The King of Kungfu in school 2526-2530


Chapter 2526

Tang Zichen told Ziba about what had happened.

"What."Zi Ye stayed.

"Ziba, go away, stay away from me, no one who's around me now will end up well."

"I don't want to."Ziye was busy.

"Oh, don't be silly, it's not like you don't know what kind of situation I'm in, alright, I'm going into the Divine Plains Phantom Forest, and this time, I won't come out for a million years."

"What about at night?"

"Not even at night."

"You're crazy."

"Not even if I'm crazy, if I'm not crazy, how can I reach thirty horse upper gods in a limited time, I must be crazy, anyway, the end of my destiny is already decided, then why do I fear death.However, Ziba, I have one thing to ask."

"What is it?"

"If one day in the future, I do die, please travel to a place called Sky World, where I am from, where I have loved ones, and you tell them about me." Remember the website

"Well, then you must not die."

"I won't give up as long as there's a chance of survival."


Tang Zichen entered the Divine Plains Phantom Forest.

Zi Ye looked at Tang Zichen's lonely back with worry in his eyes.

This time, Tang Zichen was really prepared to not come out at night, but if he reached the God Emperor anyway, he would die, so he might as well die in battle in the Divine Plains You Forest.

With that, Tang Zichen's mind moved, and he appeared again at the place he came out a year ago, at the end of a deep section.

"Roar."As soon as Tang Zichen appeared, a divine beast pounced on him.

"Buzz."Tang Zichen dry-humped that divine beast with a single punch.

Tang Zichen's heart was shocked, "How is my fist so powerful?"

Tang Zichen didn't care so much and continued on.

Soon, daylight passed, there was no danger during the day, Tang Zichen had killed a total of more than twenty divine beasts this entire day.

Night fell, Tang Zichen sat under a large tree to rest, Tang Zichen wanted to see what would happen if he didn't go out at night.

The night grew thicker and thicker, Tang Zichen sat under a large tree and burned a pile of fire.

The dazzling light of the fire shone everywhere, illuminating the surroundings very brightly.

Just then, Tang Zichen's ears heard, all around, as if something was approaching.

Tang Zichen immediately became alert.

About a short time later, around Tang Zichen, more than twenty divine beasts surrounded Tang Zichen and surrounded him to death.

Tang Zichen's eyes swept up, and he was shocked, because, these twenty-odd divine beasts were the same twenty-odd that Tang Zichen had killed during the day.

"Ah, what's going on, how come all those twenty-odd divine beasts I killed during the day are all alive and surrounding me here."

However, Tang Zichen didn't think that these divine beasts that died during the day were fake.

"Roar."One of the divine beasts shouted, this one was dry-humped by Tang Zichen during the daytime.

"Boom."In the next second, more than twenty divine beasts pounced on Tang Zichen at the same time.

Tang Zichen alone had to deal with these twenty-odd divine beasts at the same time, which showed how great the pressure was.

Now, Tang Zichen finally understood why everyone had to exit the Divine Plains You Forest at night, because, if you didn't exit, then the number of divine beasts you killed during the day would all come back to life at night and attack you together.That's why, all the people who didn't exit at night, all died.

At this moment.

Tang Zichen must resolve the siege of these twenty divine beasts, or else he would die here as well.

Tang Zichen carried a monstrous rage on his body, so his fist carried the power of rage as well.

"Boom."Tang Zichen killed the first divine beast with a single punch.

"Wow."At that moment, Tang Zichen's back was torn open by one of the divine beasts.

"Bang bang."Tang Zichen fucked several more in succession.

After more than half an hour of brutal fighting, Tang Zichen finally killed all twenty of these divine beasts, Tang Zichen himself was drenched in blood, but it wasn't Tang Zichen's blood, it was the blood of those beasts.

"Ahhhh."Tang Zichen shrieked three times, and after killing all the twenty divine beasts, no more divine beasts appeared after that.

And so, until dawn, Tang Zichen had a good night's rest.

When Tang Zichen got up at dawn, he found that the bodies of the twenty resurrected beasts he had killed last night were gone, as if the resurrected beasts he had killed last night were a dream.

Tang Zichen knew that it was never a dream.

