Dish Best Served Cold 801-805


Chapter 801

"To think that in the beginning, Ye Fan and his mother and son were abandoned by their husband's family and eventually returned to live in their mother's home out of necessity."

    "In these ten years, they have undoubtedly been humiliated and made difficult."

    "Those two brothers, Ye Tian and Ye Ya, have been giving people looks all day long, looking down on them and disliking their mother and son."

    "It's said that family dinners don't even bring their mothers and sons together."

    "In the end, they even forced people's mother and son, to get out of the Ye family."

    "How is it now?"

    "People Ye Fan shook his body and became the esteem of Jiangdong."

    "And Ye Ximei, became the beautiful CEO of the 100 billion group."

    "On the other hand, what about those three siblings of their Ye family, one is more miserable than the other."

    "This is retribution!"

    "Deserved it~"



    "I guess by now, the siblings and their intestines are repenting, right?"

    "If we don't force people's mothers and sons away, maybe the Ye family and their three siblings will be able to take advantage of their nephew's light and soar to the sky?"

    "The head of the 100 billion group, the Lord of Jiangdong, a little bit of this big figure leaking through the fingers is enough for Ye Ya and his siblings to be able to itemize for the rest of their lives."

    "Now, the hanging hairs can't even fish!"


    "It's so deserved!"


    "As a human being, you still can't be without a conscience~"

    "People are too snobbish for God's sake."


    "Just a bunch of dog-eyed faggots."

    "Master Ye has been wise all his life, but in the end, why did he give birth to such a bunch of idiot sons and daughters?"

    "The only talented and good-looking daughter, and she was forced to leave."

    "The most pitiful, it's still Master Ye~"


    In the small town, the neighbors and townspeople have been chatting about the Ye family's eight oddities, whenever it comes to Ye Ya, Ye Tian siblings, it is a burst of disgusting stink.

    Listening to these harsh words, the two siblings who passed by, Ye Ya and Ye Xi Lan, but their faces were pale, lowered their heads and hurriedly walked away, afraid of being recognized by the people around them.

    Nowadays, they have become the joke of the entire town.

    The actual fact that you are able to get a lot more than just a few of these, you'll be able to get a lot more than just a few of these.

    In fact, as early as the first day of the New Year, Ye Ya and Ye Ximei siblings had regrets in their hearts.

    Now, after learning that Ye Fan founded Mufan Group, their sister Ye Ximei as the president of Yunzhou branch, even the Shen family's uneducated little fat boy Shen Yuxiang, became the general manager of the company, with a million luxury cars, Ye Ya and the others were not calm at that time.

    Even a person like Shen Yuxiang, who is not a relative, can be a general manager in the branch, they these uncle and aunt, if they go in, at least must be a vice president with an annual salary of a million.

    Thinking of this, Ye Ya as well as Ye Xilan two, no doubt intestines are repentant.

    I can't wait to slap myself to death!

    I thought to myself why I was so blind in the first place, a real dragon was right in front of me and they didn't even see it, and they thought of it as a worm?

    It's too late to regret now.

    However, regret alone is useless, at this time, it is still the first priority to find a way to ease the conflict with Ye Fan.

    So, that night, Ye Xilan as well as Ye Ya and the rest of the Ye family knelt in the Ye family hall, begging the old man to come forward and plead for mercy.

    "Dad, we are your own sons."

    "You can't see death and not save us~"

    "Of this entire Ye family, Little Fan listens to you the most."

    "As long as you step in and plead for us, Xiaofan will definitely forgive us."


    "Yeah, Dad."

    "Will you speak to Little Fan for us?"

    "Now that Xiaofan has opened a company again, there must be a shortage of people."

    "Our Ye family, we have plenty of people."

    "As long as Xiaofan agrees to let us be executives and give each of us another 10% or 20% of the company's shares, we'll definitely do our best to support Xiaofan."

    "When the time comes, I'll be the CFO and my husband will be the head of personnel."

    "Xiao Jian and my second brother, in charge of the sales department."

    "When Yulang and the others graduate, they'll also be perfectly capable of being a vice president of a branch or something like that."

    "That little fatty of the Shen Hai family, they've all become general managers, we're Xiaofan's own uncle and aunt, it's not too much to ask, right?"

    Ye Xilan said slowly, after she learned that Ye Fan had established Mu Fan Group, she had already planned out a beautiful blueprint for the future.

    Anyway, she's idle also nothing, when the time comes, she will also enter the company as a CFO, help Ye Fan manage money, receive a million annual salary, at the end of the year and then participate in stock dividends, that day is nourishing to think about.

