Super Son-in-law 6-20


Chapter 6

Seeing Lin Hao looking at him with murderous eyes, he quickly shook off Shen Shi Yan's hand.Fearfully, he said to Lin Hao, "Right I'm sorry, I... she and I only met for the first time tonight..."

Lin Hao sneered, the anger on his body withdrawn, didn't even bother to look at Shen Shi Yan again, turned around and walked away....

"Since Shen Xiyan you've already found someone else and came on a date so soon, well, I wish you happiness..." murmured Lin Hao in his heart, he also understood that feelings were something that couldn't be forced...

And this will Shen Xi Yan also confused, just also sarcastic Lin Hao afc5f806 Li Mingxuan, actually took the initiative to apologize to Lin Hao.And this time Li Mingxuan's face is pale white.

Don't you remember me, Li?You know this loser?"

Li Mingxuan's heart was bitter, "Damn it, only you dare to call him trash in the entire Nanjiang City, right?Can a character who can make Jiang Shao Ming his junior brother be a trash?"

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the woman's face, and you'll see that she's not just a vase.

I'm sorry Miss Shen I drank wine today, my head is not sober, I'm not worthy of you, sorry..." Li Mingxuan said and left, really don't want to stay with Shen Xiyan anymore, also don't dare.He dared not reveal that person's identity to Shen Siyan even less!What's more, he didn't know.

"Wait, you haven't answered my question, why are you apologizing to that loser!"Shen Xiyan snapped in a cold voice behind her.She was going crazy, two of them!So good Yin Xuan in the morning, and now even better Li Mingxuan!These two actually treated Lin Hao in a weird manner!

Li Mingxuan's footsteps were paced and his tone was low: "Miss Shen, you have no idea what a good man you are missing out on in your life, expect you to... behave yourself..."

Li Mingxuan still said that.When Li Mingxuan left as well, Shen Xieyan sat on her chair with her butt.Even if she was stupid now, she noticed that something was wrong, Yin Xuan's active backstabbing of Lin Hao, and Li Mingxuan, the second generation of the rich who had also succeeded in his own business, were all actually treating Lin Hao with an unknown attitude, no, not unknown.Li Mingxuan that was simply fear! Remember the URL

Twice!Same words!Both Yin Xuan and Li Mingxuan are saying like they pity her, you don't even know what you're missing!

Neither Li Mingxuan nor Yin Xuan were idiots, so that meant that Lin Hao he wasn't as ordinary as he appeared to be....

Then Shen Xi Yan was confused again, but it didn't make sense, if Lin Hao was really a rich man and a rich second generation, then this year of living as a door-to-door son-in-law.How could he endure the various insults that the Shen family had given him?

Shen Xiyan couldn't figure it out, really couldn't....

Shen Xiyan poured herself a glass of red wine and gulped it down, and after getting dizzy, she called her good lady friend.

A half an hour later, a sexy, long-haired beauty in a strapless red dress and red heels came to Shen Xiyan.The beauty saw that Shen Xiyan had drunk quite a bit, so she advised, "You drink less wine ah... What are you doing this?"

Shen Suyan looked up at her best friend Yue Gu and said, "Yue Yue, let me ask you something, what reason could there be for a rich man to willingly be a son-in-law to a woman?And allowed to beat and yell at them?"

The pretty girl named Yue Yue had some sentimentality in her eyes, so she said, "Oh, how come you finally found out that your family, Lin Hao, is a hidden rich second generation?"

Yue Gu's white, slender fingers gently flicked the red wine glass... her long, sexy legs were shaking under the table, causing many men in the restaurant to look over at her, but she didn't care...

Shen Xiyan frowned and said, "What do you mean?"

Yue Gu took a shallow sip of red wine and said, "I told you long ago, the first time I saw Lin Hao, I knew he wasn't an ordinary man!He has a monstrous confidence in his eyes, and how could a man with such eyes be an ordinary man?"

