The King of Kungfu in school 2536-2540


Chapter 2536

"Twelve realms, twelve realms, why am I already a Twelve Realm God Emperor and still nothing has changed, other than feeling stronger."Tang Zichen said depressedly.

"Isn't it said that if you reach the Twelfth Realm God Emperor, you can become the Lord of the Universe?Where's the Lord?Where is it?"

Don Zichen was muttering by himself.

At that moment, Ouya came along.

"Husband, what are you muttering about?Did you become the first God Emperor, high above the ground?It's feeling boring."Ouya asked.

Tang Zichen rolled his eyes, "What do you think, it's more than just a shaky high."

"Actually, I'm all a bit unmotivated."

"How so?"

"In the past, at any rate, I would still desperately want to try my best and then become a powerful god, but now, even if I become a god emperor, where does it matter, even if I'm as weak as an immortal, where does it matter because you're already the first god emperor."

Tang Zichen nodded his head, this was indeed too lonely, perhaps this was the so-called high place.

"Right, Husband, your master, Old Sang God Emperor, when will you be able to see him again, didn't you say before that you could resurrect him?Now that you're a Twelfth Realm God Emperor, why haven't you resurrected him?" One second to remember to read the book

Tang Zichen looked sad.

"Do you think I don't want to, but, I can't do it, do you think the Twelve Realms God Emperor is all-powerful?But the truth is, I don't have any other egg difference other than feeling a little stronger."

"Ah, the Twelve Realms God Emperor can't even resurrect the Old Sang God Emperor, the Twelve Realms God Emperor is already the strongest existence in the universe, if the Twelve Realms God Emperor can't even resurrect him, what realm does it take to resurrect him?Is there anything stronger?Is there really a legendary Lord of the Universe?But, you're already in the twelfth realm, you're not the Lord of the Universe."Ouya said.

Tang Zichen shook his head and said, "I don't understand either, in short, I don't have that ability, I don't have anything other than some abilities that I created myself using the genetic information of countless divine beasts."

"Then what do you plan to do next?"

"I don't know, I'm completely clueless, that's why I'm so disturbed, I can't control any of it even though I'm obviously the First God Emperor."

"Then I'll leave you alone."

Tang Zichen was alone in silence.

Inwardly, Tang Zichen said, "You're already a Twelfth Realm God Emperor, what more do you want."

At this moment, a voice came from behind Tang Zichen, "Hello, Wind Lightning."

"Ah, you are."Tang Zichen looked startled at the person behind him, Tang Zichen, as a Twelve Realm God Emperor, didn't even know when a person appeared behind him, oh my god, Tang Zichen was dumbfounded.

"Don't be afraid, I'm here to congratulate you on becoming the strongest person in this universe."

"You are?"Tang Zichen sized up the man in front of him, the one in front of him was handsome as a thief and had an extraordinary air of superiority in his brow.

"You can call me any."


"Didn't understand."

"Names, they don't mean much to me anymore, and nowadays they don't represent me, or, for that matter, any, so just call me any."

"Oh, any brother, hello."Tang Zichen didn't pursue his name, it was clear that he didn't want to reveal his real name yet, or true to his words, the name was no longer binding to him, he could call any.

"Hello, Windy."

"Any brother, what did you just say, congratulations to me?"

"You're already the number one strongest person in this universe, and the person ranked second is very far away from you, and originally, you were the most promising to become the master of this universe."

"You mean originally?What do you mean?"

"Oh, Windy, I'd better start by telling you where I'm from, to be honest, I'm the owner of another universe."

"Another universe?Is it possible that the universe has many of them too?"

"Of course."

Tang Zichen couldn't help but explode, "Damn, it's endless isn't it, when I broke out of the world, I thought there was no bigger anymore, and now, I'm told that there's still a place bigger than the universe."

"No no no, you misunderstood, I said there is still a place bigger than the universe, that's our hearts, aren't our hearts bigger than any?"

"Any brother, I don't quite understand."