Tang Zichen continued to move forward.

The next day, Tang Zichen killed more than twenty more divine beasts.

At night, when night fell, Tang Zichen quietly waited, and sure enough, not long after, all the twenty-odd divine beasts that he had killed during the day appeared, but what Tang Zichen did not expect was that not only today, but even the twenty divine beasts that he had killed yesterday had appeared.That is to say, right now, surrounding Tang Zichen were, at the moment, forty divine beasts.

"Oh my god, the ones I killed on the first day, and the ones I killed on the second day, they have all resurrected."Tang Zichen was silly, not expecting, so terrifying, if this trend continued, how many of them would he have to face after a year?That's how big the snowball would be if all the beasts killed in a year were resurrected, so that it would accumulate day by day and snowball by snowball?

It was terrifying for Don to think about.

"Kill."Tang Zichen didn't care so much, he had no way out anyway, it was only a matter of time before he died anyway, so kill it.

Thus, a new round of killing opened.

Facing the siege of forty divine beasts at the same time, Tang Zichen felt like he was going to be torn apart in minutes.

However, despite this, Tang Zichen had to go for the kill, and Tang Zichen squeezed his potential to the limit.

An hour later, Tang Zichen lay panting on the ground.

Around Tang Zichen, the corpses of forty divine beasts were strewn across the floor.

Tang Zichen had finally managed to survive the second night.

Tang Zichen himself was too tired to move and his body was bruised.

Thanks to the fact that he was Tang Zichen, if it was anyone else, not to mention the second night, even if it was the first night, he would have already been dead.

Tang Zichen hurriedly rested while it wasn't yet dawn, otherwise, it would be a new day and a third day after dawn.

Of course, once vicissitudes were hard to come by, Tang Zichen had after all even survived forty sieges, and during the daytime alone, it was simply not in his eyes anymore.

And right now, at the entrance of the Divine Plains You Forest, a woman's gaze was sad, and this person was precisely Zi Ye.

"It's the second night, is he still alive?Or, did he die in it last night?"Zi Ye muttered to herself, she didn't leave for a long time, during the day she also entered the Divine Plains Phantom Forest, and when she came out at night, she waited at the entrance.

The sky, it was light again, this was the third day.

Tang Zichen crawled up early in the morning, after a night of recuperation, Tang Zichen's body felt much, much recovered, but compared to last night, Tang Zichen didn't recover in the morning the same as yesterday, it seemed that one day, Tang Zichen's injuries from the night would reach a level where he couldn't recover at all the next day.

The assessment on the third day continued.


On the third day, Tang Zichen killed over twenty more divine beasts.

On the third night, Tang Zichen would have to face a simultaneous siege of sixty divine beasts.

Each time the pressure was greater than the next.

Just like this, Tang Zichen moved forward with great difficulty.

In the blink of an eye, a month passed, which was the thirtieth day.

On this day, Tang Zichen had killed around twenty divine beasts during the day.

At night, the divine beasts Tang Zichen would face were 600.

That's right, in one month's time, he had accumulated 600 divine beasts besieging him.

Tang Zichen wanted to kill all of these 600 divine beasts before dawn, but of course, the premise was that he couldn't die.

Tang Zichen sat beneath a large tree, his eyes watching the setting sun as darkness was gradually descending.

Tang Zichen's heart also grew heavier as that sky continued to get heavier. One second to remember to read the book

"Tonight, I'll be under siege by more than 600 divine beasts, phew, the pressure is so great.Last night, I was really dying of exhaustion, I really don't believe that I'll be able to survive tonight."Tang Zichen muttered to himself.

Tang Zichen quickly roasted a divine beast meat to replenish his energy before the sun completely set, tonight, it was another life and death bloodbath, perhaps, Tang Zichen would never see tomorrow's sun again.

Night was falling.

Tang Zichen waited quietly.

Soon after dark, Tang Zichen heard the sounds of the surrounding area, as if many divine beasts were approaching Tang Zichen.

Six hundred of them.

However, Tang Zichen didn't have any shyness, last night Tang Zichen had killed about 580 of them, and tonight it increased by twenty, 580 was not much different from 600.Each night was gradual, it wasn't an increase all at once, otherwise, no one could afford it.