    However, listening to Ye Xilan's words, Ye's face was becoming more and more livid, and in the end, Ye was so angry that he got up and kicked one of them directly on Ye Xilan and Ye Ya.

    "Bunch of beasts!"

    "Are you truly aware of the error of your ways?"

    "Or do you just want to get in Van's good graces?"


    "And the chief financial officer, and the head of personnel?And the fucking vice president?"

    "Ye Xilan, you don't take a piss to look at yourself either, you deserve it!"

    Old Master Ye was trembling with rage, unable to contain his anger, wishing he could kick the ungrateful pair of children in front of him to death.

    How could he have never imagined that this son and daughter of his would become so snobbish and greedy?

    You've only got money in your eyes and no love at all?

    "Get out, all of you!"

    "Get out as far away as you can, I, Ye Xukun, don't have any of you bastards."


    "In these ten years, how much bullying have you given to Little Fan and her son?"

    "Now, even more so, it has forced people, to cut off blood ties with my Ye family!"

    "You're a bunch of idiots, and you have the nerve to ask me to put in a good word for you?"

    "What the fuck were you doing earlier?"


    "How many times have I told you to be nicer to Fanny and her son."

    "But what about you guys?"

    "Looking down on Van and isolating their mother and son."

    "Now what?"

    "Who's to blame for eating your own?"

    "Thirty years east of the river, thirty years west of the river, don't deceive the poor youth ah."

    Master Ye's old eyes were red, unable to stop saying.

    The angry and miserable voice, but reverberated throughout the Ye family hall.

    The mother and son of Ye Fan's departure, undoubtedly made the old man Ye was very heartbroken.

    Just like what Qin Hongfei had said before, if Ye Fan didn't leave, their Jingzhou Ye Family, with Ye Fan's might, would definitely be among the number one gentry in Jingzhou.

    But now, a true dragon was forced away by his own group of foolish sons and daughters like this?

    Master Yeh, how could he not be heartbroken?How could you not be angry?

    Faced with Master Ye's rebuke, the two siblings, Ye Xilan and Ye Ya, also knew that they were at fault.

    Lowering their heads, kneeling there, their faces pale and mute, not daring to say a word.

    In their hearts, only endless remorse swept over them.



    Downtown Kingston.

    A luxurious building that stood majestically.

    This building had previously been the office building of the Lei Group.

    However, the sign at the entrance of the building had now been changed to, "Mufan Group"!


"Fanny, I think I'll let Mu Orange be the one."

    "I can't."

    "I haven't touched business matters in ten years, and I'm afraid I can't when you come up here and ask me to take this heavy position~"

    At this time, Mufan Group Jingzhou branch, a luxurious office, Ye Ximei a white ladies' suit, three thousand green silk combed into a noble phoenix hair crown, but from a distance, it is graceful and luxurious.

    I'm sure no one would like to think that this noble beauty in front of you, in order to raise Ye Fan, hidden in the countryside for ten years.

    Ten years, even if the woman who was once in a magnificent state, will eventually change her appearance under the erosion of time.

    Just like, at this time, Ye Ximei.

    Many years ago, Ye Ximei had assisted that man, explored the Chinese market, and attacked the business world.

    If there was a successful woman behind any successful man.

    Then [Literary Museum] Ye Ximei, is the woman behind that.

    It can be said without exaggeration that the vast majority of the Chu family's industry and power in Huaxia back then was Ye Xiemei who helped the Chu family to build.

    Of course, at that time, Ye Ximei was always behind the scenes, so there weren't many people who knew about her.

    There were only two people in the commonwealth.

    One is Ye Fan, and the other is the man who had entrusted Ye Ximei with her life.

    And of course, wrongly paid for a lifetime.

    Having not touched the business for many years, now that Ye Fan handed her a company to manage, she was naturally terrified and even excused herself.

    Ye Fan saw the situation, but shook his head and smiled, "Mom, it's fine, just take your time."

    "Besides, in the beginning, you helped him take charge of all the Chu family's properties in Warsaw, and decided the use of hundreds of millions of funds flowing every day."

    "Nowadays, having you manage a small branch, your son feels like a condescending person."

    Ye Fan said casually, but the two beside him, Qiu Mu Orange and Shen Yuxiang, were shocked when they heard it.

    "I'll go!"

    "Was Auntie Ye this good when she was younger?"