"There's no rush about that, in fact I couldn't help but come to you today, I'm just sorry you made it, you're a genius, you had a good chance of mastering this masterless universe, alas, alas."

"What the hell happened?"Tang Zichen was busy asking.

The man said, "So far, there are not many universes that have a master, five or six right, there are more universes that are still not fully developed, your universe, the one that developed faster, so, among us, one of the universe master, he wanted to give your universe, to his son, that is to say, originally you had the best hope of obtaining the master of this universe, but by that universeThe Lord of Hosts has stepped in, and your chances of getting a chance are zero."

Don was giddy.

"Any brother, not quite understand."

"No, you understand, it's just that, you're nervous inside, so you don't dare to understand."That man spoke to Tang Zichen's heart in one word.

The man laughed, "Then I'll say it again, I'm the Lord of another universe, and you had hopes of becoming the Lord of this universe, but, another Lord of another universe, he wants his son to take over you as the Lord of this universe.It's like, I want my son, to seize the lord of this universe that originally had the most hope of belonging to you."

Tang Zichen said, "Why would the Lord of the Universe you're talking about want his son to come and seize this universe of mine?"

"I don't know about that, after all, he is also the Lord of the Universe, it makes sense that he would want his son to be the Lord of another Masterless Universe, wouldn't it be nice if he succeeds in the future and both father and son are Lord of the Universe."

Tang Zichen asked, "Brother Any, why have you come to me and told me this?"

"Haha, how can I put it, it's not easy for you, growing all the way from the weakest mortal to this, and I, once was similar to you, our universe structure can be said to be very similar, so our experiences are considered very similar, that's why I came to find you."

"Uh, any brother, you were, and are, the weakest mortal in that universe of yours?"

"Haha, yeah, told you our universe is very similar in structure."

"Thanks for coming to see me, but what do I do?"

The man sighed, "This, I can't help you, other than being able to bring you some information so that you can plan ahead, I can't help you much.I am not a member of this universe, I can't even hurt any of the plants and trees in this universe.Wind Lightning, you have to remember that once someone else has their way, you will no longer be the most hopeful person in this universe to get the Lord, and even, you will disappear from here, once that person's son gets the Lord of the Universe, he will never let you, and all of your relatives continue to exist."


"Thank you any brother, can I ask you what it will take for me to become the Lord of the Universe now that I'm a Twelve Realm God Emperor?"Tang Zichen asked.

That handsome man smiled, "I'm not too sure about the specifics, after all, my universe is not the same as your universe, the laws of power are not the same.However, everything changes, I can only tell you that in order to become the master of the universe, you must at least have insight into the entire universe, even if it's just a speck of dust, you'll be able to know his past and present life.Or, you have a certain ability, and when that ability is powerful to an extreme degree, perhaps, you have broken through the bonds of the universe and thus mastered it."

"Oh."Tang Zichen nodded his head.

"Wind Lightning, you can figure it out on your own, I hope you still have a chance."

"Don't worry, I'm confident in myself."Tang Zichen said.

Soon, that any brother left.

Tang Zichen had to think seriously about what he had to do to turn things around.

A few days later.

"Tzichen, come out quickly."Outside, Nian Shi's anxious shout came out.

"Nian Tides, what is it?"

"Tzu-Chen, there's an unexpected visitor." First URL

Tang Zichen arrived at the main hall in a panic.

Only to see two men sitting above the palace, one of them was of unfathomable strength, Tang Zichen immediately guessed that this man must be the Lord of the Universe, and the other, must be his son.

At that moment, the man with the unfathomable strength said, "You are Wind Lightning?"

"Exactly, may I ask who Senior is?"

"What my name is, it's not your turn to know, but I am unfortunate to tell you that this universe of yours will be controlled by my son, and I heard that you are currently the strongest in this universe, and would have had the best hope of getting the master of this universe."

Tang Zichen snorted, "I already know about this, but I can only tell you, don't be delusional."

"How do you know about this matter?"

"I don't need to tell you."

