Super Son-in-law 1-5


Chapter 1

"Lin Hao, pour our footwashing water..." my mother-in-law, Wang Shufen, kicked the basin of water underneath her with her toe.

"Wait a minute mom, I'll pour it after I finish brushing the dishes..." answered Lin Hao, who was finishing brushing in the kitchen, bowing his head.

"Are you fucking deaf?Me!Say!Pour my footwash now!"Wang Shufen's heart was particularly upset when she returned home today, and her face was black.

Lin Hao's body trembled hard, and the fire in his heart scuffled up, clenching his fist.When he didn't wait for him to speak, the voice of his wife, Shen Shi Yan, came back from the living room.

"Lin Hao, my mother is speaking, didn't you hear her?You have to make my mother angry, don't you?!"The company's website is a great place to find out more about the company's products and services.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the company's website, which is a great place to find out what the company is doing.She yelled at Lin Hao, who was finishing brushing in the kitchen, without looking up.

"What a loser, can't do anything!Today I went to play mahjong with your Aunt Wang and the others, their son-in-law is an executive of a big company and they have cars and houses.Hey, look at this piece of trash, I can't help but feel angry!It's really worse than a dog!Wimp!Rubbish!Might as well have a dog!"Her mother-in-law, Wang Shufen, kicked the basin with a thump and poured the footwash all over the floor.

"Lin Hao!Are you trying to kill my mother?Come and mop the floor!Marrying you would be the biggest mistake of my life!"Shen Xi Yan is also angry, Lin Hao this trash into their family for a year, go out to work do not even go, to her disgrace, she went out do not even dare to tell her friends that she is married to Lin Hao this trash!Shame on you!

Lin Hao who was finishing brushing the apron with the detergent tied in the kitchen, his body trembled hard.The anger in his heart could no longer be suppressed, the heart fire together, fiercely put the freshly washed plate in his hand, and slammed it down on the floor.

Angrily, he shouted, "All of you, shut the fuck up!"Lin Hao fiercely shouted at the mother and daughter in the living room.

Wang Shufen and Shen Shiyan, the first time they saw Lin Hao lose his temper, were also calmed down for a moment and didn't dare to say a word. A second to remember to read the book

Lin Hao fiercely clenched his fist, yes, he was the door-to-door son-in-law of the Shen family, but he was even more of an heir to the hidden gentry of Yanjing!As for why, with his high and mighty status, he would come to the Shen family as a son-in-law?

It was because Lin Hao was in the same class as Shen Xiyan in high school. At that time, Lin Hao's family, in order to train him, was in a free-range state and only gave him a small amount of daily living expenses.At that silly time in high school, Lin Hao fell in love with Shen Suyan.

After graduating from college and inheriting the family, Lin Hao had wanted to come to Nanjiang City to chase after Shen Xiyan and give her a lifetime of glory.It's just as well that a year ago, Shen Shiyan's father was dying of illness, and when he was dying, he was afraid that his daughter would be left without anyone to take care of her, so he decided to recruit a son-in-law.So Lin Hao didn't bother to take the trouble and just became the incoming son-in-law.

In the past year since the marriage, Lin Hao has been secretly shielding Shen Shiyan from a lot of trouble with his monstrous power.He was afraid that Shen Shiyan would not be able to slow down after the loss of her father, so he gave up his career this year to focus on being with her and taking care of her.Washing and cooking for her, taking care of her in every aspect to the extreme!

Lin Hao had thought that his efforts would be seen by Shen Xiyan, but who would have thought that his all-consuming efforts would be exchanged for time and time again of looking down on him, for insults like rolling rivers of water!He now suddenly understood that no dog licker from time immemorial ever ends well!His heart was completely cold too, so he decided not to pretend!

It was true that he still loved Shen Xiyan, but Shen Xiyan had broken his heart... Lin Hao took a deep breath, threw on his apron, and walked into the living room.

