Dish Best Served Cold 806-810


Chapter 806

When Ye Jian was carried down, his face was pale, full of shock, and decrepit, as if his entire strength had been taken out of him.

    It was obvious that the words of Ye Fan just now had made a great impact on him.

    Ye Jian was after all just a young junior who was just starting out, no matter his heart and insight, he was naturally far from someone like Lei Laosan who had been around for a long time.

    Now that the worldview he had built up over the decades had been greatly impacted, it was naturally difficult for him to accept it in a short period of time.

    However, so what if he accepted it, so what if he didn't?

    No one cares!

    Ye Fan and him, after all, had become passersby.

    In the future, there would be no more ties.

    Today, the reason why he was giving him this was just to tease him.

    Only after Ye Jian was carried away, did the world here return to calm.

    But Ji Yihai and the others, looking at the eventful footprints beneath Ye Fan's feet, as well as the scattered gravel, the tremor in their hearts could not be calmed down for a long time.

    "Surprisingly, I didn't expect that a martial daoist could be so strong that he could carry guns and cannons?"

    "No wonder, even the Provincial Lord is so solemn about this Mr. Chu."

    "Even sitting back and watching his power grow, and now even acquiescing to his existence as the "Jiangdong Emperor"!"

    "I'm sure it's also the martial power behind him that is scrupulous."

    Ji Yihai secretly thought to himself, and the scruples and fear of Ye Fan in his heart had undoubtedly intensified.

    Ji Yihai was in a high position, and he obviously knew something about the martial dao world.

    He knew that there were martial artists in this world.

    But before that, Ji Yihai's knowledge of them had been limited to fractured hearsay.

    After all, the number of martial artists was very small, and ordinary people could not come into contact with them throughout their lives.

    Plus, Huaxia had a special department to manage these groups, so Ji Yihai knew very little about martial dao matters even as the head of a city.

    Now it was the first time to hear Ye Fan's systematic narrative, and naturally, his heart trembled.

    Thinking of this, Ji Yihai deepened the idea of getting on good terms with Ye Fan.

    A strong man, anyone would be willing to befriend!

    "Alright, Mu Orange, it's not too late, let's go."

    "If you delay any longer, by the time you reach Yunzhou, it will be dark."

    Ye Fan's words, however, broke the silence here.

    Qiu Mu Orange nodded, while she got into the car.

    When she came here, she drove herself.

    Now when she left, she naturally also drove herself back.

    Ye Fan was afraid of the danger on the road before, and wanted to arrange for someone to drive her.Qiu Mu Orange, however, refused.

    "Miss Qiu, have a safe journey!"

    "Be careful on the road~"

    The engine started, and Lei Laosan and Ji Yihai and the others were busy waving goodbye.

    However, at this time, Qiu Mu Orange, who was already on the car, suddenly peeked out from the window and said to Ye Fan, "You come up and give me a ride."

    Ye Fan was slightly stunned, only a moment's hesitation, and then the gaze of Qiu Mu Orange looked over with a bit of "chill".

    "What? You don't want to?"Qiu Mu Orange's pair of beautiful eyes stared fiercely at Ye Fan.

    "How can I?"

    "I beg to differ!"

    "It's my honor to spend a little more time with my wife."Ye Fan smiled heedlessly, while he quickly listened to his wife's order and climbed into the passenger seat.

    Looking at Ye Fan's full of desire to live, the corner of Ji Yihai's eyes suddenly drew hard.

    Only after a long time, did Fang shook his head and laughed, "This is really, one thing leads to another."

    "Who can believe that Mr. Chu, who is all-powerful and awe-inspiring, is afraid of his wife?"


    There was not the slightest hint of sarcasm in the faint laughter, there was only envy and respect.



    "Honey, since you can't leave me behind, why don't I send you back to Yunzhou today."

    "Worst case, I'll just rush back tomorrow."

    Qiu Mu Orange drove the car and drove Ye Fan along the streets of Jingzhou.

    Soon, it was out of the city and on the outskirts of Jingzhou.

    At this time, Ye Fan was smiling and speaking to Qiu Mu Orange.

    Qiu Mu Orange shook her head, her words carrying a bit of resentment, and said angrily to Ye Fan, "No, you get off here."

    "You're a log, what do I have to give up?"

    In between the words, Qiu Mu Orange then braked and pulled the vehicle over to the side of the road to drive Ye Fan off.

    Ye Fan was a little confused.

    I thought to myself that I didn't provoke her to provoke her ah, how come I'm suddenly angry at this good reason?

    "Are you okay?"Evan asked probingly.

    "Don't worry about it."

    "Get off!"

