Dish Best Served Cold 791-795


Chapter 791

"Where's the furry boy."

    "Get out of here yet!"

    "It's in the way of the Second Master!"

    While the crowd was still in tremors and hadn't yet returned to their senses, Jinbao and Yinbao, however, each of them slapped the two siblings who were in the way of Jiang Yulang in front of them and smacked them out, while they hurriedly said respectfully to Li Er: "Second Master, please."

    "Mr. Chu is just ahead."

    "Mm."Li Er nodded his head and took two steps in three steps, then walked towards Ye Fan's direction.

    Of course, it was not only Li Er who was walking towards Ye Fan's direction at this time.

    The guests who had entered earlier were all respectfully moving forward at this time, cupping their fists and worshiping the man who was sitting peacefully in the courtyard.

    "On the occasion of the arrival of the New Year~"

    "I Chen Ao~"

    "Me Liji~"

    "I Ma Fei~"


    "I Wa Guoqing"


    "New Year's greetings to Mr. Chu!"

    "May Mr. Chu have a happy new year and all the best!"

    "I wish Mr. Chu the best of luck in his year and the best of success~"


    Countless people bowed in unison.

    The voices of reverence and words of respect gathered into a stream that swept across the entire world like a wave .

    At that moment, everyone in the Ye family was stunned .

    Ye Tian and the others stared with wide eyes, and Ye Xi Lan, who was dazzling just now, was undoubtedly voiceless.

    All of them, were dumbfounded and startled to see the scene before them.

    It was hard for them to believe that these leading big men in front of them, who were all-powerful in various prefecture-level cities, had traveled to Jingzhou just to pay homage to a door-to-door son-in-law?


    The Jiang Yulang siblings trembled and lost their voices, looking at the Ye Fan who was worshipped by the courtiers, they only felt that the pride in their hearts for more than twenty years was now being shattered by Ye Fan, shattered!

    Ye Jian, on the other hand, was still kneeling and serving.

    However, he was the one whose eyes were already red, his palms were clenched, and because of his unwillingness and jealousy, his fingertips were nearly sunk deep into the flesh.

    "Thirty years east of the river, thirty years west of the river!"

    "Ye Fan, I don't care who exactly you are and what achievements you have."

    "But one day, I, Ye Jian, am bound to trample you, underfoot!"

    Ye Jian roared low in his heart.

    But, who would care about his heartfelt voice?


    At this time, the sound of a car sounded again outside the old mansion.

    Immediately afterwards, a middle-aged man in a suit was seen, striding in.

    "Yulang, Yu Qing, do you miss your father yet?"


    "There was a bit of a delay in the office, sorry for the delay."

    After this person entered the door, he whirled around and said with a big smile.

    Yes, the person in front of him was Ye Yilan's husband, the father of the Jiang Yulang siblings, Jiang Yang.

    Originally, Jiang Yang had discussed with Ye Xilan to return to the Ye family for the New Year this year.

    But as the New Year approached, Jiang Yang's company had a lot of affairs, and he was therefore delayed.

    It wasn't until today that he finally took the time to rush from Jianghai to Jingzhou to spend the New Year with his wife and children.


    "It's lively enough."

    "I guess they're all big brother and second brother's guests."

    After Jiang Yang entered the door, he kept talking and exchanging pleasantries.

    However, when he saw the swelling and redness on the faces of his pair of children, Jiang Yang was shocked, "Yulang, how did you get that on your face?"

    "Could it be that you were beaten by that Ye Fan?"

    "That bastard is really brave, he dares to fight even my sons and daughters of Jiang Yang?"

    Jiang Yang was instantly furious, the sound of anger echoing throughout the mansion.

    These days, although Jiang Yang was absent, but the things that happened in the Ye family, Ye Yulang had undoubtedly told him all about it by phone.

    Jiang Yang naturally knew about yesterday's violent beating of Jiang Yulang by Ye Fan.

    Therefore, now as soon as he saw the injuries on the faces of Jiang Yulang's siblings, he suddenly thought that Ye Fan was the one who did it.

    However, where did Jiang Yang know that the palm marks on the faces of Jiang Yulang and Jiang Yuzheng were smacked by Jin Bao and Yin Bao.

    "Jiang Yang, don't..."

    Ye Yulan was worried at the sight and was about to block it.

    But he was interrupted by Jiang Yang, "Yuelan, you don't have to be concerned about this matter."

    "Don't worry, I will definitely seek justice for our sons and daughters."

    "If you dare to hit my son, I will have to break his dog's legs!"