It was only when Wang Shufen in this living room reacted that she directly blew up, pointing at Lin Hao's nose with a hostile face and cursing, "You you you... what are you!Son of a bitch!How dare you break something!Who gave you the nerve!You have the guts to divorce Xi Yan, you get out of the Shen family!"

Lin Hao didn't pay attention to Wang Shufen anymore, but turned to Shen Xiyan with red eyes and said: "Shen Xiyan... I thought that my efforts this year would at least get you a good impression.I didn't think I would get your mother and you endlessly mocked and looked down upon.Oh, I'm Lin Hao is trash?Heh...divorce?Should I get out of the Shen family?Yes!"

Shen Xi Yan looked at Lin Hao coldly and frowned, "Lin Hao, think carefully, are you really going to divorce me?"

"Well, do you think our marriage is still interesting?"Lin Hao said slowly, his eyes deep with endless grief.

"Okay, then tomorrow morning we'll go to the Civil Affairs Bureau..." said Shen Shi Yan nodding her head.

Wang Shufen also nodded, "Grace, daughter ah, fortunately this year of marriage, you have let this loser sleep in the living room sleep on the floor, did not let him touch you, do not worry about you, mom now has many friends, with your figure with looks, absolutely can find you a mansion!I'll marry you off in style!"

And then Wang Shufen opened her teeth and claws and cursed at Lin Hao, "Oh, surnamed Lin, what are you!You're a fucking son-in-law!Divorce?If you want to leave, you'll be thrown out of our house!Not you!You want a divorce, don't you?That's fine. A year ago, you were her son-in-law, but her dad gave you $100,000. Give it back, do you have the money?Rubbish!"

Lin Hao no longer looked at Shen Xiyan, turning his head to look at Wang Shufen, a woman who was so vicious that he really had endured enough, he still couldn't figure out why Shen Xiyan had such a mother!It really is the ultimate in viciousness!You're just a pervert!

He threw his hand out and took a bank card from his pocket and smashed it directly into Wang Shufen's face, "One hundred thousand, right?I'll give you two hundred thousand, the password is Shen Xiyan's birthday..."

"Who knows if you have any money on this card or not?Where does a punk like you get the money!"Wang Shufen continued to mock.

Lin Hao fiercely looked at Wang Shufen with murderous eyes, "Surnamed Wang, you should be glad that you are Shen Xiyan's mother!"

Wang Shufen suddenly felt a chill all over her body, and her body trembled, and her heart was filled with endless fear.

Lin Hao no longer paid any attention to Wang Shufen, but said to Shen Xiyan with complicated eyes, "I'll wait for you in front of the Civil Affairs Bureau tomorrow morning..."

Lin Hao said and turned to leave, only when he was almost to the door, he paused and said to Shen Xiyan without turning back, "Oh right, throw all my stuff away, I don't want it anymore, I won't come back to this door..."

Lin Hao took a deep breath, "Shen Xiyan, I... really quite regret knowing you..." after Lin Hao finished speaking, he slammed the door shut and walked away.Walking away with endless grief in his heart....


It was ten o'clock at midnight, in downtown Nanjiang City, inside the top floor office of the Nine Continents Group.Lin Hao was holding a can of beer in his hand as he drank it and looked out the window.

"Mr. Lin, I bought steaks, come over and have some..." came a very nice woman's voice from behind him.

When Lin Hao turned back, he saw his secretary, Yin Xuan, holding a steak in both hands and putting it on the table for him.

Yin Xuan was also Lin Hao's high school classmate, but back then, Yin Xuan was a school flower, an even more beautiful existence than Shen Shi Yan.The Yin Xuan from high school naturally looked down on Lin Hao.Even though she was in the same class as Lin Hao, she never said a word to Lin Hao from start to finish.