That Universe Lord's son immediately said, "Father, it must have been that person surnamed Ximen who said that, that person just doesn't have a good relationship with you, he definitely doesn't want me to become a Universe Lord as well."

That Universe Lord's brow furrowed and said, "De'er, don't say anything without proof."

"Father, I am in no way talking nonsense, that surname Ximen, it's too disgusting, doesn't he also have a son, named Liu what cold, I doubt it, he also wants to give this universe, to that Liu what cold son of his, to control."That Universe Lord's son said in exasperation.

That Universe Lord's eyes were half-lidded, not knowing what to think, perhaps, what his son Wizard said had some truth to it, after all, that Universe Lord surnamed Ximen, he did have a very outstanding son as well, once upon a time, this Ximen, in order to train this son of his, sent him to another Universe Lord's great world to train, and in the end, that Willow What Chill, created a great world of his own, only toUnfortunately, the world was just the world after all, and if one could control a universe that was bigger than the world, who wouldn't want that.That Ximen, may have also had this idea, but, he was the one who implemented it first, but, everyone was the master of the universe, and it was not good to rip off his face and rob openly, so he hoped that his son wouldn't get it either.

Tang Zichen was offstage and couldn't understand what the hell they were talking about, what Ximen, what Willow what cold.

Tang Zichen only knew one thing, that is, this universe is his, no one else!

Gotta rob him.

Tang Zichen said, "What the hell do you guys want?If it's alright, get out of here, this is my divine domain."

That Universe Lord didn't bother to pay any attention to Ximen so-and-so, looked towards Tang Zichen and said, "Listen to me, turtle, this is my son, Wu De, my son Wu De, had already become a divine powerhouse in my universe, now, I'll immediately let him reincarnate in your universe, so that he can become a native of this universe, in the future, everything here belongs to him, yourDivinity?Well, that's ridiculous."

That man called Wizard said, "Wind Light Cloud, please wait for me for a number of years, in a number of years, your end will come."

After saying that, that Lord of the Universe and the Wizard both disappeared.

Half a day later, in a certain world, in a household, a baby was born, this baby, was reborn as Wode, and in the future, this Wode, would break through at the speed of a rocket, and finally, become the Lord of the Universe, depriving Tang Zichen of what originally belonged to him.

Tang Zichen must be in control before the Wizard, otherwise, all is hopeless again.

Tang Zichen was also about to close the door.

"What should I do, heaven, give some hints."

Tang Zichen was anxious inside, the more anxious he was, the more confused he became.

Tang Zichen forced himself to calm down.

"I have to calm down, that person called Wizard, he has his father's help, but he will need time after all, even if he only needs ten thousand years, then I still have ten thousand years left."

"I need to calm down, I need to calm down."

Tang Zichen finally forced himself to calm down .

In Tang Zichen's mind, he began to recall the words of the man called Any Brother, "To become the master of the universe, you must at least have insight into the entire universe, even if it's just a speck of dust, you'll be able to know his past and present life.Or, a certain ability, when this ability is so powerful that it is extreme, perhaps, you have broken through the bonds of the universe and thus mastered it."

Tang Zichen kept repeating this phrase hundreds of times over and over again.

Time passed bit by bit.

Unconsciously, twenty years had passed.

At this moment, in one of the worlds of that universe, a twenty year old lad laughed out loud, "Twenty years old, I've already cultivated to human immortal, yay, great.Hehe, wait for me, Lord of the Universe, it will definitely belong to me."

If Tang Zichen knew, he would definitely be scared to death, that Wizard reincarnated and reached Human Immortal at the age of twenty, even though he was the lowest level of Immortal, but he was only twenty years old.

If this continued, I'm afraid that it really wouldn't take 10,000 years for that Wizard to catch up to Tang Zichen's current level, and then, Tang Zichen's chances would become small again.

That Wizard wasn't Tang Zichen, he had the help of a father who was the master of the universe, it was very easy, once he reached the Twelfth Realm God Emperor, his father would be able to help him seize the position of the master of this universe as quickly as possible.

