The King of Kungfu in school 2531-2535


Chapter 2431

"No way, I've never been there before."

"You were in during the day and out at night, and I, on the other hand, was there all day and night and never came out for a moment."

"Ah."Ouya stayed, and Ouya knew how dangerous it had to be to be in there at night.

"Windy, you've worked hard."Ou Ya cried that Tang Zichen was working so hard because of her.

"Silly, if I didn't work so hard, I wouldn't be here today, I'm already a Twelfth Realm God Emperor now, if I wanted to, I could become a God Emperor right now.I originally came here specifically to look for the Old Thief of Gu Chen this time, but I didn't expect that he went out and closed the door, I don't know where he's hiding."

"Why did the old thief of Gu Chen go out to retreat."

"I just heard Gu Xinghe say that Old Thief Guchen is about to step into the Ten Realms God Emperor."

"Ah, a Ten Realm God Emperor, oh my."Ou Ya was shocked, Ou Ya's grandfather, Oude, was only a Second Realm God Emperor.

"Wind Lightning, so strong, are you okay?"

"Whether it works or not, we won't know until we fight, and it doesn't make much sense for me to say that much now.After all, it was a Ten Realm God Emperor, and I, on the other hand, can only become a One Realm God Emperor first.However, I have great confidence."

"Hmph.By the way, Wind Lightcloud, what about Gu Xinghe?" First web site

"He has been killed by me, Ouya, did Guxinghe bully you all these years?"

"No, he can't pass through the prison's restrictions, and his strength is lower than mine, so without the help of the Old Thief of Gu Chen, he wouldn't be able to do anything to me even if he entered the restrictions."

"That's good."

At this time, Ouya saw Purple Leaf not far away and was busy saying, "Is he the girl called Purple Leaf that you said?"


"I've heard you say before that she's a loving girl, too."


At this time, Zi Ye came up and was busy saying, "Zi Ye has met Miss Ouya."

"Ziye, why are you so polite to me, if you don't mind, call me Xiao Ya."

"Erm, Miss Ouya, hello."

"Uh-huh, Xiaoye, hello."

Tang Zichen said, "Let's go, let's leave now and wait for the old thief Gu Chen to get out of the gate, then we'll come back to fight him."

"Where are we going?"

"I've been out for so long, it's time for me to go back to my home, my home wants Sky World, I'll take you there now."Tang Zichen said.


So, Tang Zichen took Ziye and Ou Ya and left the main world and headed straight to the Sky World.

At this moment, the old thief Gu Chen was in a secret place to close the door, in order to impact the Ten Realms God Emperor, he closed all his consciousness, of course, no one knew where he was, because at such a critical moment, he couldn't be disturbed, so his grandson Gu Xing and was killed by Tang Zichen didn't perceive it in the slightest.

In less than half an hour, Tang Zichen returned to the Sky World.

It hadn't been so fast, mainly because Tang Zichen had used his abilities, and any further distance would have been quick.

Entering the Sky World, suddenly, Tang Zichen had the feeling of entering a small village.

Indeed, coming back from a place like the main world, it felt like the Sky World was as small as anything.

"Wind Lightning, is this your hometown?It feels so desolate."Oya said.

"Oh, so desolate."Tang Zichen smiled bitterly.

Zi Ye was afraid that Tang Zichen would think too much, and was busy saying, "Actually, it's fine."

"Alright, you guys don't disobey, it is indeed desolate, I've also been to the main world, and in comparison, my hometown is indeed like a remote mountain valley


The two men stopped talking.

Tang Zichen flew into the Immortal Court.

It had only been a million years, but it felt like it had been away for a long time, mainly because, Tang Zichen had experienced so much in these million years.

"I'm back."Tang Zichen shouted.

Suddenly, all of Tang Zichen's relatives in all corners of the Immortal Realm heard it, but of course, not Tang Zichen's relatives, couldn't hear it.Here, Tang Zichen was using an ability again.


"Prime Minister."


"Immortal Emperor."

At once, in all directions, countless people were pouring towards Tang Zichen.

And Zi Ye and Ou Ya, feeling confused when they saw so many beautiful women flying in, with mouths shouting out for phase emperor and the like.