Half a year ago, the school flower came to work in Lin Hao's company.When she learned that Lin Hao was the CEO of the company, she hinted and seduced Lin Hao in various ways.Even when she found out that Lin Hao had married Shen Xiyan, she was fine with it, she even said more than once that as long as Lin Hao nodded, she was willing to be his lover even if it meant being his lover.

Yin Xuan was 170 in height, wearing a white lady's shirt on top and a black hip-wrapping mini skirt on the bottom, a pair of one-meter long thighs with sexy black stockings over them, black high heels on her small feet, and with her fair skin and long black hair.At this moment, Yin Xuan was even more sexy and seductive.

Lin Hao laughed bitterly and said to Yin Xuan, "Forget about not eating, I'm not in a good mood, why are you still in the company so late?"

Yin Xuan walked over to Lin Hao to take the beer from his hand and asked worriedly, "What's wrong?Did you have a fight with Shen Xiyan?"

Lin Hao smiled bitterly and said, "If I say that people don't like me and that I'm a loser, do you believe me?"

Yin Xuan's sexy little mouth opened slightly, and her fair and slender hand hurriedly covered her own mouth, full of incredulity, asking, "No way?Mr. Lin you're the wealth of this Jiuzhou Group alone, it's the top in the entire South River ah.Is she still not good enough for Shen Shiyan?"

Lin Hao shook his head, "No. A year ago, her father died of illness, so I was afraid that she was suffering so I just took care of her at home.You know, I'm not someone who likes to spread the word, so I didn't tell her who I really am, but secretly helped her..." debut website

"So... was it a fight?"Yin Xuan asked again.

"No, it's going to be a divorce, I liked her in high school, but this year she was with their Shen family and also managed to wear out my feelings, this year I've helped her Shen family enough, it's okay to get a divorce tomorrow, it's a relief to divorce... "Lin Hao exhaled deeply.

Yin Xuan's eyes flashed with a hint of excitement in the depths of her eyes, and she stepped forward to hug Lin Hao's arm, her long black silk legs also attached to Lin Hao, whispering, "Then, can I be your girlfriend?"

Lin Hao frowned and pushed Yin Xuan away, "Let's talk about it later, I'm very upset right now, go back, I want to be alone..."

Yin Xuan bit her lips and nodded, then left....


The next day at ten o'clock in the morning, after receiving the divorce papers, Lin Hao and Shen Xiyan walked to the entrance of the Civil Affairs Bureau, Lin Hao was about to leave when Shen Xiyan suddenly called out to him.

"Anything else?"Lin Hao coldly asked Shen Siyan.

At this moment Shen Siyan felt the coldness and strangeness in Lin Hao's voice.She suddenly felt a tremor in her heart.She didn't know why she had just called out to Lin Hao, but she just suddenly felt as if she had lost something....

Shen Xi Yan's heart was very complicated right now, because obviously she hadn't had any feelings for Lin Hao this year, but she wasn't sure why she was suddenly so upset.

Just as Shen Siyan opened her mouth to speak, suddenly a woman who looked even more beautiful than her and even sexier than her walked over to Lin Hao....

The woman is Yin Xuan!

Yin Xuan walked over to Lin Hao and put her arm around Lin Hao and said to Shen Xiyan, "Shen Xiyan thank you, I've liked Lin Hao for a long time, since you divorced him, then from now on Lin Hao is my boyfriend.And please be self-conscious in the future, if you dare to harass my husband again, don't blame me for being rude to you!"

Shen Siyan was shocked, of course she knew Yin Xuan.In high school, Yin Xuan was also in their class, a true school flower, and she was far inferior to Yin Xuan in both studies and looks....

"You...are his girlfriend?"Shen Xi Yan asked in disbelief.

Yin Xuan directly hugged Lin Hao's neck, stood on tiptoe and tenderly kissed Lin Hao on the lips, then said to Shen Xiyan, "Well, why are you surprised?Shen Xiyan, I just want to say that missing Lin Hao is your loss, thank you for letting me have him!Oh, I'm afraid you'll never know what a wonderful man you've missed in your life, Shen Xianyan..."

