Dish Best Served Cold 786-790


Chapter 786

The arrival of Lei Laosan and the others was like a grade ten gale, sweeping through this place.

    The entire Ye Family Courtyard was silent, only a cold wind swept through.

    As the saying goes, the name of the person, the shadow of the tree.

    Master Lei San's reputation in Jingzhou was too loud.

    If Ji Yihai was the official sky of Jingzhou, then Lei San was the sky of the secular world of Jingzhou.

    More crucially, Lei San had been in charge of Jingzhou for decades, and the Lei family was even a century-old family.

    This kind of heritage and prestige was incomparable to even Ji Yihai.

    After all, it had only been two or three years since Ji Yihai had been transferred to Jingzhou.

    In terms of popularity, he might not be as good as Lei Third Master?

    Moreover, when Ji Yihai first came to Jingzhou, the first person he went to visit was Lei laosan.

    Ji Yihai was new to the city and was unfamiliar with the place, so naturally, he needed the support and help of Lei San for many things.

    From this, it could be seen that what kind of prestige did Master Lei San have in Jingzhou?

    Now that he was here, it was only like a nuclear bomb exploding in the hearts of the crowd.

    The Ye family's crowd, all of them, were nonchalant.

    They didn't even have time to consider who Lei San was coming for before they were already filled with panic and trembling as they went to meet him.


    "Go and greet the Third Master!"

    "Hurry up~"

    The second aunt took the lead and rushed to the front.

    Ye Ya, Ye Tian and the others, naturally, also did not dare to be left behind, three steps to two steps to also immediately meet up.

    Even Old Master Ye had to get up to greet them.

    "Dad, you just don't go."

    "You're old, just wait here."

    Among the entire Ye family, it was only Ye Xilan who could still remain calm, right?

    After all, she had already married to Jianghai, and even though she had heard of the name of the Third Prince of Lei, she wasn't in such awe of him like Ye Ya and Ye Tian were.

    Even Ye Fan's mother, Ye Xi Mei, was now filled with fear and got up to greet the worship.

    Lu Wenjing, who was beside her, but held her back.

    "Auntie, you shouldn't go."

    "You are brother Fan's mother, even if you want to worship, he will be the one to worship you."

    "So, Auntie, it's good that you're waiting here as well."

    Lu Wenjing hehehe smiled.

    "Jing Jing, don't talk nonsense?"

    "Third Master is no ordinary person, how are we qualified to have someone pay our respects?"

    Lu Wenjing's words frightened Ye Xi Mei's pretty face, then she snapped at Lu Wenjing.

    After all, if Lei San heard this, he was afraid that it would cause trouble.

    At this time, Ye Tian and Ye Ya brothers had already greeted the two.

    Not only them, even Shen Bichen and Qin Hongfei, the leaders of the various counties, all came forward to greet them.

    "Good day, Third Master!"


    "Third Master, Happy New Year!"


    "New Year's greetings to the Third Master~"


    In a split second, the guests present actually worshipped to Lei Lao San in unison.

    The voices of respect and reverence gathered into streams that trembled the four directions.

    That spectacular scene was only like welcoming the new king to the throne!

    Ye Jian and the others looked on, feeling only envy and excitement, their hearts full of fire.

    Just a single name made the crowd worship.

    Even to the very end, Lei Lao had not said a word.

    But even so, people all over the courtyard were competing to worship.

    This power, this fame, dare I ask who else in the land of Jingzhou could match it?

    "A great man, when as well!"

    Ye Jian let out a long sigh in his heart.

    However, who would have thought that in the face of everyone worshipping each other, Lei laosan was oblivious.

    He pushed away the two brothers Ye Tian and Ye Ya who were blocking the way, and without looking back, he walked towards the courtyard.

    Eventually, the footsteps of Lei's third family stopped in front of Ye Fan.

    Immediately afterwards, a neutral and thick voice resounded through the four directions.

    "Mr. Chu, I, Lei Laosan, with my entire family, pay my respects to you!"

    "I wish Mr. Chu a happy and harmonious family, a prosperous career and power in the new year!"

    Lei laosan bowed in front, all over and worshiped.

    Lei Ao Ting and his mother also followed suit and congratulated respectfully.

    In the next moment, the whole place was dead silent.

    Ye Tian was petrified on the spot.

    Ye Ya's old face trembled.

    As for the second aunt as well as Ye Xi Lan and the others, their eyes were even huge.

    "Lei...Lei third master, also came to worship him?"