Tang Zichen's speed in killing the divine beasts was significantly faster and not as difficult as before.

Of course, Tang Zichen's strength was no longer the ten midgods from before, but a month later, Tang Zichen was already a fifteen midgod.

It turned out that the training in the Divine Plains You Forest was at night, not during the day, and the night was the real training, while the day was just a muddle.Unfortunately, not many people knew this secret, everyone only knew why they couldn't stay in the Divine Plains You Forest, or they would die.Of course, even if this secret was known by everyone, I'm afraid that no one would dare, after all, not being a true genius would not be able to withstand this kind of pressure.

Tang Zichen was only a month old and had to face the siege of six hundred divine beasts, what if a thousand years later?Or, what about 10,000 years from now?Where's the number?

Therefore, this kind of adventure was by no means for ordinary gods.

In the second half of the night, Tang Zichen killed for five or six hours, and finally, all six hundred of the divine beasts that were besieging him were cut down.

Tang Zichen's body fell down, the ground was covered with the blood of so many divine beasts, almost gathering the ground into a pond of blood.

"Bang."Tang Zichen collapsed weakly into the blood pond.

"Knock knock knock."The Divine Beast's blood poured into Tang Zichen's nose and mouth.

However, Tang Zichen was too tired, he couldn't get up, so he allowed himself to drown in the blood pond.

Tang Zichen himself didn't know how much of the divine beast's blood he had drunk.

What Tang Zichen did not expect was that

, a few hours later, Tang Zichen felt that the fatigue in his body had disappeared.

"Hey, what happened?Why has my general fatigue disappeared?"

Tang Zichen climbed out of the blood pond, fatigued a few hours ago, but now he was a dragon and tiger.

"Is it, because I drank the blood of these divine beasts?This blood pond has almost fused the blood of six hundred divine beasts."

Tang Zichen was full of energy, and indeed, it felt like all of his strength had increased.

"So this is a gift, I killed six hundred divine beasts, their blood is a gift to me, making my body stronger.Hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed out loud, thanks to this month, he had wasted so much divine beast blood for nothing.

Tang Zichen knew of the benefits and continued to drink furiously from the pond of blood.

These divine beast bloods were different from those killed during the day, as if they were more magical, because, these divine beasts at night were all resurrected, and their blood carried a mysterious feeling.

After several hours of drinking, Tang Zichen was still drinking, as if he could never get enough to drink.

By dawn, the entire pond of blood was almost empty, leaving only a little bottom left to drink.

The day dawned completely, and all of a sudden, the corpses of the divine beasts that were all over the ground one moment were all gone the next, and the land that had just been stained red was instantly gone as well.

Tang Zichen exhaled deeply, it wasn't the first time he had seen such a situation.

Tang Zichen stretched his back, after drinking so much divine beast blood, he felt like he was about to turn into a divine beast, his body was full of energy, and he didn't feel tired at all.

"Hehe, with the divine beast blood replenished in the future, I won't be afraid of divine beast siege anymore.I won't go out for a million years, I'll keep my word."

Tang Zichen was full of confidence at the moment.

Just like this, year after year.

Every day, he killed around twenty divine beasts, it wasn't that Tang Zichen didn't want to kill more, but the divine beasts during the day weren't something you could run into if you wanted to, and even if you did, most of them were scattered.Such scattered divine beasts were not at all half and half difficult for Tang Zichen.Twenty per day was the average, sometimes a few more, sometimes a few less.

Time rushed by, and Tang Zichen never left.

In the blink of an eye, ten thousand years had passed.

Tang Zichen, who wore only bare shoulders and was all muscular, was sitting on the ground, eating a roasted divine beast.

In these ten thousand years, Tang Zichen's appearance had changed, his muscles had swelled, his ears were slightly longer, his hands were larger, and he was nearly ten centimeters taller.Of course, the most important thing was that Tang Zichen's strength was also completely different, giving him the impression of a fierce man at a glance.