Yin Xuan left with Lin Hao on her arm after saying that, and was gentle to the point of being a little woman from start to finish.

Shen Xi Yan stood there, a little confused for a moment.Because when Lin Hao left, he really never looked at her again....

A cold breeze blew in, blowing the long hair in front of Shen Xiyan's forehead, and she looked at Lin Hao and Yin Xuan's distant back, lost in thought....


Half an hour later, inside the Nine Continents Group's CEO's office.Jiang Shao Ming, the general manager of the Nine Continents Group, was standing respectfully in front of Lin Hao: "Mr. Lin, the first phase of the cooperation project between the Nine Continents Group and the Shen family has been completed, the second phase requires us to inject fifty million yuan, please approve, I'll have the finance make a payment to the Shen family over...."

Lin Hao closed the information in his hand, his eyes containing endless sorrow, "Okay, you can handle it..."

When Jiang Shao Ming left, Lin Hao shook his head with a bitter smile, "Shen Xiyan, this is the last time I... help you, I don't want to stay in this city anymore..."

Jiang Shao Ming's eyes slowly said, "Okay, Mr. Lin, I'll go do it..." and Jiang Shao Ming respectfully retreated.

Inside the office, Lin Hao lit a cigarette and took a deep drag.His eyes were in a trance.

A year ago, he had moved the Nine Continents Group to Nanjiang City, and the purpose wasn't to make money at all, but to help Shen Xiyan.A year ago, he had given many of the projects of the Nine Continents Group to Shen Shyan's company, so that Shen Shyan's company had not only stabilized, but also doubled its market value.

So Shen Xiyan had no idea from the beginning to the end how much Lin Hao had helped her....

After Jiang Shao Ming returned to his office, he gave his secretary a direct order, "Cut off all cooperation between Kyushu Group and Shen Xiyan's company!Don't give her a penny to call..."

Jiang Shao Ming clenched his fist tightly, this was the first time he had disobeyed Lin Hao's orders since he had followed Lin Hao!Just because he knew better than anyone else just how much Lin Hao had given this year!He was Lin Hao's subordinate, but he was also Lin Hao's friend, and he didn't want Lin Hao to suffer this kind of grievance!


Inside the conference room of Shen Xiyan's company, a black striped lady's suit was deeply frowning at the moment.And inside the conference room, seven or eight company executives were also sad and heavy at the moment.The entire atmosphere of the conference room was condensed to the extreme....

At this moment Shen Suyan's secretary, with a heavy face, said: "Mr. Shen, is what Kyushu Group said just now true?Is KC Group really cutting off all business with us?How is that possible, aren't we working well together?"

At this time, the manager of the Public Education Department, who was sitting to the left of Shen Xiyan, slowly said, "It's true, the cooperation that Jiang Shao Ming personally ordered to be terminated ."

At this time, the manager of the Finance Department, frowned and said, "Shen, with all due respect, the company's financial chain is very tight right now, if the final payment from the Kyushu Group doesn't come within a week, our company will probably go bankrupt..."

The sales manager just stood up, "No way, you know we have a contract with the Nine Continents Group, if they unilaterally withdraw, then we'll sue them!"

The legal manager snickered, "Oh, how old are you and still so naive?Which company is making clean money nowadays?Whose projects are able to meet the most stringent standards?Don't be ridiculous!The other Jiuzhou Group just pick a few problems from the project, the reason is enough.And even if our project is fine, can you win the relationship?Even if we could win, dragging it out for two or three years, the company would be long gone..."

It wasn't until then that the crowd realized the magnitude of the problem!It turns out that one divestment from the Nine Continents Group and they're already in a life or death situation!

The sales manager sighed deeply, then looked towards Shen Siyan: "I'm afraid this is something you have to do, Mr. Shen, you took down the list of the Nine Continents Group... You can only do this personally..."

