Dish Best Served Cold 781-785


Chapter 781

"I go, this old everyone is also remarkable this year."

    "Even the leaders of Jiuhua County have come over to pay their respects?"

    "That's a county-level city."

    "It looks like this Ye family boss, next year when he really wants to rise high."

    "This Ye family, I'm afraid it's really going to come out as a, a true noble!"

    Many people were filled with envy and emotion.

    The trepidation just now towards Ye Fan was undoubtedly swept away at this point.

    Everyone's eyes all fell on Ye Tian's family.

    After all, the more rural people were, the more they had an enigmatic yearning and respect for being a government official.

    In their eyes, only civil servants as well as public institutions were considered decent jobs.They pay for their children's schooling, and one of their biggest goals is to see their children succeed in school and become government officials.

    As for other industries, even if you are successful, in their view, you are not doing your job.

    If you are good at learning, you will be an official.

    It couldn't be helped, Huaxia's thousands of years of tradition had already been deeply rooted, and it was by no means that it could be changed even more in just a few decades.

    And while the crowd was filled with respect and envy for Ye Tian's family, Ye Tian also happened to lead his guests past Ye Fan.

    He took advantage of a certain gap to suddenly stop and took a condescending look at Ye Fan, and his cold laughter, suddenly sounded, "Eldest nephew, I don't know what secrets you have, and I don't know why those merchants came to pay their respects to you before."

    "But dang uncle only wants to tell you that those rich merchants you fell in love with, even if they are rich, it's just some opportunistic cheap merchants after all."

    "Haven't they eaten the dividends of the policy for their wealth?"

    "In other words, their social status was given to him by us, the people who govern."

    "If we want them to be rich, they will be rich."

    "If we don't want them to be rich, it's the richest man in Kingston, and we're just as likely to do away with them from their high positions in minutes!"

    "So, it's better for you to be on your own."

    "Don't think that just because you've achieved a little success, you don't take us seriously?"

    "It is not surprising that that so-called achievement of yours is worthless in the eyes of your uncle and me!"

    "Than power?Than connections?"

    "You're an outcast, a door-to-door son-in-law, and you deserve it?"

    Ye Tian said in a cold voice.

    The gloomy voice was like a cold wind sweeping through here, blowing Ye Fan's shirt and hunting.

    After saying this, Ye Tian also snorted coldly, and with his contempt and disdain for Ye Fan, he turned around and walked towards the front hall.

    Dongmei, who was beside him, but blamed Ye Tian for not speaking a little too heavily.

    Ye Tian whispered angrily, "I talk heavy?"

    "If I didn't tell this little beast to get lost just now, I've already done my best to be merciful!"

    "What does he mean by inviting so many guests today, can't you see that?"

    "He's trying to give us a hard time, trying to hit us in the face!"

    "He tried to humiliate us in this way."

    "What's it like for a little brute to be so anti-him?And you dare to scream at us uncle's?"

    "Trying to humiliate us with a couple of cheap merchants?What a delusion."

    Ye Tian said in a cold voice, his words were full of anger.

    Earlier, when Lin Yaohua and the others came to pay their respects to Ye Fan, they undoubtedly made Ye Tian and Ye Ya brothers make a fool of themselves.

    Ye Tian could see that this was a deliberate attempt by Ye Fan to show off his connections as a way of hitting these uncles and aunts of his.

    Ye Tian had despised this nephew since he was a child, so naturally, he couldn't endure this humiliation.

    Now that the time has come and his own guests have come, Ye Tian, being in power, naturally knocked Ye Fan severely to take out the bad anger in his heart before.

    It's also good to let Ye Fan know that ginger is still old and spicy!

    Trying to steal the limelight from him, Ye Fan is still too young after all?

    However, facing Ye Tian's rebuke, Ye Fan was always calm and oblivious.

    Even though so many leaders arrived, Ye Fan did not look at them.

    From beginning to end, he was sitting in the courtyard with a smile on his lips, lightly sipping tea.

    It was as if an ancient well, calm and without any ripples in his heart.

    While the Ye family was boiling with joy because of the arrival of a group of leaders, no one knew that there were a number of cars on the countryside road a thousand meters away from Ye Yang Town, speeding madly.

    Clear, black Audis!

    It was subtle, introspective, and yet thick and majestic.

    The low sound of the engine was even more like the low roar of a wild beast, echoing through the open hills of the countryside.


    "Another car coming?"