    "No, that's not possible?"

    "He's an incompetent and abandoned son, a wimp and a son-in-law, what does he have to offer?"

    Ye Tian's eyes were red, and he roared in his heart.

    Of course, they weren't the only ones, even the full house of guests, such as Shen Bi Chen, were horrified.

    They couldn't believe that Master Lei San ignored them, but instead went to worship a descendant?

    Does this mean that all of them are inferior to this junior person in front of them?

    In a split second, everyone's eyes fell on the thin figure in the courtyard that was peacefully drinking tea.

    Many people were curious as to who this young man was.

    The richest man in Jingzhou worshipped him, the top hand of the municipal party committee worshipped him, and now even the third master of Jingzhou Lei, also worshipped him?

    "God, who the hell is this?"

    Shen Bichen had been frightened and confused, his face was white and he was shivering.

    He had to be afraid, after all, Shen Bichen had offended Ye Fan earlier.

    This beam was made, and Shen Bi Chen was naturally terrified.

    In the end, trembling and whispering, she asked to Ye Tian, "County Ye, you...Didn't you say that he, just...Just a door-to-door son-in-law?"

    "But now, how...How..."

    Shen Bichen was so frightened that his speech was no longer good enough.

    But this question, how could Ye Tian answer him?


    "Well, you have a heart."

    Facing the worship of Lei's entire family, Ye Fan nodded his head, while continuing to ask, "You also arranged for Ji City to come today, right?"

    Lei laosan hehely smiled, "Mr. Chu, I didn't mean to tell Ji City your address, either."

    "The main thing is, you came to Jingzhou, and Ji City already wanted to meet you."

    "For this matter, he has approached me several times."

    "I had no choice but to give the address to Mayor Ji's."

    "Yes, Mr. Chu.I was the one who insisted on coming, and Master San also took the liberty of coming to visit under my coercion to give me the address, so I don't blame Master San."At this time, Ji Yihai also came over and explained to Ye Fan.

    Ye Fan lightly smiled, "Forget it, for the sake of Mayor Ji's face, I don't blame you for me revealing my whereabouts."

    "However, since you're here, let's take a seat."

    "I'm still in charge of this lunch."

    "What about the jade?"Lei laosan asked in confusion.

    Ye Fan waved his hand, "There's no hurry, let's wait until everyone is here."

    "Haha, that's good!"

    "But before you take your seat, you always have to pay a visit to Mr. Chu's mother.Which is not the only one who is Mr. Chu's orderly?"Lei Laosan asked again.

    "It's inside the house, so if you want to go, go."Ye Fan pointed to the front, and Lei Laosan, as well as Ji Yihai and the others, went in.



    "Happy New Year, Mama Chu."

    "We, the whole family, wish you a happy New Year."


    "Your father has a good nephew ah."

    "Mr. Chu, he is the dragon of my Jingzhou, and even more so, the dragon of my Jiangdong."

    Lei Laosan and Ji Yihai and the others greeted Ye Fan's mother and Master Ye in turn.

    The tone was humble and polite, and the words were all respectful.

    However, facing the greetings of these two great figures, Ye Ximei and Ye's father and daughter were in a state of dumbstruck throughout.

    They simply could not believe their own ears.

    Especially Master Ye, he had never thought that the most untalented nephew in his eyes back then would now become the greatest pride and celebration of their Ye family.

    Even Master Lei San, who praised him as the Dragon of Jingzhou?

    Ye was already confused and felt that his head was running out.

    Ye Xi Mei was equally terrified in her heart.

    She didn't know how many things Ye Fan was hiding from her as a mother.



    "This is Mr. Chu's wife, Miss Qiu Mu Orange, right?"

    "I've heard that Miss Autumn is also talented and beautiful, and at a young age, she manages a company."

    "If Miss Autumn is interested, she can also open a branch office in Jingzhou."

    "I'm willing to provide any possible help within the terms of reference."

    After paying their respects to Ye Fan's mother and the others, Ji Yihai and Lei Lao San and the two of them also returned to the courtyard and sat down beside Ye Fan.

    Ji Yihai was also meeting Qiu Mu Orange for the first time and only felt amazed, and at this time, he did not hesitate to praise her, while inviting Qiu Mu Orange to do business in Jingzhou.

    In this way, to show goodwill to Ye Fan.

    However, when Qiu Mu Orange heard this, she shook her head with a smile, "I think it's better not."

    "A small magistrate has a monstrous official authority and is ordering my husband around, even going so far as to beat him up."