Shen Si Yan took a deep breath at the words, nodded heavily and said, "Well, you guys don't worry, I'm going to the Nine Continents Group..."

The faces of the company's people only slowed down.And naturally, Shen Siyan said this with her own bottom line.When she first went to the Jiuzhou Group last year.Jiang Shao Ming's attitude towards her was so good that he signed the contract for her on the spot.

And there was one more thing that was Shen Siyan's biggest bottom line!That was last year when she brought back the contract from the Nine Continents Group, which had been snatched up by her uncle Shen Biao and her first cousin Shen Yutong.She was desperate at the time, but never would she have thought that Jiang Shao Ming would only recognize her!No one else even acknowledges it! Remember the URL

After Shen Xiyan went home and deliberately groomed herself, she went to the Nine Continents Group.

After arriving at the downstairs of the Nine Continents Group, Shen Siyan was about to walk straight inside.But she was stopped by a pretty-looking female receptionist: "Sorry Miss, who are you looking for?"

Shen Xiyan smiled and said, "Hello, I'm looking for Jiang Shaoming Jiang..."

The beautiful receptionist smiled politely and said, "Excuse me, do you have an appointment?"

Shen Shikan shook her head and said, "Sorry I don't have an appointment."

The beautiful receptionist's face went cold and said, "Then please go out, you can't enter without an appointment."

Shen Suyan was stunned, then said, "Then I'll call Jiang now..."

The female receptionist sneered, "In Nanjiang City, there are plenty of people who want to see CEO Jiang, hehe... Who do you think you are?Is our Jiang always all you want to meet?"

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public, and to ensure that the company's products and services are well received.I'm sorry to bother you, but I'm Shen Xiyan... I'm downstairs at your office and I'd like to talk to you about something..."

The female receptionist panicked when she saw that Shen Xiyan had actually dialed their CEO's phone, and her attitude eased as she looked at Shen Xiyan in surprise....

Soon the voice of Jiang Shao Ming came from the other end of the phone, "I'm sorry Miss Shen, please leave, I don't want to see you!"

After Jiang Shao Ming finished speaking, he directly hung up the phone.Shen Xi Yan, was stunned.She didn't dare to believe it and quickly dialed again, but it showed that there was a call going on there, and after several times, she understood that Jiang Shao Ming had blacked her out.So she sent another WeChat and found that it had also been blacked out by Jiang Shao Ming....

The beautiful receptionist named Wei Wei looked at the red exclamation mark on Shen Xi Yan's WeChat and got toe-to-toe again, sneering: "Heh, today I've really gained insight, but the person looks like a human dog, I didn't expect such a shameless ah..."

"You!"Shen's fingers were trembling.

"You what you!Get out of here, or I'll call security!"The beautiful front desk coldly drank.As her words fell, the security guard at the door walked straight in.

"Miss please get out..." the security guard said coldly to Shen Siyan.

"No, please, please call Mr. Jiang, just tell him that I'm Shen Siyan, I'm Shen Siyan ah, I have something important to find him, please... "Shen Siyan this is considered to be anxious....

But the beautiful receptionist didn't even bother to pay attention to her, so she said sarcastically, "Heh... what an ignorant person, what's important to you, do you think it's important to us, Jiang?"

"Hurry up and get out..." the two security guards just racked Shen Shi Yan out....

Shen Shi Yan, who was out of doors, was momentarily stunned.She didn't understand why this was at all.Originally, she was quite happy that she divorced Lin Hao today.But she didn't expect that it was also today that her Shen family was directly facing bankruptcy....


Shen Siyan stood at the entrance of the Kyushu Group, she still couldn't believe that she had been kicked out!Shen Siyan's heart was sorrowful, she couldn't understand why Jiang Shao Ming, who used to treat her so well, now didn't even want to see her.

She still remembered that every time she had come to the Kyushu Group last year, Jiang Shao Ming had been polite to her....