Tang Zichen, on the other hand, hadn't gained much in twenty years.

The more anxious Tang Zichen became, the more confused his thoughts became.

"What am I good at?"Tang Zichen asked himself.

"Since I was a child, one of my greatest skills was, cultivating various secrets and spells, and then, creating something of my own, and after obtaining the crystals of the beasts, I created tens of thousands of my abilities based on the genes of those beasts.It can be said that what I'm best at, is creating."


"But creation, can there be any breakthroughs?"

At that moment, in Tang Zichen's mind, there was a sudden flash of light.

"Creation, ability, any?Any?Any brother?"

Tang Zichen stood up sharply.

Mumbling to himself, "Any brother, is this a hint?Not that he didn't want to tell me his real name?Instead, he's prompting me?Hahahaha, I see."

Tang Zichen was suddenly clear.

"If one day, when I possess the ability to create anything, for example, I can create a race with a wave of my hand; I can create a world with a wave of my hand; I can create everything in the world with a wave of my hand, at that time, am I, then, beyond the confines of this universe?"

"It must be, Brother Any, thank you."

Tang Zichen was delighted, he had thought about it for twenty years and finally understood any brother's hint.

Don't tell me why any brother didn't tell Tang Zichen directly, maybe telling Tang Zichen directly didn't have that effect, and letting Tang Zichen come to his own realization was what Tang Zichen truly understood within himself, or maybe, after all, not a relative.

So, Tang Zichen began to break through himself to the aspect of 'creating any'. Remember the URL

Tang Zichen walked out of his cultivation chamber.

"Tzichen, you."Liu Xiangyun saw Tang Zichen and wanted to greet him, but Tang Zichen said without raising his head, "Ignore me, treat me like air."

Liu Xiangyun immediately left, it must have been Tang Zichen concentrating on something.

Tang Zichen looked at the sky, which was filled with white clouds and a variety of birds.

"Can I create the sky?"

"How do I create the sky?"

"This creation is innate, not a blindfold."

Tang Zichen closed his eyes to meditate.

However, Tang Zichen failed.

"No, the sky is too huge, there are too many components of the sky, I must go from tiny to small, from small to big, from big to giant, from giant to everything in the world."

Tang Zichen said in his heart, "I have to do all of this, I must have insight into everything in the universe, even if it's a speck of dust, I have to know his structure, composition."

In the five million years that followed, Tang Zichen set foot in every corner of the universe, Tang Zichen looked at everything in every corner, remembering their appearance, studying their structure and characteristics, and then studying their origin and relationship with everything else.

All of this could not be done without a complex brain, exquisite calculations, powerful memory, creative abilities, and the strength of a Twelve Realm God Emperor.

Thus, Tang Zichen spent ten thousand years, and finally, Tang Zichen could create very fine things, for example, all kinds of scents, all kinds of fruits, and grains.

Tang Zichen's hand spread, a fragrance floated out, this was aged wine, then his hand held it, and wine appeared in his hand.

These, were all created by Tang Zichen, this wasn't something created by a blindfold or some other, incomparably realistic spell, but, real fine wine, Tang Zichen's ability to create these things like fine wine was also innate, just like his tens of thousands of abilities.

"Hahaha, it took me 10,000 years, finally, I can create smaller things, although I am still far from creating everything, but, the beginning of everything is difficult, the hardest beginning I have already survived, the world is big, but it is just made up of tiny things."

Tang Zichen smiled slightly, as if, he was close to creating any, just around the corner.

But at this moment, Tang Zichen felt bad.

At this moment, in the main world, Tang Zichen's home.

A man dressed in white appeared.


This white-clothed man shouted, "Wind Lightning, you can come out to be killed."

This man was the reincarnation of Wu De, or you could call him Wu De.

After Tang Zichen sensed that it was bad, he quickly returned home.

"Who dares to cause trouble in my home."Tang Zichen roared.

"Hahaha, Wind Lightning, we meet again."That Wizard said.