It turned out that Wind Lightning had a wife in the house, thanks to them, they thought that Tang Zichen was only the two of them, in the future, Ouya was the big one and Ziye was the small one, it turned out that everything was blind.

Ou Ya and Zi Ye both looked at each other face to face.

"Hahaha, my dears, I'm back."Tang Zichen greeted with a big smile.

"Husband, why have you been gone for so long."

"It's only been a million years."

"But a million years feels too long."

"Yes, we're worried about you all the time, after all, it's the first time you've left the world and traveled to the universe, so we don't know if you'll be bullied."

"Don't worry, nowadays, I'm the only one who bullies others.Let's go, go home, have a feast tonight."Tang Zichen said.

"Brother Chen, they are?"Little Fire looked towards Ouya and Ziye.

Tang Zichen said, "This is Ouya, my new daughter-in-law, and this is Ziye, my friend, but sooner or later she will be my daughter-in-law."Tang Zichen was straightforward, there was nothing to conceal.

Ouya said timidly, "Hello guys."

"Hello, Miss Ou Ya."

Ouya and Ziye both nodded awkwardly.

Tang Zichen turned back and said, "Ou Ya, Zi Ye, these are my closest relatives, these are my wives, this is my master and master's wife, and my parents and so on."Tang Zichen gave a brief introduction.

That night, Tang Zichen held a grand banquet, one, to meet with his relatives, two, to welcome Ouya and Ziye, and three, Tang Zichen recounted some of his experiences in the universe over the years.

When Tang Zichen finished speaking, everyone was incredibly impressed with Tang Zichen.

"Brother Chen, then if you meet up with the old thief Gu Chen now, are you sure you can defeat him?"Little Fire asked.

"Although I have a lot of confidence, but after all, I'm a Ten Realm God Emperor, so I don't dare to say one hundred percent, but, he and I will have to fight it out sooner or later."Tang Zichen said.

"About when?Why don't you wait until you're stronger, too?"

"No, I can't wait that long, I'll go kill the Old Thief of Gu Chen when he's out of the gate."

Ouya said, "Wind Lightning, if the Old Thief of Gu Chen reaches the Ten Realms God Emperor, he will definitely feast the entire universe, when that happens, you can go directly to his divine banquet and fight him at his divine banquet."

"Well, that's good, there can be.Alright, let's not talk about that old thief, let's drink heavily."

"Brother Minister, I'll drink to you."

"Brother Chen, you are truly my eternal hero, only out in the universe for such a short time and you can compete with the first God Emperor of the universe."

Everyone congratulated Tang Zichen and expressed their admiration.


Tang Zichen didn't go anywhere for the time being, so he closed up in the Sky World.

On the first day of his seclusion, Tang Zichen became a God Emperor, but only a One Realm God Emperor.

One year later.

In a world somewhere in the universe, in a deserted corner, a man opened his eyes.

"Hahaha, hahaha, I've finally become a Tenth Realm God Emperor, hahaha, this universe will soon become completely mine."

This man was none other than the Ancient Chen God Emperor.

The Ancient Chen God Emperor's gaze carried a hint of dominance, as if, the universe was so great that he was the only one.

In his heart, the Ancient Chen God Emperor said, "It's getting closer and closer to the Twelve Realm God Emperor, and I don't know if, after the Twelve Realm God Emperor, there's really a higher level, such as, the Lord of the Universe."

Gu Chen's gaze was filled with anticipation.

This universe, throughout the ages, the most powerful one was him, he was the only one, who had cultivated to the tenth realm God Emperor, if there really was a Lord of the Universe, then it would undoubtedly belong to him.

At this moment, Gu Chen's brows furrowed as, after regaining all his consciousness, he suddenly sensed something. Remember the URL

"No good, something has happened, who dares to move on my head."The Ancient Chen God Emperor roared.

The Ancient Chen God Emperor quickly made his way to his home.

After spending a day, the Ancient Chen God Emperor returned to his home.

"Xinghe."The Ancient Chen God Emperor shouted, he couldn't sense Gu Xinghe's presence.

"Oooh, father, you have to make decisions for Xinghe."A man cried out, this man, was his son, Guxinghe's father.

"What's wrong with my grandson?"

