Dish Best Served Cold 796-800


Chapter 796

Dead silence.

    A dead silence.

    As this last sound fell, the Noble Ye family mansion was silent.

    It was as if the sound of a pin dropping could be heard.

    The crowd present had undoubtedly been scared silly.

    Even Old Master Ye, after hearing the name of Rong An, undoubtedly couldn't sit still.

    He scuffled to stand up, his old eyes filled with fear and horror.

    As for it was Ye Tian, the smile that filled his face just now was also instantly frozen.

    He was flabbergasted in place, looking at the group of uniformed men who came with their heads held high in front of him, but was too frightened to go forward at all.

    Before, when Lu Tianhe and Fang Shaohong came to pay their respects, Ye Tian still felt honored.

    Later, when the vice commander arrived, although Ye Tian was doubtful, he was undoubtedly extraordinarily surprised.

    It was only because he thought that his daughter had great potential that Fang had been appreciated by the military vice commander.

    But now, after hearing the arrival of the Commander-in-Chief of the Yanjing Military District, all that was left in Ye Tian's heart was a dense fear.

    That was the Commander-in-Chief!

    A general with an army of ten thousand soldiers.

    With a million soldiers in hand, guarding one side.

    This was definitely a true and genuine figure of power.

    Even the Lord of Jiangdong Province would have to greet Rong'an respectfully and be named a seated guest when he saw him, right?

    Such a giant, descending from the sky to Ye Yang's town?

    What's that?

    Is it, just to pay New Year's greetings to Ye Yuyan's family?

    Is that possible?

    It's fucking impossible!

    Ye Yuyan, but a yellow-haired girl, a little special forces captain, her fart face, can she make the commander-in-chief come to worship?

    But if it wasn't because of Ye Yuyan's words, then who was it because of?

    Who else could there be in this large mansion but Ye Yuyan who had some connections with the army?

    Thinking of this, everyone's hearts were thumping.

    Could it be...?

    Sure enough, right at this moment, Vice Commander Zhang Xiang Chen stepped out, his tiger eyes patrolling the four directions, his deep and majestic voice, immediately sounded, "Which one of you is Ye Fan?"

    "The Commander-in-Chief has arrived at Ye Yang, why don't you come out and pay your respects?"

    The words were hard, as if golden stones were thrown to the ground.

    The low tone of voice was even more like a gale that swept the four directions.


    It's Ye Fan again!

    The crowd trembled once again at the sound of this.

    In a split second, everyone's gazes, coincidentally, turned in unison and all landed on Ye Fan.

    However, in the face of Zhang Xiang Chen's questioning, Ye Fan was oblivious to it.

    "Little Fan, speak up?"

    "General Zhang is looking for you?"

    Ye Xi Mei was worried, and even pulled the corner of Ye Fan's coat, anxiously advising.

    Ye Fan sneered, "Looking for me?"

    "Is that the attitude with which he approached me?"

    "It's better not to see such a barbaric and rude person!"


    Hearing this, Ye Ximei and the others were shocked, "Little Fan, be careful what you say!"

    "He's a general!"

    Ye Ximei and Qiu Mu Orange were undoubtedly terrified, they had never thought that in front of the military commander, their son and husband would dare to speak in such a tone.

    This was great disrespect!

    Ye Fan smiled lightly, "So what?"

    "When you ask for a favor, naturally you must have the courtesy of asking for it."

    "With such an attitude, it would already be a great mercy on my part if I don't behead him."

    "You~"Ye Fan's words were too wild.

    At that time, Zhang Xiang Chen was furious with his old face and was furious.

    "Stupid fool who doesn't know how to die!"

    "What a newborn calf, huh?"

    "How dare you be so disrespectful even in front of the General?"

    "And begging you to do something?"

    "What qualifications do you have, a wimp son-in-law, to make the General Commander beg?"

    Next to him, Ye Tian and the others saw the scene in front of them, but their hearts were sardonic and gloating.

    He was already displeased with Ye Fan, and now Ye Fan provoked Zhang Xiang Chen without knowing what to do, which was undoubtedly just what Ye Tian and the others wanted.

    It was just right to use Zhang Xiang Chen's hand to teach Ye Fan a good lesson.

    As expected, Zhang Xiang Chen who was clashed by Ye Fan was filled with anger, he stepped out and between his cross eyebrows, the anger in his heart was about to strike at Ye Fan.