"It's you."Tang Zichen recognized at once.

"Yes, it's me, Wind Lightning, it's been ten thousand years, it must have been a short while for you, and you won't gain anything at all, but for me, I've gone from being a reincarnated infant, to quickly becoming a Twelfth Realm God Emperor."That smug one said.

Tang Zichen's face changed, feeling the momentum of Wizard's body, and indeed, he was already a Twelfth Realm God Emperor.

"Ah, really that fast."Tang Zichen couldn't believe it, but it was within reason, after all, he was the son of some Universe Lord.

"Wind Lightning, I came to find you today just after I became a Twelfth Realm God Emperor, I want to try to see if I can spike you or not, now that we are still at the same level."Wizard said, all these years, Wizard hid in a place where no one knew about his cultivation, maybe he was holding back birds himself.

Tang Zichen said coldly, "With you."

"Haha, Wind Lightning, don't lie, nowadays, you and I are both Twelfth Realm God Emperors, why can't I spike you, you have to know that I am the son of the Lord of the Universe, and the abilities I possess are incomparable to you.If it takes a few hundred more years, I'm afraid I'll have become the master of this universe, and by then you will no longer exist."

As soon as Wizard finished speaking, he went to kill Tang Zichen.

However, Wu De greatly underestimated Tang Zichen's strength.

Somehow, Tang Zichen backhandedly slapped.

"Slap."Wode's face was red from the slap.

"Ah."Wud was shocked and said inwardly, "How is that possible."

Tang Zichen said, "Wud, trying to spike me, you're too presumptuous."

Wud was embarrassed, he was the one who had underestimated Tang Zichen and overestimated himself.

Wud grunted, "Wind Lightning, count you as powerful, but give me a few hundred more years to wait, and then, hmm."

At that moment, that Universe Lord father of Wizard appeared.

"De'er, don't waste time with him, let's go, you've reached the Twelfth Realm God Emperor, I'll immediately go to help you and become the master of this universe, by then, this Wind Lightning is just a worm in the world that lives."

"Hmph."That Wizard pointed at Tang Zichen and said, "Kid, wait for me."

In the next moment, the wizard and his father disappeared.

Tang Zichen inwardly said, "It's over, Wizard has become a Twelve Realm God Emperor, in a few hundred years, he will definitely become the Lord of the Universe, but I, I still don't know how long it will take before I can create any."

Tang Zichen also immediately disappeared and turned into air, seizing the last few hundred years to have a go, he had to be one step ahead of Wud to take control of this universe.

And right now, in another place, Wode said, "Father, how do I get rid of this universe?"

Wode's father said, "Don't worry, I have paved the way for you, that 'divine speed method' that I had you practice since you were a child is the path I have paved for you, we use speed to get rid of the bonds of this universe.When you reach extreme speed, and then extreme again, and again, and again, one day, beyond the maximum speed limit of this universe, that's when you'll become the master of the universe."

"Hmm."Wizard nodded, no wonder his father had told him to practice one type of training from a young age, and not to waste time on anything else, his father had been paving the way for him from the very beginning, and he had barely taken an inch of a detour.


Time passed slowly, and in the blink of an eye, fifty years had passed.

Whether it was Tang Zichen or that wizard, they were all working hard to cultivate, especially Tang Zichen, who was literally racing against the clock and didn't even have time to breathe.

Finally, the emperor was not disappointed.

Fifty years later, what Tang Zichen could create had increased.

Tang Zichen could instantly create a small planet, for example, the Earth, the sun, and so on.

"Hahaha, I've finally gotten started, after that, I'm sure that I can completely do everything and create anything within thirty years, I hope the heavens will give me thirty years ah."Tang Zichen said nervously, Tang Zichen was afraid that after thirty years, that Wizard had already taken control of this universe one step ahead.

Right now, in another place, Wud was also trying.

"Not bad, De'er, it's only been fifty years and you've reached this level, worthy of being my Wutai's son."

"Father, according to you, how many more years do I need now to reach the highest limit of this universe in terms of speed?"Voodoo asked.