"Father, a year ago, Wind Lightning suddenly arrived here, and I don't know what happened, that Wind Lightning, broke through your protection, not only entered our home, but also entered the prison, rescued the Ouya slut, and killed Xinghe, the most annoying thing is, without alerting anyone else in our divine domain in the slightest, not a single guard knew about it."

"What."Gu Chen's body trembled violently.

"Father, Wind Lightning must have obtained some kind of treasure to be able to do such a thing in your absence."

"Kill, kill without mercy."The Gu Chen God Emperor roared.

"But, that Wind Lightning has disappeared without a trace, no one even knows where he's hiding, how can we kill him."

"Inform down, whoever is able to capture Wind Lightning, I will grant him a favor."


If this news were to spread, I'm afraid the entire universe would go crazy, a favor from the First God Emperor, this was something that no amount of value could buy.

It could be said that the guy who obtained this favor, in this universe, at least in plain sight, no one dared to touch him.

This order was quickly promulgated, and the entire universe's Heavenly God Teams, all went crazy, looking around for the wind and light clouds.

However, Tang Zichen was in the Celestial World, it must not be that easy to find him for a while, and even if he did, he would probably be dead or alive.

Another piece of news that shocked the universe was also spread out at the same time, the Ancient Chen God Emperor had become a Ten Realms God Emperor.

This news was far more shocking than the news of capturing Wind Lightning.

Ten Realms God Emperor ah.

All the God Emperors, God Kings, and hundreds of other God Emperors who had received the news all came to the divine Domain of the Old Thief of Guchen to congratulate him.

For an entire year, the divine domain of the Old Thief of Ancient Chen had an endless stream of gateways.

"God Emperor Gu Chen, God Emperor Al has brought his granddaughter, Miss Ah Luo, to pay his respects, see you?"One of his men is going after the old thief.


Because too many people had come to congratulate him, not everyone had the chance to see him, and those who weren't qualified to congratulate him in person could only kneel at the gate and count it as a congratulations.

"Divine Emperor Al, let him in."

Not long after, a God Emperor came in, he was followed by a woman, this woman was none other than Miss Arlo.

"Al pays his respects to the Ancient God-Emperor."The man bowed.

"Al, you are also one of the ten God Emperors, no need to be so reasonable."

"God Emperor Guchen is laughing, I'm just a second realm God Emperor, so I won't mention it."

"Alright, Al, please sit down, what did you bring your granddaughter for today?"The Old Thief of Ancient Chen asked.

"Truth be told, my granddaughter Ah Luo, is also considered a slightly famous beauty in the main world, and I don't know if the Ancient Chen God Emperor has any grandchildren who are not yet married, if she is able to look at my granddaughter Ah Luo, it would be her good fortune, so today is both to congratulate her and to ask for a marriage."

Old Thief Gu Chen said, "I heard that your granddaughter, Ah Luo, is quite close to that rotten man, Wind Lightning, and at the Super Banquet, your granddaughter even stated on the spot that she wanted to marry that rotten man, Wind Lightning."

"Ah."Al's body trembled, he didn't expect that God Emperor Guchen would even know about this.In fact, this was something that Gu Xinghe had told him before, when he was talking about Wind Lightning's popularity at the Super Banquet.

"What, there's no such thing?Now, you have led your granddaughter to me to ask for a marriage, don't you think it's ridiculous?"

Al was busy giving his granddaughter Ah Luo a look.

Ah Luo said, "Senior Gu Chen, once I was momentarily blinded by Wind Lightning, that's why I did what I did, but now, I Wind Lightning is like a floating cloud to me, if I meet him, I will definitely help you capture him back.Junior Ah Luo, who looks up to senior, it would truly be an honor for Ah Luo if he could become a member of senior's family."

The old thief of Gu Chen asked, "Do you really have no love for that Wind Lightning Cloud, do you not have any love for him?"

"Heaven and earth can tell, I really don't have any good feelings for that Wind Lightning, as you just said, that Wind Lightning is just a rotten person."

"Good, then I'll help you see if any of my offspring have a crush on you."