Shen Xiyan didn't care about these words because she really hadn't seen much of Lin Hao's eyes in the past year.So she continued to ask, "Don't interrupt me and answer my question.What could make a rich man willing to be a door-to-door son-in-law?I've been insulted and humiliated!"

Yue Gu took a deep breath, a hint of reminiscence in the depths of her eyes, and slowly said, "It's love, if you love someone deeply, then you're willing to do anything for them..."

"Love?Lam Ho likes me?He's just a door-to-door son-in-law who got paid ah."Shen Xiyan muttered quietly to herself... and then wandered off to get another drink....

"Heh, who knows?I'm not him, let's drink... "Yue Gu also picked up a glass of wine and drank with Shen Xi Yan....

"He loves me?How is that possible?"Shen Si Yan's thoughts were a bit confused... Because she had never been in love before, in her impression, Lin Hao only took his father's money and came to be a door-to-door son-in-law....


When a drunken Shen Xiyan returned home late at night, she threw her two high heels flying and threw her bag onto the sofa as soon as she entered the house.

"Lin Hao, go get me a glass of water..." yelled Shen Siyan as soon as she sat down.

But no one came to respond to her yell.Then Shen Xiyan became angry and continued to yell, "Are you deaf!Huh?I said get me a glass of water!Didn't you hear?Huh?"

Shen Shen continued to yell....

This time Wang Shufen walked out from the house in her pajamas and saw Shen Xiyan, who was drunk on the sofa.The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.You divorced that loser this morning!He's long gone..."

After hearing the news, Shen Shi Yan's body trembled violently, and there was a moment of trance.

Shen Xi Yan suddenly stayed, her eyes staring blankly at the living room....

This year actually unconsciously she had already gotten used to Lin Hao's presence, and every time she was in a bad mood, she took her anger out on Lin Hao.This year, however, Lin Hao had never said anything, and every time after being scolded by her, he even smiled and comforted her in turn....

Buzz... Shen Xi Yan suddenly stayed, yeah, that loser, that wimp has gone.Suddenly drunk, Shen Xiyan's heart was a bit complicated....

Thinking back to today, the stranger-like look Lin Hao had when he looked at her.She suddenly felt as if she had lost something of utmost importance....

The kind that can never be found again....

Shen Caiyan she herself didn't even notice that a line of tears had slipped down her face....


The next day Shen Xi Yan didn't get up, she drank too much last night, and came back with a cold wind, so she got a cold straight away.She lay at home... Wang Shufen didn't go out to play mahjong, so she stayed at home to take care of her....

At eleven o'clock in the morning, Chen Jie, the sales manager of Shen Xiyan's company, and Wang Weiwei, the manager of the public relations department, arrived here.The first time I saw the two women carrying bags and bags to see Shen Xiyan, I also hurried to the two women to make tea and pour water.Because privately Wang Weiwei and Chen Jie are also good friends of Shen Xiyan.

"Auntie, is Xi'an better?We were worried and came over to take a look... "Wang Weiwei said to Wang Shufen with some worry.

Wang Shufen smiled and said, "Wei Wei ah, thank you for your concern, Xi Yan is now suffering from a very serious cold, just now also took medicine, this will fall asleep, although the cold is not a serious illness, but she has been nursing for a few days......."

Wang Weiwei frowned deeply, and looked anxious, she didn't want to disturb Shen Xiyan now, but something happened to the company again, and the call to Shen Xiyan last night couldn't be made.The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past few years, and the company is now in the process of developing the new product.The company's business is now in a critical state of survival. The Jiuzhou Group cut off all cooperation with us yesterday, after the news spread yesterday, late last night to this morning, the few small companies that used to cooperate with us, also all cut off their dealings with us.......That means we are about to be finished......."

Wang Shufen was shocked and quickly asked, "No way even without the cooperation of the Kyushu Group, what about your relationship in Nanjiang City for so many years?"