Tang Zichen ate the last bite of the roasted divine beast, threw the bones away, and secretly said, "It's been ten thousand years, tonight, the number of divine beasts I will face will reach 73 million, close to 100 million, hahaha."Tang Zichen didn't have the slightest bit of fear, instead, he enjoyed the pleasure of gulping down the blood of the divine beasts.

That night, 73 million divine beasts came galloping, all kinds of beasts, in the sky, on earth, and in all directions towards Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen fought such a large number of divine beasts by himself, Tang Zichen's arm was incredibly strong, and tens of thousands of beasts were torn apart at random.

Of course, in order to fight such a large number of divine beasts, Tang Zichen had to constantly improve his fighting ability every day, in addition to constantly enhancing his realm.

Fortunately, Tang Zichen drank the blood of so many divine beasts, and after all, those divine beast bloods carried the genetic information of various divine beasts, so Tang Zichen constantly ingested the genetic information of various divine beasts, and thus, Tang Zichen also constantly changed himself and enhanced his own abilities and skills.


For example, at this time.

Tang Zichen's eyes blinked, and suddenly, the void around him was distorted, and hundreds of thousands of divine beasts were crushed to smithereens by that distortion.This ability was something that Tang Zichen had stripped from the genes of a certain few hundred divine beasts and then synthesized.

Another example, Tang Zichen wielded a slap, and in an instant, his slap was bigger than the sky.

"Bang."The slap slapped down and slapped to death hundreds of thousands of divine beasts, an ability that had also been turned into his ability from dozens of divine beasts with similar abilities that had been genetically synthesized from their genes.

As Tang Zichen drank more and more of the divine beast's blood, the more genetic information he gained, coupled with Tang Zichen's clever brain and powerful creative abilities, Tang Zichen could control more and more of his abilities.

An hour later, Tang Zichen cut down the seventy-three million various divine beasts.

"Phew."Tang Zichen took a deep breath.

On the ground, there were all the corpses of the divine beasts.

Tang Zichen started sucking the blood of all the divine beasts again, the more he sucked, the more genetic information he got, the more abilities Tang Zichen could create.

This kind of ability was completely different from the various feats he had created in the past, this kind of ability, which was innate, was worlds apart.For example, a chameleon could change colors, this was something it was born with, not from practicing any spells, or for example, a bird could fly, this was also something a bird was born with, not from practicing any spells.The various abilities that Tang Zichen created using the genetic information of various beasts were also an innate and completely different.

Of course, as Tang Zichen created more and more abilities, the human traits in Tang Zichen's body would gradually diminish, and in the end, the human traits were estimated to be only one ten thousandth of Tang Zichen's, and Tang Zichen couldn't even be sure that he was still human. First URL

Tang Zichen quickly drank the blood of all the divine beasts.

"Phew, that's cool."Tang Zichen smiled heedlessly.

The realm on Tang Zichen's body was no longer twenty Middle Gods, it had become ten Upper Gods.

Tang Zichen said inwardly, "There are still 990,000 years left before the deadline given to me by the Old Bandit of Gu Chen, and I, at this moment, am only twenty horses away from thirty horses of Upper Gods, hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed out loud.

Tang Zichen stretched out his own hand, and with a thought, his hand, suddenly turned golden, Tang Zichen clenched his fist and smashed it on the ground, and it made a 'dang dang dang' sound, as if, Tang Zichen's hand was made of iron.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Finally, as of today, I have synthesized another super ability, I can take my flesh, and transform it into a hard material, which has greatly improved my resistance to blows, no, almost like a diamond.This ability was discovered from the genetic information of a previous Honmeng Divine Monkey, and I combined it with the genes of other divine beasts to create this one."

"My current strength, although my realm is only ten horse Gods, but the God King may not even be my opponent."Tang Zichen was full of confidence.

After all, Tang Zichen fought with so many divine beasts every night, and Tang Zichen possessed so many abilities, the God King, might not be a match for Tang Zichen.

"Old thief Gu Chen, just wait for me, I will definitely come for you in less than a million years."Tang Zichen's gaze was cold.

Just like that, Tang Zichen continued.

A hundred thousand years passed.

Three hundred thousand years passed.

Five hundred thousand years passed.

"Whew, half a million years have passed, the days have passed so quickly."Tang Zichen smiled heedlessly.