    Qiu Mu Orange's words were filled with resentment.

    When Ye Fan saw this, he had no choice but to say, "Alright then, I'm really getting off the car."

    After saying that, Ye Fan opened the car door and turned his head to get off.


    Qiu Mu Orange was going to be furious with Ye Fan, he had already shown himself so clearly, did this wood really not see it at all?

    In anger, Qiu Mu Orange once again snorted, "Go away and don't ever come back..."

    However, who would have thought that before Qiu Mu Orange had finished this, Ye Fan, who was about to get off the car, killed a comeback in cold blood.

    He abruptly turned around and reached out to embrace Autumn Mu Orange's seductive petite body, then, in the midst of Autumn Mu Orange's terrified gaze, Ye Fan's red lips were immediately printed on his chest, and Autumn Mu Orange's petite body was also pressed underneath him.


    In a split second, the red lips were opposite to each other.

    In a panic, Qiu Mu Orange, wincing, a pair of beautiful eyes stared huge, but soon also fell into Ye Fan's pulse of warmth.

    The strong androgynous scent on Ye Fan's body, however, made Qiu Mu Orange nearly lost.

    At this moment, the heavens and earth were silent, and all things were silent.

    Outside, there was only the cold wind, slowly blowing by.

    Time, as if eternal at this moment.

    It was only after an unknown amount of time had passed that Qiu Mu Orange's shy and angry voice could be heard from inside the car.


    "Well, I can't breathe~"

    Qiu Mu Orange's pretty face was red, and it was not clear if it was because of shyness or lack of oxygen.

    Only then did Ye Fan bypass her, he lifted his head, his pair of eyes just like this looking at the gorgeous girl in front of him, and smiled somewhat cheaply and badly, "Now, it's time to be satisfied, right?"

    "If you want to kiss me, just tell me."

    "We're an old married couple, I'm not laughing at you."

    "Beating around the bush, why be so troublesome."

    Hearing this, Qiu Mu Orange's pretty face brushed and reddened even more.

    A voice of shame and anger rang out right after!

    "You're a shameless bastard!"

    "To hell with you~"

    "My lady doesn't want to kiss you."

    The anger came out, and Qiu Mu Orange picked up a box of tissues from the car and smashed it at Ye Fan.Ye Fan saw this and quickly got out of the car.

    And then, he watched as Qiu Mu Orange, gradually went east.

    "This bad guy, when he's Mr. Chu, he's just as brazen ah~"

    Looking at the fading thin figure in the rearview mirror, Autumn Mu Orange smiled shallowly.

    In her eyebrows, she was filled with intense attachment and happiness.

    "You bastard, within ten days, you must return to Yunzhou."

    "Otherwise, you'll just have to wait!"

    The cold wind was chilly, and came the instructions from Autumn Mucheng Orange before she left.

    At this time, Qiu Mu Orange had driven far away in her car, but Ye Fan was still standing there.

    He looked away for a long time without speaking.

    In his heart, he was filled with guilt.


He hadn't told Autumn Mu Orange everything after all.

    What's more, he didn't tell how dangerous what he was about to do next was.

    Ye Fan has always been like this, all things, all by himself against, never to others, too much to tell anything.

    To his mother it was, to his own wife, Qiu Mu Orange, even more so.

    But actually, Ye Fan didn't know whether it was her fortune or misfortune that Qiu Mu Orange had married him.

    Last night, Qiu Mu Orange had said that Ye Fan was his greatest dependence, and with him here, she wasn't afraid of any big storm.

    However, Ye Fan was carrying too much on his back after all, and he was destined to not be able to always guard Qiu Mu Orange's side.

    Once, Ye Fan also wanted to let go of his hatred and stay with his loved one for the rest of his life.

    But Ye Fan found that he couldn't do it!

    Ten years.

    He's been drinking ice for ten years, he's been planning for a thousand days.

    His grudge against the Chu family must be understood!

    Even Autumn Mu Orange couldn't make him stop.

    "Mu Orange, I, Ye Fan, may not be able to give you a lifetime of companionship."

    "Then before I leave, I'll give you a lifetime of riches and glory."

    "With this, Precious!"

    Under the Heavenly River, Ye Fan stood with his hands in the negative.

    The low and deep words, along with the biting wind, but wreaked havoc on the four corners of the world.

    Finally, that night, after settling all the aftermath, Ye Fan summoned Lei Laosan to the front.

    "Mr. Chu, you're looking for me?"

    In the room, when Lei Old Three saw Ye Fan, he was full of flattering smiles and asked respectfully.

    Having seen too much of Ye Fan's majesty, Lei Old Three knew that his means were heavenly.Therefore, in front of Ye Fan, even he, the head of the Lei family, but he didn't dare to put up any show.