    "Could it be that you're going to pay your respects to the Ye family again?"

    "How many of these fucking cars are there?"

    "Is it still going on?"

    "The roads in our Yeyang Town are damn near becoming parking lots for the Yeyang family."

    "The roads are almost blocked."

    A few men loitering at the entrance of the village cursed and complained when they saw those vehicles driving in a line from a distance.

    "No, we can't let them in any more."

    "Ah Niu, stop them, tell them to park their cars at the village entrance and walk in!"

    One of the more senior men in the town, fearing that these cars would go in and block the road, suddenly ordered in a deep voice that his nephew Ah Niu should go over and block those cars outside.

    However, this old man shouted for half a day and no one responded.


    "What's going on, brat?Even your old uncle doesn't listen to me?"

    "What are you waiting for?Get over there and stop the car!"

    The old man was so angry that he kicked his nephew.

    Only then did the old man realize that his nephew, Aniu, his entire body, was shaking.

    "Aniu, what's wrong?"

    "What are you shaking for?"

    "An epileptic seizure?"The old man was confused.

    There was a long silence until after those vehicles had already arrived in front of him, only then did Ah Niu Fang raise his arm and point at the vehicles in front of him, trembling, "Old...Old Uncle, you...You...Look at that vehicle...The license plate number~"


    "What happened to the license plate number?"This old man was even more confused.

    But between words, he still followed the direction his nephew pointed to and looked over.

    Only to see that the license plate of the Audi at the very front was.

    Jiang B00001!


    It was as if thunder struck down.

    The old man who was holding his pipe just now, the moment he saw the license plate, as if he had been struck by lightning, his old eyes, which were wide, immediately stared at it, and the pipe in his hand, also immediately slipped off.

    His body was trembling, but his heart set off waves of shock.

    License plate 00001?

    Oh, God.

    Is this, like, the city clerk arriving?

    "Fuck it, I'm going to fuck it up!"

    "Even a handful of Kingstonians are here?"

    "This Ye family, could it be that a dragon has emerged?"

    At the entrance of the small town village, this uncle and nephew, had gone completely crazy.

    Like watching a ghost, watching the number of Audi cars racing past in front of you, heart full of, are shocked!

    It was estimated that the entire town had never thought that one day the Lord of Jingzhou, would personally visit Ye Yang Town, right?


Ye Yang Town, the village entrance.

    The uncle and nephew were still in deep shock and hadn't returned to their senses.

    Little did they know that at this time, a hundred miles away, there were dozens of luxury cars, from all directions, all converging towards the remote town in front of them.

    Only if, a hundred rivers converged on the sea!

    The crowd in the Ye family's old mansion was naturally unaware of these events happening outside.

    In particular, the Ye Tian family was still immersed in the scenery of a house full of guests.

    "Master Ye, you have given birth to such a good son of Ye County, your Ye family is considered to have completely honored your ancestors as a result of this ah."

    "You know, this eldest son of yours is the youngest Vice Governor of our entire Jingzhou City."

    "He will definitely have an unlimited future in the future!"

    "I guarantee that in less than ten years, Ye County will ascend to the top of King City."

    "In less than thirty years, Ye County will rise to the top of the provincial department."

    At this time, the one who spoke was Hua Chun County's leader, Shen Bizhen.

    Huachun County is one of the most backward areas of Jingzhou City in terms of economic development, and now it is rumored that Ye Tian will soon be promoted, Shen Bichen naturally stammered a bit.

    In the future, maybe Ye Tian will miss him and promote him after he's leveled off?

    Not only Shen Bichen, others also congratulated Old Master Ye.

    Everyone was willing to listen to nice words, and naturally, Old Master Ye was no exception.

    At this time, listening to what everyone was saying, Old Master Ye smiled as if he was eating honey and kept laughing.Saying good things continuously.


    "Don't you dare lift me up."

    "I'm embarrassed to hear it myself."Ye Tian pretended to be modest, but his heart was undoubtedly proud of himself.


    "Old Yeh, why haven't you seen your daughter?"

    "Where's Yuyan?"

    "Didn't he come back the other day?"

    Qin Yu's father, Qin Hongfei asked in confusion.

    Previously at his own son's wedding banquet, Qin Hongfei still remembered seeing Ye Yuyan.

    Now on New Year's Eve, I didn't even see her, Qin Hongfei was naturally confused.

    Ye Tian smiled and said, "Old fellow, don't look for her, my daughter returned to the military a few days ago."