    "Xiang Chen, that's enough."

    Just at this moment, a low voice, quietly came out.

    Only to see Rong An, full of majesty and with a sunken brow, stepped out and coldly said to Zhang Xiang Chen.

    "What Mr. Chu said is right, one should have the courtesy of asking for help."

    "You have spoken disrespectfully, the fault lies with you."

    "Aren't you going to apologize to Mr. Chu?"


    His words caused the crowd to undoubtedly tremble again.

    "A general who wants to apologize to a nameless descendant?"


    "What in the world is going on?"

    The crowd was in awe, only to find it unimaginable.

    Ye Tian was also wide-eyed, completely baffled.

    Between the tremors of the crowd, Zhang Xiangshen was undoubtedly also full of discontent and resentment, "Commander, it was him..."

    "I said, apologize!"

    "That's an order!"

    "You're not going to disobey me, are you?"

    The words were majestic and throwing.

    Rong An's words only resounded like muffled thunder, trembling the heads and ears of the crowd.

    Under Rong An's majesty, Zhang Xiang Chen naturally no longer dared to speak.

    Even though there were a thousand reluctances in his heart, he finally lowered his arrogant head towards Ye Fan.

    Just like this, the generational general, the vice commander of the military district, bowed down to Ye Fan and apologized, "Just now, I was wrong!"

    "How much I am offended, please Mr. Chu, bear with me."

    Zhang Xiang Chen gritted his teeth and said, clearly unconvinced in his heart.

    Ye Fan didn't bother to care about this.

    He didn't even pay attention to Zhang Xiang Chen's apology, he just left him alone and left him there embarrassed.

    Ye Fan's disregard undoubtedly made Zhang Xiang Chen's old face even uglier.

    "Mu Orange, Mom, let's go."

    Ye Fan gently called out, and didn't linger any longer, turning around and continuing to walk towards the outside of the Ye family's mansion.

    He had no friendship with these people, Rong An, so naturally, he wouldn't stop for them.

    "Brother Ye Fan, please stay."

    At this moment, a soft voice sounded.

    Ye Yuyan anxiously ran out and stopped Ye Fan.

    "Brother Ye Fan, Yuyan hasn't even paid her respects to you and toasted your New Year's wine yet, so why are you in such a hurry to leave?"

    Ye Yuyan smiled tactfully.

    "Yuyan, what nonsense are you talking about?"

    "What status do you have, a superfluous son-in-law of his, to make you toast?"

    Seeing his proud daughter, who was now talking to Ye Fan in such a low voice, Ye Tian could not take it anymore and immediately scolded in anger.

    "Dad, will you shut up?"

    "What's that got to do with you?"

    "Brother Ye Fan is not something you can insult!"

    "And I forbid you to speak of my cousin Evan that way!"


Hearing Ye Tian's words, Ye Yuyan was like a kitten whose tail had been stepped on and roared angrily at Ye Tian.

    Before he left, he had already instructed his own father to be nice to Cousin Ye Fan and not to provoke him anymore.

    However, Ye Yuyan didn't expect that his own father didn't listen to a word of it at all.

    Now the military leader was in front and wanted to have something to say to Ye Fan, but her own father was still here to insult Ye Fan, wasn't this a slap on her face?

    After Ye Yuyan angrily yelled at her own father, she turned around and looked at Ye Fan with apologies, "Brother Ye Fan, I'm sorry."

    "My father he's old and a bit confused."

    "I hope you don't get along with him."

    Ye Yuyan said apologetically.

    But the minds of their people, Ye Fan had already seen through.

    Faced with Ye Yuyan's apology, Ye Fan didn't pay any attention to it, instead he smiled faintly and said, "Why waste time beating around the bush?"

    "You have come all the way here today, and raided Ye Yang Town, what you have done should still be to invite me to give you a special squad of martial artists, to be the captain, right?"

    "Don't waste your time, I'm not going to be there for a little special squad leader."

    "So, you guys please go back."

    Before Ye Yuyan could speak, but Ye Fan was the first to bring this up.

    He shook his head, just like last time, and refused outright.

    Ye Fan was the noble Lord of Jiangdong, a small special squad captain, of course he didn't look at it.

    However, when he heard Ye Fan's words, the military commander-in-chief, Rong An, was not only not angry, but also smiled.

    Lu Tianhe and Fang Shaohong looked at each other and laughed as well.