    "Mr. Chu, you want me to blockade Kingston Mountain?"

    After a brief conversation, Lei Laosan was shocked.

    Jingzhou Mountain, a deserted mountain on the outskirts of Jingzhou City, had just been developed into a tourist attraction in recent years.

    However, even though it was a tourist attraction, not many people went there on weekdays.

    After all, there was nothing to see in a deserted mountain.

    Just that, Ye Fan this suddenly asked him to blockade a mountain, Lei laosan was naturally confused.

    "Mm."Ye Fan nodded his head, "What, you can't do it?"

    "Mr. Chu, it's not a matter of whether it can be done or not.The main thing is that the matter of sealing the mountain involves many things, and we still have to negotiate with the local leaders.If I don't have a good reason, it's not good for me to directly send people to seal the mountain, right."

    Lei Laosan said in a difficult manner.

    But this old thing, saying so much, was just trying to find out the reason why Ye Fan sealed the mountain.

    "Do you even want me to help you find a reason?"

    "Lei laosan, I advise you to be more honest and not ask more than you should."

    "Otherwise, the end of the Meng family in Liaocheng will be the end of you!"


    Words muffled thunder, quietly exploding in the room.

    Ye Fan's ice-cold tone undoubtedly shocked Lei laosan instantly.

    Lei laosan's old face was white with fright, and between trembling, he actually kneeled down directly to Ye Fan and worshipped in fear, "Mr. Chu forgive me!"

    "I'm the one who's talking too much."

    "But as the heavens can tell, I, Lei Laosan, am absolutely loyal to Mr. Chu and have no second thoughts ah!"

    "Please forgive Mr. Chu~"

    Lei Lao San was trembling and crying incessantly.

    The leading big man of Jingzhou, now in front of Ye Fan, he was so scared that he was crying out.

    However, it couldn't be blamed on Lei laosan's cowardice.

    Mainly, Ye Fan's methods were too ruthless!

    In the beginning, in the battle of Mount Tai, the Scarlet Wolf King was killed by him with a single move, and the richest man in Jiangdong, Zhao Wuji, was even swept away.

    A few days ago, even the Meng family with a monstrous background was annihilated by the hands of Ye Fan.

    Moreover, according to the information Lei Lao San received, the Meng family's young master, Meng Chunhua, died shortly after leaving Jiangdong.

    In short, it had been proven countless times that no one who had messed with the young man in front of them would have a good end.

    Now that he had angered Mr. Chu, Lei laosan was naturally terrified, almost scared out of his wits, fearing that he would follow in Meng Chunhua's footsteps.

    In fear, Lei laosan knelt down and cried, begging for mercy.

    "Lei laosan, remember what you said today!"

    "Don't worry, as long as you are sincere with me, I will never treat you badly."

    "Wealth and glory, I'll let you enjoy it to the fullest."

    "But again, if you harbor second thoughts, then don't blame me, Ye Fan, for my seven-foot fist being eyeless!"


    The wind was chilly, and Ye Fan's words were slowly ringing in Lei Lao San's ears.

    Lei laosan was terrified, so naturally, he didn't dare to say anything and fell back like garlic, indicating that he was obeying Ye Fan's orders!

    "Very well."

    "Since that's the case, go ahead and do the things I've entrusted you with."

    "At eight o'clock tomorrow morning, Mount Jingzhou will be immediately closed!"

    "No one in a thousand-meter radius is to take a single step without my orders."

    "Do you understand?"Ye Fan's words were low, and his cold gaze looked down at the middle-aged man in front of him.

    Old Man Lei nodded repeatedly and agreed, "Yes, yes, Mr. Chu, don't worry, Old Man I'll go do it."

    "After tomorrow, even if it is a flying bird, I will never let it fly in half a step!"

    Thus, that night, after Lei Laosan returned to his home villa, he immediately began to function.

    "Pass on my order to inform the Master of the Thunder Martial Arts Center that he should lead all the members of the Martial Arts Center to gather at the outskirts of Jingzhou tomorrow morning and enter the Mountain of Jingzhou!"

    "Before eight o'clock, a hundred-meter radius, all cordoned off."

    "No one, no one is allowed to take a single step in!"


    With Lei Laosan's order, that night, a full twelve Thunder Martial Arts Centers in Jingzhou City received orders for all of their members to rush there overnight.

    The Thunder Martial Hall was the largest martial hall in Jingzhou, and also an industry under the Lei Family.

    Now that Lei laosan had spoken, of course they didn't dare to disobey.