Shen Xiyan returned to the company in a muddled state, and everyone in the company shivered at the look on her face.The sales manager asked carefully, "Shen, how was the talk?What does Jiang say?"

Shen Siyan shook her head in some despair and slowly said, "I... didn't see Jiang Shao Ming at all, I called Jiang Shao Ming and he directly blacked out my phone and WeChat..."

The sales manager trembled all over and frowned deeply.After a while, she suddenly looked up as if she remembered something, and quickly asked Shen Xiyan: "When Mr. Shen signed the contract with Jiuzhou Group, who helped you in the end?I remember when I asked you, you didn't even know Jiang Shao Ming right?"

Shen Siyan also raised her head at the news, her eyes shining brightly, "Yes, I don't know Jiang Shao Ming, but Jiang Shao Ming signed a contract with me directly and was very polite to me.Someone must have helped me in the middle of this..."

The sales manager's eyes also lit up and hurriedly said, "Then Xi Yan you quickly think, quickly think ah... think of who helped you, then you will go to him..."

Shen Siyan nodded heavily as her mind began to recall all the people who could possibly help her.It was also true that she had known quite a few people in Nanjiang City for so many years, but after thinking around, she still didn't expect....

"Let me think about it, my mind is very confused right now, I... I'm going out for a walk..." said Shen Xiyan slowly.

Shen Xiyan went out of the Shen family's company and walked all the way, thinking all the way.As she walked, she reached near her home and just happened to see Wang Shufen who was going out to play mahjong.The moment Shen Shyan saw Wang Shufen, her eyes lit up!She suddenly remembered that it was Wang Shufen who had told her to negotiate with Kyushu Group in the first place!

I've been thinking about this for a long time, but I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to make it.The company is about to go bankrupt, and you let me talk about the contract of the Kyushu Group that my uncle couldn't even negotiate at first, do you know anyone from the Kyushu Group?" One second to remember to read the book

Wang Shufen's heart thudded and quickly asked anxiously, "What did you just say, daughter?Did Kyushu cut off all business with your company?Is the company going bankrupt?Don't you scare me...?"

I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that, but I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that.The company's money has been invested in the project, and now if Kyushu Group insists on withdrawing its investment, we're really finished.You hurry up and find it..."

But Wang Shufen didn't move, but her face was white, and she said in a godless voice, "I... I don't know anyone from the Kyushu Group, I... if I did, our family would have been rich already ah..."

"Then why did you ask me to negotiate with Kyushu Group?"Shen Xiyan asked with great urgency.

"I... I was told to let you talk, but it's impossible, it's definitely not him ah... "Wang Shufen's face turned even whiter.Because because she suddenly thought of a terrible thing!But she wasn't sure!That was a year ago when Shen Xiyan called her to complain about the cooperation with the Kyushu Group.Wang Shufen just heard, at that time she despised the most son-in-law Lin Hao told her that he had friends in the Kyushu Group can help.So Wang Shufen told Shen Shi Yan, but didn't mention Lin Hao's help at all....

No wonder Wang Shufen didn't believe it, because half an hour after Lin Hao finished talking to her, Shen Xiyan over there had already signed the contract.She didn't believe that in just that short of time, Lin Hao could help his daughter with the Kyushu Group!

"Mom!Hurry up and tell me who it is... After the company closes down, the house we live in and the car we drive will all be auctioned off!"Shen Xiyan was anxious to cry....

Shen Xi Yan, was stunned.You might know an executive from Kyushu?So this can't be, this can't be something he helped with!"

Thud... Shen Shi Yan took two steps back after hearing this, the first thing that came to her mind was the same as Wang Shufen.Just that trash husband of hers, how could it be?

"Mom, think again, have you told anyone else besides Lin Hao or not?"Shen Xi Yan asked reluctantly.

Wang Shufen shook her head and said, "At the time you called me to complain, it was just me and Lin Hao at home.I didn't even go out ah, I didn't talk to anyone except Lin Hao..."