    "Mr. Chu, I think, you should be mistaken."

    "You are majestic and all-powerful, how could we ask you to be the captain of a small special squad?"

    "Wouldn't that be condescending?"

    "Our Commander-in-Chief's meaning is to invite you to the Yanjing Military District to take up the position of Chief Instructor of the Three Armies."

    Lu Tianhe smiled at Ye Fan.

    At this time, Rong An also nodded and smiled, "Yes, Mr. Chu."

    "I heard Tianhe say that you're young and heroic at a young age, you have the power of the world."

    "It is a blessing for my Huaxia to have you!"

    "Today, on behalf of the Yanjing Military Region, I sincerely invite you, to come to our military region, to be the Chief Instructor, teaching the three armies, and to confer the title of Lieutenant General!"

    Rong An's words were just like a boulder falling into the sea, creating huge waves.

    The crowd was once again horrified after hearing it.

    "Three...The Chief Instructor of the Three Armies?"


    "Lt...Lt. General?"



    What the fuck?

    Can't you be more unorthodox?

    The crowd here, undoubtedly all trembled mad.

    Ye Fan, was nothing more than a young man in his early twenties who was just starting out.

    At this age, many people were afraid that he was still in college, right?

    But now, Rong An and the others were going to invite him to teach the three armies, and seal the title of worship?As a Junior General?

    "My God, this Ye family, it's a real dragon!"

    "Junior General, honorable ancestors, huh?"

    "Old man, this time, your Ye family is really going to rise because of it ah?"


    "I never thought that I would be fortunate enough to be able to produce a general in Ye Yang Town, huh?"

    In the Ye family's old house, the crowd boomed.

    It was as if a bomb had exploded.

    As the crowd trembled with emotion, the neighbors and townspeople even congratulated the old man Ye.

    But Ye Ya, Ye Xilan and the others were lost in thought for a long time and couldn't be happy.

    Ye Jian as well as Jiang Yulang siblings, even more frustrated.

    With trepidation in their hearts, they looked at the slim and clear young man in front of them from afar like that.

    "Ye...Ye Fan?"


    Ye Jian's red lips trembled and he lost his voice, and there was an intense sadness and loss in his brows and eyes.

    A few minutes ago, Ye Jian was loftily roaring low, thirty years east and thirty west of the river, vowing that he would surpass Ye Fan.

    But now, as they got to know Ye Fan better and better, they found out more and more that this man, like a ten thousand high mountain, his achievements, his height, was almost beyond his reach!

    The most respected young general in Jiangdong...

    Maybe I can't reach even half of Ye Fan's height in my whole life, right?

    "No wonder you're not afraid to face the crowd?"

    "No wonder you're indifferent to the fact that my house is full of guests?"

    "And no wonder, you don't fear your uncle, your aunt, or everyone in the Ye family."

    "So that's what you're relying on."

    Ye Jian shook his head and smiled, full of depression.

    The Jiang Yulang siblings were also filled with frustration and whispered miserably.

    "Ye Fan, you're right."

    "A summer insect cannot speak of ice."

    "Compared to you, we are indeed frogs at the bottom of the well, and we are indeed insects and rats."

    "You alone are indeed able to withstand millions of people!"


    The wind is bitterly cold, blowing the sand in the sky.

    Falling leaves fluttered, and the grass and trees were miserable.

    Ye Jian and the others, filled with misery, were speechless for a long time.

    Only Ye Tian, the only person in the Noble Ye family's mansion, roared unwillingly.



    "How can he, an abandoned son of the Chu family and a son-in-law on the doorstep, be worthy of a title?"

    "There's been a mistake, Commander Wing, you must have made a mistake."

    "You must have confused my daughter with him."

    "It's my daughter who should be sealed, not him, not him!"

    Ye Tian's face was eventful, and his entire body seemed to be crazy, running over to Rong An and the others and shouting incessantly.

    Ye Yuyan, was the last of his pride.

    He was dreaming, waiting for the day his daughter, the day he would be crowned a general.

    However, Ye Tian had never expected it.In the end, it would be Ye Fan who would be the one who would be crowned the general.

    It was this nephew he had despised since he was a child, Ye Fan!

    Such a change of heart naturally made Ye Tian unable to accept it.

    However, just as Ye Tian seemed to be going crazy and shouting at Rong An and the others, Ye Yuyan was the one who ran over and pulled Ye Tian back.