Now, the number of divine beasts that Tang Zichen had to face every night reached 3.65 billion.


p; Tang Zichen had to have at least millions of divine beasts every second, otherwise, Tang Zichen might be torn apart in the next second because there were too many of them.

Under this kind of pressure, Tang Zichen was able to improve his realm while absorbing the genetic information of countless divine beasts and creating many many abilities.Tang Zichen now possessed as many as five hundred different kinds of 'innate' kind of abilities.

When Tang Zichen fought, he could use whichever ability he needed, and whichever one could help him.

Of course, Tang Zichen's realm had reached the Three Realms God Emperor.

"Phew, half a million years to reach the Third Realm Godking, it's not easy."Tang Zichen sighed deeply.

Of course, although Tang Zichen's realm was the Third Realm Godking, his strength was, ahem.

Tang Zichen himself didn't know, but a Twelfth Realm God Emperor, Tang Zichen was confident that he could poke his finger to death.

As for the Divine Emperor level, Tang Zichen didn't dare to say.

However, at the moment, even if Tang Zichen was facing a God Emperor, he was at least confident that he wouldn't be harmed.

"Continue, there's still half a million years to go, strike while the iron is hot."Tang Zichen could only continue.

Because, Tang Zichen felt that if he once gave up at this moment, he might have to start all over again.

And so, Tang Zichen stayed in the Divine Plains You Forest for another four hundred thousand years.

After four hundred thousand years, the number of divine beasts that Tang Zichen had to kill every night reached over seven billion.

And Tang Zichen, having repeatedly sucked the blood of so many divine beasts, the genetic information Tang Zichen had obtained about them had accumulated to such an extent that Tang Zichen's own ability to create them was as much as fifty thousand different kinds.

The later it got, the faster the frequency with which Tang Zichen created various abilities.

Of course, this was not the most important thing, the most important thing was that Tang Zichen's realm had reached the Twelve Realm God Emperor.

The latter realm was very difficult to climb, and it took him 400,000 years to go from being a Third Realm Godking to a Twelfth Realm Godking.

"Phew."There were still a hundred thousand years to go, it was a million years to go.

"I think it's almost time for me to go out and settle the score with the old thief Gu Chen."Tang Zichen said in his heart.

However, Tang Zichen had a feeling that he couldn't go out so soon, as if, there was still unfinished business.

"Fine, then I'll continue for another ten thousand years and see if I can charge into the realm of God Emperor."Tang Zichen said.

Tang Zichen squelched his inner desire to go back and continued to stay.

One day, five thousand years later.

As usual, Tang Zichen quietly waited for the night to fall.

Nightfall soon came, but Tang Zichen waited for a long time, but no seven billion beasts appeared.

Tang Zichen was confused, "Where are the beasts tonight?Why didn't you show up?"

Tang Zichen felt baffled.

About an hour later, finally, the seven billion plus divine beasts gradually appeared.

However, what Tang Zichen didn't expect was that this time, after the seven billion plus divine beasts appeared, they didn't reveal any fierce gaze, but with a submissive gaze.

Tang Zichen was puzzled.

What was even more unbelievable to Tang Zichen was that the seven billion or so divine beasts all knelt down, as if, submitting to Tang Zichen.

"Ah, what's going on?"Tang Zichen's heart trembled.


All the divine beasts knelt down to Tang Zichen, so Tang Zichen naturally had no reason to kill them anymore.

Tang Zichen said, "All of you, have you all submitted to me?"

"Master, you've entered the core of the Divine Plains You Forest, the first since the birth of the universe."

"Eh, the core of the Divine Plains Youlin?Has no one been in here before?"

One of the divine beasts emitted a mental wave and said, "No."

Tang Zichen said, "One of the most powerful divine Emperors in the past, I heard that it entered the twenty-eighth stage position."

"That was during the day, there is no meaning in the daytime, only at night can you enter the core of the Divine Plains You Forest."

"Tell me, what exactly is the Divine Plains You Forest a place?"

"This is the center of the universe, this is an immortal realm where all the beasts are immortal, so we come back to life over and over again, and then you kill them."

"Then during the day, many many people come in for training, and they kill the beasts?"