    Jiang Yang was furious, he was the father of a pair of sons and daughters, he didn't even want to beat them, and now he was beaten like this by a son-in-law, it's strange that he wasn't angry?

    Therefore, he turned at once, looked around at the crowd, and said angrily.

    "Who is Evan?"

    "Get the fuck out of here!"

    "If you dare to hit Yulang, I have to ask you today who gave you the guts to be a dog!"

    The sound of Jiang Yang's anger echoed throughout the mansion.

    Suddenly, the entire world was quieted down.

    All of the previous clamor disappeared.

    The crowd there turned around, all looking at Jiang Yang with a strange gaze, full of pity.

    "Here comes another idiot who doesn't know how to live~"

    Lei Ao Ting and the others looked at this scene and shook their heads and laughed, whispering in their hearts.

    But Ye Yilan's family, after hearing Jiang Yang's words, their faces were white.

    They knew that this time, they were afraid that it was something big.

    Sure enough, before Ye Fan could reply, Li Er was the first one to stand out.

    His eyebrows and eyes were dark, and he looked coldly at Jiang Yang, "Tell me, what is your name?"

    "Where's home?"

    "What's the background?"

    "How dare you speak out of turn and disrespect Mr. Chu?"

    "I see that you don't want to hang out in Jiangdong."

    Li Er asked in a deep voice, that high and mighty tone, but it made Jiang Yang extremely unhappy.

    "Ask me who I am?"

    "What are you again?"

    "And you dare to yell at me?"

    Jiang Yang was obviously also used to being a leader, and on weekdays in the company, except for the chairman, no one dared to speak to him like this, now Li Er spoke to Jiang Yang in such a tone, Jiang Yang was naturally unhappy.

    Facing Jiang Yang's questioning, Li Er coldly returned, "I am, Yunzhou Li Er."


    "I thought it was some big place to come from."

    "So it's that little third-tier town in Yunzhou!"

    "I, Jiang Yang, come from the capital of Jianghai Province, the general manager of Kyushu Insurance."

    "Ruling hundreds of millions of assets and managing a team of a hundred people."

    "How dare you, a citizen of a small town, disrespect me, how dare you!"Jiang Yang sneered furiously.

    However, after hearing Jiang Yang's origin, Chen Ao, who was on the side, looked a little bit uglier.

    "Mr. Chen, it seems that this unknowing person is your Jiang Hai's ah."Li Er smiled coldly.

    Chen Ao's old face became even paler.

    He was in charge of Jianghai, and now above his territory, someone was so disrespectful to Ye Fan, he naturally lost face.

    Then he was ashamed to say to Ye Fan, "Mr. Chu, I'm sorry, I'll deal with this person."


After Chen Ao finished apologizing to Ye Fan, he turned his head and glared at Wang Kai, who was hiding in the crowd beside him, and said in a cold voice, "Wang Dong, Jiang Hai Kyushu Insurance Group, I remember, the chairman is you, right?"

    "I..."Wang Kai's old face snapped, his face swirling pale.

    "Chen...Chen, it's...It's me."Wang Kai replied in fear, but in his heart, he had already greeted Jiang Yang's eighteen generations of ancestors.

    Already when Jiang Yang had just spoken incoherently and nonsense, Wang Kai had sensed something bad.

    But at that time, it was already too late for him to stop it.

    Therefore, Wang Kai thought of muddling through and pretending that he didn't know Jiang Yang.

    But he had never thought that that idiot Jiang Yang would report his family and his background and pretend to be a fool in front of Mr. Chu, Second Master Li and the others?


    Wouldn't that hurt him?

    Oh, yeah.

    How could he be so blind as to accept such an idiot in the first place?

    Wang Kai's heart howled, but the chill emanating from Chen Ao's body had made Wang Kai feel a palpitation and oppression.

    "It's you?"

    "So, you still know you're the chairman of Kyushu Insurance."

    "This idiot who doesn't know what he's doing is also collecting into the company?"

    "The Royal Family is incapable of understanding people, and this is how the hell you're the chairman?"

    Chen Ao shouted furiously, frightening Wang Kai immediately shivered, and there was already a cold sweat behind his spine.

    The people beside him were even more trembling at this scene.

    A magnificent state-owned enterprise's CEO, but Chen Ao was reprimanded by Chen Ao like a child?

    "Worthy of being King Chen Ao of Jiangdong."

    "This majesty and authority, I'm afraid that only Mr. Chu can be a head over him in the Nodong Jiangdong, right?"

    Many people lamented.

    And at this time, Jiang Yang seemed to have discovered Wang Kai and was shocked.