    With red eyes, she bellowed at Ye Tian, "Dad, have you made enough noise?"

    "Is it still going on?"

    "Why are you so stubborn, refusing to acknowledge my brother Evan's excellence?"

    "Yes, I know you want to hope for a son and a daughter."

    "But you have to accept the truth, too."

    "Dad, my daughter is begging you, okay, don't give me any more trouble!"

    Ye Yuyan's beautiful eyes were red, her heart was angry and furious as she roared at Ye Tian.

    She had never thought that her father, was so unbelievable.

    Even now, he hadn't even seen the situation clearly?

    Still talking nonsense here, insulting Ye Fan.

    Isn't this adding to her mess?

    "No, it's impossible, I don't believe it..."

    Ye Tian was still unwilling to accept the reality, still shaking his head and saying.


    Suddenly, a crisp sound, only to see Dongmei, at some point, had come up and fiercely incited at Ye Tian's face.

    Ye Tian covered his face, looking at his wife and daughter, but startled in place, for a long time.


"Yuyan, Ah Mei, you...You...You guys"

    Ye Tian was trembling, incredulous at the scene before him.

    He had never thought that his daughter would ram into himself in public because of this Ye Fan.Even his hairless wife, also hit herself.

    At this moment, the last pride in Ye Tian's heart was undoubtedly shattered.

    In the end, he looked at Ye Fan, filled with misery, and smiled sadly.


    "Good, very good..."

    "Ye Fan, you've won, you've won..."

    "I didn't even think that I, Ye Tian, would end up losing in the hands of my own nephew after a lifetime of glamour and half a lifetime as an official..."

    Ye Tian laughed up to the sky, and between words, he had actually burst into tears.

    To think that yesterday, Ye Tian was still so full of energy and scenery.

    But who would have thought that in just one night, his Ye Tian's situation would have undergone such a drastic change.

    The position was removed, the career path ended, and even his wife and daughter were towards an outsider.

    Ye Fan, took away everything from him.

    Now, he had nearly nothing.

    Ye Tian's miserable cries, no one cared.

    Ye Fan didn't even give him a glance.

    Just like what Ye Fan had said before, if it wasn't for that blood relationship, little people like Ye Tian and Ye Ya wouldn't have been able to get into his eyes since the beginning.

    Who would care if they were insects?

    Even the passersby who were watching were clearly more concerned about Ye Fan as well as Rong An.

    "Mr. Chu, how's it going?"

    "I wonder what you think about our request?"

    "If it's alright with you, you can come see me at the Yanjing Military District after the fifteenth day of the first month."

    "At that time, I will naturally give you everything I promised you."

    Rong An said slowly, but above his majestic face was already filled with a winning smile.

    In life, all one wanted was fame and power.

    And Ye Fan is young and young blooded, he must have the ambition to build up his career.

    The Chief Instructor of the three armies, the rank of Lieutenant General, what he gave to Ye Fan today is almost the top power in Huaxia.

    Rong An believed that there wouldn't be anyone in the world who could refuse this kind of power?

    The gazes of Rong An and the others had landed on Ye Fan, waiting for his answer.

    Qiu Mu Orange at the side, however, was by no means calm, and had inexpressible joy and excitement in her heart.

    These days, the surprises that Ye Fan had brought to her were really too many.

    First he was the esteem of Jiangdong, and now he was a young general.

    Qiu Mu Orange had never imagined that the person she despised in the beginning would now become her greatest pride.

    Qiu Mu Orange was suddenly very fortunate, fortunate that in these three years, she had never let go of this marriage, this relationship, and never despaired.

    Otherwise, how could she, Qiu Mu Orange, be able to enjoy this glory with Ye Fan?

    Thinking like this, this stunning girl next to her had an inexplicable smile on her pretty face.

    In that smile, there was relief, celebration, and even more intense affection for Ye Fan.

    However, at this moment, Ye Fan, who had been silent, finally spoke out.

    He shook his head and smiled, "Honestly, I really didn't expect that what you have asked me to hold is the position of Chief Instructor."

    "Professor Triforce, Lieutenant General rank."

    "This gift of yours is not insignificant."

    "But alas, I'm afraid I've only disappointed you."

    "I won't accept this 'gift'."

    "Again, I'm a person who is used to being free and unrestrained, and I don't like to be tied down."

    "Military life is not for me after all."

    "Commander Rong, I'm sorry, you'd better, please find another wise man."