    "To be in charge of the flow of hundreds of millions of dollars a day, that would have to be at least a vice president-level executive, right?"

    Shen Yuxiang exclaimed.

    Qiu Mu Orange was also slightly startled, she suddenly felt that this mother-in-law of hers was by no means as simple and ordinary as it seemed on the surface.

    "It's all in the past, why mention those?"

    These words of Ye Fan seemed to have stirred up unbearable memories of Ye Xie Mei, and her mood was all of a sudden much lower.

    When Ye Fan saw the situation, he knew that he had said the wrong thing, and also kept quiet about the past, but instead, he reassured, "Mom, you don't have to be too stressed."

    "I'll have Lei arrange for someone to assist you in the company's affairs."

    "Well, that's fine."Ye Xi Mei did not bicker over Ye Fan after all, and finally agreed to take on the position of president of this branch.

    After dealing with his own mother's matter, Ye Fan also called out to Shen Yuxiang to leave the company.

    At this time, it was night, the night was quiet, and the moon was as cold as water.

    Ye Fan and the two of them, facing the moonlight, walked together on the busy streets of Jingzhou.

    Mother had a home to return to, and Ye Fan was also relieved of a major concern in his heart, his entire mood, felt much lighter.

    "Fatty, how's it going over there?"

    "Wenya's parents, have they agreed to your marriage?"As they walked, they chatted.

    Although, before, at the wedding, Ye Fan had forcibly let Fatty take Du Wenya away.But on Du Wenya's parents' side, they always disagreed with the marriage between the two of them.

    On the one hand, Fatty's family situation was one of the main reasons, but the main reason was because Fatty didn't have a proper job and was hard to trust.

    As parents, they were also worried that their children would suffer in the future.

    Naturally, Ye Fan could understand this.


    "Brother Fan, I was about to tell you that after learning that I became the general manager of the Billion Dollar Group, Wen Ya's parents, immediately agreed to our marriage and stopped blocking it."

    "Wen Ya and I, are we going to get a marriage license tomorrow?"

    The fat man chuckled, all of his small eyes narrowed at this point.

    "Well, that's good."

    "Fatty, then I'll congratulate you in advance."Ye Fan smiled happily.

    "Congratulations on what ah, if it wasn't for Brother Fan you repeatedly helping me, I guess Wen Ya, would have already married someone else."

    "Brother Fan, seriously, the greatest luck in my fat life is meeting you."

    "Without Brother Fan, my Shen Yuxiang's life would have been a darkness in which I couldn't see the light."

    The night breeze, the fat man had a feeling, but said in a ghostly way.

    To Ye Fan, the fat man is really grateful from the bottom of his heart.

    Many years after graduation, having seen more human emotions, wine and meat brothers, the only one who treated him consistently was Ye Fan.

    It was Ye Fan who accompanied him to snatch the marriage, and now it is Ye Fan who gives him status and glory.

    Fatty knew what he was capable of, with his skills, not to mention the general manager, he was not qualified enough to be an assistant.

    Thinking of this, the corners of the fatty's eyes were a little red.

    He suddenly raised his head and looked at Ye Fan, his words were firm, "Brother Fan, as long as you don't mind, Fatty I'm committed to following you for the rest of my life!"


    The fat man's words slowly whisked along with the cool night breeze.

    When Ye Fan heard it, he shivered, "Huh~"

    "How effeminate you sound."

    "I'm getting goose bumps!"

    "Okay, let's not talk about the unnecessary nonsense, the most important thing is to improve yourself."

    "I can help you for a while, I can't help you for a lifetime after all."

    "Fatty, it's a long road in life, no one can walk with you to the end."

    "The only thing you can rely on is yourself."

    "Work hard~"

    Ye Fan patted the fatty's shoulder and gave him a bowl of chicken soup before seeing the fatty home.

    "This company has been set up and good friends have helped, shouldn't we be going home too?"

    At an unknown time, Autumn Mu Orange had arrived behind her.

    She stepped forward, her pair of beautiful eyes reflecting the intoxicating moonlight, and asked softly to Ye Fan.

    Tonight's Autumn Mu Orange was wearing a Korean-style strappy dress with an off-white plush jacket over it, slender jade legs that were graceful and graceful, a delicate body, and an enchanting face.

    From the moment she appeared, she was the most beautiful beauty in this world.

    In response to the inquiry, Ye Fan shook his head, "I still have some things to do, and I'm afraid I'll be late to return."

    "Why don't I ask Lei Laosan to send a car to take you back tomorrow first."