    "If I, a weak woman, were to come here to do business, I'm afraid it would be hard to even save my life then."

    Qiu Mu Orange meant to smile faintly.

    After hearing this, Shen Bizhen, who was not far away, had a cold heart at that time.

    This, I'm afraid it's bad!

    Sure enough, Ji Yihai frowned and pursued his question to Qiu Mu Orange, "Miss Qiu, what do you mean by that?"

    Qiu Mu Orange softly returned, "Ji City, I think, you should ask your leaders in Jingzhou about this."

    "Isn't that right, Prefect Shen Bichen Shen?"

    Qiu Mu Orange Han suddenly looked up and looked at a person in front of him, but asked with a seeming smile.


    "Shen Bichen?"

    "Why are you here too?"

    "What the hell is going on?"

    "Have you offended Mr. Chu?"Ji Yihai followed Qiu Mu Orange's gaze, and then he saw Shen Bichen, whose old face was pale, and asked with suppressed anger.

    Shen Bichen was then scared to pee, bitterly and quickly explained, "Ji Shi, listen to my explanation ah~"

    "No need to explain!"Ji Yihai didn't seem to want to hear any more, so he shook his head then, while turning to the other man, he ordered

    "Hiruzhi, call the disciplinary committee later, bring him back and investigate him properly."

    "For the time being, he will be suspended."

    "When the results come out, if there is any violation of the law, severe punishment will not be given!"


    Hearing this, Shen Bichen was in a guilty panic, nearly scared out of her wits, and then begged bitterly.

    "Ji Shi, don't~"

    "I really didn't mean to offend Mr. Chu."

    "I really didn't know he was your friend~"

    "It's all because of that Ye Tian, it's that Ye Tian who said that Mr. Chu is a loser and a superfluous son-in-law, he's the one who caused me ah."

    "Ji City, spare me~"

    Shen Bi Chen couldn't stop begging, miserable sounds echoed, and in the end, Shen Bi Chen even gave Ye Tian up to the misfortune.

    Ye Tian's old face drawled, and he had a bad feeling in his heart.

    Sure enough, Ji Yihai frowned.


    "Who is Ye Tian?"

    "You have offended Mr. Chu, could someone else have authorized it?"

    "It's outrageous!"

    Ji Yihai had already heard about Ye Fan's might.

    At that time, even the Lord of Jiangdong Province sent congratulations to him.

    Such a magnate and giant, but he was offended by someone who was his direct subordinate, wasn't that a blow to Ji Yihai's face?

    Ji Yihai was naturally furious!

    It was immediately decided to punish him severely.

    "Ji City, Ye Tian is the deputy county of Dongyang County."At this time, someone beside him said to Ji Yihai.

    Ji Yihai was furious at the sound of the voice, "He's such a big dog!"

    "How dare you offend Mr. Chu with a little deputy county?"

    "Pass my orders to dismiss him for review after tomorrow, and the disciplinary department will immediately intervene."

    "All problems exposed to these two are to be dealt with strictly and severely!"


    Ji Yihai's words, it was as if, they were given a death sentence.

    Shen Bichen despaired for a moment.

    Ye Tian, on the other hand, his body suddenly shook, and an old face, at a speed visible to the naked eye, went white.

    Ji Yihai personally spoke, it was tantamount to, directly declaring the end of Ye Tian's career path.

    His lifelong pride and achievements, in an instant, vanished!

    How could he have never imagined that he would one day lose to the nephew he despised and despised the most?

    "And him."

    "He's bad too."

    "They're always bullying my Little Brother Fan."

    "Uncle Lei, you have to help my brother Xiaofan take out this anger."

    At this time, Lu Wenjing suddenly ran out from the hall and pointed at the Ye Ya family again, saying angrily.

    These days, what the Ye family had done to Ye Fan, Lu Wenjing had undoubtedly seen it all in her eyes.

    Who treated her little brother Fan well and who treated her little brother Fan badly, Lu Wenjing also remembered them all.

    Taking this opportunity, Lu Wenjing also took the opportunity to sue Lei Lao San.

    At that time, Ye Ya was so frightened that her old eyes jumped while she viciously said, "You stinky girl, what are you talking nonsense about?"

    "Keep talking nonsense and I'll rip your mouth off!"

    Ye Ya's heart to strangle Lu Wenjing at this moment was almost there.

    This dead ninny, saying these words to Lei Laosan and the others at this time, it was clearly harming their family ah.

