The Unknown Heir 935

Chapter 935


    When Chen Hao thought he was going to die, all of a sudden the entire surrounding area returned to its original state.

    "Congratulations, Chen Hao, you've passed the fourth level!"

    Tappan walked up to Chen Hao and looked at Chen Hao and smiled.

    Hearing that, Chen Hao opened his eyes.

    "Me, I passed?"

    Chen Hao asked with some consternation.

    "That's right, you passed!"

    Tappan nodded unquestioningly in response.

    "Why?Does sacrificing myself count as passing?"

    Chen Hao asked with some incomprehension.

    "No, this level is not a test to see if you will make sacrifices to your own life, but to see if you will choose to abandon your friends because of temptation and desire."

    "Now it seems that you are not such a person, so you have passed this hurdle!"

    Tappan looked at Chen Hao and explained.

    It was only after hearing Tappan's explanation that Chen Hao understood.

    If you had made a choice just now, no matter which person you chose, you would have failed.

    "One more thing, if you had made a choice just now, the person you chose would have actually died!So you saved the lives of the three of them!"

    Then only Tappan reminded him again towards Chen Hao.

    Chen Hao's eyes widened with a sudden shock.

    Instantly a wave of fear arose in Chen Hao's heart, he was glad that he hadn't gone for the choice just now, otherwise he would have really died.

    "Alright, Chen Hao, you're the strongest and kindest person I've met so far, the next step is the last hurdle, are you ready?"

    Tappan looked at Chen Hao and said.

    "Well, come on!"

    Chen Hao responded after taking a deep breath.

    As soon as the tone fell, Tappan led Chen Hao around to a bamboo forest.

    "This is?"

    Chen Hao was filled with puzzlement as he looked at Taban and asked, not understanding what Taban had brought him to a bamboo forest for.

    "This is called Soul Bamboo, you can only pass this test if you go to break the Soul Bamboo."

    Tappan made an explanation towards Chen Hao.

    Hearing this, Chen Hao was just surprised, he thought that this bamboo should be easy to break.

    "Wouldn't that be easy?"

    Chen Hao looked at Taban with a confident face and said.

    "Oh, you go try!"

    Tappan also signaled with a faint smile.

    After hearing it, Chen Hao walked up to the Soul Bamboo and stood in front of it.

    After taking a deep breath, Chen Hao waved his hand and slashed hard at this Soul Bamboo in front of him.


    Chen Hao's hand then heavily slashed at this Soul Bamboo.

    However, this Soul Bamboo did not move at all.

    Seeing this scene, Chen Hao was dumbfounded, he did not expect that he would be unable to shatter this Soul Bamboo.

    "How was it?Is it not easy?"

    Tappan looked at Chen Hao with another amused expression as he asked.

    Chen Hao now knew why Tappan had so calmly allowed himself to try, as expected, this soul bamboo was not something that could be broken so easily.

    "Chen Hao, every soul bamboo has a different implication that exists, only after you comprehend the implication and reasoning of it can you break it, it all depends on your own creation."

    Just listening to this, Tappan prompted towards Chen Hao.

    After listening to Tappan's hint, Chen Hao understood the meaning.

    "Then how should I feel the meaning contained within this Soul Bamboo?"

    Chen Hao inquired about the method towards Tappan.

    "Place your hand on the Soul Bamboo and feel it, it will naturally transmit its own containment to your mind!Remember one thing, feel with your heart and don't be led!"

    Tappan patiently narrated in detail.

    After speaking, Chen Hao followed what Tappan had said and placed his hand on this soul bamboo in front of him.

    Suddenly, this soul bamboo produced a light blue light that instantly illuminated Chen Hao's palm.

    In the next second, Chen Hao entered a white space.

    There was an old man present in the space.

    The old man was seated on the floor, and a Go board was placed in front of him.

    Chen Hao was slightly stunned, then walked over to the old man and stood in front of him.

    "Little friend, you're here, sit down!"

    Before Chen Hao could open his mouth, the old man took the initiative to speak up and give a command towards Chen Ge.

    It was after Chen Hao heard it that he immediately sat down.

    "Come, how about accompanying the old man for the next round?"

    After sitting down, the old man spoke up again and proposed towards Chen Hao.

    After hearing this, Chen Hao naturally had no opinion at all, so he nodded his head and agreed, "Of course, it's my honor to play chess with you, senior."

    Hearing Chen Hao's words, the old man also smiled without words.

    In the blink of an eye, the chess board was clean.

    "Senior you first!"

    Chen Hao respectfully said towards the old man in front of him.

    The old man also revealed a smile, but did not extend his hand to play chess.

    In the next second, a magical scene happened.

    Only the pieces in the chess compulsions moved by themselves and flew out to land on the chessboard.

    Seeing this scene really made Chen Hao feel surprised.

    When it was Chen Hao's turn, Chen Hao gently took out a black chess piece from the chess parasite and placed it on the board.

    Chen Hao had been in contact with Go, but he only knew a little bit about it, and wasn't very good at it.

    Soon, Chen Hao and the old man were playing one against the other.

    But it wasn't long before Chen Hao was defeated.

    "Little friend, don't be impetuous, you must know how to understand the deep meaning of this chess board."

    Only the old man was heard to say towards Chen Hao.

    The old man's words had words that existed outside of his words.

    Chen Hao knew that if he wanted to comprehend the implied meaning, it seemed that he would have to do it from this chessboard.

    After saying that, the two began the second game.

    However, this second game seemed like it was clear that Chen Hao was much more improved than the first.

    The first game was basically a defensive game with Chen Hao, so it resulted in him ending up with nothing to fight back against and just being led by the nose.

    In this game, Chen Hao changed, he no longer took the initiative to defend the old man, but chose to attack, and killed the old man even more.

    But the final result was still Chen Hao's loss.

    "Little friend, this game is quite an improvement, only one step away from success!"

    The old man was again reminding towards Chen Hao.

    Then, the third round began.

    As soon as the game started, Chen Hao took the initiative to attack, not giving the old man any chance that he could attack at all.

    Chen Hao would definitely not let the old man hold him back in this round.

    As expected, after the first two rounds of the competition, Chen Hao's chess skills had improved by leaps and bounds, completely different from the previous two games, surprising Chen Hao himself.

    After an intense battle, Chen Hao eventually won the game.

    "Little friend, congratulations on your successful comprehension, you can go back now!"

    After winning, the old man spoke directly towards Chen Hao.

    Chen Hao was also surprised.

    Before Chen Hao could open his mouth to ask why, he only saw Chen Hao being teleported out.


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