    "She's the captain of the special war team now, she's very busy?"

    Ye Tian said almost like he was showing off.

    When the others heard it, they were shocked, "I'll go, okay!"

    "How old is your daughter to be a captain of the Special Forces?"

    "What about later?"

    "Surely a tiger's father is not a dog's daughter."

    The crowd complimented again.

    This sounded soothing, and Ye Tianton smiled, "Haha~"

    "It's not my doing, I can only say that our Ye family has a good family culture."

    "Do you know that not only my daughter has Chu Xi, that nephew of mine and his nephew are all great."

    In between the words, Ye Tian called Ye Jian over and introduced him to everyone.

    "This is my own nephew, don't look at his young age, he has a powerful business mind?"

    "Last year, this nephew of mine helped his father negotiate a five million dollar contract."

    "Xiao Jian, come over and toast to you uncles and uncles."

    Ye Tian commanded with a smile.

    Ye Jian was naturally honored by this.

    After all, this table in front of him could be all leaders ah.

    If they wanted to grow and expand their factory in the future, there would be no shortage of help from these leaders.

    Being able to get to know these dignitaries was something that had a hundred benefits and no harm to Ye Jian.

    "Yulang, Yucheng, you two don't just watch, come over and toast to you uncles as well."

    After introducing Ye Jian, Ye Tian called the Jiang Yulang siblings to the front and also introduced them to the colleagues in front of him.

    "I'll go, two scholarships in one door?"


    "I didn't expect ah, Old Ye, this nephew and niece of yours, are also so competitive."

    "We're listening, we're envious ah."

    After hearing the deeds of the two siblings of Jiang Yulang, there was a shudder again.

    At this time, Hua Chun County leader Shen Bichen noticed that there was another person in the courtyard, sitting there alone, and asked Ye Tian in confusion, "Ye County, is that person also your nephew?Don't you shout it all together?"

    Ye Tian waved his hand, "Don't mind him, a door-to-door son-in-law is just not humiliating enough."

    "Our Ye family, generation after generation is clear.A hundred years of inheritance, there's only such a humiliating product."

    Ye Tian hummed disdainfully, and then he changed the topic, not even willing to mention Ye Fan.

    In a split second, the entire Ye family, both elders and juniors, all took their seats in the hall.

    The Jiang Yulang siblings, as well as Ye Jian, were also called to the front by Ye Tian, who was responsible for serving tea and pouring wine to these guests.

    In the grand Ye family courtyard, there was only Ye Fan left, sitting alone in the open air.

    That desolate appearance, as if he was an abandoned outcast.

    The actual actual time you'll be able to get a good deal more than just a few of them, the actual time you'll be able to get a good deal more than just a few of them.Ye Jian and the others have all come in, can't leave his son alone outside to freeze, right?

    "Can't you see it's all full?"

    "And let him come?"

    "There's no room for him here!"

    Ye Xi Lan sneered, but she directly dispelled Ye Xi Mei's thoughts.

    What she said was also true, now that the seats in the room were all full and packed, even if she called out to Ye Fan to come in, she would only be standing.

    "Mom, I'll go and accompany him, you can just sit here at ease."

    Eventually, Qiu Mu Orange got up and walked out, ignoring the bitter cold, and headed to the wine table in the courtyard, sitting next to Ye Fan.

    "What are you doing here?Go back to the house, it's cold here."Seeing Qiu Mu Orange come over, but Ye Fan was slightly angry.

    Qiu Mu Orange spread her face and smiled, picked up the teapot and filled a teacup for Ye Fan, while also pouring a cup for herself.

    Amidst the dense fragrance of tea, Qiu Mu Orange smiled wanly, "With you Mr. Chu here, what's so frightening about a little chill in the district?"

    Hearing Qiu Mu Orange's reply, Ye Fan shook his head and smiled, and then he didn't try to persuade her anymore and let her be.



    "Ye olde, any more cigarettes?"

    "Give me one, the cigarette addiction is back."

    In the hall, the people were laughing and talking.

    At this time, Qin Hongfei's cigarette addiction came up, so he thought of asking for a pack of cigarettes to smoke for Ye Tian.

    "I've finished smoking this too."

    "Let's say, I'll go buy them for you."Ye Tian said and got up to leave.

    Shen Bichen hurriedly stopped him: "Hey, Ye County, how do you need to personally run to this small matter?"