    However, Lei Laosan's eyes, however, had gone cold.

    He raised his head abruptly and glared at Ye Ya, his deep voice, suppressing an erect rage, "Whose mouth did you say you were going to rip?"

    "Third Master, I'm talking about this stinky girl, not you, don't misunderstand ah."

    "This dead ninny is talking nonsense and tongue-in-cheek, I'm just trying to scare her a little."Ye Ya thought that Lei laosan misunderstood that he was scolding him, and explained at once.

    However, Lei laosan shouted, "Insolent!"

    "Jing Jing is Mr. Chu's sister, and you dare to insult her?"

    "You've got a lot of nerve!"

    "In that case, my temple in the land of Jingzhou is small and cannot tolerate such a daring fool like you."

    "After tomorrow, you can just get out of Jingzhou."

    "Of course, you can also stay, but I guarantee that I will make it difficult for you to walk an inch in Jingzhou!"


    Lei Lao San's sentence was a single sentence, and his words were as harsh as a knife.

    Ye Ya was terrified and filled with despair as he listened.

    He staggered a few steps, and in the end, he actually directly, sprawled out on the ground.

    What is despair?

    This is it.


Ye Ya didn't doubt Lei's words in the slightest.

    After all, in the land of Jingzhou, the Lei family could be said to be able to cover the sky.

    Even a listed company could go bankrupt with a word from him, let alone Ye Ya, the owner of a small township enterprise.

    It could be imagined that after today, this land of Jingzhou would really have no place for Ye Ya.


    "Third Master, I'm begging you."

    "My Ye family has lived in Jingzhou for generations, we can't leave here ah."

    "Third Master, I beg you, please let us go~"

    "I was wrong, I really know I was wrong..."]

    Things had come to this point, and Ye Ya was undoubtedly in a complete panic.

    He spread out on the ground and crawled like a dog towards Lei Laosan, hugging Lei Laosan's legs and begging bitterly with one snotty nose and one tear.

    After all, what Lei Laosan had cut off this time was his livelihood ah.

    He had worked hard for half his life, and that food factory was his life's work.

    All of his connections and accumulations were in Jingzhou.

    If he left, he, Ye Ya, would completely lose the first half of his life's hard work.

    Their family, would have nothing!

    Not only Ye Ya, but Ye Fan's second aunt was also already terrified.

    With a pale, pretty face, she likewise came over to beg Lei Laosan to let them go.

    "Get out of my way!"

    "What's the use of begging me?"

    "What you have offended is Mr. Chu."

    "If Mr. Chu doesn't speak, the immortals won't be able to save you!"

    Lei cursed angrily, while the next family kicked this family aside directly.

    "Mr. Chu?"

    "Yes, beg...Beg Mr. Chu."

    Lei Lao San's words reminded Ye Ya.

    And then, Ye Ya hurriedly ran and crawled and walked to Ye Fan and begged miserably.

    "Little...Little Fan, uncle is wrong, uncle is really wrong."

    "It's uncle who deserved to die and offended you."

    "I'll apologize to you and kowtow to you."

    Ye Ya was filled with panic, trembling body couldn't stop saying.

    But Ye Fan was silent, still sitting quietly, lightly sipping the cup of strong tea.

    Ye Ya was undoubtedly even more panicked at the sight of this.

    Hastily called his wife again as well as his son Ye Jian over and kneeled down to apologize to Ye Fan.

    "Really...Do you really have to kneel?"

    "Can't we just verbalize it?"

    "You're his uncle, does he still really have six parents?"

    Although the second aunt was terrified, she still didn't want to put her foot down and apologize to a door-to-door son-in-law of Ye Fan.

    "Cao Nima!"

    "Where's all this nonsense, you frakking bitch?!"

    "If you hadn't been stirring up my relationship with Little Fan all day long, saying that Little Fan couldn't do this or that, forcing me to break off my relationship with Little Fan, could my nephew and I have come to this point?"

    Seeing that this time, all fire and blaze, and this frakking bitch of his own was even holding a shelf, Ye Ya was furious, scuffling and jumping up, slapping the second aunt and pasting her on the ground.

    A slap.

    How loud was this slap?

    Ye Fan's second aunt was straightaway crying.

    Lying on the ground and not daring to get up again.

    "And you, kneel down for your brother as well!"

    After beating his own wife, Ye Ya glared at Ye Jian again and shouted angrily.

    "Dad, I'm not kneeling!"

    "I will not kneel to a superfluous son-in-law if a man's knees are full of gold!"