Wang Wei Wei closed her eyes in pain, but it was Chen Jie who said with a deep frown, "Auntie you are too naive, after the Kyushu Group cut off cooperation with us, those small companies are completely falling down, cutting off cooperation with us, to sell a good deal to the Kyushu Group, I also asked various people yesterday and got an answer, our company has offended the Kyushu Group..."

Wang Shufen's heart thudded, and she wasn't stupid, her face changed wildly.In fact, she knew better than anyone else that the reason Shen Siyan's company had leapt to become the new noble in Nanjiang City last year was entirely because the Shen family had taken the cooperation of the Kyushu Group.And when her daughter had gone to the Kyushu Group to talk about the cooperation, Lin Hao had said that he had friends in the Kyushu Group.And yesterday her daughter had just divorced Lin Hao and she had just kicked him out of the house, and the Kyushu Group had directly cut off all cooperation with the Shen family!

Is this...really a coincidence?Wang Shufen's heart was already in shock!

Wang Weizi's eyebrows lifted as she looked at Wang Shufen's constantly changing face, "Auntie, looking at your face, do you know something!"

Ah... Wang Shufen was shocked and quickly waved her hand, "Nothing nothing nothing, I... I don't know anything!" One second to remember to read the book

Chen Jie was completely anxious and said, "Auntie, do you really want to see Xi Yan's company go bankrupt?I've worked so hard over the years to make it little by little!"

When Wang Weiwei saw this situation, she also quickly said, "Auntie if the company goes bankrupt, it doesn't matter if we break up, but if we can't pay back the suppliers, but if we can't pay back the money, Xi Yan will go to jail."

Wang Shufen sniffed.Her face was instantly pale....

"The person who helped me in the first place should be Lin Hao, he's the one who told me to talk to the Kyushu Group..." just when Wang Shufen was about to be unable to bear it, Shen Xiyan came out in her pajamas and weakly leaned against the bedroom door and said.

"Lin Hao?"Wang Weiwei and Chen Jie both frowned deeply now.

Wang Weiwei even said, "Xiyan, isn't Lin Hao a son-in-law?How does he know someone from the Kyushu Group?"

Shen Jiyan shook her head and said, "I'm not sure, in fact, I haven't asked much about him during the year he's been in our Shen family.But he's not a person who lies..."

Chen Jie spoke up, "If it's not Lin Hao we'll find someone else, but if it's Lin Hao, wouldn't it be a better solution?Tell him to go down to his friend, at least our company can resume contact with the Kyushu Group again!"

Wang nodded slightly, "Well, good.By the way auntie, where is Lin Hao?Where did he go?Call him over..."

Wang Shufen's face became even more unnatural when she heard that she was looking for Lin Hao, "That trash, he... he..."

Wang frowned slightly and asked, "What's wrong auntie?"

"He divorced Xi Yan yesterday ah..." said Wang Shufen with a pale face.

"What?Divorced?"Chen Jie, who was rather impatient in nature, soared to her feet.Her eyes stared at Wang Shufen with dead eyes.

"He divorced Xi Yan?With just his door-to-door son-in-law, where did he get the guts ah..." said 4c7f9c4a Wang with a slight frown.

The first time I saw him, he said, "I'm not sure if he's going to be able to do that, but I'm sure he's going to be able to do that," he said.That means that his friend is at least an executive!Oh Auntie, do you yourself think that there are such coincidences in this world?"

Chen Jie was anxious and good-hearted, and she was friends with Shen Shiyan, who knew better than anyone else over the years how disgusting Shen Shiyan's mother was.The most important thing to remember is that you can't be sure that you're going to be able to do anything.

In fact, Lin Hao has nothing to do with her, Chen Jie, what does it matter to her if people divorce?But Lin Hao knows the Kyushu Group executives?Now the company is almost finished and she, Chen Jie, has shares in the company!So now she's not giving Wang Shufen a good look!