"Thank you, Senior."Ah Luo secretly clenched her teeth, there was no way, the Ancient Chen God Emperor was so strong in the limelight now, if he really became some legendary Lord of the Universe in the future, he would be rich, so Ah Luo really wanted to marry into the Ancient Chen God Emperor's family.As for that what wind light clouds, really like floating clouds, the Ancient Chen God Emperor even if a very rubbish grandson, I'm afraid it's 10,000 times better than wind light clouds, no matter how talented the wind light clouds are, it's also a dying man, even if not dead, the future is crawling at the feet of the Lord of the Universe's humble little worm.

Al God Emperor was also busy saying, "Thank you, Gu Chen God Emperor, we will become a family from now on, I will definitely vow to follow you.At the same time, I wish you to become that exalted Lord of the Universe as soon as possible."

Ancient Chen snorted, "The Lord of the Universe doesn't even know if it really exists."

Batch after batch of people came to congratulate him.

The entire universe was almost as if it had been swept away by this matter, and no matter where it was, people were talking about Gu Chen becoming a Ten Realms God Emperor.

Countless people were admiring this genius God Emperor Gu Chen, and they all predicted that one day, Gu Chen would become that legendary Lord of the Universe.

The Tang Zichen in the Heavenly World, however, did not know about it in the slightest, after all, the Heavenly World was closed to news and had almost no channels of communication with the outside world.

Until one day three years later, a group of Heavenly God Teams came to the Heavenly World.

The purpose of this group of celestial god team was no longer to plunder resources, but rather, to capture Wind Lightning and obtain a favor from the First God Emperor.

Although they didn't hold out hope for this world that was marked as lifeless on the map, they still came in to take a look, just in case that guy was hiding here.


"Hey, the world marked as inanimate on this map has people, for God's sake."

"How long has it been since this map was updated."

"Alright, don't talk so much, quickly find out if this world has any wind and light clouds."

"Hehe, it's simple, roar three times, this small world of the sky, roar three times probably the whole world will tremble."

At this moment, Tang Zichen was in a large hall, Tang Zichen already knew that someone was coming.

"Everyone, come out."One of the Celestial Gods team shouted.

However, what they didn't expect was that no matter how much he shouted, his voice was small.

"What's going on? I was obviously shouting very loudly, so why was my voice so low that I didn't even hear myself when I shouted out."

Just then, Tang Zichen appeared.

"Don't waste your energy, you're here to find me, right."

"Ah, Wind Lightning, it really is Wind Lightning."The group of people from the Heavenly God team were stunned. One second to remember to read the book

Tang Zichen said, "Since you're here, why don't you come sit in my main hall, drink tea and eat snacks, and after that, I'll decide if I want to send you on your way or not."

"Wind Lightning, I advise you to come with us immediately."The captain of the Heavenly God Team said that this captain was at the level of a God King.

Unfortunately, in Tang Zichen's eyes, the God King level was too low.

"Why should I go with you."

"Wind Lightning, I never thought that you would hide here, go, come back to the main world with me, otherwise, you will only die."Captain Celestial God said.

Tang Zichen laughed, "I don't like your tone very much, so go ahead and die."

Before Tang Zichen finished speaking, that Heavenly God captain died of bleeding from his ears and nose.

"Ah, Captain, what happened to you?"

Don said, "He is dead, and next, will you also choose the path of death?"

"Wind Lightning, how could you possibly kill our captain, he's a God King."One of the men shouted incredulously.

"Hahaha, God King, now, the God King can only kneel and lick in front of me."After saying that, the momentum on Tang Zichen's body was released.

"Ah, God Emperor."Those from the Heavenly God team were all silly, the aura emanating from Tang Zichen's body was clearly the pressure that only a God Emperor had.

Tang Zichen flew towards the main hall without turning back, and said, "All of you, come in, I have something to ask you."

Those few people from the Heavenly God team all looked at each other, completely unable to believe it.

"Is this a dream?"

"We must be in a dream, it's all a lie and the captain isn't dead."One of the team members said.

At that moment, there was a yell from Tang Zichen, "Get your asses in here, why are you still cold."

This shout suddenly made the group of Heavenly Gods team members dizzy.

The group of celestial gods team members entered the main hall and knelt down in the hall, with Tang Zichen sitting above them.

Tang Zichen asked, "Why did you come to see me?"

"Back to the Wind God Emperor, it was the First God Emperor who issued the order, whoever can capture you can have a favor from the First God Emperor."