    "You, just sit here at ease and entertain the guests."

    "I'll handle this matter of buying cigarettes."

    Shen Bichen stammered.

    After saying that, he turned his head and walked out of the Ye family hall, ready to go buy cigarettes.

    But as soon as she came out, Shen Bichen was in a dilemma, where to buy cigarettes in this unfamiliar place?

    While in a dilemma, Shen Bichen just happened to notice Ye Fan, who was in the courtyard drinking tea in that stuffy place, then walked over and instructed, "Go, go outside and buy me a few boxes of cigarettes."

    "Pick a good one to buy."

    "Bring them to the house after you've bought them."

    Shen Bichen coldly said, as if he was ordering a servant.

    Ye Fan ignored him and remained sitting there, sipping tea, oblivious to his words.


    "I say, are you deaf, boy?"

    "Or crippled?"

    "I told you to get cigarettes, didn't you hear me?"

    Shen Bichen frowned and rebuked unhappily.

    Ye Fan's disregard for him undoubtedly annoyed him.


He, Shen Bichen, was the head of a county no matter what.

    Who would dare to disrespect him in ordinary days?

    Even if it was someone whose position was higher than his, everyone spoke politely to each other and would not ignore his words, like this jerk in front of him who was so oblivious to him.

    But now, a door-to-door son-in-law, on the contrary, ignored him, treating his orders as a whisper in his ear.

    It would be strange if Shen Bichen wasn't angry.

    However, even though Shen Bichen was already angry, Ye Fan still hadn't paid any attention to him.

    It was as if he didn't hear his words, looking calm and sitting peacefully.

    Even lifted the teapot and filled it with tea.

    But Qiu Mu Orange on the side seemed to be a little worried and was about to speak up to advise him.

    At this time, Ye Fan lightly smiled and filled Qiu Mu Orange with tea: "Mu Orange, drink tea."

    Ye Fan's words undoubtedly blocked back the words that reached Autumn Mu Orange's mouth.

    She didn't say anything else, just a soft "mmm" with a lightly nodding forehead.

    But in her heart, she was still vaguely worried for her man.

    After all, it was always a bit rude for Ye Fan to ignore someone.

    Of course, if you think about it, he was the one who was rude in the first place, so how can you blame Ye Fan for being rude?

    With this consideration, Qiu Mu Orange didn't advise Ye Fan any more.

    She took the cup of tea from Ye Fan's hand and also lowered her head and drank.

    Seeing the couple raising their cups and drinking there, completely treating him as air, Shen Bichen immediately became angry, "Stinker, how dare you?"

    "How dare you ignore me?"

    "Today I'll teach you a good lesson on behalf of Ye County, you uncouth and disrespectful sinner!"

    Shen Bichen had clearly been thoroughly enraged by Ye Fan.

    His old face was eventful, and he drank harshly.

    In between words, he stretched out his leg and kicked at Ye Fan's chair, looking like he was ready to kick Ye Fan directly on the ground.

    "Ye Fan, be careful~"

    Qiu Mu Orange was shocked, she didn't expect that this person would just say he would do it.

    However, facing Shen Bichen's sudden outburst, Ye Fan only sneered.

    And then picked up the teacup in front of him and stretched out his hand to slam it backwards.


    The warm tea swept out.

    It splashed all over Shen Bichen's old face.

    The crisp sound of the water was like a slap on Shen Bichen's face.

    Shen Bichen immediately screamed, his old face then turned red, and his entire body staggered backwards a few steps.

    "You dare to splash me with water?"

    "You despicable son-in-law, you...You... you...How dare you!"

    Shen Bizhen was completely confused, and the anger and humiliation in his heart burned even more like a blazing fire.

    He had never thought that this wimp son-in-law in front of him had eaten a bear's heart and dared to pour water on his face in front of so many people.

    After so many years, had Shen Bizhen ever suffered such an insult?

    Now, even more so, being humiliated in front of a door-to-door son-in-law, Shen Bichen was like a dog whose tail had been stepped on, and her red eyes cursed at Ye Fan in anger.

    "What's wrong?"

    "Bishnu, what happened?"

    "Didn't you go to buy cigarettes?"

    The commotion here soon attracted the attention of the crowd.

    Ye Tian, who was the owner, quickly rushed over.

    First, he was puzzled to inquire about the situation, but when he saw the tea leaves and water stains covered on Shen Bichen's body, Ye Tian was shocked then.