Wang Shufen said with a pale face, "No way, Lin Hao is just a door-to-door son-in-law, if he was really rich and powerful, why would he come to our Shen family as a door-to-door son-in-law?And you just let him beat you up?What man could stand that?"

Chen Jie listened to Wang Shufen say that and also had a pause, yeah, Wang Shufen was sharp and mean, but she wasn't brainless.Just like she said, if Lin Hao was really rich and powerful.Then how could he come to be a door-to-door son-in-law?That doesn't make logical sense either....

And then after listening to her mother's words, Shen Shi Yan suddenly thought of her good best friend, Gu Yue's words "If you really want to find the reason, then there's only one possibility, and that's that he loves you..."

Thinking about this Shen Shi Yan's heart suddenly hurt a little, if that was really the case, if Lin Hao was really rich and powerful.But he was willing to endure this year-long humiliation for himself.Then shouldn't she want such a man?

Chen Jie took a deep breath and slowly said, "Okay, what's the point of guessing?Does that solve the problem?Auntie, for the sake of the company and for the sake of Xiyan, me and Weiwei will stay home and take care of Xiyan, you go find Lin Hao now!Let's see if it's him or not!"


"Chen Jie you want me to go find that loser?To find that wimp?"Wang Shufen asked with some reluctance.

"Heh, auntie do you really want to see the cherished face go bankrupt?Do you want to see her get sued in court?"Chen Jie said with cold sarcasm.

"Okay, then I'll be on my way... "Wang Shufen quickly spoke up and ran out the door....

After all, the money she spent could be given to her by Shen Xiyan, and if Shen Xiyan went bankrupt, she definitely wouldn't be able to live this comfortable life in the future.

After leaving the house, Wang Shufen dialed Lin Hao's cell phone....

At this moment, Lin Hao, who was staying in the top floor office of Kyushu Group, looked at the incoming call from Wang Shufen on his phone, frowned, and directly thumbed down the rejection....

But then Wang Shufen called again, and Lin Hao continued to thumb it down.This after refusing to answer four or five times in a row.Lin Hao saw that Wang Shufen still didn't give up like one after another to play inside.

The company's products have been sold in the U.S. and Europe.

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services, including a full range of products and services, and a wide range of products and services.But thinking of the consequences of her daughter's company going bankrupt, this time she had to suppress her temper.

Opening her mouth, she said, "Lin Hao, where are you, I want to meet you..."

Lin Hao hadn't wanted to take care of Wang Shufen, but he'd been bullied by this woman for a year, and he was no saint!If Shen Xiyan had him in mind, then that would be fine, he would be able to tolerate it.But his wife didn't have any affection for him at all it was simply dislike.Then why should he put up with this Wang Shufen? First web site

"Oh, do lick the dog?How much have you secretly helped them over the past year?Did they appreciate it?Should I just reveal my identity and say I'm the CEO of Kyushu Group?Oh, is that still love?For example, now his school flower secretary Yin Xuan, does anyone dare to say that Yin Xuan likes him as a person?If he didn't have the Kyushu Group, would Yin Xuan really take care of him?Heh... "Lin Hao's heart flashed with a cold smile...

Chen Hao didn't know what Wang Shufen was looking for him for, but it didn't matter, he had to beat Wang Shufen's face today, so he opened his mouth and said.

"Oh, good, in half an hour I'm going to accompany my girlfriend to Wanda Plaza to buy clothes, if you come, meet me there..." said Lin Hao and hung up the phone.He had to hit Wang Shufen hard in the face this time!Let her know what regret is!

In fact, yesterday Lin Hao also thought about it all night, if this Wang Shufen is a little better, not every day in front of Shen Xiyan face all kinds of despise mock insult themselves, then Shen Xiyan will not be like this attitude towards themselves?