    Ye Jian didn't want to kneel either, when he returned forcefully.

    Ye Ya heard it and kicked him directly in the stomach.

    "Bastard, will you give me another word of nonsense?"

    "Do you really want to get your father killed, your mother killed, our whole family killed?"

    Ye Ya was on the verge of tears.

    In this situation, even a fool would know that this nephew of his was definitely not as ordinary as he seemed to be.

    Although his name was "Ye Fan", he was definitely not ordinary!

    If he was ordinary, why would the King City Lord directly dismiss his brother Ye Tian and investigate him because of him?

    How could Lei San let himself roll up and leave Jingzhou because of him?

    However, Ye Ya didn't expect that his son still couldn't see the situation clearly and dared to be rash and speak out against Ye Fan?

    "No kneeling!"

    "I'm not kneeling!"

    "He, Ye Fan, is an abandoned son, a wimp and a son-in-law, how can he be worthy to be kneeled down by me?"

    Even though his face was bloodied from the beating, Ye Jian was still clenching his teeth and letting out a low roar of displeasure.

    "I told you not to kneel!"

    "I told you not to kneel, I'll beat you to death, you bastard~"

    Ye Ya was also completely furious.

    The moment Ye Jian didn't kneel, he kept beating his own son violently.

    In the end, Ye Jian couldn't bear the pain and finally knelt down.

    "Little Fan, we were wrong, our whole family apologizes to you."

    "We promise that we will never treat you, your mother, with any disrespect again in the future."

    "Little Fan, do you forgive me?"

    "Count on uncle to beg you."

    "Help uncle and put in a good word for Third Master, so he can leave our family alone~"

    Ye Ya's old face was in tears, unable to stop kneeling and begging.

    Ye Jian and her mother, who were still dazzling before, were also like a dog in a house, kneeling at Ye Fan's feet, head down, miserable and silent.

    But Ye Fan sat still proudly, still drinking tea and did not speak.

    As if, did not see and hear the words and actions of Ye Ya and others at all.

    Always leaving them out of the picture.

    Ye Fan's cold appearance, but infuriated the Ye Xi Lan in the hall.

    In a split second, that Ye Xi Lan angrily came out from the hall, and directly pulled the Ye Ya family up from the ground.

    While pulling also said in a cold voice, "Second brother, second sister-in-law, what are you begging him for?"

    "A mere white-eyed wolf who doesn't recognize his six parents."

    "At worst, come back to Jianghai with me!"

    "Jianghai is the capital of the province, it's mostly better than this little shithole of a place called Jingzhou."

    "A casual business is better than hanging around here."

    Ye Xilan's words were icy cold, with a strong sense of anger.

    At the end of her words, she even looked at Ye Fan in a yin and yang manner.

    "Isn't it just a little bit of connections in this little shitty place in Jingzhou?"

    "Let's see if we can get him, the rack is up!"

    "When an uncle personally kneels down to apologize and ignores it?Bullish him?"

    Ye Yilan was lonely and proud.

    However, she did have the capital of pride.

    Her family was in Jianghai, living in the capital of Jiangdong Province, and the total economy was many times that of Jingzhou.

    Compared to Jianghai, Jingzhou was also really a small shabby city.

    Therefore, it wasn't surprising that Ye Xilan had this sense of superiority.

    "That's right, second uncle, second aunt, what are you begging him for?"

    "He's just a wimp son-in-law, how is he qualified for you to kneel down and beg him?"

    "Just listen to my mother, the worst-case scenario is to come back to Jianghai with us."

    "No matter how powerful he is, Lei San is only in this little shithole of a place called Jingzhou."

    "Over there in Jianghai, naturally he wouldn't dare to make a fuss!"

    Jiang Yuqing also came over and advised to Ye Ya's family.


Jiang Yulang similarly echoed, "Second Uncle, my sister is right."

    "What's the point of being afraid of him, the worst case scenario is to go back to Jianghai with us."

    "My dad is a corporate executive in Jianghai, with his energy, he can find you a decent job in minutes."

    "Why are you whispering and begging him here?"

    "A mere door-to-door son-in-law, he's really a big man."

    "If you don't know, you'd think he's the Emperor of Jiangdong?"

    The Jiang Yulang siblings, however, were not used to Ye Fan's arrogant and lonely appearance, and at this time, they all came forward and accused Ye Fan.

    However, after hearing the words of Ye Yulang's family, at first, it was just Lei Laosan who shook his head and laughed.