    "Now that the company is expanding, it's true that the Yunzhou side can't do without people."

    "In the future, I'm afraid that the burden on you, the beautiful CEO of the 100 billion group, will be even heavier."

    Ye Fan said teasingly.

    Yes, nowadays, Mu Fan Real Estate had completely expanded into Mu Fan Group.

    Previously, Ye Fan had thought of letting Qiu Mu Orange rely on herself to make the company bigger and stronger.

    However, time was no longer enough.

    Now that the "prairie prairie" plan is about to start, Ye Fan will officially close the door.

    After he leaves, he will immediately go to the Chu family to settle the grudges for years.

    Before that, Ye Fan naturally needs to settle the two most important women in his life properly.


Mufan Real Estate, after all, was still too small, just like a small pond.

    And after Ye Fan's rapid expansion, today's Mu Fan Group, that was undoubtedly an ocean.

    A storm can overturn a small pond, but not an ocean.

    After countless violent storms, the sea is still there.

    Just like the magnificent Huaxia, through five thousand years of hardships and dangers, Huaxia was still there!

    That was why, before the trip, Ye Fan decided that he would expand Mu Fan Property into Mu Fan Group.

    What was done was to improve the Mufan Group's risk resistance.

    Let it become the sea, even if he couldn't shelter around Qiu Mu Orange in the future, he would be able to endure the torture of the storm.

    Of course, the transformation from a small company like a large group, ordinary people might have to go through countless years before they could take this step.

    But to Ye Fan, it was just a matter of a few words.

    After driving the richest man in Jiangdong, Zhao Wuji, out of Jiangdong, the entire Jiangdong was already in Ye Fan's pocket.

    When he gave an order, all the industries under Lei Laosan, Li Er and others would have to be handed over and placed under the Mu Fan Group.

    Yes, most of today's Mu Fan Group's properties were collected by Ye Fan from Lei Lao San, Li Er, and others.

    Otherwise, how else could Mufan Real Estate become a large group with hundreds of billions of assets in just a few days.

    Of course, there were advantages and disadvantages to such an act.

    Although these properties nominally belonged to the Mu Fan Group, Autumn Mu Orange as well as Ye Xi Mei and the others were afraid that if they wanted to take full control, they would have to spend some more energy.

    "Afraid of what?"

    "Anyway, with you, the esteem of Jiangdong, to lean on, no matter how big the storm is, I'm not afraid."

    Faced with Ye Fan's words, Qiu Mu Orange waned and said, her words full of comfort and pride.

    Sometimes, life was so dramatic.

    Qiu Mu Orange had never dreamed that one day, Ye Fan would also become the biggest pride in her life.

    However, listening to Qiu Mu Orange's words, Ye Fan's heart was touched, and all the smiles on his face were then dimmed.

    He stood with his hands in the negative and looked up at the heavens and the earth, but there was an inexplicable emotion sweeping through his deep brows and eyes.

    "Mu Orange, I won't be able to be by your side all the time after all, nor will I be able to appear at the right time at every crisis."

    "Many times, you still have to rely on yourself."

    "Of course, I know it's impossible for you to suddenly take over a large group and do everything.I've already given Li Er a heads up, so if there's anything that's difficult to resolve, you can totally go to him."


    "Evan, what do you mean?Are you leaving?"Ye Fan's words, which made Qi Mu Orange feel like explaining the aftermath, frowned and asked.

    "How come, I'm just planning ahead."

    "As the saying goes, if one has no distant worries, one will have immediate worries.Just like before I went to Yanjing to attend the wedding, didn't I also didn't accompany you, almost you save to be pitied."

    Ye Fan laughed lightly, casually finding an excuse to ease the doubts in Qiu Mu Orange's heart.

    At this time, Ye Fan's phone suddenly rang.

    He looked down at it, while he said to Qiu Mu Orange, "Mu Orange, it's late at night, you should go rest first."

    "I'll go back to stay with you after I make the call."

    "Mm."Qiu Mu Orange nodded and also turned around to leave.

    After Qiu Mu Orange left, Ye Fan also answered that phone call.

    "Little Lord, Happy New Year."

    From the phone, came Han's respectful voice.

    When Ye Fan heard it, he shook his head and smiled, "I have raised so many people in the Dragon God Temple, you're the only one who remembered to wish me a Happy New Year."

    "Those guys, all they have in their eyes is fighting besides cultivation, if I don't go back, I'm afraid that they won't even remember me, the Dragon Lord."