    Just like this, early the next morning, there were hundreds of people who entered the bottom of the mountain in Jingzhou.

    The road up to the mountain was all blocked, and a hundred-meter radius below the foot of the mountain was under strict security.

    The cordon was drawn in a circle around Mount Jingzhou!

    The Lei Family's Thunder Martial Hall had officially taken over the area.

    But while there was a lot of noise at the bottom of the mountain, no one noticed that at this time, at the top of Jingzhou Mountain, a thin figure, had sat down on his knees.

    In front of it, was the Heavenly River standing across.

    Behind him, it is a hundred tons of jade, reflecting the sun, moon and stars, glittering.

    On the eighth day of the first month, the New Year had just passed, and the Lantern Festival had yet to arrive.

    Ye Fan, formally closed, at the top of Mount Jingzhou!


    The wind was bitterly cold, blowing the mountain pines and cypresses, and also blowing the young man's shirt, hunting for a sound.

    Ten thousand miles away, an old man, stopped to look far away.

    A head full of temples, already pale.

    But in his heart, he was praying unceasingly.

    "May the little lord, with great accomplishments, and all things go well~"



    About eighty kilometers from Winter Capital, a high mountain rises up.

    This mountain is a thousand meters high and reaches to the sky.

    The mountain range stretched across both Shizuoka and Yamanashi prefectures.

    From afar, it looked like a flooded beast, creeping here.

    At this time, in the middle of the mountain forest, there is thought to be white old man, a gray robe, creeping sit still.

    The surrounding pines and cypresses were green, the streams underfoot were babbling, and there were warblers whispering in their ears.

    The breeze blew, gently lifting his long robe and shirt.

    The old man, however, remained motionless.

    His eyebrows and eyes were closed, and his breath was long and redundant.

    It was as if he had blended into this world.

    It was as if he had blended in with the mountains and the water.

    No one knew how long the old man had been sitting here, let alone what he was sitting here for.

    Only the seven-foot long sword inserted into the earth beside him, reflecting the cold light of the blazing sun, glittered.


    Right at this moment, a loud boom was suddenly heard in the sky.

    Immediately afterwards, a helicopter, whistling past, finally stopped in an open area not far away.

    In a short while, a young woman, wearing a fuchsia kimono, three thousand green threads like a waterfall draped down.

    The skirt is swinging in the wind, the jade legs under the skirt are long and slender, and the snow-white skin is deceiving frost and snow.

    This is the first time I've ever seen a woman in a kimono.

    It's not just a matter of time, it's a matter of time.

    What was even more surprising was that the woman, dressed in such a manner, did not even show any signs of coldness now that it was bitterly cold.

    It was as if, this bitterly cold wind, in her eyes, was no different from the June spring breeze.

    After this maiden appeared, she did not make a sound.

    She just stood respectfully beside the old man and waited patiently.

    After the four-sided wind stopped, the young girl in front of her, only then did she respectfully smile, "The waning moon is cold, and all things wither."

    "Only here, Teacher, the dead trees are in spring, the streams are flowing freely, and cherry blossoms and butterflies are dancing."

    "So it seems that Teacher's Green Wood Sword Intent has reached the best state, a divine achievement."

    "Congratulations, teacher."

    "By virtue of this Greenwood Sword Intent, it's just around the corner for Teacher to claim the Sun Country and reach the top of the Martial Dao!"

    The young girl said with a smile, her soft voice, as if the spring breeze in June, is very pleasing to the eye.

    However, in the face of the young girl's compliments, the old man still sat quietly with his eyes closed.

    At this time, he shook his head, "The Cyanwood Sword Intent is the strongest sword intent of my Sword God Palace, how easy is it to attain the best?"

    "The current me, my comprehension of this sword intent, is still far from what your Aoki Master was back then."

    "However, even so, there will be few enemies for my master throughout East Asia!"

    The old man said in a deep voice.

    His words were as sharp as the unsheathed sword at his side, carrying an unrelenting and proud sharpness.

    "By the way, on Yingtian's side, is there any news yet?"

    "It's been more than a month since he led the order into Warsaw."

    "That man's body, has he not brought it with him yet?"

    The old man asked in a low voice, and as he said this, his eyes, to the very end, never opened.

    The woman in the kimono at the side, however, her face changed slightly and whispered back, "Teacher, I came here today precisely to report this matter to you."

    "The corpse, I've already brought it."


    The woman was silent for a moment.

    The old man, however, frowned, "Just what, say."

    The woman in kimono bit her red lips with her shell teeth and finally bit her teeth before saying, "It's just the corpse, it's senior brother Ying Tian's."


    Hearing this, the old man's [3Q Chinese] eyes, openly opened.