"Those who are killed by the calendar during the day are the result of our intentions, and no matter how many we kill during the day, we have nothing to fear, it is only at night that will threaten us at all.You, on the other hand, are the only one, who can enter the core at night.Therefore, we must stop you from entering the core of the Divine Plains You Forest, but you still came in."One of the powerful Divine Beasts said. Remember the URL

"Why do you want to stop me from entering the Divine Plains Youlin?"

"The Divine Plains You Forest is the home of all our beasts, and it contains the crystals that control all beasts, and we don't want anyone to get them."

"Then why don't you continue to stop it now?And submit to me."

"Master, your talent and creativity make it impossible for us not to submit to you, you have almost understood all the abilities of all our divine beasts, and even if you have learned away what we would, you are almost able to do what we would, in a sense, you are half the same kind as all the divine beasts, so we are all willing to serve you as king, king of the divine beasts.All the immortal divine beasts of our divine Plains You Forest will be at your disposal."

"Where are the crystals of the divine beasts?"Tang Zichen asked.

At this moment, a bright light was emitted in front of it.

Tang Zichen walked up to it, it was a crystal like a God's Grid, but it was far larger and bigger than a human's God's Grid.

This was the Crystal of the Divine Beast.

The so-called God Beast's Crystal was the will of all the God Beasts, united to form a God Crystal, or of course, united to form a God Grid, but the God Crystal was better than the God Grid, because after the God Crystal fused, it could still continue to develop, while after the God Grid fused, it was fixed there forever.

Tang Zichen stroked the massive God Beast's Crystal.

"Fuck, it's so big."

One of the divine beasts said, "Master, this is the divine crystal of our Divine Plains You Forest, the will of all the divine beasts, united to form a divine crystal.In total, there are over 100 billion wills in this divine crystal.

Tang Zichen was shocked in his heart, "How frightening, the will of over 100 million divine beasts bonded into a divine form?You know, my divine form is only ten wills knitted together."

Tang Zichen was incredibly shocked, there really was no comparison, no harm.

Tang Zichen's divine grid was made up of ten wills, while this God Beast's Crystal was made up of over 100 billion wills ah, what a difference between a star and a sun and a firefly.

Tang Zichen was incomparably excited at the moment, this God Beast's Crystal, was it his now?

What would happen if Tang Zichen fused the crystal of this divine beast?


nbsp; Tang Zichen didn't dare to imagine ah.

Previously, Tang Zichen's Godhead was only made up of ten wills, and his strength was far beyond that of an ordinary God, if he were to merge with these 100 billion wills, what's more?This is going against the grain.

"Phew."Tang Zichen patted his surging heart.

However, this divine Beast's Crystal, which made up his will, was all divine Beast's, non-human.

But what did it matter?Does the human will have to be stronger than the will of the beast?Even so, this amount of 100 billion was enough.

"Master, this God Beast's Crystal is yours."Many of the surrounding Divine Beasts emitted spiritual fluctuations and said.

Tang Zichen said, "I can really fuse this God Beast's Crystal?"

"Of course, this is a divine crystal, not a divine grid, a divine crystal can be fused at will, after fusion, if you still want to continue in the future, still can continue again, not like a divine grid, fixed dead.Moreover, I think that if you fuse a god crystal this strong, you're basically invincible in the universe, the entire universe, no creature will be your opponent.Moreover, you have countless divine beasts sent by us and others, you are fully capable of unifying the universe and becoming the king of the universe now."

Tang Zichen gulped down his saliva, unifying the universe, this was something he didn't dare to imagine before.

Unexpectedly, everything came so quickly, and thought that it would be a long, long time before he could become a God Emperor, but little did he know that opportunity had come so quickly.

Tang Zichen took a deep breath and said, "You all stand down."

"Yes, Divine Beast King."

Tang Zichen resisted the enormous and incomparably large divine crystal and began to fuse it.

With such a large divine crystal, I'm afraid that fusion would take constant time, at least that's what Tang Zichen thought.

However, once the fusion began, Tang Zichen found that it wasn't that difficult, because Tang Zichen had already penetrated almost all the genetic information of all the beasts, all, the 100 billion will of the beasts in this huge God Crystal, was quickly fused by Tang Zichen.