"Yin Xuan, come with me to Wanda Plaza..." after Lin Hao took a deep breath, he called Yin Xuan over.

"Okay Lin..." said Yin Xuan sweetly in return.


After Lin Hao unceremoniously hung up her phone, she got angry and kicked over the trash can in front of her with a thud: "Rub, Lin Hao, what the hell are you!Just you wait!"

Wang Shufen's heart was so angry that she was trembling.She fiercely bit her teeth.She took a taxi and headed to Wanda Plaza in the city center....

After arriving at Wanda Plaza, Wang Shufen had just walked up to the entrance when she saw a shiny black Bentley driving over.After the Bentley was parked, the door opened and a handsome and dashing Lin Hao, who was dressed in a black suit, walked down from it.And then Yin Xuan, who was dressed in a black strapless dress, also came down in style....

After seeing Lin Hao's car, Wang Shufen's mouth opened wide, this trash actually drove this luxury car?Wang Shufen was deeply shocked.

Yin Xuan was good and gentle, holding Lin Hao's arm.Lin Hao walked up to Wang Shufen and sneered, "It's nothing, just a car, a rental huh..."

Lin Hao's tone was filled with endless sarcasm, but the more he said so.The more Wang Shufen felt that this car was Lin Hao's own....

After Lin Hao said that, he took Yin Xuan into the mall and went straight into the Dior boutique.After entering the boutique, Lin Hao said to Yin Xuan, "Feel free to pick whatever you like... Today, your boyfriend me, just atmosphere..."

"Mmhmm, thank you dear, Muah..." smiled Yin Xuan sweetly, standing on her tiptoes, she kissed Lin Hao's forehead, and then happily went to pick out clothes.

This time Lin Hao saw Wang Shufen follow him in, and Wang Shufen also saw the scene where Yin Xuan kissed Lin Hao.Lin Hao didn't wait for this old woman to speak and sneered, "Well, just like you thought, this girlfriend is also a rental... heh..."

At this time Yin Xuan suddenly snapped back, biting her lip and said adorably to Lin Hao, "Darling, I think it's all very pretty, what should I do, I have a phobia of choice..."

"Lin Hao you..." interjected Wang Shufen this time.

Lin Hao waved his hand at her and said, "Your business will be discussed later!"Lin Hao's voice was chilling!

After Lin Hao said that, he went to the cashier and just threw a black and gold dragon print card over and said, "All the clothes and shoes all wrapped up..."

The beautiful guide at the cashier's desk was stunned, she had been a brand guide for many years, so naturally she recognized Lin Hao's black card at a glance.So she quickly smiled and said, "Sir your girlfriend is so beautiful, she's so happy to have a boyfriend like you, hehehe..."

"Lin Hao... "Wang Shufen was now following her again, and she looked at the black card Lin Hao had thrown over in confusion.

When Wang Shufen saw that Lin Hao was not paying attention to her, the fire in her heart was completely suppressed.The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services, including a full range of products and services, and a wide range of products and services.Your clothes and shoes cost at least a few thousand each, right?Tens of thousands of dollars. He's a poor bastard. Where did he get the money?You'd better call security..."

Lin Hao sneered, he didn't even bother to pretend to be a woman with Wang Shufen, so he sneered, "Heh, you don't have to tell me, just what you think, this card is fake, I'm just trying to pretend..."

I'm not sure how much I'll be able to afford it.Then smiled and said to Wang Shufen: "Oh, auntie, this card is not a fake oh, ICBC's black card, in the entire Nanjiang City, there are only a hundred issued only, which has a minimum deposit of 10 million oh......."

The beautiful guide picked up the black card and swiped it on the machine, then pointed to the machine and said to Wang Shufen, "You see, 560,000, the transaction has been successful oh, this card is not fake oh...."

Wang Shufen's mouth was wide open and she looked shocked to the extreme....


I picked it up. Why don't you call security?I'll just wait here..."