    He turned his head and his gloomy gaze, which was only like a sword, stared fiercely at Ye Fan in front of him.

    Suppressing the soaring anger in his heart, he asked in a cold voice, "These, are you the one who did all this?"

    Ye Fan remained silent.

    Facing Ye Tian's berating question, Ye Fan looked as usual.

    Just like a nobody, he sat quietly and continued to pick up the teapot and filled himself up with another cup of strong tea.

    Seeing Ye Fan's appearance like this, Ye Tian immediately blew up.

    "Bastard, you dare to insult even County Governor Shen?"

    "You less educated beast!"

    Cursing in annoyance, the annoyed Ye Tian then stepped forward and stretched out his hand and incited it towards Ye Fan's face.

    Even though Ye Tian knew that Ye Fan's body was extraordinary and full of brute strength.

    In terms of fighting, it was estimated that ten of him combined would not be Ye Fan's opponent.

    However, Ye Tian wasn't afraid and still unscrupulously reached out to incite his hand towards Ye Fan.

    Not because of anything, only because Ye Tian felt that he was an elder and Ye Fan's uncle.

    Even if this punk had ten guts, he would definitely not dare to fight back against his uncle!

    However, is that really the case?

    Just as Ye Tian's palm was about to fall, Ye Fan looked up suddenly, his hand outstretched but grabbed Ye Tian's arm.


    "Bastard, how dare you fight back?"

    Ye Tian became even angrier, his pupils crinkled and he cursed harshly.

    However, as soon as Ye Tian's curse fell, the force coming from his wrist caused him to grimace in pain.


    "Bastard, cut me loose!"

    Ye Tian cried out in pain while struggling to death, trying to tug his arm backwards.

    At this time, Ye Fan fiercely let go, and Ye Tian just made a strong effort.

    Only a bang sounded.

    Ye Tian's entire body directly crouched on the ground and fell over.

    The pain caused Ye Tian to scream in a ghostly manner.


    "How dare you hit me, you treacherous thing?"

    "You get the hell out of the Ye family!"

    "Get out of here now~"

    "From now on, my Ye family will no longer have a bastard nephew like you."

    Ye Tian was angry and embarrassed.

    Sitting on the ground at this time, his entire body was so angry that he was so angry that he cursed at Ye Fan.

    Ye Ya, as well as Ye Xi Lan and the others, also hurriedly ran over and supported Ye Tian while also verbally abusing Ye Fan.

    "Big sister, look at this good son you've taught!"

    "What the hell is this?"

    "Birds and beasts still know how to feed, and he, on the other hand, is an underfed, white eyed wolf."

    "Our Ye family provides you with food and shelter and is just as ungrateful, but now you dare to beat up your elders?"

    "It's beastly!"Ye Ya was still cursing.

    But Ye Fan suddenly shouted coldly, "He's the one who provoked me in the first place, how can I be blamed for being heartless?"

    "What's more, my mother and I owe it to my grandmother, not you!"

    "Even if I am your nephew, I will not tolerate your wanton bullying."

    "If you provoke me again, so be it!"


    After Ye Fan finished drinking the tea in the cup, he smashed it violently.

    Amidst the horrified and terrified gazes of the crowd, an exquisite porcelain cup instantly shattered.

    The crisp sound echoed in the courtyard and also in the hearts of the crowd.




    "How dare you threaten us?"

    "Well you white wolf, we raised you and now you're saying you don't owe us?In that case, get out of here!"

    "Get him out of here."

    "Get out of the Ye family and don't even come back in this life."

    "I, Ye Ya, don't have such a bastard nephew~"

    Ye Ya gritted his teeth and cursed angrily.

    "Get out!"Ye Xi Lan likewise drank low.

    "Get out of the Ye family~"

    "Get out of the Ye family~"

    Ye Jian, as well as the Jiang Yulang siblings, also roared in unison.

    The sound of anger reverberated throughout the entire world.

    Suddenly, Ye Fan was actually accused by a thousand men.

    The Ye family actually told him to get lost, and no one interceded for him.

    In the face of the piercing curses, that man, however, remained silent.

    The thin body, just like that lonely sitting in the courtyard.

    The sunlight sprinkled over the water, shining on his body, but fell a shadow.

    Looked at from a distance, actually so, desolate!

    However, right now, outside the old mansion, a resonant voice was like a sword, piercing the long sky.

    It was also like sunlight, piercing through the iron-like darkness.