    Ye Fan said jokingly, and Han, the old man on the other end of the phone, burst out laughing.

    "Haha, they wouldn't dare to contact you."

    "These years, with you gone, Owen, Carter, and the others, looking everywhere for a date to fight, are almost about to turn the Western European martial arts world upside down."

    "If they give you contact, you'll have to curse them to death."

    This master and servant were chatting like this.

    They both knew that in a short while, this peaceful time would be gone, I'm afraid.

    "By the way, Little Lord, has Miss Xu contacted you recently?"At that moment, Han suddenly asked.

    "You mean, Regina?"Ye Fan shook his head, "Don't say that, this Niko didn't even give me a call on New Year's Eve.Next time I see her, I have to talk about her properly."

    Han mentioned Xu Lei, and Ye Fan suddenly realized that ever since the first parting of Yanjing, that ninny Xu Lei, indeed, hadn't contacted him for a long time.

    "Over there in Yanjing, nothing happened, right?"Ye Fan asked to Old Man Han.

    Old Han returned, "No, everything is as usual in Yanjing."

    "And, as you instructed, I've sent Copper Mountain over to protect Miss Xu's safety."

    "However, a few days ago, Copper Mountain told me that Miss Xu suddenly asked for your current address.I don't know what the reason was."

    Han Lao was confused.

    Ye Fan smiled, "I'll just give her a call later and ask."

    "Alright, let's cut the crap and get to business."

    "Now that the jade has arrived, in a few days, I will officially close the door."

    "In the meantime, you must gather back all the major powerhouses of the Dragon God Temple."

    "After I leave the gate, it will be the time of the beacon."

    "I don't want, because of other matters, to delay my great plan for many years!"

    Ye Fan said solemnly, his words low and dignified.

    Old Man Han immediately agreed, "Little Lord, don't worry, I have already issued the Dragon God Order."

    "The powerful people of the four directions have begun to gather!"

    "I'll make sure everything is ready before the young master leaves the gate!"

    "However, the matter of your closed door breakthrough, Little Lord, is of great importance and cannot tolerate a single slip-up.I see, I'll send a few strong men over tomorrow to guard the barrier for you, Little Lord."

    "No need.You'll instead attract attention and unnecessary prying eyes by sending strong martial daoists over.The Martial Hall of Huaxia is no slouch."

    "I have my own arrangements on my side, you don't need to worry, just do your job."To Han Lao's suggestion, however, Ye Fan rejected it.

    "Alright then."

    "Before that, old slave will wish the young master in advance, divine success!"

    On the phone, Han's reverent and respectful voice was heard.

    Soon, everything fell silent.

    As for Ye Fan, after ending the call with Old Man Han, he didn't go back immediately, but picked up his phone and dialed another person's number.




    It was the Spring Festival, and this ancient capital of a thousand years was all immersed in a festive and lively atmosphere.

    The large city of Yanjing was ablaze with lanterns.

    Lanterns of fiery red were hung in every corner of the streets and alleyways.

    Vivid red, the most vivid color in this ancient festival of China!

    Everywhere, the sound of laughter filled the air.

    At this time, in a luxurious villa, it was quiet.

    The coolness here was in stark contrast to the hustle and bustle outside.

    Xu Lei in a long dress, sitting alone in front of the floor-to-ceiling window, like a kitten, curled up in the corner, lonely, looking down on the vast world outside.


The word loneliness is split to see, there are children, there are fruits, there are small dogs, there are mosquitoes and flies, enough to hold up a summer evening alleyway, human feelings full.The child will be under the melon willow shed, small dog by butterfly narrow alley, the world's prosperity and more laughter, but I have empty temples wind.

    The world's prosperity has nothing to do with you, and this is called loneliness.

    At this time Xu Lei, is undoubtedly this kind of feeling.

    One person to see the lights of thousands of homes, one person to look down on the world's prosperity.

    The laughter downstairs has nothing to do with her in the end.

    In the past, Xu Lei could still use her work to relieve this feeling of loneliness.

    But now, the Spring Festival, the reunion of relatives, the fireworks, made Xu Lei feel even more abandoned by the world.

    Her parents died young, and as for the other clansmen, Xu Lei had no relationship with them.

    In this world, the only thing that Xu Lei still misses is that man.


    Xu Lei looked down at her phone again, picked it up, and put it down.

    She really wanted to make a phone call to him, even if she couldn't meet him and chat, she would be content if she could hear his voice.

    But Xu Lei, in the end, still dismissed the idea.