That divine crystal, was gradually shrinking, shrinking, shrinking.

After about five hundred years, finally, that divine crystal, completely disappeared.

Such a huge God Crystal was all fused into Tang Zichen's divine Grid.

Tang Zichen's divine Grid, which had also undergone a drastic change, was previously made up of ten wills, but now, Tang Zichen's divine Grid was made up of ten human wills plus the wills of 100 billion divine beasts.

"Hahaha, hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed maniacally, Tang Zichen felt himself, immensely powerful, and after fusing such a huge divine crystal, Tang Zichen had instantly created millions of 'innate' abilities.

It could almost be said that there was nothing that Tang Zichen couldn't do.

Of course, Tang Zichen was still a Twelve Realm God Emperor at the moment, but within Tang Zichen, if he wanted to, he could instantly become a God Emperor and become a God Emperor, it was just a matter of whether he wanted to or not.

As for his strength at the moment?

Of course there was no need to question the innate abilities of millions of them, it was no joke.

"Paying homage to the master."Numerous divine beasts paid homage to Tang Zichen.

"Get up."

"Master, if you have any orders, please say so."

Tang Zichen said, "There's no need to hurry for now, I'm going to take care of some personal business first, I'll give my orders later."

"Yes, master."

With that, Tang Zichen disappeared into the spot.


When he reappeared, Tang Zichen was already at the edge of the Divine Plains You Forest.

Nearly a million years had passed, and the edge of the Divine Plains You Forest didn't seem to have changed much, it was still the same.

"Wind Light Cloud."As soon as Tang Zichen appeared, a shout came from him.

Although Tang Zichen didn't turn back, he already saw who it was.

Tang Zichen had an ability, which could be called '360-degree surround view', although his eyes were in front of him, he could see clearly in every direction of 360 degrees, which was completely different from a divine sense scan.

Tang Zichen said as he turned back, "Ziye, it's you, how come you also happen to be here."

Zi Ye walked up and looked at Tang Zichen seriously, as if she couldn't quite believe that this was true.

"Are you really Wind Lightning?"Zi Ye asked.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Of course."

"But, you?"

"I've been in the Divine Plains Phantom Forest for almost a million years." Remember in a second to read the book

"My God, you stayed so long and you're actually still alive, I thought it was dangerous at night?There used to be people who didn't come out at night, and they all died as a result."

Tang Zichen said, "That was someone else, but I, not only didn't die, but my strength increased greatly, and I even obtained the Crystal of the Beast."

At that moment, Zi Ye suddenly felt Tang Zichen's realm and said in shock, "Your realm?"

"Twelve Realm God Emperor."Tang Zichen said.

"Heavens, how is this possible, the restriction that the Ancient Chen God Emperor has placed on you is that you have to reach thirty horses in a million years, but you, you have reached the Twelve Realm God Emperor, heavens."Zi Ye was scared silly.

"Oh, if I tell you that if I want to become a God Emperor, it's just a thought, what do you think?"

"What do you mean?"

"God Emperor to me, it's just a matter of whether I want to become one or not.Ziba, I'm going to look for the Old Thief of Gu Chen now, do you want to come along?"

"Uh-huh, but will I be a burden to you if I go?"

"Don't worry."

Tang Zichen brought Ziye and swiftly traveled to the divine domain of Old Sang of Guchen, Tang Zichen's speed was fast, almost instantaneous.

And right now, in the divine Domain of Guchen.

"Ahhhh, I can't stand it anymore."A man roared, and this man was Guxinghe.

"Young master, wait a little longer, a million years will be here soon."

"No, I can't wait, I really want to play busted Ouya right now, I've been putting up with this for a million fucking years."

Just at this moment, a voice suddenly came from the ear, "Can't stand it anymore, can you?Then there is no need to endure."

"Who?"Guxinghe turned his head violently.

However, before Gu Xinghe could see who it was, a loud slap slapped down.

"Slap."Guxinghe was slapped to the ground in one fell swoop.