"You you you you... "Wang Shufen's fingers kept trembling as she pointed at Lin Hao.

Lin Hao incomparably spat in his heart, took a pen from the cashier, found a piece of paper and wrote an address, handed it to the beautiful guide and said, "All those things I bought are wrapped up and sent to this address".

"The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past few years, and has been working on the development of the new product.The most important thing is, if the relationship with the handsome man in front of her is good, then she will be rich in the future?She could earn enough money if people just referred a few clients to her....

Lin Hao also smiled and nodded, "Thank you..."

Then Lin Hao called Yin Xuan to his side, held Yin Xuan's hand and said to Yin Xuan, "Grand School Flower, shall I take you for a ride?"

"Good, good..." said Yin Xuan happily.

"Mm... "Lin Hao nodded and then pulled Yin Xuan out.

"Don't go!I have something else to find you..." then Wang Shufen, who had reacted, suddenly ran to Lin Hao and stopped him with open hands.

Lin Hao was stunned by the silly woman and was all amused, "Oh, who are you?Do I know you?Do I know you well?Do I have to talk to you just because you need to talk to me?Who the hell are you?Am I still relevant to you?"After Lin Hao said that, he waved his hand and tossed Wang Shufen aside, then pulled Yin Xuan out....

Wang Shufen's face was white and trembling with anger at Lin Hao, roaring, "Surnamed Lin, since you don't want to talk to me, why did you let me come over to you?" Remember the URL

Lin Hao's body paused at the words, then turned to Wang Shufen and said with a smile, "Because, I asked you to come over, that's to hit you in the face ah... Oh... Still, you should really be glad that you're Shen Shi Yan's mother!"

"That's right, how old are you, ma'am?Even if you wear dirt, what's all that painted on your face, like an old goblin, giggle..." yin Xuan also mocked Wang Shufen.

Lin Hao walked away, pulling Yin Xuan along with him.Only a completely disheveled Wang Shufen was left in place!

Ahhhhh... Wang Shufen was screaming in anger in the store, picked up the dozens of clothes Lin Hao had just bought, and before wrapping them up, she slammed them on the ground, and after they fell on the ground, she lifted her foot and stomped on them....

"I'll let you wear it!I'll let you wear it!I'll see how you wear it... "Wang Shufen was already overwhelmed by Lin Hao's anger at this point.Stepping on those high-grade clothes one footprint at a time.And then spit on them....

But what she didn't notice was that at the moment, those beautiful shopping guides in the Dior store were looking at her with a sneer, seven or eight of them, and none of them actually came forward to stop her.And just looking at her so quietly... The beautiful guide who had just talked to Lin Hao, on the other hand, had quietly called the security guards inside the mall over....

Wang Shufen viciously venting, until venting five or six minutes later, she suddenly looked up to see a large circle of people outside the Dior boutique, all watching her spill, and many customers have taken out their phones to record a video.

Wang Shufen this sudden reaction, back to consciousness Wang Shufen looked at the clothes, shoes, etc. that she had gotten all over the place.The heart of the fear to the extreme, this cheapest is also big thousands of a ah, expensive even more tens of thousands of it....

Wang Shufen gulped in fear and said to the beautiful guide, "That, what I just stepped on was bought by that punk Lin Hao, you've already sold it, it's nothing to do with you ah, you don't want to blame me..."

The beautiful guide sneered: "Oh, I'm sorry, if Mr. Lin took it out of our store, then naturally it has nothing to do with us.But according to industrial and commercial law, the goods are not out of the store, then, in the store was damaged, it should be responsible for the damage to that person.I've just calculated that all your damaged things are worth about one hundred and twenty million.May I ask if you're paying by credit card or cash?"

After hearing this, Wang Shufen ran straight out, saying as she did so, "Don't look for me, you go find that punk Lin Hao and let him accompany you..."