    Her Xiaofan brother, had already started a family.

    Why should she, herself, bother with Little Brother Fan's life?

    Moreover, for so many days, Ye Fan hadn't even contacted her.

    Perhaps, brother Xiaofan's heart, there's no place for her anymore.

    Thinking like this, Xu Lei's face was buried deeper, and her stunning face was filled with sadness and loss.

    The depressed emotions were actually incompatible with the bustling and prosperous world outside.

    In the room, the dim light slowly swayed, shining on the body of the stunning woman, but sprinkled a shadow on the ground.

    However, just as Xu Lei's mood was depressed to the extreme.


    A rapid vibrating sound, but broke the calmness here.

    When she saw the words "brother Xiaofan" appearing on the phone, an unspeakable excitement and happiness filled Xu Lei's entire heart in an instant.

    It was as if the dark clouds dispersed and the sunlight shone in.

    The previous depression was gone in a flash.

    Xu Lei eagerly picked up the phone and pressed the answer button.

    "Xiaolei, Happy New Year."

    From the phone, came that man's warm voice.

    "Hmph, you still know how to call me.I thought that brother Fan had forgotten about me."Xu Lei said angrily, and her words were all about her resentment towards Ye Fan.

    Clearly, it was grumbling at Ye Fan for not contacting her for many days.

    When Ye Fan heard this, he explained with a bitter smile, "Xiaolei, I was so busy, I forgot about it."

    "Brother Xiaofan was wrong, when there is a chance in the future, I will go apologize to you in person, this is always okay, right?"


    Ye Fan accompanied Xu Lei for a long time to talk about the past, the future, and the experiences between these ten years.

    Of course, it was mostly Xu Lei who was talking .

    This usually cold and majestic, non-committal Xu family head would only truly bare her heart when she faced her little brother Fan, right?

    Unknowingly, it was already late at night.

    On the street outside the window, the crowds of people playing had also long since dispersed, and the night market had turned off its lights and closed its doors.

    It was only then that Xu Lei realized that it was a bit late, and whirled around to say apologetically, "Brother Xiaofan, I'm sorry, I've talked a bit too much."

    "It's too late, you should go rest."

    "Otherwise, Brother Fan is afraid that he will have to kneel on the scrub board again."

    Xu Lei giggled, her silver bell-like laughter extraordinarily sweet.

    "Mm."Ye Fan smiled lightly and nodded, "Xiaolei, you also rest early."

    "This year, brother Fan really has some things to do, so he can't spend more time with you."

    "Wait for next year, if there's a chance, I will definitely go to Yanjing to look for you and accompany you for the New Year."


    Soon, Ye Fan also hung up the phone.

    But in the room, the smile of happiness on Xu Lei's face was still thick.

    Sometimes, a phone call from a beloved was enough to make one happy for many days.

    However, in addition to being happy, Xu Lei ran to the living room.

    There, there was a potted pick, with luxuriant foliage.

    If you look carefully, you will definitely be able to see a few fruits hidden among the green leaves.

    This was a citrus that Xu Lei had carefully raised.

    "Brother Fan, back when we were still in the Chu family, I remember that you loved eating oranges the most."

    "Now Xiaolei is personally planting one for you."

    "It's been ten years, and this time, I finally have the chance to give it to you personally."

    Xu Lei had decided that when the oranges matured, she would take them to Jiangdong to find Ye Fan.

    Once, Ye Fan had picked apples for her in the Chu family.

    Now, she would plant a citrus tree for him!



    Naturally, Ye Fan didn't know about Xu Lei's thoughts.

    After he finished making the call, he also went back to his room to rest.The night passed quickly.

    On the following day, according to the plan, Qiu Mu Orange was to return to Yunzhou today, and Lei Laosan, Ji Yihai and other Jingzhou bigwigs came to see them off.

    As for Li Er, Chen Ao and the others, they had all gone back on the first day of the New Year.

    Therefore, those who came to see them off today were all the local dignitaries of Jingzhou.

    Of course, Qiu Mu Orange herself alone, didn't have such a big face.

    Lei Laosan and the others were mainly here for Ye Fan's face.

    "Miss Qiu, won't you stay in Jingzhou for a few more days?"

    "Why leave in such a hurry?"

    "After a few days, I'll take some time and accompany you and Mr. Chu on a tour of Jingzhou before leaving?"

    Ji Yihai smiled politely.

    Qiu Mu Orange politely returned, "Ji City is polite, let's wait for another time.There's a lot of things going on over at Yunzhou Company, and Ye Fan is a shirker, so I can only go back as soon as possible."