"Ah."Guxinghe was stupid and was trying to get up, but, before he could get up, a foot stepped on his skull, and that foot stomped hard on Guxinghe's skull into the mud, Guxinghe couldn't struggle at all, or even, didn't have a chance to see the other person.

"Who the hell are you?"Gu Xinghe growled.

Tang Zichen snorted, "Can't you even hear my voice?"

"Ah, you, you're Wind Lightning?"Gu Xinghe was silly.

"Hmph, yes, I'm Wind Lightning."Tang Zichen pushed on his foot, and with a click, he stomped on Guxinghe's skull.

Guxinghe's spirit rushed out of his body.

Tang Zichen grabbed Gu Xinghe's spirit with one hand and put the

He held it up in front of him.

"Ah, it really is you."Gu Xinghe was dumbfounded, but it really was Wind Lightning.

Tang Zichen asked, "Where's your dog grandfather, Old Thief Guchen?"

"Wind Lightning, you ordered you to let me go immediately, otherwise, my grandfather will not let you go when he returns from his retreat."Gu Xinghe snarled.

"So you've been hiding somewhere in seclusion."Tang Zichen snorted, no wonder Tang Zichen came here and didn't find the old thief Guchen.

"Wind Lightning, I can tell you, my grandfather has broken through again this time, at the end of this retreat, he will become a Ten Realm God Emperor, do you damn well know what a Ten Realm God Emperor is?My grandfather was originally the first God Emperor, and now that he has progressed once again to become a Ten Realm God Emperor, the entire universe is mine."

Ziba beside him trembled, a Ten Realm God Emperor?Gosh.

Gu Xinghe saw Zi Ye's expression and said proudly, "See, when the time comes, it will be too late for you to kneel down.In the entire main world, there are hundreds of God Emperors, and the second ranked God Emperor is only in the third realm, while my grandfather, is already in the tenth realm.All the God Emperors in the main world combined can't beat my grandfather with one hand, Wind Lightning, who the hell are you."

Tang Zichen was also quite shocked in his heart.

Unexpectedly, that old dog, Guchen, was in such a high realm, all ten realms of God Emperors, seven realms stronger than the second ranked, no wonder all the God Emperors came to worship old dog Guchen.

Tang Zichen said, "Guxinghe, the day your grandfather leaves the gate will be the day I, Wind Light Cloud, kill him.Unfortunately, you can no longer see such a beautiful scene."

After saying that, the force in Tang Zichen's hands increased for a while.

"Ah, don't, don't kill me."Gu Xinghe felt death approaching and struggled desperately.

In the next second, Tang Zichen pinned Guxinghe to death, completely.

"Phew, this disgusting man is finally dead, it's a pity to let him die so happily."Tang Zichen said.

Zi Ye said, "Wind Lightning, go and save Miss Ouya, she must have suffered a lot in these million years."

"Mm."In the next second, Tang Zichen appeared in a prison cell, which was sealed by the Old Thief of Gu Chen's ban.

Tang Zichen immediately used an ability that turned his entire body into an air.

This air was real air, not a blindfold.

Tang Zichen didn't try to forcefully break the restriction, he could easily enter it, so why waste his strength.

Ou Ya was locked inside, her eyes closed at the moment.

Tang Zichen came in, Ouya didn't feel it in the slightest.

"Ou Ya."Tang Zichen called out.

Suddenly, Ou Ya opened her eyes.

"Ah, you, when did you get caught in here."Ouya was so busy pouncing on her, she thought that Don Zichen had been locked in too.

"Ouya, you're suffering."Don Zichen said.

"Say it, when were you captured."Ou Ya was in a great hurry.

"Ouya, don't worry, I'm already strong enough to take you out of here, and even, I'm capable of fighting with the old thief, Gu Chen."

"Ah."Ouya was stunned.

"What's going on?"

"It's a long story, I'll tell you more slowly."Saying that, Tang Zichen hugged Ou Ya, turned into air, and disappeared into the spot.

When he reappeared, he was already on the ground.

Ouya still hadn't returned to her senses.

"Wind Light Cloud, how did you become so strong?"

"Oh, this isn't pie in the sky, I've fought for a million years to do this, remember the Divine Plains Youlin?I was there, for almost a million years."


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