    "Hmm [pencils]?"

    "Wang Dong, why are you here too?"

    "Could it be that you're also visiting relatives in Kingston?"

    When Jiang Yang saw his top boss, he then asked in surprise.

    "I'll walk your grandma's leg!"

    At that time Wang Kai directly exploded, turned around and kicked Jiang Yang on the ground.

    The grievances suffered in Chen Ao just now, but at this time it was all vented on Jiang Yang.

    As he kicked, he also cursed.

    "You fool, don't harm me if you want to die ah?"

    "How dare you offend even Mr. Chu?"

    "Don't want to live, huh?"

    Wang Kai cursed angrily, his entire body terrified, and his speech was trembling.

    In the end, Wang Kai was even more furious.

    "I don't know how to live, hurry up and get out of here tomorrow!"

    "After today, you won't have to come to the company."

    "Our Kyushu Insurance Group's temple is too small to tolerate a wretched wretch like you~"

    The few words were as if they had directly sentenced Jiang Yang to death.

    Jiang Yang was confused then, and he stared at his eyes with dead eyes, until the end, he did not understand the situation.

    "Wang Dong, why?"

    "I don't get it, do I?"

    "Why did you fire me?"

    Jiang Yang asked miserably.

    Wang Kai, however, gritted his teeth and cursed, "You have the fucking nerve to ask?"

    "Do you know who you've just offended?"

    "That one, is Yunzhou's leading big man, Second Master Li."

    "This one, is the head of the Chen family in Jianghai, Chen Ao."

    "And Ye Fan, the one you claim to have broken his leg, is the Lord of Jiangdong, the one who made Chen Ao, Second Master Li, and Third Master Lei all bow down to him, O Mr. Chu~"

    "You idiot, the sky's the limit~"

    Wang Kai cursed with a black face, his heart wanted to kick Jiang Yang to death.

    Today, he was thinking of brushing some goodwill in front of Mr. Chu, but now well, let alone goodwill, being victimized by this Jiang Yang, I'm afraid that he would be implicated as well.


    "Jiang...Lord of Jiangdong?"

    "Even Master Ao bowed down to you, Mr. Chu...Mr. Chu?"

    These words of Wang Kai were like a sharp knife that plunged straight into Jiang Yang's heart.

    In a split second, Jiang Yang only felt a buzz in his head, and because of the shock, a pair of eyeballs almost jumped out.

    It was hard for him to believe that the mediocre and superfluous son-in-law in his wife's mouth would be the Lord of Jiangdong, Mr. Chu?

    At that moment, Jiang Yang was filled with despair.

    His footsteps stumbled, and in the end, he actually collapsed back onto the ground.

    At this point, the three siblings of the Ye family all ended up in a miserable state.

    Ye Tian was dismissed from his post, Jiang Yang was dismissed from his job, and the Ye Ya family was reduced to dogs of the family, telling them to get out of Jingzhou.

    At the beginning of the new year, the first day of the new year, before this, Ye Tian, Ye Ya, Ye Xi Lan three siblings thought that today would be the moment of glory for their three families, but who would have thought that fate ended up playing such a big joke on them.

    The original brilliance, now, there was only a downfall.

    And all of this was because, they had offended, the man called Ye Fan.

    The wind was bitterly cold, blowing up the falling leaves in the sky.

    In the cold wind, Ye Tian and the others stood miserably.

    But Ye Fan, who had remained silent, suddenly shook his head and laughed.

    He picked up a wine flask from the table and filled three glasses of wine for himself.

    He took one cup, turned around, and toasted Ye Tian.

    "Uncle, ten years ago, I helped Fatty pass a love letter to your daughter, and you caught me."

    "You thought that it was me who coveted your daughter's beauty."

    "At that time, you said that I was an abandoned son of the Chu family, humble and incompetent, and that I would have no future success."

    "Even without blood ties, I am not worthy of your daughter, saying that I am toadish and want to eat swan meat."

    "Now, I'll give that back to you!"

    "It's you who don't deserve me!"

    "Humble and impotent, you too!"

    "Uncle, are you convinced by my words?"

    Ye Fan held a wine cup in his hand, his eyebrows and eyes majestic, looking down at the heavens and earth, and smiling coldly at Ye Tian.

    And then, he tilted his head up, as if he had melted this ten years of humiliation into this full cup of turbid wine and drank it all!

    And Ye Tian, his old face was pale.

    Ye Fan's words, however, asked him, his face flushed with shame and he was speechless.

    He didn't speak, and he didn't have the face to say anything.