    "That's all there is to it, so farewell!"

    After saying that, Ye Fan didn't stay any longer and turned around and left the Ye family's old house with Qiu Mu Orange and the others.

    Li Er, Chen Ao and the others, naturally, all followed suit.

    Their trip was originally aimed at Ye Fan.

    Now that Ye Fan wasn't here, they naturally wouldn't stay in the Ye family.

    Therefore, with this departure of Ye Fan, a crowd of guests full of guests left in a great crowd, all of them followed Ye Fan and left.

    The heavens and the earth, suddenly quieted down.

    Rong An and the others were stupefied in place until long after Ye Fan left, only then did a voice of shock ring out.


    "He even refused?"

    Rong'an's iron face was full of incredulity.

    The final outcome was clearly beyond their expectations.


    "It seems that such talents are not destined for my Yanjing Military Region after all."

    Rong Anxin felt lost, shaking his head and sighing.

    "It's just that we'll think of something later."

    "But, Yuyan, tell your cousin that the door of the Yanjing Military District will always be open for him."

    "If he changes his mind, I, Rong An, will welcome him at any time!"

    Rong An did not seem to give up, but before he left, it was this that he instructed Ye Yuyan.



    Outside the Ye family's old house.

    After Ye Fan left, he first found a hotel and invited all the guests.

    These people always came for Ye Fan, and this landlord's friendship must always be fulfilled.

    After drinking and eating enough, what Ye Fan was going to talk about next was naturally the main business.

    "Li Er, Chen Ao, Lei Lao San, the jade I asked you guys to help me raise, how is it now?"Ye Fan asked in a deep voice.

    Li Er immediately laughed, "Haha~"

    "Mr. Chu, I was about to tell you about this matter."

    "Ever since the Haitian Feast, the great families of Jiangdong, a group of dignitaries, have responded to Mr. Chu's call to raise jade everywhere."

    "According to statistics, a total of fifteen major cities in Jiangdong have collected fifty-eight carts of jade!"

    "Nowadays, all the vehicles loaded with jade are parked outside of Ye Yang Town, waiting for Mr. Chu to review them!"

    Ye Fan listened and nodded in satisfaction, "Very good!"

    "Since the jade has been delivered, you guys can take me over there to take a look."

    This batch of jade stones, Ye Fan had been waiting for a long time.

    The key to the success of his Yun Dao Heavenly Resolve and the success of his "prairie prairie" plan all hinged on this batch of jade stones, so Ye Fan naturally paid special attention to them.

    Therefore, after the banquet, Ye Fan asked Li Er and others to lead the way and take him to inspect the jade stones.

    Soon, Ye Fan's group had left Ye Yang Town.

    Outside the town, the place that caught the eye was filled with cars.

    A fully loaded truck was connected at the beginning and end, stretching for more than ten miles.

    In the split second that Ye Fan approached, he had felt the sudden dense spiritual energy in the surrounding world.

    Even though Ye Fan didn't deliberately absorb it, every cell in his body's hair and skin was actively, greedily, and unconsciously devouring the spiritual energy between heaven and earth.

    "As expected, the Cloud Dao Heavenly Book is right, jade has spirit."

    "When a certain amount of jade gathers, it creates a transformation from quantitative to qualitative change."

    "I can already feel the majestic power pouring into my body just by stopping here."

    "If I closed in and absorbed it with all my might, it would definitely be beneficial to my strength growth when the time comes!"


Ye Fan secretly thought, all of a sudden in a much better mood.

    And at this time, Li Er and the others had already brought Ye Fan to the front of the truck.

    "Mr. Chu, all the jade stones we raised are here."

    "Mm."Ye Fan nodded, "In that case, open the compartment and let me take a look."

    "Good!"Li Er instantly nodded his head.

    And then, he stepped out, looked around at the four directions, and shouted in a deep voice, "Open!"

    Li Er's words were like a stone falling into the sea, stirring up a thousand waves.

    In a split second, the big bosses from all sides roared in unison, "Open!"



    As Li Er and the others ordered, all that could be seen was that before the eyes, countless doors opened, canvas fell, and almost instantly, countless jewels and jades rose up into the sky!

    The crystal clear jade reflected the dazzling daylight.

    The dazzling light was still able to be felt even though they were thousands of meters apart.

    "My God!"

    "What's that?"

    "What a dazzling light, huh?"