    Right after that, Ji Yihai also laughed.

    Lin Pingzhi, Wu Zhiming, and the others then laughed as well.

    In the end, Lei Laosan's family, as well as a group of leaders from Jingzhou City, all laughed.

    Within that smile, held a few points of banter, a few points of ridicule.

    It was as if they had heard the best joke in the world.


    "What are you laughing at?"

    "Did I say something wrong?"

    "Compared to Jianghai, isn't Jingzhou a small shabby place?"

    "Shouldn't an incoming son-in-law be looked down upon?"

    Hearing their snorts of laughter, Jiang Yulang became displeased and asked unconvincingly.

    To a junior, Lei Laosan and the others naturally didn't care.

    Instead, Lei Ao Ting came out at this time and shook his head and laughed lightly in the face of Jiang Yulang's words, "Yes, you're right, compared to Jiang Hai, Jingzhou is indeed a small place."

    "But, so what?"

    "The whole of Jiangdong has been trampled under Mr. Chu's feet, let alone a small Jianghai."

    "You had the right thing to say just now."

    "Mr. Chu, he really is the emperor of Jiangdong!"

    "Nonsense!"Hearing Lei Ao Ting's words, Ye Xilan mother and son snickered.

    "Just him?A son-in-law?Would it be the Emperor of Jiangdong?"

    "Oh, stop it!"

    "You think, if you say it, we'll believe it?"

    "If he really is the Emperor of Jiangdong, then today, it's not just your people from Jingzhou who have come to pay their respects to him, but all the big names from every major land in the province."

    "But what's the result?"

    "Is anyone from Riversea coming?"

    "Anyone from Hojo?"

    "Is anyone coming from Cloud State?"

    "Not one of them yet!"

    Ye Xilan was full of ridicule and sneered.

    Only thinking that these people were talking nonsense.

    After all, Ye Fan was just a hairy kid in his early twenties.

    At this age, it was already unbelievable to have so many connections in Jingzhou.

    Returning the Jiangdong Emperor?

    Is that possible?

    That's a lie!

    This is bullshit!

    However, right in the middle of Ye Xilan's humming and laughing, the resonant voice of the singing name child outside the gate then rang out.


    "President of Jiang Hai Haitian Logistics Group, Gao Kexin has arrived!"


    "Chairman of Jiang Hai Kyushu Insurance, Wang Kai has arrived!"


    "The head of the Jianghai Dancing Sun Heavy Industry, ...Arrived!"



    Ninjas Insurance?

    "Mom, isn't this my dad's company?"


    "Mom, it looks like the people who came to pay their respects to our family have arrived."

    Hearing this, Jiang Yulang's siblings were suddenly happy and proud of themselves.

    Their father was one of the sales executives of Kyushu Insurance, and now that they heard that the people from Kyushu Insurance had arrived, they naturally subconsciously thought that the guests who had come to pay New Year's greetings to their family had arrived.

    However, children didn't know the situation clearly, but Ye Yixilan did.

    At that time, she was stunned.

    Jiuzhou Insurance for the time being, after all, her husband is the senior executive of this company, and has a few relations with their family.

    But Haitian Logistics, that was the number one logistics company in Jiangdong?


    Wuyang Heavy Industries, the province's top three manufacturing conglomerates!


    These two bosses, they're not even close to each other.

    This year, why did they travel thousands of miles to come over and pay her a visit?

    "Mom, let's go."

    "All of our guests are here, let's go and welcome them."

    After waiting for so long, it was finally the moment for their siblings to pretend.

    Jiang Yulang siblings were naturally anxious, not even caring about Ye Xilan's suspicious gaze, pulling their own mother along and going to greet them.

    The pride on their faces was extremely thick.

    After all, Jiang Hai was the capital of the province, and no matter the political and economic status, it was far from the small city of Jingzhou.

    Now that their family's guests had arrived from Jianghai to pay their respects, they naturally felt glowing and full of pride.

    As soon as they walked up, Jiang Yulang couldn't wait to introduce himself to these business giants from Jianghai, "Hello, Uncle Wang, I'm Jiang Yulang, my father is Jiang He..."

    However, before this Jiang Yulang could finish his sentence, the bodyguards accompanying him pushed the family out.

    "Go go go~"

    "Get out of my way!"

    "What's a ginger crane or a ginger duck, what's that?"

    "A hairy boy, who also dares to make it up the ladder!"

    The bodyguard scolded angrily, while then led these people on.