    As she said this, Qiu Mu Orange did not forget to give Ye Fan a glance.

    Those beautiful eyes clearly carried some resentment in them.


    "With a virtuous wife like Miss Qiu, Mr. Chu is truly enviable."

    Lei laosan also took the opportunity to compliment.

    However, just as a few people were joking, outside the company, a man suddenly barged in.


    "What people?"

    "How dare you trespass into Mr. Chu's place?"

    "Don't you want to live?"

    The security guard at the door whirled into a rage and ran over to stop the man.

    "Let go of me, I want to see Ye Fan!"

    "I'm not convinced~"

    "I'm not convinced!"


    "Ye Fan, you come out here!"

    "Come out!"

    The uproar here soon attracted the attention of Ye Fan and the others who were not far away.

    Lei Laosan was instantly furious and turned his head to angrily say to those security guards, "What are you guys eating?"

    "Why don't you get rid of this fool?"

    "Are you responsible for disturbing Mr. and Mrs. Chu?"

    "Yes, yes, Third Master, his subordinates will drive him away."The security guard was terrified and said it again and again.

    Ye Fan, on the other hand, smiled as he noticed the arrival.

    He waved his hand and said indifferently, "No need, let him come over."


Ye Fan had spoken, naturally no one dared to disobey.

    Soon, a young man who was similar in age to Ye Fan was brought over.

    Ye Fan had his hands in his pockets and a faint smile in the corner of his mouth, just like this, looking down on the person in front of him.

    This man was none other than the one who had an old grudge with Ye Fan for many years and even had a blood relative, Ye Jian!

    "If you have something to ask, then ask it."

    "Cherish this opportunity."

    "Because, this may be the last time we will meet,"

    Ye Fan said indifferently, with calmness and contempt in his words.

    The kind of defiance that Ye Fan had was as if it was engraved in his bones, and he didn't even have to show it deliberately.

    His words and actions, however, revealed this attitude all the time.

    However, these words of Ye Fan's were not just empty words.

    Nowadays, he had already severed his blood ties with the Ye family.

    From now on, there was no difference between these people of Ye Jian and those passersby outside.

    Ye Fan was the noble of Jiangdong, so naturally, in the future, he would not be accessible to these commoners.

    What's more, soon Ye Fan was going to visit the Chu family, and if he didn't return, then naturally today would be the last time he would meet with Ye Jian.

    However, in stark contrast to Ye Fan's calmness, Ye Jian, who was now full of eventfulness, was roaring at Ye Fan unwillingly.

    "Ye Fan, I'm not satisfied!"

    "You are but an abandoned outcast, and now you have even joined her as a door-to-door son-in-law."

    "You are not as good at learning as I am, not as good at business as I am, not as good at eloquence as I am."

    "You come from a humble background, your status is despicable, and all over the place, you are even worse than nothing."

    "I, Ye Jian, am above you in talent, or ability, and family background."

    "Which point am I inferior to you?"

    "By what authority, by what authority are you the Lord of Jiangdong?"

    "By what right are you Mr. Chu?"

    "And by what authority can you make all the men of Jiangdong come and worship?"

    "You, Ye Fan, what on earth are you capable of?"

    "What the hell?!!!"

    Ye Jian's eyebrows were red, his eyes were bloodshot, and his entire body looked like madness, but Jairus was roaring at Ye Fan.

    He couldn't figure it out, he really couldn't figure it out.

    Why the abandoned son of the Chu family who was trampled under the feet of their siblings back then, in just a few short years, had shaken himself and become the esteem of Jiangdong, making the group of males worship him, standing at a height that their siblings would never be able to reach in their lifetime!

    These days, Ye Jian ceased to think all the time about which point of himself was inferior to Ye Fan.

    With what did he, Ye Fan, rise to the top in one step?

    But he thought about it for several days and still didn't come up with anything.

    Finally, with a heart full of reluctance and doubt, Ye Jian finally ran to Jingzhou today.

    He wanted to find Ye Fan and ask for clarification!

    He just wanted to know what kind of skills and abilities Ye Fan had to stand at the top of Jiangdong.

    Even if he did lose his life to Ye Fan, it would have to be clear!

    "You ask me on what grounds?"

    Facing Ye Jian's questioning, Ye Fan shook his head and smiled.

    "Well, since you want to know, then I'll tell you!"

    "What I, Ye Fan, have accomplished today is not based on my parents, not on my family, but only on it!"