    Where was the current him that still had the slightest face to face Ye Fan?


    After the wine went into the sadness, Ye Fan then smashed it violently.

    The wine cup fell on the ground, but it shattered in Ye Tian's heart.

    After drinking a cup, Ye Fan once again lifted a cup and toasted the Ye Ya family who were kneeling on the ground.

    "Second Uncle, before I said that I, Ye Fan, have worldly abilities and unearthly power."

    "The magnates treated me with courtesy, and the dignitaries of the four directions paid me respectful homage."

    "At that time, you laughed at my arrogance and ignorance, and sarcastically mocked my arrogance and bravado."

    "At first, you did not believe it."

    "Now, do you believe it?"

    Ye Fan stood proudly, full of cold smiles.

    A pair of eyebrows, full of pride, looked down on Ye Ya's family like this.


Faced with Ye Fan's questioning, Ye Ya fell back like garlic and said repeatedly, "We believe, Fanny, we believe."

    "We really believe it~"

    "It's uncle's fault, it's us, I'm sorry~"

    At Ye Ya's miserable voice, Ye Fan's face contained a cold smile, and then he tilted his head up again, the turbid wine in his cup mixed with his full pride, and drank it all again.


    After finishing his drink, Ye Fan smashed the wine glass once again.

    The wine cup fell to the ground, but it shattered.

    The sharp sound frightened the second aunt so much that she screamed and actually shed tears directly, begging incessantly.

    "Xiaofan, we were wrong, we really know we were wrong~"

    "Please let us go..."

    The current Ye Ya couple was undoubtedly filled with remorse.

    Had they known that Ye Fan had such majesty, they would never have dared to provoke Ye Fan in the slightest, even if they were killed before.

    Ignoring their miserable begging, Ye Fan once again walked back to the wine table, picked up the last cup of wine on it, and toasted to his aunt Ye Xilan, as well as to the two siblings Jiang Yulang.

    "Auntie, you previously said that I, Ye Fan, am the shame of the Ye family and a wimp son-in-law."

    "But how about now?"

    "I, Ye Fan, let the four corners of the earth come to worship, and let ten thousand nations come to congratulate me."

    "Others, honor me as the Emperor of Jiangdong!"

    "The neighbors and townspeople say I'm the Dragon of Ye!"

    "Auntie, I don't know if I'm still the shame of the Ye family now, but I'm a wimp."

    Sonorous words, muddled words, words that are like gold and stones on the ground!

    Each sentence was like a sword, plunging deep into Ye Xilan's chest.

    At that moment, facing Ye Fan's successive questioning, Ye Xilan's pretty face paled and her petite body trembled tremendously.

    In the end, under Ye Fan's furious drink, Ye Xilan's entire body, even more frightened to the soles of her feet, her entire body directly like a dog, spread out on the ground.

    Full of despair, and terror!

    Eventually, Ye Xilan's eyes were red and terrified, shaking her head and begging miserably to Ye Fan, "Little Fan, it's Auntie's fault~"

    "Auntie is sorry for you, Auntie knows it's wrong."

    "But Auntie is begging you, for the sake of your blood and my kin, spare us."

    "Spare your little aunt's father~"

    "Just intercede for your sister-in-law, don't let them drive him away~"

    "Your younger siblings are spending too much on school, and there's a mortgage and car loan on the line, so if your little uncle loses his job, it's like cutting off our family's livelihood ah?"

    Ye Xilan tearfully begged.

    Ye Fan, however, laughed.


    "A family affair?"


    "A good blood relation, a good relative?"

    In the midst of his laughter, Ye Fan picked up the last glass of wine and drank it with his head up!

    A thousand sorrows in my heart, as if I had drunk it all with this cup of wine!


    Ye Fan smashed it again, and the wine cup in his hand, shattered with a sound.

    The clear and crisp sound, echoing in the sky, but brought up panic all over the courtyard.

    Suddenly, heaven and earth were silent, the grass and trees were silent.

    The entire Ye family courtyard, not a single person dared to speak.

    All of them, with terrified faces, looked at the scene in front of them.

    And Ye Fan, after drinking all three cups of wine, looked at Ye Tian and the others, and continued, "Uncle, auntie, three cups of wine are finished!"

    "And the kinship between us is gone."

    "The past is a cloud!"

    "After today, I, Ye Fan, as well as my mother, Ye Xi Mei, cut off my blood ties with the Ye family."

    "From now on, you take your Yang Guan Road, and I, along with my mother, will cross our wooden bridge!"