"So, the old thief Gu Chen already knows that I killed his grandson."


"Hahaha, good, it seems that it's time for me to go find him, and it's time to separate life and death between us."

Those people were sneering in their hearts, just you?

Tang Zichen said, "You all doubt me in your hearts, don't you."

"I don't dare."

"It doesn't matter, you'll all know sooner or later, I'll ask you again, did the old thief of Gu Chen invite the heroes of the universe widely to celebrate his stepping into the Ten Realms of Godly Emperors?"

"Yes, the date is just seven days from now, and it will be held in the divine domain of the Ancient Hour God Emperor, at that time, I'm afraid that all the dignitaries of the entire universe will go to celebrate for him."

Tang Zichen smiled and said, "Very well."

"Wind God Emperor, can we go now?"

Tang Zichen said, "Let me share a truth with you, death is both living and living is both death, so why don't we get on the road early, how about you guys?"

"Ah."The group of celestial god teams were shocked, and frantically kowtowed, "Wind God Emperor, we don't want to die, and we hope that Wind God Emperor will spare our lives."

"Spare your lives, but I can't find a reason to spare your lives, in that case, find yourselves a reason to let you live."

"I, I can tell a story."One of the Celestial God members said.

"Bang."Tang Zichen shot dead in a second while saying, "Unfortunately, I don't need to be able to tell a story."

The rest of them were all trembling.

Tang Zichen said, "How about this, I don't care what method you use, each of you, take on an apprentice in my Heavenly World, and when you make that apprentice a god, you'll lift your death spell, how about that?"

"What's a death spell?

"Oh, it's an ability I created myself, like, I'll experiment on one of you."Tang Zichen pointed at one of the most blood-smelling members of the Celestial Gods and said, "You, I curse you to die in five minutes."

The person who was cursed by Tang Zichen didn't seem to have any abnormalities, but five minutes later, that person, inexplicably, died.

Tang Zichen said, "See, this is my curse, it's very spiritual, everyone under the God Emperor can't avoid it, I'm cursing you now, let at least one person in my Heavenly World become a god, otherwise, go die, and if you become a god, this curse will be lifted.Alright, you can leave, anyone in my Heavenly World, you can choose, but I urge you to keep your eyes open and choose one with good talent and high potential, otherwise, you'll have a hard time."

That group of Heavenly God members left in frustration, their group of people, a total of hundreds of people, if each of them brought out a god regardless of the method, then the Heavenly World would have increased by over a hundred gods.

After that, this group of Heavenly God members could only be forced to look around the Heavenly World for a target and then take him as a disciple, and in the future, they would do whatever it took to help that person become a god.They were all screaming, what the hell was this called.

Right now, somewhere in the Earth Immortal World, within a certain family, a gorgeously dressed male was punching and kicking another teenager, shouting, "Rubbish, you family waste, you don't deserve to have our family's blood in your veins."

The teenager who was shouted as trash had his fists clenched and his eyes filled with unyielding anger.

"Rubbish, you will always be a disgrace to the family, hahaha."

A maid who was quite pretty ran out and protected the waste, saying, "Don't hit young master Bai, please."

"Yoho, this girl of yours, you're actually not quite protective of your master ah, and she's quite graceful ah, someone, tie this girl to my room, hahaha."

So, a few of that arrogant prince's followers immediately tied up that girl.

That wasteful young master roared, "Who dares to touch Xiao Ying."


"Fuck you, you're a piece of trash worthy of having a maid to serve you, fuck you."

"Pah."That arrogant young master, with a slap, he knocked out that waste young master and left with that beautiful maid.

At this moment, in the sky, a god looked at that waste young master, and that god said, "Damn, I haven't found the right one even after looking for so long, let's take him."

And so, that waste young master, life opened up, as if it was written in countless miles.

Right now, in the Immortal World, Tang Zichen certainly had no interest in knowing how that group of Celestial God Teams would accept disciples and how they would do whatever it took to help those they accepted become gods.

Tang Zichen secretly said, "It's time to put an end to everything."

And so, Tang Zichen called all of his relatives over.

"Tzu-Chen, what is it."

"I've called you all here today for something."

"What is it?Why are you still being polite to us."

