The Unknown Heir 932


Chapter 932


    Lei Lie also nodded his head and responded.

    "Zhang Lao, we've decided to go in with just the two of us, so please open the passage for us!"

    After making a decision, Chen Hao suggested towards Zhang Lao.

    Zhang Lao didn't say anything either, and just went to stand in front of the largest stone pillar in the middle of the stone formation.

    Zhang Lao took out a small knife from his clothes and made a slash on his hand before pressing his blood onto one of the stone pillar's ghost eye patterns.

    Instantly, the stone pillar began to tremble, and even the stone pillars around it began to glow with a dark blue light.

    In the next second, a dark blue passage appeared in front of the four of Chen Hao.

    "This is the passage to the Land of Extreme Yin, you can go in, remember, you must return within six days, otherwise you won't be able to get out!"

    Zhang Lao, still not forgetting, reminded the two towards Chen Hao.

    "Well, don't worry Zhang Lao, we'll be back on time, and the two of them will be rid of giving you care, thank you!"

    Chen Hao also nodded his head firmly in response, and then he said towards Zhang Lao.


    Zhang Lao also nodded his head and responded.

    After saying so, Chen Hao brought Lei Lie along with him into the passage.

    After they entered the passage, the passage instantly disappeared, and all of a sudden, the entire stone formation regained its initial appearance once again, as if nothing had happened.

    Seeing such a miraculous scene really made Zhen Ji and the two of them feel incredible.

    At this time, the two of them, Chen Hao, were inside.

    The two of them, Chen Hao, kept walking along the tunnel towards it as if they were walking into a tunnel.

    Lei Lie was right next to Chen Hao, his hands pulling Chen Hao's clothes with a death grip.

    "Brother Chen, you have to protect me well!"

    Lei Lie whispered towards Chen Hao.

    "Didn't you brat say you weren't afraid of ghosts?"

    Chen Hao asked in a bad mood.

    "Er.That's a ghost movie, but this is different, so who knows what ghosts will appear."

    Lei Li ton was a bit timid for a moment as he explained.

    After all, television was still very different from the real encounter.

    Chen Hao didn't go to say anything, he also understood Lei Lie's psychological state, after all, everyone had their first experience like this, it was normal, it would be good to get used to it.

    The two of them probably walked for about ten minutes before they finally walked out of the passageway.

    Once they stepped out of the passageway, they came to stand in front of a large stone monument.

    This large stone stele had four large characters written on it.

    "Land of Extreme Yin!"

    Behind the large stone monument was a road, this road was the most central location leading to the Land of Extreme Yin, where all sorts of ghosts and spirits would exist.

    "Lei Lie, down there is where the real adventure is going to take place, prepare yourself mentally, no matter what happens don't shout, just bear with me!"

    Before departing, Chen Hao looked to Lei Lie to give a solemn reminder.

    Chen Hao didn't want Lei Lie to disturb those ghosts and spirits in the Land of Extreme Yin, it wouldn't be good to attract trouble then.

    "Brother Chen, I'm ready to go!"

    Lei Lie took a deep breath and then looked at Chen Hao and said.

    Chen Hao nodded his head, and brought Lei Lie with him towards the depths of the Land of Extreme Yin.

    The dark environment, with its compelling Yin Qi, could be said to make Chen Hao and Lei Lie both feel a cold Yin Qi eroding into their own bodies.

    This was how the Land of Extreme Yin was, which was why one could not enter alone.

    If one entered the Land of Extreme Yin, their body would be completely eroded by the Yin Qi, and they would then become a ghost and remain in the Land of Extreme Yin forever.

    Soon, after the two of them crossed a bridge, only to see a town-like place appear in front of Chen Hao's eyes.

    This was the "Ghost City" in the Land of Extreme Yin.

    The "Ghost Town" was a place that existed exclusively for ghosts and spirits, just like the markets outside in the ancient times.

    There are all sorts of ghost merchants and vendors here as well.

    To put it bluntly, the Land of Extreme Yin was the world of ghosts and spirits.

    As soon as Chen Hao and the two of them reached the entrance of the town, they saw a man in a long black robe blocking their way.

    The black-robed man had a white face and ghostly blue eyes.

    "The two of you do not belong here, please leave quickly!"

    The black-robed man stared at the two Chen Hao and reminded them.

    "Who are you?"

    Chen Hao directly asked towards the black-robed man.

    "Extreme Yin Land Yin Eraser, Phantom!"

    Just listening to the black-robed man, he introduced himself.

    Upon hearing this, Chen Hao and the two of them were surprised, not expecting that there was really a Yin Eraser, but they had seen it on TV before and thought that it was fake.

    "Brother Yin Er, we are borrowing the road to cross the land of extreme yin, so please be accommodating!"

    Chen Hao smiled and looked at the apparition and said.

    After all, this was someone's territory, so of course it was better to be polite and not mess around.

    If it was placed outside in the real world, Chen Hao would have just done it already, where would he waste so many words.

    "If you want to borrow the road to cross, you have to cross the road sign!I wouldn't have let you through otherwise!"

    Just listen to the phantom and speak coldly and sharply.

    "A crossing sign?And where can I get this crossing sign?"

    After hearing this, Chen Hao asked suspiciously.

    The apparition only stretched out his finger to point at a tower that was emitting a phantom blue light not far away.

    "There, as long as you can pass the test there, you will be able to obtain a passing sign!"

    The apparition narrated towards Chen Hao and the two of them.

    After hearing it, Chen Hao and the two of them immediately understood, it seemed that it was not an easy task to enter this Land of Extreme Yin.

    "Alright, thank you!"

    Chen Hao also thanked the Phantom.

    After saying that, Chen Hao led Lei Lie towards the tower not too far away.

    Since they had to pass the test to get in, Chen Hao and the two of them would have to go and pass the test to get the pass card, otherwise there was really no way to get in.

    Chen Hao didn't want to offend anyone in here, it was originally passing through the Land of Extreme Yin, and it would really be too bad if they were still causing trouble.

    There was a saying that more was better than less, and it was better to try not to use force to resolve things that could be resolved without force.

    When he arrived at the tower, he saw that the door of the tower was locked, but a blue light existed inside.

    Chen Hao stepped forward and just wanted to make a move to knock on the door, only to see the door open automatically.

    "Come in!"

    Then a cold voice came out from inside the tower.

    When Chen Hao heard it, he immediately walked in.

    But before Lei Lie could take a step, the door directly closed, locking Lei Lie out of the tower.

    "Eh.Brother Chen, this.What's going on here?"

    Lei Li ton was surprised for a moment and asked.

    "Only one person can enter at a time!"

    Only to hear that cold, gloomy voice from the tower once again.

    When they heard it, Lei Lie and Chen Hao understood at once.

    Lei Lie had no choice but to sit on the steps outside the tower's door and wait.


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