"If you continue at the rate you're going, I think you'll be done, at most, in thirty years, and you can try to break the universe."

"Ummm, thirty years, hehe."Wu De smiled, thirty years, it was just a blink of an eye, when that time comes, he will definitely get that girl Wind Lightning, slap him hard, who let Wind Lightning slap him before. One second to remember to read the book

Tang Zichen was scrambling for time, and Wunder didn't waste any of his time.

Coincidentally, Tang Zichen needed at least thirty more years, and longed for God to give him those thirty years.

Wud also, only needed thirty years.

In the end, who would be able to become the master of that universe in thirty years.

In Tang Zichen's divine domain, Tang Zichen seemed to feel an invisible pressure, and really didn't even have time to breathe.

"I must become the Lord of the Universe within thirty years, otherwise, my entire family will die, and I will also disappoint any brother."Tang Zichen secretly admonished himself in his heart, hating to use a heart divided into ten thousand parts.

That any brother, what's his real name, Tang Zichen didn't know, before listening to Wode and his son say something about Ximen, perhaps, that any brother's real name is Ximen something, of course, whether or not there is no guarantee, after all, just Wode and his son guessed.If Tang Zichen could become the Lord of the Universe, then Tang Zichen could get to know him.

Time, very, very fast, thirty years, but in the blink of an eye.

Tang Zichen was still missing the last bit.

And right now, in another place, Wizard was the first to finish.

"Hahaha, father, how is it?"Wode laughed.

Wud's father, Wutai, laughed, "It's done, congratulations, De'er, you've become the Lord of the Universe."

"Hahaha."Wu De let out a loud laugh.

However, at this moment, Tang Zichen was still missing the last little bit, but of course, Tang Zichen didn't know that Wud had already become one, everything was already ripe and ready.

"Hurry, only the last little bit is missing, if I can create all the divine beasts in the universe in an instant, then I'm done, I can create everything."Tang Zichen was sweating profusely, he smelled of shouting all over his body, it was evident that he had spent every moment of these years rushing, in a hurry, and had shed an unknown amount of sweat, he certainly didn't have time to compose himself, after all, he didn't even have time to breathe.

But Tang Zichen, after all

Still, it was a step behind Wode.

This had to be a regrettable thing to say.

At this moment, on Wud's side, Wud's father, Wutai, was busy saying, "De'er, stop laughing for now, hurry up and make your speed and violently charge away from the bonds of the universe, the moment you do, only then can you prove that you are free from the bonds of the universe and can you completely become the master of the universe."

"Uh-huh, I know."Wyrd nodded, after all, he was up to speed, but he had to do it and succeed in order to do it.

"Hurry up."Wode's father was busy urging.

However, there was no hurry, Wizard said, "Father, there's no hurry, I want to go find Wind Lightning first."

"What are you looking for him for?He's already a reptilian in front of you, if you want him to live, he can live, if you want him to die, he can die."

"No, no, no, father, when I reached the Twelfth Realm God Emperor before, I thought I could kill him in seconds, but instead, he was not weak and slapped me, this revenge, I'll keep this in my heart."

"When you become the Lord of the Universe, you can take whatever revenge you want."

"Father, at that time, Wind Lightning kneeled down to me when he saw it, there's no pleasure for me to take revenge, so I must go to him better when I'm still on the same level as him, I believe I can spike him this time, hahaha."

"Ugh, have it your way, it's not that bad of a time anyway."Wutai didn't stop them either, they didn't know that Tang Zichen was about to become one too, and that Tang Zichen's creation of all things was far more subtle and advanced than Wutai's to get rid of his bonds with speed a thousand times to go.

Tang Zichen was making a final effort, but then Wizard's voice rang out, "Wind Light Cloud, come out, this time, I'll see how you die."

Tang Zichen's entire body was bad when he heard Wizard's voice.

"Could it be that Wizard has become the Lord of the Universe?It's over, I'm a little late after all."Tang Zichen's heart went cold.