    The entire Ye Yang Town was enveloped in pearly light, and in a split second, countless people lost their voices and shouted.

    One after another, after seeing it, they all walked out of their homes and gathered.

    In the Ye family's old house, Ye Xilan and the others were naturally no exception.

    They were also attracted by the pearl and jade Qi and rushed towards the radiant place.

    However, when they Ye Tian, Ye Ya and the others arrived, they were almost instantly flabbergasted at the spot.

    They saw that at the entrance of the village, there were countless trucks in a row.

    Every single truck was full of jade.

    It was warm and gorgeous, crystal clear.

    Under the sunlight, looking at it from afar, it was as if a dazzling glow was flowing through the truck.

    Of course, what was more shocking was not the jade stones.

    Rather, it was, that arrogant, clear-headed young man who stood beneath the celestial river and was worshipped by a group of males!


    "Li Er, owner of the Li Family in Yunzhou, presents Mr. Chu with ten tons of jade!"


    "Jingzhou Lei laosan, on behalf of the Lei family, presents Mr. Chu with ten tons of jade!"


    "Jiang Hai Chen Ao, on behalf of the Chen Clan, offering Mr. Chu, ten tons of jade!"


    "Maple Sea Ma Fei, on behalf of the Ma Family, offering Mr. Chu, five tons of jade!"


    "Haoshu Wang Jiexi, representative to the Wang family, offering Mr. Chu, seven tons of jade!"


    One figure after another walked out, one person after another cupped their fists and worshipped, one respectful voice after another echoing in the sky.

    Looking at the scene before them, the crowd of onlookers from afar were all confused .


    "This is all, given to Ye Fan?"

    Ye Xi Lan and the others lost their voices, their beautiful eyes staring huge.In their hearts, all of them were swept by waves of shock.

    This could all be jade~

    After living for so many years, this was the first time they had seen, someone sending jade out by the ton.

    One had to know that what was in front of them was not those crude jade wool, but fine quality precious jade.

    Among them, there was no lack of top-grade famous jade like Hotan Jade and Mutton Fat Jade.

    According to Ye Xilan's knowledge, a gram of top-grade precious jade could reach ten thousand.

    These right now, even if they weren't up to the level of top quality precious jade, the value, I'm afraid, was comparable to gold.

    In other words, the value of a ton of jade would have to be in the hundreds of millions.

    Just today alone, the jade that Ye Fan had received would be worth tens of billions.

    Tens of billions ah?


    "How much would that cost?"

    Ye Xi Lan's eyes were red, and she was both envious and jealous of Ye Fan.

    But Fan, one of these dozens of cars, the jade stone, can be given to themselves.Then their family, also became billionaires ah.

    Thinking of this, Ye Xie Mei was filled with fire.

    In the end, Ye Yilan, who was blinded by greed, actually went towards Ye Fan's direction, hoping to get a share of it.

    Although, her previous attitude towards Ye Fan was very bad.

    But after all, she was his aunt and Ye Xie Mei's real sister.

    She didn't believe it, was this Ye Fan's mother really so desperate and didn't care about her relatives at all?

    Perhaps, if he sincerely apologized, Ye Fan and his wife would forgive him.

    However, before a few steps were taken, they were stopped by the bodyguards arranged by Li Er and the others.


    "Who are you?"

    "To do what?"

    "The front is an important place for Mr. Chu to deliberate with all the bigwigs, no idle people are allowed to enter!"Jin Bao said coldly, his voice hard and raw, there was no room for discussion at all.

    Ye Yilan became angry, "How dare you, I go to see my nephew, and you servants, you dare to stop me?"

    "What the fuck nephew, get out of here!I don't have the heart to accompany you in this nonsense!"Jin Bao rolled his eyes and directly scolded impatiently.

    In the end, seeing that this Ye Xilan was not at all cooperative, still trying to force his way in and making a lot of noise to see Ye Fan.

    Jin Bao, who was furious, directly kicked out Ye Xi Lan.

    "Bastard that doesn't know how to live!"

    "Mr. Chu is also something you can see?"

    "Why don't you get out of here?!"

    Jin Bao cursed coldly.

    In the front, Ye Yilan was kicked on the ground, and the siblings of Jiang Yulang rushed to help.

    "Mom, are you okay?"

    Jiang Yulang asked worriedly.

    Ye Xilan was pale and shook her head, "Yulang, Yu Qing, mom it's okay."