Tang Zichen said, "In another seven days, the Old Thief of Gu Chen will hold a very grand celebration, and I'm going to fight the Old Thief of Gu Chen on that day." The first website

"Ah, so soon, but your strength?"

"Oh, I'm very confident in my own strength, I've only been a God Emperor of the Third Realm for just a year, I think it shouldn't be hard for me to kill God Emperors of the Ten Realms, along with my tens of thousands of abilities."Tang Zichen said.

"You've said it yourself, you should, that is not a hundred percent sure."

"Yeah, it's not a hundred percent certainty, and to inform you today, if I don't return in seven days, then something might happen."

"Zichen, don't scare me, if that's the case, then why not wait a few more years to go, you have now fused the crystal of the beast, it won't take long at all for you to become a Ten Realm God Emperor."

Tang Zichen laughed, "No, my master, of course, I'm referring to the Old Sang God Emperor, his spirit is still in Gu Chen's hands, I'm afraid that if I don't go after a long time, something will happen to Old Sang Master.Besides, don't you know that Invincible is very lonely?Perhaps, in this life, this is my last opponent, so why not take this opportunity to have a good fight with him."

"Well, then, you must be careful."

"Of course."

Seven days later, in the main world, in the divine domain of the Old Thief of Ancient Chen, it was glorious, decorated with lights, so festive, countless people flocked in this direction, each with a reverent smile on their faces.

In the sky above Old Thief Gu Chen's divine residence, an aerial banquet had been set up specifically for this purpose, the banquet tables and chairs were all suspended in the sky, and everyone was walking there as if they were walking on level ground.

In front of the aerial banquet, there were also two theatres, which performed wonderful segments day and night, and countless goddesses wandered everywhere with delicious brews.

Directly above the stage, there was a supreme position, the seat of the Old Thief of Gu Chen, that position could overlook everyone, while everyone needed to look up at him.

At the moment, this seat was still empty.

However, not long after, amidst the noise, several loud shouts came out, "Ancient God Emperor, the First God Emperor, Guchen God Emperor has arrived."

In the next second, the Ancient Chen Divine Emperor appeared in that seat.

Below, countless people worshipped, "Worshiping the First Godly Emperor of Ancient and Dazzling Fame, Godly Emperor Guchen."

The Ancient Chen God Emperor looked at the countless worshippers and said with a smile, "Everyone get up, and thank you all for coming to my Ten Realms God Emperor Banquet, I really enjoyed it."

At this moment, a voice came from the distant sky, "It sure is lively."

This voice, although not loud, was heard by every single person present.

Everyone turned their heads to look, and their faces couldn't help but change.

"It's Wind Lightning."

The Ancient Chen God Emperor also saw Wind Light Cloud, and his lips trembled, because, Wind Light Cloud actually dared to come here at this time, this was not putting him in his eyes, could it be that Wind Light Cloud knew that he would die, and intentionally took this time to come and cause some trouble.

"Wind Lightning, you're just in time."Gu Chen said furiously.

Tang Zichen said, "Guchen, I came here today to compete with you, the loser dies."

"Hahaha, Wind Lightning, just you?"Gu Chen felt like he had been humiliated.

Tang Zichen said, "Just, with me being a Third Realm God Emperor today."

"What? A Third Realm."As soon as everyone heard this, they immediately sensed that the wind was actually a Third Realm God Emperor, and everyone's face changed.

The Ancient Chen God Emperor also trembled.

Tang Zichen said, "In the entire universe, hundreds of God Emperors, you, Gu Chen, are the first God Emperor, and the rest, the second ranked one is only a second realm God Emperor, and I, Wind, am now a third realm God Emperor, already the second largest God Emperor in the universe, today, the first and second God Emperors, are engaged in a life and death battle, I still expect you God Emperors to help bear witness, the winner will live, the loser will die."

The crowd was discussing.

In the blink of an eye, Tang Zichen had become the second ranked God Emperor, so it seemed that it was indeed a battle between the first and second God Emperors as well.

Gu Chen was in chaos inside at the moment, he hadn't gotten out of the middle of how Tang Zichen had become a God Emperor so quickly.

"That's impossible, you must have used some kind of blindfold, a million years ago, you were just a mid-grade god, you couldn't have become a god emperor so quickly."Gu Chen growled.