    "Jingzhou City Party Committee leader Wu Zhiming has arrived!"


    "Leader of the disciplinary committee of Jingzhou City, Dong Xing has arrived!"


    "Lin Pingzhi, Deputy Mayor of Jingzhou City, has arrived!"


    "Jingzhou City Party Secretary, Ji Yihai has arrived!"



    "The city council leader?"


    "King City, a...One hand?"

    It was as if thunder from the nine heavens rolled in.

    The moment they heard the names of these people, the entire Ye family mansion was instantly dead silent.

    The curses were gone, and so was the noise.

    All the clamor just now disappeared in an instant.

    The entire world was actually silent.

    The sound of a pin dropping could almost be heard.

    The feeling was as if a movie that was playing was suddenly pressed the pause button.

    Yes, at this moment, Ye Tian and the others were so horrified that they almost forgot to breathe.

    Everyone, it was simply hard to believe their ears.

    A small Ye family annual meeting, even the leaders inside Jingzhou City, were alarmed?

    Even the Lord of Kingston is here?

    Is that possible?

    How the hell is that possible?

    Their Ye family, a fart-sized temple, how could they accommodate this big Buddha ah.

    Ye Ya's entire body was on the verge of tears, even Ye Tian, who had experienced many scenes, was dumbfounded at the moment.

    He was stupefied in place, his old face pale, muttering, "Just now...Just now, say...Say who's here?"

    "Ji...Ji Yihai, Ji City?"


    What the hell is going on today?

    Even this immortal is here?

    While Ye Tian was lost in fear, Shen Bichen, however, laughed out loud and was busy congratulating Ye Tian, "Haha~"

    "Ye County, what did I say?"

    "Even Ji City has come to pay their respects to you, this year, you are ironically going to be promoted."

    Shen Bichen smiled complimentingly, and after saying that, she hurried over to greet Ji Yihai and the others.

    After all, the people in front of them were all leaders of the city, their top bosses, so they naturally didn't dare to slack off.

    But Ye Tian, facing the compliments of Shen Bichen and the others, but his old face was twitching and he couldn't be happy.

    After the embarrassment several times before, there was only fear and uneasiness in Ye Tian's heart.

    These people, really, were they coming for him Ye Tian?


    "Seasonal City, Happy New Year."

    "I didn't expect that you would come to pay your respects to Ye County as well."

    "Your courteous subordinates, and your work style of seeking the best is really admirable to us."

    Shen Bi Chen rushed to the front to pay New Year's greetings to Ji Yihai and the others.

    At this time, only a line of several people had just walked into the Ye family's old mansion.

    The one leading them had a national face, a broad forehead, and tiger eyes.

    The mature and steady face carried a kind of majesty that was not angry.

    At a glance, one could tell that this person was someone who had been in a high position for a long time and was majestic to the four corners of the earth!

    After all, it would never be possible for a normal person to, have such a powerful aura.

    One couldn't help but, be in awe.

    After these people walked in, it was as if they didn't hear Shen Bizhen's compliments, and the leader of the group actually plucked Shen Bizhen aside with one hand.

    At that time, Shen Bichen was confused.

    I'm not sure what to make of this.

    He didn't remember offending these gods ah.

    The others were naturally stunned at the sight of the situation, completely confused.

    "Big brother, what are you still stunned for?"

    "Why don't you go and greet it."

    "This is the Seasonal City, Lord of Kingston."

    "My god, even the Lord of Kingston is here."


    "Brother, really!"

    "In the future, with big brother here, our Ye family, why not worry about soaring to great heights?"

    While everyone was confused, the Ye family was undoubtedly mad with excitement.

    Second aunt was even more excited and couldn't close her mouth, rushing at Ye Tian to persuade him repeatedly.

    Afterwards, it seemed as if the second aunt was trying to deliberately anger Ye Xie Mei and even sneered, "Big sister, see?"

    "All the leaders from the city have come to pay their respects to big brother."

    "Compared to them, what are those cheap merchants who came to pay their respects to your family?"

    "It's not even worth mentioning."

    Second Aunt scoffed, that smug look as if these people were here to pay her a visit.


    "Isn't it just a few lowly merchants who have come to pay their respects, look at that Ye Fan's bull, he's going to heaven."

    "Even the uncle dares to disrespect?"

    "How about now?"

    "Compared to Uncle, he's nothing!"

    Ye Jian also echoed from the side, smirking coldly.

    "Alright, let's all cut the crap."