Tang Zichen walked out of the secret room, and Wu De was looking at Tang Zichen with pride.

Wu De said, "Wind Lightning, do you know why I've come to find you today?"

"Hmph, you've already become the Lord of the Universe, eh? Then, kill if you want to, I will never frown."

Wud laughed, "Wrong, I haven't become the Lord of the Universe yet, but I will soon be able to become the Lord of the Universe, but I want to fight with you one more time before I become the Lord of the Universe, right now, you and I are both still Twelfth Realm God Emperors, Wind Lightning, do it, this time, I want you to eat my countless ear scrapes."Wizard seemed to hold a grudge about the last time he was slapped by Tang Zichen.

At this moment, Tang Zichen's heart was shaken, "Wizard hasn't become the Lord of the Universe yet?Wouldn't I have a chance then?"

Tang Zichen was suddenly of two minds, one of which was to continue to finish his unfinished creation of all things, and the other was to duel with Wunder and delay it as long as possible.

This was Tang Zichen's last chance.

Wu De was one step ahead of Tang Zichen, not because Tang Zichen was inferior to Wu De, but because Wu De had the help of his father, and compared to Tang Zichen, Wu De's speed to escape from the universe was not on the same level as Tang Zichen's speed to create everything.Tang Zichen's efforts were countless times greater than Wu De's, but despite this, Tang Zichen's total time spent was only on par with Wu De's. Tang Zichen's efforts were not as great as Wu De's.

Wud instantly rushed towards Tang Zichen, his slap fiercely slapping Tang Zichen.

Wu De's speed was so fast that it could be said that Tang Zichen didn't even have time to react.


However, Wizard had underestimated Tang Zichen once again.

Although Tang Zichen wasn't that fast, Tang Zichen was also close to creating everything.

In an instant, Tang Zichen created millions of divine beasts and fiercely pounced towards Wud, who wanted to slap Tang Zichen but was hindered by millions of beasts.

"Bang."The millions of divine beasts instantly went up in smoke as Wud slapped down, his aim to slap Tang Zichen was foiled.

"Ah."Wode was horrified, he had reached a speed where he could escape from the cosmic bondage, but he was still unable to slap Tang Zichen, what the hell was this sudden appearance of millions of divine beasts?

And at this moment, that Wutai's face changed, secretly saying, "So many divine beasts appearing out of nowhere, these are real divine beasts, oh my god, this Wind Light Cloud, instantly creating millions of divine beasts, how could he, how could he do it, it's going to be, going to be."Wutai didn't have time to think any more, yelling, "De'er, hurry, use your speed, get rid of the bonds of the universe, hurry, it will be too late, this Wind Light Cloud, he created so many divine beasts in an instant, if he continues like this, he will definitely be able to get rid of his bonds and become the master of the universe with his ability to create things, hurry."

Wode heard his father's words, his body trembled, it turned out that the countless divine beasts that had just suddenly emerged were created by Wind Lightning in a jiffy, this ability, spike him with speed unknown billions of times.

At this moment, Wode felt that the crisis was so great, that this Wind Lightning, without a word, was so close to the position of the Lord of the Universe.

It was too late to say anything else, Wode instantly sent out his highest speed, breaking all laws with speed, and getting rid of the limitations of the universe with speed.

And at this moment, Tang Zichen's gaze instantly changed, and Tang Zichen's aura suddenly soared, as if, Tang Zichen had gone from a humble thing to something great, and that aura was nothing less than Wud's father, Wutai.

Wutai was still trying to impact with speed. First URL

However, Tang Zichen's voice suddenly came from his ears, "Wode, you've got no chance."

In the next second, Wode was suddenly unable to move.

"Ah, what's going on?"Wizard struggled in fear, but no matter how hard he struggled, he couldn't move.

And then, Tang Zichen disappeared, no, to be precise, he was everywhere.

Tang Zichen's voice once again rang out from the air, "I have become the Lord of the Universe one step ahead of you, and now, this universe, is my incarnation, my everything.You, however, are just a worm living in my world, and I made it impossible for you to move, hahaha."