    Only a piercing sound~.

    In front of the heavens and earth, there was a brilliant light, a flash of light!

    The old man paused to glare at the kimono girl in front of him.

    "What did you say?"

    "Should the sky be dead?"

    "Who did this?"

    The old man did not get angry, and his words remained calm.

    However, who knew what kind of turbulence lay beneath the old man's seemingly calm words.

    "Teacher, the corpse was sent by the Huaxia Martial God Temple."

    "After I received it, I immediately sent someone to investigate."

    "All indications surface that senior brother Ying Tian, also died in the hands of that Huaxia teenager, Ye Fan."

    "Senior Brother Ying Tian, the martial dao realm is already out of this world."

    "But still, he was sealed by his throat with a single sword, Yue'er speculates that this person's martial dao, has entered the realm of a Zongshi."

    Martial entry into the pinnacle, being able to open a sect and destroy gold and jade is what makes one a clan master!

    Clerics were like dragons.

    In the martial arts world, anyone who could enter the realm of a grandmaster was either a dragon or a phoenix, the mainstay of a country.

    Of course, the realm of a grandmaster was not the top of the martial dao.

    Above it, there were even stronger existences.

    Therefore, the old man wasn't too surprised to learn that Ye Fan was a Grandmaster.

    What did surprise him was Ye Fan's age.

    "In his early twenties, he entered the realm of a Zongshi."

    "Another Junior Ancestor?"

    "Back then, there was a War God of China, Ye Qingtian.Today, could it be that there's another War God Ye Fan in China?"

    When speaking Ye Qingtian's name, Rangong Ying Yue clearly felt that her teacher's mood, a few fluctuations appeared.

    It looked like the teacher still held a nagging grudge about the old events back then.

    "Teacher, you're overly worried."

    "Someone like Ye Qingtian, it's estimated that five hundred years in Huaxia, there's only this one."

    "This Ye Fan is certainly young and famous, but the martial path is long, if he wants to reach that height of the War God of Huaxia, how easy would it be to talk about?"Rang Gong Ying Yue said softly.

    But the old man didn't seem to want to listen to this nonsensical nonsense, so he waved his hand, still sitting on a green stone, and said in a deep voice, "You continue to speak."

    "Mm."Rang Gong Ying Yue nodded, "After Senior Brother Ying Tian's corpse was brought here, I immediately checked its wounds."

    "Senior Brother Ying Tian, though he was killed by a sword that sealed his throat."

    "But before that, senior brother had been mortally wounded internally."

    "Moreover, the other party's technique is somewhat similar to the Chu Yan King's killing technique!"

    "It's very much like the Chu family's, Cloud Dao Heavenly Duel!"


    The moment Ranggong Ying Yue's words fell, the green stone beneath the old man suddenly shattered without warning.

    This stone was a cold stone from the extreme north.

    Frozen for a hundred years without shattering, it was indestructible!

    Now, it shattered in an instant.

    This also showed how the old man's heart and mind was fluctuating at this time.

    Ranggong Ying Yue whirled in shock and asked worriedly, "Teacher, are you alright?"

    The old man waved his hand, "It's just a nameless descendant, no harm done!"

    "Nowadays, my Qingmu Sword Intent has become great."

    "Even against the Chu family's head, King Chu Yan, I am joyfully unafraid, let alone a junior of the district."

    The old man slowly got up, but his aura was growing more and more fierce.

    Beside him, the seven-foot long sword was also buzzing and trembling.

    "However, a young master, killing two generations of my disciples in a row, such a talented descendant is hard to produce in a hundred years."

    "Since that's the case, I, Moonwatching River, should also take a walk to Warsaw to meet this Junior Master."

    The words were eerie, there was coldness lingering in his eyebrows, killing intent boiling!


"What? Are you going to go yourself, teacher?"

    "Isn't it a bit too much to elevate him."

    "You are the Sword God of my country of Japan, even if this Ye Fan is young and famous, he is by no means qualified, so you can personally take action."

    "If word gets out, it's bound to affect your statement in the world martial world as well."

    Hearing teacher Moonwatching River express his intention to personally go to Warsaw and meet up with that Junior Grandmaster Ye Fan, Rangong Ying Yue was shocked and then volunteered to go.

    "Sensei, let me go."

    "Yue'er learned the sword at the age of five, and has been following you for twelve years now."

    "Sword skills are still far from Sensei's."

    "But it must be enough to deal with that Ye Fan."

    "So Teacher, this time, let Yue'er go.Give Yue'er a chance to repay her teacher's kindness."

    Rangong Ying Yue said softly.

    However, Moonwatching River shook his head.