    "The mountains are high and the roads are far away, there will be no more ties from now on."

    Ye Fan's words were utterly decisive.

    At that moment, the Ye family only felt as if thunder had struck, Ye Tian was stunned, Ye Ya stared at them, and Ye Xi Lan was also horrified.

    They had never thought that Ye Fan was actually prepared to, in fact, cut off his kinship with them.

    After saying that, Ye Fan got up and looked up at the old man Ye on the high hall.

    In the end, amidst the horrified gazes of Li Er,, Chen Ao, and the others, this Mr. Jiangdong Chu, who reprimanded Jiangdong and commanded the crowd, bent his knees and kneeled down in the direction of Old Master Ye.

    "Little Fan, what are you..."

    Old Master Ye looked shaken, his entire body was in shock, and he stood up from his seat.

    Ye Fan did not move and remained kneeling there.

    "Grandmaster, it's not that Little Fan is ruthless, it's the Ye family, which can't tolerate us."

    "After today, I will take my mother away."

    "Please forgive my nephew for being unfaithful, he will not be able to serve by the grandfather's side in the future."

    "I wish that, in the future, grandfather, take care of your health."

    "May Grandfather live a long life!"

    Ye Fan's low words, but there was an inexplicable emotion flowing through them.

    Just like this, Ye Fan kowtowed to the old man in front of him, one kowtow, two kowtows, three kowtows.

    Three times in a row, the first bowed to the bloodline, the second bowed to the grace of sheltering back then, and the third bowed to the many years of sheltering.

    The heavens and earth were silent, the grass and trees were silent.

    Only the breeze swept.

    "Little Fan, you're..."

    Looking at Ye Fan like this, Old Master Ye was unconsciously in tears.

    In the hall, Old Master Ye looked from afar, but he was in old tears.

    In his heart, there was helplessness, sadness, and guilt.

    "Little Fan, it's grandma who is sorry for you mother and son."

    "It's me who failed to protect you, making you suffer so much all these years~"

    Master Ye sighed long and tearfully.

    He didn't keep Ye Fan anymore, he knew that he didn't have the face to keep him either.

    Ye Fan was right, it wasn't that he didn't want to stay in the Ye family, but the Ye family, couldn't tolerate them and their son.

    For so many years, the grievances that Ye Fan and his son had suffered, Ye Master saw it in his eyes and ached in his heart.

    He also felt guilty that he didn't protect their mother and son all these years.

    Now, letting them mother and son go would be a relief for them.

    After paying his respects, Ye Fan also took Qiu Mu Orange, and his mother, Ye Xi Mei, and stepped away towards the Ye family's old house outside.

    However, perhaps because of the discovery of conscience in their hearts, or perhaps because they were afraid of Ye Fan's might, Ye Ya and the others were actually persuading each other at this point.

    "Little Fan, that's not what we meant."

    "We were all angry before, we didn't really want to drive you mother and son away~"

    "Little Fan, don't be impulsive."

    "We're all family, if there are any grudges and conflicts, just talk it out, there's no need to come to this point ah~"


    "Yes, Little Fan, you are our Ye family's nephew.Your mother, even more so, is the Ye family's daughter."

    "We were taking care of you before, but it was all a misunderstanding ah."

    "We're a family, what's the matter, let's solve it ourselves behind closed doors, there's no need to be like this~"

    Ye Ya and Ye Xilan were discouraged.

    However, Ye Fan listened, but shook his head and laughed.

    For some reason, listening to these words of retention, he always felt that it was surprisingly so hypocritical.

    "Do you think it's still useful to talk about this now?"

    "Uncle, Auntie, I really want to ask you guys, if I, Ye Fan, was not the esteem of Jiangdong, and did not draw the great and powerful to worship me today, and was just an abandoned son, a superfluous son-in-law, would you still retain me?"

    "You guys, do you still say those words?"

    Evan's question was whip-smart and straight to the soul.



    Ye Ya and the others were so ashamed that they finally lowered their heads.


Small town village entrance.

    Aniu's uncle and nephew were still guarding there.

    They looked at the traffic that stretched for thousands of meters in the town, and then at the vast sky outside the town, but their mood was not calm.

    After all, what had happened on this day was shocking.

    They only felt that all the big names they had seen in their lives, combined together, were not as numerous as today.

    King City's top hand, leading big men from various cities, the wind and clouds were gathered.

    The two of them, who had not seen much of the world, were shocked by the various luxury cars and license plates.

    However, since the last convoy entered the town, this side of the world also calmed down.

    "It looks like the Ye family's guests, they're done."