    As the words fell, Ye Fan's eyebrows immediately chilled.

    Immediately afterwards, the crowd only saw that Ye Fan's palm was stretched out in the air.

    It was as if he had grasped the wind, or electricity!

    After that, he turned his finger into a knife and slashed at the sky.


    A qi explosion sounded.

    In the midst of everyone's trembling eyes, a white mark was seen in the void in front of them, flashing away.

    Finally, it steadily cut down on a stone lion in front of it.


    A low explosion, only like thunder rolling past.

    In a split second, the boulder shattered.

    A hundred pounds of stone lions actually turned into annihilation powder under Ye Fan's hand blade.



    Dead silence, a dead silence.

    Ye Fan's might shook everyone.

    Ye Jian stared, and Ji Yihai, the owner of Jingzhou City, was even more horrified, his pupils crumpling.Qiu Mu Orange was also so shocked that her jade hand lightly covered her red lips, and she lost her color.

    Even Lei Laosan, who had seen Ye Fan's majesty, was now, trembling with fear.

    "Discerning Finger into Blade, Void Sword Execution?!"

    "A hundred pounds of boulders, exploding in the air?"

    What the fuck?

    This is a fucking movie, right?

    The few bodyguards at the door were howling in their hearts, scared to the point of nearly spreading out on the floor.

    One by one, they stared at the scene before them with dead eyes, incredulous.

    All this time, they had thought that such a powerful figure only existed in television.

    How could they have never expected that now, they were allowed to, in fact, see it with their own eyes!

    Facing the shock of the crowd, Ye Fan looked calm and stood with his hands in the negative.

    With a deep gaze, he looked down at Ye Jian, who was already pale, and said coldly, "Didn't you ask me what makes me the esteem of Jiangdong?Why should I be congratulated by all nations?"

    "That's the answer!"

    "I, Ye Fan, rebuke Yanjing and shake the East, relying on my pair of fists and strength!"


    The wind was bitterly cold, and rolled back Ye Fan's proud words.

    But Ye Jian, his face pale, still shook his head and couldn't stop saying.



    "It's a technological society now, and everything depends on the legal system, on relationships, on connections."

    "This is long gone from the feudal society where cold weapons were rampant."

    "As hard as your fist is, how can it be harder than a bullet?"

    "As strong as you are, how can you be hardened against guns?"

    "You said that you became the Supreme of Edo by your fists and strength, that's impossible, I will never believe it~"

    Ye Jian kept shaking his head, simply finding it hard to accept Ye Fan's words.

    Ye Fan, however, shook his head and smiled.

    "I told you, summer insects can't talk about ice.Your vision is too short."

    "Just like a well frog doesn't know the vastness of the sea, you naturally don't know the vastness of the world."

    "You think you have seen the whole world, but you do not know that what you have seen is only the tip of the iceberg of this world."

    "You only know about the prevalence of technology, but do you know about the existence of martial arts?"

    "A martial artist is a martial artist when he enters the inner strength."

    "A martial artist of inner strength can break rocks and wood and defeat ten with one!"

    "If the martial arts are mastered, it's no longer a problem to resist bullets."

    "If you become a master, what can you do with guns?"

    "You think the world has changed, but the world has not changed in all eternity!"

    "Even if it takes another thousand years, ten thousand years, the one who stands at the peak of power will always be the one who holds the power."

    "Now that the power is in my hands, I, Ye Fan, am naturally the reigning king of Jiangdong!"

    Ye Fan laughed coldly, his words majestic and with majestic pride.

    In the end, Ye Fan even stomped his foot.

    Hearing a loud bang, debris bursting between, I saw an eventful footprint appear underneath Ye Fan's feet, on the hard asphalt ground.

    That footprint was more powerful than a thousand feet and several inches deep!

    Looking at it from afar, it was shocking!

    The crowd didn't even dare to imagine that even the earth had been trampled down by Ye Fan, if they were subjected to a single kick from Ye Fan, would they not have their livers broken?

    In the midst of the horror of the crowd, Ye Fan stepped on the ground and proudly drank, "Now, I am the supreme of Jiangdong, can you obey?"


    The words were resounding, just like gold and stone.

    There was, in fact, a thousand pounds of weight!

    Ye Jian was suddenly confused.

    He was trembling all over, his eyes trembling tremendously as he looked at the Ye Fan in front of him like a ghost.

    For some reason, listening to Ye Fan's words, Ye Jian only felt that his worldview, all of them collapsed.


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