    "You won't be a match for him."

    "Especially this person, if he truly mastered the Cloud Dao Heavenly Determination, you would only end up the same as your two senior brothers if you went there."

    "What's more, I'm not just going to Huaxia for a descendant, but also to settle an old, old grudge."

    Moonwatching River said in a deep voice.

    But Ranggong Ying Yue, her heart was filled with a few dissatisfactions.

    She came from a martial family, and her family had been a strong pillar of the Sun Country for several generations.And she, too, considered herself to be talented, not even twenty years old, and she was already the number one among the disciples of the Sword God Palace in terms of sword skills and strength, and among her peers, she was outstanding and stood out from the rest.

    Now, when she heard her teacher boasting about a person of her own age, the always proud and arrogant Rangongong Yingyue was naturally displeased.

    The more so, the more Rangong Ying Yue wanted to meet, this young master of Huaxia, Ye Fan.

    "Since teacher's mind is already made up, Yue'er won't say anything more."

    "But I implore Sensei, bring Yue'er along!"

    Rangong Ying Yue requested again.

    Looking Moon River didn't refuse this time and nodded, "Since you want to go, then come with me."

    "It's better to read ten thousand scrolls than to travel ten thousand miles."

    "You've been cultivating with me for many years, it's time for you to go out and see the vast world outside."

    Looking at the Moon River's words, it suddenly made Rangong Ying Yue overjoyed and thanked her incessantly with joy, "Thank you, Teacher."

    "Then teacher, when do we leave?"

    "I'll go and get ready."

    "No need to get ready, depart immediately!"Moonwatching River said in a deep voice, "But before you leave, I'll let you see the true power of the Greenwood Sword Secrets."


    "Could it be that Teacher has already comprehended the last stance of the Greenwood Sword Technique?"Hearing Moonwatching River's words, Rangong Ying Yue was shocked, her beautiful eyes filled with apprehension.

    Moonwatching Moon River smiled and didn't say anything, just slowly got up, his long sword in his hand.

    The cloudy old eyes grew colder and colder.

    The cold and crisp look was like a generation of swordsmen about to kill with their swords.

    Rang Gong Ying Yue held her breath, nervous and excited, anticipating the next scene.

    The Greenwood Sword Technique, known as the first sword technique of the Sun Country.

    The person who created this sword secret back then was even the number one strongest person in the Sun Country.

    But unfortunately, after the fall of the ancestor of Qingmu, no one was able to fully practice the Qingmu Sword Technique, and it was almost lost for a hundred years.

    It was only after the Moon River appeared that the technique was able to bloom again.

    However, for decades, Yuehe had been trapped in the last stance of the Greenwood Sword Technique, and it was difficult for him to perfect it.Now, after years of hard work, he finally broke through!

    Naturally, Rangong Ying Yue looked forward to how mighty was the first sword trick of the Sun Country back then?

    However, one second, two seconds.

    Several seconds passed, and this world was still calm.

    The old man, standing just like that, hadn't moved in the slightest, and the seven-foot green peak in his hand hadn't been unsheathed.

    Just as Ranggong Ying Yue was confused, the old man's majesty dissipated, slowly turned around and looked in the direction of Ranggong Ying Yue, "Alright, Yue'er, let's go."


    "Is that the way to go, teacher?"

    "But your sword, it's not out yet, is it?"Rangong Ying Yue paused to frown in confusion and asked.

    Hearing this, Moonwatching River shook his head and smiled, "My sword, it has just been returned to its sheath, so why is it still unsheathed?"

    Moonwatching River's words undoubtedly made Rangong Ying Yue even more confused.

    She rubbed her eyes and looked towards the four corners of the world once again.

    The mountains and rivers were silent, and the grass and trees were green.

    Where were there any, traces of sword energy?

    "Sensei, it's impossible."

    "Throughout all of this, Moon has been watching."

    "If you strike your sword, that sword qi will definitely be a thousand meters longitudinally, how can the mountains, rocks, grass and trees here be unharmed?"

    "Oh, yeah?"The smile at the corner of Moonwatching River's mouth became even greater, but continued to say again, "Is there really nothing wrong?Luna, take another look."


    The moment Moonwatching River's words fell, the originally silent sky was suddenly swept by a fierce wind.

    Suddenly, the mountains and rocks trembled and the grass and trees shook wildly.

    In all directions, there was a strong wind sweeping across the mountains and rivers, and there was sword qi!

    Three thousand green leaves, and even more in a moment, rising to the sky!

    Each of these green leaves was like a fallen glazed lamp with sword marks all over it.


    Another lifetime of buzzing, and the cracked green leaves fell apart, shattering into millions of pieces that flew into the sky!

