The Unknown Heir 931


Chapter 931

"Bai Lao, thank you for the reminder, but we do have an important mission to accomplish, so we must go find the Ghost Cave Clan territory and borrow your place for the night, and we will leave in the morning!"

    Chen Hao looked at Bai Lao and thanked him again and said.

    Hearing what Chen Hao said, Old Bai's face also twitched slightly, a very subtle sort of thing.

    It wasn't until late at night that the four of Chen Hao went to sleep individually.

    Just in case, while Chen Hao took up the responsibility of being the night watch, he let the three of Lei Lie sleep first.

    But the good thing was that there was nothing to do with the situation this night, a safe night .

    The next morning, the four of Chen Hao woke up early.

    Chen Hao walked to the door and opened it to them.

    As soon as he opened the door, it almost gave Chen Hao a shock.

    I saw that Bai Lao was actually standing at the door, staring at Chen Hao with a calm face.

    "Old Bai?"

    Chen Hao was mute in greeting, he did not expect Bai Lao to appear at the door at all.

    "I will ask you once more, are you sure you are going to search for the territory of the Ghost Hole Clan?Do we have to go?"

    Bai Lao stared at Chen Hao and asked very seriously.

    Chen Hao was first stunned, then responded with a firm nod of his head.

    "That's right, Old Bai, we must go!"

    "Well, since you guys are so determined, I can take you guys there, but it all depends on your fate."

    Just listening to Bai Lao, he looked at Chen Hao and said.

    Hearing Bai Lao's words made Chen Hao incomparably surprised.

    Chen Hao did not expect Bai Lao's attitude to change so quickly at all; last night, he had been opposed to them going on their own to find the Ghost Hole Clan's territory, but this morning, he was willing to take them there.

    Just as Chen Hao had expected, Old Bai did indeed know where the Ghost Cave Clan's territory was.

    It seemed that none of those people from before had come out alive, so they must have had some connection with Old Man Bai.

    "You guys hurry up and pack up, time waits for no one!"

    Old Bai reminded Chen Hao again, then turned around and left.

    Looking at Bai Lao's back, Chen Hao didn't hesitate at all, and inside, he let Lei Li's three men grab and clean up.

    Then, the four of Chen Hao followed Bai Lao into the deep mountain forest.

    Along the way, the four of them and Chen Hao didn't have any conversations with Old Man Bai either, appearing very quiet.

    "Old Man Bai, why have you suddenly changed towards us?"

    To break the atmosphere, Chen Hao took the initiative and asked towards Bai Lao.

    "Because you are different from those people!"

    Old Bai responded towards Chen Hao in a very simple and unassuming manner.

    "Those people?Old Bai, what do you mean in that?"

    Chen Hao was a little curious and puzzled.

    "Hehe, the people who came here to find the Ghost Cave Clan territory in the first place were not good people, there were tomb robbers and money grubbers, just those people wanted to find the Ghost Cave Clan territory it was impossible, so they all died here."

    Bai Lao spoke flatly, as if all these things were simply appropriate for him.

    "Old Bai, how exactly did those people die?"

    Chen Hao continued to ask curiously.

    "I'm the one who got them killed!"

    Bai Lao was very direct in his speech.


    Chen Hao's face changed drastically, he didn't expect Bai Lao to speak so directly.

    "Don't be afraid, I won't harm you because you are different from those people, I believe in you!"

    Seeing Chen Hao's face change drastically, Bai Lao immediately explained to Chen Hao.

    In fact, Chen Hao was still somewhat worried because he didn't know whether or not what Bai Lao said was true or not.

    But right now, they could only take one step at a time.

    If they really found out that something was wrong with Bai Lao, Chen Hao would not show mercy and would definitely kill Bai Lao.

    Time passed quickly, and in the blink of an eye, the five of Chen Hao were gone for about an hour.

    All it took was for Bai Lao and the four of Chen Hao to arrive at a huge stone formation.

    "This place is?"

    Chen Hao took a look around and asked, surprised.

    "This is where the passage to the Land of Extreme Yin opens, you will only be able to truly find the territory of the Ghost Cave Clan by crossing the Land of Extreme Yin, but the Land of Extreme Yin is not as simple as you think, if you are not strong, then it is very likely that you will be swallowed by ghost spirits and locked in the Land of Extreme Yin forever!"

    Bai Lao looked at the four of Chen Hao and narrated in a long-winded manner.

    Chen Hao then took out the map that Shen Lao had given him to look at, and when he looked at it, it was indeed the same place that Bai Lao had brought him to, it seemed that Bai Lao had indeed not lied to him.

    "When will the Land of Extreme Yin open?"

    Chen Hao then looked at Bai Lao and asked.

    "There are still three days until the middle of the year, three days before this place officially opens, and the time limit for the opening of the Land of Extreme Yin is also three days, if you guys don't come out within this time limit, then you will stay in there forever until the next opening of the Land of Extreme Yin!"

    Bai Lao continued to kindly remind the four of them towards Chen Hao.

    "Isn't there any other way to get in?"

    Chen Hao looked at Bai Lao and asked a question.

    Chen Hao felt that there must be more than just this one way to enter the Land of Extreme Yin, there must be another way.

    "Young man, being too impatient is not a good thing!"

    Old Bai reminded Chen Hao.

    "However, you are fated with me, I can help you open the passage to the Land of Extreme Yin earlier, but only three of you can go in, and one of you has to stay behind."

    Then Bai Lao continued towards Chen Hao.

    Hearing this, Chen Hao was instantly pleased.

    "The Land of Extreme Yin can only have a maximum of three people banding together, at least two, so you can either go in with two or three."

    When he heard this, Chen Hao looked at the three of them, Zhen Ji.

    "Chen Hao, why don't you go in with Lei Lie and I'll stay outside with Zhou Nuo."

    Zhen Ji did not wait for Chen Hao to open her mouth and immediately suggested towards Chen Hao.

    "Bai Lao, can't the two of us together, can't the two of them girls together?Is it okay to go in separately like this?"

    Chen Hao immediately looked at Bai Lao and asked.

    Bai Lao shook his head straight away.


    Seeing that Bai Lao had directly refused, Chen Hao had no choice.

    "How about this, Brother Chen, you go in with Miss Zhen, and I'll just wait for you outside with Zhou Nuo!"

    Only then did Lei Lie open his mouth to propose a solution.

    After all, both Zhen Ji and Chen Hao belonged to the cultivators, so they would be better able to search for them after going in together.

    "No, it's too dangerous for you and Zhou Nuo to be outside, it's better for you to go in with your brother Chen, we disciples will wait for you outside and I will be able to protect Zhou Nuo as well."

    Hearing Lei Lie's proposal, Zhen Ji directly made her objection.

    "Just listen to you Miss Zhen, just the two of us will go in!"

    Chen Hao no longer had any opinions and chose to go and listen to Zhen Ji's proposal.

    Moreover, Chen Hao was indeed worried about Lei Lie and Zhou Nuo staying outside, in case they encountered danger, the two of them really wouldn't be able to do anything at all.


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