    In between the words, Ye Xilan had stood up from the ground.

    Having been kicked by Jinbao like this, Ye Xi Lan was also much more sober.

    She slowly got up and looked at the worshiped young man in front of her from afar, and after a long time, she smiled to herself, "This life, it's really disillusioning."

    "The teenager that all of us looked down on before.Now, we don't even have the qualifications to see him."

    With a heart full of frustration, Ye Xi Lan also turned around and left.

    Along with them, there was also Ye Tian, Ye Ya and the rest of the Ye family.

    They no longer wanted to see it.

    This was the glory that belonged to Ye Fan, what did it matter to them?

    Looking at it any further, it would only add to the jealousy and annoyance.

    After returning to the old mansion, those guests who had come to pay their respects to Ye Tian and Ye Ya before, surprisingly, had to find excuses to leave.

    After all, anyone with a discerning eye could see that the Ye family had offended a big person.

    Ye Tian was sacked and investigated, Ye Ya was shut down by Lei Lao San citywide, and even Ye Yilan's family, who were far away in Jianghai, lost their jobs.

    The three siblings of the Ye family, one was more miserable than the other.

    Under the clear philosophy, the crowd naturally didn't dare to do any more lingering, and wanted to leave the relationship with the Ye family, and got up to leave without even eating.

    Seeing that, the original lively and noisy Ye family mansion became empty in a moment.

    Only the cold wind and the untouched wine and food on the table were left in the northerly courtyard.

    Sometimes, life circumstances changed so quickly.

    A few hours ago, Ye Tian and the others were still glamorous and had guests from all over to congratulate them.

    But who would have thought that in this short while, the tree would fall into a sinking ship and everyone would avoid it.

    Even Ye Tian's longtime friend, Qin Hongfei, got up and left the table.


Before leaving, Qin Hongfei looked at Ye Tian, while shaking his head and sighing, "O old fellow, you, have done a stupid thing."

    "If, you guys hadn't forced him away, after today, your Ye family, I'm afraid, will become the number one family in Jingzhou."

    "And you, too, will have a prosperous official career and be on par with the clouds."

    "But nay you guys..."

    "Hey, don't say it."

    "Old fellow, take care of yourself."

    Qin Hongfei patted Ye Tian's shoulder, gave a long sigh, turned around and had left.

    Only leaving behind him, a desolate courtyard filled with desolation.



    This year's New Year's Day was undoubtedly the most gloomy day for the Ye family.

    Whether it was Ye Tian, or Ye Ya, or Ye Xi Lan, what they were once proud of, was shattered on that day!

    On the evening of the first day of the new year, at the Ye family banquet, Ye Tian and the others were sitting together with wine and food in front of them, but no one was able to eat.

    Apparently, the Ye family was still in fear because of today's events.

    "Boss, listen to me, take your brother, and Lan Lan and the others, and go find Little Fan and apologize in person."

    "This kid, Little Fan, may seem cold and arrogant, but he is actually merciful."

    "You guys admit your mistakes with a more sincere attitude, maybe, everything still has a chance to turn around."

    Master Ye obviously couldn't bear to see, his children end up in such a miserable situation.

    Therefore, at the dinner table, he spoke out and advised.

    "He's merciful?"

    Hearing this, Ye Tian shook his head and laughed.

    The laughter was full of ridicule.

    "Dad, if he Ye Fan was merciful, he wouldn't have pushed these uncles of his to the brink!"

    "Today, the second Ye Ya but kneeled down and apologized to him, right, and as a result, he's still indifferent?"


    Master Ye was thinking of persuading again, but he was directly interrupted by Ye Tian.

    "Dad, you should just leave this matter alone."

    "There's no way I'm going to board the door and apologize to him."

    "What's more, it's still unknown whether Ji City will actually sack me or not."

    "I don't believe it, does he, Ye Fan, really have such a big face that he can make me, the deputy county, give up my seat with a word?"

    "Second Brother, and Lan Lan, you don't have to worry too much."

    "In my opinion, those words they said today are just to scare us, they won't really come true."

    "Don't forget, it's a law-based society nowadays."

    "As long as we are upright and walk straight, is it hard to be afraid of them?"

    "I don't believe it, he, Ye Fan, a junior descendant, can still really cover the sky in Jiangdong?"

    Ye Tian said as if he was pouting.