Bang... The next moment Wang Shufen, who ran outside, was directly kicked back by a security guard who was over one meter tall.He directly squatted on the ground.

The beautiful guide squatted in front of Wang Shufen and slowly said, "Oh, how did you damage something and want to run?You really think we're bullies at Dior, don't you?And what you've done has seriously affected our image of Dior, I've just sent the video of your smashing to our company's legal department, and it's up to the court as to what the court will decide.We've also reported it to the police, so don't leave, and wait for the police to come...hmm!"

Wang Shufen is completely stupid, and when she hears that the police are coming over, it completely scares the crap out of her.She also knows the law a little bit, she's going to jail for this kind of behavior!The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the company's website.

Thinking of this Wang Shufen tone also completely softened, quickly said with the beautiful guide: "that I accompany, I accompany, let's private, private... 1.2 million is it, I give, I give..."

The beautiful guide shook her head: "Oh, now it's not just 1.2 million, what about your insult to our Dior brand?Don't we at Dior want to save face?Huh?Oh, money?We don't want it either, so you're going to jail!"

Wang Shufen were frightened to cry, quickly pulled the hand of that beautiful guide said: "don't don't, please, please, I know wrong, I apologize I apologize, I'm sorry I'm sorry... Please give your legal affairs a call to ask how much money you need to pay...."

The beautiful guide didn't want to pay attention to her at all.

I've been fighting with him lately, but he and my daughter have been together for a long time, so even if they fight, they still have feelings for each other.Please, for Lin Hao's sake, just make a phone call and ask, how much I'll accompany..."

The beautiful guide frowned deeply, she didn't want to take care of this shrew, but when she thought of Lin Hao, someone who could just take out a black card and swipe it was definitely not someone she could offend.So she nodded, "Okay, then I'll plead with the company for you on Mr. Lin's behalf.Hehe, I really don't know how Mr. Lin sees your daughter..."

Wang Shufen slumped to the floor after hearing this, her heart was complicated to the extreme at the moment.I never thought that in the end, it was actually thanks to Lin Hao's face that she was spared the pain of imprisonment....


"Well, the company's legal affairs said, you accompany two million today is good, you transfer it.This matter is even private, otherwise I'll see you in court..." said the beautiful guide after the arc, to Wang Shufen.

Wang Shufen's face was bitter again: "That... that I don't have that much money, can I be lenient for a few days?I...I'll definitely return..."

The beautiful guide smirked, "Oh, you think so?The police 37321ed0cha will be here in half an hour..."

Wang Shufen hurriedly waved her hand to take out a bank card from her wallet and said, "Here, there are nine hundred thousand in this card.The remaining one million or so, I'll find someone to send it over right away..."

Wang Shufen quickly called to borrow money after saying that.But after she called those friends of hers, she actually found that no one had lent her money....

Wang Shufen's heart was completely cold until her heart was in her to understand that those women who were usually on good terms with her.When it really came to a critical moment, one wouldn't take care of her....

Wang Shufen finally had no choice but to dial Shen Xiyan's phone: "Hey Xiyan, something happened, you... you come to Wanda Plaza..."

Wang Shufen didn't dare to tell Shen Suyan the truth at all, and hung up the phone after saying a few ambiguous words.And Shen Suyan, who was still sick, also came over in a flurry of fire... She didn't let Wang Weiwei and Chen Jie follow, so she took a taxi over alone.

Waiting for Shen Siyan to arrive.After the beautiful guide finished explaining to her.Shen Siyan's body was trembling fiercely.The tears couldn't stop flowing down.

"Pop, pop, pop... "Shen Xiyan slapped herself three times in the face....

"Mom, haven't you had enough of this?Huh?Do you think it's that easy for me to make some money?"Shen Xiyan said with tears streaming down her face. A second to remember to read the book.

Wang Shufen didn't dare to look at Shen Xiyan's eyes at this point.Although Shen Shyan didn't hit her, she felt that what she did today had definitely broken Shen Shyan's heart.