Tang Zichen sneered, "Time is never a sign to measure the growth of one's strength, Alright, old thief Gu Chen, before we engage, hand over my master, Old Sang, first."

Gu Chen coldly said, "Your master, Old Sang, is already dead."

Tang Zichen's gaze chilled, "Really? That's a pity, our duel will no longer be fair, once you die, I will definitely let your entire clan go to be buried with you."

In fact, Tang Zichen wasn't worried about whether or not Old Sang was really dead, the word death, perhaps, no longer meant eternal farewell in Tang Zichen's dictionary, was synonymous with 'going to sleep'.

"Wind Lightning, you damn it, you're deliberately taking advantage of today's celebration of my Ten Realms God Emperor to cause trouble, you think, I'm a Ten Realms God Emperor, will I care about this?"Gu Chen gritted his teeth and said.

Tang Zichen said, "To the point of death, you haven't faced reality yet, just as well, taste my big ear scrape first."

In the next second, Tang Zichen stretched out his hand, his hand, instantly becoming huge.

Everyone hadn't seen it yet, and suddenly there was an incomparably loud snap.

"Phew."Guchen was slapped by Tang Zichen, and his entire body went in another direction.

At this moment, God Emperor Guchen felt like a kite losing control, like a badminton being slapped by a ball, and instantly flew headfirst to the other side.

In full view of everyone, the Ancient Chen God Emperor flew away for thousands of meters before he could control his body.

"Ah."The countless people who had come to worship Guchen were dumbstruck.


A single slap can slap that far. Oh my God, the power difference?It was also too unbelievable, even though I don't know why Wind Lightning became a Third Realm God Emperor so quickly, but it was still only a Third Realm ah.

Tang Zichen shook his head and sighed, thinking that the Old Thief of Guchen would be his last opponent, but unfortunately, he was wrong, the Old Thief of Guchen was actually no match for Tang Zichen, despite being a Ten Realm God Emperor now.

The Guchen God Emperor flew for thousands of meters and finally took control of his body.

"Ah."The Ancient Chen God Emperor's entire body was silly.

Tang Zichen laughed, "What a disappointment, I slapped you so easily and you couldn't even dodge."

"Go to hell."Guchen shouted, and suddenly made his killing move, killing Tang Zichen, and the Guchen God Emperor turned into a flying smoke and instantly wrapped Tang Zichen like a hurricane.

Only then did Tang Zichen feel some oppressive force.

However, it was only a little bit of oppressive force.

Tang Zichen immediately displayed an ability that transformed into air and disappeared into place.

All of Guchen Old Thief's attacks had no targets, and Tang Zichen appeared a few meters behind Guchen's back.

"I'm here." Remember the URL

"Ah."The Ancient Chen God Emperor turned around sharply and saw Tang Zichen standing behind him smiling.

"Drink."The Ancient Chen God Emperor raised his hand to attack again, but then Tang Zichen disappeared into the air.

"I'm here."At almost the same moment, Tang Zichen's voice rang out on Guchen's side, and Guchen was busy looking to the side, but before he could turn his head, another Tang Zichen's voice came from the other side, "I'm here."

Guchen hurriedly turned his head to the other side again, but before he could turn his head, another voice from behind him came from Tang Zichen, "I'm here."

"I'm here."

"I'm here."

"I'm here."

And so, no matter where Gu Chen looked, he couldn't see Tang Zichen, and Tang Zichen's voice was all coming from the other direction.

Guchen almost got winded.

"I'm here."Suddenly, Tang Zichen's close voice came from behind his head.

"Pah."At the same time, a sharp knife stabbed in from the back of Guchen's head, protruding from his forehead.

"Ah."Guchen was completely dumbfounded, he still wanted to turn back, but, turning back, he didn't see Tang Zichen.

"I've said that I'm always behind your head, no matter how you turn back, Guchen, it seems that you can really go to hell."Tang Zichen said.

In the next second, Old Thief Gu Chen's head exploded.

Guchen's spirit quickly escaped and fled into the distance, Guchen seemed to know that he was no match for Tang Zichen and tried his best to escape.

Tang Zichen snorted with contempt, "No way to escape."

In the next second, Tang Zichen caught up.

Ancient Chen's spirit shouted, "Wind Lightning, be merciful."