    He knew that he, though, couldn't afford to provoke Ye Fan.But for him to give Ye Fan a bowed apology, that was undoubtedly impossible.

    "Brother, you're right."

    "Maybe it's really scaring us?"

    "Just now, I got a call from a customer who wants to sign a purchase contract with our food factory?"

    Ye Ya echoed.

    "Well, everything is as usual on my husband's side as well, and the New Year's gift from the company has just arrived."Ye Yilan also nodded her head.

    "You...You guys~"

    "Well, I'm old and can't control you, so do what you like."

    "When the time comes, play it over, don't come begging!"

    Seeing that Ye Tian and the others did not listen to their advice, Ye was furious and angrily left the table.

    When Ye Tian and the others saw this, they didn't care.

    Old man Ye had always had this temper anyway.

    "Don't mind the old man, we'll just save a few dishes for him later."

    "Come, everyone eat first, it will be cold later."

    Ye Tian greeted everyone and ate the food.

    Just like this, the night passed quickly.

    The next day, everything was as usual.

    Ye Ya's factory was still delivering goods in as usual.

    And Ye Tian and Jiang Yang, they did not receive any notice.

    Just when Ye Tian and the others thought that everything was a false alarm, on the evening of the third day of the New Year, an official car, but parked outside the Ye family.

    And then, Ye Tian was taken away by the disciplinary committee department to cooperate with the investigation.

    The same night, Ye Ya town's food factory, but also by the fire department, environmental protection department and other departments of the joint raid review, and finally cited fire hazards, sewage substandard and other reasons, indefinite shutdown.

    As for Ye Xilan's husband Jiang Yang, he also received a dismissal notice from the company's HR department that night.

    Overnight, everything had changed.

    The entire Ye family could be described as an instant toppling.

    All of this, just because they, offended Ye Fan.

    Ye Ya and the others were directly confused at that time.

    This hit to the face came so fast, it was simply unprepared!

    It was only at this moment that Ye Tian and the others realized that those words were not empty words.


    As the saying goes, good deeds don't come out of doors, evil deeds travel a thousand miles.

    The Ye family's situation soon spread throughout the entire Ye Yang Town.

    The surrounding neighbors and townspeople lamented after learning about it.

    Who would have thought that the Ye family, which was still a "famous family" in Ye Yang Town, would fall apart in a moment.

    Ye Tian was sacked and investigated, Ye Ya's company shut down, and Ye Xilan's family even lost their jobs.

    So far, the light of the Ye family, is completely finished.

    "Hey, who can we blame for this?"

    "It's just the blame after all."

    "Little Fan is such a good child, but he doesn't know how to cherish it and has been targeting people since he was a child."

    "Dog's eye view, this Ye family doesn't deserve any sympathy for ending up where it is today!"

    "Just pity Master Ye, in his twilight years, yet he has to go through this kind of change."

    "It's really bitter for Old Man Ye to have to deal with these bastards' sons and daughters..."

    Some people were sympathetic, some were smooth, and some were gloomy about the Ye family's change of fortune.

    Life was nothing more than that, right?

    Time continued to pass, and a few days later, another piece of stirring news reached Ye Yang Town.


    "Hey, old Li Tou, did you guys hear about it?"

    "It's the great nephew who was forced out by Master Ye's sons and daughters, and he's started a company!"


    "I'll go, really or not, when did that happen?"


    "How can this be fake?"

    "Just yesterday, my son was there to hold the show?"

    "The name of the company is, Mufan Group."

    "Headquartered in Yunzhou, managed by his wife.It opened a branch in Jingzhou yesterday, with the Ye family's eldest daughter, Ye Ximei, as the president of the Jingzhou branch."

    "That little fatty of the Shen family, Shen Yuxiang, is also in there as the general manager of the company, with a million luxury cars, can you believe it?"

    "My son also said that this Mufan Group, which is valued at hundreds of billions of dollars?"



    "A hundred billion dollar group?"

    "The fucking president?"

    "A hairdresser becomes a general manager?"

    "The wife is the CEO of the headquarters?"

    "It's one man's journey to the top!"

    "Fuck, this great nephew of the Ye family is awesome!"

    "From being an unpopular outcast, he went step by step to become the founder of the 100 billion group, this nephew of the Ye family, when is he really powerful?"


    In the small town, people were talking, the more they talked, the more unbelievable they felt.

    They hadn't expected that their little Ye Yang Town would actually come out with a real dragon .


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