Shen Xiyan's heart trembled, was it really him?Is it really that punk Lin Hao?But how is that possible?Lin Hao doesn't even have a real job ah....

But Shen Xiyan suddenly thought that this morning, a beautiful woman of Yin Xuan's level actually took the initiative to be Lin Hao's girlfriend....

If Yin Xuan hadn't been found by Lin Hao to act in front of her....

Thinking of this, Shen Xi Yan suddenly had a sudden heart attack because although she had been licensed with Lin Hao for a year.But did she really understand Lin Hao?

The first thing you need to know is how to get rid of the problem, and how to get rid of it.Don't worry, if you can't, you can go to your grandfather to think of a solution, today you should be happy, that loser has finally been kicked out, and ah your aunt Wang introduced you to the man, he's a general manager, his family is also quite rich, he's a rich second generation, you should meet him tonight......."

Shen Shidian shook her head at the words, "Forget it, I'm not in the mood..."

Wang Shufen shook Shen Shiyan's arm and said: "Daughter ah, you are now the company is so difficult, just more people to know to help ah."

"That's... okay... "Shen took a deep breath....


At noon Lin Hao was also a little hungry, and hadn't eaten in the morning, he stood on the top floor looking at the entire Nanjiang City slowly, "Get ready, the company will move back to Yanjing in five days!"

Jiang Shao Ming who was standing behind him was stunned, but then nodded respectfully, "Yes..."

"Oh, you said you've been in Nanjiang for a year, but you haven't eaten many of its special snacks..." Lin Hao greeted Jiang Shao Ming, then got up and walked out, with Jiang Shao Ming following respectfully behind him.

Lin Hao walked in front of Jiang Shao Ming respectfully followed behind, and the employees of the Kyushu Group were quite shocked along the way.The two people are about to leave the living room, suddenly two men rushed over, headed by a middle-aged bald fat man, the other is wearing a suit with glasses, a workplace elite style, behind the bald.

"Eh yo, Mr. Jiang, finally waiting for you?Don't you remember me, Li?I just wanted to take you out to dinner, right?The dog is also eager to gaze upon you, can you see if you can give a thin face?"The bald fat man said to Jiang Shao Ming with great respect.

Jiang Shao Ming's eyebrows furrowed and said in a cold voice, "Sorry, I still have things to do... some other time..." and said he was about to continue walking forward.

The next moment, Lin Hao reached out his hand to stop him and said, "You go, no need to accompany me, I'll walk by myself..."

"Yes!Then feel free to call me if you need anything," Jiang Shaoming bowed his head and said.Lin Hao gave a hmmm and went out directly.

But when the fat bald man and his son saw this scene, they were so shocked that they couldn't speak.The cold sweat on the bald fat man's face came down, because he was now seeing Jiang Shao Ming's cold eyes staring at him!That meant that his arrival had denied Jiang Shaoming the opportunity to dine with that young man!

That young man's identity is monstrous!Do you know who Jiang Shao Ming is?He's the CEO of Kyushu Group, the biggest company in Namie.How much power must he have for someone who was so respectful?

"Jiang...Jiang is sorry, that one is?"The bald fat man swallowed hard and asked in confusion. The first website

"Don't ask the wrong questions!Be careful of losing everything you own!"Jiang Shao Ming drank in a deep voice.

"Right... I'm sorry Jiang, I understand, I understand..." the balding man hurriedly made amends to Jiang Shao Ming, while his son behind him was also trembling in his heart.


The first time I saw him was when I was a kid, and he was so happy that I was able to see him.


Seven o'clock at night, inside a western restaurant by the South River.A black skirt, black high heels and delicate makeup, is sitting in a window seat, opposite her is a handsome young man in a silver suit.A candlelit dinner in front of the two, red wine with steak....