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed ridiculously.

What a way to be forgiven.

Tang Zichen instantly unleashed his Divine Grid, which was as dazzling as a sun, standing above his head.

"Ah."Gu Chen saw how huge Tang Zichen's divine form was, his face went white with fear, and his mouth said, "Impossible, there can't be such a huge divine form in the world."

The crowd of onlookers also presented a dumbfounded state.

Tang Zichen's divine grid suddenly glowed so brightly that it submerged Gu Chen's spirit in it, and in the next second, Gu Chen's divine grid was directly melted by Tang Zichen's divine grid.

Ancient Chen became

It was just one of Tang Zichen's billions of wills.

The scene was silent, everyone knew that Gu Chen was dead.

Tang Zichen swept a glance at the crowd and said, "The First God Emperor, Gu Chen, has completely vanished, from now on, I, Wind Lightning, am the First God Emperor of the Unprecedented World, today, please do me a favor and go and exterminate everyone in the Gu Chen family, in order to pay tribute to the spirit of my master, Old Sang God Emperor, who is in heaven."

"Yes."The countless people at the scene immediately started killing.

The Ancient Chen God Emperor's clan, in barely a few minutes, persuaded the way to disappear into this universe.

Tang Zichen had said that if Gu Chen really killed his master Old Sang, then let his entire clan die.

Unexpectedly, he really did kill Old Sang.

Now that Old Sang was dead, Tang Zichen couldn't resurrect him at the moment, after all, Old Sang was a God Emperor, not an ordinary immortal.

But Tang Zichen wasn't worried, as long as Tang Zichen could become the legendary Lord of the Universe, he would certainly be able to do anything.

It was just that the so-called Lord of the Universe, Tang Zichen didn't know anything about it, and he didn't know if it was true.

After killing all the members of the Ancient Chen Clan, Tang Zichen announced on the spot, "Today's celebration, let it be a celebration for me, Wind Lightning, you may eat and drink as much as you like."

Numerous people came up to kneel and worship Tang Zichen, and Tang Zichen nodded and nodded his head one by one in return.

At that moment, a woman came up.

"Wind God Emperor, congratulations."That person said holding a wine cup.

Tang Zichen looked at her with cold eyes, she was Ah Luo.

Previously, Tang Zichen thought that she wasn't bad, but unfortunately, Tang Zichen was wrong about her.

"Wind God Emperor, I'll drink a toast to you."Ah Luo said holding up the wine cup.

Tang Zichen said, "No need, there's even a fish that leaked."

"Ah, Wind God Emperor, I don't know what that means."

"I said you're a fish of leakage, everyone in the Guchen family has been killed, but you've been missed."

Ah Luo's face turned pale, he was busy saying, "Why did the Wind God Emperor say that, Ah Luo claims that he has not offended you."

"Indeed not, but you're engaged to one of the grandsons of the Ancient Hour God Emperor, right."

Ah Luo turned pale and stammered, "You, how did you know."

"How could I not know, even the Godhead of Gu Chen was swallowed up by me, could I not know?You called me trash to his face in order to get closer to Gutten, didn't you."

"Me."Arlo had nothing to say.

"Pounce."Ah Luo kneeled down and kowtowed, "Senior spare my life, Ah Luo was momentarily confused, I hope Senior spare my life."

"What a momentary foolishness."

"Senior spare my life, I was really wrong."Tang Zichen waved his hand impatiently and said, "For the sake of the fact that you once knew me, I'll spare your life, get lost, and I won't come to you anymore."

"Thank you for sparing my life."Ah Luo wiped her tears and left, she had wanted to try and see if there was a chance to be friends with Tang Zichen or even be his woman, but unfortunately, one wrong step, one wrong step.

After that, the celebration ended and Tang Zichen returned to the Sky World.

However, Tang Zichen didn't stay in the Sky World for long.

Tang Zichen brought all of his family members in the Sky World to the main world, and the main world's original divine domain of the Old Thief of Ancient Chen directly became Tang Zichen's personal territory.

In the main world, Tang Zichen spent just a few hundred years to become a Twelve Realm God Emperor.

From then on, Tang Zichen and his relatives lived happily in the main world, and no one in this universe was a match for Tang Zichen anymore.


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