're not my own, I raised you, Shen Xiyan!Have you no conscience!"Wang Shufen was completely anxious.

"Oh... "Shen Xi Yan incomparably laughed coldly to herself, she was extremely speechless as she looked at Wang Shufen slowly, "Wang Shufen, do you have the nerve to say that I was raised by you?When I was a kid, all you did was beat me and yell at me. If my dad hadn't defended me, would I still be alive?My dad told me that he was ashamed of you, he taught me from a young age to be nice to you, huh... I was nice to you, I made money after graduation, what month didn't I pay you?What do you think I am, now that you're going around arranging my marriage?Cargo?"

Snapping... Wang Shufen directly raised her hand and slapped Shen Shi Yan with a big slap, incomparably scathing, "Shen Shi Yan!Don't forget, it was your own mother who didn't want you, and it was me who married your father and gave you this mother!Otherwise you would have been an orphan as a child!"

Shen Shi Yan covered her face and sneered, "Heh, Wang Shufen you married my father to be my mother?Isn't that why you're infertile?And with that incident twenty years ago, I always wondered, with my father's character, how on earth did he get into your bed?"

Wang Shufen's face was instantly pale when she heard Shen Shi Yan say this .The eyes kept turning and dodging....

When Shen Xiyan saw this reaction from Wang Shufen, she also instantly understood it all.In a low voice, "Oh, I understand it all, it's really as I guessed, Wang Shufen you really are so calculating.From now on, you are you and I am me... we no longer have the slightest relationship!"

Wang Shufen's face instantly turned black and roared, "Ahhhh, Shen Xiyan, you're going to drive me away now?What did your father tell you before he died?Why are you so cruel!"

"Ah ah ah... I'm not going to live ah, why is my life so bitter ah ah ah ah... I'm not going to live ah, my daughter is unfaithful ah, to sweep her mother out of the house ah..." wang Shufen rolled directly on the ground, wailing with a snotty nose and tears....

The noise was so loud that the next door neighbors heard it, and soon someone next door came knocking on the door this way....

Shen Caiyan tilted her head up and closed her eyes as tears couldn't stop flowing down....

There is a feeling called despair.... First published on

When Shen Suyan saw Wang Shufen still spilling on the floor, she didn't bother to talk nonsense with her, turned around and went back to the house, packing up her things as fast as she could.

After packing Shen Suyan walked to the living room and said to Wang Shufen on the floor, "Wang Shufen, I'll give you the house, I'm leaving..."

When Wang Shufen heard this, she instantly stopped screaming and stood up to see Shen Shiyan walking out the door.Just pull on Shen Siyan's arm and yell, "Don't go!I've been married to that loser father of yours for years, and a house is going to send me away?"

Shen was stunned at the words, "What else do you want?"

Wang Shufen's eyes turned: "Company, Shen Xiyan you don't forget, you still have a company, do you think you can build up the company after two years of graduation?It was your father who invested the family money for you.Now that your useless father is dead, since you want to split up with me, fine, give me the company!"

Wang Shufen suddenly thought that Chen Jie called her in the morning, saying that the company through the difficult times, Jiuzhou Group has renewed its contract with the company of Xi Yan, and told her not to worry, just take good care of Xi Yan.So thinking of this, Wang Shufen definitely won't let go of Shen Xiyan's company....

Shen Xi Yan opened her mouth, shedding tears in despair, and slowly turned her head to look at Wang Shu Fen: "Wang Shu Fen, you... can you be any more shameless?Company?Okay, I'll give you..."

Wang Shufen didn't expect Shen Shi Yan to agree so quickly, and her tone instantly eased up and said, "That... that would require you to go to the Industry and Commerce Bureau to change the legal person..."

Shen Jiyan waved her hand, "No need, the legal person is my father's, he's passed away now, it's just you and me who are eligible to inherit, I'll tear up his will now, and then I'll write you a certificate of my automatic renunciation..."

"Mmhmm good, then I'll get you a pen and paper... "Wang Shufen that really didn't hesitate in the slightest rushed to the back room and took the pen and paper out....

As Shen Xiyan picked up her pen to write, at this moment, there was only endless despair in her heart.In her head, she couldn't help but see Lin Hao's figure, the man who stood in front of her whenever something happened....



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