    At that time, Jiang Yulang was confused and looked at his mother with a bitter face, "Mom...Mom, this...What's this, aren't they here to pay their respects to our family?"

    Jiang Yulang was almost crying at this.

    I thought it was my own highlight moment, but who would have thought that I would end up being pushed aside like a dog and touching my nose.

    Jiang Yulang, who was full of embarrassment, could not wait to dig a hole to bury his head in.

    This was damned humiliating.

    Ye Xilan was naturally equally confused and terrified: "I...I...I'm not sure either."

    Just as this mother and son were confused, the people who had entered earlier, after entering, actually stood respectfully on either side.

    Then, with the humblest posture and most respectful tone, they bowed and greeted, "Welcome, Master Ao!"

    "Welcome, Master Pride!"


    "Welcome, Master Ao!"


    Voices rose and fell, one after the other.

    And then, in the midst of the respectful voices that filled the courtyard, only a middle-aged man, with a dragon and tiger walk, was seen, full of majesty .Just like this, with his wife and daughter, he came with his head held high.

    "The head of the Jianghai Chen family, King of Jiangdong, Chen Ao has arrived!"


    "Jiang...King Jiang Dong..."

    "Chen...Chen Ao?"

    The moment she heard this, Ye Xilan was only like five thunderbolts and was instantly stunned.

    Even the siblings of Jiang Yulang, who had been away from home for years, were then filled with panic when they heard this name.

    It only felt that a majestic oppression had strangled their throats.

    Ye Yulang's family was completely confused.

    In their hearts, there was only one voice left.


    "He...How did he get here?"


Of course, they weren't the only ones.

    The people all over the courtyard also all trembled and lost their voices after hearing this voice.

    "King Chen Ao of Jiangdong, that's a great name."

    "Even he has arrived?"

    "This Ye family, has it really come out, a true dragon?"

    Inside and outside the old mansion, countless people sighed in disbelief.

    The sound that drew cold air, echoed the four directions.

    However, the tremors of Chen Ao's arrival had not dissipated yet, and then, the sound of a car came from outside.

    As the car door opened, a central balding old man, assisted by his men, stepped down from the car.

    This man was, Heck, the one who had come all the way from Yunzhou, Li Er.

    "Second Master, he has arrived."Jin Bao said respectfully, and Yin Bao closed the car door behind him.

    After Li Er got off the car, his footsteps stepped on the green stone floor, but stopped outside the door of the Ye family for a long time, looking up to detail the old mansion in front of him.

    Only after a long time, did he let out an emotion.

    "Is this the Ye family's old mansion?"

    "Back then, I was fortunate enough to return to my hometown with the Chu family to pay homage to my ancestors.I remember that the Chu family's old mansion was just like this, with a large, square courtyard."

    "It was paved with blue stones on all sides, and the old trees were fragrant and ancient."

    "It's really hard to imagine that such an ordinary courtyard like this has produced a world-renowned hero like Mr. Chu?"

    "They say that heroes don't ask where they came from."

    "The ancients, sincerely do not deceive me~"

    Li Er sighed all over, while laughing lightly.

    "Go, Jinbao Yinbao, follow me to pay your respects, Mr. Chu!"

    In the midst of the neutral voice, Li Er then lifted his feet and stepped into, the gate of the Ye family's old house.

    In the next moment, the sound of singing names rose and fell again.


    "Chairman of Yunzhou Dongshan Industry, Hua Guoqing has arrived!"


    "Yunzhou Nanquan Group Chairman, Guo Huai Min has arrived!"


    "The head of the Li Family in Yunzhou, the leader of the leader, Second Master Li has arrived!"


    "Hojo's Wang Family Master, Wang Jiexi has arrived!"


    "Head of the Nanquan Wood Family, Mu Qingxue has arrived!"


    It was as if an ocean storm was sweeping through.

    It was only like a slap on Ye Xilan's face, and also a heavy tremor in everyone's heart.

    The shock caused by Chen Ao just now hadn't dissipated, and now Li Er's arrival had undoubtedly set off huge waves once again.

    Ye Tian, Ye Ya stared at the eyes, and even the old man Ye, who was horrified in his heart, nearly tumbled out of his chair.

    Ye Xilan family, even more flabbergasted in place, looking at the longing to come to the various big brother, but a long time lost, dumbstruck, the brain is even blank.

    "Jiang Hai Chen Ao?"

    "Second Master Li of Yunzhou?"

    "Hojo King Jessie?"