    The leaves are falling, dashing down!

    This world was only as if, a boundless rain had fallen.


    Looking at the scene before her, Rangong Ying Yue was startled.

    Placed under the endless leaf rain, she was left with only endless shock in her brow.

    She had followed her sister and toured various countries.

    She had been to the pyramids, seen the Sky Garden.

    She had visited the ruins of the Seven Wonders of the World, but there had never been one that could make her feel so shocked as she did now.

    The feeling, just as if, seeing a miracle!



    "Mr. Ray, do you know where Evan has gone?"

    "I haven't contacted him in many days."


    Genting Mountain Villa, Qiu Mu Orange had just gotten off work, her pretty face containing worry, and was on the phone with Lei Laosan.

    Ever since the first farewell in Jingzhou, it was as if Ye Fan had vanished from the earth.

    Qiu Mu orange never contacted Ye Fan again.

    Calling, it was always off.

    Asking Ye Fan's mother, Ye Ximei, she didn't even know where Ye Fan had gone.

    In desperation, Qiu Mu Orange had to ask Li Er for Lei's contact information and ask him if he knew where Ye Fan was.


    "Didn't Mr. Chu return to Yunzhou?"

    "I thought Mr. Chu had already gone home?"


    "I'm so sorry, Miss Chou."

    "The last time I saw Mr. Chu and I was together was half a month ago."

    "He only said he had some things to do and asked me to help look after the company."

    "Are you asking Mr. Chen over there to see if you know where Mr. Chu is?"

    On the phone, Lei Lao San returned respectfully.

    What he said was true, he really didn't know the whereabouts of Ye Fan.

    The last conversation he had with Ye Fan in the beginning was still to have him blockade Jingzhou Mountain.After that, there was no contact again.


Of course, at first, Lei Laosan was curious about Ye Fan's intentions in having him blockade the Jingzhou Mountain.

    Later on, he reckoned that it should be because Ye Fan had stored those jade stones, in Jingshou Mountain, and that was why he was asked to guard it.

    However, all of this was just Lei Laosan's speculation.

    As for what kind of secrets were on the Jingzhou Mountain, Lei Laosan didn't know and didn't dare to look at them, but just continued to have them blocked off as ordered by Ye Fan.

    "Alright then."

    "Mr. Lei, excuse me."

    With a loss, Qiu Mu Orange hung up the phone.

    "That bastard, where the hell did he run off to?"

    "Even if you're busy, you have to call home ah."

    Qiu Mu Orange was so full of resentment that unconsciously, a pair of beautiful eyes had turned red.

    Once upon a time, Qiu Mu Orange thought that as long as she was successful in her career, their family would definitely be able to live a happy and joyful life.

    Now, the dream she once had has come true.

    She lived in the best house in Yunzhou, ruled the 100 billion group, and many people said that she was the Empress of Jiangdong.

    She has stood on top of the power, and all those who looked down on her at the beginning, now don't even have the courage to look at her directly.

    She had gotten everything she had worked so hard to pursue, but Qiu Mu Orange, however, didn't feel happy at all.

    Only now did Qiu Mu Orange realize that that man, in her heart, occupied such an important position.

    All the glory and riches were not as good as that man's company.

    "Qing Tan, do you think he's just gone."

    "Never to return."

    "Otherwise, why didn't you contact me for so many days?"

    When people are out of sorts, they will always be imagining things.

    What's more, these days, Qiu Mu Orange had been feeling unsettled and always felt like something was going to happen.

    Thinking back to how Ye Fan had acted like he was explaining the aftermath before, this undoubtedly made the worry in Autumn Mu Orange's heart even more intense.

    "Sorry, Sister Autumn, I am only responsible for your personal upkeep as well as your personal safety."

    "I cannot answer any other questions."

    At this time, the one who spoke was a young woman.

    With a short head of hair and somewhat dark skin, she exuded a bit of heroic energy between her eyebrows.

    It didn't look like she was very young, and was probably in her early twenties.

    Yes, this person was Qing Tan, who Ye Fan had sent by Old Man Han to protect Qiu Mu Orange before.

    Shortly after Qiu Mu Orange returned to Yunzhou, Qing Tan also arrived.

    And informed Qiu Mu Orange that he was ordered by Ye Fan to be in charge of her clothing, food and life safety.

    Naturally, Qiu Mu Orange left him behind and was slightly touched at the time.

    I thought that fellow Ye Fan was quite kind!

    Now, after spending half a month together, Qiu Mu Orange and Qing Tan had also become familiar with each other.