    "We'll talk about what we have to say later."

    "Now, hurry over to greet your guest."

    "Boss, don't just stand there."

    "People are coming at you, why are you still sitting here?"Master Ye looked at Ye Tian and chided him.

    "Yes, big brother."

    "Let's hurry up and greet ah."

    Ye Ya's family was very positive and pulled Ye Tian out.


    "Seasonal City, Happy New Year."

    "I never thought that you would come to pay your respects to my big brother, it simply makes us Ye family members feel terrified ah."

    After seeing Ji Yihai, Ye Ya and his wife smiled complimentingly.

    Ye Tian also forced a smile and greeted Ji Yihai.

    But Ji Yihai frowned, "Your brother?"

    "Your brother is Mr. Chu?"

    Ji Yihai asked in confusion.

    And when Ye Tian heard it, his eyes immediately jumped.

    It was Mr. Chu again.

    Could it be that even Ji Yihai, was also coming for him?

    Thinking of this, Ye Tian's heart went cold and terrified to the core.

    "Haha, Ji City misspoke, my brother is Mr. Ye."

    "But Ji-shi, you're too polite, you say."

    "It's just fine to come to pay your respects to my brother, but you're even bringing a gift?"

    "How embarrassed do you think this makes us."

    While Ye Tian's heart was terrified, Ye Ya's wife was already licking her face and going to Ji Yihai's hand to receive the gift.

    At that time, Ye Tian's face turned green!

    I was so angry, I could have kicked the bitch to death.

    Idiot huh?

    Is she deaf?

    Didn't you hear the Quartermaster say he's here to pay his respects to Mr. Chu?


"You stop it!"

    "Disgraceful thing, stay in the back."

    In annoyance, Ye Tian quickly dragged Ye Ya's wife over and gave a low drink.

    The frightened second aunt's face went white, then shut her mouth.

    And then, Ye Tian then trembled and introduced himself, then said, "Ji City, I'm afraid you're in the wrong place, right?"

    "We're the Ye family here, how could there be a Chu surname."


    "Is it the wrong way?"Ji Yihai's eyebrows furrowed as he whirled around to ask one person beside him.

    This person, however, Ye Fan had seen before.

    It was the same Lin Shi Lin Pingzhi who had accompanied Nan Chen at the Chong Jiu Hotpot Restaurant before.

    "Pinzhi, take a closer look at that address, is it the wrong one?"

    "No ah.The address sent by Lei Dong is here.Ye Yang Town 286, that's right!"Lin Pinzhi looked at the phone as he was sure of it.

    "Are you the Ji Yihai that Lei Lao San was talking about?"

    "The Lord of Kingston?"

    However, just as Lin Pingzhi and the others were confused, a faint voice was quietly heard from the courtyard.


    "Bastard, a wimpy son-in-law who also dares to call Ji City by its name?"

    "I think you really don't want to live!"

    This sudden voice startled the crowd.

    They followed the voice and found that it was Ye Fan.

    Shen Bichen became angry then and directly lashed out at Ye Fan.

    Ye Tian and other Ye family members were also shocked and accused Ye Fan.

    "How dare you!"

    "How dare you speak to Kichi in that tone of voice?"

    "Why don't you apologize to Seasonal City?"


    "You beast, you really want to kill our Ye family~"

    "Ye Yimei, look at the bastard son you've raised!"


    Ye Ya was also shocked and angry, cursing angrily.

    In the end, in great anger, he actually stopped even shouting his sister and called Ye Xie Mei by name.

    Ye Ximei was equally terrified, her pretty face pale.

    After all, the person in front of him was the top hand of Jingzhou City, a heavenly figure, Ye Fan he was confused ah, but he also dared to disrespect such a figure.


    "Fanny is really a criminal."

    "Quick, go apologize to Kiichi~"

    Old Master Ye was also anxious and shouted incessantly.

    However, just as everyone was doing their best to blame Ye Fan, who would have thought that in the next moment, Ji Yihai and the others, in the midst of the shocked and violent gazes of the crowd, would bow and worship Ye Fan.

    "On the occasion of this New Year's Festival, I, Ji Yihai~"


    "I, Lin Pinzhi~"


    "I Wu Zhiming~"


    "I Dong Xing~"

    "Happy New Year to Mr. Chu!"

    "I wish Mr. and Mrs. Chu, good fortune and luck in the new year!"