    "I'm afraid that's, like, the whole of Jiangdong's big brother, right?!"

    After seeing these top magnates of various prefecture-level cities, the thousands of residents of the entire Ye Yang Town could be said to have gone crazy.

    The eighteen big men of Jiangdong prefecture-level cities gathered in Ye Yang.

    All the eight giants from the eight directions came to pay their respects?

    "I'll fuck it up!"

    "TV shows don't even dare to act like that!"


    Outside the old mansion, there was a buzz.

    Today, the Ye family's annual meeting was held, but it attracted ten thousand states to congratulate it .

    Such a scene had naturally attracted countless people .

    Almost all the residents of the entire town had been drawn over by this noise.

    That entire street outside the Ye family was already packed to the brim.

    Cars were blocking the road, and the road was crowded with people.

    Those people, however, were all trembling and everyone was crazy.

    In this poor countryside, these people were afraid that it would be difficult to meet a big person in their lifetime.

    But now, the whole Jiangdong big shots are here, these unseen villagers, it is strange that they are not crazy.

    Of course, not only those big figures, but also those luxury cars parked on the road, is enough to make people horrified and crazy.

    Dozens of luxury cars, stretching for thousands of meters.

    Porsche, Ferrari, the list is endless.Here, Mercedes and BMW are all cheap cars.

    Any one of them is worth over millions.

    And each dazzling eye-catching license plate, what five 8, four 6, simply dazzling people to see.

    For the first time, the inhabitants of this small town deeply felt that the gap between people is so big.

    It turns out that the ordinary people and the rich and powerful are really not of the same world.

    The difference in every aspect is cloudy!

    For ordinary people, they may not be able to afford such a license plate even with their life savings.Not to mention the luxury cars that easily cost millions of dollars.

    Of course, what was most trembling was not these.

    Rather, it was the one from the Ye family, the one who made this ten thousand states come to congratulate them.

    "Out of the dragon!"

    "Ye family, a dragon is out~"

    Outside, countless people lamented, and the noise was only like a raging tide.

    And in the Ye family's old mansion, the singing child was still chanting the names of the guests that had arrived.

    The resonant voice that couldn't stop echoing.

    "The Chairman of the Feng Hua Group of Maple Sea City has arrived!"


    "Ma Fei, the owner of the Ma Family in Southern Spring City, has arrived!"


    After that one loud name was shouted, it also made the entire Ye Family Residence, tremble endlessly.

    As time went on, more and more people came to pay their respects to the Ye family .

    In the end, all the top dignitaries from the major cities of Jiangdong arrived.

    The large mansions were overflowing with people.

    At this time, Ye Yang Town had become the power center of the entire Jiangdong.

    No one doubted that if a bomb was thrown at the Ye family's old mansion at this time, then the top dignitaries of Jiangdong would definitely be wiped out.

    At that time, a power vacuum would inevitably appear in the entire Jiangdong.

    With no head of the dragons, Jiangdong will be in chaos.

    Of course, this situation is just a thought.

    With Mr. Chu here, who would dare to make a fuss here.

    After all, the original Haitian feast had completely established Ye Fan's supreme position in Jiangdong.

    The demise of the Meng family had even made the Jiangdong crowd to be convinced of Ye Fan.

    If Jianghai was the economic center of Jiangdong.

    Then where Ye Fan was, was the center of power in Jiangdong!

    Wherever Ye Fan went, it was the sky of Jiangdong.

    Yunzhou at the time of the Sea and Sky Feast was, and now this little Ye Yang Town was, too!



    After an unknown amount of time, the resonant voice of the singing children finally gradually ceased.

    But the Ye family's old mansion was already full of guests and was nearly packed.

    In the end, the guests who had previously come to pay their respects to Ye Ya and the two Ye Tian brothers were very conscious of giving up their seats.

    After all, compared to these leading big men like Lei San and Li Er, these directors of their feed factories and pig breeding factories were shit, even if they were lent ten guts, they wouldn't dare to grab a seat with these big men.

    The people all over the courtyard were in a state of panic.

    Perhaps, the only one who could remain calm in the presence was that Ye Fan who was the main character.

    Whether it was Chen Ao descending, or Li Er coming to pay his respects.

    The whole time, that man, was so calm.

    Drinking tea peacefully, no ripples in his heart.

    But, the Ye Fan sitting there is a ten thousand high mountain, making it difficult for people to overcome in their lifetime.

    One could only, look away.

    His majesty, his momentum, was awe-inspiring!


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