    Although Qing Tan was cold and quiet, she was very good to Qiu Mu Orange in every aspect of her life.As time went by, Autumn Mucheng treated this younger girl as her younger sister.

    Many words of knowledge were confided in her.

    Facing Qing Tan's answer, Qiu Mu Orange laughed at herself.

    "Yeah, why am I asking you these questions, I asked Chu, I'm afraid you won't be able to answer."

    "It's just that, that bastard, where exactly did he go?"

    Qiu Mu Orange was worried in her heart and even decided to go to Jingzhou herself sometime to find Ye Fan. 

    While Qiu Mu orange was worried about Ye Fan, a plane to Jiangdong had already taken off from Yanjing.

    In the plane, Xu Lei was carefully holding the package in her arms.

    It was a gift she had prepared for Ye Fan.

    She had waited ten years for this moment.

    This time, she must give them to Ye Fan with her own hands.

    In other words, to put a complete end to her youthful ignorance and the full love she had for Ye Fan for so many years!

    "Miss, when you go to see Mr. Chu, won't you give him a call beforehand?"The assistant beside her, Lin Jing, however, asked softly.

    Xu Lei smiled and shook her head, "No need."

    "I want to give brother Fan a surprise!"

    "But do you know where Mr. Chu is?"The assistant asked again.

    Xu Lei smiled back and said, "The last time I asked him, he said he was back home in Jingzhou."

    "When we get to Jiangdong, we'll go to Jingzhou first, and if we can't find it, we'll just go to Yunzhou."

    "We'll always find it."

    Xu Lei was looking forward to this trip.

    It was like lovers who were suffering from the misery of love and were looking forward to meeting.



    By the time Xu Lei and the two arrived in Jingzhou, it was already the next morning.

    Not being able to rest, Xu Lei, after making a lot of inquiries, learned that Ye Fan had opened a Mu Fan Group branch in Jingzhou.

    Therefore, Xu Lei directly boarded the door and went to the Mufan Group's Jingzhou branch.

    "Mr. Xu, please wait for a moment."

    "Our General Manager Ye, he'll be right there."

    In the company's living room, Xu Lei was sitting nervously and excitedly.

    It was obvious that she took the General Manager Ye in the employee's mouth in front of her to be Ye Fan.

    She thought that she was about to see Ye Fan soon.

    Finally, there were footsteps coming from outside the door, Xu Lei couldn't hold back her excitement and whirled around to take the initiative to walk out, "Brother Fan..."

    Xu Lei hadn't finished her words, but after seeing that the person was a beautiful woman, Xu Lei was stunned at that time.

    She looked incredulously at the noble woman in front of her and trembled as she asked, "Mei...Aunt Mei?"


    "You are..."Xu Lei's voice of address caused even Ye Xi Mei to be shocked.

    In her memory, there was only one person who called her that way.

    "Could it be that you're that little girl from back then, Lei Lei?"Ye Xie Mei asked tentatively.

    "Yes, Auntie Eyebrow."

    "I'm Lelei, I'm Lelei ah."

    After many years, seeing Ye Xie Mei again, Xu Lei was undoubtedly also extraordinarily excited, a beautiful eye unconsciously had turned red, almost having tears in it.

    To Xu Lei, in this world, besides her parents, it was Ye Fan and her son, who were the best for her.

    She would never forget, when she was in the Chu family, Ye Ximei almost treated her like her own daughter.

    At that time, Ye Fan and her son were not treated well in the Chu family and lived alone in a humble courtyard.

    But that courtyard, to Xu Lei, was almost like a second home.

    When she was sick, it was Aunt Mei who gave her medicine.

    Every time there was something delicious in the house, Ye Xi Mei would also let Ye Fan call Xu Lei over to eat with her.

    The warmth of that year, Xu Lei still vividly remembers it.

    She threw herself into Ye Xie Mei's arms and smiled tearfully.

    "Auntie Mei, when we parted back then, I thought I would never see you again."

    Ye Xie Mei's beautiful eyes were also reddened, "Yes, Lei Lei.It's been more than ten years, I remember that at that time, you weren't even as tall as this table."

    "I didn't expect that after not seeing you for many years, you've already emerged as a pavilion girl."

    "I didn't even recognize you."

    "Hehe, but Auntie Mei hasn't changed at all, still as graceful and noble as she was back then."Xu Lei waned and smiled, feeling only affection in her heart.

    The two of them talked and laughed, appearing to be in harmony.

    However, near the same time, it was no one who noticed that an old man and a young man, two uninvited guests, quietly descended on Jingzhou!

    What's more, no one would know what kind of monstrous waves would be created in Jiangdong, and indeed the entire Huaxia, in the time to come by the arrival of these two!


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