    "Aniu, let's go too."

    "Let's go to the Ye family's old mansion and make up a crowd."

    The old man greeted his nephew, Aniu, and prepared to go back.

    However, the moment the two had just turned their heads, there was a sonic boom immediately behind them in the distance.

    Engines roared and cylinders popped.

    The low roar was only like that of a flood beast, resounding through the sky.

    "Difficult...Is there, more?"

    The uncle and nephew turned their heads to look away in great alarm.

    Only to see, at the end of their line of sight, nearly ten battlefield off-road vehicles, galloping and galloping.

    The floating bodies were only like green lightning, slicing beneath the sky river.

    That frenzied body, the violent roar.

    From a distance, it looked like a rolling beast.

    It wasn't until it was close enough that Aniu Fang screamed out in shock.


    "Black on white~"

    "It's...This...This license plate, is...It's military...?"

    In horror, Uncle and Nephew Aniu, their pupils crinkled and they immediately stared at each other.



    No one knows what happened at the village entrance.

    Ye family's old house.

    There was silence everywhere, only the breeze swept.

    Ye Ya, as well as Ye Xi Lan and the others, with a heart full of shame, but bowed their heads and remained silent.

    When Ye Fan saw this, he didn't ask any more questions.

    There was also no need to ask any more questions, he already knew the answer from the beginning.

    With a light laugh, Ye Fan also turned around.

    However, in the split second that Ye Fan turned around, an ear-piercing laughter came from behind him.



    "Evan, I know that you must be very proud of yourself right now."

    "Because of you, I'm being sacked and investigated."

    "Because of you, your second uncle's company will also collapse and it will be difficult to move an inch in Jingzhou."

    "And because of you, your aunt's family lost their livelihood."

    "Ten years of hidden patience, today's great revenge, you must be so proud inside now, right?"

    Ye Tian who had been silent, but at this time, he suddenly laughed out.

    He resembled madness, and his aged face was full of eventfulness.

    "Ye Tian, are you crazy?"

    "A few less words would kill you~"

    "Do you have to push our family into a corner?"

    When Dongmei saw her man up to now, she still didn't know how to repent, and even spoke to Ye Fan in such an almost provocative tone.

    In a split second, Dongmei's heart was angry and anxious!

    Filled with anxiety, she shouted angrily at Ye Tian.

    However, where did Ye Tian pay attention to Wintermei's obstruction and pushed this obstructive woman away, still shouting unwillingly at Ye Fan.

    Ye Fan, on the other hand, moved forward and stopped for a moment.

    He turned around and with a teasing gaze at his uncle who had been arrogant all his life, he listened with great interest.

    He did want to know, by now, what kind of pride did this uncle of his still have?

    And what, exactly, are you trying to say?

    "Ye Fan, I also know that now that you're soaring to the top and making a splash, you must feel that our hearts are full of regret."

    "Regretting that I was blind and didn't know better."

    "Regret that back then, I was mean to you and looked down on you."

    "But, I just want to tell you that you were wrong, you were very wrong."

    "I don't regret it at all!"

    "You're an abandoned son, a superfluous son-in-law, I, Ye Tian, didn't despise you before, and still don't despise you now."

    "Yes, you are powerful, you can make the Jingzhou Municipal Committee respectfully come to worship and make the Jiangdong dignitaries bow in respect."

    "But, as powerful as you are, you can be more powerful than the army!"

    "As awesome as you are, can you be more awesome than the General?"

    "Don't you forget that my daughter, Yuyan, is the youngest major."

    "His mentor is even more of a Huaxia General, commanding ten thousand troops!"

    "Once a teacher, always a father."

    "By this relationship alone, you Ye Fan are not the slightest bit better than my daughter."

    "Just wait and see, when my daughter returns, that's when you Ye Fan will regret it!"

    Ye Tian's eyes were red and he shouted at Ye Fan.There was anger and even more pride in his words.

    The army was the country's weapon, the foundation of the country, and a symbol of power.

    Ye Fan, even though he had great connections outside, what was he in front of power?

    When ten years later, his daughter will be a general and give the order, 100,000 soldiers will come to pay their respects.

    At that time, he, Ye Fan, will be nothing more than a wisp of dust beneath her daughter's feet.

    Of course, not to mention ten years, even now, her daughter Ye Yuyan led the special forces under his command to drive over, Ye Fan will be beaten into a dog in minutes!

    In front of the army, the Second Master Li or the Third Master Lei, it's all vanity!

    Wealth and status were simply unbearable in the face of power.

    Yes, this was where Ye Tian's pride lay.