    "And to Mr. Chu's mother, grandmother, good fortune as long as the East Sea and longevity as long as the South Mountain!"


    The rushing voices gathered into streams.

    The words of reverence, the words of respect, just like a wave, but impacting, the entire heaven and earth!

    Dead silence.

    Deadly silence.

    The Noble Ye family courtyard was even silent at this moment.

    Looking at the scene in front of him, Ye Tian was stunned, Ye Ya was stunned, Ye Xi Lan was stunned.

    Everyone in the Ye family was dumbfounded!

    They stared with dead eyes at Ye Fan, who was being worshipped by the crowd, but the horror in their hearts was like a monstrous wave sweeping.

    "Ji...Ji Shi, is...Is it to worship him?"

    "But...But this, how is it possible?"

    "That's impossible!"

    "By no means?"

    "How could he, a door-to-door son-in-law, allow someone as honorable as Lin Pingzhi and Ji Yihai to pay his respects in person?"

    Ye Tian had been muddled, his brain buzzing.

    As for Ye Ya's couple, they were even more incredulous.

    "The Lord of Jingzhou, come to pay his respects?"

    "Is it possible?"

    "I'll fuck it up!"


    "He deserves it too?"

    "Actor, it must be an actor."

    "It must be the actor this jerk hired~"

    The second aunt roared with reluctance.

    Ye Jian was filled with red eyes, and his heart was equally filled with reluctance and disobedience.

    He couldn't accept that a person he once despised and despised, now had a power and position that was beyond his reach.

    It was precisely because of this that they were trying to find reasons to tell themselves that this was fake, that it was all just an act, that Ye Fan was just a prop invited by him.

    Ye Fan is still Ye Fan, is still the abandoned son like a dog, is the rebellious wimp son-in-law.

    This is human nature, I guess.

    Can't see the person you hate, living a better life than you.

    Even more, I can't see the people I despise, one day actually trample myself underfoot.

    But if you don't want to see something, won't it happen?


    Just when the Ye family did not want to believe it, outside the old mansion, the sound of a car sounded again.

    Immediately after, the resonant voice of the chanting child once again pierced through the long sky!


    "Lei Clan's young head, Lei Ao Ting has arrived!"


    "Madame Lei's Head of the Group has arrived!"


    "Lei is the head of the group, the head of the Lei family, the third master of the Lei family has arrived!!!"



    Ray's group?

    "Lei...Master Lei San?"

    As the saying goes, before a wave subsides, a wave rises again.

    Just now, the waves brought to this town by the arrival of Ji Yihai and the others hadn't completely dissipated.Now, the arrival of Lei's group, Lei San, is undoubtedly like a 10,000-ton boulder, smashing into the already tumultuous sea.

    In a split second, this piece of heaven and earth would set off huge waves!

    Ye Tian and Ye Ya brothers, already trembling with fear, unable to speak.

    Ye Jian mother and son, even more so, were so shocked that they had nearly forgotten to breathe.

    A pair of old eyes, staring at death, pupils crumpled.

    Even the weather-beaten Old Master Ye, at this moment, was finally unable to sit still.

    With a tremor, an old face, too, then became distorted and trembling.

    "Lei...Third Master Lei, has also...Have you arrived too?"

    While the Ye family was dumbfounded, the neighbors and townspeople watching from outside undoubtedly exploded in an instant as well.


    "The Kingston City Council pouring in to pay their respects?"

    "A city councilman bowing and saluting?"

    "Now, even Lei San, actually, has arrived?"

    "This Ye family, is it possible that a dragon has come out?"

    Countless people marveled, countless people were shocked.

    This heaven and earth, only a sound of cold air being drawn backwards could be heard, resounding unceasingly.

    How many years had passed, and it could be said that ever since the establishment of Ye Yang Town, there hadn't been a scene as strong as today's.

    It could be said that the powerhouses of the entire Jingzhou had gathered here!

    You can imagine how shocked the crowd's hearts should be?

    "In the future, this Ye family, I'm afraid, is going to completely soar~"

    Some people were filled with envy.

    However, while the crowd trembled and lost their voices, Ye Fan, who was the main character, was surprisingly calm.

    From start to finish, he was sitting quietly like that, his clear and beautiful face was calm and serene.

    It was as if a generation of emperors were smiling at the blossoming flowers in front of the courtyard and watching the clouds beyond the sky.

    Even though ten thousand states come to congratulate, actually did not stir up any waves in this man's heart.


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