The Unknown Heir 933


Chapter 933

A person with white hair and wearing a grey robe appeared in front of Chen Hao.

    "You're not only a human, you're also a ghost spirit!"

    The grey-robed man spoke after staring at Chen Hao to measure him.

    Hearing this, Chen Hao was also shocked, not expecting to be seen by this person.

    "You are?"

    Chen Hao asked suspiciously.

    "I am Tappan, the Psychic Ghost Envoy of the Land of Extreme Yin, who specializes in dealing with outsiders, so I can know exactly where you are from."

    Tappan just looked at Chen Hao and explained his narrative.

    "Greetings, Ghost Ambassador, my name is Chen Hao, you are right, I am indeed more than just a human, I am also a ghost spirit, but my true body is a Soul Cultivator!"

    Chen Hao first greeted Tappan before telling his true identity, not trying to hide it.

    "No wonder, it's no wonder you have so much soul and aura mixed with your body, but your soul and spirit breath is too mixed, you'll be in trouble if you continue like this!"

    Tappan was also looking at Chen Hao giving a kind heartfelt warning.

    Chen Hao actually knew what situation Tappan was referring to, and it was the Star Abyss Sword that he was carrying.

    "Ghost Ambassador, I'm here to get a passing sign!"

    Chen Hao then watched as Tappan told the purpose of his visit.

    Tappan showed a smile.

    "I know that the reason you are crossing the road sign is to go to that Ghost Cave Clan territory, am I right?"

    Tappan turned to Chen Hao again and asked.

    "That's right!"

    Chen Hao didn't deny it and directly nodded his head.

    "But do you know that if you want to go to that Ghost Cave Clan territory, but you have to pass the test I have here, and only after you pass it can you get a passing sign!"

    Tappan continued to look at Chen Hao as he narrated.

    "I know, that's why I'm here to find you to pass the test too!"

    Chen Hao looked incomparably determined as he responded.

    "Good, in that case, are you ready to be tested?"

    Then, just Tappan asked a confirmation towards Chen Hao.

    "I'm ready, come on!"

    Chen Hao did not hesitate at all and replied directly.

    The words fell, and in an instant, Chen Hao's surroundings turned pitch black and the taban disappeared in front of his own.

    Facing an environment that was pitch black and out of reach could be said to be something that would be hard on one's heart.

    However, Chen Hao was no ordinary person, and stood very calmly in place without moving.


    In the next second, a stone door appeared in front of Chen Hao.

    "This will be your first level test."

    Then the voice of Tappan came from the darkness.

    After hearing that, Chen Hao walked in front of the stone door.

    Pushing open the stone door, Chen Hao saw a picture that shocked him.

    The picture was of all kinds of people killing and fighting, from ancient times to the present.

    Seeing this scene, Chen Hao was instantly puzzled.

    "From ancient times to the present, war has never stopped, killing and death connected into one line, now you are given three choices, do you choose to let all those bad people die, or do you choose to let those good people be reborn, or do you choose to let fate take its course."

    Tappan's voice resounded once again, recounting some specifics about this level.

    Chen Hao listened and fell into contemplation.

    Although it seemed like this level was very simple, it was not, and this level was the time to test one's humanity.

    In fact, all three choices were good, but Chen Hao did not know which one was the right choice, Chen Hao did not want to fail at the first hurdle.

    After pondering for a while, Chen Hao spoke up.

    "I choose to let fate take its course!"

    Chen Hao chose the third one, leaving it to fate.

    "Oh?Why you chose this is such a surprise to me!"

    After hearing this, Tappan was surprised and asked.

    "Everyone's life and death is actually not something that you and others can decide, life and death each have their own destiny, if death does come, then there is no way to stop it, the only thing you can do is to quietly wait for the final fate."

    "I don't want to make a change in someone else's fate because I don't have the right, although those evil people are hateful and I would hate to let them die right away, but I believe that evil people will eventually be punished, and their outcome is already predetermined."

    Chen Hao then narrated an explanation about this choice of his towards Taban.


    As Chen Hao's just finished, a round of applause rang out around him.

    "Not bad, you really are different, congratulations, you passed the first level!"

    The surroundings immediately resounded with Tappan's praise.

    The pitch-black environment then returned to its original state once more, and Tappan appeared in front of Chen Hao once more.

    Chen Hao was also surprised, he did not expect that he had actually managed to pass the test with this choice.

    "Everyone's life and death are not decided by themselves and others, you're right, you're not the kind of person who kills people!"

    Tappan looked at Chen Hao with a satisfied smile as he praised.

    "Thank you, Ghost Messenger, for your compliment!"

    Chen Hao also politely thanked Tappan.

    "Alright, are you ready, we're about to move on to the next level!"

    Then Tappan was another reminder towards Chen Hao.

    "Well, I'm ready!"

    Chen Hao immediately opened his mouth to reply.


    As the sound fell, a change occurred in Chen Hao's surroundings once again.

    This time, there was a light screen in front of Chen Hao's eyes, and a picture was being projected inside the light screen.

    This image was everything a person experienced from birth to old age and death.

    "This is a person's life, what do you think?"

    Tappan's voice rang out again, asking towards Chen Hao.

    As Chen Hao looked at the image before him, he felt that this level should be a test of his understanding of a person's life.

    Life, what exactly was it like?And what's a person's life like?

    "Ghost Messenger, have you ever experienced the life of a man?"

    After a pause, Chen Hao then turned back to the darkness and asked Tappan.

    "I've been through it, but I don't want to go through it again!"

    Just listening to Tappan, he immediately gave a reply.

    Hearing this reply from Tappan seemed to make Chen Hao feel a great sense of remorse.

    If Chen Hao's guess was correct, Tappan must have experienced a very painful life once, which was why Tappan felt that he did not want to go through and feel it all over again.

    At this point, Chen Hao closed his eyes tightly.

    A variety of images appeared in Chen Hao's mind.

    Such images were what Chen Hao had experienced since he was a child.

    Although Chen Hao's experience from childhood to adulthood had not been so smooth, at least he himself was indeed doing well right now .

    But isn't it true that people go through life in sorrow and joy?

    A thought arose in Chen Hao's mind.

    In the next second, Chen Hao fiercely opened his eyes.

    "I see, life is supposed to be a constant cycle, everyone's life is different, from birth to death, it's actually a process, only after going through such a process will people become better and better, and only then will they be able to survive for a long time."


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