On the other side, Wud's father, Wutai, was trembling, also as the Lord of the Universe, how could he not understand his son's situation at the moment, if you want him to live, you can live, if you want him to die, you can die ah.

Wutai hissed in remorse, "De'er, look, it was yours, but now, it's become someone else's, De'er."

Unable to move in mid-air, Wutai cried, "Father, I was wrong, I shouldn't have come to him, I should have gone to become the Lord of the Universe first, sob."

"O De'er, your wilfulness, your hesitation, made a great mistake, oooooh."Wutai also wept.

The air resounded again, Tang Zichen said, "This is my place, don't waste my air in my place, Wutai, you are also the Lord of the Universe, I can't kill you, but your son well, hmmph."

Wutai Ton said, "Wind lightly,

If you have something to say, we're all Masters of the Universe, why make it so awkward."

"I pooh, who's embarrassed with you."

"Windy, in all seriousness, don't be so capricious, okay?You let my son go, and we'll pretend we've never met, nowadays, there are only five or six Masters of the Universe, is there a need for everyone to get so discordant."

In the next second, Tang Zichen appeared in mid-air.

Tang Zichen said, "Wutai, any more talk is nonsense, your son, will die."

"Wind Lightning, don't bully others too much."

"We are all Masters of the Universe, what can I do if I force you, can you kill me?Moreover, I became the Lord of the Universe by creating all things, and you don't have an advantage when it comes to truly fighting."

That Wutai snorted, "So damn naive, in short, let my son go."

"I think it's better to die."In the next second, Wotai's body turned into a cloud of smoke and was completely gone.

"No, Deer."That Wutai hissed, watching his son, turning into nothingness, as Wud was reborn in Tang Zichen's universe, the equivalent of this universe, and Tang Zichen, as the owner of this universe, wanted him to die for good.

Wutai Ton threatened, "Wind Lightning, I order you to resurrect him for me, do you hear me?"

Tang Zichen harrumphed, "Do I resurrect your sister."

"Yah yah."Wutai was trembling with anger.

"Pah."At that moment, Tang Zichen slapped Wutai dry on his face, and Wutai was slapped by Tang Zichen.

"You."Wutai was shocked, everyone was a World Lord, and Wind Lightning dared to hit him.

Of course, it wasn't that Wind Lightning was stronger than Wutai, but because, this was Tang Zichen's universe, and in Tang Zichen's universe, Tang Zichen was everything, and if there were any other outsiders, no matter who they were, they wouldn't be an opponent.Of course, that Wutai was also the Lord of the World, Tang Zichen couldn't kill him, even if he killed him in his universe right now, people would instantly be resurrected in their own universes.

Wutai gritted his teeth and said, "Wind and light clouds, the mountains don't turn, we'll see."

"Get out of my universe, you're not welcome."Tang Zichen snorted, Tang Zichen wasn't even afraid of being offended.

With that, Wutai walked away.

Tang Zichen took a deep breath.

"So cool, I finally reversed at the last moment and became the master of this universe, otherwise, it's unimaginable."Tang Zichen sighed.

At that moment, Tang Zichen sensed that someone had entered his universe.

Tang Zichen instantly knew who it was.

Before the person arrived, Tang Zichen shouted, "Brother Any, you're here."

"Hahaha, Wind Lightning, I haven't even arrived yet and you know I'm here, it seems that you're not a fake, the Lord of the Universe."That Brother Any laughed.

Tang Zichen busily said, "Thank you any brother for the hint, if it wasn't for you hinting, I wouldn't have been able to find ideas in such a timely manner."

"No, no, no, this is all your own doing.I, Jiangnan Yu, would like to congratulate Brother Wind on becoming the Lord of the Universe, and I hope that Brother Wind will take care of you more in the future."That any brother said.

Tang Zichen busily said, "Brother Any, you're too polite, how dare I take care of you, you're the one who took care of me."


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