    And when Ye Fan heard it, he shook his head and laughed.

    That laughter was filled with ridicule.

    The feeling was as if he had heard the best joke in the world.

    "Your daughter?"


    "So that's your pride."

    Ye Fan smiled contemptuously, and with a playful look towards Ye Tian, he continued.

    "But you don't know that yet, do you?"

    "Just the other day, your proud daughter, Yeuyan, invited me to dinner, to be captain and lead them."

    "Do you know how I can answer that?"

    Ye Fan paused in his speech and continued, "I said, let me be their captain, she doesn't deserve it yet!"

    "So, uncle, it's a shame that what you're so proud of is worthless in my eyes!"

    "Not to mention a yellow-haired girl, who is his teacher, then the so-called old general has never entered my eyes!"

    "How's the Major?"

    "What about the General?"

    "The power is in my hands!"

    "Even a military general would have to respectfully call Mr. Chu when he sees me."

    How domineering Ye Fan's words were.

    In a split second, the entire Ye family mansion was filled with Ye Fan's sloshing spirit.


I'll fuck it up!

    "Not even the General's eyes?"

    "It's idiotic in general!"

    "Why don't you go to heaven?"

    After hearing Ye Fan's words, the Ye Jianton beside him cursed in his heart.

    Ye Tian also looked pale, he never expected that this Ye Fan would be so bold.


    "The erector is arrogant~"

    "How dare you, a humble son-in-law at the door, speak out of turn, even to the General?"

    "However, I guess you would only dare to be behind the scenes, showing off your tongue."

    "If Yuyan's mentor were here, you wouldn't dare to make the slightest mistake."

    "Joke!"Ye Fan laughed at the sound, "Not to mention a dying general, even in front of the military chief, I, Ye Fan, still dare to say this!"

    "Fanny, don't be ridiculous~"

    Ye Xi Mei and Qiu Mu Orange, who were beside him, finally couldn't listen anymore.

    They were terrified and spoke out to advise Ye Fan to be cautious with his words.

    The General was holding a heavy army, and such a powerful general was not something that they, mere mortals, could offend.

    As the saying goes, a big tree attracts wind, nowadays there are many people and many mouths, if Ye Fan's words really get into the ears of those military generals, Qiu Mu Orange and the others are really afraid that Ye Fan will incur a terrible disaster.

    However, it was at this moment that a resonant sound, like muffled thunder, pierced the long sky!

    "Dragon Hunters Special Warfare Team members, Wuyang has arrived!"


    "Dragon Hunters Special Warfare Team member, Tian Junhui has arrived!"


    This sudden voice caused the crowd to be stunned.

    Ye Tian, who was still full of anger before, was also then startled in place.

    "Dragon Hunt?"

    "Special Ops?"

    "Could it be, that Yuyan has returned?"


    "Dongmei, it's our daughter."

    "Our daughter has come back to pay her respects to us."

    It was as if a long drought had brought rain and bitterness.

    After hearing the identity of the visitor, Ye Tian was overjoyed and smiled proudly.


    "Evan, do you hear me?"

    "My daughter, Whispering Yan, has returned with a special team of her men."

    "Remember what you just said, later, wait for your death!"

    Ye Tian laughed indiscriminately and maliciously.

    And at this time, the voice of the chanting child was still echoing.

    "Captain of the Dragon Hunting Special Battle Team, Ye Yuyan has arrived!"


    "Yanjing Military District Deputy Chief Instructor, Lu Tianhe Lu has arrived!"


    "Chief Instructor of the Yanjing Military Region, Fang Shaohong has arrived!"



    "The Chief Instructor is here?"

    "Holy crap!"

    "This old family's daughter is really a great face."

    "Going home to save her family, two major military instructors accompanying her?"

    "This bull~"

    The crowd was shocked after hearing the names of Lu Tianhe and Fang Shaohong.

    They all stared with wide-eyed emotion.

    These two Chief Instructors were at least at the rank of Major General.

    What fucking concept was this?

    How many generals can there be in the whole of Warsaw?

    It was estimated that none of the great Jingzhou had a single sealed general.

    Now that two came at once, they naturally trembled.

    Ye Xi Mei and Qiu Mu Orange, but their pretty faces were both white.

    Especially Qiu Mu Orange, her heart was undoubtedly starting to panic.

    "Mom, what should we do?"

    "Ye Fan will he be alright..."

    Qiu Mu Orange's beautiful eyes reddened slightly and asked Ye Xie Mei worriedly.

    After all, Ye Fan had, earlier, but he had offended these generals by speaking out in public ah.