Shen Suyan took a deep breath, walked up to the beautiful guide, bowed deeply and said with a deep apology, "I'm sorry, give me an account number, I'll call the rest of the compensation over...".

But the beautiful guide smiled and shook her head, also very polite, said: "Miss Shen you call another 300,000 over just fine, the way you deal with, but also to save our face.And just now the company called, Mr. Lin is our company's valued customer, we don't need to go to court."

"Thank you, thank you... "Shen Xiyan quickly thanked.

In the next moment Shen Suyan suddenly came back to her senses and asked, "Is the Mr. Lin you're talking about Lin Hao?"

The beautiful guide nodded with a smile and said, "Well, yes, Lin Hao..."

Shen Siyan only felt a severe pain in her heart... She also suddenly thought that the night before, Lin Hao had dumped 200,000 yuan to Wang Shufen....

Shen Siyan suddenly understood "So he came to her house as a son-in-law, and took care of her with all his heart, not for money... but for her..."


In the afternoon within Shen Xiyan's company meeting, Wang Weiwei and Chen Jie sat there, looking at the documents in their hands and dazed.

Wang Weiwei sighed deeply, "A year ago, Xiyan's father had cancer, and before he died he found Lin Hao to be our Shen family's door-to-door son-in-law."

Chen Jie also nodded and said, "I just saw a video on the internet, a man bought all the shoes in the Dior store straight away because his girlfriend had a phobia of choice, and that man was Lin Hao!Oh, he's so rich he needs to go out to work?Last year, Xiyan's father had just died, and I'm afraid he had been holding back to take care of her because he didn't want Xiyan to be too sad... Oh... And such an excellent son-in-law was forced out by Wang Shufen... How did Xiyan end up with such a mother!"

At this moment, after Chen Jie finished speaking, Wang Weiwei, who was about the same age as Shen Xiyan, had a fierce tremor in her heart.She had also scolded Lin Hao, and now that she remembered the scene, Lin Hao just casually smiled.Then how much had Lin Hao carried this past year....

"Chen Jie, so are you now sure it was Lin Hao who helped us in the first place?"Wang Weiwei opened his mouth to ask.

"Well, there's no mistaking it.I've been in sales at the mall for so many years, I understand it well.Otherwise, there's no way that our company would have been in trouble just after Xi Yan divorced him the day before yesterday... Lin Hao himself is very rich, and his friend is at least a senior executive of the Kyushu Group.It's even possible that the friend Lin Hao is talking about is Jiang Shao Ming, after all, Jiang Shao Ming is also very young... "Chen Jie's eyes glittered with brilliance.

Wang Weiwei also sighed deeply, "Hey, then, is it still possible for Xi Yan and Lin Hao to get back together?"

"Compound?Oh, you all know how we, Wang Shufen, have treated Lin Hao this year!Do you think it's still possible?"Chen Jie sneered.

Wang slightly bit her lips and said, "Why don't we go and apologize to Lin Hao, I think Lin Hao is also a broad-minded person."

But Chen Jie shook her head, "How are we going to go?What status do we have ah, mainly because this past year, that Wang Shufen was too cruel to Lin Hao, Wang Shufen is ruining the company we built up with Xi Yan ah..."

"The core of this problem isn't Xi Yan's mother, but rather Lin Hao.The fact that Lin Hao can give up so much for Xi Yan and is willing to be a wasteful son-in-law at the door shows that he really likes Xi Yan in his heart.Then now it's just Xi Yan, if Xi Yan has feelings for him in her heart, there's room for manoeuvre in this matter, Wei Wei you go find Xi Yan..." see if Xi Yan still has even a hint of feelings for Lin Hao, even if it's just a hint, there's room for manoeuvre in this matter.

"That's all there is to it... "Wang Weiwei sighed deeply....

Super Son-in-law Chapter 11-20


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