The man smiled and poured a glass of wine for Shen Xiyan and said, "Miss Xiyan is really beautiful, I, Li Mingxuan, don't mind that you were married, and Aunt Wang has made it clear to me that your marriage last year was a fake marriage in order to inherit your father's property in the Shen family.It's nice to meet you..."

Shen Xi Yan also laughed softly and said, "Thank you for not minding, Mr. Li is also excellent, handsome and rich, and I admire Mr. Li even more for actually being able to make it in Nanjiang without relying on his family, you are really excellent..."

"Miss Shen fallacious praise, Miss Shen is the heavenly fragrance, it would be great if Miss Shen could be my girlfriend, come and have a drink... "Li Mingxuan raised his tall glass to clink glasses with Shen Siyan.

"Come cheers... "Shen Siyan meekly raised her glass and was about to drink it, but at this moment, she suddenly saw that Lin Hao actually walked in through the door.She saw Lin Hao, and Lin Hao also saw her directly, and their eyes just looked at each other.

As soon as Shen Xiyan saw Lin Hao, the fire in her heart came up.Thinking about this morning when Yin Xuan helped him beat his own face, so she directly got up and walked over to Li Mingxuan and took his arm: "Mingxuan, you're excellent, I'm willing to be your girlfriend..."

Li Mingxuan was also surprised, but quickly held Shen Xiyan's hand: "Thank you Xiyan, I'll take good care of you in the future, our feelings can be cultivated slowly..."

"Mm..." nodded Shen Xiyan, then she suddenly looked at Lin Hao who had just entered the door and said, "Lin Hao, do you see?There are far better people chasing me than you..."

Shen Xi Yan didn't know why she had gambled on letting Li Ming Xuan hold her hand, she was just trying to be mad at Lin Hao!

And Lin Hao took it seriously....

Lin Hao looked at Shen Shi Yan in front of him, at this woman he had had a crush on for three years in high school.He would just feel that everything was so fake.

"Oh, I wish you happiness..." said Lin Hao, turning around and wanting to leave....

"Stop!You're her ex, aren't you?Don't be in a hurry to leave ah, auntie told me that you don't even have a job, so I thank you for the year you took care of Xi Yan, I'll introduce you to a job, you can come work in my company."Li Mingxuan had just turned his back to Lin Hao, this time he turned around and called out to Lin Hao who was leaving.

Lin Hao's heart was also speechless, his eyesight was particularly good, although just now Li Mingxuan's back was to him, but he could tell by looking at the side face that this person he had just seen at noon.It was the son of the fatty Li who was looking for Jiang Shao Ming to do something.

Lin Hao didn't want to hit Shen Xiyan's face, nor did he want to teach this Li Mingxuan in front of him a lesson.But there are so many idiots in this world, the more you don't want to mess with them, the more these idiots will force themselves to appear in front of you!

So Lin Hao, who had fire in his heart, really turned around and then looked at Li Mingxuan playfully and said, "Oh, are you the only one who wants to introduce me to work?Are you the only one who is now my ex-wife's boyfriend?"

"Yes, that's me..." said Li Mingxuan as he suddenly saw Lin Hao's face clearly.His heart trembled tremendously and his face instantly paled.

His heart this time was already wailing to the extreme: "How is it possible!Who the hell told me that Shen Xiyan's ex-husband was a useless son-in-law?Who's door-to-door son-in-law can make the most powerful person in Nanjiang City a younger brother?Is it a joke?"

Li Mingxuan was terrified to the core, and at noon, his father had deathly instructed him that if he ever saw Lin Hao again, he must be respectful to the extreme!Li Mingxuan was also deeply in his heart at the time.After all, a figure who could make Jiang Shao Ming nod and bow, not to mention that he couldn't even provoke his father, that was an existence that could make his Li family get rid of his name in Nanjiang City with a flip of his hand!

Li Mingxuan's cold sweat pattered down....

Shen Jiyan looked at Li Mingxuan's reaction and suddenly frowned... 


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