    Ye Xie Mei's face was as pale as paper as she whispered in a comforting voice, "Don't worry, these big men have plenty of them.We'll let Little Fan make amends later, so I guess they won't make things difficult for him."

    While Ye Xi Mei and the two were worried, Ye Tian was undoubtedly mad with joy.

    After fixing his whole pair, he strode forward with his head held high and hurried to greet them.


    "The head instructors are all here!"

    "Bastard, I'll let you be arrogant, let's see how you play later."

    As Ye Tian walked, he also looked proudly at Ye Fan.

    That dazzling look was as smug as it was going to get.

    It was as if, he had seen the sight of Ye Fan kneeling down and begging for mercy in front of his daughter as well as Lu Tianhe and the others.

    Just as Ye Tian was feeling proud, another voice, then sounded.

    "Vice Commander of Yanjing Military Region, Zhang Xiangchen has arrived!"



    Vice Commander Zhang Xiangchen?

    Holy shit!

    Everyone was shocked then.

    They all stared at each other, their hearts trembling with horror, exclaiming incessantly.

    "It's amazing, it's amazing!"

    "The vice commander is here, is that against the world?"


    "Ye Tian, your daughter's bull is big!"

    "Congratulations, congratulations to Ye County, you've raised a good daughter~"

    "Your Ye family, you're going to be a general~"


    Horrified, the crowd was complimentary to Ye Tian.

    Congratulatory and flattering voices rose and fell.

    And Ye Tian was undoubtedly somewhat floored as he listened.

    Faced with the crowd's compliments, Ye Tian laughed out loud.


    "It's okay."

    "There's nothing to congratulate, my daughter has been one in a million since she was a child."

    "It's inevitable that she'll be crowned a general in the future."

    "My daughter's future achievements are in no way comparable to those of some cats and dogs."

    Ye Tian smiled proudly, and his words were even more meaningful.

    After Ye Xi Mei and Qiu Mu Orange heard this, they naturally felt even more panic in their hearts.

    Even the vice commander of the military district had arrived, and Ye Fan was afraid that he was in big trouble.

    In panic, Qiu Mu Orange pulled Ye Fan's corner: "Ye Fan, before anyone notices, I...Let's go first."

    "Otherwise, I'm afraid that you'll be in a situation later..."

    Thirty-six tricks to go was the best plan.

    Qiu Mu Orange couldn't care about that much and pulled Ye Fan to leave.

    However, Ye Fan waved his hand and smiled indifferently, "Mu Orange, it's fine, just watch."


    Ye Fan's words were close to infuriating Qiu Mu Orange to death.

    This guy was always like this, high-minded and proud, never giving in and backing down.

    But, too much rigidity is easy to break ah!

    Even though he was Mr. Chu, what he was facing now was a military general, a weapon of the state ah.

    Even if he had tremendous power in Jiangdong, what use was it to face these military men who held power?

    "Second Master, please talk him out of it~"

    Qiu Mu Orange had no choice but to turn to Li Er for help.

    Li Er's old face was sunken, and there was obviously some concern in his heart.

    Faced with Qiu Mu Orange asking for help, Li Er nodded and walked over to Ye Fan: "Mr. Chu, even if we really want to fight hard, we have to give us some time to gather our men."

    "At this time, it's better to avoid the frontlines for now."Li Er advised in a deep voice.

    When Ye Fan heard this, he smiled, "What, from what you're saying, you're ready to get tough with the army?"

    "This..."Li Er's mouth twitched, naturally he didn't dare to reply.

    With just him, lending a hundred guts, naturally, he wouldn't break wrists with the military.

    But if Ye Fan had his back to the Chu family and used the Chu family's power, it would not be impossible to break wrists with the military.

    However, listening to Ye Fan's words just now, he didn't mean to break hard anal with the military, so Li Er didn't know how to reply for a while.

    However, just as Li Er and the others were silent and worried, the next sound, just like a boulder entering the sea, was the one that set off a monstrous wave in the entire Ye family's old house!

    "Commander-in-Chief of the Yanjing Military Region, Rong'an has arrived!!!"

    Heaven and earth, suddenly quiet.

    It was as if, time stood still here, and the air wasn't even flowing.

    Everyone was flabbergasted in place, their eyebrows furrowed and their bodies trembling.

    It wasn't until a long time later that a voice that drew cold air from the side rang out frantically.

    "Yanjing Military District, Commander-in-Chief...Commander-in-Chief?"



    The Commander-in-Chief is here?

    I'm going to fuck it up!


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